An Epic Tale of Vanilla Cake {and my 1st Blogiversary}

Vanilla Cake via Sweetapolita

Update (June 2012)! You can find a video tutorial for this frosting technique here.

It’s true–it’s been one year since I started this blog. When I think back about how it all came to be, I recall waking up one day last summer and realizing that my poor husband was never going to survive a lifetime of listening to my frequent baking tales, no matter how hard he tried–it was that simple, at first. I wish I was kidding, but, truly, this poor man has put in some serious time listening to my occasionally wordy-yet-passionate descriptions and raves about baked goods! I also felt that something was missing from my creative life, so, I figured I better share all of my baking love in some other way. When the idea of a baking blog entered my mind, I knew it would be a perfect outlet to express myself, but honestly, I had no idea if anyone would actually read it, and I didn’t realize what an amazing outlet and lifeline it would become for me. This blog is so much a part of me now, that I don’t know what I would become without it, so thank you all so much for your visits, sincere comments, and enthusiasm–it astounds me daily, and it means more to me than you could ever know. You can read my first post (kind of embarrassing) here. Yikes–okay, okay, go easy on me!

Vanilla Cake via Sweetapolita

As I looked back on the recipes I’ve shared over the past year, I came to realize that I may have a slight thing for vanilla cake. And, well, seeing as I counted a total of 30 cakes in my recipe index so far, well, I may need to accept that my cake addiction may be an actual condition for which I may want to seek medical attention. Call me a hopeless romantic, if you will (or maybe just a girl who really loves cake), but I figure if you’re going to love something, you better love it with every fiber of your being. That being said, I realize it must be a bit overwhelming to visit my recipe index and find so many vanilla cake options, so I’ve given a little description of each below to help those who were curious about what differentiates them. So many of them are similar, but the recipes are varied slightly, by ingredients and method. I’m forever epicurious and can’t help but attempt any yummy-looking vanilla cake recipe in search of the the perfect vanilla cake.

For my taste, perfect is a light, moist, and borderline cake mixish (gasp) vanilla butter cake that I use for both buttercream covered and fondant covered cakes. I recently came across a recipe that was as close to this as I’d ever seen (that being said, I still love the others!). This was an amazing discovery for me, because since I’ve been baking scratch cakes, I tend to prefer serving chocolate cake–mostly because of its fabulous ability to stay moist and fresh for days. But, in my heart I’m a vanilla cake with pastel vanilla frosting and sprinkles girl. I just am.

Vanilla Cake via Sweetapolita

So, I’ve been making the fabulous Fluffy Vanilla Cake recipe now for weeks, and I make it every chance I get. I love it. It changed my life! I loved seeing your enthusiasm for this cake, and I’ve received more emails about making that cake than anything else I’ve made–so many of you are enjoying vanilla cake success and bliss, but I noticed that some of you are having some issues with the batter “curdling,” once you add the liquid, which then likely caused your cakes to sink in the middle and be more dense. I know how frustrating cake fails can be, so I really wanted to try to make that better so you too could enjoy this incredible cake.

The points of difference in this recipe versus a typical vanilla butter cake, from what I can see, would be the large number of egg whites and the reverse creaming method, created and encouraged by famed baker Rose Levy Beranbaum and her book (one of my all-time favourites) The Cake Bible. The thing is, with so many egg whites and a cup of milk, if there’s even a tad too much liquid, the batter becomes unstable. There is a version of this cake in Rose’s book called White Velvet Butter Cake, which is almost exactly the same, but calls for more cake flour, less egg white, and less sugar. Both of these recipes using the reverse creaming method, although the directions are slightly different. I found that the White Velvet Butter Cake is perfectly stable, easy to make, and delicious. I would say that it may be just a bit less light and fluffy, but incredible.

So, long story short, I’ve modified the Fluffy White Cake recipe we’ve been using, to have just a bit less egg milk and egg white, in hopes that it will be more reliable to make, and the results tasted and looked great to me. Depending on how you measure your ingredients, it’s easy to have too much liquid, so I definitely recommend weighing your egg whites, to be sure. Well, for me it’s so important to weigh all of the ingredients to ensure a successful cake–I find too much or too little flour, in particular, can throw an entire cake’s texture off, which is too bad because it’s easy to have that happen if you don’t weigh it, but then think it’s the recipe’s fault, so to speak. Lastly, when I make this cake, I use Rose’s exact reverse creaming method from her book, although the method was a bit different (very slight) on the original Baking Bites recipe. You can try both methods and see what works for you, if you’re really determined. Confused yet?

That being said, here are the images of me making the fluffy vanilla cake recipe in hope that it answers some of the questions you’ve been asking about making the batter:

Vanilla Cake via Sweetapolita

So, the first step is mixing the dry ingredients in the mixing bowl fitted with the paddle attachment for 30 seconds…

Vanilla Cake via Sweetapolita

Then you add the butter and the remaining milk (1/4 cup is added to the egg whites and vanilla to be added next), and mix on low speed just until the ingredients are moistened. Then mix on medium speed (I use #4 on my Kitchen Aid) for exactly 90 seconds–this is really important, so that you don’t overmix the batter. Rose (the creator of this reverse creaming method) explains this is “to aerate and develop the cake’s structure.”

Vanilla Cake via Sweetapolita

This is how my batter looks after the 90 seconds of mixing on medium speed.

Vanilla Cake via Sweetapolita

Next I add gradually add the milk mixture (1/4 cup milk that’s been gently mixed with the vanilla and egg whites) starting with 1/3, and mix on medium for 20 seconds–no more, no less.

Vanilla Cake via Sweetapolita

Here it is after 2 of the 3 additions of the egg white mixture have been added and each mixed for 20 seconds. It shouldn’t look curdled, but nice and smooth.

Vanilla Cake via Sweetapolita

Finally, here it is after the final third of the liquid mixture has been added. Again, it should be smooth, but not curdled. If it’s curdled, in my experience that means there’s too much liquid, and the cake will sink in the middle when you bake it.

Vanilla Cake via Sweetapolita

And, finally here are the cakes baked and cooling, and this method really works for me, so I really hope it helps you along in some way! I should also mention that using the two 9-inch pans or two 8-inch pans tends to yield the best result for this recipe, and, typically, I find it’s best to stick to the cake pan size that any recipe recommends. It’s not to say you can’t play around with cake pan sizes/shapes, but, especially when you make a certain cake recipe for the first time, it’s likely the best way to get an accurate result.

As I mentioned, my vanilla cake recipe list is growing, and it must be a bit confusing to know which one is what you’re looking for, so I’ve done my best to include a quick description of each one:

Classic Vanilla Butter Cake: One of the first vanilla cakes I made for the blog. It’s a traditional vanilla cake using whole eggs and whipped egg whites and cake flour to lighten batter: moist, delicious, slightly dense. Straight-forward method and tastes great.

Fluffy Vanilla Cake with Whipped Vanilla Bean Frosting (the one we just made): The lightest, fluffiest vanilla cake, and one of my favourites. Uses only egg whites (not yolks) and cake flour for light crumb and reverse creaming method. Can be unstable if too much liquid is added.

