Fluffy Vanilla Cake with Whipped Vanilla Bean Frosting

Fluffy Vanilla Cake via Sweetapolita

8640 minutes, 144 hours, 25 loads of dishes, 7 recipes, 8 pounds of butter, a few tears, a couple of happy children, and 1 relieved husband later, I have finally found it: a new favourite classic vanilla cake recipe! The perfect fluffy vanilla cake and creamy vanilla frosting–sounds simple, right? Well, yes and no. Or no and yes. Or not at all. As a matter of fact, I think I need a hug. I must confess: I baked and frosted a delightful vanilla cake last Tuesday with every intention on blogging about it that night. I think I even promised a few people it was coming, when they asked if I had the ultimate vanilla cake recipe. But then something happened. Something sort of frustrating, really. And then it happened again. And again. And again. And, while I’m being honest–again! Oh, and one more time after that. All with different vanilla cake recipes every day over the course of the past week.

After I baked, frosted, and then ate some (it’s been known to happen) of each cake, I thought I’d succeeded in finding a really light and fluffy cake, but, then upon second taste, I was a bit disappointed with them and I wasn’t inspired to share them with you for that reason. See, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been searching for the lightest, fluffiest, and yummiest white scratch cake I can find. True, I have shared several vanilla cakes with you so far over the months, and I stand behind those cakes completely–they are all classic recipes that yield moist and flavourful vanilla cakes.

The thing is, I couldn’t help but wonder if there was a recipe out there that yields a fluffy vanilla cake, you know, one that is as close as can be to the boxed white cake we all love so much (yep, I said it!). You know I love to bake, and, if you’ve been visiting me here, you likely know that I bake everything I can from scratch. The truth is, though, that boxed white cake tastes so good! The bad news, is that they are filled with whiteners and chemicals that make them super white, super light, and super moist. The same thing goes for the canned frostings, but man, do they taste good. So creamy and rich, but not too thick. The good (or even great) news is that, this morning I baked one last vanilla cake. Alas, it was the best of all, and officially my new go-to vanilla cake recipe when I want something fluffy and moist. It definitely still has the homemade taste, and will never be as pure white or airy as a boxed cake, but for my taste, it’s pretty delicious. And . . . the frosting. Oh, the frosting!

Fluffy Frosting via Sweetapolita

Here’s what’s kind of interesting about both the frosting and the cake recipes, even though they aren’t adapted from the same source: What makes them particularly amazing is in the method, even though the ingredients and ratios are all very standard. The cake recipe has all of the typical ingredients in a vanilla cake: cake flour, butter, milk, egg whites, baking powder, salt, and vanilla. The difference, though, is rather than creaming the butter and sugar together and alternating the wet and dry ingredients, the dry ingredients are combined, followed by the addition of the butter and partial milk for a few moments, and finally the gradual addition of the remaining milk/vanilla/egg white mixture in 3 even batches. This method is known as the two-stage method of cake mixing. It’s considered a “high-ratio cake” due to the high ratio of sugar to flour. This type of cake also has more liquid than traditional creamed-method cake recipes, making the batter more more liquidy.

This method is found in many of the cakes in Rose Levy Beranbaum’s book entitled The Cake Bible, and it really does yield an incredibly fluffy cake. This was the first official baking book I bought after it was recommended to me by the pastry chef teaching the first baking course I took. If you like to bake, and something tells me you do, this is an absolute must. It is a huge book, filled with every cake recipe you can imagine, along with helpful background, method, and tricks. Now, I did make Rose’s White Velvet Butter Cake from that book, and it was incredible, but I then discovered a version on Baking Bites that had more egg whites and less flour, so I was curious to give that a try. In the end, I loved it the best! I adapted it only slightly by increasing the vanilla and omitting the almond extract the recipe called for. Just be careful to not overbake, or it will dry the cake out. I’m convinced that even fabulous vanilla cake recipes get a bad review for being dry because, in reality, they are over-baked. I should also mention that a recipe such as this one, that features the wonderful flavour of real vanilla, is most delicious when you use a pure vanilla extract.

The frosting I adapted from a Donna Hay recipe, and let me tell you how incredible it is. You’ve probably caught on that I do love the wonderful and not-so-sweet Swiss Meringue Buttercream, but sometimes the world (and my husband)  just needs a creamy, sweet vanilla frosting and fluffy vanilla cake. It’s also great for kids’ cakes, and for days when you want to just whip up a quick frosting/filling. Again, the ingredients are those of a very standard frosting: butter, icing sugar, milk, and vanilla (I used vanilla bean too). But . . . it’s a whipping frenzy! It’s fabulous. The first step is the whipping of the butter, and right then and there I was in love. When butter is whipped for several minutes (in this case, 8), it becomes very pale and fluffy, which is a gorgeous base for a frosting. Once the remaining ingredients are whipped up for another 6 minutes, it turns into the most incredibly light and creamy frosting I have ever seen or tasted. For some inexplicable reason, it tastes exactly like homemade vanilla ice cream so, in other words, sweet heaven.

If you have a vanilla cake recipe that you feel is the lightest and fluffiest cake out there, I’d love for you to share a link in the comments section. I’m kind of vanilla-cake-obssessed right now, and although it’s freaking me out a little, I can’t let it go quite yet . . .

Before I go, I wanted to talk a little bit about transporting your baked masterpieces. I’ve had several people ask me what is the best way to get cakes and cupcakes from A to B, and so I thought it may be helpful to share what I do. As with anything, everyone has their preferences, so this is just what I do. There may be even better ways out there, but this seems to work for me:

Transporting Cakes

1. When I know I have to bring a cake somewhere, I always build the cake on a thin silver cake board (3/16″ thin boards, not the 1/4″ cake drums) the same diameter as my cake, such as PME Sugarcraft Round Cake Board – 8″. I find that the cardboard rounds, tend to get soggy and greasy, so I stick to the silver boards. When your cake is on a board, you can move it all around to and from the refrigerator during the frosting process, as well as on and off a cake pedestal or plate once you get to your destination. These are also the boards that cake tiers are built on when doing a multi-tiered cake, so that the tiers can be stacked. You can also buy these at your local baker’s supply shop, or online.

2. If my cake is only 1 tier and standard height, I will take it with me in a bakery-style cake box that I buy from my local cake supply. They are relatively inexpensive and come in many sizes and even fun bakery colours, such as pink and turquoise. Kind of fun when bringing a cake to a dinner party and small events.

2. If my cake doesn’t fit in a cake box (which is often the case with my frequent sky-high cakes), I use my Wilton Cake Caddy, which is great because then once I get to the cottage, or other destination, the cake stays fresh over the course of the weekend, since the caddy is airtight. To ensure the cake doesn’t move around in the caddy, I always use a small square of rubber grip between the bottom of the cake board and the caddy base. I couldn’t survive without these bits of rubber mesh, and I use them for everything cake-related. These are the rubber grip mats you buy for under your rugs. I buy them at our HomeSense for a good price, and then cut squares and bits as I need it. I find about 4″ squares work well for under pretty much any standard cake board.

3. To get my cakes from the cake plate to the box or caddy (or from any plate, turntable, etc.), I always use this handy tool: Wilton Cake and Cookie Lifter. Please don’t make me imagine a world without it.

4. Once my cake is safely in the box or caddy, I then clear a flat space on the car floor or trunk, with a big square of the same rubber mesh between the floor and box/caddy. If you give it a little test move with your hands, you’ll feel that it’s pretty solid. Incidentally, this is the same way I transport wedding cakes on the cake drum (thick board) — in the back of my truck on the rubber mat with a layer of the rubber mesh on top, then the cake. It’s amazing how secure this method really is. Someday, when we know each other even better, and you care to hear about some of the crazy stories I have up my sleeve, I’ll tell you all about our 6-tiered wedding cake that didn’t quite make it to our wedding in one piece. Ouch! But, yes, believe it or not, even I know that a cake is just a cake, and we lived to tell the story!

That being said, it would be ideal to get your cake, whether it’s big or small, fancy or homespun, to its destination in one piece…

Transporting Cupcakes

1. If I’m transporting more than 3 dozen, I will use designated cupcake bakery boxes and always with the insert (such as Goldas Kitchen Cupcake Insert – Standard – Holds 12 – 10 pack) and place them in the trunk in the same manner I do the cakes — with the rubber mesh under the boxes. I will tie 3 stacked cupcake boxes together using baker’s twine or string and transport them that way.

2. If I’m transporting 3 dozen or less, I use my cupcake courier Cupcake Courier 36-Cupcake Plastic Storage Container, Petal Pink, which again is great because when I get to my destination, it keeps them fresh for us while we snack on them over the course of a few days.

A Final Note About Transporting Cakes & Cupcakes: In the warmer weather, I always run the air conditioning in our vehicle as cool as we (my husband) can tolerate. If I’m transporting a smaller cake that needs refrigeration (such as a whip cream covered cake, or other delicate frosting), I usually place it on the front passenger’s side floor and have the a/c blow straight on it. If the sun is shining onto the floor, I will cover the box/caddy with a black garbage bag.

I hope this helps!

05/08/13 EDIT — I have updated this recipe for an even *better* version of the same cake, and to ensure more consistent results among readers/bakers.

Fluffy Vanilla Cake with Whipped Vanilla Bean Frosting

Yield: One 2-layer, 8-inch round cake


    For the Fluffy Vanilla Cake:
  • 5 large egg whites (150 g), at room temperature
  • 1 whole egg
  • 1 cup whole milk (237 ml), at room temperature
  • 2-1/4 teaspoons (12 ml) pure vanilla extract
  • 3 cups (345 g) cake flour, sifted
  • 2 cups (400 g) sugar
  • 1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon (17 g) baking powder
  • 3/4 teaspoon (5 g) salt
  • 12 tablespoons (170 g) unsalted butter, cold and cut into 24 even pieces
  • For the Whipped Vanilla Bean Frosting:
  • 3 sticks + 2 tablespoons (375 grams) unsalted butter, softened and cut into cubes
  • 3 cups sifted (375 g) confectioners' sugar (icing, powdered)
  • 3 tablespoons (45 ml) milk
  • 1 vanilla bean, scraped
  • 1 teaspoon (5 mL) pure vanilla extract
  • pinch of salt


    For the Fluffy Vanilla Cake:
  1. Preheat oven to 350°F (180°C). Grease, line with parchment, and flour two round 8-inch pans.
  2. In a medium bowl or measuring cup, combine and stir the egg whites, whole egg, 1/4 cup of milk, and the vanilla. Set aside.
  3. In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, combine the dry ingredients together on low speed (I use the "stir" setting on my mixer) for 30 seconds.
  4. Add the butter one piece at a time, about every 10 seconds, ensuring it's cold (you can keep some in refrigerator while you're adding pieces). Continue to mix on low until the mixture is a fine crumbly texture. Add milk, and mix on low speed for 5 minutes. Scrape the sides of the bowl and begin to add the egg mixture in 3 separate batches, mixing until light and fluffy, about 4 minutes. (You want to ensure that the batter is homogenous.) Fold once or twice to ensure the batter at bottom of bowl is incorporated.
  5. Divide the batter in two, spreading it evenly with a small offset palette knife. If you have a kitchen scale, weigh to ensure 2 even layers.
  6. Bake until a cake tester comes out with a few crumbs when inserted into the center, about 30 minutes. Be so careful to not over-bake. Check cake at 20 minutes, but not before, and then set the timer for 5 minute intervals. Let cool on racks for 10 minutes before loosening the sides with a small metal spatula, and invert onto greased wire racks. Gently turn cakes back up, so the tops are up and cool completely.
  7. Wrap tightly and store at room temperature for up to 2 days, refrigerator for up to 5 days, or frozen for up to 2 months. Best eaten the same day as baked.
  8. For the Whipped Vanilla Bean Frosting:
  9. In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, whip butter for 8 minutes on medium speed (I use "4" on my KitchenAid). Butter will become very pale & creamy.
  10. Add remaining ingredients and mix on low speed for 1 minute, then on medium speed for 6 minutes. Frosting will be very light, creamy and fluffy.
  11. Best used right away.
  12. You can eliminate the vanilla bean and use a total of 1-1/2 teaspoons of pure vanilla extract.
  13. Assembly:
  14. Place bottom cake layer on cake plate or 8" round thin cake board and spread 1 cup of frosting on top with a small offset spatula.
  15. Gently place 2nd cake layer face down on top. Place a generous scoop of frosting on top, spreading evenly with a small offset spatula and working your way down the sides until you have a thin layer of frosting over the entire cake. Chill until set, about 30 minutes.
  16. Remove from refrigerator and apply a final "coat" of frosting.
  17. Store in a cake keeper at room temperature for up to 2 days, or in refrigerator for up to 5 days. Best eaten day 1.


[cake layer recipe adapted from Rose Levy Beranbaum]

[frosting recipe adapted from Donna Hay]


Good luck & enjoy! Now, excuse me while I go make something chocolate . . .


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  1. sandra simmons says

    The first thing that makes me so incredibly happy about this post is that I adore white cake and white icing! But maybe the best part of this post is the first photo! It looks like a cake I can actually make! All of your cakes are so incredible looking. This cake looks more…approachable. Like a cake that could be your best friend or something. So thank you! I’m excited about trying this one!

    • Anesa says

      OMG! Finally, I found the perfect vanilla cake recipe. Thank you, thank you! U r amazing. I swear my kids and I can’t stop eating this cake. This is the most fluffy moist vanilla cake from scratch ever and I have tried many recipes. I am making a rainbow cake for my twin sisters’ birthday this weekend. Blue, yellow, pink and purple layers and all came out light and lovely.

      Now I have to try all of your recipes! Can’t wait.

  2. says

    Thank you Rosie for doing all of the leg work to find us the perfect vanilla cake! I will be making this tonight. Your blog always delivers.

  3. Mim says

    I so love you. That is all…
    Ok it’s not all. I love everything you do and make. It just looks so perfect and beautiful. I love that I can look at your blog and escape reality for a little while and relax. So glad I found your blog…all the way from the other side of the world!

    • says

      Jen, I haven’t tried it under fondant yet, but it seems very stable and just a bit lighter than a typical butter cake. I think it will work well under fondant, but I will let you know officially once I’ve done it. Hope this helps!

      • says

        Have you tried it under fondant yet? I would love to make this cake for my brothers wedding but it is this weekend and I don’t want to make it unless I am sure it would do well. Thank you!

      • Marcela gomez says

        Hi I have been trying this cake twice and both times my cake dry so hard to cut, do you know maybe what I’m doing wrong? I love how smell and the white color. Thnakyou for our reply.

    • says

      I tried this recipe for my sister’s birthday and it was amazing! I never comment on the blogs I find good recipes on but this one was way too good not to. The cake was moist and I made only one deviation, which was to add 1/4 cup more milk to the batter when I added it to the butter. I also used the chocolate icing recipe and that was also great. This was a hit with my family and I will definitely make it again.

  4. Audrey says

    Hi Rosie – Thanks for the wonderful vanilla frosting recipe! It’s nice to have a frosting to whip up quickly for a batch of cupcakes, can’t wait to try it!! I have a similar chocolate frosting recipe where you whip everything for about 5 minutes, and it makes a gorgeous chocolate frosting that is a big hit with both husband & kids :) I love my cupcake courier too, and I have used it for transporting tall cakes as well, I just pop the cupcake holders out, then you have a nice tall carrier for a cake.

    I look forward to your posts every week, always so pretty and something new to try and bake. My husband is begging me to stop baking at this point!

      • Audrey says

        Hi there,

        Here is the recipe, very easy and delicious! I really don’t remember where I got this, but found it online somewhere after googling for chocolate frosting recipes. I haven’t tried making this using the method of whipping the butter first like Rosie’s vanilla icing recipe above, but that would probably make it even better! Enjoy

        Chocolate frosting recipe
        250g unsalted butter at room temperature, chopped
        1 1/2 cups (240g) icing sugar, sifted
        1/4 cup (25g) cocoa powder, sifted
        2 tablespoons (40ml) milk
        • Place all ingredients into a small bowl of an electric mixer. Turn on slow speed until just combined.
        • Beat on high speed for 5mins.
        • Stop and scrape down the beaters and bowl twice during this stage. Just to let you know the frosting will darken in colour on standing.

  5. says

    Why, oh WHY am I reading this right before bed?? Now all I want to do is march myself over to the kitchen to try this one out. I too am constantly on a quest for the perfect vanilla cake and frosting. Something tells me this might just be it – and I’m super excited to try out a new method too! THANK YOU Rosie! I second Mim’s comment: I so love you. That is all… :-)

  6. says

    Vanilla is the best and I am sure heaven tastes of it :) I can’t wait to try this cake, from one who has been on a search for the perfect fluffy and light cake with many a cake trail under my belt. Thank you.

  7. says

    I’ve known people that have looked for the perfect vanilla cake for years. I am thinking this is it. I always say, I am no cake baker, but every time you post I love just taking a quiet moment and savoring it. This is BEAUTIFUL. No bells and whistles, just plain beautiful!

  8. says

    Thank you so much for sharing the tips on transporting cakes! That always gives me the bigges headache. And your cake looks absolutely delicious!

  9. says

    Great tips for travelling with cake and cupcakes! I always have a hard time figuring out what to do. This cake looks wonderful, glad you found the texture and taste you were looking for! I can’t wait to try it.

  10. Shannon says

    Hi Rosie, this looks incredible! I am just wondering if this cake batter would work well done in a cupcake?

      • Vanessa says

        Hi Rosie,
        I just tried to make cupcakes then but used plain flour as it is hard to get cake flour here in Australia. They taste great and are light and fluffy, but I must’ve done something wrong (other than the flour substitution) as the bottoms are more dense and seem to want to stick to the cupcake patty cases. Any idea why? I’m guessing that it was because my batter wasn’t smooth and properly incorporated as there were tiny bits of butter lumps in it still by the time I finished mixing – other than the flour substitution, I promise I followed your recipe to a tee! :) If I’ve made a cardinal sin by substituting flours and baking a non-smooth batter, please forgive me as I’m very much a novice baker!

        • Krista says

          Vanessa, you can sub all purpose flour for cake flour by adding 2 tbsp of corn starch to a 1 c measure and then fill the rest with the all purpose. :)

        • Vickie says

          Hi Vanessa!

          They sell Cake Flour in both Woolies and Coles! It’s usually a bit hard to see, and it’s on the top shelf but it’s definitely there, even in the small ones. The brand is Anchor – look for a blue and white box with a lighthouse on it. http://www.anchorfoods.com.au/go/products/flour/specialty-flour I always use it when recipes call for Cake flour, and it turns out brilliantly! They also sell a bread and pizza flour which is great, but sometimes the supermarkets put them in the wrong place, so double check the label. Happy baking!

        • Amanda says

          I too just made cupcakes with this batter, they are in the oven as we speak, and my batter too looked unsmooth with little flecks of butter all throughout it. I am assuming thats what makes it fluffy when its done? Well just see in about 10 mins…..
          Rosie, is the batter suppose to look kinda butter flaky??

          • says

            Amanda, hmm, there shouldn’t be any flecks of butter. Your batter should be really pale, airy, and smooth. I suspect your butter wasn’t quite at room temperature. It should be out on the counter, cut into cubes for about 30 minutes or more. Also, just be sure to mix it for the full 1.5 minutes on medium, so about 5 on the mixer, then again for the 3 intervals of 20 seconds when the egg mixture is added. Hope this helps for next time!

          • BakingBee says

            Been searching for a moist white cake mix! How long should the cupcakes be baked? And does it make 2 dozen?

          • Sandra says


            I was about to make this cake recipe, but I am concerned about the butter. The recipe instructs to keep the butter cold at all times…but here you mention room temperature….which makes more sense to me. Can you confirm the process please? Thanks!

          • says

            Hi Sandra,
            The butter is to be cold — I’m not sure where you see the room temperature? I can fix that up. Having the butter cold is something I’ve recently updated since it seems to yield an even better cake. I hope that helps!

          • Sandra says

            Thanks for the reply. I will make sure to use cold butter! I was confused by comment #36 to Amanda. That is where I read about the room temp. butter.

        • Lily says

          Hi Vanessa,
          I’m not sure where you live in Australia, but you can buy real American (Swan’s Down) cake flour from USA food, they are based in Melbourne and they do mail order. I have tried substituting cornflour and also tried the Anchor cake flour, definitely not the same as the American Cake flour, the texture is very different. It is worth buying the Swan’s Down Cake flour.

