Billie’s Italian Cream Cake from The Pioneer Woman + Giveaway {Winners Announced!}

The winners of the signed copies of The Pioneer Woman’s new cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier are:

#1082 Gretchen: “My favorite is German Chocolate Cake with Carmel Coconut Frosting.”

#246 Kate W.: “birthday cake!”

#895 Christine: “Any cake with a lot of delicious frosting!!”

Congratulations to the winners! You will be also be notified via email.

It was so much fun reading all of your favourite cakes–I even learned of a few that I’d never heard of before!

See you tomorrow morning with a new post and another exciting giveaway!

. . .

The Pioneer Woman Giveaway:


Did I mention how excited I am that Ree’s (aka The Pioneer Woman) new cookbook The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier is finally released? Well, I sincerely am. And that she’s going to be sending a signed copy to 3 of my lucky readers? This means a lot to me because Ree and I go way back, even if she doesn’t know this. I discovered her back in 2008 when I innocently Googled “cinnamon rolls recipe.” I came across this post and that was that. I felt instantly connected with her, as though we were going to be friends. Forever. Not in like an SWF way, but just in your standard I-want-to-move-into-her-ranch-and-be-best-buds-for-life kind of way. I became an avid reader of her blog, and I can say that she is one of the reasons that I blog today. Come to think of it, before that serendipitous day, I didn’t even know what a blog was. So that’s what makes this recipe and giveaway the perfect theme for my 100th blog post!

So I’ve been whipping up recipes from her blog and her first book for several years now, and I can honestly tell you that any recipe I have ever made (and made and made) has been incredible and loved by all. I’m not sure if I’ve ever told you this, but I was never much of a cook before she came along. Gasp! Truthfully, I now enjoy cooking and trying new savoury recipes, but I just didn’t have a lot of experience with it, or much extra time (layer cake, anyone?). After discovering Ree and her simple-but-scrumptious recipes loaded with step-by-step photos and instructions, I fell in love with cooking, and I make the time. Thank goodness, because it turns out man cannot live on cake alone–particularly men who don’t like cake. (Hi honey!)

Several weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of her new book (and signed with a sweet note, no less–thank you, Ree!). As is everything she does, it’s warm, humourous and filled with irresistible recipes, photos and glimpses into her life on the ranch. I have had a chance to try many of the recipes in the book, including Fig-Prosciutto Pizza (fancy & fabulous), Rigatoni & Meatballs (I was so proud of myself), Steakhouse Pizza (crowd-pleaser), Brie Stuffed Mushrooms (delightful), and more. But, as much as Ree can rock the savoury, she also rocks the sweet–sweets of all kinds, including cake. So when I was trying to decide which dessert to try from her new book, I knew instantly: Billie’s Italian Cream Cake. I’ve been dreaming about this cake since she shared it on her site a few years ago, and I knew it was meant to be. Ree explains that Billie is a friend from church, who brought this cake over one Fourth of July and shared the recipe with her, and trust me, if you haven’t made this recipe already,  you’ll soon thank Billie. And Ree. And me?

Billie's Italian Cream Cake via Sweetapolita

So, yep–I made it. I knew this was going to be amazing for a few reasons (and not just because Grant calls me “Billy” and is of Italian descent). First off, is it just me, or is every recipe that comes from church-going women or church cookbooks not the yummiest ever? And secondly, moist buttermilk cake layers sandwiched between and smothered in whipped coconutty, pecan cream cheese frosting? Nah, I’ll pass. As if! Maybe on opposite day, as Ree would say. This cake is homespun temptation at its best. (And everyone knows I have minimal ability to resist temptation of this magnitude.)

Billie's Italian Cream Cake via Sweetapolita
Yum x infinity.

So, if sharing such a delightful and decadent cake wasn’t enough, as I mentioned, Ree is going to personally sign and send 3 super lucky Sweetapolita readers a copy of her fabulous new book, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier!

Here are the details and how to enter (and this could not be easier, guys):

1. Leave a comment and tell me, “What’s your favourite cake?”

This giveaway is now closed. Winners will be posted here on the blog and notified by email. ♥

UPDATED 04/22: 2. Contest now ends April 22nd, 2012 at MIDNIGHT (EST) and winners will be selected using and notified by email and announced here on the blog. You must leave a valid email address (will not be displayed) in your entry. *I’ve extended the entry deadline until midnight to offer more time for those who couldn’t get onto the site during the day today (Sunday).

3. One entry per person, please. *Your comment may take a few moments to appear.

4. Prizes courtesy of Ree, The Pioneer Woman.

Good luck!

And here’s this amazing recipe, shared with permission from Ree. I have included weight measurements along with a few notes from yours truly:

Billie’s Italian Cream Cake          {click to print}





from the book The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier

For the cake:

5 eggs, separated (then brought to room temperature)

1/2 cup (1 stick/114 g/4 oz) unsalted butter, softened

1 cup (237 mL) vegetable oil

1 cup (200 g/7 oz) granulated sugar

1 tablespoon (15 mL) pure vanilla extract

1 cup (100 g/3.5 oz) sweetened flaked coconut

2 cups (260 g/9 oz) all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon (5 g) baking soda

1 teaspoon (5 g) baking powder

1 cup (237 mL) buttermilk (or 1 cup milk mixed with 1 teaspoon white vinegar), at room temperature

For the icing:

Two 8-ounce packages cream cheese

1/2 cup (1 stick/114 g/4 oz) unsalted butter, softened

2 teaspoons (10 mL) pure vanilla extract

2 pounds (1 kg) powdered sugar

1 cup (110 g/4 oz) chopped pecans

1 cup (100 g/3.5 oz) sweetened flaked coconut


For the cake:

1. Preheat the oven to 350°F. Grease and flour three 9-inch round cake pans (from Sweetapolita: I used three 8-inch round pans) or 2 quarter sheet pans, or one 9 x 12-inch pan.

2. In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, beat the egg whites until they’re stiff. Transfer them to another bowl, and then clean the mixing bowl and beater.

3. Combine the butter, vegetable oil, and granulated sugar in the mixing bowl and mix until light and fluffy, about 3-5 minutes. Add the egg yolks and vanilla and beat until smooth.

4. Add the coconut and beat to combine.

5. Combine the flour, baking soda, and baking powder in a medium bowl, and then add to the mixer bowl, alternating with the buttermilk, beginning and ending with the dry ingredients. Mix for a few seconds between each addition.

6. Add the stiff egg whites by gently folding into the mixture by hand until they’re incorporated.

7. Divide the batter among the pans and spread it out evenly. Bake until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean, about 15-18 minutes.

8. Let cool on wire rack for about 10 minutes in pans, and then turn out onto the wire rack to cool completely.

For the icing:

1. Combine the cream cheese, butter, vanilla and powdered sugar in the bowl of an electric mixer (can use whisk or paddle attachment) until very light and fluffy, about 5 minutes.

2. Add 3/4 cup of the chopped pecans and all of the coconut and mix until combined.


1. If using round cake layers, stack them onto desired cake plate or board with generous amount of filling between each layer. If using the quarter sheet pans, cut them in half lengthwise, resulting in 4 rectangular layers, and spread a generous amount of filling between each layer.

2. Cover the stacked cake with the remaining icing and top with remaining chopped pecans.

Store leftovers in the fridge.

Sweetapolita’s Notes:

  • I used three 8-inch round cake pans (rather than 9-inch) for a slightly thicker cake layer.
  • I added 1/2 teaspoon of salt to the batter and a pinch of salt to the icing.
  • This cake is amazing day 1, 2, and likely for several more. Keep covered and refrigerated and bring to room temperature if you’re serving leftovers. The oil in the cake keeps it super moist, even in the fridge. The cream cheese in the frosting is why it should be kept refrigerated.
  • This recipe is now in my top 5 best-loved cakes, so you can imagine how yummy it is!

Good luck & enjoy!


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  1. 1

    My favorite cake is chocolate mint!

    • 2
      Gloria Jacobs says:

      My Favorite cake is Bannana Walnut ! Yum !

      I recently madw meatball recipe from Ree’s Pioneer Woman.
      they came out great , My husband loved them .

    • 3

      My favorite cake of all time is dark chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream frosting! :)

    • 4

      My favourites cake is lemon chiffon cake. The first cake my mum taught me how to bake.

    • 5

      My favorite cake is anything with chocolate, especially dark chocolate!

    • 6

      My fav-of-all-favs would be Coffee Nut Torte….out of this world!!

    • 7

      My favorite is the lemon chiffon cake. We love anything with lemon and this recipe tops them all! There are so many that are so easy and so tasty it was hard to pick just one favorite.

    • 8
      Emily Keeven says:

      I have a hard time not loving all cake :), but my favorite of all is a moist strawberry cake with fresh strawberry buttercream! Yumm!

    • 9
      Marci Richmond says:

      So far my favorite cake is Rosie’s Fluffy White Cake…..i’ve brought it to work the past 3 weeks it’ s shockingly good!!!!

    • 10

      My favorite cake is caramel cake. Mmmm.
      I love Ree and her blog. I would love to get my hands on her new cookbook.

    • 11

      My favorite cake is one my husband made not too long ago. Tourteau de chevre, a goat cheese cake from Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Table. DELISH!!!

    • 12

      I love love key lime cake with key lim curd! Or anything with coconut.

    • 13

      I love red velvet it was even my wedding cake

    • 14

      My fave cake is fluffy vanilla with chocolate frosting! Or Strawberry! :)

    • 15

      YOUR super fluffy vanilla cake with sprinkles. Childhood fantasy come true.

    • 16

      Your campfire cake is my favorite

    • 17

      I favorite cake is Chocolate with white creamy filling and Ganache icing!

    • 18
      Danielle says:

      Since I’m a Florida girl, I would have to say my Great Granny’s home made Orange pound cake with an Orange glaze that was just out of this world is by far my favorite. However seeing the Italian cream cake recipe above I may very well have a new favorite…

    • 19

      German Chocolate cake with (my Mom’s recipe) HOMEMADE coconut pecan frosting, and an extra portion of frosting on top!

    • 20
      Sheri Clark says:

      My fav cake is my Mom’s 4 layer Hummingbird Cake! Yummy…nuts, coconut, moist white cake, maraschino cherries, pineapple…

    • 21
      Sheri Clark says:

      My favorite is my Mom’s 4 layer hummingbird cake…moist white cake, with egg of white frosting, coconut, pineapple, nuts, and maraschino cherries…

    • 22
      Marilyn Harmon says:

      I never “met” a cake I didn’t like; but my all-time favorite is my momma’s German Chocolate Cake with the pecan cococonut frosting!

    • 23
      Nancy Kleist says:

      I love wedding cake, because I love weddings. After that it would be German Chocolate.

    • 24
      Lynne Hard says:

      For years (and I do mean YEARS) my Mother made me my favorite Pineapple Upside Down cake for my birthday She never needed to ask, she just knew what I wanted. I recently made Ree’s (or should I say Billie’s) Italian Cream Cake and fell in love! This cake partnered with Ree’s fabulous Iced Coffee recipe has left me wanting nothing else to conquer my sweet obsession.

    • 25
      Judy Hall says:

      My favorite cake is my grandmother’s 3 layer coconut cake with sliced bananas between the layers. Doesn’t get any better than this! Love your site and I’ve been following Ree for 2 or 3 years…she’s one inspiring woman!

    • 26

      chocolate with chocolate frosting!

    • 27
      Lynn laHood says:

      My favorite cake is Caramel Cake!

  2. 28

    This cake looks amazing. I can’t wait to have an occasion to try it. I am also a huge fan of Ree and the Pioneer Woman blog and agree that all of her recipes are delicious. Trying to decide on my favorite cake is a little difficult because it depends on the day, my mood, etc., but given that it is warm and springy here I have to go with a genoise cake filled with berries and a light custard, frosted with whipped cream and topped with more berries.

  3. 29

    WOW!! This cake looks out of this world, I IMMEDIATELY pinned it :)

    My favorite cake has to be Hummingbird Cake with a thick layer of cream cheese frosting. I’ve never had Italian Cream Cake but I have heard how delicious it is!

  4. 30

    Mt favorite cake is the inside out Neapolitan cake! :)

  5. 31

    a good white cake with nice and creamy buttercream cake. I’m a simple girl

  6. 32

    Can’t wait to make this! My favorite cake is carrot cake.

  7. 33

    hummingbird cake!

  8. 34

    hi! Is this contest worldwide or not? Just in case it is, my favourite cake is a good, rich chocolate cake with a rich milk chocolate ganache on top :)

  9. 35

    hands down- carrot cake with cream cheese frosting!! Although this looks amazing and has many of the elements that I love about carrot cake:) Can’t wait to try it!

  10. 36

    My favorite cake is german chocolate!!! And I love Italian Cream Cake!

  11. 37

    Hi, that cake looks amazing.
    My favourite cake is ice cake with whipping cream.

  12. 38
    Alisha Davidson says:

    Wow! That Italian Cream Cake looks dreamy. My all-time favorite (and “go to” recipe for pot luck desserts) is Strawberry Cake.

  13. 39

    My favorite cake is French Silk Pie cake… It is a chocolate cake with French silk pie filling as icing… Yum! Although, your campfire cake is right up there :) Have a great day!

  14. 40

    My favorite cake is carrot cake! I am not much of a cook myself, but after reading your confessions I hope winning this book will spark the inner cook in me that I’ve sadly abandoned.

  15. 41

    My favorite cake is red velvet…but not with cream cheese frosting! Cream cheese is ick!

  16. 42

    Beautiful book, beautiful cake. My favorite since childhood is German Chocolate. The more coconut/pecan frosting, the better!

  17. 43

    That cake looks SOOOO good! My favorite cake is raspberry lemon… fresh and fruity!

  18. 44
    charlotte says:

    My favorite cake is a good vanilla later cake with vanilla buttercream. Simple but delicious!

  19. 45

    favourite cake is any kind with TONS of frosting!

  20. 46

    I love love live strawberry black forest cake!

  21. 47

    i just love carrot cake. can’t wait to try this recipe.

  22. 48
    Lynnette W. says:

    My favorite is the Hummingbird Cake that came out in the Southern Living Magazine over 25 years ago! It’s similar to this one.

  23. 49

    My favourite cake is a White Russian cake. It’s basically derived from the cocktail recipe. I make it for my man’s birthday every year (and a few other occasions, it’s requested often!)

    Of course, I found it online. The only change I made was that I used really syrup-y preserved cherries from Europe instead of the fresh ones. You should give it a try!

    This Italian Cream Cake looks divine; I’m surely making one soon. Yum!

  24. 51

    This looks so amazing! My favorite cake is either Hummingbird or Coconut. How can I choose?!

  25. 52
    Susanna O says:

    My mom’s Apple Crumble Cake. In the past year I’ve rediscovered my love for baking, and I’ve been baking so so much, and maybe 1/2 of the new things I try are from your blog! But I guess it’s nostalgia. All those memories that a freshly baked Apple Crumble Cake of happy childhood days… Can’t be beat. Even now in my 20s, I still sneak into the kitchen and nick off a crumble or two ever so expertly, you can’t tell that I’ve been near it at all! ; )

  26. 53

    Love love love your site. My all time favorite: is strawberry shortcake. Oh gosh i’m salivating thinking about it. x

  27. 54

    Prune Cake stuffed full with chopped nuts & seeds of all kinds… Moist, delicious and healthy, like it might be a ginormous Vitamin! :-)

  28. 55

    THIS is my favorite cake! My mom made her aunt’s recipe of Italian Cream Cake for my birthday and then again for my fiancé’s birthday, and I got totally addicted! I love it, and PW’s version as executed by your gorgeous self looks pretty darn fantastic!