Love, Cake & Sprinkles: A delicious vanilla bean cake made with buttermilk, egg whites, and all-purpose flour using the traditional butter cake method of creaming, adding eggs, and alternating dry & wet ingredients. It has gorgeous flavour, is very moist, but not as light and fluffy as above. I love this cake.

My Baker’s Crush: BAKED (and The Whiteout Cake): A delicious butter cake from the famous BAKED bakery in NYC. Some ingredients are butter and shortening, cake flour and all-purpose flour, ice cold water, and egg whites. It’s made by creaming fats, alternating wet & dry, and folding in whipped egg whties. It’s heavier than the Fluffy Vanilla Cake, but delicious and unique.

Rainbow Doodle Birthday Cake: This vanilla cake recipe was originally from Whisk Kid, and I find it perfect for the rainbow cake. It’s also very close to Rose’s White Velvet Butter Cake in that it has egg whites, cake flour, butter, but it is made with the tradtional creaming method. It’s light and stable.

Vanilla Bean Bundt Cake with Vanilla Bean Glaze: A very vanilla traditional bundt cake that bakes up beautifully, but has a heavier texture than vanilla layer cake.

Vanilla Bean Latte Layer Cake: This is another version of an egg-white vanilla butter cake, that I really love. It uses the creaming method and some key ingredients are buttermilk, egg whites, and all-purpose flour. It’s not the lightest, but tastes incredible and is very stable.

Vanilla Buttermilk Cake with Instant Fudge Frosting This recipe comes from the book Sky High, and it’s a gorgeous vanilla butter cake made with buttermilk and whole eggs. It’s also a very straight-forward cake to bake and it tastes great. It has a golden finish due to the whole eggs.

I hope this helps! Here’s the modified cake recipe that I find to be a little more consistent in results:

*Notes: If you have made the Fluffy Vanilla Cake prior to my modifying it, and had success, you can keep the recipe the same as it was, which was 1 cup of milk and 6 egg whites (the recipe I use).

Fluffy Vanilla Cake {modified}          {click to print}

Yield: One 2-layer, 8-inch round cake or 9-inch round cake

*Very fluffy and light, but can be a bit more challenging if even a fraction too much liquid is added.


5 large egg whites (5 ounces/150 grams) at room temperature

3/4 cup whole milk (180 mL/6 liquid ounces), at room temperature

2 1/4 teaspoons pure vanilla extract (12.5 mL) — I use Nielsen-Massey Vanillas 8-oz. Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract

2 1/2 cups sifted cake flour (10 ounces/285 grams–weighed after sifting)

1 3/4 cups sugar (12 ounces/350 grams)

1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon baking powder (19.5 grams)

3/4 teaspoon salt (5 grams)

12 tablespoons unsalted butter (6 ounces/170 grams), at room temperature and cut into cubes


1. Preheat oven to 350°F (180°C). Grease, line with parchment, and flour two round 8-inch pans.

2. In a medium bowl or measuring cup, combine and stir the egg whites, 1/4 cup of milk, and the vanilla. Set aside.

3. In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, combine the dry ingredients together on low speed (I use the “stir” setting on my mixer) for 30 seconds.

4. Add the butter and remaining 1/2 cup of milk, and mix on low speed until just moistened. Increase to medium speed and mix for 90 seconds.

5. Scrape the sides of the bowl and begin to add the egg mixture in 3 separate batches; beat on medium speed for 20 seconds after each addition.

6. Divide the batter in two, spreading it evenly with a small offset palette knife. If you have a kitchen scale, weigh to ensure 2 even layers.

7. Bake 25-35 minutes or until a cake tester comes clean when inserted into the center. Be so careful to not overbake. Check cake at 20 minutes, but not before, and once you feel it’s almost ready, set the timer for 2 minute intervals. Let cool on racks for 10 minutes before loosening the sides with a small metal spatula, and invert onto greased wire racks. Gently turn cakes back up, so the tops are up and cool completely.

8. Wrap tightly and store at room temperature for up to 2 days, refrigerator for up to 5 days, or frozen for up to 2 months. Best eaten the same day as baked.

*Slightly adapted from Classic White Cake recipe on Baking Bites

Frost with the Whipped Vanilla Bean Frosting for the ultimate vanilla cake experience.

You may enjoy my 50 Tips for Baking Better Cakes post.

Good luck & enjoy!

Love, Rosie xo


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  1. Jolene says

    Interesting…just made a very similar cake yesterday, from rapsberry eggplants blog. I think the only thing is the amounts of ingredients as hers makes 3 9″ cakes and the addition of 1 tb vodka. This will also be my go-to, gonna use it next wk for a wedding. btw, your blog is super cute, I would have thought you’d been blogging longer :-)

  2. says

    Happy Blogiversary! I have a go-to vanilla cake recipe but I think I’m over it, I need to find something better. So thanks for the links and explanations, I’ll definitely be trying some of these recipes! The fluffy vanilla cake looks heavenly. I wish I could have a slice right now!

  3. Lissa says

    Happy blogiversary! I need a go-to from-scratch vanilla cake, so I’m loving that you’ve described all the different recipes! I’m a huge huge fan of yours – I love how much you describe and show everything – so I’m glad you decided to start blogging 1 yr ago!

  4. says

    I, for one, couldn’t be more thrilled at all the vanilla cake options! I’ve been craving vanilla cake with pink frosting for almost a week and a half now – I think we’re kindred spirits :) Happy Blogiversary! You’ve certainly helped sweeten my life :)

  5. says

    Happy Blogiversary! I’ve made a number of chocolate cakes from scratch, but never a vanilla cake. Your vanilla cake recipe round up is great, now I just need to choose one to go with (or, I could just work my way through them all. Hah)

  6. says

    I can’t wait to give this recipe a try because I too have been on the search for the perfect vanillia cake. I’ve been following you for a while and would just like to thank you for your beautiful posts and helpful tutorials. I took a look back at your first post, and girl you are a natural! You can’t even tell it was a first post, you had a nack for the photography and the writing right off the bat. I’ve been blogging for months now and I still can’t get my photos right and my first post was like three sentences. LOL So thanks for all you do. Happy Blogiversary!!

  7. says

    You can never have too much cake or too make cake posts! I pretty much started my blog for the same reason. My friends could only look at so many pictures of cupcakes! I think your first post looks good.

  8. says

    Rosie, Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary! Your work is fabulous and we are all better bakers because of your generosity in chronicling your experiences. Vanilla cake is so versatile as you’ve shown, and the reverse creaming method is one to rely upon. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  9. says

    Happy Blogiversary! I am a vanilla freak too…and proud of it! Good vanilla, in a good cake, and in good buttercream is about as perfect and pure a cake as you can get. I’ve baked several of your recipes, and love them all. Here’s to many more years of beautiful blogging!