          • Vanessa says

            Thanks all for your help and suggestions! I’ve since tried this recipe 3 times substituting cake flour with 85% plain flour + 15% cornflour and have noticed that as long as the butter is adequately softened so that it blends well into the flour mixture to resemble wet sand, my batter won’t be lumpy like it was the first time and the end result has been very well received from all who have tasted it – thanks again Rosie for sharing another great recipe! :)

      • Caroline says

        I just had to pull the cakes out of the oven as they were over flowing with batter and starting to burn at 15 min of cooking. Not happy and just wasted money. I followed the recipe exactly.

    • Lauren says

      I made the cupcakes and used a tablespoon of cornstarch per cup of flour instead of cake flour and it worked great! They were the fluffiest, moistest, BEST homemade cupcakes I have ever had! Tasted almost exactly like cake mix but I agree it has that homemade vanilla-ey taste. And the frosting… so good! Not too overly sweet and SO fluffy!

  11. Joanna says

    Will definitely be trying this out, thanks for the recipe and breakdown on the method. Seeing that the frosting is all butter based, i’m i correct in thinking that it will not hold out well in the heat?

  12. says

    I can’t wait to try this!

    I’ve been on the same hunt as you for the basic yellow cake, not as persistent mind you, but when I need a basic yellow cake I’ve tried a few things. They always seem fine and the family thinks it’s grand but after the initial excitement of having cake in the house, I’m kinda deflated that it never lives up to what I had in mind. And yeah, to admit that the measure is a boxed cake is sorta crazy I know, but that’s what I want.

  13. says

    This is a fantastic post, Rosie – absolutely packed with great information. Thank you for doing all of the recipe testing for us so we can just go straight to making a gorgeous vanilla cake with lick-your-fingers frosting.

  14. says

    I think you srsly might get a MILLION honest thank yous for this post, so instead of just screaming THANK YOU ROSIE!!! I will also {{{{{{HUG}}}}} you (I envision your arms pinned to your ribs and your head cocked to the side away from my gushing mug, stranger that I am, but I have no shame =). I have been searching for the perfect fluffy white cake recipe for years and hate to admit that I always resort back to the box because I’ve been so devastated so many times. I did love the flavor of your vanilla bean cake that you frosted with latte buttercream, but that one was a tad heavier than I hoped it’d be. This sounds perfect, for as strange as the method might be. And why did I never think of using those rubber mesh pads for transport?!?! This is why your blog is on my favorites tab. ;-) You’re the best, and your hard work in recipe testing is very much appreciated. LOVE ~ Kristi

  15. says

    I think you just performed a massive public service. I think many of us have been through the same frustrating process, only to emerge unsuccessful. thank you, thank you, thank you!

  16. laura dechant says

    rosie, can i just say that i am so proud of you!?
    i have been on this same quest for about a year now so i understand how hard it is to get white cakes from scratch fluffy and perfect (and it is so true, boxed white cake is soo good!) this recipe is amazing though so thank you sooo very much for coming up with this and congratulations on your success (:

  17. says

    That looks delicious! I tried the technique (with a modification or two) with a snickerdoodle cookie recipe I love, and they are far and away the best snickerdoodles I’ve ever had! Thanks for the great tips!

  18. says

    Man, I can’t remember the last time I had a white vanilla cake! This looks so good, and that bowl of frosting looks like heaven.

  19. says

    Oh what a beautiful cake. You have provided SO much incredibly useful information in this post both in regard to the many cakes you made to get here but also the tools you use. I’ll be doing a bit of shopping and baking real soon as a result of this post. Thank you for sharing!

  20. says

    It really IS hard to find a great vanilla cake recipe. I have gone through that quest myself. Although I finally found one I like, I can’t wait to try yours out as well.

  21. says

    Oh, and I totally agree that the “reverse creaming” method is genius. I have started making almost every cake with this method now.

  22. Laura O says

    Thank you Rosie – it seems you and I have been on the same quest! I’ve tried dozens of vanilla cake recipes but they all seem to fall just a little bit short – too dry, not enough flavor, or too dense. It was always something! But this looks fantastic and I will be trying it in cupcake format this week!

  23. Ashley says

    This looks amazing! I’ve been looking for a recipe to make for my sister’s bridal shower. But I’m planning on making cupcakes, how long do you suggest I bake them for? Thank you Thank you!!!

  24. Sarah says

    Thanks so much Rosie! I am always on the hunt for “the” perfect vanilla cake and chocolate chip cookies :) When I saw this post today I knew I just HAD to make these. I was NOT disappointed at all! Nice, fluffy and just perfect. I made them into cupcakes and did a rufflish frosting job. I will add this to my recipes! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  25. Mayette says

    why are you making those cakes that i can never get to taste? :(( they’re all gorgeous i’m gonna die!!

  26. Krista says

    Rosie. This. Cake. Is. FANTASTIC!!!
    I too (among many others I see!) have been on the fluffy vanilla cake quest for so long now!!! Thank you, thank you! :)

  27. Lydia S says

    I to have been searching for the perfect vanilla cake recipe and I am very optimistic with this one! I can not wait to cut into this!!! I made it for my mother’s birthday today and so far so good! I used extra vanilla bean in the frosting because, well who doesn’t just love extra vanilla beans? I really love seeing it in there, a lot! LOL! I’m dying to try it tonight and it smells divine! Eight minutes was a great idea on the butter, you can really tell the difference! I’ll let you know of my opinion on the cake tonight or in the morning! Thank you so much for sharing, you totally rock! :-D

  28. MammaDucky says

    My five year old, upon tasting the frosting, declared it tasted like ice cream too! Although a fan of Swiss Meringue Buttercream myself, the few swipes I took of this frosting were very yummy!

  29. Kate says

    This looks 1,000 times better to me than a chocolate cake (yawn!). I’d reach for this EVERY time and it sounds wonderful!

  30. says

    I just came upon your blog and I’ve absolutely fallen in love. I adored your Mad Tea Party post and I never thought of making roses with a 1M tip but yours are lovely! When I get a stand mixer, I will have to make Swiss Buttercream Frosting instead of regular buttercream, your cake decorations are just absolutely stunning!

  31. Hayley L. says

    To the wonderful Miss Sweetapolita:
    I was recently directed to your blog through an old post in Bakerella. Since that fateful day 3 months ago, I have made it my quest to try to make every cake that you post. And so far, I’ve put a dent in all of the cake recipes you’ve posted! I made this Fluffy Vanilla Cake yesterday, and I LOVED it! It really does live up to its name; sweet, light and EXTREMELY fluffy! I have made several of your white cakes, and this is so far my favorite. It came out of the pan very well, and did not crumble when I frosted it, which is something that most fluffy cakes do. All in all, I am so impressed with this recipe! I love your blog, and all of the tips and photos that go with it! Thank you so much for inspiring me to bake more. You’re the best!

  32. says

    Making this today! I happened to have 6 egg whites leftover from making pastry creme yesterday, this is the perfect use. Although I’m making cupcakes, and may have filled the tins too high. Any recommendations? I plan on filling the cupcakes with my leftover chocolate pastry creme and topping them with your vanilla frosting. Yum!

  33. Michelle says

    I can’t wait to try this! I have never found a vanilla cake I love. I need something for next month, so I’ll give this a try in the next week or so.
    I love your cakes. They are gorgeous.

  34. says

    What a brilliant post! I read this from start to finish which, for someone with the attention span of a goldfish, is saying quite a lot! After such a highly praised recipe if i ever need to make a white cake i wouldnt dream of trying another one, it seems you have taken the hard work out of finding the perfect recipe for all of us and I trust your judgement entirely! :) Thank you for sharing it

  35. Laura O says

    Rosie – I tried this recipe as cupcakes last night and it was fantastic! You know how cake flour gives a certain “smell” in a recipe? It’s very specific to cake flour. But when I made this recipe, I didn’t smell the cake flour or taste it either and that’s saying A LOT! That was one of my pet peeves with white cake recipes. It didn’t seem to matter how much vanilla or the quality of the vanilla used, I could still taste the cake flour. My cupcakes didn’t rise as high as I normally would have liked, but the taste far outweighs the slight flatness. Thanks again!

  36. Tracy says

    Regarding using this recipe for cupcakes — what do you think the yield would be and how long would you bake them?? Thanks!!

  37. Meredith says

    Hi Rosie

    I have just stumbled across your website this week – we have had combined family jet lag for the last week (not fun with a toddler and bub!) so have spent a lot of time awake in the middle of the night and learning more about cake (a recent infatuation!) in between settling children. Coincidentally, I had come across a recipe for chocolate cake using hot water and oil, similar to your Dark choc cake and made it earlier this week – yum. So when I was thinking about a birthday cake for this week, I read most of your blogs in preparation, and this is what I came up with! A 5 layer cake (was going to be 6 but one layer was no good!) with chocolate cake alternating with a malt cake. I made this using the chocolate cake recipe but swapping the cocoa powder for Nestle Malted Milk powder – the effect was fantastic, tastes a little bit like the inside of a malteser, malty and a little bit caramely. It doesnt rise as much as the chocolate version and is denser, but that may have been because by the time I got to baking the second batch is was late at night and my timing and oven temp may have been off. I sandwhiched the layers with blackberry jam and just a little butter cream then covered it in a maple syrup and cinnamon (amazing combo!) swiss meringue butter cream – it was my first ever attempt at SMB (having only heard of it this week) and I was amazed at how well it came up – thanks for your great instructions. After flavouring it, I called over my 2.5 year old and gave her some on a teaspoon – her response: ‘Wow Mum. More please?”. The actual cake decorating leaves a little to be desired but as a first attempt I am happy with the look – a little more obviously homemade than your cakes but I am looking forward to more practise. We are having it today so will let you know how it tastes.! Thanks for your help!

  38. Lucyy says

    Hi sweetapolita, I absolutely adored the look of this cake! So the other day, I rolled up my sleeves and got the cooking scales out. I was veeery picky about going through the recipe very carefully and precisely, however it turned out very dense, moist and ‘eggy’ in texture, much like an omelette or quiche. What do you think went wrong? The only sacrifice I had to make was the cake flour, which was substituted with the manufacturer’s guide of cornflour and other powders. Thanks

    • says

      Hi there! When you say you substituted the “manufacturer’s guide of cornflour and other powders,” I’m not sure what you mean. What/how much did you use in place of the cake flour? The cake flour is one of the main reasons the cake is so light in texture, so aside from substituting the cake flour for all-purpose flour, any major substitutions will definitely affect the final result of your cake. I hope this helps!

      • Viyan says

        Hi Rosie!

        I also replaced cake flour with all-purpose flour and followed the recipe to the tee. But with the last egg addition, it started curdling. Then when it went into the oven, the middle sank around 15 minutes into baking. That’s okay, but once the baking was over, it was suuuuper fragile and too moist. Wonder what might have gone wrong?

        • Kaz says

          Hi Rosie,

          Viyan my cakes did the same thing! I’ve just finished baking and am about to turn them out of the baking tins. Although I didn’t change anything about the recipe… hmmm what do you think Rosie?

      • says

        Hi Rosie, your cake looks very yummy and moist .but the main is I wanted to ask u if ,instead of using ready made cake flour ……I mean cause when I make cakes at home I always make the cake flour by adding 2 tablespoons of cornflower to 1 cup of flour ..so the one who doesn’t know please follow this .

  39. Ellan says

    Thank You for the transporting tips!! I’m going to go out and buy some rubber mesh right away. I just delivered a girlfriend’s birthday cake yesterday. I rode 30 miles with the carrier on my lap, while my boyfriend drove the car. I found your blog this week and I know I’ll be back often.

  40. says

    I’ve tried a few which cake recipes and wasn’t satisfied with them. I have a Birthday cake and about 200 cupcakes to make this week so I was looking for a great recipe. I didn’t want to use boxed mixes. Thank goodness for Google! lol I came across your site and was gonna try the butter vanilla recipe I saw first but glad I found this one! The picture looks PERFECT! And that cake….OMG! lol Can’t wait to try this out! Thanks for an amazing website and sharing all of this with everyone! *Happy Baking!

  41. Jeane says

    This is the best cake I have ever made!!! Melt in your mouth holy smokes yummiest!!! Thank you for the recipe!!!

  42. says

    This cake looks incredible! I dont often make vanilla cake and vanilla frosting as they never seem to taste that good but really looking forward to trying this recipe.
    Can i ask you what would the british equivalent to cake flour be?

  43. says

    Hello Rosie I am your new biggest fan.I love your blog and recipes.I was wanting to make this cake for my nieces Bday and was wondering if you thought this icing would work for using a tip and doing the ruffles method for icing the cake.Thanks for all your post you are great.

    • says

      Hi Amy! Thanks so much for the sweet words! As for the ruffles, I feel that this icing would be much too light and fluffy. I definitely recommend using the Swiss Meringue Buttercream for ruffles. I hope this helps!

  44. Aaisha says

    My goodness, you are killing me here! Hah, I already have at least four of your vanilla cake recipes bookmarked to try and now I’m adding this one to the list. I was planning on doing the Baked super white cake this week but now I may give this one a go instead. Preferences between the two?

      • Aaisha says

        Awesome! Ok I’m going to try this tonight. One last question – Do I measure 2.25 cups of flour and then sift, or is it 2.25 cups of already sifted flour? I think it means sifted flour, but I want to make sure before I start. Thanks again!

        • Aaisha says

          Something went wrong :( My batter looked gorgeous, but when I added the egg whites to the batter, it became curdled. I baked it anyway with my fingers crossed, but it doesn’t look right. Do you think it’s because the egg whites were still too cool? I used bottled egg whites instead of separating real eggs.

          • says

            I have noticed that the batter tends to curdle when the egg whites are added too quickly. The best bet is to add them very gradually and then, if it does become a bit curdled, beat for a moment or so, and then continue adding the remaining egg whites. Once the flour is added, that usually solves the issue because there is then enough dry ingredients to balance out all of the egg white liquid. As for temperature, cool egg whites will really just minimize your cake’s volume once baked, so it’s best to have them at room temperature. I often use liquid egg whites in cake, and they have worked just fine. Fresh egg whites from the egg, are always a great way to go, but I don’t believe the liquid egg whites will cause a problem. I hope this helps!

          • Viyan says

            Hi Rosie,

            What do you mean by “when the flour is added”? In the instructions you say that the egg white mixture is added to the dry ingredients (i.e. flour etc.)??

          • says

            Hi Viyan,

            Sorry for the confusion! You did the correct method, as listed in the directions. My observations about vanilla batter curdling when the egg whites are added too quickly or the egg whites are too cold are from my experience with the more standard creaming method, but felt it may be in even a slight way the culprit for Aaisha’s results. It was my instinct to explain it this way above, but I should have realize that may sound a bit confusing considering this recipe has a different method. If you experienced curdling in your batter, is it possible that your egg whites were too cold? When you made the cake, did you weigh the ingredients or did you measure by volume? I ask because if there is too much liquid added to the batter, I’ve found the curdling also seems to happen. Hopefully we can figure out what the issue was with your cake. Hope this helps!

          • Viyan says

            Hi Rosie,

            Thanks for your super quick reply! I did weigh everything in grams, except for the milk, which I measured in my 1 cup-cup. The egg whites had been out at room temperature for 2 hours, so I don’t think so. Also I have an oven thermometer and it read exactly 180. I just tried assembling the cake, and it cracked :((

        • says

          Hi Aaisha,
          Sounds like you’ve likely already made this, but to answer your question for going forward, I always weigh/measure the flour and then sift. If you have a substantial amount of flour bits remaning that weren’t sifted, then you can add the difference and sift it as well. Does that make sense? Good luck!

          • Aaisha says

            Thanks! Hah I ended up making it again that same night because I was determined to taste this cake. This time around I made sure my eggs were room temp and it came out fantastic! I used a slightly different mixing technique, but it was still really good. I served it with strawberries in the middle and this cake went FAST! Usually my chocolate cakes go quickly, but everyone loved this vanilla. Thanks again for sharing this recipe!

          • Daniel says

            Oh no! Everything was going to well. I was putting in the third egg/milk mixture into the smooth batter and the batter just curdled. Doesn’t look so pretty. I stuck it in the oven and then did the whole thing all over again, but the batter started getting curdle-y by the second egg/milk addition. Also, the cakes fell in the middle and came out too moist and dense. Reading Viyan’s comments above, I think I had a similar experience. In my case, my butter was really softened, so that isn’t the issue (unless they are too soft?). I also made my own cake flour (for every cup of all purpose flour, replacing two tablespoons with cornstarch). Not sure what else I did wrong.

            For the frosting, I used and electric handheld mixer, but I’m not sure if the speed was right because my frosting didn’t quite turn out white and fluffily like yours; just creamy and glossy, but good still.

          • Daniel says

            Ack! Is the frosting not supposed to go in the fridge? I just checked on it and now it’s totally solid! I’m such an amateur! I’ll leave it on the counter to see if it softens back up.

  45. says

    Hi Rosie,

    Everything you create looks so pretty! I am always on the hunt for standard recipes. I wanted to know if this icing has a grainy texture? I have converted to meringue buttercreams for a while now, and do not want to go back to icing sugar “buttercreams” but will if the texture is as smooth as SMBC.


    • says

      Hi Carrie! What I love about this frosting is that is super-silky for a sugar-frosting. I’m like you in that I love SMBC for its smooth and satiny texture, but I really adore this one!

      • Ela says

        Can you tell me if this satiny texture of buttercream crusts after sitting at room temperature for a while. Thank you.

  46. says

    Nom nom nom nom nom nom NOM!
    Something so nice about a plain white cake. And you have mastered making it light and fluffy – how awesome!
    I love your blog it’s amazing you are so so clever.
    Thanks for sharing it!

  47. says

    This comment stream just proves how AMAZING your blog posts always are! And this particular post only shows what makes your baked creations so divine…you are an incurable perfectionist! Lucky us!!! Thank you so much. :-)

  48. Jennifer says

    Thank you so much for sharing such an amazing recipe and being so thorough! I’ve used many other recipes and only had one turn out pretty good so I’ve been using the same one for all my vanilla cakes. However, I was never 100% satisfied with it. I’ve been searching through a tonne of recipes online to search for a vanilla cupcake recipe. I somehow stumbled on your website and found this recipe. The picture looked delicious and the description/instructions and recipe looked like it was going to taste great… I was actually a little skeptical of how the results would turn out though. Sometime pictures have been too good to be true plus I was wanting a cupcake recipe. So, I continued my search for a few more day and could not find anything that seemed nearly as appealing as what what your site had to offer. I came back to your website and decided to try it out. Boy am I so glad I did! It smelt so good as it was cooling in my dinning room and after I iced them, I tried one and FINALLY! This is it! I found the prefect recipe… what I’ve been looking for the last couple of years. This is it and I’m going to be sticking with it. I followed your instructions to the “T” and wow… did they ever turn out! Way better than my expectations! The cupcakes were not dry one bit. They were moist and most of all LIGHT and FLUFFY! Just like the store bought ones or the ones from a cupcake shop! I’m so excited use this recipe again and bake a cake this time! Thanks again soooo sooo MUCH for sharing this recipe! It’s so hard to find a good one online as you have to weed out so many and experiment with so many. My co-workers are going to be so pleased at our potluck tomorrow. :)

  49. Kelly Love says

    YUM! I’m going to make this today for my birthday tomorrow. I love to bake so that’s why I’m doing it myself. I’m also going to fill it with homemade lemon curd and throw on some SMB ruffles! Wish me luck! Thanks for all the recipes!

  50. A says

    Thank you!!! I made your fluffy vanilla cake for my sister’s baby shower this weekend and it was a huge hit! I followed the recipe exactly (even weighing out the ingredients) and made your SMBC flavored with passion fruit puree and fresh strawberries. It was still fluffy the day after! Best white cake recipe ever! Do you think it can be tweaked to make yellow cake?

  51. Stephanie says

    This cake looks so yummy! I followed all the instructions but when I pulled it out of the oven, the middles had dropped; it still smells heavenly & I’m having trouble keeping the hubby away from it until it’s all done. Not quite sure why the middles dropped, any tips to prevent this? And do you think this cake would work for Rainbow Doodle Birthday Cake?

  52. Wendy says

    I’m in love with the vanilla bean cake from Sky High. I did a comparison between the white cake from Rose’s Heavenly Cakes, the Cooks Illustrated white cake and Sky High, and I’m in love with the one from Sky High. I’m going to try this frosting though when I want something quick. Thanks!

  53. Ken says

    Thanks for this recipe. I tried it tonight and it is 100% what I was looking for… a moist, white (not yellow), cake with a fine and fluffy texture! I am making a friend’s wedding cake and I have finally found my recipe!