  29. 56

    My dad’s special-occasion coffee cake is by far my favorite. Best. Cake. Ever.

  30. 57

    hi rosie! thanks for the awesome blog – love reading your posts!

    my fav cake is carrot loaded with nuts and golden raisins, and topped with luscious cream cheese frosting! thanks! :o)

  31. 58
    Stephanie says:

    My favorite cake is cheesecake!

  32. 59
    Cheryl Grissom says:

    My all time favorite is red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. Yum!

  33. 60

    When I was growing up, I was all about German Chocolate. Now I still love chocolate, but in the form of ganache and cream cheese…basically the more fat and calories, the better!

  34. 61

    Ina Garten’s Coconut Cake/Cupcake recipe is a winner every time. I’ve made it for cake auctions a few times.

  35. 62

    how pretty! My favorite is probably carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

  36. 63

    My favorite cake (so cruel to choose just one!) is a Hummingbird cake. Fell in love with it last year, when I made an 8-layer masterpiece for my family reunion. Yum!

  37. 64

    Ooh this is going right on my to-do list! My favourite cake is Red Velvet. No, Victoria Sponge. No, Chocolate w Raspberry Jam. No… aargh… I love all and any cake :)

  38. 65


  39. 66
    Marlyn Adames says:

    My fav cake is carrot cake!

  40. 67

    My favorite cake is classic birthday yellow cake with milk chocolate frosting!

  41. 68

    Pineapple upside down cake, but that Italian Cream Cake looks amazing! I may have to try it soon!

  42. 69

    My favourite cake is your tropical carrot cake!

  43. 70

    My favorite is a white cake with strawberry filling and vanilla buttercream. :) Simple and delicious! Actually love all of my fruit fillings.. yum.

  44. 71

    OMG…so excited for Ree’s new cookbook. Would LOVE to win a signed copy!!!

    My favorite cake, by far, would be a loaded carrot cake slathered with cream cheese frosting and toasted pecans :)

  45. 72

    That looks absolutely delicious.. my favorite cake is cheesecake, preferably with cherries on top <3

  46. 73

    White cake with vanilla icing. Plain Jane here. :)

  47. 74

    Wow, that looks amazing! My favourite cake would have to be the one bowl chocolate cake my mum’s been making forever for our birthdays — topped with decadent ganache it isn’t fancy but it just doesn’t get any better!

  48. 75
    Jessie Briggs says:

    My favorite cake is a lemon bundt cake with a lemon glaze to finish!

  49. 76

    Cream Cheese Bundt Cake with Brown Butter Frosting! Yum! I am so excited for this giveaway – big fan of PW!

  50. 77

    I love chocolate cake!

  51. 78

    My favorite cake is carrot cake with cream cheese frosting!

  52. 79

    Red Velvet cake from a local bakery here in the Atlanta area called A Piece of Cake.

  53. 80

    OMG…so difficult to choose a favorite cuz I never met a cake I didn’t like!
    My favorite of all is a simple devils food cake with lots of vanilla frosting…yum yum yum :}

  54. 81

    Ah! What a difficult question. I would have to say my favorite cale is white cake with lemon curd and vanilla frosting.

  55. 82
    Becky Laparra says:

    I’m a sucker for chocolate on chocolate cake. OR a blizzard ice cream cake from DQ!

  56. 83

    My favorite cake has and will always be: vanilla cake with homemade chocolate fudge frosting — Classic, delicious, and worth every calorie!

  57. 84

    I always have room for coconut cake!

  58. 85

    This looks like the best thing I will have ever tasted. I just bought the cookbook for my mom for mother’s day…and now wishing I got one for myself too! Yum.

  59. 86

    I love chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. I lose al self control.

  60. 87

    I have to say my fav is Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting all homemade : )

  61. 88
    Jennifer says:

    I love chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting.

  62. 89

    My favorite cake is german chocolate. Or just a dark chocolate with rich chocolate frosting. This cake looks so delicious!

  63. 90
    Stephanie says:

    My favorite cake is carrot cake, though I think it’s probably more about the cream cheese frosting than anything else.

    Cheers :D

  64. 91

    Hi Rosie,
    My favorite cake is chocolate with warm chocolate ganache poured all over it. Oh my it sooooo good.

  65. 92

    My favorite cake is probably just vanilla cake with buttercream frosting. So addicting and soo good!

  66. 93

    My favorite cake is chocolate cake with frosting and all homemade of course!

  67. 94

    I don’t have a favourite cake, but I love all chocolate cakes!! I really love chocolate! ;)

  68. 95

    My favorite cake has to be a peach fraisier cake! Yum! ^_^

  69. 96
    Anita Barker says:

    I don’t really have a favourite cake, but this cakes looks like it might be. It looks and sounds like it’s to die for.

  70. 97
    Veronica says:

    I love carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, a classic

  71. 98

    When I was really young my sister made “dirt cake” for my birthday. She put it in a pot and stuck fake plants in it, it was great! All my friends were shocked when I took a spoon full of “dirt” and ate it :D

  72. 99

    My favorite cake is yellow with chocolate frosting!

  73. 100
    Amber Sadie says:

    I have 3 favorites. My original favorite has always been red velvet with white chocolate cream cheese frosting and blackberries. Then I found your blog, and your fluffy white cake with vanilla bean frosting, and I have dreams about it. It was so delicious. I also make a lemon scented roasted blueberry cake with lemon curd filling and basil Swiss meringue buttercream. It’s light and summery, which I love and it’s popular everywhere I take it, especially in cupcake form.

  74. 101

    Chocolate with peanut butter frosting!

  75. 102
    jennifer yoder says:

    I don’t know that I have ever met a cake I didn’t like, but my all time favorite is strawberry with strawberry frosting. I can’t wait to make this Italian Cream Cake; the best part will be that hubs doesn’t like shredded coconut – more for me! ;)
    I love Ree’s blog and recipes. Would be so excited if I won.

  76. 103

    I love the Princess torte and also plain white cake topped with a fluffy vanilla buttercream frosting. Now my mouth is watering.

  77. 104
    Marney Walker says:

    My favorite cake is tied. I really enjoy the Campfire Delight cake but I only make it as cupcakes because I’m better at that. My favorite cake that I have ever eaten was made by my sister for Mother’s Day, it was a rich chocolate cake with strawberries throughout it and a chocolate ganache covering it…I don’t know where she go the recipe but it was divine.

  78. 105

    My favorite cake is butter yellow with custard filling and a thick layer of sweetened whipped cream icing.

  79. 106

    Hershey’s Deep Dark Chocolate Cake is my favourite – so easy and so good. We’ve been enjoying it for years.

  80. 107

    Deep dark chocolate cake filled with dark chocolate mousse! This with homemade hot cocoa, and woweee, I’m in my version of heaven!

  81. 108

    Chocolate with buttercream frosting. Delicious, simple, and classic!

  82. 109

    I love chocolate cake!

  83. 110
    Danielle says:

    I love Red Velvet Cake! Not too sweet with a tangy cream cheese frosting!

  84. 111

    OK, not to be a suck-up or anything, but ever since I made your Campfire Delight cake I get nothing but requests for it…or the cupcake version.
    It is the best ever, in my opinion.
    P.s. I made the cupcakes on Monday…again:).

  85. 112

    I always love a good, moist, dense coconut cake! Yum!

  86. 113

    Probably sounds dull and boring, but my favorite cake is German Chocolate Cake. Yum!

  87. 114

    I love carrot cake………….yummy!

  88. 115

    I LOVE… LOVE… a good carrot cake with walnuts smooshed into the cream cheese frosting.

  89. 116

    Hmm I love tiramasu…does that count as a cake? Or anything with buttercream frosting…maybe just the frosting.

  90. 117

    I love German chocolate cake. Mostly because it was always my mother’s favorite.

  91. 118

    I love carrot cake.

  92. 119

    My fav cake is your Rich and Ruffled Cake!! I made a pink ruffled rainbow layer cake! I love this newest one of yours as well. I <3 Ree and I <3 Sweetapolita:)

  93. 120
    Francesca says:

    My favorite cake is chocolate strawberry!

  94. 121

    Carrot Cake; without raisins…ick!

  95. 122

    I love triple chocolate fudge cake!

  96. 123
    StacieJayne says:

    Chocolate cake is my favorite!

  97. 124

    I love all types of cake depending on my mood and season but one of my all time favorites is my grandmother’s carrot cake.

  98. 125

    My favorite cake is Tiramisu! :)

  99. 126
    Pam Ehrhardt says:

    My fav cake used to be vanilla with vanilla buttercream, but I must be finally growing up b/c I now LOVE lemon cake with raspberry filling and a light lemon buttercream icing. Mmmmm! Great, now I want cake!

  100. 127

    i love all cake.and i love lee shes the best…

  101. 128

    My favorite cake is the one I haven’t tried yet, like this one. I’ve always wanted to make an Italian cream cake, but didn’t know which of my collected recipes to try first. Looks like I just found the perfect one!

  102. 129

    This cake looks so good. Will be making one soon to try.

  103. 130

    My favorite cake is plain ole’ vanilla! Nothing too fancy but always delicious!

  104. 131

    My all-time favourite cake has to be Guinness cake with cream cheese icing. It’s a dark, dense, moist, incredibly fudgy wedge of chocolate cake (with a very subtle Guinness tang) topped with a thick, fluffy white layer of cream cheese icing (made with whipping cream, ever so decadent!). It makes me very, very happy.
    This is the ultimate celebration cake in my family, and friends beg me to bring it to birthdays, brunches, parties etc.
    Om nom nom, cake!

  105. 132
    Patricia says:

    I love many cakes, but my favorite is white cake with white frosting. The kind they used to serve at weddings. yum :-D

  106. 133
    Elizabeth Lawson says:

    My favorite would have to be a rich chocolate cake with chocolate swiss meringue buttercream. Yum!

  107. 134

    I have never made one but, Coconut Cake is my favorite…hands down!!! It just takes me far far away (like somewhere exotic).

  108. 135

    This looks delicious! My favorite is old fashioned banana cake with buttercream frosting. Yum!

  109. 136
    Terri Betz says:

    My fav cake is yellow with chocolate frosting! I taught myself to make it many years ago. But, I’ve never had Italian Cream Cake! Sweetapolita & Pioneer Woman have helped me try new and harder recipes and I can’t wait to try this one! Thanks for the inspiration and lessons!

  110. 137

    My all time favorite cake is red velvet.

  111. 138

    Wow, this looks amazing! German Chocolate has always been my favorite, so this cake is right up my alley! :-)

    Thank you Rosie, you are awesome!

  112. 139

    I have a few favorites but the original is yellow cake with Chocolate buttermilk icing YUM!

  113. 140

    Chocolate anything- rich, creamy, decadent!
    I love your blog and all your lovely cakes. You inspire me!

  114. 141
    Elizabeth B says:

    I love a classic yellow cake with vanilla buttercream :) There’s nothing better

  115. 142

    My favorite cake is a lemon cake!!

  116. 143

    Last week my mum dropped round with a bag of guavas, I was inspired! I made a lemon almond polenta cake with a guava syrup. We ate it with homemade Greek honey yogurt! My new favorite!!!

  117. 144

    Hi Rosie! I’ve been a fan of yours for so long and I love this chance for a giveaway! My favorite cake is also from a church-lady inspirational source, my grandma! It’s called Texas Sheet Cake. It’s a thin, super chocolatey delight :)

  118. 145
    Susan S. says:

    Anything from a bakery!

  119. 146
    Julie P. says:

    My favorite cake is definitely a lemonade cake

  120. 147

    My favorite cake is a New Orlean’s classic, a Doberge (7 thin layers of yellow cake with custard filling, a chocolate frosting and ganache coating), from the famous Gambino’s bakery. I would love for you to make one for a post, the only recipe I have found is the New Orleans Times Picayne original recipe & it is quite dated!

  121. 148

    My favourite cake is probably chocolate hazelnut. I also love red velvet, though! =)

  122. 149

    My favorite cake is a very fluffy and moist cake filled with whipped cream and fresh strawberries, covered in whipped cream and meringues. Yum!

  123. 150

    My favourite cake is Marjolane cake! And it has been way too long since I have had it come to think of it! LoL
    Thank you for this delicious recipe :)

  124. 151

    red velvet!

  125. 152

    I’m with the humming bird people. Of course, I’ll never say no to chocolate, carrot, red velvet and on and on.

  126. 153

    My favorite cake is cassada! Red velvet is a close second though :)

  127. 154

    My favorite is probably your neapolitan cake. So yummy!

  128. 155

    I love celebration cake with whipped vanilla icing- so fun and delicious!!!

  129. 156

    my favorite is cheesecake. a creamy and simple one, just whisking eggs with cheese, bake on a tart base, and then pour sour cream with sugar on top. ummm.

  130. 157

    My favorite cake is Red Velvet Cake – always my birthday request. My second is a Tiramsu cheesecake – YUM!

  131. 158
    Stephanie E. says:

    My fave cake is yellow cake with chocolate frosting!

  132. 159

    My Gramma’s chocolate cake!

  133. 160

    I absolutely love German chocolate cake. So delicious!

  134. 161
    Robin Brooks says:

    My favorite cake–of yours–is the Autumn Delight Cake, which I’ve been dying to make since you posted it! It will happen…though possibly not until next autumn… :)

  135. 162

    My favourite cake is the Triple-Lemon Blueberry Layer Cake! Just made it for my mum’s birthday yesterday and it was most definitely the best cake any of us had ever eaten!!

  136. 163

    Chocolate cake!

  137. 164
    Mandy Pitalo says:

    My grandma’s pistachio icebox cake!

  138. 165

    Rosie- this looks so good! My favorite cake since childhood is white wedding cake and really all white cake with white frosting, as a kid I would even eat the cake mix dry out of the box with a spoon. I have learned how to bake my own from scratch now that I like even better, but definitely have lots of memories of simple white cake and white frosting as a child.

  139. 166
    shanise dickerson says:

    My favorite cake is red velet!

  140. 167

    My favorite cake is German chocolate cake because I love coconut, pecans and chocolate. I am going to make Billie’s Italian cream cake! It looks delicious.

  141. 168
    charissa says:

    i have a feeling its going to billies italian cream cake!

  142. 169

    My new favorite cake actually happens to be your Strawberry cake and I have been converted to your whipped frosting in any flavor and have passed on the addiction to my friends. :o) Thanks Rosie, now, to think of an excuse for making this cake and those cinnamon rolls. MMmmmmmmm.

  143. 170

    This cake looks amazing, but my all time favorite cake is chocolate with cream cheese frosting; sometimes with pecans thrown in there. Thanks for the giveaway!

  144. 171

    Although I am not a huge fan of cake…but will always eat it if its around… I did make Ree’s Strawberry Shortcake Cake a few years ago and THAT is now my favorite cake ever!

  145. 172

    I LOVE Italian Cream Cake! It’s my favorite.

  146. 173

    Looks delicious Rosie! I am an avid reader of Ree’s blog and that is how I came across yours when you submitted your beautiful cake photo. I love your site and the photography – it is always crisp, clean and deliciously stunning. My favourite cake is carrot cake with cream cheese icing – is just screams spring! Can’t wait to make this one as well – it looks delectable!

    Thanks Rosie!