  10. nicole bosack says

    happy blogiversary rosie! even though i only found you a few months ago, i have absolutely loved reading all your posts! your stories are lovely & the pictures are beautiful & inspiring! i have already baked a few of your recipes (delicious!) & i can’t wait to bake more! looking forward to the next year :)

  11. Sheila says

    Hi Rosie! A very happy anniversary to you! I must say, your blog is by far my favourite baking blog of all time. Keep up the good work and best wishes to your future baking adventures!
    Before I stumbled upon your blog, I never thought of myself as a vanilla cake person. I was always making chocolate cakes and searching for the perfect recipe. Until now, that is! I’ve tried the whiteout cake as well as the fluffy vanilla cake and I personally prefer the whiteout cake. The thing is, I never knew why I preferred it until you gave the discriptions of each cake, which is certainly useful for anyone deciding on which recipe suits them. I realise that i like slightly denser cakes but everyone else who has tried both prefer the fluffy vanilla cake!

  12. SuzyMcQ says

    Happy Anniversary, Rosie! Thank you for sweetening our world and adding your special bit of sugary happiness to our lives!

  13. Emilie says

    Happy Blogiversary! I’ve been enjoying your blog for months and I’m glad it brings you so much happiness to share your gorgeous creations because I really love seeing and reading about them.
    I’m currently studying abroad in Spain until next may and though the difficultly of language acquisition has made me want to stress bake there seems to be a serious lack of such ingredients and materials as vanilla extract and measuring cups and even cookie sheets. As a result I’m already planning on what I want to bake when I get home and your “Little Wee Birthday Cake” post inspired me to make mini cakes with different frosting for all the birthdays I’m going to miss (of my boyfriend and all of his housemates) while I’m away. I was hoping to use this recipe because it looks so particularly delicious and special and it was the one you used in the previous post, but you’ve included advice in this post not to play with the size. Is there another one of your vanilla cakes you would recommend using over this one for the proportions of the mini cakes you made? And I was also wondering how the smaller size would alter the baking time.
    Looking forward to adding more of your recipes to my “to bake list” over the year.

  14. says

    This looks delicious! I wonder if it would work as well if it was to be made into the Rainbow Doodle cake? I’ve been thinking to make a mini rainbow doodle cake for my son’s 1st birthday…and yes it is almost 5 months away still…but I’m a planner :)

  15. Dena says

    Happy 1st annivesary! This cake sounds yummy and I love how you decorated it. So simple, but really pretty. It would work great for my daughter’s mermaid party I’m planning. Thanks for the idea!

  16. Janet says

    Happy Blogiversary! I so enjoy reading and looking at your blog. Very inspirational and fun. Everything you make is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us!!

  17. says

    Happy Blogiversary Rosie! I absolutely love your blog! I have a tried a few of your recipes and they were amazing. Thank you for sharing you talent and sweet treats with us ;) You inspire me to bake it pretty!

  18. Shannon says

    Happy Blogiversary! Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog! You even inspired me to make my daughter’s first birthday cake! I used your vanilla cake recipe for your “Love, Sprinkle Cake” and used your tutorial for the SMB and did a ruffle cake. I received so many compliments on how tasty and beautiful it was! Thanks again!

  19. says

    Happy Blogiversary! what a beautiful cake !!!! *let me tell you this, and I hope I’m not alone – i become your fans, or maybe your stalker since I follow you everywhere, from blog,facebook,flickr LOL oh well .. you are such an inspring cake lady .. keep posting a fab.cake, will you :)

  20. says

    Vanilla cake with buttercream & sprinkles never looks so good – untill I came across your page on Facebook that it – love your work , I draw heaps of inspiration from your creations – have shared many of your posts with my facebook friends (the “Doodle Cake” was outstanding!) & am always looking forward to see what wonderfull cakes you will be “whipping up”…the images you capture on your camera also wonderful…keep up the Great work ~ Happy 1st “Blogiversary”

  21. says

    Congratulations on your blogiversary!! I was lucky enough to stumble upon your work from the very beginning, and I love each post!! Your photos are gorgeous, recipes detailed and descriptive (love that!), and your passion for baking is contagious! Keep up the great work!

  22. says

    Can you tell me how you did the frosting? Did you just use 3 different color frosting, use a little of each, and blend them a little? Or is it another method?
    It’s gorgeous!!

  23. Madison says

    Happy Blogiversary! I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago, and I absolutely love it. Yours, along with a few other blogs have inspired me to start my own blog and this post says exactly what I feel. Honestly, I teared up and it gives me so much more inspiration to go forward and start it! Thank you so much Rosie!

  24. Katie says

    Firstly, how on earth do you bake a cake so perfectly flat?

    Secondly, I would just like to say I drool over your blog regularly! I am so jealous that you have had access to the Bonnie Gordon school – sadly in Australia the options for courses are limited :( So I just read your blog and daydream about cakes instead.

  25. says

    I am so glad I came across your site. It is the first one I always look at for inspiration in baking and photography. I saw in a photo that you label your cake pans! Is that with a permanent marker? I am truly amazed that they can’t stamp them as I am forever measuring them! Thanks Rosie for all of your inspiration and even replying to my questions…Wishing you many more cakes and inspiring projects in the coming year…Jo-Ann

  26. says

    I love the tie-dye frosting, i’ts so cute!
    It unreal that you have only been blogging one year, it seems like way way longer. Congratulations on your blogiversary!
    I can’t wait to see as many different versions of the vanilla cake as you can think of.

  27. says

    Happy Bloggaversary! Your blog is so beautiful and I am still blown away by all of the magnificent pictures you take. Seriously, everything you make could be in a $100 baking book.

    I made the Old Fashioned Party Cake for my sister’s 16th birthday and it turned out wonderfully! I think the cake lasted about two and a half days between the four people in my family. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful vanilla cake recipes.

  28. says

    Congratulations! I really liked your first post. Your pictures back then were fantastic. Very impressed. I always love coming here, you make great food and your pictures are out of this world. And I love cake so it’s a good place to visit. Have a great weekend.

  29. says

    I cannot believe you’ve only been blogging for a year. How did I live without you? Seriously Rosie- this is the only baking blog that I read “religiously”, and as you know, your fluffy white cake is a fav of mine and will forever be my bday cake. Love it. And you. Thanks xoxo

  30. says

    Really? Only one year. Twitter/blogging time must be like dog years…your blog and fabulous creations seem to have been around longer than that!

    I used to spend entire days baking special cakes for my children…your beautiful photos of this beautiful cake make me want to find a little girl who is having a birthday and recreate it. Or maybe this old girl will do it for herself this December. In either event, I promise to try your fluffy white cake. It is time. Happy Blogiversary Rosie!

  31. says

    Congratulations on your anniversary. You so deserve it. I’ve cyber stalked from the beginning, I think you had been at it about two months when I came across your beautiful blog and I’ve been hooked ever since. Keep doing what you are doing. Hugs -K

  32. says

    A challenging but awesome cake is right down my alley. So far I’ve always discovered there’s nothing wrong with a lot of great cake recipes out there and all it takes is a little attention to detail in the measurements and processes.

    Happy anniversary, this will be the first cake I’ll try from your site.

  33. says

    Happy 1 year, Rosie! What an incredible collection of recipes and photographs you’ve compiled over the past year. It is quite an accomplishment, and I’m certain I’m not alone when I say how glad I am that you decided to share your baking escapades beyond your husband. :)

    This vanilla cake looks absolutely delicious — hope to be enjoying it myself when I make it for my girls soon!