    This recipe was perfect. Many thanks!

  54. Jennifer says

    Thank you so much for sharing such an amazing recipe and being so thorough! I’ve use so many other ones and only had one turn out pretty good however I was never 100% satisfied with it. I’ve been using my one recipe for every vanilla cake I’ve made these past years but I was searching though tones of vanilla cupcake recipes and somehow stumbled on yours. The pictured looked delicious and the description/instructions and recipe looked like it was going to taste great…. I was actually a little skeptical of the results as it looked like something that looks too good to be true and I was wanting a cupcake recipe. After a few days more of searching for the perfect cupcake recipe, I still could not find anything more appealing than what your site offered so I decided to try it out tonight! It smelted so good as it was cooling in my dinning room and after I iced it it tried one and FINALLY I found the perfect recipe! This is it! I followed your instruction to th “T” and boy did it turn out better than expected! The cupcakes were not dry one bit! They were moist and most of all light and fluffy! Just like the store bought ones or the ones from a cupcake shop! I’m excited to use this again to bake a cake this time! Thanks so much again for sharing this recipe! My co-workers will def be pleases at our potluck tomorrow.

  55. Michy says


    Just found your post of about finding the right fluffy cake and I can relate. I am in the process of finding a fluffy cake that I can make for less formal occassions. I recently tried a recipe and it was pretty good, but I feel more research is required so your recipe is next. I’ll try to post results. thanks for blogging for us folks that can’t find the time to set up a page and keep up with it.

  56. daniel says

    I’ve been intimidated by the prospects of making a cake from scratch, and have been delaying the attempt, but I’m ready to try it. Your vanilla cake looks like a good basic one to start with. I’m a little nervous. Not sure why, since I’m the only one who will be seeing and eating it; nevertheless, I still nervous.

    My issue: I don’t have an electric mixer so will be doing everything by hand. Is this going to make it very very very hard for me to get a good final result, especially with the frosting? I tried whipping up chantilly cream last week (twice) using a glass bowl and metal whisk. First attempt curdled and the second just tasted watery and gross.


    • says

      Hi Daniel! I agree it may be a little tricky to get the best results for this recipe by hand, but just to confirm, you mean that you don’t intend to use even a handheld mixer, right? If not, then I would say you could possibly get away with it for the cake, but the frosting will just not as fluffy. I have made this kind of sweet buttercream by hand, and with sifted confectioner’s sugar and a good wooden spoon, it can be very good, just not as light. Does that make sense? I’d love it if you’d come back and comment about your results if you do make it by hand, just in case others are curious too? Thanks and I hope this helps!

      • daniel says

        Hi Rosie. I made the cake this weekend and brought it to my office. Everyone fell in love with it and couldn’t believe it was homemade (from scratch, no less!). The frosting was a hit, and I think it was because I invested in an electric handheld mixer. My first attempt at the frosting was with a wooden spoon and I felt like my arm was going to fall off, and it never got as “fluffy” as with the electric mixer. Overall, for a first attempt, I’m pretty happy :-)

        Here are some of the issues I had (which you’ve mostly addressed in the comments above):

        1. Batter curdled when I added the egg white/milk liquid. The liquid was room temperature, so am not sure what happened. I poured it in three batches, but maybe I poured it too fast? Would it help if I mixed the batter faster while slowing dripping in the liquid, or will that create too much gluten and result in a dense cake?

        2. Cake rose and fell in the middle when baking. I have no idea what that was about. It just came up, and then fell into a dent.

        3. Cake flour. Cake flour is hard to find here (I’m in Shanghai), so I created my own using cake flour using the following formula: 1 cup all-purpose and replaced 2 tablespoons with cornstarch (from http://www.joyofbaking.com/flour.html)

        4. Frosting. No problems. Loved it!

        Thanks for everything. I’m looking forward to trying this cake, and all your other cakes, again.– Daniel

  57. Katie says

    The search had finally ended for a fluffy white cake!! Made these into cupcakes and I can’t tell you how excited I was that I finally found a white cake recipe that was not dense! THANK YOU!! BEST FROSTING EVER too! You are truly inspiring and I love just getting lost in your photography as well. Thank you again!

  58. Viyan says

    Hi Rosie,

    You answered in one of the comments that once the flour is added to the egg whites, they won’t curdle any longer – but is that what you write in the instructions? I understand that you add the egg white mixture to the flour. Pls clarify because my result was really bad :(

  59. Melissa says

    How does this compare to your pink vanilla birthday cake recipe? I used that one for my wedding cakes last month, and have never tasted a better vanilla cake. In fact, I often find myself craving it throughout the day. I so want to try this one, but I’ll have to overcome my cravings for your vanilla birthday cake first!

  60. says

    Hi Rosie, thanks for another wonderful recipe! I am actually baking it as we speak, however I experienced curdling also. I have read some of the others’ comments regarding this. I measured everything using my digital weighing scales, plus used room temp eggs, milk and unsalted butter. Everything looked perfect until the addition of the egg mixture…I did do them as you said, three batches and at least 20secs before adding the following batch. I don’t know why it curdled…I’ve run out of eggs so can’t try again today, but it’s still baking in the oven…hopefully they turn out ok. Any ideas as to why this curdling occurred that you haven’t already mentioned?? Thanks xo

    • says

      Hi Jackie,
      I made this cake again today, to see if I could get it to curdle, and to learn more about why it may be giving some people trouble, but not others. I increased the milk just slightly, and I could see it was on the brink of slightly curdling, although it baked up perfectly. I truly feel that the recipe is very dependent on the exact measurements, simply because it does have a lot of liquid ingredients. Had I increased the milk even a touch more, I believe it would have curdled quite a bit. When making this next time, I would take extra care that your egg whites weigh no more than 180g (you could even do 170g) and that your milk is exactly 8 liquid ounces. It does sound as though you were really particular about your measurements when you made it, but I wonder if there was still somehow a bit too much liquid. I really beleive it’s the liquid/dry ratio that causes this recipe to be a bit fragile. It’s so worth the effort to perfect it, though, because it really is so light and yummy! I hope this helps!

      • says

        Hi Rosie. I made it again this past weekend but this time I ignored measuring using my scales, just to see the difference. This was scary because I know how adamant you were about making sure everything’s precise. I tell you, the cake came out perfect! I don’t know what it was, but it worked! I will have another go at the ‘precise’ method and see if this time it turns out okay. Maybe something’s wrong with my kitchen scales? LOL. Anyway, thanks again for the wonderful recipe! It tasted just as you described, light and fluffy!! xo

  61. Gules says

    Hi Rosie
    I just wanted to say how wonderful this cake was. I brought it to work with me today and I had grown men fighting over the final pieces. It was divine with what I think is the best buttercream ever. Love your blog. Thanks!

  62. says

    Hello Rosie!
    First I want to thank you for doing the hard work of testing recipes and then posting them on such a lovely blog for everyone to benefit in the efforts of your labor.
    The first time I made this cake I must have done something wrong it came out kind of dense not fluffy. I tried it again last night for cupcakes they were really good. There is something I am wondering about. When you add the butter to the dry mixture are you adding the 3/4 cup of milk at exactly the same time? I have seen recipes that have you mix the butter with the dry first to make it into a sand like texture and then adding the milk and eggs. Your cake looks so devine…I would love it f you could do a step by step tutorial for this recipe. Your cake looks so fluffy and amazing I am dying to get the same result :-)

    • says

      Hi Evie! So, when I add the butter and 3/4 cup milk, I basically add them at the same time and mix for the 90 seconds (exactly). Then I go ahead and add the egg white/milk/vanilla mixture in 3 batches, mixing for 20 seconds each. If you ended up mixing it for any longer than that, it can definitely cause an issue for the texture, and come out sort of dense and dry. I think I will do my best to do a step-by-step for this cake, as you requested, because there have been some questions about different aspects of the method. I hope this helps!

      • says

        You are fabulous! Thanks so much for the quick response. I think I definitely over mixed :-(
        Thanks…I will let you know when I get it right ;-)

        • says

          Hi Rosie….I tried the recipe again last night and it came out perfectly! Very light and fluffy super delicious. I think the first time my measurements were off….probably from a lack of sleep ;-) Thanks again for this fabulous recipe!

      • Shannon says

        Hi Rosie, I just tried this recipe for a cake for a friend who specifically requested a fluffy white cake. I was excited to benefit from all of your hard work finding such a recipe, but I was a little discouraged when my cakes were finished.

        I made 2 8″ & 2 6″ rounds that looked beautiful while baking, but, although it wasn’t a huge deal, all of them sank a little in the middle when they came out. I tried to take extra care not to overbake, but think maybe I underbaked a little? Next time (there will definitely be a next time) I might try a flower nail in the middle, along with my bake even strips.

        My second & larger issue, when I took them out, they seemed pretty fluffy while still warm, but as they cooled, they got pretty dense. I ate some of the scraps when I leveled the cakes, and they were, indeed, dense & pretty dry. After reading your comment above, I definitely overmixed. In your comment, you said that you basically add the butter & milk at the same time and mix for 90 seconds, but the recipe calls for adding each of the 24 pieces of butter separately every 10 seconds, then adding the milk & mixing an additional 5 minutes, which is 9 minutes altogether. Also in your comment, you say to add each batch of the egg mixture for 20 secs each, but the instructions say to mix the egg mixture in for 4 minutes. So if I’m reading the instructions & your comment right, I overmixed by about 10 minutes. :(

        I also have a couple of questions:
        1. The instructions start out by instructing to use the paddle attachment to combine the dry ingredients. Are we supposed to switch to the whisk attachment at some point, or continue with the paddle? I did switch to the whisk, so this could have been part of my overmixing problem, also?
        2. The instructions continue the low mixing speed throughout the recipe. I wondered, to get the fluffy result after adding the eggs and if mixing for only 20 secs each batch, should the speed be increased, or will the low speed still yield a fluffy result? My batter was definitely not fluffy after adding the eggs, but I didn’t get the curdling that others experienced, either.

        Thanks again so much for the recipe and for your time! I really want to perfect this recipe, the flavor was amazing!

  63. says

    Just had to leave you another comment letting you know I made this cake for a triple birthday celebration this past week and it was AMAZING. Everyone loved it – light and fluffy and just delicious.

  64. says

    This looks soo amazing! I’ve tried this recipe twice. The first time it came out so dense it was inedible, the second batch is in the oven right now. The curdling was even worse the second time! I replaced cake flour with 200 g all purpose and 25 g corn starch. Keeping my fingers crossed! It is SO hard to find good vanilla cake recipes.

  65. Sil says

    I see I am far from the only one on the hunt for the perfect vanilla cake…so, I found this one, read ALL the comments and decided to make it. Except I needed to double the batch. So I doubled the quantities, measuring on an electronic scale, had all my room temp ingredients at the ready. I swear I followed the recipe..

    And there it was: a not-quite-curdled batter (I may have been looking too hard for it to go given the comments…) and then it baked, rising nicely with a pale color, turning golden…and then falling in the center. Heartbreak.

    I am using an 11×15 pan and doubled the recipe. After it fell, I kept checking for doneness…and took it out. I’m tempted to try it again but without knowing what went on…I’m afraid to.

  66. Mmkay says

    Hi, for the frosting, if you make before assembly, can you store in fridge and let it get room temp before assembling, or ?

  67. Ethel says

    Hey just want to ask before I make this lovely cake, whether it can be kept in the fridge? Will it ruin the texture of the cake? And will the frosting harden?

  68. says

    Hi Rosie,

    This is the best vanilla cake ever!!!! just made it today loooooove it, the thing is that my cake took close to an hour to be cooked; weird right??? I did everything has u said but I guess with our 35ºC maybe we ahve a too hot weather and the butter was too “room temperature”?? lol

    let me know :)

    the frosting amazing!!! Ü

  69. bakerinprogress says

    Hey! I absolutely adored the pics so I decided to bake this into cupcakes! They turned out super awesome except they were super fragile. If I sub some flour for cocoa powder and use the same proportion of ingredients except use the standard creaming method (for added volume and stability), could it bake some delish chocolate cupcakes that are more stable or do these ingredients just not work for the standard creaming method? I don’t want to change the ingredients because the ratios here are so perfect! I’d love ur thoughts on this and I’ll let you know how they turn out in case ur not sure!!

  70. Shayla says

    I followed this recipe to a tee, and it turned out perfectly delicious. Beautiful white cake. The frosting was fabulous. I could have eaten this whole cake. Perfect. thank you

  71. Angela says

    Absolutely love your recipes & photos. I tried you fluffy vanilla cake on the weekend with Swiss Meringue Buttercream, as a trial run for my daughters 1st birthday but found that it turned out dense & not like the one in your photo. Although the taste of it was amazing. The mixture curdled after adding the egg mixture, same comments as above. All ingredients were at room temperature & were precisely weighed. The only thing is I baked it in a teddy bear novelty pan by wilton, that requires a 2 layer cake mix. The cake took close to 40 minutes to bake. I made the buttercream the day before & refrigerated it. Left it out at room temperature & mixed as suggested but had curdled/melted & turned yellow in colour. I think i might have left it out for too long!! I added cold butter & continued to whip. Turned out fluffy but was yellow & found it very difficult to pipe with. Please help!!! I want to make this again in the next few days, as i’m running out of time. Thanks

    • says

      Thanks, Angela! I hope I can help in some way. To start with the vanilla cake, it is definitely a very liquid-heavy recipe, which is why I believe it wants to curdle from time to time if there is even a smidge too much liquid. I am going to post a more detailed step-by-step for this recipe, because there are a lot of questions but also so much interest. In the meanwhile, here’s what I recommend doing: Use 5 egg whites, and not 6. If you’re measuring in grams, I would keep it at the 180 grams. I find, though, that 6 egg whites, although they average 30 grams, can end up being much more, which would throw the batter off, particularly with so many eggs. I would also take the 1 cup of milk down to 3/4 cup. Keep everything else the same, and you should be good. The teddy bear pan shouldn’t be an issue, if the batter has come together the way it should. Just be sure to not overmix–so, the 90 seconds on medium speed, then the milk/egg/vanilla mixture in 3 separate additions, for 20 seconds each on medium speed. Re: the SMB, I truly don’t know why it would separate or turn so yellow. It should be ivory, satiny, and a dream to pipe. I believe the butter could be the culprit there, Angela. Perhaps try with a different brand? Let me know how you make out! Good luck!

  72. says

    Oh my I’ve just discovered your blog and love, love, love it. I really should be working right now but can’t seem to switch off the internet and switch on the spreadsheets and email!

  73. says

    I am so excited to see this recipe mentioned in your daughter’s birthday cake post. I cannot wait to make this cake! I have receiving your blog posts since the end of July and didn’t receive this. Been backlogged so I haven’t read past posts. I hope mine turns out as amazing as yours! :)

  74. Lorie says

    Hi, I just want to say your blog is amazing! I just tried your swiss meringue buttercream, it came out perfect!
    For the whipped vanilla bean frosting, I don’t have vanilla bean but I do have vanilla bean paste. How much should I put for this frosting recipe?

  75. Mimi Graham says

    I am so glad that I found this recipe. My daughter’s birthday is next week and I always feel like the vanilla cakes that I make are too dense for kids. I am excited to try it. Thanks!

  76. diane says

    Thanks so much for a great recipe! I need to make a vanilla cake for this thursday and I found yours! perfect timing.
    I do have a question:
    I would like to make this in a 9 x 13″ pan. would it still be at 350 for 35 minutes?
    Thanks again. I can’t wait to try it out.
    Glen Mills, PA

  77. Sarah says

    I’ve now made this cake three times. i cannot begin to say how much I love it. it’s really my favorite cake, and I’m usually a chocolate girl. Kudos, it’s just perfect.

  78. lydia says

    I just made this cake following the newer recipe, with five egg whites and 3/4 cup milk. I was pretty disappointed to find that it curdled on me when I added the egg white mixture. Even though I thought I follwoed the instructions and added the egg white mixture in three parts. I have the cake out of the oven now but it doesn’t look very healthy. Kind of shiny and when I tasted a bit of the edge, it was hard and stuck to my teeth like candy. But the cake inside looks spongy and maybe okay. I can’t get through the shiny outside to the inside to taste it, without messing it up. I tried whipping the other half of the batter but it just made the curdles smaller without fixing the batter. I need to make a wedding cake tonight and was planning to use this cake recipe.

    Question: Why aren’t the egg whites whipped into a meringue for this cake? Wouldn’t that maybe help them to be more stable and not have the bad curdling reaction?

    • says

      Lydia, the cake definitely shouldn’t be soggy or shiny. Once it curdles too much, there isn’t much you can do, sadly, but to try again. Did you weigh your cake flour? I wish you luck with your next attempt!

  79. lydia says

    I just posted earlier that i didn’t make the cake right and it curdled. I didn’t understand until I looked on baking 911 and realized that I was trying to make an emulsion of fat and liquid and I wasn’t careful enough. I think my milk was too cold. Now I know that I really have to have the milk at the same warm temperature as the butter and eggs. I made another easier cake tonight and found that adding the flour with the milk to butter that was already creamed was easier because i could use the flour to sort of sop of the extra milk as it was being mixed in. I want to try again with the reverse creaming method used for this cake another time, when I am not pressed for time.

    • says

      Hi Lydia,
      This cake is definitely a little more fussy, but it’s worth it in the end. You’re exactly right about the emulsion of fat and liquid, which is why we add the liquid gradually. Room temperature milk is also very important, as with any cake. The sponge cake method of whipping the egg whites and folding into the batter is wonderful, but more of a reverse creaming method butter cake. I personally really enjoy the making cakes with the reverse creaming method, and I find the results to be so light and lovely. Good luck with your next attempt! If it helps, I have made this cake recently with some process photos: http://sweetapolita.com/2011/09/an-epic-tale-of-vanilla-cake-and-my-1st-blogiversary/

  80. says

    I tackled this recipe yesterday while trying to keep my two little ones from interrupting me in the kitchen. It seemed to work surprisingly well. But! I followed your instructions step by step and the ingredients very thoroughly with my new digital scale. The end result was slightly curdled. As a last measure I added some more cake flour. This made all the difference! I like this recipe, but it honestly is a bit too spongy for me. Will try some of the other white cake recipes as well, but really like the Bakers White-out the best. Love following you Rosie!

  81. Dolce says

    I am making this cake for my little brother’s birthday today! I have a question though, instead of cracking eggs and wasting the yolks, could I use liquid egg whits (in the carton)? Would the cake come out the same?

  82. Joanne says

    This cake was amazing. I really appreciated your detailed instructions, they were easy to follow – and helped me to make my “best birthday cake, ever!” The kids loved it, and I felt so happy knowing that I had given our family such a wonderful treat on a birthday.

  83. darlena says

    I just found you awesome website and decided that I would try yet another white cake recipe to see if I could find a winner…

    Well i baked your recipe as cupcakes tonight, following it to a tee. They baked for 20 minutes (24 cupcakes) rose perfectly, lightly browned. Took out of the oven to cool and then tasted one..

    They tasted like cornbread. just barely a hint of sweetness and semi-dry and crumbly. I took another bit and it seemed better, and so on. but I want a cake to wow on the first bit through the last.

    Any suggestions.

    thanks in advance.

    • says

      Hi Darlena,
      Sorry to hear that the cupcakes didn’t turn out for you. I really can’t figure out why they would taste like cornbread and not sweet, etc. Did you happen to weigh the ingredients, or were you using volume method?

      • darlena says

        Thank you for getting back with me. I measured by volume. So I think I will try it again by weight. I will let you know how it turns out.

    • charlotte says

      Mine tasted like cornbread too! and definitely had a cornbread texture (I did use a little bit of cornflour since I only had all-purpose flour, and I’ve heard that it can do that.

  84. dee freeman says

    first of all … WOW.. WOWW. WOW.. delicious!! this was the 1st time I baked with a vanilla bean.. suprisingly .. becasuse I love vanilla.. but seriously $11 for 2 beans.. it was worth it though..

    it came out lovely… and the frosting it to die for…

    I love your site…

    thanks for a wonderful recipe… :-)

  85. says

    Just made this Vanilla Bean Icing with your Rich Dark Chocolate Cake and what a combination! I know my 14 year old and his friends are going to love this cake at his birthday dinner. Using the icing for the filling and crumb coat. Deciding on the final icing flavor, but have to get to bed. It is 2am here (but lucky me, it’s only 1am now because of Daylight Savings!) LOL

  86. Krysten Bourgeois ;) says

    Hi, I just made the cake and it taste WONDERFUL!! I would have to say its one of my favourite vanilla cakes. I couldn’t find any vanilla beans tho… So instead I just made a regular vanilla frosting. I assume it taste marvelous :) thank you so much!!