  147. 174

    Chocolate mocha cake…can’t beat coffee and chocolate together!

  148. 175

    My favorite cake would be chocolate cake with dulce de leche filling yummy!

  149. 176
    Kathleen Hendry says:

    My favorite cake is devil’s food with chocolate icing.

  150. 177
    Kimberly C says:

    My favorite cake is Dark Chocolate Cake with Mocha Coconut Frosting.

  151. 178
    Lisa Still says:

    My favorite cake is a toss between Red Velvet and Carrot Cake1 If it has cream cheese icing, count me in!

  152. 179
    Sarah Shirley says:

    So hard to pick just 1……but i would have to say my favorite cake is red velvet with cream cheese frosting!!

  153. 180

    My favorite is chocolate cake, with my new favorite chocolate frosting that’s made with melted dark chocolate. Delicious!!

  154. 181

    Im so excited about this giveaway! Her cinnamon rolls were the first thing i tried from her blog and they are delicious!!! My favorite cake is your sky high hummingbird cake. I can practically make it in my sleep and its what every single one of my family members request it for birthdays now!!!

  155. 182

    My absolute favorite cake is carrot cake.

  156. 183

    I love vanilla butter cake with fresh strawberries and buttercream frosting.

  157. 184

    Chocolate Cake is definitely my favorite!

  158. 185

    Love Ree, too! She’s one of a kind and a very generous person. I think each and every one of her readers loves her too, she’s that special!

  159. 186

    Wow, this cake looks amazing! I would love to win the cookbook! My favorite cake is probably german chocolate with my mom’s frosting!

  160. 187

    My favorite cake is Ree’s Strawberry Shortcake Cake …. oh my goodness! I’ve been dying to get my hands on this cookbook … I’ve been an avid follower of hers for quite some time as well!

  161. 188

    My favorite cake is your dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.

  162. 189

    Looks yummy. My fav is definitely carrot cake!

  163. 190
    kelly girst says:

    My favorite cake at the moment (it tends to change with new recipes that I find) is salted caramel filled chocolate cake with caramel butter cream frosting. Mmmm perfect combination of salty and sweet!

  164. 191
    Amarachi says:

    My favorite cake is homemade Funfetti cake with sweet vanilla buttercream

  165. 192
    Chantelle says:

    Mine (any my partner’s) is definitely your butter sponge recipe! This cake looks great too!

  166. 193

    This looks so exciting! I have an Italian Cream Cake recipe that I love, but I can’t wait to try this one :)

    My favourite cake… Hm. It really depends on my mood, I think. But I currently just love the Reine de Saba cake from Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” It’s so creamy and chocolate-almond-y that is just perfect for almost any occasion.

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  167. 194

    I’m a little boring, but I could eat chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream for the rest of my life!

  168. 195

    Your cake looks positively delicious! I’m a big fan of Ree’s. Last fall, just shortly after I found your blog, I discovered a copy of her first book on a date with my husband, at the Canadian National Exhibition. I’d never heard of Ree before so I decided to look up her blog. I’ve been a huge fan ever since and like you, I felt inspired to start blogging too. My favourite cake … it’s impossible to choose. I’m a cake girl and I love ‘em all!

  169. 196

    i love cake without frosting. i know i know a sin to most.

  170. 197

    I love Hummingbird Cake ALOT :)

  171. 198

    That cake looks like it could be my NEW favorite!!! So yummy-looking. But, for now, my favorite is a refrigerator coconut cake, or chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting . . . or any cake I guess. :) Thanks for posting the recipe!

  172. 199

    My favorite cake is chocolate cake with raspberry filling and chocolate icing.

  173. 200

    I’d pick a decadent, chocolatey overload cake – chocolate fudge frosting, and some chocolate chips for good measure. oh and maybe some ganache too :)

  174. 201

    I love red velvet cake, but then there’s a chocolate pear cake I made that was pretty amazing. But how can I leave out chocolate?!? Vanilla, that’s my final answer. Wait…

  175. 202

    I like a sacher torte cake, chocolaty goodness!

  176. 203
    Susanna S. says:

    My favorite is Red Velvet!!

  177. 204

    Thanks for the great post Rosie! Ive been dreaming about purchasing Ree’s book for a while now and would love to have a copy! As for my favourite cake…I love maple cake with walnuts and maple buttercream. It’s so tasty…an sentimental for me as it was the flavor of my wedding cake!

  178. 205

    Hard choice ! I would have to go with Hummingbird Cake ! But that might change after making this one ! Will let you know :)

    Love from the Netherlands

  179. 206

    I’m simple, I love a rich, dark chocolate cake.

  180. 207
    Janelle - @spaztazmo says:

    My favourite cake is my Great Auntie Fran’s carrot cake with cream cheese icing. It’s a family recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation and has finally made it to me!

  181. 208

    Oooooh….tough decision on the cake. Towards the top would be carrot cake, red velvet & hummingbird cake. But hands down, my favorite would be a chocolate Pistachio bundt cake my mom used to make all the time growing up. Soooo good!!

  182. 209

    My favourite has to be a simple pineapple upside down cake. Just like granny used to make…

  183. 210
    celeste meehan says:

    bacardi’s rum cake with coconut frosting is my favorite, but billie’s italian cream cake looks like it’s going to move into the first place slot…

  184. 211

    my fave cake is one that my sister in law had at her baby shower made by her friend. It was a toffeelike one with cake crumb & other goodies!

    I luv sweetpolita. Thx for the opp to win a great book.

  185. 212

    My favorite cake has to be carrot cake with walnuts and raisins and a cream cheese frosting!

  186. 213
    Stephanie says:

    This cake looks delicious! My favourite cake is a rich chocolate one

  187. 214

    I’ve been meaning for months now to delve deeper into Ree’s blog – what a wonderful reminder!

    As for my favourite cake… it sounds so obvious (and far more specific than most people’s!) but it can only be your own Campfire Delight cake. I made it the day before my other half got sick and was off his food so ended up having to eat the whole thing myself (over a fortnight, I’m not that greedy!). I don’t think there are many cakes that I could finish all by myself and then want to make again immediately!

  188. 215
    Stephanie says:

    QUESTION: I just baked this cake, it from the little piece I tried it is very promising! The cake shrank all around maybe 1/2 inch, is it normal?

  189. 216
    Nadia_Anne says:

    My favorite cake is my boyfriend’s rum cake! It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good.

  190. 217

    Probably blueberry sour cream cake :-) (though my chocolate brownie cake with white chocolate buttercream and nutella ganache is a close second)

  191. 218

    It has to be Lumberjack cake.

  192. 219
    Amy Hinkle says:

    I make a lemon cake with lemon curd filling topped with cream cheese frosting that is my absolute favorite!

  193. 220

    Passionfruit sponge cake! Delicate sponge cake filled with whipped cream and tangy sweet passionfruit icing !! DELISH!

  194. 221

    Boston cream pie! Light sponge cake with tons of vanilla pastry cream and super dark chocolate ganache… sigh.

  195. 222

    Pound cake with spice cake being a close second.

  196. 223

    My favourite cake is definitely Coca-Cola cake filled with Milky Way cream – it is so sweet :)

  197. 224

    For me, it’s probably chocolate cake with vanilla cooked flour frosting. Or any coffee cake.

  198. 225

    Hi! My favorite cake is Tres leches…

    (Your fondant cakes are such an inspiration! you have such good taste)

  199. 226

    my favorite cake is chocolate with mint chocolate frosting and oreo cookies crushed all over! :)

  200. 227
    catherine says:

    My favorite cake is a coconut cake…but not just any coconut cake! It has to be my great aunt’s recipe. My mother used to make it and now I’ve taken it over. Thin layers of yellow cake with the coconut sugar and sour cream mixture between. It is absolutely amazing!

  201. 228

    My favorite is vanilla cake with vanilla frosting.

  202. 229

    My favorite is tres leches!

  203. 230
    Krista D says:

    I am a red velvet girl :D

  204. 231

    My favorite is carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

  205. 232

    Without a doubt, coconut cake. I could eat it every week for the rest of my life.

  206. 233

    My favorite cake is definitely German Chocolate! Yum.

  207. 234
    amy marantino says:

    lemon cake with lemon frosting

  208. 235

    i LOVE anything with piles and piles of chocolate, especially chocolate mousse!

  209. 236

    My favorite cake is red velvet with a yummy vanilla buttercream frosting!

  210. 237
    Michelle Baerg says:

    My favorite cake is lucoius lemon cake!!

  211. 238

    My favorite cake is my mom’s “coffee crunch cake” recipe. It basically consists of a devil’s food cake, coffee whipped cream frosting, and a homemade coffee candy crunch topping. It’s amaaaaaaaaaazing! :)

  212. 239

    I have had this on my list of things to bake. Looks so good! My favorite cake is definitely yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Classic.

  213. 240

    My favorite homemade cake is pineapple upside down cake, but my favorite more general cake is red velvet!

  214. 241
    christine dewing says:

    My very favorite cake is white almond cake with a raspberry filling, frosted with a white chocolate ganache. Thank you for sharing this recipe, I have a freezer full of pecans looking for a place to go (besides pecan pie, pecan apple cheesecake, pecan coffee cake, pecan shortbread…..).

  215. 242
    Hannah B. says:

    Peach Cake! Pillsbury used to have a cake mix for it that was incredible, but they discontinued it years ago. I have not yet been able to recreate it.

  216. 243
    ShannonDoll says:

    Today – my favorite cake is a strawberry layer cake with whipped strawberry frosting (yours from 8.25.11) because it’s waiting to be photographed and eaten this evening!!!

    Usually my favorite cake is anything dark-double-or-ultimate chocolate with chocolate frosting – martha’s fudge frosting is a go-to for this household :o)

  217. 244
    Tina From Pa says:

    I love a vanilla cake with a super good buttercream frosting YUM!

  218. 245

    I adore strawberry cake with strawberry cream cheese icing! Thanks for the giveaway!

  219. 246

    birthday cake!

  220. 247
    Mariel T says:

    My favourite cake is strawberry shortcake. So light, so simple, so delightful.

  221. 248

    Chocolate Buttermilk… with caramel layered between layers and… hmm not sure my fav icing. Maybe caramel buttercream? Or peanut butter?

  222. 249

    I love a buttery lemon syrup cake with simple lemon glaze icing xx

  223. 250
    Madeline Wheeler says:

    I’ve never met a cake i didn’t like:)I love all cake so it’s hard to choose a favourite.But at the top of the list is strawberry cake with strawberry cream frosting

  224. 251

    Opera cake! I’ve never made it myself though, I have to wait for the days when my favourite French bakery makes it. There’s a recipe on Epicurious I’ve been too scared to try – want to test it out for me?

  225. 252
    David Green says:

    Is there any other cake worthy of mention after a homemade German Chocolate Cake??

  226. 253

    i love german chocolate cake!

  227. 254

    I must admit that, even if I adore chocolate -really, I do!- my favourite cake is a vanilla bean one, with vanilla bean frosting. Or just the cake. Or just the frosting, it doesn’t matter! Anyway, I don’t know if international readers can participate, but I’ll try anyways! >:D Ree’s book… come to mama!

  228. 255

    My favorite cake is any chocolate cake with lots of vanilla buttercream icing. I just love the two flavors together!

  229. 256
    Mary Sanavia says:

    mmmmm soo hard to choose….I think my favorites are stawberries & cream and dark (very dark) chocolate with salted caramel filling. This one looks so moist and delicious, I will add it to my “to bake list” (don’t ask how long it is…)

  230. 257
    Ada Spahija says:

    My favorite cake is definitely Coca-Cola Cake! Moist fluffy chocolate cake with rich chocolatey pecan frosting? Southern cooking at its finest!

  231. 258

    Chocolate berrry or red velvet :)

  232. 259
    Lisa Cain says:

    I am so excited to try this recipe, thank you for sharing. I too, love the Pioneer Woman’s blog. She is fabulous.
    My favorite cake is flourless chocolate cake. YUM!

  233. 260
    Laura Lee says:

    Good Lord Rosie!! You are killing me with this one. Love how rustic it looks.
    I love a moist/fluffy chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream icing. So simple and so delic :D
    Congrats on your 100th post. Love ya!

  234. 261

    Tres leches cake with straw berries and lots of whipped cream is my favorite.

  235. 262
    Jennifer says:

    My favorite cake is pavlova. You just can’t go wrong with meringue, whip cream, and fresh fruit in my book. Yum!!

  236. 263

    My favorite cake is Pioneer Woman’s chocolate sheet cake :)

  237. 264

    My favorite cake is orange chiffon with either italian buttercream or chocolate frosting. So good!

  238. 265

    What a beautiful cake. Can’t wait to try it! My favorite cake is “Gooey Butter Cake.”

  239. 266

    favorite – too hard. any kind of cake is my favorite.

  240. 267

    My favorite cake is strawberry. With cream cheese frosting! (So far, I have a lot of cakes left to try…)

  241. 268

    My favorite cake happens to be your carrot cake with pineapples. I make it every birthday since I’ve discovered it, and it never fails to be amazing!

  242. 269

    I adore carrot cake :)

  243. 270

    Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and toffee bits.

  244. 271
    Dianne Burke says:

    My favorite cake is a homemade Caramel Cake. A
    Southern favorite and a tricky frosting to master! Divine!!

  245. 272

    Chocolate cake!

  246. 273

    My all time favorite cake is spice cake with white frosting mm mmm!

  247. 274

    Hmmm..that’s a tough choice. Lemon cake or white cake with raspberry filling.

  248. 275

    I love your blog. I love so many of your treats, my favorite is the fluffy vanilla cake with the vanilla bean frosting. Thanks for keeping me inspired.

  249. 276

    My, oh my! This sounds like one luscious cake. I’m most certainly going to have to try it! But in reality, my favorite cake has always been an orange carrot cake. It is super moist, loaded with flavor, and when you top it with that luscious cream cheese frosting…um,um, um!!! But I’m always trying new recipes for everyone else in my family and to satisfy my “adventurous” side. Sure would love to win Ree’s newest book. I watch her show all the time.

  250. 277
    Stephanie says:

    My favourite cake is still your chocolate and salty caramel cake. So good, I always shamelessly lick my plate!

  251. 278

    Such a hard question!!! Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter icing.

  252. 279

    This looks/sounds delicious. Anything chocolate is my favourite, but also enjoy a good red velvet.

  253. 280

    My favorite cake is pumpkin.

  254. 281
    Suzie McDonnell says:

    I’m getting married next month and am making my own wedding cake…after trying so many, my favorite is a rich vanilla bean one with homemade lemon curd filling and swiss buttercream icing….so delicious!

  255. 282

    My favourite cake is flourless chocolate cake!

  256. 283

    Napoleon cake is my fave :)

  257. 284

    My favorite cake is STRAWBERRY! yum :)

  258. 285
    Jennifer says:

    Several years ago, I was looking for a recipe for a coconut cake for my father’s birthday. I found amazing reviews for a cake from the Peninsula Grill in Charleston, South Carolina which was featured in Bon Appetit magazine. After the intimidation wore off, I made the cake. And OH. MY. GOD. FOODGASM! Seriously. Make this cake.

  259. 286

    LOVE – pound cake. so simple. so amazing.

  260. 287
    Adrienne K says:

    Hmmmm… It’s hard – so many favorites! But I think it would have to be chocolate – and when I say chocolate, I mean very rich chocolaty chocolate with very chocolaty chocolate frosting. My son has dubbed this “Traditional Holiday Chocolate Cake” because it’s what he wants for every occasion!

