23 Random Things About Me

I used to just love reading those 25 Random Things About Me notes on Facebook a few years back, even if I didn’t really know the person that well. A few days ago, I was inspired by Jenna’s list, and after I read it I wished I could learn these unexpected facts from all of my new friends. So, tonight, while my baking tools were being held hostage in my running dishwasher, I decided to give it a whirl:

1. 23 is my birthday (July 23, 1974), and it’s also my favourite number.

2. My passion, aside from baking & photography, is singing and has been since I can remember. I sing constantly (when at home or in the car), but I still can’t figure out if I’m any good at it.

3. In my young twenties, I had a brief job reading tarot cards for a psychic phone network.

4. I actually loved reading tarot cards and never told a single lie to any caller during that job.

5. I created and concocted a quirky bath & body product collection called Cake Beauty with a friend in my tiny apartment kitchen in 2000, but I left the company in 2003.

6. My least favourite sweet is ice cream. I can take it or leave it, but it belongs in its own bowl and has no business touching my piece of cake.

7. I have 3 tattoos.

8. I wish I had zero tattoos.

9. For some inexplicable reason, I can barely reach or touch my hands flat onto my shoulders. This made the “head and shoulders, knees and toes” song very stressful for me as a child.

10. My husband and his family taught me to waterski when I was 29. It took me almost 100 tries (which they pointed out was almost scientifically impossible) to get up on the traditional 2 skis. I somehow finally did it, and then went on to conquer slalom waterskiing (skiing on one fancy and potentially very speedy ski) and still love it. Dare I say I’m not half bad.

11. Other than #10, I’ve never been an athlete.

12. I am an avid genealogist and spent a total of almost 1200 (yes, that’s twelve-hundred) hours in 2006 working on my (and my husband’s) family tree, and many more hours since that year. I could have baked about 2000 cakes in that amount of time (not that I would do it differently).

13. I cherish my Shel Silverstein book collection, and I’ve now passed it along to my daughters. The very first Shel Silverstein poem I heard was read by my fourth-grade teacher and was called “Sick.”

14. In my life I have been able to recite a total of 2 movies from start to finish: Weird Science and About Last Night.

15. If I had to choose one last meal, the dessert would likely be warm cinnamon buns with whipped frosting. Yes that’s “buns.” Or a chocolate caramel tart. Or bread pudding. Or chocolate cake with malted chocolate frosting.

16. I love to write, but I only enjoy reading non-fiction books.

17. I eat dessert almost every day, and sometimes twice a day, but I strategically eliminate many things I love from my diet (most days) to balance it out, such as mayonnaise, cheese, sugary sodas, and fried or processed food.

18. I can often be found wandering junk shops near and far, searching for vintage baking items or the like.

19. I have a strange connection to French cafe music.

20. I love words, and think more about proper spelling & grammar than one girl should.

21. I’ve been told for most of my life that I’m too sensitive. I am sensitive, and I’d like to stay that way (thanks, Jewel!).

22. I’m a natural-born detective and love solving mysteries. This may explain the strange events of #12.

23. I love fashion & nightlife, but I’m most comfortable at home in my frilly apron.



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  1. says

    LOVE it, Rosie! And, SO interesting! Tarot? Fascinating! French cafe music? Totally! But, I do like me some ice cream and how. Yeah, even, dare I say it, on my cake. :) Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. says

    This was so fun to read! I’m curious about the tattoos — what are they? Why do you wish you had none? I’ve been toying with the thought of getting one, but I’m afraid I’d feel the same!

    Thanks for sharing about yourself!!

  3. says

    I adore posts like this – it’s a great way to ‘get to know’ the people behind these wonderfuls blogs we all read. My birthday is the 24th and my favourite number is 24 – I actually ALWAYS win when I put money on it in roulette! But it makes me wonder how many people have their birthday as their favourite number? :)

    • says

      Thanks, Sylvie! Yes, the cake and ice cream is so wrong. Plus it creates a sogginess in the cake that I find beyond yucky! I’d love to learn some random facts about you–maybe it should be a mandatory blogger task. :)

  4. says

    This was really cool to read! What do you mean by you can barely touch your shoulders? Do they hurt or something? Also, you should totally keep singing. They say that those who sing for themselves have happiness in their lives :)

    • says

      Thanks, Katrina! Oh, as for the shoulders, it’s that my hands can’t actually touch my shoulders. You wouldn’t know that by looking at me, but when I try, they just don’t reach! I know…it’s odd.