  87. Marian says

    Thanks Rosie. I tried your vanilla cake recipe this weekend and it was lovely. The mixture prior to baking was not as firm as in your photos though, it was quite runny. Also, am in a country where people prefer less sugar, so I am going to try and reduce the sugar and see if still tastes gorgeous. I will also try out my first SMB and let you know how it goes. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us

  88. Alana says

    Hi Rosie! Full disclosure: this may be ridiculously simple question but I’m a non-baker so I thought I’d ask the expert! I am going to make this cake for my husband’s birthday this weekend, but I wanted to add some berries to the recipe, since those are his favorite. Any suggestions? I don’t want over-power the gorgeous vanilla flavor, so I was thinking I could add some sliced, macerated strawberries to the middle layer and then perhaps a few on top for decoration. Would you do the same, or would you do something to different to add the berry element? Thanks so much for your help, and for adding so much DETAIL to your recipes!

  89. Nikki says

    By golly!!! its really easy to make!!!! mine is in the oven right now, it was so hard to make myself put it in because the batter tastes AMAZING!!!!!! i just wanted to sit and eat the batter! haha!!! cant wait till its out and ready to eat!!!! this cake is truly Heaven on Earth!!!! I urge everyone to try this cake, and also dont forget to lick the bowl…. DELICIOUS!!!!!

  90. Debby says

    Hi Rosie,

    I was so excited to find your blog and this recipe in particular! I’ve also been seeking the perfect white cake and every time I think I’ve got it perfect, I change my mind a day or so later. I have this one in the oven now with fingers crossed!!! I have one question though, I notice the recipe calls for 3/4 Whole Milk. You use 1/4 C with with egg whites and vanilla and reserve the rest which should be 1/2C but then in step 4 it says Add the butter and remaining 3/4C milk. I saw in the original recipe on Baking Bites that they use 1 C milk and that you modified this so it is in bold. I am wondering whether it should be the full cup or 3/4 and step four is just a typo? I sort of went right in between to be safe. If you could clarify, that would be awesome!! Thank you so much for posting, I am so glad to have found you!!

  91. Mairead McCartan says

    This is the perfect vanilla cake recipe!! It’s just divine, I too, have tried many recipes but they all come out either too dry or just too buttery, this one has the perfect consistency and is just amazing.
    Thank you for coming up with this recipe, my family are also thankful!!!

  92. Jill says

    Hi Rosie,

    I have been on the hunt for the perfect vanilla cake recipe for a long time. Every time I make one they always come out so dry and if it is one thing I hate it’s a dry cake. This recipe is the best by far!! The batter itself is heaven! Thank you so much for finally providing the perfect vanilla cake recipe!!

    • Omi says

      I used them in a different recipe :D Or alternatively
      You can…
      Egg yolks don’t freeze too well and can dry out after a day in the fridge alone. The best way to store them is by mixing them with a bit of water first (you can probably keep the yolks whole in the water if you are careful and simply remove them whole when ready to use), before putting them into a covered container in the fridge. They’ll keep for 2-3 days this way.

  93. Yaya says

    Hi Rosie! Congrats on such a fantastic blog and great recipes! I was thinking of baking this cake for my beloved with swiss meringue buttercream frosting which I so love. I’m wondering what to do with all the yolks of the eggs as the cakes and frosting use up only the whites and I don’t want to throw them out. What do you usually do with them…any advice? Thanks!

    • Erin says

      I’ll second the lemon curd idea. But the other thing I do with a few leftover egg yolks is make hollandaise. I’m a sucker for eggs Benedict.

      I made this cake for my sweetie for our anniversary last week and I filled it with lemon filling (with about double the lemon of your standard recipe), frosted it with Swiss meringue buttercream and liberally sprinkled it with sweetened coconut flakes. It was amazing. Next time I will probably try actually filling it with the lemon curd, assuming I can ever make a batch that turns out right.

      I’m so happy to be able to stop trying new vanilla cake recipes, I’m not a cake girl unless it’s a Really good cake but in my husband’s eyes there’s no dessert better than a cake. With recipes like this I may be able to develop a taste for cakes!

  94. Ariel says

    I was so enticed by the picture, I just had to try to this recipe. It came out amazing! Thank you so much for sharing! :]

  95. stella says

    Just seen yr post, this I must try, thing is in the UK I’m not able to get the right flour as we have plain or self raising would you suggest the cornflour substitute? Thanks so much for sharing yr valuable knowledge x

  96. says

    Thanks for the recipe. I love a beautiful white cake or as I always called them a “wedding cake”. I would request “wedding cake” for my birthday every year. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and a place for a great multi-level chocolate cake but NOT on MY birthday!!

    One note on transport: wouldn’t it be better to use a white trash bag to place over the cake box to keep the sun away since black absorbs heat and white reflects it? Seems the cake would have less chance of having a melting issue…just a thought.

    BTW…HAPPY NEW YEAR…almost:)

  97. Kim says

    Hi, I’m just wondering if this frosting will tint with gel colors added? I’ve had problems with frosting not tinting in the past and would hate to whip up a batch and have happen. :( If anyone knows, please feel free to respond. THANK YOU!!

  98. arsheen says

    Hi < ur recipe looks awesome!! my daugther's birthday is on thursday and i am definitely planning to try ur recipe of cake as well as Butterceam recipe. I am planning to make Buttercream roses for decorating the cake. would the roses hold their shape if I follow ur buttercream recipe

  99. says

    I stumbled upon one of your cakes on foodgawker and had to check the rest of the recipes out! I made this cake for a friend’s birthday (and new years eve) the other day and it turned out sooo well! It tasted amazing! However I made coconut swiss meringue buttercream for the frosting and piped roses all over it. I love your blog so much and aspire to be as good as you are someday! Can’t wait to try out more of your delicious recipes and see more beautiful creations!

  100. Taylor says

    This looks absolutely amazing… and perfect for my sister’s birthday this week! She is the one person in the family who doesn’t like chocolate cake. Question though… could I split this in to 3 layers? Would the baking be affected? Or am I better off baking 2 and cutting in to 4? Also, is there a simpler frosting you would recommend haha, I don’t know if I have that much skill yet to attempt success with that in one try.

  101. Molly says

    Oh. My. Goodness. I just made this frosting, and I could not believe how amazingly smooth it was! I nearly always make Swiss Meringue buttercream because I love the silky texture, but I never imagined a powdered sugar based frosting could be so creamy! This will be my go-to powdered sugar icing from now on!

    Also, I just discovered this blog a few weeks ago, and I’m in LOVE!! I just want to make everything, everything on it! You’re genius, and I think you’ve replaced Anne Heap as my new cake crush ;)

  102. Terrie says

    Hi Rosie,
    I just found this blog, and have been baking vanilla cupcakes for the past week. Every single time something was wrong with them. They had no taste, too heavy,looked like cornbread,just plain nasty. I threw all of them against the wall after tasting each recipe. True story! I guess I’m just an angry baker. So…. If these workout for me you will be a god in my eyes! Thanks! can’t wait to try them.

  103. AlexisJBellingham says

    Thank you so much Mrs Sweetapolita.
    I want to be a baker when I grow up and I am Canadian too.
    Your blog is beautiful and you are an excellent writer as well.

  104. Cake lover says

    Hi :) I wanted to try this cake as it looks amazing however, living in U.K I cannot find cake flour!

    What could I use instead?

  105. Jenny Moon says

    This is basically my icing recipe too. Not even sure where I found it, but instead of milk, I use whipping cream. My family loves it!!!!!!!!

  106. Malaquia says

    This sounded AMAZING for a wedding cake order I got so I did it for a birthday cake to try it out. Well, I’m in culinary school and I have always used weight on my cakes,more efficient, but this time while I was making this, I went only by the weight and thought the measurements where a bit odd…is that just me? My cakes clearly had too much suger, but again I followed the recipe.How did you get the mesurements? I had to convert them all into ounces if they werem’t already to make it easier..I’m sad for my cake!hehe Just wondering thx!

    • Malaquia says

      Okay so I went and checked on the cakes, so the tops say they have too much suger, but after cutting and trimming I think all will be well :D

    • nashwa says

      First of all thank you Rosie for putting such a beautiful blog together and being so generous with your recipes as well as lovely tips.
      I am bit confused with the measurements though. I usually use both methods (gram and cups whatever the recipe requires), so today noticed that the measurements don’t equal?
      You mention 1 3/4 cup sugar, when I weigh this, it’s over 400 gram? Same with the flour, the cup size is way more than the grams in the recipe? You mention 2 1/2 cup flour however when I weigh this, it’s about 350 gram instead of your 285grams.

      Quite confused, so just wondering how they don’t equal.
      BTW, the reason why I noticed this, is because I was trying to substitute the cakeflour with Flour+cornstarch and needed both measuring sizes.

      Please just tell me that I am bit slow today and my brain is not functioning clearly.

      Thank you.

  107. says

    I finally had a chance to make this cake again tonight and I’m really excited! Though I didn’t know how to do it right the first time I tried, this time I was sure to let all my ingredients come to room temperature, and the batter was BEAUTIFUL. It was easy and tasted great. The cakes have come out and are cooling. I can’t wait to taste them! I took a little bit and it tastes as awesome as batter, which I haven’t found a cake before that tasted as good as batter.

    I have made four other white vanilla cake recipes recently, and I was disappointed in ALL of them. They would have lovely batters but after being cooked, would be too heavy or too dry. One tasted so much like baking powder I couldn’t eat it. THIS CAKE is the ONLY white vanilla cake I have made yet that I even would want to eat!

    I can say that because a few months ago, I tried making this cake for a wedding but I didn’t let the milk and eggs warm up. It curdled but I cooked it and set it aside, using a heavy cake for the wedding cake. To my great surprise, I ate a piece of the “curdled” cake later, and even WITHOUT ICING, it still tasted better than the other white cake I made! I should have stuck with the recipe and tried again.

    Anyway, this cake looks and smells great and I can feel that it’s light. It looks moist too.

    I also made the icing, though the vanilla beans are expensive, it’s a unique flovor and aroma. The icing looks and tastes good, but I’m hoping it will hold up until my mom’s birthday tomorrow and I’m curious to see if I will be able to pipe anything on it and if it will crust like other buttercreams.

    • says

      To check back in, Yes I was able to pipe on the frosting. It held the designs fine. It stayed shiny and did not crust.

      Unfortunately I would have to say that the advice on eating the cake and frosting Day 1 is definitely true. The cake smelled and looked delicious yesterday, and the little warm piece that I broke off was great.

      Today, it was dry, hard and had almost no flavor at all. The frosting, which I was trying to stop myself from eating by the spoonful yesterday, today had very little taste and surprisingly, not a lot of sweetness either. The expensive vanilla bean specks didn’t register on my tongue becuase it was just coated with butter, and butter was basically all I could taste. I was really disappointed.

      I would make this again to eat immediately, but I would not use it again for something the next day. I made it in the middle of the night so it didn’t even last 24 hours. My little niece ate her whole piece but that was the only positive response. I didn’t get any compliments on it, instead the chocolate cake I made on the side stole all the compliments.

  108. Patty says

    HI Rosie, I made this cake on the weekend for my husbands birthday and I did everything by the book with the digitally weighed measurements and I didn’t over bake it. At 26 minutes in the oven I checked it a couple of minutes later so 28 minutes in total and I still found that the cake was slightly dry. The weird thing though, is that the cake sunk in the middle and when I carved it to make the layers even it was quite doughy in spots. Any ideas why that would happen and the sinking in the middle too? I had all my ingredients at room temperature and my oven nice and hot so I don’t know the reason for that, plus why it could be dry yet the middle not baked well enough. thanks for shedding any light on this matter.

  109. Rose says

    Hi Rosie! Hahah I found it pretty cool that we had similar names. I’m 16 years old, and I was wondering how much time do I bake this recipe for if I am converting this recipe into cupcakes? Also, how many cupcakes would this make? Thank you!

  110. Renee Nelson says

    I followed your recipe exactly and as soon as I took the cakes out of the oven, they sunk in the middle. The cake was dry, so I’m guessing it was over baked, but why the sunken middle? My baking powder is not old.

  111. Aurora says

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes. Today was a day of firsts for me: First time I ever did a Crumb coat, First time using REAL Vanilla and my first ever 4 layer cake, actually a Purple ombre cake. I used this actual recipe and it was delicious. However, I was hoping it was going to be more white than it turned out. Should I have used a clear vanilla extract instead of the Madagascar Bourbon vanilla?

  112. Dallas says

    has anyone tried to make this recipie into cupcakes?
    im looking for super moist light and fluffy cupcakes recipe(like the cupcakes you get from the store)if so give me a heads up and i will try :D thanks

  113. Sarah says

    I made this recipe recently for a fundraiser and it was absolutely perfect! It was fluffy and moist with a very delicate crumb. I made it as cupcakes, just a note, they do jump quite a bit and I ended up with tops that ran together just a bit. I would suggest filling the cups closer to 1/2 full rather than the more common 2/3 or 3/4. The recipe easily makes 2 dozen!

    Thanks for such a lovely recipe!

  114. Jeanette says


    I love the recipe for the whipped icing! Question about the cake though: I thought I had cake flour, turns out I didn’t. So I looked up substitutes for cake flour, and one thing I found said to use 2 tablespoons of cornstarch for each 3/4 cup of all-purpose flour. So the cake ended up being very dense instead of light and fluffy. Is it the case that there really is no good substitute for cake flour, or what do you suppose went wrong? Other than that, I followed the directions exactly.

    Thank you,


  115. Erika says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the weights. It drives me nuts when I make something and don’t know how the baker measured the flour. I always have to try to guess from their writing style, are they the type to scoop and level, to press it level against the side of the container, or do they spoon the flour into the cup and level? I usually just run with a 4.5 ounce cup, but I know sometimes I’ve guessed wrong.

    Thanks again, from one precision-obsessed baker to another. :)

  116. Anna Bartnicka says

    Hi Rosie!
    What a beautiful cake:)
    I’m making a cake for my father in-law this Saturday and I’d really like to try this particular one, would it keep well if I made it on Friday, I got a bit scared after reading one of the posts above about the cake being hard after a day or so?
    Thank you:)

    Btw, love your blog

  117. Schere' says

    Hi Rosie! I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and for putting up this recipe. I’ve made it twice and everyone has loved it! Thank you and take care. :)

  118. Rebecca says

    Hi there,

    Inmade this cake for my son’s 3rd birthday this past weekend. He specifically requested vanilla so I was on a mission to find a good recipe rather than use a mix. When I saw this one on your blog, I had to try it. Although I did end up over baking it slightly (I really need to get an oven thermometer…) and I baked it in a 9 x13 pan, it was amazing. The kids lobed it and actually came back for seconds, which in my experience, rarelybhappens. They usually lick off the icing and the cake goes to waste. It was so gratifying to see them actually eating the cake! And I loved the icing…not too sweet. Perfectly perfect.

    Thanks for all your hard work and for sharing your fantastic recipes and all your tips. I know I truly appreciate it.


  119. Anna Bartnicka says

    Ahhh, so I made it, even though it did start to curdle ( just a bit) at the end of mixing, it did turn out to be exactly what I hoped it would be, AWESOME, I will be making it really soon again, for no reason, just because:)
    And for somebody that bakes at least twice a week, just for the love of baking ( and eating it:D), I do recommend anybody to try this recipe

  120. says

    Thanks for sharing your recipe! I tried these tonight, but gluten & dairy free… I used light vanilla soy milk instead of the whole milk, vegan butter for the butter, and then used a mixture of rice flours (brown, white, and sweet) along with some xanthan gum! They turned out well- lighter than my usual vanilla cupcake but not too dry. I’ll update if they dry out quickly (as some gf cupcakes do)!

    THANKS :)

    • Kenneth says

      Hi Nikki, I loved this cake for my birthday last year but have since become vegan and gluten free. I look forward to trying to convert. Quick question…what did you use to replace all the egg? And do you know what your mixture of flour was? (I know 2 years later is wishful thinking but one can hope!) Thank you!

  121. Joyce says

    Hi — I wanted to ask a question since I’m always seeking a good white cake. I did everything (I think) the way I was supposed to and the batter tasted so good!! But my cake sunk in the middle around the time it was ready in the oven??

    The only thing I could think of was that the eggs were a little cooler than room temperature. I microwaved the milk and butter just a tiny bit so they’d be cool instead of cold, but the eggs were probably colder. Do you think that could be why the cake sunk??

    Also, I sprayed my pans with PAM but the cakes stuck a little at the bottom. It tastes good, but it’s flopped…..

  122. Stephanie says

    Hi Rosie,
    I tried your cake tonight, and for the 3rd or 4th time in a row, my cake didn’t rise in the middle… My last cakes (different recipes) have either sunk/shrunk/collapsed dramatically after rising properly, or just not rose in the middle, including this one… I am slightly discouraged since this has never happened to me. I have done some research about the subject. I always respect the measurements and use my scales for everything and everything is at room temperature. I always use the recommended heat for the oven, I don’t open the door of the oven before 20-25 minutes. I have been using a new package of baking powder and according to the test I made, it is “active”. (I and it is supposedly good until 2014 (is it possible?) I find that sometimes the cakes have a slight bitter taste even though the texture is very fluffy, but my batter was fluffy and tasty.

    Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong? Could my baking powder be too active and be getting of the way of the structure of my cake? (This would explain the bitter after taste) Or is because I didn’t sift the flour or used a hand mixer?

    I know it’s hard to tell, but I loved the sweetness and texture of your cake and would be willing to try it again if I knew what to change to have better results, but after 4 different sinking/shrinking/collapsing cakes, my confidence and excitement are sinking too!

    Thank you for help and your wonderful blog and recipes. They are absolutely amazing!

    • says

      Add 1 egg yolk to the batter. I had the same problem, and this fixed it. Egg yolk is an emulsifier, and so helps the structure be just a bit stronger. Flavor and fluffiness is unchanged.

  123. says

    Hi There,

    I searched and searched for months before coming across this recipe you’ve revised for fluffy vanilla cake and this, by far, seemed like the best recipe I could find. I have to say, this is the BEST, and my most favorite cake. I made it for my brother’s birthday last week and brushed each layer with vanilla simple syrup, filled it with fresh strawberry filling, whipped cream frosting, frosted it with a whipped cream frosting and topped it with berries. It was amazing! I made this cake again today with a couple of changes and I thought they were worth noting. The first time I used Pilsbury Softsilk cake flour which is *gasp* bleached. The cake, to my surprise (because normally I wouldn’t even think of using bleached flour, but it was what was in the house), was light, fluffy and, of course, very white. This time I used King Authur cake flour blend, which is unbleached. The flour is a bit more dense and I had to use the full cup of milk. The cake itself is obviously less white. I liken it more to a cross between a yellow and vanilla cake in terms of taste and texture. It’s heavier and doesn’t highlight the vanilla as much as the former cake. They are both delicious, but per my taste, I prefer the Softsilk for this particular cake. Your cakes are gorgeous and divine. I look for to trying many more. Thank you. <3

  124. Mrs Syed says

    Hi Rosie,
    I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found your website. i am an absolute newbie in the world of baking and for me to bake this amazing recipe was a big honour. And boy did it turn out great. not only did it look amazing it tasted heaven. The only thing I did was made a fresh cream and summer fruit filling instead for my hubby’s birthday and he was the happiest man on earth. Thank you so much for the lovely recipe. looking forward to making your other recipes as well.
    Mrs Syed xxx

  125. Katie Wahlquist says

    Looks yummy…I too have been on the hunt for the perfect, moist white cake. Do you know if it holds up to carving or fondant? Also, could I sub out the milk for coconut milk for a coconut version? Thanks so much…I just discovered your blog and love it!

    • Heather Palmer says

      I don’t think it would carve well…it’s very soft & moist…. but covering it in fondant would probably work OK because it gets a little bit of a crust on the outside ~ my concern would be the weight of the fondant…(thin vs thick)

    • says

      I have covered this with fondant and it works great. Refrigerate it (wrapped) until it’s very cold and you can carve it. For coconut, I swap out the milk for 1/4 cup water and 3/4 cup cream of coconut, and add 1 tsp coconut extract.

  126. Heather Palmer says

    Just made this recipe today…for cupcakes. It yielded 24 cupcakes and they taste…amazing!