  261. 288

    My favourite cake is my mom’s dark chocolate layer cake with chocolate peppermint buttercream. She used to ask her great-grandmother to make it for her own birthday, and now she makes it for me!

  262. 289
    Carrianna says:

    I love every cake I’ve ever eaten! But my favorite cake is probably strawberry with cream cheese icing. YUM!

  263. 290

    Chocolate cake is hard to beat. I did try you Campfire Cake, Rosie, and that was pretty amazing.

  264. 291

    My favorite is a classic red velvet cake with an amazing cream cheese frosting. Love the blog!

  265. 292

    Actually, THIS cake is my current favorite cake! I have been making this cake for a little more than a year for friends and they have all loved it also. I use glazed walnuts for a little extra crunch. You did a great review of the cake, but you didn’t mention the crunch that comes from sugaring the layers before baking. This cake is amazing. Thanks Rosie, thanks Ree, thanks Billie!

  266. 293

    My Mother’s pound cake…delicious for dessert and delicious for breakfast!

  267. 294

    Hi!! I love all kinds of cakes, but one that generally drive me crazy is Charlotte, loaded with fresh fruits; it’s delicious and have the right balance of sweet. Also the other one that i adore is the Tres Leches with Italian meringue frosting YUMMY!!!

  268. 295

    My favorite cake has always been Red Velvet! I know it’s pretty common now, but I’m very picky about it and the frosting that goes with it…settling for the typical cream cheese is not for me! And, in fact, I have tried the recipe that Ree posted on her website and it’s amazing!

  269. 296

    Devil’s Food Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Frosting! Thank you for the opportunity to win this cookbook! Big fan of Pioneer Woman, also!

  270. 297

    My favorite is Funfetti Cake! It’s just so colorful and fun.

  271. 298

    Is tiramisu considered a cake? If yes, tiramisu is my absolute favorite!

  272. 299

    Chocolate cake with peanut butter cream cheese frosting!

  273. 300
    Casey N. says:

    My favorite cake is chocolate mousse.

  274. 301
    annabelle says:

    This cake look great!!!!

    i love chocolate cake filled with dulce de leche, yummy.

  275. 302

    My favorite cake is a simle, rich, moist, buttery yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Simple, classic, and always delicious.

  276. 303
    Jen Lottman says:

    Looks absolutely delicious Rosie!! Anything with coconut is high on my list. With that said, my favourite cake still has to be my Mom’s Carrot cake with cream cheese and pineapple icing!! Absolutely yummy!!

  277. 304

    My favourite cake is plane vanilla cake. Nothing beats it! :)

  278. 305

    Favorite is cake of profiteroles, but the mom version. Tiramisu too, mom version again.

    She bakes them in a way that they look like a layered cake. Soooo delicious!!!

  279. 306
    Nadia Acosta says:

    A 3-way tie is what I came up with because I simply can not pick one…..Southern Red Velvet, Carrot Cake & German Chocolate,in no particular order, are all my faves. I’m hoping to add your Autumn Delight to my list; I just found your blog last week & I’m trying to hold out until the fall to make it, lol!

  280. 307

    Rosie, my favorite cake is carrot cake and cream cheese icing. Has to be dense and studded with nuts, pineapple and coconut. Eaten cold. YUM!!

  281. 308
    Gabriele says:

    I love the Pioneer Woman! She is so inspiring and so are you! My favorite cake is chocolate of course, with lots and lots of chocolatey goodness

  282. 309

    Hi Rosie! I’d have to say that I love any kind of rich, moist, chocolate cake! But other than chocolate cake, I think Red Velvet cake with white chocolate Swiss Meringue Buttercream is my favorite! BTW, I absolutely love your blog! I’m doing the rainbow cake for my daughter’s 1st birthday, I really hope it comes out as beautiful as yours!

  283. 310
    sue anderson says:

    My favorite cake is a cake my mom made back in the 1950′s. She called it a Jewish Coffee Cake. It was made in a bundt pan with wonderful fresh from scratch ingredients which included real sweet butter, sour cream, flour, eggs, etc with a chopped walnut, brown sugar middle layer and top. So delicious and so moist.
    I think that since mom is 88 and I am 66, it is time to get that recipe! ♥

  284. 311

    Mmmm, a good moist carrot cake is definitely the most tempting sort for me :)

  285. 312
    Suzanne H says:

    I love a tart lemon cake!

  286. 313

    I’m so excited to try out this recipe, it looks delish!

    My favourite cake has to be a light sponge cake with custard filling, whipped cream frosting and fruit on top!

  287. 314

    I love strawberry cake! Yum!!

  288. 315

    Mmm my Dave cake and the one I’ve been craving to bake and enjoy since giving up baking and baked goods for lent is good old banana cake, moist and un iced, a lovely caramelized top, but be nice to stretch out and try a Choc ganache frosting. Thanks for the inspirational posts of cakes to try :)

  289. 316

    Looks like it could quickly become one of my favorite cookbooks! I love ice cream cake… any flavor will do. ;-) Thanks for the chance to win Rosie!

  290. 317

    I don’t know The Pioneer Woman much but that cake sure looks great! And that’s a tough question but I guess my favorite cake would be chocotorta. It’s a cake we make in my country, made with chocolate cookies layered with a mix of dulce de leche and cream cheese.

  291. 318

    My favorite cake is my grandmother’s pineapple upside down cake baked in her cast iron skillet. The carmelized pineapple and cherries plus the crisp, buttery crust of the cake is just unforgetable.

  292. 319
    Christine Ziegler says:

    Anything with lemon!!!!!! But after I try this recipe out- this may take first,,,,we shall see. And sure would LOVE to win that cookbook! Thanks for the chance- and thanks for sharing so much!

  293. 320

    hmm…my favorite cake would have to be anything involving chocolate :) i’m so excited about this giveaway! i have ree’s other cookbook and would love to add this one to my shelf!

  294. 321

    My favorite cake ever is a yellow butter cake with chocolate frosting. I wish I could say something more exciting but I can’t. It’s been my favorite flavor pairing since I was 4 and I’ll never go back.

  295. 322
    Michelle says:

    My favourite cake is almond and praline cake with ganache. My wedding cake.

  296. 323

    Chocolate Cake with vanilla icing! Love the contrast.
    Thanks for this, I’m going to visit Rees blog!!

  297. 324
    Cara Christensen says:

    Angel food cake with 7 minute icing! Every person in my family has “their” cake that my mom makes for their birthday. She has made angel food cake for me since my first birthday! The Italian Cream cake looks amazing…might have to make this one as a cupcake too!

  298. 325

    My favorite is carrot cake chock full of walnuts and slathered with cream cheese icing!

  299. 326

    This cake looks amazing! My personal favorite cake is chocolate with raspberry butter cream! Yum!

  300. 327

    Ohhhhh…. well. What is my favorite cake, huh? Traditionally it has been a white cake with lemon curd filling, white mountain icing and covered with coconut…. but my tastes have expanded slightly. Now my answer would be…. any cake except red velvet. Ha. Thanks to both you and Ree for being such fine blogging babes and for the contest!

  301. 328
    Denise Young says:

    I don’t have cake often but when I do it’s usually wedding cake. It’s my favorite because it’s tasty and it’s always a happy day when I have it!

  302. 329

    My husband absolutely loves apple coconut cake with a buttermilk glaze. So easy and moist!
    I just discovered your blog and love it!!!
    Thank you for sharing so many great recipes.

  303. 330

    I love chocolate cake with a raspberry buttercream!

  304. 331

    I like most cake, but my favorite is dark chocolate with vanilla buttercream.

  305. 332


  306. 333

    If I have to choose just one, I guess I’d have to say my favourite cake is chocolate.

  307. 334

    My new favorite cake is the one I made yesterday for a birthday. It was a raspberry cake with cooked meringue icing from Martha Stewart.
    Really turned out well.

  308. 335

    A very special hand-me-down from my mother, Thunder and Lightning cake. Unique, simple but amazing!

  309. 336

    I’ve made the Campfire Cake twice!! I also love Brooklyn Blackout cake.

  310. 337

    German Chocolate cake….probably because I like all the pecans and coconut!

  311. 338
    Allison C says:

    Some might think I’m boring, but I love a good white cake with white frosting. Red Velvet comes in second.

  312. 339

    Hi there,

    Quite simply, my favorite cake has always been a simple stawberry shortcake with loads of whipped cream and strawberries although your fluffy vanilla cake with your whipped vanilla frosting…OMG….my absolute fave!!

    This recipe looks amazing. How is it that I’m Italian and never attempted an “Italian Cream Cake”? LOL! Thanks for the recipe

  313. 340

    My favourite cake is the fluffy vanilla cake! Although I am yet to master the fluffy texture, it tastes amazing just the same!

  314. 341

    I do enjoy a tasty ice cream cake!!!

  315. 342

    My favorite cake is lemon cake with lemon curd and lemon icing. The chocolate cake with dulce de leche mousse that I make is a close second.

  316. 343
    Teresa DeYoung says:

    My favorite cake is Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Frosting…yummy!

  317. 344
    Jennifer M. says:

    I love Tres Leches Cake!

  318. 345

    My favorite cake is pound cake with a whipped cream and fruit topping.

  319. 346

    I love hummingbird cake – so moist and yummy

  320. 347

    My favorite cake is red velvet.

  321. 348

    My favorite cake is a good inside out German chocolate cake with chocolate ganache drizzled over the top so it goes over the edges into a delicious chocolate waterfall.

  322. 349

    My favrourite is anything covered in SMBC! Also love sprinke cake.

  323. 350

    This cake looks and sounds delicious. I’ve been visiting Ree since 2009, she cracks me up with her prose. My favorite cake? At the moment it’s banana cake with Nutella buttercream and peanut butter frosting, something I made last year and still think about.

  324. 351
    Kirsten Benkert says:

    For me, cake is simply a vehicle for frosting!!!! My absolute favorite frosting is that super sickingly sweet frosting they serve at the bakery. Yum! I will eat that on any good, moist cake, but my favorite is chocolate!!!

  325. 352

    There is nothing better than a homemade cake, this one looks so moist and delicious!

  326. 353

    My favorite cake is Tiramisu!!! Delicious ;-)

  327. 354

    The cake looks wonderful! Love Ree!

  328. 355

    Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting is my favorite cake.

  329. 356

    I love my family’s carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. A classic but a goodie.

  330. 357
    Jennifer Shih says:

    My favorite cake is the one-bowl chocolate cake recipe I found right here on Sweetapolita! It’s my go-to, no-fail recipe.

  331. 358

    Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache!

  332. 359
    Elizabeth Foster says:

    My all time favorite cake is chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting! Yum

  333. 360

    my favorite cake…how do I pick just one. If I have to name just one it would be Devil’s Food cake with Mock Whipped Cream Frosting…the cake of my dreams.

  334. 361

    ONE of my favourite cakes is Prince Albert Cake. My grandmother made this wonderful spice cake with raisons and a butter icing. so very yummy and my dad still loves it – and he is 91!!

  335. 362

    Red velvet

  336. 363

    My favorite cake is definitely chocolate with vanilla buttercream frosting!

  337. 364

    My favorite cake is, without question, super moist carrot cake with fluffy cream cheese frosting. Made from an old family recipe of course.
    Love the Pioneer Woman, and this cake looks fabulous! I have pinned it, and will be giving it a try…

  338. 365
    Oh.theCassie says:

    I love princess cake! Something about all that green marzipan is just hypnotising! (and delicious!)

  339. 366

    My most favorite cake would have to be Carrot Cake! Oh how I wish I had a piece right now!…lol

  340. 367

    My favorite cake is dark chocolate with chocolate chips and cream cheese frosting!

  341. 368

    I love Ree, and knowing you love her too makes me love you more!

    And chocolate cake, hands down!

  342. 369

    My favorite cake is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

  343. 370

    My favorite cake right now (it changes) is a green tea Kasutera cake. No frosting, lightly sweet, a tiny bit sticky and delicious!

  344. 371

    My favourite cake is a toss up between Chocolate Chai cake for my local baker or my mom’s Polish walnut cake with lemon icing – it’s so dense and decadent it takes 14 eggs!

  345. 372

    Ree’s Texas sheet cake. Delicious!

  346. 373
    Shelley Gabriel says:

    My favorite cake of all time happens to be Italian Cream Cake…really! I have always been too intimidated to make it because it just seems so easy to get it wrong. But I think I will try this one. Thanks Sweeta!

  347. 374

    My favorite cake is champagne cake! Made with pink champagne – it gives the cake and frosting a beautiful soft pink color!

  348. 375

    cheesecake. any flavor:)

  349. 376
    Bonnie Murphie says:

    My mums banana cake with coffee icing and sprinkled with walnuts. Perfect at anytime of the day as long as you have a cup of tea in hand!

  350. 377
    Jamie T. says:

    Any cake is really my favorite but if I had to pick it would be cheesecake or chocolate cake

  351. 378

    Plain vanilla :) why? Because I can have it everyday!

  352. 379
    Marizza Fouts says:

    Lemon Bluberry Cake. :)

  353. 380

    Hi! I don’t know if the contest is open internationally but I’ll give it a try: my favourite cake is dark chocolate genoise filled with whipped cream, the combination is delicious (and we are not used to buttercream this side of Europe, too)
    xoxo (I luuuurve your blog)

  354. 381

    My favorite cake is dark chocolate cake with rum custard filling and chocolate ganache frosting yummmy ;)
    Thank you for the giveaway …

  355. 382

    That cake looks absolutely beautiful! I think my favourite ever cake is probably caramel but this could give it a run for its money!

  356. 383

    fav cake is black forest it ..and i love the PW…

  357. 384

    I love black forest cake!!

  358. 385

    My favourite cake changes as the season change. Currently I my favourite is Butterscotch Bananna Cake. It is so yum. I baked 2 just in the past week.

  359. 386

    My favorite cake has to be carrot cake. Best ever was always made by my husband’s mother Louise. Although she is gone, the memories of that special cake she baked return whenever I have a slice….whether baked by me or anyone else for that matter…..

  360. 387

    My favorite cake is a strawberries and cream roll cake. Not too sweet.

  361. 388

    I love red velvet cake as well as tiramisu! My mum always bake either for my birthday :). I can’t wait to share Billie’s recipe with her!

  362. 389

    My favorite cake is Pavlova with vanilla cream, strawberries and topped with vanilla whipped cream. Yummy :o)

  363. 390
    Kate Woodhouse says:

    My favourite is the pineapple cheesecake that mum has made since I was a kid…Now I love to make it!

  364. 391

    oh, I have a heck of a sweet tooth, so picking ONE favorite cake is really tough :-)

    My absolute favorite dessert is probably tiramisù, but I am very picky about it.
    I also love lemon merengue pie, and freshly made black forest cake.

    aaaah, don’t get me started!

  365. 392
    Vicki Kirkland says:

    My favorite cake is buttermilk spice cake with spiced buttercream frosting.

  366. 393
    Diana Patricia Gutierrez Guzman says:

    Que emoción soy seguidora tuya y quiero ganarme el libro, mi pastel favorito es el de zanahoria con nueces, con cubierta de queso crema y ralladura de limón y el pastel de chocolate ! TODOS ! Me encantan

  367. 394
    Jen Kopczyk says:

    I love Dark Chocolate cake with very little frosting! Or banana cake or lemon cake. Strawberry cake is delicious too!

  368. 395

    I love cake in general but if I had to choose my favorite it would be my chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream! A close second is my pina colada cake!