  5. says

    I love Shel Silverstein! I’ve told my husband numerous times that his not reading those books is what is wrong with him now. We don’t have kids, but I just bought my niece “Where the Sidewalk Ends” for Christmas.

  6. says

    Some of these are funny, and I can relate. I once searched all the way bac to the 1500s on my dad’s side of the family for a school project. It was really interesting. And I too must have dessert everyday, if I don’t it feels weird and then all I can think about is sugar.

  7. says

    I love this post! I remember that 25 random things fad on facebook, and always loved reading them as well.

    That’s so awesome that you did (and enjoyed!) all that genealogy research. I would love to know more about my family history, but I unfortunately have no patience for that kind of research!

  8. says

    So many interesting skills that you have! I never met a person that could recipe an entire movie! I was starting to be able to recite parts of a Word World episode that my son could not stop watching, but I think that does not count!

  9. Francesca says

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post, thank you for sharing these things about you – it’s lovely to learn a little bit more about you. Lots of interesting things, and now I like you even more!! If only I had 23 interesting random things to share about myself…

  10. says

    Rosie this was so sweet! 23, you and Michael Jordan! I also love to sing, and write too… but I do indeed love ice cream!!! I love that you read tarot cards, that’s amazing. There’s a place here in Vancouver where you can get a slice of fancy old school cake and get your tarot cards read at the same time…

    I also have tattoos… but way more than three… ! There are some I sometimes wish I didn’t have… but they remind me of a time period and who I was then, and I’m glad to have all of mine now! Although, sometimes they annoyingly clash with a dress or an outfit which bugs me. haha…

    Great read, Rosie! Nice to read more about you!

    xo Lyndsay

  11. Kate says

    I can’t believe you waterski, I’d be shaking in my boots! Ditto on the family tree, I’m just about tearing my hair out trying to consolidate so much information, but the thrill of the pieces falling into place is so addicting. Also, Neve is a spitting image of you in that photo!

    Thanks for such a sweet post, Rosie, I loved learning more about you.


  12. Kate says

    Wow, you are such an interesting person. I can’t believe you waterski, I’d be shaking in my boots! Ditto on the family tree, I’m just about tearing my hair out trying to consolidate so much information, but the thrill of the pieces falling into place is so addicting. I’ve also been told I’m too sensitive, but it’s who I am, gotta embrace it. ^_^

    Also, Neve is a spitting image of you in that photo!

    Thanks for such a sweet post, Rosie, I loved learning more about you.


  13. Dana says

    even more than the fact that you have the most beautiful family i have ever seen, i kind of want your life. this just solidifies it even more. can i please come work for you? oh to be canadian and live in a world of beautiful pastry. my 21 year old mind can’t even comprehend how fantastic that would be.

    love this post!

  14. Floor says

    Great post! Now I’m so curious about your tattoos!
    I don’t have them, but I’m thinking about getting a full sleeve done.

  15. Abbie says

    I couldn’t believe what you wrote for number one. Until now, in my life, I have only met one other person with my birthday…you’re the 2nd! (Although I know we haven’t officially “met”) :) Consequently, 23 is also my favorite number and my students always ask me why. I tell them because it’s the day I was born and has always seemed very unique and cool to me. Thanks for another great post; it was great getting to know you!

  16. linda says

    Ive been reading you blog for awhile and always use your recipes as my go-to’s but I had no idea you were the co-founder of cake beauty!! I love their products!! Especially the dry shampoo and the velveteen hand cream. I used to work for sephora and the cake beauty in my toronto location was a hugeeeee hit!

  17. says

    Hi Rosie! This is my very first time to your blog. I found it when searching for a pear cupcake recipe and found your Marzipan & Pear Cupcake recipe. It looks delicious! Anyway just wanted to say hi and thanks for all the sweet recipes :) I’m a huge fan of Shel Silverstein too! My favorites of his are “The Missing Piece” and “The Missing Piece Meets the Big O”.