    The batter was silky and smooth….the cupcakes had a slight crispy top and a soft, moist center.

    Thanks for a terrific recipe…and thanks for sharing it!! =)

  127. kristy says

    hi –
    I have been searching for a great white cake myself – found two, but they are too heavy.
    I am in the Denver area, so I need high altitude adjustments. Any thoughts on this recipe for high alt. ?
    thank you!!

  128. malou says

    Hi Rosie, I too have been searching for a perfect vanilla cake recipe and I came across yours. I just made it but for some reason mine turned looking deflated. Actually, it just didn’t rise at all in the middle at all. Do you have any suggestions for me? I do love the flavor, though. It’s amazing and I want this to be my go to recipe. Thank you so much!

    • says

      Add 1 egg yolk to the batter. Egg yolk is an emulsifier, and just one is enough to strengthen it to hold up, without changing the wonderful fluffy texture and flavor.

  129. Alicia says

    I just found your site. Love it. I made this cake today & everything looked great. Then when it was all done the middle didn’t rise at all. totally fell. Do you have any tips or ideas of why this might happen? I am in high altitude & am not sure if that would affect it or not! Thanks for any help you can give. Oh, it does taste fabulous though!

    • says

      I am at high altitude too, and after lots of experimenting, I discovered it works best to add 1 egg yolk and decrease the baking powder by just a bit.

  130. ashlynn says

    i am so excited to try this! rosie-is this recipe for a 2 layer cake or a 1 layer?
    this sounds like it is as white and fluffy as an angel food cake!cant wait!;D

  131. Brenda says

    I thought they were alright. they turned out kind of tasting like sugar cookies. Maybe I did something wrong?
    Anyway, the texture is great.

  132. Tamina says

    I came across this recipe for vanilla cake and frosting and I was wondering if this would be a good cake recipe to use for a small two tier bridal shower cake. I want to fill the layers with a raspberry filling and then cover the cake with the vanilla frosting. I want a moist cake, but I too have fallen victim to a moist wedding cake transport disaster. I will not be traveling with this cake, but it will be a centerpiece for several hours before we eat it. Do you think it would hold up to an 8 inch round with a 6 inch stacked on top? Thanks for all your ideas! So glad I found you and this recipe! Also, how do these cakes freeze??

    • says

      I used this recipe twice for 3-tier wedding cakes. Make sure you dowel between layers and I put a large sharp skewer through the entire thing, cardboard rounds and all, and used nonslip shelf liner between the bottom cardboard and the display board. I transported one cake 45 miles and the other 35 with no problems.

  133. fatma says

    it looks yummy !!

    thanks for the great recipie

    but can i substitute the cake flour with all purpose flour ?? and what will be the difference ?

    thanks alot

    • says

      Use the same weight of all-purpose as it calls for and it works fine. ai actually prefer it with unbleached all purpose, because I don’t care for the chemical flavor of bleached cake flour.

  134. Liz says

    Hi Rosie,

    I was going to make a Rainbow layered cake for my daughter’s birthday, the magazine said to use butter cake but I wanted something a little bit more special.
    How would your Vanilla cake recipe go with addition of colour? Would I need to vary the amount of fluid in the recipe and substitute with the colour (my colours are paste & liquid form) or would it be fine to just add them in as with the buttercake?


    • Tyrell says

      Hi Liz, I just made this a few hours ago and made mine rainbow as well (6 layers/colors). I used the wilton food coloring which is more pasty than “liquidy” and it turned out great. I don’t think that the coloring changed anything in the recipe. I made sure not to over mix the batter while mixing in my colors. Good luck with yours!

  135. elizabeth says

    I’m making a large birthday cake for my son. Should I make 5 different cakes or can I 5x this recipe?


  136. says

    Hi Again,

    I’ve commented before and wanted to add a quick update. This morning I used this recipe again to make a coconut cake for a friend who requested one. Only I replaced the milk with 3/4 cup coconut milk and 1/4 cup whole milk, plus I added just over 1/2 cup freshly grated coconut. I have to say, this vanilla cake is phenonmenal and totally versatile. I haven’t frosted it yet, but did taste the cake and I think my friend will be in heaven. Thanks again.

  137. Charlie says

    YUUUUUUUUUM! This is the best and fluffiest vanilla cake. I have been looking for ages to try and find the right recipe and here it is! I have mad it over 10 times and its always amazing. Made good cupcakes to! Thanks Rosie i love your blog!! :)

  138. says

    I’m so new to the cake world. How much would I make if I wanted a two layer 1/2 sheet cake (a sort of biggie? – like the costco size)
    This looks so good I want to do it for a party!

  139. Mellisa says

    Hi Rosie, I am looking for a light, smooth and creamy vanilla frosting that will pair well with your “ruffled chocolate cake”. I made the cake last month for my daughter’s 9th bday and it was sooooooooooooooo delicious! I almost didn’t want to share it with our guests:-) I did try the frosting that goes with that cake (egg whites, sugar, vanilla, milk) but it didn’t come out well. The mixture was a runny and seemed to seperate, so I ended up throwing it out and just making a regular buttercream frosting….which wasn’t too bad. Do you think this frosting will go well with the chocolate cake?


  140. Lindsay Otto says

    Ok I just barely pulled this cake out of my oven!! It smells awesome and it raised up really nice! I can’t wait to frost it abd eat it! My husband has already poked at it lol I did use all purpose flour tho and also had chunks of butter but I think I mixed in the lumps, or I also mix everything by hand because I’m too poor for a mixer lol :-) it still looks beautiful!! I’ll have to post again on how it taste ect after dinner! Thanknyou so much for this recipe!!

  141. Ela says

    Now that you/we found the best Vanilla Cake recipe would you mind sharing with us your best Yellow Cake and Chocolate Cake recipe. Thank you very much. I love your blog!

  142. melina says

    I turned this into Vanilla Bean Cupcakes today!! It’s DELICIOUS, thanks for sharing, I was looking for a great vanilla cake for a while!

  143. Melissa says


    I made these as cupcakes for today as we are having a goodbye luncheon for a co-worker.

    It’s 8:51 am eastern and four of the cupcakes are already eaten!

    I did find that the cupcakes need to watched carefully so they don’t burn. I would start watching them at 15 minutes instead of 20.

    Thanks fro the great recipe!

  144. Sarah says

    Cake’s in the oven! Mixed up like a dream. Started to seperate just as I stopped mixing. I think maybe overmixing is the culprit here. It’s a beautiful batter, can’t wait to taste it!

  145. Wendy says

    Hi Rosie,
    I have been wanting to make this cake for ages, and it was worth the wait! Loved the flavor of it, but I ended up overcooking in :-( . It seemed like the outer part of the cake cooked very quickly, but the interior was still liquidy well after the time you allotted for it. Any suggestions?

    Also, is it easy to double this recipe? I want to make this for my parents’ anniversary party, but need to make it in a 9-inch cake. I’d love to achieve the same height that I got from the original recipe. Thanks!

  146. says

    Hi Rosie,
    This recipe looks like the answer to all my prayers. I’m wanting to bake this cake, but am wanting four layers and am wondering if you recommend doubling the quantity, or just dividing the current mixture between four pans, not two.If you suggest to divide the current quantities, what would the adjusted bake time be?
    Thanks, Sarah

    • says

      Thanks, Sarah! You know what I would do to get 4 layers, would be to double the recipe (if you’re using 9″ rounds) and bake in 4 pans. If you’re using an 8″ pan, or even if you want slightly shorter layers (4 layers with 3 filling can make for a really tall cake in a hurry!), I would increase the recipe by 50% and then bake among 4 pans. Do you know what I mean? The bake time if you double it among 4 pans would stay the same, but if you increase by 50% among the 4 pans, then I would start to check the cakes after 20 minutes (but not before). Hope that helps!

  147. Julie says

    Hi Rosie

    I made this cake the other night, and boy did it come out great! I followed your every direction, and I’m still munching leftovers from the fridge every now and then. ;)
    My boyfriend helped me whisk everything and I was very careful. Key to success here is precision!
    Only problem I had was not greasing the pans enough, which made my cake stick to the bottom, but as I assembled it and had my hands covered in buttercream, I eventually got it to look circular and pretty again.
    Very fluffy, very delicious.
    THANK YOU! :)

  148. Sibel says

    Those little dots of vanilla bean in the icing will be the death of me. Looks so yummy!

    Question, do you think this vanilla cake recipe is suitable to cover in fondant? Or will it be too crumbly?

  149. says

    Thanks for this …i made this for my niece birthday and she loooooved. The only thing i did different was add pink food coloring because all little girls love pink lol

  150. says

    Oh dear! This is heaven. I have such a sweet tooth and love cakes, I’ve been known to have cake for breakfast once or twice. Thank you for this recipe I will be trying it out ASAP!!!


  151. says

    i have also been testing various recipes to find a good vanilla cake to make for my children’s birthdays. i was never happy with the victoria sponge as husband complained too sweet and texture too hard, especially after a day or two and refrigerated. so now i am creating my own cake recipe based on the traditional chiffon cake method, and i am happy with the results.

    thanks for sharing and i would love to try your recipe some day soon!

  152. mira says

    hi! i just made ur cake tdy and it turns out to be the most fluffiest and moist cake i ever had. it didn’t curdle and had a smooth glossy batter which is something that i’m really happy about since this is my first cake..thank you! however, there was a slight problem,the top part of the cake peeled off when i tried to invert it back onto a plate,as i wanted to frost it..i did let it cool for abit after taking it out from the baking pan lined with parchment. why did that happen? i was a bit afraid that the bottom part of the cake would stick to the plate,and it breaks easily too..was it because its too soft and fluffy?

  153. Karen says

    Maybe I did something wrong, but this was not a great cake. It wasn’t moist at all. If by “fluffy” you mean “dry and crumbly” then it was a success. The taste was good, but too dry for me and I don’t think I overbaked it (22 minutes). The frosting was outstanding though.

  154. Elleing says

    Hi Rosie,
    I just took this cake out of the oven. Looks AWESOME….I just wanted to ask you if I can use less sugar…a lot less…it is too sweet. The recipe calls for 350grams of sugar…35grams more than flour…Do you think I can just use 1 cup of sugar and have a fluffy cake?


  155. says

    Hi There,

    I have been looking for a good fluffy white cake recipe. Most I have tried were too heavy. So far this one seems ok. Have not cut it yet. Its cooling now. :) The batter curdled just a little bit, but my milk and eggs were cold. Next time I will bring them to room temp. When I get reviews I will post.


  156. says

    This is THE BEST white cake I have EVER made from scratch! It is exactly that! White and fluffy. It “almost” tastes like the box cake which give it that much more nostalgia! I made this cake for my birthday with some whipped vanilla bean cream cheese and OMG! My mouth is salvivating right now just thinking about it! Thank you so much for this!

  157. Arja says

    hi Rosie, I was wondering if I can use a classic bundt pan for this, kindof like an angelfood cake style shape? Does this affect the baking time, since it’s a pretty deep pan? thanks!

  158. says

    I guess I will also go ahead and ask…. if you don’t think this cake will hold up well as a 9 x 13 do you have a recipe you would be willing to share or point me in the direction of for a great white sheet cake? Thanks so much. I am going to be setting an 8 inch round (single layer) cake on top of the sheet…. so that is a factor too.

  159. april wadlington says

    Hands down the best vanilla cake I’ve ever made!!!! even came out right on the first try :) Thank you so much for posting it!

  160. says

    I came across your blog yesterday and immediately wanted to try this cake recipe. I made it last night and was very impressed. I posted the results on my blog so please stop by to check it out.

    Thanks for sharing.

  161. Amy says

    I tried making this cake and it tasted like cornbread, but without the cornbread consistency. Suggestions?

  162. says

    Rosie, you’ve been on my blogroll for a long time, as I’ve come here often to be inspired by your beautiful creations. However, this was my first time actually making something from your blog, and I have to say this cake is EVERYTHING that you said it would be! Hands down the best white cake I’ve had. I’ve had a craving for this kind of cupcake for MONTHS (bakery quality) and have tried recipe after recipe, being unsatisfied. Thanks for sharing this brilliant recipe with us. I’m shocked by how simple it is, and it’s so great! <3 Joanne

  163. aanya says

    hi Rosie.. i love your recipes and blog..i have tried lots of them and they turned out great.. i want 2 try this amazing recipe so i juat wanna ask that how do you measure your egg whites in a liquid measuring cup or is there any other way to measure it in ounce??

  164. Denise says

    Hi Rosie! This looks delicious! I can’t wait to try it over the weekend. However, I just have a little question. I have an oven at home but I don’t think it’s big enough to fit 2 9″ baking pans at once. Is it okay to bake to one at a time? Will the second pan have a different texture because I didn’t bake it at the same time? Thank you!

  165. says

    This looks delicious and like it has a great texture. Would you mind if I ask a question? I tried a recipe that is nearly identical (1 more egg white and a little more milk; everything else the same, and using the same method), and it was kind of… rubbery. Have you experienced anything like that with this cake? Thanks in advance!

  166. Jade says

    Hi Rosie, thanks for this amazing recipe. I think where people may be going wrong is adding all of the milk at once. I love this cake.

  167. Jennifer Phelan says

    Hi – I wanted to share that I tried this recipe yesterday and was so upset when I accidentally poured the egg white mixture in with the flour mixture and butter and then added the remaining milk in 3 separate batches. I was so worried I’d ruined the recipe (I was making cupcakes). I’m happy to report that the cupcakes came out AMAZINGLY PERFECT! They were light and fluffy like angel food cake but with a lovely buttery vanilla flavor. I topped them with a lemon buttercream and everyone at worked died for them. I’m making them again tonight for a friend’s daughter’s graduation.

  168. Dani says

    Hey Rosie! All of your recipes look divine!! I really need your help choosing a crowd pleaser- which cake tastes the best/ just all around best flavor/ consistency… I’m looking through all of your Vanilla on Vanilla cakes (Funfetti has my eye) but i really want to make the right decision here!!
    thank you!!

  169. Mary says

    This cake is awesome!!!!! I just made it and it turned out perfect. The vanilla bean I the frosting is beautiful! The cake is sweet and fluffy…melts in your mouth. It is just perfect! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  170. Kacie says

    Vanilla is my husband’s favorite flavor, so I just made this today for his birthday, and everybody loved it! I’m always wary of trying out a new cake recipe for the first time on an important day because there’s usually *something* that needs to be changed, but I didn’t change a thing about this recipe and it turned out perfectly! The cake was indeed very fluffy and delicious, and my husband loved the frosting so much that he said if I wanted to just make that in the future, he wouldn’t complain! Ahh, success!

  171. Chelsea says

    I was excited when I found this recipe because I to have been searching for the perfect, moist vanilla cake. This was going to be my fourth vanilla cake recipe. I made the cake today and I have to say I was quite disappointed, it was very dry.

    • says

      Sorry to hear that, Chelsea. It’s actually a very moist cake, which is why it’s my go-to recipe. For best results, I recommend weighing the ingredients (particularly the dry) and following the mixing times to the second. Hope that helps. Best of luck!

  172. Mona says

    Hello Rosie!

    I’ve been following your blog for a while and I love it so much. I love how delicious and lovely your cakes look without it being too much. I’ve tried both your lemon cake and now this vanilla one and they both turned out aaaaaaaaaaaamazing!

    I especially love this vanilla cake! We don’t have cake flour here in Norway so I just removed 2 tbsp for each cup of flour and it worked out perfect. The cake isn’t as white in colour as I hoped but damn it is a goooood cake!

    I hope you write a book soon, I’d buy it right away.

    Much love! xxx

  173. Danielle says

    Rosie, I was wondering how to scale this recipe to do a 4-layer 10′ cake. The layers won’t be that big, in theory. I was planning on making a pink umbre cake for my dear friend’s wedding shower and your recipes don’t disappoint! Any help would be great, thanks!

  174. Michelle says

    Hi Rosie,

    Thanks for the amazing post! Am wondering if I could use oil instead of butter in the recipe? :)

  175. AGS says

    Thanks for this wonderful post. After having failed twice with Dorie Greenspan’s perfect party cake recipe, I was quite anxious to try your recipe.

    My cardinal sins – weighed two egg whites and used other ingredients in proportionate weights to minimise wastage in case I didn’t get it right. Omitted to put parchment paper and inadvertently baked the cake at 375C.

    If that wasn’t enough my batter curdled while mixing. My heart sank further when the cake started rising considerably in the oven – I feared it would then collapse in the middle.

    BUT the cake though slightly burnt at the base, was wonderful – fluffy and moist as promised! Also, it did not sink in the middle.

    Am sure it will taste better if I correct the above errors! Thanks again.

  176. Naomi says

    So, I royally screwed up this cake recipe… I just skimmed through the recipe and read the ingredients and the methods/baking instructions. I didn’t whip the butter. I just used soft butter and mixed it right in with the dry ingredients before I added the wet. I should have know better because my baking intuition told me differently when that turned out looking like cornmeal instead of “moist” batter. SO I thought, maybe when I add the wet ingredients, it will turn out alright…. Then I baked it… the cake didn’t rise at all! It’s a dense vanilla mess. Classic rookie mistake of not reading the entire recipe through before baking something. **But in my defence, there is A LOT at the top of the page to read before you even get to the cake recipe.

  177. emily says

    I made this cake for my 20th birthday on August 5th :) I got my KitchenAid 5 quart stand mixer that morning and finished the cake a couple of hours later. The cake is really good; I have only two slices left after giving so much away to friends and family :3 Next I am going to make her funfetti cake for my brother’s upcoming birthday in September. :D

  178. Lucia Di Maria says

    Hi Rosie

    I am planning on make this cake for my next week for a party but I am a little confused. Im based in Australia and I have found cake flour at the supermarket, however there is a choice of “self raising” or “plain cake” flour. Can you please point me in the right direction. Thanks

  179. Adeen says

    I Cant Wait To Try This Recipe. Quick Question. I Decorate All My Cakes And Wanted To Know If I Could Pipe This In a Piping Bag?? And Also Does This Frosting Crust So I Can Smooth The Cake Afterwards??

  180. Kelly L. says

    I made this cake yesterday for a going-away party and it was really good! I made a raspberry filling for the center then frosted it with the whipped vanilla bean frosting. Overall I loved it. I over baked it a tiny bit (shame on me) but the flavor was still great. Next time I’ll pull it out a couple minute sooner. It’s definitely the lightest homemade vanilla cake I’ve come across, and I’ve tried many recipes! And the frosting…Oh my! It’s the same buttercream I’ve made since I was a child but I’ve never whipped it so much. It makes such a wonderful difference. Love it! Thank you!

  181. Karen says

    Oh my gosh, I’m so happy!! I, too, adore store-bought white cake mix. I eat the batter, and I think it’s the best thing on the planet. I have friends who claim to prefer a homemade taste. Whatever!! Lucky them! Anyway, I tweaked your already fabulous recipe, and I’m ALL DONE SEARCHING!!!

    First, I didn’t realize there was such a great difference between regular flour and cake flour. Wow. No wonder it’s 3x as expensive. So that got rid of the weird floury taste in the batter that always accompanied homemade recipes. Next, I used the very fine baker’s sugar (again, kinda pricey) and upped the amount just a smidgen (sugar is the first ingredient in boxed mixes…yes, yes, for shame…and soooo delicious).

    In addition to an extra 1-2 tbsp. baker’s sugar, I add 1/4 cup of corn syrup after the wet ingredients are added. (There’s dextrose in my boxed mix, and corn syrup’s reeeeally close. And I don’t use the high fructose variety.) Finally, I add 3/4 tsp. xanthan gum (had some on hand, believe it or not) with the dry ingredients. It improves the texture and cuts way down on the crumbs. I. Am. So. Happy!!!! You seriously ROCK. Thank you infinity.

  182. Litsa says

    Hi Rosie! I will say first I have made this cake several times and I LOVE it! It always gets rave reviews. Love with swiss meringue butter cream. Icing here is good but a little sweet for me. I made with the SMB with kahlua for the filling and it was amazing-like a white russian! Looks like you are a little hit or miss on replying to comments, but figured it couldn’t hurt to ask a question. I really want to use this cake to make a wedding cake for a friend- two tier. I am open to any size, shape that you think would work. Have you ever done this in a large, two tier version? How would you recommend going about this? I saw your recommendation on doubling above in multiple 8x8or 9″ pans, but any idea for a larger square or round,

  183. says

    I was so excited when I started baking the cake tonight. Unfortunately I felt like the cake was far too dry, I even pulled it out a bit underbaked to avoid drying it out and the icing was over the top sweet. Aside from being dry the cake has a really good flavor, reminds me of a sugar cookie.