  369. 396

    That cake looks scrumpteous!!
    My favourite cake is White Chocolate Truffle cake…Mmmm deeeelish!

  370. 397

    Okay, here’s the deal I just began baking cakes this year (with a goal to bake at least one magnificent cake a month), as a result I don’t feel justified to pick a “favorite” cake yet because there are still SO many out there to that I haven’t tasted yet! From the small assortment that I “have” tasted, however, I absolutely love chocolate cake (must be moist) with espresso drizzle (Sky High Cookbook!) and TONS of whipped cream on top!!! Cakes are just amazing in general. THANKS!

  371. 398

    I love cake! Whatever cake I am eating is my favorite at that moment. I have seldom met a cake that I do not LOVE! Homemade are the best….:)

  372. 399
    Shukry Hafiz says:

    My favorite cake is gonna be red velvet cake with a heap of cream cheese frosting!

  373. 400

    Love that cake! My fvorite cake is basic white cake with strawberry fluffy frosting! Yum! My mom made this for me every year for my birthday when I was a little girl! Great memories! Thanks for sharing!

  374. 401

    This reminds me of my mom’s Lazy Daisy Oatmeal cake she used to make for church picnics! But my very favorite cake is my mom’s chocolate cake topped with thick chocolate frosting and preferably a pink buttercream rose.

  375. 402

    Mmmmmm my favourite cake is peanut butter chocolate cake, ice cream or just plain cake, either way!!!

  376. 403
    Jennifer Robinson says:

    I’m loving this cake cant wait to try it! My favorite cake has to be Vanilla Butter layer cake with vanilla buttercream! but love it with a chocolate buttercream too!love having coffee and cake with my gorgeous friends :)

  377. 404
    alessandra says:

    my favorite is tiramisu’…but real italian tiramisu’ with savoiardi,mascarpone cheese,sugar,fresh eggs and a lot of strong coffee.DELICIOUS!

  378. 405

    My all-time favorite cake is carrot cake…. although I think it is all about the cream cheese frosting! This cake looks delicious and I can’t wait to try it! Ree never disappoints! :)

  379. 406
    Laura Wadsworth says:

    O.K. so my favorite icing is cream cheese icing, I just love it and could eat it in spoonfuls! And pair it with carrot cake? The BEST. But this recipe from Ree could possibly put it in second place!

  380. 407

    This cake looks delicious and the cookbook would be an awesome addition to my collection! I don’t have one specific favorite cake but a few that immediately come to mind are angel food cake, black forest torte (these used to be the two types of birthday cakes my Mom would make for me throughout the years) and I also love Tiramisu, yum! Thanks for the giveway, would love to win.

  381. 408

    My favorite cake is a Clementine cake iced with chocolate ganache! Yumm

  382. 409
    Amber Harris says:

    This is such an EASY answer! I have always loved cooking/baking but w/ a certain recipe I have become obsessed w/ cupcake and cake recipes and the need to make the kids a special treat to celebrate birthdays or holidays. I ordered 108 vanilla beans online (to split w/ a friend) due to this recipe and not kidding when I say I dream about this cake (especially the frosting). Thank you for sharing such awesome recipes and Ree as well :)
    Fluffy Vanilla Cake w/ Whipped Vanilla Bean Frosting

  383. 410

    Wow! I can’t wait to try this cake out, it looks so delicious!!

  384. 411
    Stephanie Jones says:

    Can I say it is my own Caramel, Brickle Cheesecake? If that doesn’t count I have a chocolate Chambourd cake that rocks too!

  385. 412

    As simple as it is- vanilla is my favourite cake!

  386. 413

    this cake looks yummy.

    my fave cake is by far carrot cake!

  387. 414

    Normally I would say plain chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting (1-bowl chocolate cake and uncooked or “country” buttercream) is my favorite…because it’s true. But I recently made a double-chocolate orange cheesecake (crust was chocolate sandwich cookies, nuts, butter, and chocolate chips, first and last layers were a dark chocolate cheesecake, middle layer was a white chocolate orange cheesecake, and the top was finished with a grand marnier whipped cream, candied orange peel, and chocolate curls so pretty everyone thought I bought it) from a Bon Appetit recipe. Inasmuch as cheesecake is a cake, it’s potentially a new favorite cake. Which is to say, Mom’s cake still wins, but this one was pretty freaking awesome.

  388. 415

    I will bury my face in a German chocolate cake although that Italian creme cake could easily climb its way to the top of my favorites list.

  389. 416
    Martha T says:

    My all-time favorite cake to make for other people is Double Chocolate Layer Cake from with chocolate buttercream and bittersweet chocolate ganache … maybe with chocolate covered strawberries on top.

  390. 417

    I love a chocolate cake topped with cream cheese frosting!

  391. 418

    My favorite is just a moist chocolate cake.

  392. 419
    Karen M. says:

    My all-time fav is red velvet – in any form: cake, cupcakes, whoopie pies. I even have a recipe for red velvet cheesecake!

  393. 420
    Maria de los A. Reina says:

    I love sweets, i love cakes and cupcakes… but if a have to choose one… Tiramisu is my choice!
    Maria de los A. Reina

  394. 421

    My favorite cake is vanilla with chocolate frosting!! Yumo!

  395. 422
    erin mary says:

    red velvet cake!!

  396. 423
    Jennifer Chorazy says:

    My favorite cake is chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting. Boring, I know, but not if you LOVE chocolate!

  397. 424

    I have yet to meet a cake that I don’t like…but my favorite kinds are those with fruit in the cake and icing. I love fresh summer berries in cake! Thanks for offering this great giveaway!

  398. 425

    What a yummy looking cake and such a great giveaway! I love the Pioneer Woman’s recipes … everyone that I have tried has been such a success! My favorite cake is simply a fluffy vanilla cake filled with vanilla buttercream.

  399. 426

    my favorite cake?! oy, that’s a hard one… um… does cheesecake count? and I FINALLY mastered the german chocolate cake topping this January. FINALLY! after many frustrating years. hallelujah for chocolate and coconut and nuts.

  400. 427
    Christine says:

    Tres leches is my favorite. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  401. 428

    Chocolate cake – I really like your recipe that’s used in the Ruffled Celebration Cake, or my other go-to recipe is humbly called “The Perfect Chocolate Cake” from McCall’s cooking school (recipe cards that came in the mail…did anybody else do this in the 80′s?)

  402. 429
    Nancy in NJ says:

    My favorite cake? I think that would have to be whatever is in front of me! If I had to narrow it down though, it would have to be an old fashioned southern Fresh Coconut Cake. Thanks for asking!

  403. 430
    Alexandra says:

    My favourite cake is actually Ree’s Strawberry Shortcake Cake! So delicious! :-)

  404. 431

    My favourite cake?? mmmhhh…it’s hard to choose between carrot cake, cheese cake, apple crumble and…well, yes, I think Sacher Torte. But I don’t know if it’s really known outside Europe. However, it’s typical from Wien and it is a chocolate cake, filled with apricot jam and covered with a chocolate ganache…delicious!

  405. 432

    My fav is anything Chocolate! Ree was recently in my city for a book signing about 3 miles from me, but circumstances kept me from going to see her.

  406. 433

    This cake looks amazing!! I love carrot of my very favorites!

  407. 434

    My favorite cake is my grandmothers chocolate cake with homemade chocolate frosting :)

  408. 435
    Teri Barros says:


    What’s my favorite cake? Coconut cream cake with apricot drizzle.


  409. 436

    Hummingbird cake!! And there’s fruit and nuts in it, so it’s healthy. right?

  410. 437

    Great book! Lemon blueberry cake……yum

  411. 438
    Carie Dinehart says:

    My favorite cake is my Grandma’s Italian Cream Cake!
    She’s been making it for my birthday every year for as
    long as I can remember! She’s still making it for me at
    95 years old! This years was the best yet!

  412. 439

    German Chocolate!!! It’s my favorite cake, and honestly the only way I’ll eat chocolate cake…the frosting works miracles!

  413. 440

    Every Cake is my favorite. I love them all-except when the recipe goes horribly wrong for some reason. And I love baking them all. Just wish I had more time. But I seem to make my favorite the last cake I baked!!!! The last one I made was Lemon cake with white chocolate buttercream and lemon curd filling. Yum!

  414. 441

    My favorite cake is an old fashioned pound cake. I make lots of them for people.

  415. 442

    I like rich chocolate cake with rich chocolate frosting!

  416. 443

    I religiously follow both of you.. It will be nice to win this book :)

  417. 444

    I love a German Chocolate cake. SO good. Chocolate and coconut together.

  418. 445

    oh yum!!! this sounds amazing and so decadent! I will have to try it

  419. 446

    Yum! Thanks for sharing with us! I make cakes, but I’m not crazy about eating them.. My Banana’s Foster cake is a “I have to push the plate away so I don’t eat the whole thing” kinda cake, though :)

  420. 447

    ohh my favorite cake is any cake moist and with the right balanced of sweetness and fillings.. but my Dominican cake yummm

  421. 448

    As always at the end of your posts, I want to skip work and bake cake! My favorite cake is a chocolate sour cream cake with peanut butter cream cheese icing :) Yummy!

  422. 449
    Stephanie Holland says:

    Carrot Cake is the best.

  423. 450
    Katie Rose says:

    Boring but delicious, my favorite cake is vanilla with vanilla frosting. Usually I tint the frosting a fun color just so it doesn’t seem so…white! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  424. 451

    My favorite cake is the Cannoli Cake my mother makes!

  425. 452

    What a gorgeous cake, Rosie! And congratulations on your 100th blog post!!! I’ve been reading your blog for such a long time, and I say very honestly, that you were my inspiration for starting my own blog! So thank you for that! :) My favorite cake is your fluffy vanilla cake with whipped vanilla frosting. The most amazing cake I’ve had in my life… I think I need to make it again :)

  426. 453

    My favorite cake would have to be Chocolate…or vanilla…or Hummingbird…oh I can’t possibly decide!! Hence why I bake so often :)

  427. 454
    Christy Shirack says:

    My fave is Red Velvet cake with buttercream frosting. Just typing that makes me want to go make one!

  428. 455

    My favorite cake is cheesecake! Love reading your blog Rosie!

  429. 456

    The cake looks amazing! Congratulations on your 100th post!! You’ve become my go to person for cake ideas!! My favorite cake is a Black forest cake, I can eat it anytime, all 365 days!!

  430. 457

    My favorite cake is chocolate (no icing). Hahaha…I know.

  431. 458
    Theresa Sea says:

    I never thought I was a cake lover, up until I really started baking myself. In fact, what I don’t like is traditional sugar-based buttercream. I love whipped cream and meringue frostings, and that completely transforms how I feel about cake! My favorite is probably carrot cake with a whipped or boiled frosting. :)

  432. 459

    My favorite cake is classic red velvet with cream cheese icing! :-)

  433. 460

    My favorite cake is good old chocolate!

  434. 461

    My mom’s Portuguese Orange Cake.

  435. 462

    My favourite cake is Chocolate Cake!

    Your blog is inspirational, I enjoy reading your it. You are a talented baker, someday I am hoping to try your asparagus cake!

  436. 463

    I love all cakes, but I’d have to say my favorite chocolate cake is from SmittenKitchen’s blog. It’s the one she for her father-in-law’s 60th birthday. It’s a rich chocolate cake with a light chocolate buttercream frosting. YUM!!!

  437. 464

    My favorite cake is actually one of yours! I loved the Fluffy Vanilla Cake with Whipped Vanilla Bean Frosting! :)

  438. 465
    Venetrise says:

    My favorite cake is a dark chocolate cake with espresso buttercream. I think I’m going to make it tonight!!!

  439. 466

    My favorite cake is anything that has chocolate..if I am at a party and the cake doesn’t have chocolate, I won’t eat it. Not worth the calories if there is no chocolate in it.

  440. 467

    I used to think “anything chocolate” was my favorite but I recently made an 8 layer rainbow cake with lemon SMB and it rocked my world! The cake was so moist and I added a couple of layers of lemon curd to enhance the lemon flavor. I think it’s my new favorite!

  441. 468

    Moist dark chocolate cake with raspberry mousse filling !!!!! Yummmmmmyyyyy!!!

  442. 469

    My favorite cake is a dark chocolate bundt cake with chocolate chips in the batter and chocolate frosting w/ tons of sprinkles!

  443. 470

    pretty much any cake with chocolate! my favorite combo is chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting!

  444. 471

    I can only pick one cake? That’s impossible. But I did make a fresh strawberry cake for my daughter’s birthday that was absolutely divine. So I’ll go with that. Thanks!

  445. 472

    Coconut cake with cream cheese icing!! :)

  446. 473
    Shaunna Ulrick says:

    German chocolate cake…yum!

  447. 474

    I love the Pioneer Woman’s recipes! My favorite cake is banana cake with whipped cream frosting.

  448. 475

    Um yum! That looks delish. My favorite cake has to be German chocolate! That’s my request rack year on my birthday;) ps I look forward to your posts and your beautiful photographs

  449. 476

    I love my grandma’s strawberry shortcake! I can’t just eat one slice!

  450. 477

    Black Forest!

  451. 478

    I looooove carrot cake! Thanks for this great giveaway offer.

  452. 479
    Kimberly P says:

    My favorite cake could be as simple as a chocolate cake with yummy chocolate frosting but there are times that a white cake is sooo good. I guess it depends on the day.

  453. 480

    My favorite cake is hummingbird with cream cheese frosting :-)

  454. 481
    Stephanie Lindsay says:

    Well, I love to bake, so it is tough to just choose one cake. A few years ago though, I had an Italian Cream cake in New York and was hooked. Pecans are my favorite nut and combined with a nice dense cake loaded with them and topped with cream cheese frosting with even more pecans? Well, you just can’t do much better. I am however a huge fan of Red Velvet, Carrot, German Chocolate, Black Forrest cake and Cassata cake…*sigh*. See what I mean, I am constantly trolling baking sites for my next favorite cake. ;0)

  455. 482

    I have been wanting Ree’s book so badly! I love her recipes too, if you haven’t tried her pork chops and pineapple fried rice you must tonight! A signed copy of Ree’s cookbook would be so amazing. On to my favorite cake to enter, it’s got to taste delicious and decorated to cute with sprinkles, gorgeous frosting or tons of candles. I don’t mind if it’s chocolate or strawberry or anything in between as long as it’s yummy and beautiful!

  456. 483

    My absolutely favorite is a pink champagne cake with a fluffy pink buttercream. :)

  457. 484

    Favorite cake is a toss-up between a good carrot cake (with lots of crushed pineapple) and a banana cake that I made once, and to this day cannot repeat.

  458. 485

    I would have to say that a classic Black Forest cake . . . you know the kind, the one my girlfriend’s mom used to make . . . Kirsch-soaked sour cherries, and loads of fresh whipped cream slathering in, on and all over . . . that’s my all-time favourite cake!

  459. 486
    Wendy Bartels says:

    Definitely carrot cake!!! Yum!

  460. 487

    I have been drooling on your site for awhile since a colleague introduced me to it…the recipes are amazing and your daughters are too cute. I will never turn down lemon cream cake with lemon frosting so that’s my favourite.

  461. 488

    My favorite cake is white cake filled with fresh strawberries and Chantilly cream. Yum!

  462. 489

    I love my recipe for candy cake !!

  463. 490

    I WILL be trying this cake out this week! So, it may be my favorite by Friday, lol. But today I would have to go with a whipped cheesecake with strawberry compote. I cannot resist it.

