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The past few weeks have been a bit unusual for us around here, because Mr. Sweetapolita and I are preparing to move houses and have been organizing more than one couple should ever, ever have to in one existence. Can you imagine my baking tools so neatly organized and put away that I’m afraid to move them or use them? I’m feeling a little out of whack without flour and sugar floating through the air, and towers of mixing bowls in the sink (I’ll be back in the kitchen this week), but I’m better for it. It’s truly given me a sense of order and harmony, and I’m ready for our new phase.

That being said, my iPhone is almost always in my clasp, so I thought I’d share some snippets of what’s been going on in my world via Instagram–my most favourite method of photographing sharing the candid and more intimate moments of life through my phone (you might remember this post). I think what makes this method of photography so special, is how random and, well, instant it is–like peeking in a tiny square window into others’ worlds and vice versa (except much less creepy than I just made it sound). So many millions of moments that used to float away uncaptured, are now not only captured, but they offer a glimpse into real life. (And from a photography point of view, because you can’t crop in Instagram, it’s a fabulous exercise in improving your composition skills.)

The past few weeks were filled to the brim with everything from pink to periwinkle and treats to tractors, and I have the Instabits to prove it:

There were more cupcakes than usual . . .


Some sprinkly . . .


 And some deep, dark and injected with homemade salted caramel sauce, followed by some serious sweet & saltiness. (As much as I love cupcakes, I should tell you that the next few weeks are layer-cake filled (stay tuned).


There were several pink candy popcorn moments–it turns out that not all slices of heaven come from the oven . . .


But rather retro circus-inspired boxes (a circa 1950s Canadian treat).


There were sweet invites followed by a lot of baking party prep.

 There was a pink vintage ballerina clad cake for one very special 5-year-old birthday girl (you might remember her as one very special 4-year-old birthday girl).


And where there is pink frosting, there is often pink batter (and other magical pink things).


And where there are baking parties, there are often hundreds and thousands of pretty cupcake liners.


How else do you make sweet hand-strung baking party garland? (Made with love by mommy & birthday girl Reese.)


There was homemade strawberry jam made with the unsurpassable vim and vigour of 6 excitable little girls armed with mashers and aprons.


And a little more for good measure.


Baking party and beyond, there was the typical flurry of sugar and flour in our kitchen, which I try to keep tidy and accessible in these glass counter jars (Heritage Hill Jar with Glass Lid).


My cakelets have recently become obsessed with collecting (and using) candy-coloured nail polish–a collection I love to raid whenever possible (especially this Ice Cream Nail Polish Set ).


They’ve also taken to wearing my tees to bed, which I find kind of the cutest thing ever.


There were some candid after-bath evening moments.


And bright-eyed upside-down and oversized glasses moments.


There were even some random-passerby-taking-a-photo moments. Okay, well, there was only one of those, but I’m sure thankful for it.


There were more homemade marshmallows than I expected, like this pink pastel cherry batch and these cloudy delights (thanks to this fabulous book).


And not as much chocolate frosting as usual, but I will soon fix that.


Most recently there was a visit to the in-laws in the country, where stacks of pastel food photo props await (and fabulous company, of course).


Along with whimsical foliage-filled bicycles . . .


Blue retro tractor rides with Grandpa . . .


And one charming retro rotary phone that I am seemingly fixated with. Yell-o?


 There were many mommy-cakelet photos, as this is often where the miniest of cakelets can be found, along with one beloved sterling silver whisk pendant. (Now, on my wish list is the 18k gold dipped version. Love.)


And daddy-cakelet photos? A must.


And what do Burberry, Barbie and bass have in common? Put them together and it’s what made Reese’s recent cottage weekend and first fishing experience complete.


Along with a little relaxation.


And a little rejuvenation is never a bad idea.


And back with feet on the ground, it’s time to create. ♥

See you very soon with cake!

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  1. 1

    Your family is the sweetest! I know that moving can be do stressful… But it’s also an exciting time in your life. I hope your transition is smooth!

  2. 2

    So beautiful, I love your blog so much! I can’t wait to see what’s coming up next! :)

  3. 3

    Beautiful beautiful BEAUTIFUL in every way. Good luck with the move :)

  4. 4

    So nice! You’re right, this is exactly why I love instagram; such wonderful memories of little, lovely, everyday things :)

  5. 5
    Hilary Freeman says:

    My all time favorite post ever and I have read them all. I adore how you embrace motherhood and baking. So often I have to kick my daughters out of the kitchen you inspire me to be patient and let them stay. That whisk necklace. oh my goodness amazing. You are a living doll!

  6. 6

    Oh, your Instagram photos make me SWOOOOOON!! Your little ones are too adorable for words. Best wishes on the move!!

  7. 7

    The snippets of your life couldn’t be more beautiful and full of love!

  8. 8

    Oh your life is just so beautiful!

  9. 9

    sounds – and looks!- pretty wonderful :)

  10. 10

    Ive been a fan of your blog for sometime now and purely because of the photography (instagram is awesome) but im now a devout follower of your blog because i tried your SMB frosting recipe and i promise you i heard a heavenly choir sing and for a moment i was under heavenly bliss! Thank you for your dedication to baking, if baking is life you are its soul!

  11. 11

    Wow! Great photos. I love the hammock one especially. The curves are great. :)

  12. 12

    Oh!! This post is so delicious I just want to wrap myself up in it. What a wonderful life. :)

  13. 13

    Beautiful photos! And it looks like you’re having an awesome spring so far!

  14. 14

    love seeing all these pictures, the weather here in Ontario has just been great and outside pictures are a must!

  15. 15

    Those photos are absolutely gorgeous, especially the one of you and your girls. Hope everything works out well for the move.