  34. Mary Lou Kinsella says

    CONGRATULATIONS, Rosie on a very successful, exciting year!! It’s only just begun, and what an amazing start!
    Very proud of you! You have the passion and creativity to make all your dreams a reality!!

  35. says

    Yay!! A year old? And look how far you’ve come.. I can only guess that a year from now you will be publishing a book, starting a TV show, moving to the US to visit all your baking buddies and bake with them. (Ok, that last one is for me)

    Congrats… and thanks for all the wonderful recipes!

  36. Yuri ~ Chef Pandita says

    Happy blogiversary, Rosie! Hope you can keep delighting us with your beautiful creations for many more years. Xoxo

  37. says

    The icing looks like a watercolor effect; I love it! Could you tell us your technique? Congratulations on one year of blogging! Your blog is so professional and your voice is so welcoming. I always enjoy reading ( and will happily devour 30 more vanilla cake recipes…) and look forward to every post. Here’s to many more sweet years and thank you so much for all the inspiration!

  38. Toni says

    I came across your site searching for a vanilla cupcake recipe for my daughter’s birthday (she is turning 3, and has specifically requested ‘white’ vanilla cupcakes :) I’m wondering if I might have success turning this recipe into cupcakes? It just sounds so delicious…

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    Happy blogiversary! You have a lovely blog, and I for one enjoy reading about all of your baking tales. Also, even though I love my chocolate, I’m a vanilla cake girl all the way, too. :-)

  40. Sheila says

    Hi Rosie, theres something Ive been thinking about lately..if you bake so many cakes so often, how do you stay so slim? And do you always have leftovers? I try not to bake too often (although I still do-there are too many wonderful recipes out there!) I find Im always faced with leftover cake that I have to throw away and a few extra pounds that are impossible to shed.
    plus, your cakes are so lovely and look so yummy! :D

  41. says

    Wow, just a year!? You make such amazing cakes and every detail is always so perfect! I love the cake bible…. although that sure is one heavy book! It’s a bit intimidating!

  42. danielle says

    wow I love it. How do you create such a gorgeous effect with the icing? Please share I’d love to know so I can give it a try!

  43. Mary Sanavia says

    happy 1st!!!! I hope they will be many more,and many more recipes of course!! :) I’m a chocolate girl all the way, but I’m also a cake girl too, so….a vanilla cake once in a while is more than welcome. (specially one as easy and delicious). Happy baking! (isn’t it always?) (P.S. I also have to love whatever I’m doing!)

  44. Ketutar says

    And we are so grateful to you for starting this blog! It’s one of my favorites :-) Congratulations, BTW, and I join the selfish choir, may there be many more years of blogging for you, may there be thousands of reasons for you to rant, and may your husband not develop a miraculous wish and ability to listen your rantings, which we so gladly receive :-)
    I read the beginning of this blog to my husband and he laughed. “It’s so wonderful to hear there are other men in the world with wives like mine!” he said. :-) And so wonderful there are other women in the world with husbands like mine :-D I suppose that is the reason I blog too :-D

    This specific cake is so cute and sweet and pretty and all that I might find it hard to eat… Oh, so dear and yet so simple… Amazing :-)

    Thank you, for everything :-)

  45. Karen Lawson says

    HiP, HiP, HoOoRaY! CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS! SWeeTApOliTa ! Just wanted I adore your blog and are so thankful you didn’t continue to pester your hubbs with you beloved baking rants and instead birthed this sweet blog, we all say goody, goody, gumdrops that we get to be the lucky recipients to your gifts and talents with the click of the mouse! I get a kick out of your share regarding pestering the hubbs I thought I was the only one who tried to get her hubs to be excited about, well, girlie things and Thank God he wasn’t! I’m really trying to avoid eating sweets because we don’t get along the way I wish we did; yet I always am compelled to come to your website to see your beautiful creations and artistry. I truly adore it and enjoy your writing too. On special occasions though I plan on tackling one of these beauties for sure!

  46. Caroline says

    I just bake a cake with your recipe and this is the most delicious fluffy cake ever! I got scare during the baking, thinking that it was too running but after the 35 minutes, the cake was just perfect. :) I double the recipe and it give me 3 times 2” by 8” and one 3” by 4”. Really, thanks you for sharing.

  47. says

    A very happy blogiversary to you! All these cakes look amazing and after this I’ve made it a personal goal to bake at least half of these.

    I do have a question, though. How did you get the gradient look to your frosting in these photos? It looks amazing!

  48. says

    Happy 1 Year!! All I can say is you have transformed me from someone who had a pink mixmaster in her kitchen that was more of an ornament that just sat there looking pretty, to now actually getting a work-out making your yummy treats. I don’t always get every recipe right, but I enjoy trying so much! So thank you and here’s to many years more of Sweetapolita!!

  49. Bito says

    Happy Blogiversary!!!

    I simply adore your blog and you’ve been such an inspiration to me! I too am obsessed with making and eating cake to the extent of insanity:) Like you, I’ve been on a crazy hunt for the lightest, fluffiest and tenderest vanilla cake recipe that it similar to a box mix but without the weird additives. After countless trails, i landed on a white cake recipe that is very similar to yours in both ingredients and mixing methods. The recipe is by America’s Test Kitchen, who’s recipes almost never fail me because of the countless testing they go through before publishing a recipe. The difference between your recipe and theirs, is that theirs has an additional egg white, a 1/4 cup more milk, an additional 1/4 tsp of salt and some almond extract (which I always omit because I prefer the taste of a virgin vanilla cake:) This is by far the most successful and fluffiest vanilla recipe I’ve ever tried! It has a lovely moist, tender crumb and I’ve never experienced curdling or a sink in the middle of the cake with this recipe. I know you already noted but may I also stress again on the importance of having all the wet ingredients at room temperature to help prevent curdling. Just recently I made ATK’s white cake version and paired it with your fluffy whipped vanilla bean frosting with heavenly results! The frosting is pure bliss with just enough sweetness. So if you ever give ATK’s version a go, I’d love to know how it compares with the one you’re already using:)

    Best of luck,

  50. Mary says

    To my amazing sister…you are truly a creative inspiration and I am so proud of you and your accomplishments! Not to mention how I adore getting to taste your baked creations;). This is just the beginning. Xoxo

  51. says

    happy blogiversary! i am also a vanilla cake fan! have you ever tried better homes and gardens classic white cake recipe? that’s my go-to and the cake my sisters always ask for on their birthdays.
    how did you do that to the icing by the way? i love how the color fades as you go up the cake!

    and ps – sprinkles always make things better, i love that you have them on the cake!

  52. Chelsy Bellaze says

    Congratulations! And may I just say this is the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen. Ever. I’m not just saying that. It really is beautiful. Dreamy. I don’t comment much but let me say thanks for sharing your amazing talent with the world, it’s inspirational! I LOVE THIS CAKE!!

  53. KimB says

    Happy one year old! I love your site as well as your attention to the details – it makes you such a trusted voice. You’re a true inspiration!