  464. 491

    I love the brazilian recipe of carrot cake with chocolate frosting…huummm..

  465. 492

    My favorite cake is lemon cake filled with raspberry cream and frosted with buttercream. R

  466. 493

    New fave is yellow cake with chocolate ganache frosting!

  467. 494

    My favorite is a strawberry pink with lots of buttercream!! Yummy!!

  468. 495

    My favorite cake isn’t much of a cake at all, more of a trifle I suppose, but as far back as I can remember, my mom made me dirt cake for my birthday and it holds a very special spot in my heart! So many birthday memories lie in that layered bowl of crushed oreos and pudding goodness!

  469. 496

    my favorite cake would be this cake with fruits and…yeah i don`t know the name, since i`ve only found these at vietnamese bakeries. BUT THEY ARE DELICIOUS. it has a sponge layer, with this custard…and then this cripy thing…and fruits on top. YUM.

  470. 497

    Nothing beats a rich chocolate cake with chocolate ganache frosting

  471. 498

    Oh my gos this look fantastic!! I think this might be my new favorite cake — even without trying it!

  472. 499

    Chocolate! The end! :)

  473. 500
    Kari Sunnarborg says:

    Hmmm.. I would say a chocolate cake.

  474. 501

    Red velvet cake, hands down. And with cream cheese frosting, not marshmallow. This is a debate that has gone in my family for years.

  475. 502
    Kimberly Marie says:

    This is plain and not particularly original, but I love chocolate cake with chocolate icing. :)

  476. 503

    Red velvet

  477. 504
    Elizabeth says:

    I made a browned butter vanilla cake with a dark chocolate meringue/buttercream/cloud confection and I wanted to shove my face into it and eat it all!!

  478. 505

    I love love love your autumn cake. It has become my absolute favorite.

  479. 506

    It’s hard to pick one but I really love a dense Southern Cream Cheese Pound Cake topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

  480. 507

    I’m torn between black forest and German chocolate. don’t make me choose;)

  481. 508
    Karrie LeDrew says:

    For our birthday’s growing up my mother always made a rich dark chocolate cake (very similar to your chocolate cake) with mile high boiled icing (similar to a 7 min frosting, however, method slightly varies). The icing is not too sweet and very “meringue-ish”.

  482. 509

    Vanilla cake with strawberry mousse filling and cinnamon buttercream on top. yum.

  483. 510

    I love a good, rich, standard chocolate cake! No fruit, no fuss!

  484. 511
    Stephanie M. says:

    i really am an equal opportunity cake eater, but when you get right down to it, my favorite kind of cake is yellow with creamy chocolate frosting. to me it’s a classic- traditional and simple. when i make it i also ALWAYS throw on some rainbow jimmies!

    p.s. the way you feel about Ree and her blog is kinda how i feel since having recently discovered YOUR blog! [blushes a little.] :)

  485. 512

    Carrot Cake. Love it, always!

  486. 513

    Gingerbread. No icing. Just a bit of powdered sugar. I could eat it every day! However, this cake is delicious. I’ve made it before. MMMM.

  487. 514

    Apple cake with a caramel sauce!

  488. 515

    I just love all of your posts and recipes! I am actually making a combination of your cake and frosting recipes for my wedding cake, which also happens to be my favorite cake :)

    My favorite cake is the chocolate cake used in the inside out Neapolitan cake topped with American style strawberry buttercream frosting made with concentrated strawberry puree (recipe from the Cake Bible) and glazed with a dark chocolate ganache.

    Thanks for all the lovely pictures, recipes and stories. I love reading them all!

  489. 516

    My favorite cake would have to be lemon!

  490. 517

    My favorite cake is a white chocolate almond cake with raspberry filling. I usually make it as a treat for friends who need a special something to cheer them up.

  491. 518

    Rosie, I finally made your rainbow cake for my daughter’s 8th birthday last week. It was my first time working with fondant. It came out ok but think I need a little practice. Plus the doodle pens I used weren’t so great – I will use your recommendation from now on!! Needless to say, it is our new favorite cake as the cake was delightful and the buttercream was amazing. Thank you so much for the great idea. The 16 children we hosted were amazed when they saw the rainbow layers! The adults were pretty impressed as well. Take care. Jayne

  492. 519

    My favorite cake is strawberry lemonade!

  493. 520

    Any cake with fruit filling, or coconut, or chocolate, or cinnamon, or caramel, or…. who am I kidding? I LOVE CAKE!

  494. 521

    My favorite cake is Yogourt Cake. It’s more a pie than a cake, with a sweet shortcrust, an ever so thin layer of dark chocolate (plain crunchy dark chocolate), a thin layer of raspberry puree scattered with a few whole raspberries and ,finally, a thick layer of the most amazing yogourt mousse. I even had it as my wedding cake and it was a complete hit!!!

  495. 522

    My favorite cake is German Chocolate….of course with a big ole glass of cold milk!

  496. 523
    Carla RC says:

    I absolutely love her chocolate sheet cake. I use it for everything (cake, cupcakes, laker cake, etc…)

  497. 524

    Salted Caramel Chocolate Fudge Cake!

  498. 525
    TiffanyBlue says:

    Hands down vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream icing. Yum!! I love that you guys are blog friends, too cool! I totally want to move to her ranch and be bff too! Let’s bond over that…haha.

  499. 526

    Our favorite cake that we make is our Tender White Cake that we got from the King Arthur Flour site. Tender and moist it is, with a very soft, fine crumb. The reason we like this cake so much is we take this recipe and add ingredients like vanilla beans, or almond butter, or raspberry puree or lemon juice and zest, and turn it into many different flavors of cake…all delicious and yet keeping the qualities we love of the original Tender White Cake! Our favorite flavor of cake to eat I would say is definitely anything chocolate!

  500. 527
    Steph Davis says:

    Chocolate with vanilla or chocolate frosting, I am not picking. My favorite is a recipe I came across in high school.

  501. 528
    Julie Ann says:

    Commercially speaking, I LOVE the Pink Champagne Cake from the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, CA. But, if I have to pick one that is homemade, it would be Fresh Lemon Cake that I am fond of making every Easter.

  502. 529

    My favorite cake is…

    A simple red velvet with cream-cheese frosting. It will be my wedding cake in just 6 short months :)

  503. 530

    My favourite is chocolate fudge cake with vanilla icing!

  504. 531
    Nancy C. says:

    One of my favorite cakes is a cake called Amalgamation Cake. My husband’s grandmother from Mississippi used to make it. A very good cake!!

  505. 532
    Emily C. says:

    Cherry Chocolate Fudge cake… it is to DIE FOR! Chocolate cake with a can of cherry pie filling mixed in and baked and then a cooked chocolate frosting on top that ends up like fudge. My mom makes it and it is the only cake I really like. In fact, I think I need to call her and see if she’ll make me one right now! :)

  506. 533
    Desi Deuley says:

    My favorite cake is Carrot Cake with a lot of creme chesse on it!!!

  507. 534

    When I was a kid, my sister and I made up a cake we called “Throw cake.” It was a white cake and we would ‘throw’ chocolate chips and pecan pieces in the cake. Some would sink down but most of it would sit on the top, I would smear the chocolate around to make a layer of ‘icing’.
    It’s still one of my favorites, since I don’t really like traditional frosting.

  508. 535

    Personally, my fav cake is a yellow cake layered with whipped cream and fresh strawberries! ;)

  509. 536

    I’m a red velvet cake girl

  510. 537

    Almond cake, white icing, hopefully some sort of fruit filling: raspberry or strawberry would be awesome.

  511. 538

    Let there be cake!

    My favorite cake is chocolate with raspberry buttercream frosting.

  512. 539

    I’m partial to the asian style sponge cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Something about it is so light and delish. BUT .. I did just make Colette Peter’s chocolate cake and it was pretty darn tasty. There are way WAY too many cakes to choose and .. OH .. I forgot about a Tres Leches cake. Ok. That’s my favorite. Definitely.

  513. 540

    My favourite cake is cake. Mmmmm… cake.

    Carrot cake with maple cream cheese buttercream.

    Vanilla cupcakes with delicious perfect swirly frosting and sprinkles.

    Your Chocolate Fudge Cake with Salted Caramel Buttercream blew my mind.

    And the dark chocolate and salted peanut butter icecream cake a friend made me a couple of years ago is a food memory I will carry to my grave.

  514. 541

    I love a moist chocolate chunk cake with ganache… yum!

  515. 542

    My favorite is Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse Layer Cake =)

  516. 543

    Coconut layer cake with mango curd filling and fluffy seven minute frosting- yum!

  517. 544

    My favorite cake is vanilla with fresh strawberries and whipped cream :)

  518. 545

    My all time favorite cake is cannoli cake. The best place to get this is a small bakery in my husbands hometown- Smithtown, NY. It’s super moist, with just the right amount of cream and frosting. We save it for special occasions when we celebrate birthdays or anniversaries while visiting.

  519. 546
    Jacqueline O'Connor says:

    Caramel Apple Cake is my favorite!

  520. 547

    I love a good Red Velvet cake!! YUM!

  521. 548

    Great giveaway! My favorite kind of cake is definitely anything with lemon!

  522. 549
    Linda Partridge says:

    My favorite cake right now is the chocolate layer cake that was featured in food network magazine in the Feb. issue. It’s to die for. Two chocolate layers with a whipped chocolate ganache surrounded by homemade triple chocolate bark. I just discovered your blog and have already made several of your cakes. The chocolate cake with the strawberry buttercream was a hit at work. The next cake that I will make will be the choco choco cake.

  523. 550
    Caroline says:

    Lemon Poppyseed Pound Cake will always be #1 in my book!

  524. 551

    I love a chocolate cake with a vanilla frosting. Simple, but so delicious.

  525. 552
    Jessica W says:

    German Chocolate Cake is hands down my favorite. A close second are buttermilk brownies (which PW calls “The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever) made into mini cupcakes and topped with ganache.

  526. 553

    The all-time favorite Fresh Homemade Coconut Cake. Thank you for asking.

  527. 554

    Strawberry cake

  528. 555
    Aimee Warner says:

    My favourite cake is your Campfire delight cake. Marshmallow and Chocolate oh so good.
    P.S. your Blog is the most beautiful site I’ve ever seen thank you so much for such amazing inspiration for my culinary adventures!

  529. 556

    Day old birthday cake when it’s mine… all mine!

  530. 557

    Lately, my favorite cake seems to be whatever I have most recently made. I take cake or cupcakes to my co-workers every Thursday, so I am always looking for something new to get them excited about. So, I think I am going to try the Hummingbird cake recipe on this site because the description of the cake is just irresistible.

  531. 558

    Cake is my favorite dessert so I’ve contemplated this question several times and I can never make up my mind. I adore basic white cake with vanilla buttercream. It was always my birthday cake growing up (usually tinted pink) so I have major fond memories tied to it. I also love my mom’s chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting. It’s the best chocolate cake I’ve ever had and it’s heaven!

  532. 559

    I love my mom’s strawberry chocolate cake with whipped cream and chocolate sauce!

  533. 560

    Choosing a favourite cake is like choosing a favourite child for me. Right at this moment my favourite would be vanilla cake with strawberry cream filling and fabulous vanilla buttercream frosting.

    Love your blog! You are single-handedly responsible for the fifteen pounds I’ve put on… (Well, maybe I had something to do with it.)

  534. 561

    Does Tiramisu count? If so then, that’s my favorite. If not, then probably Date-Nut cake.

  535. 562
    Sarah Stainthorpe says:

    My favourite cake is chocolate cake filled with whipped cream and raspberries

  536. 563

    red velvet or carrot or sour cream chocolate with cream cheese frosting

  537. 564

    I love Italian Cream Cake, but my all time favorite cake is chocolate!

  538. 565

    I have to say carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Hmmm, now I’m hungry for cake ;)

  539. 566

    I think today my favorite cakes is coconut with 7 minute frosting.

  540. 567

    My favorite cake is simple but so yummy although it has to be baked by either my Aunt Thelma or Aunt Melba. Pound Cake, no one can come close to making a pound cake like my 2 Aunts. Maybe it is the fact I have to go back home to Georgia for a slice but nothing warms my heart more than a slice of their pound cake. Aunt Melba’s is so moist and always served with a glass of milk. I can never have just one piece. Aunt Thelmas pound cake is found on her cake platter where I hardly ever put the lid back on. I pick apart the crust first and then finally have at least 2 pieces. They follow the same recipe but I swear each has their own special ingredient.

  541. 568

    My favorite cake is a lemon-blueberry bundt cake with glaze…yum! This looks amazing!

  542. 569

    My favorite is the traditional Mandarin Orange cake. It’s always a hit!

  543. 570

    Tres Leches! It’s so good with fruits on top!

  544. 571

    So many good cakes to choose from but after trying so many fancy and some not so fancy cakes I happen to really love battenberg cake lol I know it’s not like a huge cake but a dainty tea one but I love the jam and the marzipan it’s just so…. Well yummy lol! Well good luck everyone wish we all could win I’d love to win its my bday this month and I haven’t bought myself a new cookbook in ages!

  545. 572

    My favorite is my grandmother’s pineapple upside down cake. It helps that I can make it well.

  546. 573

    My favorite cake is associated with my 95-year-old paternal grandmother, whom was also a church-going woman. She would bring this cake to church potluck every week along with her baked spaghetti. It was a buttery vanilla cake topped with a stick-to-your-teeth caramelized sugar glazed oozing over slices of pineapple. Yes, it’s good old fashioned Pineapple Upside-Down Cake… Yummm!!!

  547. 574

    I love all cakes!! I like my mom’s poppy seed bundt cake. Super moist. But Billie’s cake looks divine.

  548. 575

    Hi there! Thanks for the giveaway. I’d have to say my favorite kind of cake is almond cake. A barely sweet, rich, moist slice of yellow cake made with ground almonds and almond extract, sans frosting. I eat way more cake than can be good for me and that’s the slice I always have room for.

  549. 576

    that would ultimately be Ube (Purple Yam) Macapuno Cake. When you’re a Filipino overseas it’s one of those sweet things that you miss from back home.

  550. 577
    Monique Fleischer says:

    Wow this looks yumyy! My favourite is definitely my Mom’s Chocolate cake!

  551. 578

    My favorie cake is a Chocolate layer cake, with nutella whipped cream filling and chocolate sour cream frosting!

  552. 579

    this cake looks to die for! I’m a bit of a traditionalist at heart, I like a good lemon drizzle loaf with a nice cup of english tea!

  553. 580

    my favorite cake is chocolate with chocolate frosting!

  554. 581

    My favorite cake is, hands down, Guinness chocolate cake, frosted with a Bailey’s buttercream and topped with shaved chocolate curls.

  555. 582
    laura dechant says:

    my favorite is white cake with italian meringue buttercream. simple and delicious, yum!

  556. 583

    i just love the old and traditional butter it to the the buttery flavour.

  557. 584
    Jennifer says:

    My favorite cake is PW’s Tres Leches Cake. It is out of this world!!!

  558. 585

    ONE favorite cake? What?! :) Seriously, that is an impossible question! I guess I would have to go with a super moist chocolate cake, with a not-too-sweet chocolate frosting.

  559. 586

    My mother-in-law makes an amazing strawberry cake that I request every year for my birthday.

  560. 587

    I love coconut cake. With coconut milk buttercream. Topped with coconut.

    Can’t have too much coconut.