  16. 16
    Maureen says:

    First of all, your family is adorable!! Secondly your daughters are the luckiest ever to have you as a mom!

  17. 17

    Holy hell! could your family BE any more perfect? Please can I become a member? Pleease? *wheedling tone* I’ll buy you the golden whisk!

    • 18
      Vanessa says:

      Me too! I second what everyone else has said. Thanks for sharing such happy pics and thoughts. I’ll even move to Canada if you adopt me!

      • 19
        Flor Rodriguez says:

        Adopt us all! In addition to the gold whisk there will be endless baking supplies!

        On another note, your pictures are so sweet and your cakelets as usual are adorable.

  18. 20

    I love getting a glimpse into the daily life of some of my favorite bloggers. This was really neat, thank you. I love the pictures, your cakelets are darling!!!! Cakes are cute too! I love the ice cream nail polish, I had to add that to my Amazon cart ASAP! Thanks for sharing.

  19. 21

    Those lake photos are so perfect. Please take me with you next time ;)

  20. 22

    Beautiful photos, sentiments and family. Best wishes with the move Rosie. Hope you are all very, very happy in your new home.

  21. 23
    Jennifer says:

    Love, love the photos! Beautiful family.

  22. 24

    Beautiful photos! I wish I had instagram! xx

  23. 25

    I love your cakelet photos! I also have two girls who are not so little anymore, but the I love the mom-cakelet feelings your photos inspire. Thanks for sharing!

  24. 26

    I heart this post. Good luck with the move!

  25. 27

    Lovely photos. Love your necklace. I’m new to Instagram and wondering which settings you use to create these beautiful pictures, especially the little sparkly heart details? X

  26. 30

    I love it! I like how you tell a story :)

  27. 31

    Those photos are gorgeous, I especially love the bicycle and yellow phone. Oh, and pink popcorn?! You must share how. And those wee cake topping dolls are so retro, they remind me of the that were old when I was young with their badly formed features which freeeeaked me out! All the best with your move! :)

  28. 32

    am such a big, big fan of instagram – and i adore the way you use it to tell stories Rosie – beautiful family!! happy moving day!

  29. 34

    I love this post…and your instagram pics…they are always so lovely! Just like you! ♥

    Happy moving!

  30. 35

    Your blog is my absolute favorite. Love the pictures of the cakelets, they are just too adorable. I have 3 grand-cakelets and can’t wait for the day I can bake with them in my kitchen. Every time I read your blog and see your luscious baking
    I have this burning question…..how in the world do you stay slender????? I have so far baked 4 of your cake recipes (Campfire Delight so far 4 times) but I am gaining weight :-( Don’t want to give up my passion for baking but…..guess I will just give it away. Good Luck with the moving!

  31. 38

    Lucky Elephant Popcorn was THE BEST treat that you could buy. It was not cheap, in the 1960′s I remember it costing 75 cents a box. The box was about 8″ high, 5″ across, and 2″ deep, so you got a lot for your money. They had the best prizes, way better than Crackerjack. I have several of them from my childhood… I should do a post about them!

  32. 39

    Im new to your blog and decided I loved it almost immediately! I need to know how to make that pink popcorn like ASAP!

  33. 40

    Your daughter’s have the most beautiful eyes! Good luck with your move. All of your candid shots are precious. What lucky little girls to enjoy those gorgeous sweets.

  34. 41

    This so cute and sweet! Good luck Rosie! xo

  35. 42

    gorgeous snippets, the girls are getting so big. Crazy.

  36. 43

    You cakelets are just beautiful. Hope the moving is a cinch…

  37. 44

    What a sweet look into your life – thanks for sharing!

    And I just had to comment that I have a silver whisk necklace, too! A gift from my hubby for my birthday last year. I don’t think he’ll ever top it.

  38. 45
    Shannon says:

    Rosie, you are adorable! Best of luck with your move and thank you for your endless inspiration!! :)

  39. 46

    You. Are. So. Cute.

  40. 47

    I’m about to get an iPhone, and I’m so glad because I just can’t carry my DSLR everywhere!

    Can’t believe I’ve been reading your blog for more than a year. Good luck with the move :)

  41. 48

    Same as above, all gorgeous photos that make me so envious…. but I must add…good work on the husband! wow!

  42. 50

    Utterly charming post! Good luck with your move. How exciting to be setting up a new kitchen!

  43. 52

    Love your blog:) Great pictures and of course SWEETS!

  44. 53

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

  45. 54

    Wow you are amazing!! Hope your move went well

  46. 55
    Sheila Rooz says:

    I can’t even begin to tell you how uplifting and inspiring your blog is. I’m a college student, and many (I think..) years away from having my own children, but I hope to be as creative and whimsical a mother as you seem to be!

  47. 56

    You could start a whole new blog…featuring your PHOTOGRAPHY! Clearly another of your amazing talents!

  48. 57

    Rosie…i keep meaning to ask do you have a convection oven? and if you do, when you bake do you use the convection setting or normal bake setting?

  49. 58

    I so love Instagram, and Instagram photos. Your’s are stunning. I’ve been looking for awhile for the feature that allows you to add the heart filter to the photos but can’t find it! Where oh where can it be found?

  50. 59

    What beautiful photos, I love the dense dark color of your chocolate cupcakes!

  51. 60

    Dear Rosie,

    I’ ve been following some dessert blogs for some time, but i am now sure to say that i’ ve found myself in your blog. I’ ve been married recently; i adore my husband, little beautiful girls, cute sweets and pink color, and this is where your blog is composed of. I hope i can be a talented super-mom just like you and my children would be beautiful as yours. I wish you the very bests and thank you for sharing your beauties inside your world.


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