  54. anna richards says

    Congratulations on your first blogiversary! I just wanted to say thanks so much! You have really changed my entire outlook on baking – well, more like enhanced my baking life :) Daily I check your blog to see if there is anything new up. Your recipes and your witty way to describe them is so great – very enjoyable! I started reading your blog a while back and have been hooked ever since. You are quite the inspiration. And most importantly I love how much of a hands-on baking mom you are. My kids love to bake with me so its nice to see that your kids get to enjoy that special time that will be cherished for years.

  55. says

    Happy one year blog anniversary! I can’t believe I just found out about your blog! Your stuff is beautiful. Congratulations on following your passion. I was also a Bonnie Gordon student and loved her classes. All the best and looking forward to reading about more of your great baking creations.

  56. Liz N says

    Happy 1st blogiversary Rosie! I wish you many more years of success bringing readers along for the sweet ride of cruising through your blog. I am personally thankful to have stumbled upon your blog because you helped me overcome my fear of the SMBC frosting. Secondly, THANK YOU for your step-by-step photos of the Rainbow Cake which enabled me to make my daughter’s 5th birthday cake one of the most memorable events of her life. Finally, thank you for coming up with delicious and gorgeous sweets that I dream about and turning them into life! A loyal reader, Liz N. (Colorado)

  57. Pam Ehrhradt says

    Rosie, I work at an Urgent Care 3 days a week and I have a wedding cake due on Saturday, 4 days from now. It will be all carrot cake with cream cheese icing. I wanted to prepare the bottom tier today, Tuesday, so that it won’t be too much to due when I am off work on Thursday. If I place the uninced cake in the fridge after wrapping tons of saran wrap over the naked cake and then also place them in a bag, will this be ok? I just don’t have a room in my freezer for the 14 inch round. I guess I could always bake it Thursday and fridge it for a couple of days, let it thaw and then ice it, but I don’t know if my schedule will allow me. Help!!!

    Any advice is appreciated.

  58. Anna says

    I have looked at this blog 7 or 8 times already, and just now noticed the matching mugs. I was so transfixed by the cake I didn’t even notice them. Your work is flawless, true inspiration.

  59. says

    Congratulations on 1 year of blogging! Your photos are always so breathtaking. Your blog is one of my favorites and your entries always put a smile on my face.

  60. says

    Happy one year blogaversary! Such a beautiful vanilla cake. I am amazed by your stunning creations and love to see what you will create next! Thank you for sharing your talent with the world…I can’t wait until your next blogaversary…I can’t wait until your next post!!

  61. says

    Congratulations on your first blogaversary! I can scarcely believe it’s only been one year – you’ve made such a huge contribution to the baking blogging world :-D

    One of the reasons I love your blog (and recipes) so much is that you do go the extra mile and explain the alchemy of cake baking -the ‘why is it so’!

    Thank you again for your generosity of knowledge.

  62. Oriana says

    Hi Rosie. (: Absolutely gorgeous cake!
    I tried using this recipe but why is it that my batter curdled even though i followed exactly with the steps given? ): it all went well only until the addition of egg white & milk mixture. could you give me any advice to it? thank you very much. (:

  63. Ajda says

    Hi Rosie ,
    I want to bake this Fluffy vanilla cake today, but was wondering if it would work well with Swiss meringue buttercream instead for frosting, and fill it with the Whipped vanilla cream . Would that be too much ? Was thinking to make half of each cream recipe for a 2 layer 8 inch cake. Thanks so much, i can’t wait to try all the recipes from your wonderful blog ! We still have half of the Campfire Delight cake , delicious , but I simply don’t have the patience for it to finish before I bake another one :)
    And could you share with us how to make this beautiful gradient frosting ? It looks so good !
    Thank you !

  64. says

    I’m late to the party! Happy belated Blog Anniversary Rosie. Best wishes for another wonderful year ahead. So grateful that you chose, a year ago to share your wonderful talents and delightful stories with all of us.

  65. says

    Hi Rosie,

    Just a quick question, I tried making this cake with the substitute cake flour (plain flour+ corn flour) as I live in Australia. The mixture seemed to work, it looked exactly like yours, but when I baked it, it took a lot longer than 30 mins! It rose a lot in the middle (almost looks like a volcano!) and the cake ended up being almost overcooked on the edges to get the middle to cook properly. What am I doing wrong?



    • says

      Hi Rhiannon,
      Sorry to hear the cake gave you trouble. What you did sounds correct, so I’m not 100% certain. Did you weigh the flour? If so, do you recall what the weight was with your substitution?

  66. Lisa says

    Love this site! Pinning your beautiful photos! I am making cupcakes for a friend this weekend and was wondering if I can use this Fluffy Vanilla recipe to make cupcakes? If so how long should I bake them if not can to point me in the direction of a fabulous recipe? Also I want to make a strawberry buttercream..can u suggest a method as they are not in season now and I live in Minnesota. I’ve made a butter-cream with strawberry pulp but I feel like it looses it’s flavor and gets really sweet. It is a strawberry shortcake b day party for a 2yr old princess :) I am also making a Caramel Apple cupcake for the rest of the guests..wish me luck. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

  67. says

    Hey there ! First of all, let me just say that I LOVE YOUR BLOG TO BITS. I love visiting food and baking blogs and I’ve gotta say..Yours is my favorite so far. And this recipe here looks amazing. But what I love the most about this cake is what you did with the icing ? How did you get it to turn up like that ? I enjoy baking too but I’m not that good at it yet but still, I would really love to try this cake recipe out, complete with the frosting. Did you do a blog post on how to get the same effects on the frosting as this ? I’d really like to read it. Please and thank you very much. Great blog !!! <3

  68. says

    I made this cake yesterday and it was absolutely fabulous. The cake is light and fluffy and the frosting is so light too. Both the cake and the frosting had a wonderful vanilla taste. The texture and taste of the cake is so much better than a box. I weighted all my ingredients (even the egg whites) and had my ingredients set out to room temperature. The batter curdled a little but it was nothing major and it baked up fine. I also weighted my ingredients for the frosting and cut the frosting down to 1/4 of what your recipe makes and it was delicious. Thank Rosie, this cake is fabulous. I even had some for breakfast.

  69. Cathy says

    My mom is wanting a vanilla cake with a raspberry filling for her birthday. Which of these cakes would work best with the raspberry filling?

  70. Kelsey Murphy says

    Wow! That’s absolutely beautiful! Any tips on your frosting technique? I’m not a cake decorator, so I would have no idea where to begin. Thanks in advance for all the help! I will be making this cake next week for a baby shower :)

  71. Daniel says

    This recipe has been hanging over my head for months. My first two attempts ended with curdled batter. I finally made it again last night, following your very detailed instructions above, and found it and it came out just perfect. And it tasted just like how I want a cake to taste. Thank you!

  72. says

    Hi Rosie, happy blogiversary :)
    i am so glad i found your blog which has tons of vanilla cake recipe comparisons. I have two questions:
    1. Have your tried white cake from cook’s illustrated as many people mention that also

    2. I make decorated cakes, i am looking for a light fluffy moist and yummy vanilla cake preferably using whole eggs [i dont mind lil yellownes due to yolks], which one you recommend to try first, i plan to try all of them but not sure where to begin. I did try once from baking bites but it failed and reason being using cold egg whites and milk. Anyways will try again

    3. Are these receipes suitable to turn them into cupcakes?

    Thanks alot/

  73. Sarah says

    I tried your cherry cupcakes and they were outstanding! I’m gonna try this one sometime.How did you get it to be two toned?