  184. jamie says

    Hi! I know you posted this a year ago (I don’t know why I haven’t read your blog sooner! it’s killing me!) but thank you thank you thank you! I too have been obsessed about finding the perfect vanilla cake recipe and mine always turns out dense and stodgy! (my heart breaks every time)

    I can’t wait to try this out! Also, I know you have a vanilla cupcake recipe too but I was wondering if I can still get the light fluffiness if I make these into cupcakes? Any tips? I would be super grateful! Thank you so much!

    sending love from the Philippines!


  185. Taylor Thomson says

    Oh my goodness. I made these as almond cupcakes. Amazing. I haven’t frosted them yet but out of the oven they are like perfect clouds of vanilla and almond. In love with this recipe.

  186. Ann says

    I tried this yesterday but I wasn’t too pleased;( it was not as nearly as white as yours and not fluffy either. It did taste good though but a bit thick….not sure why and I did everything as written. I, too, am looking for a fluffy vanilla that can be as good as the box mix;) I did try one from my Betty Crocker book which is the closest to the box mix but other than that, I’m still looking.

    I could share it if you want to give it a try;) it is called Silvered cake.

    • Brandie says

      I just tried the recipe this morning. Batter turned out well but when they were baking, they puffed up and then fell in the middle while still in the oven. I figured that they hadn’t cooked long enough so I left then in a bit longer. The tops began to brown and when I took them out, the tops got that hard crust ring around them. the flavor was great though. I have yet to find a white cake recipe that I have not messed up :-/

  187. Lacey says

    Any idea how the cake and frosting would turn out if I used almond or coconut milk instead of whole milk? I’m looking for a birthday cake recipe for my daughter, but she can’t have dairy milk.

    • Timothy says

      I’m sure those would be fine. While the milk adds a little richness, it simply adds moisture so that the frosting is the correct consistency. You could even use water if you were so inclined.

  188. Alexa says

    I made this recipe yesterday hoping for a yummy, fluffy, new favorite vanilla cake but was EXTREMELY dissapointed :( the batter looked very dense and heavy which worried me. When i put the cake in the oven, after 20 minutes, it wasn’t cooked correctly but the top of the cake was way done. So i put on some tin foil and figured it’d be ok. Well the cake cooked for 30 minutes and i have an extremely powerful oven. Had i known how long it would have cooked, I would have put the tin foil on earlier because now i have a crunchy top and a dense cake!!AND to add to that- my cake sunk in the middle! And the frosting! I used more vanilla since i didnt have vanilla bean and less milk because i didnt want a runny frosting. I was sooooo dissapointed again! It just felt oily and yucky and all it tasted like was powdered sugar. I have made two other of your recipes and theyre fantastic but i DEFINITELY wont make this again :(

  189. says

    I have found that the original, and even the modified recipe for this cake always sinks in the middle for me, and even the modified recipe comes out curdled. I discovered that if I use the original recipe and add one egg yolk, it ends the curdling and sinking. Egg yolk is an emulsifier, and it solves the problem.

  190. ALY says

    I had been wanting to try this recipe for so long. So today i finally tried it
    followed every instruction as written. But while they were in the oven someone turned down the temprature i was so annoyed as they were undercooked.Will try this again an have to stand by the oven lol. One question
    instead of using egg whites could i use egg white powder ? as my mother was saying its a waste of the yolk.. if so how much ?

  191. Brittany says

    I followed the instructions to a tee. I was really excited to try it out. The flavor was delicious. However, the cake was super dry. I am an experienced baker and know I did not over-bake them. Is this supposed to be a moist cake?

  192. says

    Hey, I just really wanted to thank you for the recipe and tell you how wonderful it turned out. I used it for part of my cousin’s birthday cake, and I think it was possibly the first time my family has trusted me with something so important, and you gave me the tools to make sure I succeed, and succeed I did!

    I actually wrote about it in my blog, if you want to read it or even take a look at the picture of the cake:
    http://xmarksthefuckingspot.tumblr.com/post/31733456148/chocolate-vanilla-cake-with-vanilla-frosting-and-other (Sorry about the kinda obscene blogname, though.)

    Thanks again! I look forward to trying out more stuff you’ve posted here.

  193. Me says

    Hi, I want to know if a can use this frosting to decorate my cake with rose shapes, and it won’t melt or be to soft to hold its shape.. please let me know ASAP !!


  194. Timothy says

    This cake recipe was pretty good-not the best I’ve had, but it was certainly up there.
    The frosting, however, was simply divine. I’m not a big frosting person, but this buttercream recipe was simply perfection. It was smooth, creamy, just sweet enough, and it was delicious. It was also the perfect consistency to pipe roses and stars. The recipe posted on this website makes A LOT of frosting- I used all of it. Even if it looks like too much, this frosting is just too delicious to let go to waste. It was bliss.
    Buttery, sugary, calorie-fulfilled, vanilla-y, bliss.

    • Me says

      Timothy thanks for the info.

      It’s just that I found a recipe and it has this beautifulllll cake with perfect rose icing , and the recipe has a vanilla frosting that has a perfect consistency. But I would like to try it out with this whipped vanilla bean, but the frosting must have a perfect consistency because I live in the Dominican Republic and it’s REALLY HOT and quite a humidity down here:S and it could easily melt and lose shape.

      this is the link: http://iambaker.net/the-perfect-crusting-buttercream/

  195. Reneelovestobake says

    I loved this recipe because it’s fairly easy and it sounds like it’s delicious from the reviews. I am baking this as we speak, and if the cake itself tastes as wonderful as the batter, I have found my new favorite recipe for white cake! I’ll know how it turns out in about 23 minutes. Thanks a ton!!! I bake and decorate cakes on the side and am always wanting to make a good tasting cake that won’t take forever and a day to mix up. Keep posting the yummy recipes!

    Renee in Oklahoma :)

  196. says

    This cake is absolutely devine. I used it as the basis for my Checker Board Cake and it was moist, light and had such a fantastic flavour. Vanilla is probably one of my all time favourites and I have been looking for the perfect cake and you definitely found it. Although I didn’t make the frosting on this occasion, I will definitely be giving it a go.

    If you would like to check it out, please visit http://caths-cookery-creations.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/checker-board-cake-with-honeycomb-icing.html if you get a chance.

    Thanks! :o)

  197. VZ says

    Is it possible for me to use the same ingredients but do it via the creaming method? That is first beating the butter and sugar, and then incorporating the wet and dry ingredients alternately, after which the eggs whites are folded in?

  198. Me says

    Hi, I baking this cake right now… I did everything the recepi said and the only thing is after 20 min my batter is still very raw … I don’t know what went wrong … :S !!

  199. Lucy says

    Hi, I tried the recipe for the frosting and i have to say I really loved how it turned out. Next time I will try making the cake to go with too I think. I added a little more icing sugar because I didn’t have enough butter to make the full dose of frosting and it was still pretty amazing. Anyway I blogged about it and gave you credit for the recipe of course :)
    I really love your blog, keep going!

  200. rivnat says

    I made this cake recipe and also separately made the recipe again for cupcakes. They were for my daughters 2nd Birthday. Great recipe and flavour was really good. Only problem I had was that the cake and cupcakes turned out really dry, they were not moist at all. I followed the recipe exactly to the tee. Don’t know what may have gone wrong…any suggestions. I’m thinking the butter content of 12 tablesoopns was not enough.

  201. PattyCake says

    Can you use this frosting under Wilton’s fondant? I’m hoping that if I at least freeze the cake before I add the layer of fondant and keep the cake refrigerated that the fondant will not melt off the cake.

  202. jp23 says

    Just found you thru pinterest and made this cake today! YUM!! Its the first time I’ve run into ths method for mixing and it worked beautifully -I’ve just found my go to vanilla. thanks!

  203. Vassiliki says

    I was not supposed to use the whole frosting on the cake right? I am new at this… Obvious from the question, isn’t it? :)

  204. says

    This cake recipe and icing is delicious! Thank you so much. I just used it for my granddaughter’s doll cake for her birthday and it came out great. Melt in your mouth delicious and the best icing ever!

  205. says

    This is the best Vanilla Cake recipe ever Rosie!
    Made cupcakes using this recipe over the weekend and they turned out perfect!
    Can’t tell you the countless vanilla cupcake recipes I have tried that have turned out too dense and tasteless.
    Thank you for sharing this.
    It will be the GO TO cupcake recipe for sure now!
    You are precious!

  206. Caitie says

    Stumbled across your fluffy vanilla cake recipe and was wondering –
    When you talk about cake flour – do you mean SR flour?
    When you talk about ‘sugar’ in the cake recipe part – do you mean castor sugar or white sugar or raw sugar?

    I’m from Australia, and I know there is some difference between names of flours and sugars :)

  207. Darlene says

    Can I substitute almond extract instead of vanilla and if so would I use the same amount? I want to fill it with a raspberry filling and buttercream frosting.

  208. says

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    I have been baking like crazy for the last few weeks trying to find the perfect Vanilla Cake Recipe; and finally this is the best recipe online!!

    I just made it today and it is not only delicious but so moist and fluffy!

    I’m going to use this recipe for my son’s first birthday cake ;) Thank you!

  209. Sam says

    yummy!! My foods class is having a competition on who can make the best cake and I am sooo going to win… Awesome recipe… especially since its vanilla my fave :D
    thank you!

  210. Sherry says


    I made this cake last night but found a completely It to be completely different than how everyone else did. The end result is super dry, dense, and taste like pancake. I followed the recipe to a t. Is the batter suppose to be thick? Very thick?

    But on the flip side, the frosting is fantastic.

    Thank you

  211. Jenny says

    Hi Rosie! Wow what an amazing cake. Yesterday I got my KitchenAid (yay! I have been waiting for so long) and I was dying to use it. I went through tons of recipes and decided to make this one as my first KA recipe.
    The cake turned out perfect! The best cake I have ever made.

    I’ve been reading some comments about the batter and consistency of cakes. I don’t know but I think that elevation and temperature really plays an important role while baking.
    I am originally from Mexico from a city that is about 1900 km (6300 ft) above sea level. Now I live in Vancover, at sea level. I have tried all my recipes for cakes and pancakes here and there and I always end up with a messy batter, heavy cakes and a terrible baking experience over there. Not even the pancakes fluff or rise. And here I don’t have any problems at all. Maybe measurements and baking times need to be adjusted depending on where you are and the elevation. Also here the weather is so humid and over there is so dry. That might also be a factor. Just a thought :)

    Again thanks so much for all your incredible recipes.

  212. says

    This cake is amazing. I can’t believe how light and fluffy it turned out, but yet moist too. I added a few blueberries to mine, after spooning the mixture into cases, I just popped them on top. The cake rose up around the blueberries whilst they baked and they looked fabulous.

  213. Laura says

    Hi – I don’t have a paddle attachment for my mixer – will this frosting recipe still work? Looks great and I love vanillla bean. Thanks!

  214. Yvonne says

    Excited to try this…just wondered if leaving in the yolks of the eggs would turn this into a similarly fantastic yellow cake? How would I modify ingredients (if any)?


  215. Alice says

    Vanilla cake gives me a world of headaches whenever I try and make it. It usually is either too dense, too delicate and falls apart, Too dark on top and sides…. not vanilla/sweet enough. There is always something off. Hoping to try this one next!! I’ve been making my way around the internet. Thanks

  216. Alice says

    Does anyone know if this recipe can be reduced to make a much smaller batch? Often times I am only looking to make a few cups of batter. I usually divide by the least amount of eggs, so in this case I could just use 1 egg white and divide remaining ingredients by 5? 5 egg whites equals how many whole eggs? Anyone know? Thanks in advance.

  217. Viviana says

    Hello Rosie… I just found your website and I love it! I’m planning to make this cake for my nieces birthday this weekend and I’m wondering how it would taste with the vanilla bean frosting as filling and SMB as the frosting? I’m a huge fan of SMB myself, im just wondering if the combination would taste right? Any opinion you have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and keep up the great work!!

  218. alyssa says

    Hi Rosie,

    Is it ok to have the frosted cakeout of the fridge for 2 days, in an airconditioned place. Will try the recipe soon, looks really good and thanks a ton.

  219. Tricia says

    Hi, I was wondering if this frosting would be okay to use for cupcakes. Does it have a nice consistency (will I be able to pipe it)? Will it stay stiff even in warm conditions? Thanks! :>

  220. Gina Chun says

    Uh…isn’t 3cups of sifted cake flour 300g not 345??
    Please reply back if this was a mistake or not cus I really want to make this for my mom’s birthday

  221. tatiana says

    thank you for posting this recipe i just made it to be apart of my chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes and they came out beautiful lol they look so perfect :)

  222. Caitlin says

    I just used this cake recipe to make Christmas cupcakes. I dyed the cake batter red and green and layered it for a cute effect. The cupcakes are absolutely delicious. Much as mentioned in the blog, I’ve been baking ‘white’ cake for an eternity and never managed to get a light, fluffy result. This, however, is a winner and the cupcakes are absolutely perfect. I had to reply because they turned out so well!

  223. Meghan says

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I have been searching high and low for a solid recipe for vanilla Cale, I am making a birthday cake for Jesus for Christmas for my niece and nephew to decorate and I want to satisfy their picky tastebuds.

  224. says

    Thanks so much for sharing your love of those cheap, white, boxed cakes. I too enjoy those cakes and have wished that you could recreate them without the box. Your recipe comes super close and I’ll definitely be making some fluffy white cupcakes for an upcoming kiddie party. Your blog is beautiful btw!

  225. katherine says

    hi rosie,
    thank you for sharing this. i too have tried many white cake recipes but have yet to find one i want to use a second time! i plan on making this for my son’s birthday next week, but wonder, if i want to make it in sheet cake form (13×9), should i use the same measurements, including baking time?
    thanks so much

  226. Rumeysa says

    Hi Rosie,

    I have just baked this cake and looked amazingly well risen, light and fluffy. However when I tasted it; it tasted very bitter and I don’t know what happened. I was wondering if it is the baking powder because I never used such large amounts before. could that might be causing this bitter taste in this cake? I normally use 1/2 or 1 tsp. thank you for your help

  227. Lily says

    Hi Rosie- love your blog and this cake! I made this a few months ago and was thinking of making it for New Year’s Eve. It was delicious, though we found it a bit too sweet. Would decreasing the sugar in the recipe to 1 1/2 cups make it too, well, unsweet? If so, how much do you recommend I decrease it by? Thanks so much!

  228. says

    So I have been researching the net for an extremely fluffy white cake base to make into a pear and ginger cake for my daughter’s first birthday. This sounds like a winner, I’ll be test baking it at half recipe tonight to see if it’ll work. I was inspired to a super fluffy white cake actually by the coffee cake base used by our local Nashville, TN Sweet 16th Bakery. The baker – who is a lovely woman – told me their super fluffy cake actually was born of an accident. That is all I could get her to divulge, but I’ll let you know if yours is fluffier!

  229. Kay says

    I, also, have been searching for the perfect White Cake and plan to give this one a try, however, I am lactose intolerant. I have been reading and reading but there are just too many posts, my eyes are crossed, trying to find if anyone as asked which milk alternative is best? Unsweetened Almond, Rice or Soy?

    Thank you!

  230. Kate says

    I have never made a homemade cake before only used boxed. After making it, I have to say this is the best cake I have ever made. Just delicious!! I will never go back to a box cake again. Thank You!!

  231. says

    Hi there, just tried this recipe last night. Love, love, love the cake. I did have a screaming 2 year old which distracted me for a couple of mins, when the cake should have been taken out of the oven, but the flavor and crumb of the cake is awesome. I am wondering if you have doubled or tripled this recipe with success? I would love to use this recipe for larger cakes. Thanks for all the leg work you’ve done in the search for an amazing vanilla cake recipe. Still going to try some of the others you have, but I do love this one.

  232. Krissy says

    I needed cupcakes FAST today because my daughter forgot to tell me she needed them after school today for a ball game concessions. She called me at 1 this afternoon and I needed them by 3:30 but they didn’t get there till 4:00. I didn’t have much time, so I cheated and used a boxed cake mix, (thanks Duncan) and I made your frosting! Talk about tasty, I will be using that recipe again in the future. So light and fluffy and the taste is awesome and it just melts in your mouth unlike traditional butter/sugar frosting. Whipping the butter sure makes a difference. I didn’t have a wide tip for the decorating so I used a smaller one and swirled the frosting on top of the cupcakes so I have a LOT of frosting left over from frosting 18 cupcakes. But next time I go shopping I plan on buying that wider frosting tip so I’ll be prepared and I can go with plan A. Which is to make some star sugar cookies to tuck into the side of the frosting. Like in your lavender lemon curd cupcakes. Then decorate the stars white flood frosting with a “N” on the stars for our schools name. Next time I’ll be prepared! Thanks for sharing. Krissy

  233. says

    Hi. I have just made this cake. It is very soft and fluffy and tastes delicious. Much better than a regular vaniila cake. I didn’t use the frosting recipe as i use my own. Will be making this cake again

  234. Cheri Kelly says

    I made this cake, it was perfect. I’ve been trying to find a recipe for a white cake that is light, flavorful with good texture. This recipe is the one! I love it.

  235. Mariam says

    Hi, I’ve been a follower of your blog for about two years now and I’ve been trying most of your recipes and they came out like they should – awesome! I’m thinking of reworking this recipe to make it rainbowlicious – make the rainbow-layered cake using this cake recipe, and trying the swirled icing technique with this icing. I’ll let you know how it turned out.

  236. Lauren says

    Hi rosie

    Firts off i woild like to say i made this cake as cupcakes lastweek they were blackberry cucpakes and they came out amaze balls haha but i had a question i wanna cake this cake again but as a dutch apple type cake and i do not have any whole milk at hand would it make a differance if i used 1%if you can let me know i would appricate it. :)


    yesterday was my birthday and i saw this recipe and thought WOW if she did alot of trial And errors and this was the final result of hard work i have to make this for my bday and since i love vanilla i made it. it was amazing and quick and easy to make. love it i will make this again, my boyfriend even loved it and he’s a chocolate lover lol. ps sorry for my grammer. typing with one hand is hard :)

  238. Cherise says

    Just popped this cake in the oven for the first time. Batter wasvreally smoith and velvety. Will et u knw soon how it went.

  239. EnglishMuffin says

    Can I first say I love you! It’s not that I’ve been searching for the perfect vanilla cake, I’ve been searching for a cake that doesn’t flop when I make it, I love making desserts and for the most part my desserts are nice, however when it came to a simple sponge, nothing would work. I was about to give up when I found this recipe and decided I’d end my search here. I am so happy I tried it, its PERFECT, I haven’t yet made the frosting but I made it in a bundt pan and it was so moist and light. I feel like your method really is the best. Again, thank you, you’ve made me a very happy woman today.

  240. Ila says

    I was trying to find a vanilla’s cake recipe that seems to be good for my cupcakes and yours sounds amazing.
    So here’s my question: when you say “combine and stir eggs white, milk” you mean all together? Just combine them and no beating?
    I’m italian, we used to beat egg whites always.:D
    Thank you very much for sharing your recipes. Can’t wait to taste it.

  241. Karen says

    I followed this recipe and I got…the nastiest cake I ever tasted. Seriously. I think there’s a typo here. One tablespoon plus one teaspoon of baking soda was WAY too much. I did substitute the cake flour with 1 cup minus 2 tablespoons flour all purpose flour. But I don’t think that should have made so much of a difference. :( :(

    • says

      Karen, I make this cake frequently, and it is light, fluffy and moist. I’m confused by your comment, as there is no baking soda in this recipe. You’ll likely notice in the other comments that most readers have fabulous success with this cake, so it sounds like something went wrong with your attempt.

  242. Sarah says

    Could this cake mix be used to make cupcakes? If so, how long would you bake them for? Also, could you pipe this icing or would it not hold well? Thanks!

    • Maria D says

      Hi Sarah, I didn’t make this icing, I’ve been using the Wilton icing and it’s worked for me.. I just haven’t been able to make the perfect vanilla cake/cupcakes till now. Sorry :-( but do try this recipe it’s perfect.

  243. Ann says

    Maybe in Europe we have a different standard when it comes to fluffines…..

    but this cake doesn’t come out fluffy. It was heavy and dense! And not as white as I thought it would be, unfortunately.

    Combined with the frosting, I ended up with a massive, way too sweet cake. I just had a piece and it feels like a stone in my stomach.

    A disappointment!