  561. 588
    Tiffany H says:

    rich, dark chocolate with dark chocolate buttercream is my favorite!

  562. 589

    chocolate mousse cake! does that count? it’s heavenly :)

  563. 590

    Your petite ruffles cake is my fav one, from the way it taste to the way it looks.
    Check out my blog for my attempt of yr ruffles cake…

  564. 591

    It HAS to be carrot cake for me! :)

  565. 592

    I’m a little fancy. My favorite cake of all time is Salted Caramel, chocolate cake with salted caramel and dark chocolate ganache.

  566. 593

    My favorite is Carrot Cake! I love cream cheese frosting with pecans! My birthday is later this month so I can’t wait!! YUM!!!

  567. 594

    My favorite right now is my from scratch Key Lime Cake with Cream Cheese frosting. :) Thanks!

  568. 595

    I love carrot cake with cream cheese icing!

  569. 596
    Brenna Z. says:

    Strawberry Shortcake or Angel Food Cake! Bring on the Strawberries Summer!

  570. 597
    Vishanna Jaimungal says:

    My fav. cake is a simple home made “trini” styled fruit cake topped with buttercream cream frosting…will have you biting your fingers!!!

  571. 598

    My favorite cake is either coconut cake or chocolate cake with whip cream. Yum!!! I might need to go bake a cake now.

  572. 599

    Favorite cake?? All of them. Really though, chocolate on chocolate. Or carrot, covered in sweet cream cheese frosting with brown sugar and walnuts on top.

  573. 600
    Michelle Wright says:

    My all time favorite cake is Strawberry with cream cheese frosting.

  574. 601
    JeannieB says:

    My favorite cake is black russian cake with homemade chocolate sauce drizzled (poured!) over the top.

  575. 602

    My favorite cake is Black Forest cake, but since I tried your extra dark chocolate cake with raspberry swiss meringue buttercream frosting and alternated the layers with white chocolate and dark chocolate ganache, I can’t decide which one I like better …..

  576. 603
    BethAnnW says:

    My favorite cake is chocolate with peanut butter frosting.

  577. 604

    My favorite is coconut cake. Yum!!! But I also adore anything mocha flavored :)

  578. 605
    Elaina Bee says:

    Carrot cake is my favorite!! And I of course use PW’s recipe!

  579. 606

    It’s hard to choose a favorite cake, but my favorite Sweetapolita cake has been the campfire cake! That toasted mashmallow frosting is the bomb!

  580. 607

    I love the berry chantilly cake that we make at my bakery!

  581. 608

    Vanilla cake with raspberries, lemon curd, and vanilla buttercream!

  582. 609

    My favorite cake, bar none, is a nice yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Second would be a pistachio pudding cake made with white cake mix, a box of pistachio pudding, club soda, etc. Neither are very sophisticated, but definitely simple and of great comfort.

  583. 610

    If I had to pick, it would be Caramel Cake!

  584. 611
    Sarah D. says:

    My favorite cake is my mother-in-law’s Apple Autumn Harvest Cake! Delicious!

  585. 612

    My favorite cake is chocolate with chocolate frosting!

    I have made Ree’s “My Favorite Meatloaf” and my daughter who does not like meatloaf loved it! She requests it again and again.

  586. 613

    I heart Ree! And you Rosie! My favorite cake has to be lemon meringue pie, but only if it’s home made, preferably with meyer lemons. Then you can really taste the lemon.

  587. 614

    Love Ree’s chocolate sheet cake!

  588. 615

    Um…if I have to decide, my grandma’s Angel Food cake (though I recently discovered that she just uses boxed mix)…although I still think she puts something else in there that she’s not telling me about.

  589. 616

    I would say my favorite cake has to be BIRTHDAY CAKE! there is always such excitement and anticipation that comes along the day a birthday cake is to be made, and I personally love that first bite of a great moist cake with sweet icing! And it’s never really the same cake twice since you always come up with a better idea for the next one~

  590. 617
    Jacqueline C says:

    My favorite cake is Lemon Pound cake made with fresh lemons. My aunt Lois makes one that is incredible.

  591. 618
    Megan Di Iullo says:

    I love this!!! My favorite cake is carrot with extra walnuts and extra raisins!


    Mrs. DeLo

  592. 619

    Beautiful Cake! I have to say my favorite cake would be a butter pecan cake with a cream cheese frosting. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! and I also LOVE the Pioneer Woman, anyone who doesn’t has got to be crazy right??

  593. 620

    I love carrot cake!!

  594. 621
    Vanessa Rivera says:

    I have made this cake before and it is good. My favorite cake would have to be lemon cake with strawberry filling and lemon buttercream..Mmmmmmmm!!!!

  595. 622
    danielle says:

    cliche, i know, but red velvet will always hold a special place in my heart

  596. 623

    So hard to choose! I love a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. But also a lemon blueberry cake!

  597. 624
    Amanda L. says:

    I’ve never met a cake I didn’t like, but my favorite has got to be angel food.

  598. 625

    My favorite cake is Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Layer Cake. Totally rich and decadent! :)

  599. 626

    chocolate cake with strawberry frosting!

  600. 627
    Melissa C. says:

    I love ice cream cake made with yellow cake and coconut ice cream.MMMMMMMMmmmm

  601. 628

    Who could pick ONE favorite cake?? When I was younger, for my birthday, I always asked my mom to make white cake with fresh strawberry filling and whipped cream frosting…light and fluffy and delish. Best memories ever :)

  602. 629

    CHOCOLATE cake all the way!!

  603. 630

    My all time favorite cake is a chocolate cake with a white chocolate cheesecake moose filling and a chocolate ganache topping :) mmmmmm

  604. 631

    My favorite cake is luscious layered coconut cake, yum yum. i will make the italian cream cake now.

  605. 632

    You know, normally I would say carrot cake, provided said carrot cake contained walnuts and sultanas and was loaded up with cream cheese frosting. But last weekend I made Chocolate Heartache Cake (click my name for the recipe). It’s a dense, moist, wonderful chocolate cake. It’s not quite as dense or sweet as mud cake, which – dare I say – makes it better. And the secret ingredient? Eggplant!!!

  606. 633

    Chocolate cake with mocha rum icing!

    She is one of the first blogs I started reading years ago too! Got me hooked on food blogs

  607. 634
    Shelby G. S. says:

    Chocolate with raspberry filling! yum!

  608. 635

    my fav cake is black forest cake!

  609. 636

    So hard to choose a favorite..but I like Red Velvet.

  610. 637

    My most favourite cake would have to be vanilla with either vanilla or chocolate frosting….but a frosting that’s not too sweet. Mmmmmmmm!!!

  611. 638

    Strawberry Cake. Hands down.

  612. 639

    My favourite cake is your rich and dark chocolate cake – and this isn’t just sucking up. It’s seriously my go-to chocolate cake recipe! So moist, so easy, so foolproof. LOVE it.

  613. 640

    German chocolate with coconut brown sugar icing. Or anything with cream cheese icing really. Better yet, I’ll skip the cake and just eat the icing!

  614. 641

    Anything chocolate!

  615. 642

    Good lord this is the cake of my dreams. I feel like this may be a favorite, but my current obsession is a banana cake with banana pudding frosting. It is heavenly

  616. 643

    This decadent dark chocolate whiskey cake I make. I pair it with homemade bourbon vanilla and cinnamon whipped cream :)

  617. 644
    Stefanie Embree says:

    I love a really delicious, perfectly moist vanilla cake. I’m always trying to find the perfect recipe, and love checking your site to see if you have a new one to try :)!

  618. 645

    Lemon cake with raspberry icing. Ohh yum!

  619. 646

    My favorite cake is Brooklyn Blackout cake. It’s an all chocolate cake with chocolate icing that’s very fudgy and dark and rich. I live in Brooklyn, too, so naturally, that adds to my love for this cake!

  620. 647

    I go crazy for anything coconut and chocolate. Put them together and you have heaven on a platter.

  621. 648
    Katie Wahlquist says:

    This sounds delicious! Picking a favorite is hard…either coconut or a rich chocolate with cream cheese frosting or SMBC.

  622. 649

    My all time favorite cake is carrot with cream cheese frosting! I always feels like at least I am eating some veggies! :)

  623. 650

    My mum and I always loved to make German chocolate cakes together. We’re Philippine, so I’m not exactly sure how that came about. :-)

  624. 651

    The classic yellow cake with sweet chocolate frosting. MMM, my mouth is watering as I type!

  625. 652
    Kait Paker says:

    My favorite would have to be carrot cake or anything that’s chocolate on chocolate!

  626. 653
    Jenni Smith says:

    My favorite cake is almond buttercream…i.e. wedding cake!

  627. 654

    My favourite cake would have to be what my mom used to make when I was younger… sponge cake lightly sprinkled with pineapple syrup and layered with chopped pineapple pieces and lots of fluffy whipped cream… YUM!!

  628. 655

    I am a Cakaholic! Currently my favourite cake is white chocolate baked cheese cake with Oreo base! AmAZing !

  629. 656

    My favourite cake is Baked’s whiteout cake. Dense fluffy and beautiful. Not the easiest to make but definately worth the effort!

  630. 657

    My favorite cake is chocolate peanut butter cake from the Sky High: Irresistible Triple-Layer Cakes book.

  631. 658
    carolina says:

    hi! My favorite cake is my lemon cake with lemon curd and lemon swiss meringue buttercream frosting. MmmMmm. <3

  632. 659


    I am from Australia and my favourite cake would have to be Hummingbird Cake, YUM!!

  633. 660

    My favorite cake a a funfetti cake with vanilla frosting and lots of sprinkles! always has been since i was a kid. it’s just too colorful to resist! (and even better now that i know how to make my own and not use a box mix.) <3 Michelle

  634. 661

    I love me a pick-me-up so it’s Tiramisu! But I also love lamingtons.

  635. 662

    My favorite cake is 3 Day Cake. At least that’s what we call it : ) i got the recipe about 25 years ago from my sister (a “Church Lady”). It is a layer cake with a sour cream and coconut frosting that you make 3 days ahead of time so the cake can soak up that frosting. YUMMMMY. But after i try this Italian cake, who knows?

  636. 663

    My favorite cake is chocolate stout cake with a simple chocolate frosting. Beyond delicious.

  637. 664

    I love Italian Cream Cake! I always ask my sister to make it for me … now I have a good recipe to try myself!

  638. 665

    My favourite cake is chocolate cake. I know I sound so boring, but I just LOVE chocolate, I think I have a sickness. I need to eat chocolate every day, it’s so bad. And drizzled with a bit of caramel…oh boy!

  639. 666
    Misty Kay says:

    Lemon buttercream icing with a lemon curd between the layers. :)

  640. 667

    I love all cake, but chocolate is probably my favorite :)

  641. 668

    mmmmm hummingbird cake for sure!

  642. 669

    Carrot Cake for sure (but no raisins) and a yummy not too sweet cream cheese frosting, mmm

  643. 670
    Deb Kiefer says:

    Love, love, love me some Coconut Cake!

  644. 671

    my grandmother’s German Chocolate!

  645. 672

    My favorite cake is chocolate cake with a delicious vanilla cream cheese frosting.

  646. 673

    My favorite cake is chocolate cake with a delicious vanilla cream cheese frosting. Though, if I try this Italian Cream Cake then it might just change.

  647. 674

    Ree is the reason I started baking in the first place, and you, Rosie, are the reason that now I can’t go a week without baking a layer cake. I’m totally hooked, thanks to your beautiful blog!

    I have so many favorites…depends on the day and my mood. On a warm day, I’d say Ree’s strawberry shortcake cake but on a cool night, your Campfire Delight. I also love my aunt’s pineapple upside down, my sister’s butter pound and my own carrot cake with walnuts, raisins and cream cheese frosting. Though I have a feeling this Italian Cream cake is going to give them a run for their money!

  648. 675
    Jennie Vann says:

    My favorite and my family’s all-time favorite cake is Chocolate Fudge Cake with Chocolate Fudge Frosting! I make this cake several times during the year on special occasions and I also make it to share with the people I work with. We love it!!

  649. 676

    I Like carrot cake and coconut cake and chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream!!

  650. 677

    My favorite cake is Chocolate – Any kind of chocolate cake!

  651. 678

    Ree’s Texas Sheet Cake! YUM~~~

  652. 679

    If you put salted caramel and chocolate in the same place at the same time AND it happens to be a cake, how could it not be my favorite?

  653. 680

    I love anything with a rich fudgy, chocolatey frosting and/dark chocolate ganache. Yum!

  654. 681

    Classic yellow cake with chocolate fudge frosting! mmmmmm!

  655. 682
    Ingrien Schaefer says:

    Chocolate cake with chocolate icing and sliced bananas in between the layers = heaven!!

  656. 683
    Yessenia says:

    I recently started following Ree more avidly after her article in this month’s Food Network magazine – her recipes are fantastic! As for my favorite cake(s), it’s a tie between a chocolate cake with yummy buttercream and raspberry filling or my grandma’s homemade red velvet recipe with her special frosting! :)

  657. 684

    I loveeeee me some red velvet and plain chocolate cake.

  658. 685

    My favorite cake is a white cake with toasted coconut mixed in the batter and frosted with 7 minute frosting. It’s all sprinkled with coconut & some chopped almonds.

    I never made this Italian Cream Cake, but after seeing how delicious it looked, I’m going to make it very soon.

  659. 686

    My favorite is buttery vanilla cake with chocolate frosting!!

  660. 687

    Chocolate with chocolate fudge frosting with more chocolate on the side… yes… chocolate!

  661. 688

    My favourite cake is your vanilla cake with fluffy vanilla bean icing!

  662. 689

    I found this recipe years ago for “Fantasy Fudge Cake” and it’s quite spectacular. Chocolate layered cake, fudge icing, chocolate curls for decoration. Yum.

  663. 690

    Does Trifle count? Cakes layered with pudding, fruit, and/or cream are my weakness… :)

  664. 691

    My favorite cake is any kind of cheesecake!

  665. 692
    Olivia Landy says:

    My favorite cake is this Betty Crocker peanut butter silk cake I made for my mother for her birthday one year. It’s the only gift she asks for now. I’ve made it for her every year since then!

  666. 693

    My favorite cake is my mother’s Red Velvet. Made from scratch – always – and she uses a butter frosting that is divine. She makes it once a year for my Dad’s birthday and it is always amazing.

  667. 694

    My favorite cake, at the moment, would have to be chocolate cake — made from a Sweetapolita recipe. I made if for my husband’s birthday gathering and it was a big hit. I used half of a recipe of traditional, vanilla SMB for the filling and then added melted to chocolate to the other half to frost the outside. DELICIOUS. Thanks for helping to make our birthday celebrations so much more delicious and festive!

  668. 695

    My favourite cake – that I’ve tasted so far – is a cake filled and topped with strawberries, cream cheese and whipped cream. It’s seriously good and even better the day after!

  669. 696
    Jennifer says:

    My favorite cake is a tiramisu cake!

  670. 697

    Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

  671. 698

    I just love your blog and you’ve inspired me to be more creative and experiment on making layer cakes. I’ve made your neapolitan, funfetti layer and funfetti cupcake cakes which were all a success. Recently, I challenged myself in making the SMB and, boy, am I glad that I did. You are absolutely correct in saying this is the best frosting ever. Thanks again and keep up the great work. My favorite cake is white cake.

  672. 699

    My all time fav? Hummingbird Cake! But I’ll settle for just about anything with sugar in it.