  74. Catherine says

    Hi Rosie…I just finish baking this Lovely Mouth Watering Vanilla cake..
    I dedicated my time to measuring accurately for all ingredients being afraid to encounter the problems specified by others such as curdling, BUT…thank heavens I was a good math students…I think I use more maths in baking than back in High School days…and it worked!! Thank You Mr. Linnet!!

    I had a little problem at the beginning with the butter & flour mixture flying erratically all over my kitchen. I was in a little panic mode remembering your note that dry-wet proportion has to be perfect…but it was all good after I mix the 1st batch of wet mixture, the 2nd was perfect as per your photo, 3rd was still curdling at all, just a little lumps of butter and I thought butter will melt in the oven…so I shoved it in and after 10 mins I can smell the Aroma and the cake was done in 30mins…it turns out LOVELY, no doming just a flat Vanilla cake.

    I was traumatize by Vanilla cake all these years…never once have I attempt to make Vanilla cake because its so simple that the tiniest mistake will make it taste yukks….this recipe has given me confidence in trying more Vanilla Cake recipe.

    Thanks 1000x and Lots of HUGS….!!!

  75. Zel says

    Hello, I just made this cake for my baby girl first birthday and she loved it, I really liked the flavor and the fluffiness, thanks for this wonderful recipe.

  76. Yury Claire Choe says


    I have just begun to bake cupcakes from scratch, and your recipe is my first vanilla cupcake recipe! I just put the second tray in the oven while chomping on the first tray’s cupcakes. They rise so well to make a perfect dome. I only wish my oven would distribute the heat evenly — I always end up with uneven cupcakes sizes. =D I also like everything less sweet, so would it make a difference if I adjusted the sugar content? Thanks.

  77. Amy says

    Hello, I’m interested in baking the fluffy vanilla cake but would like to make it into 3 layers instead like the cake from the My Baker’s Crush: BAKED(and The Whiteout Cake)post. Is that possible as the recipe states that it is for one 2 layer cake?

  78. Leah says

    First, I discovered your blog about a week ago and have obsessively poured over nearly every page. I have been baking from scratch for over 20 years and so excited by the things you are doing here.
    I am hosting a baby shower and would like to make a vanilla version of your Rich and Ruffles cake. Which of your vanilla cake recipes would you recommend?
    I can’t wait to see what you’re going to bake next!

  79. Kathy says

    Firstly your cakes are amazing! Wow…………..
    I am dying to find out how to do this icing on the cake pictured. It looks spectacular. Have a missed it in your blog? I would really love to know.
    Thank you

  80. says

    I made your modified version of this (the current one you posted in this blog post) and loved it. I have been trying to find a scratch cake that mimics a box mix in texture. This definitely had that. But mine was just a tad bit dry – not much, just a little bit. I am going to try it using the original amounts of egg and milk, but you said that changes were in bold, and I notice that the flour measurement is in bold. Did that change too? If so, do you mind sharing the original amount?

    Thanks so much!

  81. Carmela says

    I’ve dedicated 2 FULL YEARS to finding the ‘perfect’ vanilla cake. I can’t tell you the amount of money I’ve spent on ingredients and books. The result? Flat, heavy, dense, inconsistent and bland or downright tasteless cakes! I had given up and resorted to doctored vanilla cake mixes but that “TASTE” was still there. I’m not even sure how I ended up on this website accidentally. I’m not even sure why I decided to try this recipe after I’ve sworn them all of, but I’m glad I did. One try, one taste is all it took. I’m now a convert. That has got to be the fluffiest, tastiest, whitest, yummiest, etc (lol!) vanilla cake I have EVER made/eaten….and that’s WITHOUT any icing. Made the cake on a Thursday and meant to make the icing on Saturday when I had more time. Saturday came and there was only 1/4 of the cake left. Everyone loved it! I can’t thank you enough….honestly!!!

  82. says

    Hi Rosie!

    This cake looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I was wondering, if you think it is firm enough to stack for a wedding cake, just an 8″ round on a 12″ round? I love the tutorial you put on here, it really helps out.

    Happy belated Blogiversary!

  83. Orissa says

    Hi Rosanne
    You are doing amazing!!! Your work, your blog are all such an inspiration. I can’t believe when I found this, I’m so ecstatic. I just thought I’ll drop a word to say hi and Congratulations!

  84. Dena says

    I don’t believe you ever shared the frosting technique you used on this cake, or did I miss it? I’ve been planning to do it for my daughter’s birthday for months and now it’s only a week and a half away. Help? Thanks!

  85. says

    Rosie –

    I JUST finished baking this cake – it’s cooling as we speak!! The cake is for my dad’s birthday tomorrow and can’t wait to find out how it tastes, especially with your vanilla bean frosting! I’m so excited to have found your blog and this recipe.

    I am starting up a blog of my own – I featured this recipe today and provided links back to this recipe and to your site. I also am sharing the recipe. Thank you so much for posting! I’d love to have you visit my blog when you have a chance. I hope to be baking more in the future…it’s my personal challenge! :)

  86. Lizzy says

    Hi Rosie,

    I made this recipe into cupcakes and they were so perfect that I think I’d like to use it to make my sister’s wedding cake in a few months! Do you by chance know how many cups of batter this recipe makes? I’m trying to figure out how many times I need to make the recipe to yield enough batter for a 2-tiered cake. I’m planning on a 9″ and a 6″ tier, each with 3 layers. I would really appreciate any tips you could give me! Thanks so much! Lizzy

  87. Katie says

    I was thinking about this cake just now, and I realised that I had named it ‘the mermaid cake’ in my head. I can’t exactly work out why – I suppose its the colours, but I think this is proof that this cake may have been too pretty for my little head to handle. Would love a post on how to frost like that some day!!

  88. says

    Your cakes always come out so “perfect” (in my eyes) and beautiful. I fall in love every. single. time. <3

    Happy 1 year Blogiversary!! Here's to many many more. LOVE your blog!!

  89. Sandra says

    Rosie, this cake is beautiful and have used it for my daughter’s Dolly Varden cake for her 6th birthday, would love to complete it with the wonderful colouring technique to finish it off. Could you let me in on your secret to this wonderfultechnique.
    Many thanks for such a wonderful site!

  90. Kristen says

    Hi Rosie! I’m a huge fan of yours, but just have a quick question. :]
    I’ve made several cakes lately, and none of them have come out as evenly baked as yours. They are always lop-sided onto one side, and no where near as level as the cake in your photo. I was just wondering if you could help me out by suggesting any ways I could make my cakes level when they come out of the oven.
    Thanks so much!

    Kristen :]

  91. says

    I made this recipe for Mother’s Day. Everyone always ask me, if I am going to make a cake for myself what do I choose. Normally, its the campfire cake. I decided to stray from the norm. So glad I did. I am smitten with this cake.

  92. Ella Louise Boreland says

    Hi Rosie

    I am going to use superfine sugar in this cake recipe. I have made the cake once for a trial run. Do you think this will be ok? Please let me know your thoughts on superfine sugar.