    • says

      It sounds like something didn’t quite go the way it should have, Ann. As you can see in the photo, the cake is very fluffy and light, which is why I love it. I make it very frequently, and it’s wonderful. Sorry it didn’t work out for you!

  244. Maria D says

    Sarah I made this cake today and because it was perfect I made some cupcakes as well and they were amazing!!! I left it in the oven for 20 mins.

  245. Cristina says

    I find it very interesting you don’t cream the butter and the sugar, why is that? Wouldn’t the batter be lumpy due to the chunks of butter? The cake looks delicious though.

    • Chanda says

      Cristina…I just made this cake and yes, it is lumpy when you add the butter, even more so when you add the milk; however, once I added the wet mixture (eggs, milk, vanilla), the mashed potato like batter turned into a silky cake batter. Just FYI if you have not tried it yet :)

  246. Ashley says

    Thank you so much for this delightful blog! I frequently have issues transporting cakes, so I appreciate your thorough advice. I am wondering, since you like to use cake boards that are the same circumference as your cake, do you typically pipe bottom borders when you get to the destination? I have always used a larger board (i.e. a 10 in. board for an 8 in. cake) to add the border but yours look so much nicer!! Thank you!

  247. Theresa says

    Hello – your cake looked great so I decided to make it. I do not know what I did wrong but my pans are overflowing and not cooking. They have been in for 35 mins. and are still oozing. I checked the temp on my oven and it seems right. It was preheated as I used it for something else right before. Any ideas? It smells great by the way!

  248. Diana says

    Hi, I was wondering if this cake would be sturdy enough to handle being covered in fondant and layered to be turned into a castle cake. Please let me know ASAP. Thanks!

    • Megan says

      I made this cake recently for a baby shower and stacked 6 yes SIX cakes on top of each other, carved it and covered it in fondant. Yes, it will hold!

      • Jenn says

        Wow! Did you have to reinforce the teirs? I have made this recipe several times. It is so good. I have been asked to make it for a shower, 2 x 8″ on bottom, 2 x 6″ on top. Think it will hold together without dowels?

  249. says

    I made cupcakes using a quarter batch of this recipe today, and I just had to include my two cents and say this was the best cake recipe I have ever tried, possibly the best cake I’ve ever eaten, homemade or otherwise. The cake was moist and soft and fluffy and dense at the same time, the crumb was amazing. The cupcakes didn’t even need frosting!

    Thanks so much for sharing the recipe

  250. Tarra Pitman says

    Hi Rosie
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your fab recipes.
    Please could you help me, for some reason my cake came out yellow :( I was so inspired by your photo to create a white cake. What have I done wrong, any suggestions please? I thought as you don’t cream the sugar and butter that might be the reason but yours is beautifully white *sigh*
    Love Tarra

  251. Megan says

    This cake is OUTSTANDING! I recently made this cake for a baby shower and got nothing but rave reviews and future orders for cakes! Crazy moist and flavorful. I’m looking forward to trying this recipe with real vanilla beans instead of extract. My best friend made me vanilla extract recently but sadly it was not ready for the baby shower cake. BUT with rave reviews on the flavor I will have that opportunity soon! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  252. justbakin says

    Hi Rosie,I just wanted to thank you personally for you sharing your baking passion with us.I have made a few of your cakes..your campfire delight.It was a surprise for my cousin.Made it just like you said..whole six layers n all.She loved it!!! and has been making sure she has a piece of every cake I bake!I also did try out this cake for valentine’s day for my hubby..I wasn’t sure if I should try it out after reading all the posts..(mainly because I just started baking..this would be my 4th cake only)but I thought..what d heck?aint gonna lose much..:)I even invested in a pair of scales!!..convinced my hubby that was d only way to go about baking..lol..He ain’t regretting it yet..!!
    I dint use cake flour,used AP instead..reduced the sugar wee bit and artificial vanilla essence is all I had.I hand mixed d entire thing..yes with just a whisk alone!!I cam out well in just 22mins..not very moist(due to the AP I’m gussin..)nor 2 dry either..yellow n not white..but I ain’t complaining cuz d cake was soft,fragile..but I covered it with fondant..no probs at all..spent a whole day at it..but was worth it seeing the grin on my hubby’s face when he was munching it all in.That made my day!!and YOU made it happen..so Thank You from the bottom of my simple heart!! and keep on baking..you are an inspiration..luv your blog n your cakes are amazing!!
    Oh!! A few of our friends managed to get a piece of this cake and they thought it was bought!!!:) Compliments came pouring in..just thought you deserved some of it too!!!

  253. Sara says

    Thank you for taking the time to perfect a vanilla cake! I absolutely love this recipe. I altered it a tad just to suit my personal preferences, but I know that it’s amazing as you’ve written it. I cut the sugar down by 1/4 cup, used half butter and half margarine, and only had all-purpose flour (so I did the 1 cup AP flour minus 2 TB, for each cup required). This cake truly is fluffy, moist, and delicious. The batter is gorgeous and silky! I used ganache instead of the paired frosting, but that’s because I was making it for someone who is cutting back on butter. Can’t wait to try your vanilla bean frosting another time though. Thank you very much for sharing your recipe with us. This one’s a keeper. :)

  254. Alice says

    I am curious about egg whites. I make a lot of vanilla cake in my family but don’t ever use the yolks leftover from recipes like this one. I have the best intentions. But they end up just sitting in the fridge until I throw them out. Can I use egg whites from a carton? I am confused by how they measure. On the carton it says that 4 egg whites is 3/4 of a cup which is far more than 4 oz. (I am basing this on the fact that I thought 1 egg white was 1 oz or 30g, 5 egg whites being 5 oz or 150g as in this recipe). I made your recipe twice recently, once the incorrect way, experimenting with the 4 egg whites (3/4 cup per the carton)plus 1 egg (to add a little moisture/fat; saw this in another recipe and thought I would try it). Cake came out great. Fluffy. Delicious. Came right out of the pan. Next time I made it with 5 egg whites, and while the texture was even fluffier, dare I say it was TOO fluffy? It stuck a bit to the sides of the pan a bit when I took it out and crumbled like a box mix does when I tried crumb coating it. I was happier with the version with the excessive eggs. But I know it was an accident. Is the cake suppose to be super fluffy like a box mix? Should I crumb coat while cold to avoid excessive crumbs/edges breaking off? Thanks…. Alice

  255. says

    I just made this cake yesterday for my aunt’s (who requested a white cake) birthday at a family dinner. Everyone is on diets, but everyone took a second slice! My grandmother, a woman who made a caterer re-make a coconut cake 5 times until it was up to part with her standards, stated that she hadn’t tasted a cake like this in years. It was such a comforting, wonderful, old-time flavor. Unfortunately, I let it bake for just a minute or two too long, and it was the tiniest bit dry – heed the warning!!! But despite my error, the cake was still incredibly good.

    Thanks for the fantastic recipe!!

  256. Felicia says

    Has this cake recipe or the frosting ever been tinted to another color? Just wondering how both would hold up to food coloring or icing color, and which you would recommend.


    I’d like to use this to make a 10 in round cut into a shamrock shape, tinted green. Let me know what you think!!!!!!

  257. Chrissi Holt says

    Hi !!

    I wanted to ask about cake flour. I usually make my cakes with all purpose flour as cake flour in the UK doesn’t exist or at least I’ve never heard of it existing. Now I’m hoping and praying that you would be able to help me if I switch to making this cake with all purpose flour do I need to change the quantity of flour? I hope you can help as I’d love to try this recipe out for my wedding !!

    Chrissi xx

    • says

      Hi chris ,corn flour is actually made by adding cornflower to the all purpose flour.so if using 1 cup of flour u would be adding 2 tbsp in it and would be sieving it approximately 3 times for avoiding lumps.and it’s ready to use!!!

  258. Lizl says

    Hi, i made this cake last night and it came out great but also a little too dense, almost like it wasn’t baked through properly.And it was in the oven for 40 min. I also noticed that when i put the batter in the pans that it was very thick,like there wasn’t enough liquids? I also thought that a cup is 250ml, but yet all the measurements are different? please help? I followed the recipe exactly the way it says. Can i put more liquids in? I don’t feel it’s fluffy enough and i feel like the moisture is more like unbaked stickiness if that makes senseTthough i think it tastes really good i’m not a hundred percent convinced about the heaviness, thank you.

  259. Heena says

    Thank you sooo much for this recipe! We followed this recipe to a T, made sure to time all the mixing, and made sure everything was the correct temp. I’ve been looking for a recipe for the perfect white cake, and words can not describe how fluffy and soft this cake turns out. I ran out of parchment, so my cake kinda stuck to the pan, even though I had sprayed it with Pam, but regardless, my husband had the cake for dinner, rather than dessert, and I didn’t feel as bad with the kids having seconds, since I knew it was all homemade and natural, no whiteners and conditioners (even though the extra sugar rush they had made me doubt my judgment for giving them seconds.)

  260. Kelly says

    Hi Rosie,
    My fiance’s birthday is next week week and I really want to make this cake. I’ve never made a cake from scratch before but I really want to impress the family ;) I have a ton of people to feed so I plan on doing a very large sheet cake. Does this recipe require the pan to be lined with parchment paper? Can I make it half chocolate? If I need more batter, how long can this be in a bowl? Can I buy cake flour at a regular grocery store? Where can I get a scale to measure my ingredients? Sorry for all the questions! Thanks!!

  261. Dana says

    Hi Rosie,

    This recipe looks fantastic! I have been looking for a nice fluffy cake to use for a tiered wedding cake. I would like to use a 10″ pan, and assume I would just need to double the recipe? Do you (or anyone else) know how long I would need to bake a 10″ pan for? Also, does anyone know how this cake freezes?

    Thanks :)

  262. Kari says

    Hi Rosie,
    I came across your recipe while looking for a good white cake for my son’s first birthday. I plan on using a mickey mouse cake pan and piping the frosting on. Do you think this frosting will hold up to color and piping?
    Thank you.

  263. Kelly S. says

    Just made this cake (just the cake part, made dark chocolate frosting) for a co-workers birthday and one of the comments was “this cake is everything”…It is so fluffy and dense (in a good way), that I would liken it to angel food cake. It is awesome, and is now my go-to vanilla cake recipe!

  264. Kim G. says

    I have a feeling you’ll say no, no, and NO! :) But do you think this recipe would work in a mini cupcake maker???

  265. Katrina says

    I just came across this recipe and it looks amazing — BUT HOW DO I SUBSTITUTE FOR LOW FAT BUTTER? I don’t want to be like Paual Dean and use 2 boxes of butter, HAHA! I read somewhere that when you bake you never use the same amount of low fat butter for “real” butter that is called for in the recipe. I read that you instead use 3/4 of low fat butter for the amount of “real” butter. Is this true? Do you have any recommendations???

  266. Kate says

    I just found this recipe yesterday…after searching for a year…this is it, perfectly fluffy vanilla cake- not a pound cake- closest to my local bakery and box cake…Thank You :)

  267. Joanne B says

    Thank you so very much. This cake was beautiful.
    I searched google for a use for teh egg yolks and came up with a great cookie recipe. My family had a double delight that day.

    Your cake recipe is now printed, laminated and pinned to my kitchen wall.

  268. Angelina says

    I was wondering could I maybe make some lemon curd as the filling and the frosting outside or would it be going just a tad overboard? I am so trying this cake today! Looks beautiful and well by God I gotta admit, this does actually look like a cake which would work out for me! Wish me luck xo

  269. Angelina says

    I just made this beautiful cake this morning and whaddaya know? It turned out gorgeously delicious and it wasn’t as sweet which was a huge bonus! Thank you so much I love you even more than chocolate Rosie!!

  270. lisa says

    hi kat I love your cakes I just wanted to know do u have any good filling recipes for a vanilla cake its for my daughters turning 3 she doesn’t like butter or cheese and cant have penut butter .. I was thinking of a vanilla custard if you have the recipe or any good filling will be great im going to put fondent on top please help thanx him

  271. Robin Sullivan says

    Can almond milk be substituted for the whole milk in this recipe? I have been using in other recipes and it seems to work just fine. Wanted to ask before I tried it!

  272. Robin Sullivan says

    I also need to follow up on a previous question… has anyone covered this cake in fondant yet? Does it stack well?? I am making a 4 tier wedding cake… I NEED to know ;) If not, is there a way to intensify the density of this cake recipe without sacrificing flavor? TIA

    • Nazia says

      Hi. I was wondering if you did use this recipe for your four tier wedding cake. I am hoping to make one soon and I love this recipe but don’t know if it will stack well. Did you make any adjustments to the recipe? Thanks

  273. LIsa says

    Hi there has anyone used this for cupcakes and if so how long to bakse and how many does this batter make. i would really really aprreciate a realy. thanks

  274. Sandy says

    Thanks so much for sharing your recipe. Made this cake last night for my father in law’s bday and it turned out great! The batter looked so yummy that I had to keep reminding myself not to lick it….lol. I baked in 2 6″ inch pans and used the remaining batter for cupcakes. As you recommended I watched the cake closely so it wouldn’t dry out. Can’t remember how long it was in the oven but it seemed like a bit longer than normal. The cake also crumbled a bit and was very delicate after removing from the pans. i layered and frosted with a chocolate buttercream frosting recipe another poster shared but used your technique for making it. Overall I was very pleased. The cake was not as fluffy or white as your pic but I will def try again :)

  275. Rowena MacNeil says

    I love this cake recipe and the icing is deliciously creamy but not too sweet. Perfect!
    I noticed that a few posts were asking if this recipe can be made into cupcakes. I made cupcakes today and baked them for 15 minutes and them came out perfectly. The first time I tried a few months ago, I baked them a little longer and they were too dry. I’m so glad I attempted it again.

  276. Nadja says

    Hi, I made this cake yesterday for my daughters birthday. So very disappointed in the texture and heavyness of this cake!! I followed the recipe to a t and it still came out heavy and slightly doughy. This is my second try of this recipe and I think it might be my last. I was so hoping for that fluffy white cake :-((( I’m not sure if I want to risk this again with the addition of 1 egg yolk and reducing the baking powder as you’ve suggested. Maybe our cake flour in Australia is differnt or something.

      • Sarah says

        Hi Nadja I have just made this cake for my first time and I make a lot of cakes, it was Devine, light and fluffy.
        Recently I came over to Australia I found that my baking was abit different I thought the flour was the reason.

  277. Michelle says

    Hello Rosie! I just love love your recipes! If I were to make a half sheet cake, would I need to double this recipe? And how long would I bake it for then? Thank you so much!

  278. Natasha says

    I LOVE this icing! Even though I read the directions incorrectly and added way too much vanilla resulting in a beige colour and then added a ton of icing sugar trying to correct the colour – it was still incredibly light, fluffy and delicious.

  279. Sarah says

    Made this cake into a rainbow layered cake it was Devine best flavour so light and fluffy, will be using this cake lot thank you for your recipe :)

  280. Katie says

    Hi! I am super excited to make this tonight – i’ve been on a quest for a good vanilla cake (haven’t we all!). A quick question – would this frosting work well for piping, say, rosettes along the sides, or would you recommend more of a swiss meringue buttercream, or some other type of buttercream? Just looking for something that will hold up, if I do a lot of rosettes up the sides… Thanks, and thanks for this gorgeous looking recipe!

  281. Elizabeth says

    Have you ever tried this as cupcakes? Just wondering if you know a rough approximation of baking time…

  282. says

    I live in Sweden and although, I could pack my suitcases with white cake mixes or take the extra hour to go to the one American/English goods store in the city of Stockholm, I don’t. I’ve been searching for an easy, reliable, white cake recipe and have been using your recently every time I need one. Thank you for sharing … and for helping keep my suitcases lighter!

  283. Kelly W. says

    My little boy turns 6 tomorrow and he always asks for Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Frosting. I found your recipe this morning and decided to try it. He got to taste the frosting before I put it on the cake and he tasted the cake when I trimmed it to level it up. He said that this is the Most Amazing Cake EVER! The cake tastes like sugar cookie and the frosting tastes like Vanilla Ice Cream. What more could you want? Thanks so much for this great recipe! (I’m glad that the kids are eating cupcakes from Publix! More cake for me!)

  284. Elle says

    Thanks for the recipe, tips and reviews. I decided to bake this today since my daughter wanted a “banilla cake” with vanilla frosting for her birthday. I’ve never been a huge fan of boxed cake mixes, nor vanilla cakes, but I wanted to try this recipe. Not wanting to run to the store to get whole milk or real vanilla (I just used the last of my good quality vanilla the other day) I planned to half this recipe and use ingredients and substitute what I had on hand. I greased my Wilson cake pans with crisco and flour and cut out a wax paper heart to use on the bottom of the heart layer cake pan for extra assurance.

    I patiently set out the ingredients and allowed them to get to room temperature. I planned to use two egg whites and one whole egg. Not sure the best way to halve five eggs. :) I had n.a.Brown Cow whole milk vanilla yogurt with a strong natural vanilla flavor, so I used that in place of the milk. I also used the corn starch/ unbleached AP flour combo substitution (3 T/1.5 cup). I don’t have a sifter, or KA but I have a decent hand mixer with several speeds. I read the recipe three times thru to make sure I understood the ” method” used to get a fluffy texture. I didn’t care about having a completely white cake, but wanted a moist flavorful cake.

    I “sifted” the flour/ corn starch mixture with a fork thoroughly. I next mixed the egg whites and one whole egg, a few T of the yogurt and the few drops of vanilla I had left. I confess that I was doubtful of blending the sugar with the flour and other dry ingredients but when I saw the fine texture of the dry ingredients combined and blended briefly with the hand mixer, I became a believer. I did cream the softened butter then added the dry ingredients into the creamed butter because that bowl was bigger. The mixture became beautiful, soft rounded crumbs and I knew then why this recipe was going to taste like a sugar cookie. I added the egg mixture in thirds, beating 30-45 secs after each addition. The batter looked luscious and creamy, was still pretty thick but I knew then it would turn out. I had enough batter for a one layer heart shaped pan and six heart shaped cupcakes (with ridges on the edges).

    The cup cakes took about 15-16 minutes and the one layer heart cake about 28-30 mins. I took the layer cake out when it had a lovely light brown sheen on the top, after watching it closely every couple of minutes until the center was cooked through. I taste tested a cupcake which was moist, a little dense bit still velvety. The edges of the cupcake were browned slightly, not burnt or crunchy but it gave the edge of the cupcake a slightly chewier texture than the softer crumb of the inside of the cupcake (d/t the scalloped edges of the heart shaped cupcake/tart pan). Both the layer cake and all the cupcakes came out of the pans easily, and held together. With slight handling of the layer, to arrange it on a plate to frost, after it cooled, it looks perfect!

    TBH, I’ve been searching for a moist, homemade yellow cake, or yogurt cake that wasn’t too fussy to make for several weeks. I didn’t want to make a dense yellow or white cake. This is perfect! Using a whole egg with two egg whites gave this cake a BEAUTIFUL color. :)

    I didn’t dare make the vanilla bean frosting without good vanilla and scrapings of a real vanilla bean! But the simplicity of whipping the softened butter longer than I usually would made a very thick buttercream frosting (very sweet). I’m not used to full sugar cakes/frostings and don’t make them often anymore.

    This was an absolute success despite all the substitions I made! Thanks for the inspiration! The cake has a great, moist texture. IT’S not as airy as the one looks in the picture, but it tastes great, just like a sugar cookie. :D

  285. Sarah says

    Thank you Rosie for this amazing recipe ! I’m going to bake it for a birthday party, and I wanted to know if it’s going to work if I use an 11 inch pan, because I don’t own an 8 inch pan. Anyway, your recipes are fabulous and I can’t wait to try this one !

  286. Karissa says

    I made this recipe using cupcakes and I’m not sure if that’s why because these were gross they almost tasted like a corn bread

  287. Helen Jones says

    Just made this cake this afternoon using the exact same measurements, but I am not liking it at all, It is not fluffy and looks just like a pound cake or so (and dry) it is not at all white like the picture above, no idea why this is? …

    The batter looked pretty pale but not extremely pale (compared to a normal batter where the egg yolks are used).

  288. Virginia says

    Hi, Rosie! I made this recipe into cupcakes, and they were SO yummy. It made 20 cupcakes (you could probably stretch that into more if you made smaller ones…or didn’t have a weakness for cake batter…), and the icing was just the right amount for 20 cupcakes. :) The frosting was absolutely delicious. So creamy, smooth, and silky–I’ll definitely keep that as a go-to vanilla frosting recipe. I did swap out the scraped vanilla bean for vanilla bean paste, and it was just fine. Overall, a very tasty, vanilla-y, not-overly-sweet cupcake!