  673. 700

    My favorite cake is a cake I baked last summer.It is called Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Filling with Espresso Buttercream Frosting. It really needs a better name than that, don’t you think? Anyway, it was really really good.

  674. 701

    Vanilla cake with fresh strawberries& whipped cream :)

  675. 702

    My absolute favourite cake would be Rosie’s autumn delight cake. Absolutely delicious. My family were more proud of me when I produced that than when I graduated university!

  676. 703

    Oh wow…my favorite cake?!?! That is soooooooo hard! I’m torn between 6 layer Banana Cake with a Chocolate Espresso frosting and Chocolate Truffle Cake…yeah, I like chocolate!

    What a fun contest! Hope I win! My family LOVES The Pioneer Woman!

  677. 704
    Debbie T says:

    Definitely coconut cake…..yummy!!

  678. 705

    My favorite cake is Vanilla Bean Pound Cake with fresh fruit, whatever is on season (and some ice cream on the side won’t hurt!)

  679. 706
    Angel Girl says:

    Like you, Rosie, my absolute favourite cake is vanilla.

    LOVE your blog and recipes and Pioneer Woman’s as well. You both inspire me!

  680. 707

    My favorite cake is four layer chocolate cake with whipped cream in between two of the layers….YUM!

  681. 708

    Can I have two favorites? Coconut cake with coconut german buttercream frosting, ex aequo with pure vanilla: vanilla cake layers, filled with vanilla pastry cream, frosted with a vanilla swiss meringue buttercream to which I add just enough powdered sugar to remind me of the buttercreams of my childhood.

  682. 709

    My favorite cake is Tropical Carrot Cake with Coconut Cream Cheese icing.

  683. 710

    I have been eyeing Ree’s new cookbook for a while now! I’m actually thinking about buying a copy to give to my sister since I discovered we both enjoy her blog. That said, my favorite cake is banana cream… followed closely by chocolate (with any kind of buttercream frosting).

  684. 711

    Two favorites – Mom’s Chocolate Cake (from Food & Wine) and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cupcakes!

    Side note – Ree and I are from the same hometown, LOVE HER!

  685. 712

    My favorite cake is carrot with the cream cheese frosting

  686. 713

    So hard to just pick one! Homemade from scratch would be this amazing Italian Creme cake or a chocolate sheet cake. If it is I’m hurrying and need a box mix, a yellow cake and chocolate icing is amazing!

  687. 714

    My favorite is Princess Diana’s Birthday Cake. It is a delicious light and fluffy yellow sponge cake with four layers of whipped cream and strawberries. The recipe was printed in a magazine featuring Princess’s favorite cakes.

  688. 715

    Growing up, my mom always made me an apricot nectar cake for my birthday. Fond memories!

  689. 716

    That cake looks delicious! I love The Pioneer Woman!

    As for my favourite, I can’t choose just one. It’s got to be between, cheesecake (with caramel/toffee/chocolate/white chocolate kind of combinations, lemon cake (poppy seed or with some kind of berry – strawberry or raspberry!) and carrot cake with lots of cream cheese frosting.

    Gosh, now I’m hungry and it’s just past 2.30 in the morning!

  690. 717
    Tina Marie says:

    Most definitely my Grandmother’s Graham Cracker Cake.. So simple yet yummy! 3 ingredients…Hershy’s Chocolate Syrup, Graham Crackers & Whipping Cream. Delish!

  691. 718

    My favorite cake is a yummy chocolate cake called Beatty’s Chocolate Cake. The recipe is from Ina Garten and my son requests it every year for his birthday. No other cake will do.

  692. 719

    red velvet

  693. 720

    This cake looks scrumptious! My favorite would have to be chocolate but I do love italian cream cakes too.

  694. 721

    My favorite cake is Tiramisu!

  695. 722

    My favorite cake is my grandma’s pink strawberry cake! Her homemade strawberry jam makes the fruit really shine :)

  696. 723

    Over all red velvet. but right now I really want some pound cake and strawberries. YUM!

  697. 724

    My favorite cake is Black Forest that my friend Gail makes!

  698. 725

    My favourite has got to be my 3 Layer Carrot Cake which I lace with a citrus glaze and then cover in mascopone and cream cheese frosting…delicious! Am on a mission to bake as many of your delicious cakes I have found since discovering your blog and website though. I am in the middle of the Strawberry Layer Cake which is in the oven as I write. Will definatley be making this one next! Love your blog and your beautiful photography! xx

  699. 726

    Wow that cake looks amazing.. I totally saved it to try out later! My favorite cake would have to be Tiramisu!

  700. 727

    I love HOT MILK SPONGE CAKE with chocolate icing. It’s wonderfully light and delicious — it also makes great breakfast cake :)

  701. 728

    birthday cake! different every person every year!

  702. 729
    Sharon M says:

    My favorite cake is a tie between Ho Ho Cake and White Chocolate Cake with white chocolate frosting.

  703. 730
    Jan Sutter says:

    I have a recipe for a blackberry coconut cake that is to die for!! Love it, love it, love it!

  704. 731
    Kate Swist says:

    I love love coffee cake or old-fashioned crumb cake, nothing too sweet.

  705. 732

    I am so excited to see this recipe! I made this very cake nearly a year ago, and can attest to its brilliance. My all-time favorite, however, is Sky High’s peanut butter chocolate cake. Pure delight.

  706. 733

    A one bowl chocolate cake (so good, so moist), with your fluffy chocolate frosting from a week or so ago – oh my goodness, I’ve made it twice in two weeks (and I don’t usually like to repeat that close together!)

  707. 734

    My favorite cake is lemon cake…with lots of zest in the icing.

  708. 735

    My favorite cake is any chocolate cake really, but Ree’s recipe for chocolate cupcakes/muffins that I baked as cake is to die for!

  709. 736

    I LOVE ice-cream cake!!

  710. 737

    My mom’s angel food cake!! Love love!!

  711. 738

    Of all of the awesome cakes I’ve had, I think my favorite is still a basic yellow butter cake with chocolate frosting.

  712. 739

    My favorite cake is ice cream cake, ever since I tried it years ago, I only want to eat that one to celebrate my birthdays!! =D

  713. 740
    Michelle says:

    My favorite cake is dark chocolate with lots of tooth-achingly sweet peppermint buttercream! Yum!

  714. 741

    Picking my favorite cake would be like picking my favorite child. Just can’t do it. I will say however, I could eat a good homemade cake EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Yum!

  715. 742

    Yummy Angel Food with whipped cream and strawberries!!

  716. 743
    Jill Hampton says:

    Almond cake. I love all cake that has buttercream frosting. But this one is crazy good! Jill

  717. 744

    I’m a sucker for chocolate and raspberry. Chocolate cake. Raspberry buttercream. Chocolate ganache. Yes!

  718. 745

    i LOVE Coconut Cake!

  719. 746

    My favourite cake is banana cake with a caramel frosting. We had this for our wedding cake! yum!

  720. 747
    Kristie W. says:

    My favorite cake is an apple cake made by my Gran. The most ambitious cake I’ve ever seen is your asparagus cake! Your work is incredible!

  721. 748

    my favorite cake would definetely have to be a simple genoise with whipped cream frosting and a bit of fresh fruit. (:

  722. 749

    what a beautiful blog! my favorite kind of cake is anything that makes you think you’ve died and gone to dark chocolate heaven.

  723. 750

    My favorite cake is Strawberry Cassata cake. There was an Italian bakery in our shopping mall in Cleveland, Ohio in Tower City. That was the best strawberry cassata cake , I ever had in my life. I could taste the butter in between each piece of chiffon cake with light layer of cream and fresh strawberries. Well, my world was turned upside down when the bakery closed down. I looked all over for this bakery and the recipe. During my research I found out that no other city is familiar with strawberry cassata cakes because they were originated in Cleveland,Ohio. I did find a delicious recipe from a dessert book that suffice my taste buds, but still doesn’t hold up to that Italian bakery.

  724. 751

    Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Buttercream!

  725. 752
    Lora @cakeduchess says:

    This cake looks wonderful! So cute to read how you came across the PW blog and started making her recipes. I’d have to say any of my hubbies Italian cakes he makes are my personal favorites;)And ANY of your gorgeous cakes are as well and I hope to try one from you one day:)

  726. 753
    Melinda Tucker says:

    I love a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.

  727. 754

    My fave is German Chocolate with Coconut Pecan Frosting so this recipe is right up my ally! YUM! I just love Ree, she makes me laugh with her stories and her recipes are just heaven!

  728. 755

    Chocolate cake with white icing…..the best….any chocolate cake….and then soft buttery inch high white icing…..YES!!!!

  729. 756
    Cheryl Sethaler says:

    My favorite cake is a “Mary Dee” cake….lemon cake that you poke holes in and drizzle lemon flavored glaze over the top and down the holes. Yum!

  730. 757

    Chocolate of course!

  731. 758

    My favorite is Excelsior Cheescake, which my mom has been making for me every birthday since I was about 8. Now I get to share this rich & creamy recipe with my family :)

  732. 759

    I guess my all-time fav is the pumkin-pie my mum made for my birthday since I was one. Not very exciting or impressive. I made you lemon-blueberry cake recipe last sunday (with poppy seeds instead of blueberries) and THAT was impressive! Everybody loved it. I am now trying some more of your recipes…for a three layer wedding cake I said I would do. :-S I am so very glad I found you and your blog, you are my new idol, Rosie! Thanks a lot!

  733. 760
    Lauren Sime says:

    My favorite cake is Lumberjack cake! possibly tied with Hummingbird cake!

  734. 761

    I pretty much love anything with chocolate in it. And pecans…

  735. 762

    Wow I just want to say this is one hard question!!:) hmmmm…I would say my favorite cake would be the plain and simple Chinese sponge cake,just simple goodness.for me it taste like sunshine:)

  736. 763

    Now that finally rhubarb season has started, I will definitely make a rhubarb-vanilla-bean gateau soon, my most favourite cake – spring with every spoon!

  737. 764
    Marissa Kubinski says:

    My favorite cake is a lemon raspberry with fresh raspberries on top!

  738. 765

    I love, love, love chocolate cake.

  739. 766

    I love a dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting. Weirdly, though, since I’ve been preggers, all I want is either an apple stack cake or a good tres leches.

  740. 767
    Jessica Smith says:

    I love cake of all kinds, but you really can’t go wrong with a classic Texas Sheet Cake. Simple, Chocolatey, and delicious.

  741. 768

    My favorite cake is coconut cake!

  742. 769

    My favorite cake is chocolate beet cake!

  743. 770

    My favorite cake of all time is white cake with fresh strawberry filling and cream cheese frosting!! Or German chocolate cake.. with tons of the coconut/pecan frosting… OR any icebox cake. Oops, apparently I don’t have just one!! favorite :)

  744. 771
    Karen Lawson says:

    My favorite cake, Love at first sight cake! Has to be your beautiful ruffle cake winner that I saw on Pioneer Woman’s photo stream contest.

  745. 772

    My favorite cake is chocolate covered cherry cake! Yummalicious!

  746. 773

    My favorite cake is a burnt almond cake from Peter’s Bakery, it’s the best!

  747. 774

    My favourite cake is Lemon Drizzle Cake

  748. 775
    Shannon O says:

    My absolute favorite cake is Italian Cream Cake. My husband and I even had it for our wedding cake. 18 years later, he almost always bakes one for my birthday trying different recipes. We’ll need to try this one this year.

  749. 776

    Cheesecake : ) Does that count? Chocolate covered strawberry cheesecake!

  750. 777

    Hi Rosie,
    My all-time favorite cake is a Mocha Walnut Cake!!

  751. 779

    I just love the lightness of a Mandarin Orange Cake (which has many different names I think).

  752. 780
    kathleen says:

    molten chocolate cake… love love LOVE!

  753. 781
    Chris Baker Cox says:

    My absolute favorite cake is not one that I make, but one that I buy…and with pleasure!!! It is a Chocolate Pistachio Cake and it is sooo good! Chocolate cake, fudge frosting on top…creamy pistachio frosting in between the 3 layers, and around the outside…more creamy pistachio frosting that has been covered in crushed pistachios!! Yum…yum…yum!!!! It has been a family tradition to have this cake on just about every birthday!! It’s made my Heinemann’s Bakery in Chicago!!

  754. 782
    Dominique says:

    My favourite type of anything is anything with coconut. This cake you featured is right up my alley and I have all the ingredients–just currently waiting for butter to soften.

  755. 783

    Coconut & cream cheese are high on the list, but anything (choc. or vanilla) with espresso is at the top! Looking forward to seeing this book!

  756. 784
    Rochelle says:

    My favorite is white almond wedding cake with a salted caramel buttercream!

  757. 785

    My favourite cake would probably be anything with chocolate in it… I also really like red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting!! :)

  758. 786

    My favorite cake is chocolate Mint! Andes, take me away! :)

  759. 787

    Ohhh I love chocolate cake,chocolate frosting and sprinkles on top. Happy birthday to me!

  760. 788

    My favorite cake? Coconut! Coconut flavored (via coconut extract and cream of coconut) cake with coconut pastry cream filling and coconut flavored (also via coconut extract and cream of coconut) swiss meringue frosting… a little shredded coconut on top. Not too much. Just enough to make it look pretty. Perfect.

  761. 789

    my favorite cake is vanilla cake with a whipped topping and fresh fruit

  762. 790

    My favorite is Pioneer Woman’s Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever as made by Darla at Bakingdom, love it topped with her with homemade caramel sauce.

  763. 791

    Lemon cake with lemon frosting. No competition.

  764. 792

    Flourless Chocolate cake, or angel food with peaches and cream

  765. 793

    Thanks so much for this giveaway! It’s hard to name my favorite cake…under pressure, I’d have to go with a sweet buttered rum cake that has a delicious rum glaze. Before that cake I’d never baked with booze, but I’ve learned the error of my ways. :)

  766. 794

    Chock full of memories of Christmas and my mother, the Buche Du Noel is my cake of choice. As Christmas arrives I feed my inner baker and take my time lingering in the nostalgia and happy memories of making these masterpieces with her. They are confectionary acts of joy create that celebrate the season as well as bring back all kinds of happy as I remember my culinary maven who worked through all of life’s up’s and down’s in the church I affectionately refer to as the kitchen.

  767. 795

    I love a really good carrot cake!

  768. 796

    This week my favorite is Blackberry Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting:0)

  769. 797

    My favorite cake is strawberry short cake :)

  770. 798

    My favourite cake is anything chocolate. A moist dark chocolate with a Burnt Sugar frosting.

  771. 799

    My favorite cake is carrot cake, but I’m going to have to give this Italian Cream cake a try very soon! OH MY!

  772. 800

    I dont think I have ever met a cake I didn’t love but I am going to say carrot cake is one of my absolute favorites!

  773. 801
    Linda L. says:

    i adore all cakes, but if i had to pick a favorite: red velvet

  774. 802
    Christine Royle says:

    Like many others, there’s never been a cake I met and didn’t instantly adore. But if I were to pick an all time crowd pleasing favourite, it would be a buttermilk blueberry recipe that I stole from an ex’s mother a long time ago!

  775. 803
    linda sch says:

    chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting!

  776. 804

    I think this may be my new favorite cake – What’s not to love buttermilk pecans and coconut!

  777. 805
    Marissa B. says:

    Chocolate bundt cake with chocolate chips, marshmallows, and walnuts!

  778. 806

    Oddly enough Italian cream cake is one of my favorites. I have always used Paula Deen’s recipe but I will have to give this one a try!