    Happy Holidays from LA!

  18. Laurs says

    i have been reading your blog for almost a year….i love it…obviously!! i check it every day!!….how crazy that you helped create Cake Beauty! i live in a small town in northern ontario (canada) and we have that here!!!…and we hardly have anything!! haha…crazy!! i own several items!!

    keep up the great work

  19. says

    I think we are kindred spirits, my dear. 15 is my favorite number and also my birthday number. I sing all the time and one thing that I miss is singing in a choir. I can only read non-fiction.

    The one thing I don’t quite understand are your feelings about ice cream. Besides cheesecake, ice cream is one of my absolute favorite desserts. Though, if I knew how to bake as well as you, I think cake would make the top of the list.

  20. says

    I just love this!! it reminds me of me :P its amazing how much of these points can easily be ‘my random things about me’. I can only hope to develop enough and do what you have done! I simply love your blog and only wish my blog (www.deezert.blogspot.com) reaches half of what you’ve done!

    Thank u for this amazing work!!!!!!!!!!! =D xoxo

  21. says

    This was so cool to read! I can totally relate to #2 as I constantly sing on my bike – yet, I think I am the only person who would listen to myself but I’m a pretty good audience and a very critical one but oh well. #18 and #20 are so familiar and I just think it is the little wonders of life how everybody is so much connected if we start opening up to the world and let people know the itsy bitsy things that make us happy – will turn out that everybody has something in common. Thanks for sharing!

  22. says

    Great idea for a post Rosie. I bake desserts but I can relate to the cinnamon bun as a last meal or a French croissant with chocolate in the middle…LOVE THEM. I make decadent desserts but pasteries are my ultimate weakness. Thanks for sharing Rosie and I am glad you stuck it out and were determined to get up on a pair of water skis! Good for you!! I can’t imagine your smile when you finally made it.

  23. says

    LOVE this!! Love following all the fabulous recipes on your blog & imagining that I could actually (in another life) be able to recreate all the yummy things I see here. Very cool to get a glimpse at the woman behind the words! From one non-athletic person to another, thanks so much for sharing!! :)

  24. Talix says

    About Last Night!!! OMG how I loved that movie. I still refer to the “hair flip with a giggle” move. That movie is also the beginning of my Elizabeth Perkins love, which lasts until this day.

  25. says

    just saw this when i was getting links to your blog to share on my newest post (sugar cookies and painters cookies)… i have to say i’m kind of surprised at some of the things we have in common… I share #s 20-23 with you. Some, though, make you far more fascinating than me… i.e. i have never read tarot cards. Thanks for sharing Rosie, it’s fun to get to know the face behind the blog a bit :) Sorry my painter’s cookies didn’t turn out as pretty as yours, I didn’t have time to make fondant and do it the proper way, as I made them literally on our way out the door to Christmas celebration. I’m saying sorry because I hope you don’t feel like I botched your work or took something beautiful and made it not so much. At least she loved them! I hope you had a great holiday with your family and happy new year!

  26. says

    I love your blog! I’ve been reading it since it’s inception and it always brings a smile to my face! Loved learning some things about you! My birthday is also July 23rd!! And of course, 23 is my favorite number! (I mean it’s Jordan’s number, right?). I just wanted to give a shout out to you, my birthday twin!


  27. says

    I feel like a blog stalker, having found your blog through Pinterest yesterday evening. Since then I have spent hours looking at your pictures and videos, except for the few hours last night when I fell asleep with my computer in my lap. You do know you are gifted, right? And yes, it’s okay for you to say that something you create is ‘cute’, especially when there is an element of random occurrence as with the water color cakes.

    Ditto on the genealogy thing; totally addicting. And one more thing–your asparagus cake makes me laugh.

  28. Clair says

    I have so few things in common with you (except the ice cream and a daliance with water skiing) but love love your blogs and spend many hours reading and being inspired. On reading one today it reminded me to tell the people around me that I love them and to enjoy them today. Your creations are amazing works of art that are a beauty just to look at. Thank you xx

  29. says

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