  289. Jo says

    Hi, put the cake in the oven about an hour ago and realised I’d forgotten the 1 whole egg because it isn’t mentioned in the instructions! At what stage is this added? Thanks

    • Sue says

      I did the same thing but the cake still came out grate used it to make a huge 3 tier wedding cake for 100ppl? So I don’t know it really matters or maybe was a typo???

      • Dee says

        It’s in step 2, “2.In a medium bowl or measuring cup, combine and stir the egg whites, <<>, 1/4 cup of milk, and the vanilla. Set aside.


  290. Sue says

    Hello Rosie,
    One Question where dose the one whole Egg come in? Its not in the directions?
    Dose it just get mixed in with the whites or is it a typo??? And have you tried to mix a 1/4 cup of oil into the mix to make it extra moist?

  291. Courtney says

    Thank you for this recipe! So fun reading the replies. I am going to use all organic ingredients. I will do a test-run… but I am fairly certain this will be my wedding cake. It is just what I was hoping to find… an all-natural, home-made, fluffy vanilla cake with delicious vanilla frosting. I am excited to try it! Thanks again.

  292. kyra says

    Hi, do you know how many cupcakes this recipe makes? Boxed cakes always seem to make under the 24 they say. Just curious as I am making these for my sons birthday party. Thank yoU!

  293. sasha says

    So I went through several recipes until I found this and the heavens opened up! and shouted choose me and I gladly did…my first time making this type of cake from scratch and it came out just like the picture…#proud…The only difference is that I used my fingers to crumb the dry mix…absolutely loved this…I will continue to check out your recommendations…saying one love from the irie island of beautiful Jamaica ;-)

  294. Nicole says

    Hi Rosie, I plan on making this cake on Thursday for a birthday, the only thing being I need 4 layers for my cake. Is this cake firm enough to hold 4 thick layers if I doubled the recipe? Or would you recommend halving the layers of the original recipe?
    You’re always my go-to blog for cakes and cupcakes! Thank you, Nicole

  295. says

    Thank you so much for this recipe. This is the second year in a row I have used it for my son’s birthday cake and for cupcakes It is so delicious! It always gets rave reviews!

  296. Msdalj says

    I’ve never left a comment on the recipes I’ve used….but heavens, this cake is amazing! Like another user, I also added 1/4 extra milk by accident…but I’m sure glad I did because it is so moist and so delish. Thanks for the recipe!

  297. Louise says

    Thank you SO much for all your hard work and dedication to this recipe. But MOST of all, thank you SO much for sharing it; this is so unlike the French mentality of relinquishing information. Really appreciate it!!

  298. Christina says


    Just a quick question about the instructions, in your ingredients it states “3 cups (345 g) cake flour, sifted 2” does this mean you sift 2 of the 3 cups of flour?

    thank you!!

  299. Kelly says

    Made this cake yesterday for the second time and yum! Exactly what I was looking for.

    One question… I noticed that your recipe says the butter should be cold, but in your comment above (#36) and also in your “epic tale” version, you say the butter should be room temperature. Which is better?

  300. Kat says

    What beautiful pictures and great detailed directions! Such a great blog! I made this cake today and although it tastes AMAZING, it is really dense and there are streaks in the cake that look somewhat uncooked. It also rose in the beginning and then fell right before I took it out. This has happened to me before with other cakes (getting dense almost pound-cake textures) and I don’t know why. I carefully weigh all my ingredients. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

  301. Cakey Mom says

    Made this cake to go with a whipped frosting and strawberries. Layered the cake fresh strawberries a little sauce and whipped cream.

    All I can saw, “It’s too die for!” Needless to say there was none left. This is my go to vanilla cake recipe!!!!!!!!

    Thanks and looking forward to the book. CONGRATS!!!!!!

  302. Steven says

    I made this cake the first time using sandwich tins – what a stupid mistake! They rise so much (which is what I was looking for in the first place) that they just spilled over into the oven – lucky I had a tray at the bottom! However, from what I was able to taste I knew this was the cake I had been searcing for!! Living so long in England I had gotten use to the heavy cakes typical in Victorian sponges and had forgotten about that light fluffy cake. Now that I have a Kitchen Aid I was determined to find a recipe that would remind of the birthday cakes I made back in Canada and now I’ve found it. Bought the right sized tins and tried again. What I got is sheer perfection! I used a little less sugar than the recipe called for and now all I have to do is the frosting. That will be tomorrow. Thanks!!!

  303. Ayanna says

    I am loving the replies that I’m reading for this recipe. I have been looking for just this-a moist and fluffy white cake mix. I would like to use this recipe for a half sheet cake (12x16x2). My question is how many batters do you think I would need to make this happen? I am thinking 3?

    Thanks in advance for the help!


  304. Jessica says

    I have been searching for the perfect vanilla cake. I need to make cupcakes how long would you suggest baking them for?

  305. Jillian says

    Hands down – best vanilla cake recipe I have tried – will be my go-to! Moist, flavorful, DELICIOUS! :-)

  306. Sam says

    Awesome cake …awesome….i must say ” the Best” !!!!
    Thanx Rosie for such an amazing recipe ..i never thought that i would bake a vanilla cake one day that would be soft…moist…delicious…n fluffy….i have to say ..today is the day !!
    Thanx a zillion …xoxo !

  307. Shannon says

    Wow! A cake that tastes cake mix? And frosting that tastes like ice cream? Hand me the eggs, butter, and flour, I’m making this! I admit, I was slightly turned away because of the warnings of exact measurements ( Something that I lack in) and the curdling, but I’ll try. The frosting I have done before, and let me tell you, it tastes amazing! (With the right butter though) :-) Hats of to the baker!

  308. Cathleen Dooley says

    This looks wonderful and I’ve had the exact same vanilla cake saga as you describe. I’m thrilled to try this one. Do you think it will bake properly as a sheet cake (volume increased of course)? Also, it is too fluffy to torte (will I just need to bake separate layers)? Thanks!

  309. says

    Hey Rosie!

    This recipe looks a little different from the one you had posted previously (no whole egg, 2.5 cups cake flour instead of three). I’m wondering why you’ve changed it. Does this recipe make an even fluffier vanilla cake (please say yes).


  310. Rachelle says

    I have made this twice and both time the centre of the cake fell. The first time I thought maybe I had done something wrong so gave it a second go and same result as first time. However, the taste to this cake is amazing.

  311. says

    Just made this cake tonight and it is hands down the very best homemade vanilla cake I’ve ever tried! Couldn’t believe how moist, fluffy, and buttery it was. Even tastes good without frosting! This will definitely be a staple in my kitchen from now on. Thanks for sharing!! :)

  312. Sara says

    Can I make the cake part ahead I time and freeze? Then, can I let it thaw overnight and frost the next day?

  313. Sandra says

    Sweet success! I made the cake exactly as instructed, with cold butter, and it turned out perfect! Moist, light and fluffy. I made it in one round 11″ cake pan. Now I will repeat the process to make another 11″ layer!

  314. Louise says

    Hi…….this looks amazing, im going to make a wedding cake and the base tier will be 12″ do u know what measurements i will need and as im from the UK what would the converted measurements be?? Thanx x

  315. Stacey says

    I hate to say it but this recipe totally let me down! I am a seasoned baker and though the flavor of the cake is wonderful, mine turned out sooo dry! I know that it’s probably because of the length of time that it was in the oven (which was not the time listed for my oven anyway). The center of the cake just wouldn’t cook and I KNEW when I took it out that it would be dry. I also found the actual cake overly sweet for me.

    Back to the drawing board… Sadly…

  316. ales says

    if i only have one deep cake tin, would it completely throw off the recipe to bake it at once in one tin and then just cut it in half? I worried being so thick it may not bake through properly

  317. ana says

    Is the batter suppose to be watery? I think my cake is a little bit too dense, is that normal because lot of people said that reverse creaming have smaller crumb but it is denser that the creaming method. or have i done something wrong?
    And how to change the recipe into a cupcake? can I substitute the white egg with whole egg?
    thanks for your help…

  318. Ashley says

    I had the same issues. I followed the recipe, and it all seemed to be going well until I checked on my cakes after 30 minutes in the oven. I was using 5″ cake pans and thought the cooking time would be less, but they were in the oven for 55 minutes and even then the centers were not cooked all the way through. I took them out, and the next set cooked for an hour, and the centers were cooked but the dome still fell. The cake tastes good, but has a texture closer to pound cake. And is NOT fluffy. Nor white for matter. It looks just like a regular yellow cake. Very disappointed with this one. I’ve tried other recipes from this site with great success. Maybe better luck next time.

  319. Jade says


    Thank you for the lovely cake. I have just started baking and I was lucky to find your blog. I wanted to ask a few questions. Sorry I’m a real novice:

    I don’t have a kitchen aid, only a hand mixer. When I’m adding eggs, vanilla and milk to the crumby batter, would it be better for me to use the hand mixer or just a spoon and stir? I’m not sure if using a spoon would get any lumps out?

    Also, I wanted to ask if you’ve tried this cake with any other frostings like a swiss buttercream or the icing from your whiteout cake?

    Thanks again, i love your instructions! for a beginner, your instructions and pictures make is much easier to understand!

  320. Kelly says

    I’ve never made a cake using this method before. I made this method twice now and my cake rises and looks beautiful in the oven. As soon as I take it out it totally deflates and gets all concave. It also seems kind of dense afterwards, yet it is completely cooked. Can you or someone else please tell me what I am doing wrong. I usually bake really well.

  321. Tiffany says

    Hi there,

    This is by far the best icing recipe EVER! I’ve never been one to like icing but i can’t stop licking the utensils this time! The cake tastes amazing too, I had to do a double try on my white cake because my first one (different recipe) came out as dense as a pancake. I’ll definetly be using these 2 recipes as my go to! Thank-you!

  322. kat says


    I just made it…altering it slightly to make a layered rainbow cake for my step sons 3rd birthday! I did 4 different layers in 4 different colours and they turned out perfectly! The scraps are delicious so i cant wait to cut the cake!

  323. Kavli says

    Hi Rosie!
    Thank you so much for a wonderful recipe! I’ve tried this when you originally posted it and liked it to come back to it and tried the new version today. Still in the oven so not sure what impact the changes had but pretty sure it will be just as awesome cause I know your recipes are always awesome :-)

    I had a question though which I really hope you can respond to. I decided to weigh my ingredients today instead of using the cup measurements. My two cups sugar measured alot more than 400g and the three cups flour measured alot more than 345g (was almost 410). Do you have a clue as to why? My kitchen scale is pretty accurate (tested it with pre-marked products).


  324. Melissa says


    I have been looking a long time for a great vanilla bean or vanilla cake from scratch. And I want to give this arty. But I was wondering… The cake I need to make needs to be a tiered cake with at least one tier. No fondant though… I was wondering if you think this cake would support another tier. Since its supposed to be so light and fluffy. If not could you recommend a cake that would?

    Thank you

  325. Jackie says

    Hello Everyone!
    I love the flavor of this cake – however my cake comes out dry and i am i not sure what i am doing wrong.
    I am making the cake in either a 8 x 3inch or 6 x 3inch pan with cake strips. The cake comes out dry. However when i make cupcakes – they come our great.
    Can anyone offer any suggestions?

  326. Nicola says

    I absolutely want to try out this recipe!!! I have so many questions! Do you discard of the vanilla bean when you have scraped out the seeds? And how should you blend the seeds with the frosting? Using a food processor or a simple spoon? Aside, when using vanilla sugar in place of extract, do you use less caster sugar as you are adding sugar for the vanilla?

    I hope you reply!


  327. Nicola End says

    DIdn’t think I could bake until I tried your recipe!! You are a genius! I have received some nice comments and ‘mmm”s!! And the day you posted this is my birthday…It’s meant to be. Except my cake was no where near as white as yours…how do you get it so white? I have to use plain flour as I am from the UK – would that affect the recipe?

    Again, you are a genius. Thankyou for the simple yet detailed instructions and tips!!!

  328. says

    I just had the BEST homemade vanilla cake ever!!!! Your recipe is AMAZING!!! It tasted like a box mix but of course without the preservatives!! THANK YOU soooooooo much for sharing!!! Can we actually make this with chocolate?

    BTW: I covered my cake with ganache and chocolate and it held up beautifully:)


  329. Daisy says

    Rosie – thank you so much for sharing this! The cake tasted wonderful and so many people loved the lightness of the frosting! I’m hoping to make it for the top tier of a wedding cake in two weeks with a raspberry filling. Thank you so much!

  330. Beverly says

    I made this cake today along with your swiss meringue buttercream recipe and it was DELICIOUS!! Very light and moist! I finally found the perfect white cake recipe! THANK YOU!

  331. Malene says

    Hi Rosie.
    Do you think this vanilla cake would be good for popcakes?
    Haven’t tried doing the popcakes before, so would appreciate your advice ;)

  332. Lacie says

    Hi Rosie,
    I am wondering, am I able to make the batter and then freeze and use for later without sacrificing quality? I have a full time job and make cakes on the side so any steps I can do ahead is a huge help. I of course don’t want to jeopardize cake quality! Thank you so much for sharing!

  333. Hi says

    I was wondering if I could make this recipe with a hand mixer? If so is the beating time still the same? Seems like it is crucial to be exact in beating. Also can I freeze this cake?thanks.

  334. Michelle says

    Hi, I was just wondering about the butter. I have made this recipe in the past when your instructions called for room temperature butter. I was just about to make it again but noticed you changed it to cold butter. I saw in one of your comments that you said you changed it because it yields a better cake. But I have always understood that all the ingredients need to be room temperature or you will not have a flat cake, it will dome up in the middle. so my question is, does the cake still raise evenly using the cold butter? I have also used your funfetti recipe and thought i would just use that one (without the jimmies)because i saw that, that one was still with room temp butter but there is more flour. Do you find a change in the cake when increasing the flour? I just want to use a nice vanilla cake for my three different cakes that I’m making this weekend. One with a raspberry butter cream filling, another is your blackberry mascarpone filling and then the third is a tiramisu inspired filling. All of the cakes will have french buttercream covering them. Thank you so much for taking the time to put your recipes out there for all of us, I really enjoy them!

  335. Wilma says

    Just curious to know if part of your search or when you did a taste test for “best vanilla cake” was the (Vanilla) Sponge Cake Layers from “William-Sonoma’s Cakes” Book one of it? I’ve read some good reviews on it online.

  336. Noha says

    Hi! I want to make this into a bundt cake pan bc I am making a #3 shaped cake for my baby’s 3rd bday. Will it cook the same? also if I want 2 bundt cakes can I just double the recipe or will that ruin everything?? Love the recipe!! THANKS!

  337. Crystal says

    I am so excited to make this recipe for my sweet friend’s 21st birthday! I don’t have any vanilla bean, so will it still taste yummy without it or should I add more vanilla extract? Please reply asap so I’ll know what to do. Wish me luck!

  338. MarieP says

    Hi there,
    Thank you for sharing this recip! One quick question, i would like to do some rose piping on top of that cake. Will your frosting recipe be stiff enough for that? Thanks!

  339. Bhavana says

    Hey hi m new to ur website and evrything looks awesome…I just did ur vanilla cake and I have a doubt on ur forsting…
    Is it better tht I frost the cake n put it int he fridge n serve it tomorrow..or frost the cake fresh??
    How good he frosting will be if we eat late…

  340. Candace says

    LOVE this cake. Just made a Rainbow cake using this recipe…AND used gluten free flour! Couldn’t have come out more perfect! Just an FYI, in case anyone cares…there are about 6 3/4 cups of batter in this recipe. I used 6 in rounds and used 1 cup batter per pan. Baked at 350 (convection oven) for 15 minutes. Also I used the parchment and coconut oil for the pans and no flour. Didn’t stick at all.

    This is now my ‘Go To’ basic cake recipe. Thank you so much!!

  341. Renee says

    Hi, I am wondering if this could be baked in a rectangular tin 335×230mm? I am making a slab cake for my son’s birthday and it needs to be this shape. Thought I would half recipe and see how it bakes in this size tin as am worried full recipe in this size tin will not cook properly…would love to hear your thought :)

  342. Denise says

    This cake is absolutely amazing!!! I have been using my grandmother’s White cake recipe forever but it always turns out heavy (great tasting but more of a dense texture). This cake has a light moist texture and it tastes delicious! I use half almond and half vanilla extract which puts a slight twist in the flavor and it went over very well. Thanks!!

  343. says

    I went to make this cake and noticed it didn’t turn on light and fluffy, it is heavy. i noticed the recipe on the first page and to get the instrctions you have to go to the next page, well, the measurements are different there. So, which one is it? I’m guessing on the first page since it sure didn’t turn out with the measurements on the 2nd page. Thanks for a waste of time

    • says

      Actually, Sheree, I’m not sure what you’re referring to when you say the measurements are different on the instructions page? The cake certainly isn’t heavy, as I make this one frequently. As you might notice in the photo, it is light and fluffy texture, which is why I shared the recipe in the first place.

  344. Daphne says

    Reading all the comments and looking at how gorgeous the picture of the cake is, I’ve decided to make this cake into a rainbow cake! But what I’m really wondering is that after reading the comment section, you mentioned that the butter should be at room temperature then you mentioned again that it should be cold! So if i’m using cold butter, is it suppose to look like buttery crumbs or should it come together as liquid? http://sweetapolita.com/2011/09/an-epic-tale-of-vanilla-cake-and-my-1st-blogiversary/ And as your other blog post has stated, the butter is at room temperature.. So may I know whether its cold or room temperature butter and what state is it suppose to be in?

    • says

      Hi Daphne,
      As much as reading the comments can be helpful when you’re about to make the cake, I think when the post has been posted for some time it can be confusing because it doesn’t reflect when I’ve made changes to a recipe. My best advice is always use the recipe as it’s written, rather than pulling details from the comments. When I posted this cake, I shared the recipe using room temperature butter, because I’ve made it that way dozens of times, but recently made a note about modifying it. I’ve since started using the cold butter method for all of my two-stage cakes, so I felt readers might like to try this cake that way–I really prefer it. So to answer your question, this particular recipe calls for cold butter. Hope that helps!

  345. Yusra mukhtar says

    I’m twelve and I made this cake for my family’s thanksgiving dinner….:-) it was the best cake I’ve ever made best recipie yet…

  346. Aimee says

    How does the frosting freeze. I made the frosting…and then due to kiddos being sick, I had to throw the whole thing in the freezer…will it be okay?

  347. Jill says

    OMG…you are amazing. Without a doubt, by far, the very best vanilla cake ever. My husband even said it’s the best one ever.

    Trying the raspberry almond thumbprint cookies tomorrow.

  348. Courtney says

    Hi Rosie! I’m new to your website and am looking forward to making this cake for Christmas. To ensure that I have no problems, I have a few questions and comments.
    1. I’m going to be using cake flour
    2. What should the texture of the egg/milk/vanilla mixture be? Should I use an electric handheld mixer or a fork to combine it?
    3. I understand the butter should be COLD for the CAKE.
    4. What should the temperature of egg/milk/vanilla be?
    5. What should the temperature of the 3/4 cup milk be?
    6. On instruction #4, are you saying four minutes for each batch, Or four minutes total?

  349. Becca says

    Help! What is the old recipe before the modifications? I have it written down at home, but I’m on vacation. I am making this cake for a NYE dinner tonight, and just came on the blog to get my favorite tried and tested vanilla cake recipe….and it’s been altered! The biggest difference that catches my eye is the cold butter. And if I remember correctly, the old version was egg whites only? Is the old recipe still on the blog somewhere? I can’t find it. I am making this for my french in-laws and don’t want to try anything new since I think you absolutely NAILED it with the old recipe…..if I don’t get it right, I’ll have to listen to endless comments about how the french are such superior bakers to us yankees….you don’t want that, do you? Hehe;) If I don’t here from you I’ll try this though, since your recipes have never let me down before!

  350. shelby says

    Could i make this into a 3-layer cake? Or would it be too high?
    Do you think I could just make 1.5 times the recipe and bake it in 3 9-inch rounds?

  351. Cassandra Aldcroft says

    Hello. Do you think this cake would work out ok if a little hole was made in the centre to make a pinata cake?

  352. Sarah says

    I’ve been looking for a recipe that has a texture similar to box mix & this is spot on. The texture is light and moist. I was wondering if you ever tried this recipe adding a box of vanilla pudding, and if so what were the results?