  93. Pri Jay says

    Hello. This is an amazing blog. I love all of your creations. I saw that you would update us on how you created the beautiful frosting pattern. I would love to make this cake and it would be awesome if you can give a tutorial on how to get the same effects or direct me to where the instructions on how to do is. Thank you!

  94. Katie says

    All of your vanilla cake recipes look delicious!! One question….which ones would you recommend for covering in fondant and stacking? I’m making my first wedding cake for someone next week and would love your advice. Thanks in advance!

  95. Tissa says

    So, I just had the worst fail ever. My cake is way over cooked. My bad for not daring to use a timer when the little one is sleeping. But I have come to notice that there is a small difference in flour measurements between this recipe and the fluffy white cake recipe. Hmm, actually batch #2 isn’t looking so hot either. It will definitely be overcooked by the time the middle is set. I guess tomorrow morning I’ll hurriedly be using an old 3 bowl recipe BUT do you think the difference of flour is causing my problem? I really love the texture of this cake and would like to keep using this recipe.

    • Tissa says

      Well, I figured out part of my problem. The top of my cakes are kind of ballooning so the fingerprint test isn’t working for these cakes. I leave very noticeable fingerprints in the cake tops when they are COOKED! My second batch is just slightly over done at the edges because I dug out some tooth picks to test the cakes with. I knew they were done! Still need to cook more cakes tomorrow but hopefully once I sleep on it, I’ll have a plan of what recipe to use.

    • says

      Hi Tissa,
      I hope your cakes worked out in the end? In terms of the flour difference vs the two recipes, I increased the flour slightly as a variation, but it should not cause the cakes to fail. I use the recipe both ways, and the one with less flour is just slightly fluffier. I’m sorry that I really can’t determine what went wrong for you, but I truly hope it worked out. Best of luck!

      • Tissa says

        Thanks, Rosie! I was so tired (and frustrated) last night, I forgot one important tidbit- I modified the recipe to be dairy free. I have made this cake numerous times before last year to also be dairy free but I couldn’t remember my substitutions from then. I think the biggest problem I was having is that my oven runs hot. On try number 3 with a bit of leftover batter, I had success! I also use a toothpick instead of touching. My husband (who graduated from a culinary arts program) thinks that I had too much sugar in my batter (rice milk, sweetened) that crystallized causing the deceiving fingerprint impressions. I used the other recipe for Perfectly Vanilla birthday cake with less sugar, lowered my temp, used a timer, and they turned out just as I wanted. Altho in my oven the layers were done in 17 minutes at 325!

  96. Rae says

    Am I the only one noticing the difference in measurements on the cake flour for the Fluffy Vanilla Cake with Whipped Vanilla Bean Frosting. The directions state 2 3/4 modified says 2 1/2 but when you hit the print it states 2 3/4. Which are you having more luck with 2 3/4 or 2 1/2? I tried the original version last night and it rose beautifully. It wasn’t sweet enough to my liking so tonight I plan on trying the modified version. Yay! :) Thanks Rosie!

    • Kaylie says

      I didn’t even notice it until I read your comment! That explains why I had a quarter cup surplus when I measured for 315g. I say stick to 315 grams regardless of the cup measurement. My cake turned out great :) It seems to me like 315g IS 2.5 cups but i could be wrong!

  97. Mary says

    I made it once… curdled. I didn’t weigh my egg whites so I figured that was the culprit. The batter still made pretty decent cupcakes though! They were kind of flat but still fluffy and tasty.

    I made it again the same night and measured the eggs on the scale (along with everything else) and added the liquids more slowly. Still curdled! I’ve never really made a cake this finicky before but I consider myself pretty experienced for a home baker so I was pretty frustrated with this! Luckily, like I said, they still tasted very good :)

    If anyone was wondering… this fluffy vanilla cake does make decent cupcakes but if you like to fill them you may want to choose a sturdier recipe. I used half almond half vanilla extract in the cupcake and topped it with a cherry cream cheese frosting… delicious!

  98. uzma says

    I love your bolg. i’ve learned so much and think I’ve gained 10 lbs reading your posts. I have a few questions regarding your reversed creaming cake recipe;
    Can you use this recipe for sculpting cakes and if not which recipe would you recommend.
    how would this recipe work using buttermilk instead of whole milk? I find buttermilk cakes very moist and delicious.

  99. Isabella says

    Love, love your blog. Your are so talented and your family is adorable! I was hoping to make a vanilla cake for my daughters upcoming birthday (with strawberry filling), but am conflicted over which recipe to use since I will be attempting to make a dinosaur out of a round cake pan. Right now, I’m thinking the “love, cake and sprinkles” recipe will be my best bet. Any advice? Thanks!

  100. sharon says

    Hi there!

    I’ve only just discovered your blog whilst looking around for a perfect recipe for my 21st birthday. And it is amazing!! So much fun and Reese is so pretty.

    I just wanted to know, with all the vanilla cakes out there, what’s the best one for making a layer cake? And there are so many different frostings. I know you love the swiss meringue buttercream so I will probably be using that.

    What’s the best cake out of the above for a layer cake with the buttercream? Thank you so much for responding =] (if u have time ahahaha)

  101. Asia says

    Hi! I wanted to try this recipe, it sounds like what I’m looking for but I’m hoping to adapt it to a recipe for mini cakes with mango mousse filling and fruit topping. What I’m getting at is I want to use something about the size of cupcake trays and I was wondering how that would affect baking time and the cake itself, or if it’s a bad idea with this particular recipe?

  102. Jenny says

    Love this post and I am a vanilla girl too, cake and ice cream! I want to try this cake, but need a sheet cake (9×13) for my son’s birthday (I am making a racecar track on top ;). You suggest not changing the pan, but what can I do? I need that fluffy “cake mix” cake for the kiddos!

  103. Kaylie says

    Thanks Rosie for this great recipe! Definitely my go-to now :)

    I made this cake today and it turned out perfect. It was so fluffy, it didn’t sink in the middle, didn’t collapse after an hour which is great! Scrumptious too! I measured everything down to grams, read the recipe thoroughly just to make sure I don’t miss any steps. Also helps that most of my ingredients are already in room temperature. Counted to the exact mixing time specified too! I know, it sounds crazy but it works :) It just seemed so intimidating to make. But then I made it for the first time and it was just fantastic.

    If there is a lesson to learn here, it is to weigh ALL your ingredients as accurately as you can! (I believe my cup measurement should be in metric since we both live in Commonwealth countries.) I only found out because I measured the flour exactly the cups required in the recipe but then when I cross checked with the scale, there was a surplus of a quarter cup when it hit 315g. The same goes for the egg whites. The recipe said 5 eggs’ whites but I needed a little less than 4 to yield 150g. So measuring is key!

  104. Yadira Taboada-Palacios says

    Thank you so much for this beautiful recipe! I recently made this recipe into 2 9 inch rounds and the taste, crumb, and fluff was as promised- perfection! However, the cake itself was dry… where did I go wrong and how can I fix it, because it is indeed a perfect recipe! I want to make for an event this weekend – many thanks! ( I used the modified recipe and live in East Texas)

  105. says

    Hello! I love everything you do and I find myself visiting your blog just when I need a visual pick me up! So lovely and I’ve made a few of your cakes with great success. I’m about to attempt this one, but I don’t have a scale. Would it be foolish to even try without one? I would really love your feedback on that point. And are some of the dryness comments due to overcooking, or something else? Thank you!!

  106. Jami says

    I’m SO excited to try this!! This particular recipe is like striking gold. :) I admire all of your posts and recipes, they’re all so wonderful! I don’t know what I would have done if I never found them…every time I make a recipe of yours I never credit myself- I want to tell my friends about you!
    Thanks again!

  107. amy says

    What a great post! I really appreciated reading your descriptions of the different vanilla cakes! I was trying to follow the link to the “Pretty in Pink: Old Fashioned Party Cake” but it gave me an error, and I didn’t see that recipe when I looked in the index. Not sure if you’ll get this question, since this is an older blog post, but if so, could you point me in the direction to find this post/recipe?

    Thanks so much!

  108. says

    Rosie, I just absolutely adore all of your cakes and have made several of them. Being and Aussie in the UK, it kills me that we don’t have access to proper cake flour. I’ve been DYING to make the fluffy white properly xx

  109. Natasha says

    The cake is delicious although I too struggled with the cake falling after baking. I’m not sure if this was due to the food colouring as I made the cake in an ombre style. I will try the recipe again another time as I really did like the way it looked prior to falling and I love the flavour!

  110. Jenna says

    Hi Rosie,
    I would like to make this recipe into cupcakes for a Bridal Shower this coming Saturday. Any suggestions for baking time for cupcakes? (Is there a rule of thumb when it comes to converting cake bake times into cupcake bake times?)
    Thank you!

  111. says

    I started to swear, and I never swear, when I saw this cake I immediately said holy $&@*# this is the best looking cake I have ever seen. But I haven’t seen all your cakes yet, this is great though, I just want to hug it or gaze at it for a long period of time, wow, your work makes me feel so happy, so glad, to have come across your blog,

  112. ayesha says


    please let me know if i can use all purpose flour instead of cake flour?since i cant find cake flour in my city.. also i was thinking of making an ice-cream cake with this cake one layer cake than a thick layer of ice cream and another cake layer on top? with ganache poured on the top layer? do you think it would taste well?? also what ice cream flavor u suggest that would compliment well with this cake? plz respond at your earliest, im planning to make this cake on mothers day:)

  113. vue says

    Thank you for sharing!! I just made it but my cakes sunk in the middles! I just lol’d about it…still tastes sooo good. I think my oven got too hot as i was pre heating and took too long to make sure i measured and timed everything perfectly! Will definitely attempt again! Thanks again!

  114. Gabrielle says

    This was my first “reverse creaming method” cake. I was sort of expecting a disaster. But your instructions were very clear and the cake turned out perfectly. It was really delicious. Thank you!

  115. Julie says

    I had a go at making this cake for my daughters 3rd birthday (it ended up being a 2 tiered Peppa Pig cake) – it was delicious! Thank you for sharing the recipe. It is certainly one I will be baking over and over again. In fact my husband has already requested it for his birthday next month :)

  116. Geraldine says

    Hi Rosie

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful treasury of recipes. I have had my eye on this recipe for a while and then a friend phoned asking if she could please stay the night as her geyser had exploded and she needed somewhere unflooded to sleep. So I decided this was definitely the cake to cheer her up. And boy did it work! Whilst she still has an apartment under water, she had 10 minutes of sheer delight as she ate the lightest vanilla sponge seen outside of box mix. And I also thought it was delicious! Thanks again.

  117. looking for the perfect vanilla cake says

    in ur original recipe what is thr weight of the whole egg supposed to be? its in addition to 150grams of whites? so its 6 whites and 1 yolk. can u pls specify the total weight in grams? thanks. ive used cake bible white welvet recipe n found its too delicate with only egg white.the cake easily falls apart n lacks stability for a layer cake.

  118. Ale says

    Rosie! I’m a big fan of you! I love your cakes! Thank you for sharing with us! I love your chocolate cake recipe And i was looking for the best vainilla cake recipe, i have my daughter party next week and i will like to bake a cake and cover it with fondant. Wich recipe you recomend me the most to cover with fondant? Thank you very much ill apperciate you answer. Kisses, Ale

  119. Keira says

    Hi, I’m just getting back into baking as I want to make my sons first birthday cake in 10 days :D I’m making a 1 cake using square tins so I was just wondering how I should adapt the fluffy vanilla cake ie cooking times etc in a bigger square tin? Also what is cake flour and if I use self raising flour do I have to use baking powder? Any advice is very welcome as I’m super nervous as I have not baked a birthday cake for probably about 5 years and was always just a simple sponge but want try and make more delicious and decorated cakes from now on :)

  120. Tracy D says

    I just made the fluffy vanilla cake and the middle sunk. I think I know what the issue is. I sifted the cake flour to get to 10oz. I have a measuring guide that states that cake flour, sifted is 1 cup- 3.50z and 1/2 cup- 1.75 so to reach 2 1/2 cups that would only be 8.75oz and your recipe calls for 10oz. So do you measure to 10oz of flour then sift OR sift cake flour until you reach 10oz? Help!!!

  121. Josefa says

    Rosie, i inttend to make the fluffy vanilla cake, but i dont pwn a kitchen aid or a palet attachment. Will an electric mixer, maybe on lower speeds, do?

  122. says

    I’m a little late (by nearly three years) to this party, but just wanted to pass along this bit of info (not sure where I saw it), since you attributed the creation of the two-stage / reverse creaming method to RLB: “This method is often attributed to Rose Levy Beranbaum who popularised it in 1980’s, but is cited in The Science of Good Cooking as being invented in the 1940’s by General Mills and Pillsbury.” I’ve been using the method for decades (not all the time since, like you, I have lots of favorite cakes!) and really like it. Your photos have me craving vanilla cake again!

    • says

      Hi Jean! That’s really interesting–thank you so much for taking the time to share. I didn’t realize that, but I’m happy to know the history of using that method. I do find it yields a wonderful cake!

  123. Nancy says

    I want to make cupcakes from this recipe. How long would you bake them? Also one version says to add the butter one pat at a time. The other says to add them all at once. Which directions should I follow?


  124. Kate says

    Love the ombre swirl and just finished watching your tutorial video for the umpteenth time :) I want to recreate the colors here for a surprise pregnancy announcement to my family. Any chance you recall the Americolor pink you used to tint the top and the combination of sprinkles? CK pink sprinkles look too ‘hot pink’ and I love your blend of colors here. Thanks so much! Always love your blog, recipes and inspiration!!

  125. Liliana says


    I’ll be baking a vanilla cake for a friend’s wedding and need a recipe that I can make in advance and freeze without the cake losing too much of its taste/texture – can you suggest a recipe from your various vanilla ones that would handle this best?

    Also, what are your thoughts about subsituting milk for Almond Milk (vanilla flavoured). I have tried this with box mixes and find that the cake becomes much denser and creamier, but it also falls/breaks apart if you touch it too much.

    Thanks! Love your recipes. Always a go-to for me!


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