Lemon-Blueberry Macaron Delight Cake

Lemon Blueberry Macaron Delight Cake via Sweetapolita

Where to begin! I have so much to say right now–I really do. So here’s what happened: I’ve recently been crazy for anything with the combination teal/turquoise and yellow, and since I was planning a visit to see my sister-in-law earlier this week, I thought it would be the perfect time to make her some colourful treats, and not just any treat, but something special. I knew in my heart it was a French macaron kind of week, because they are not only a complete delight to make and share, but I can’t think of a sweet that says colour the way they do. So at first, this post was going to be all about the glory of macarons, sans cake, but then I decided to keep going with the colour and flavour combination, and tie them into a small cake (inside and out).

If you’re not familiar with macarons, they are small (about 1 1/2-inch diameter) and elegant sandwich cookies (particularly celebrated in Paris, but becoming increasingly popular in North America) made from almond flour, egg whites, granulated sugar and confectioners’ sugar (for the shells) that bake up with a signature “ruffle” or “foot” around the base and slight gloss to the shell. They’re typically filled with anything from buttercream to ganache, and the flavour and colour combinations are pretty much endless, as you can also flavour the shells. What makes beloved macarons so incredibly special, in my opinion, is the way each bite is crispy, chewy and creamy all at once. (And possibly even more, depending on what you fill it with.) Each one is a little parade of texture and taste.

At first glance, aside from the hint of filling peeking through the sides, they may appear sort of dry or innocent, but they literally burst with flavour and melt in your mouth, making them worth every bit of effort. The thing is, the shells are not extremely time-consuming or difficult to make, but the effort required to take special care in the mixing and baking is what will typically result in a successful batch. That being said, they say even some of the most seasoned bakers and macaron makers experience occasional (and sometimes inexplicable) batch failure from time to time. So what does a “failed” macaron shell look like? Well, it might not develop the “foot,” the shell might be cracked, dull, flat, or hollow, and although those are the most common issues, I’m certain that there are more. With so much that can go wrong, it’s hard to imagine it going right, but with the a reliable recipe and instructions, and a bit of extra care and attention, it does, and macaron making is very rewarding.

So which macaron recipe did I follow to make these? Well, since I have not always had perfect luck or success with my previous few macaron attempts, I decided to give my friend Heather’s a try, from her new book SprinkleBakes: Dessert Recipes to Inspire Your Inner Artist. I’ve been reading this incredibly inspiring book every day since receiving it, and I can’t seem to put it away–I truly want to make every single one her of recipes and designs (think glittery Snow Apples, artistic Free-Form Lollipops, innovative Pink Peppercorn Macarons, and more–so much more!). Since I adore Heather and all that she creates, I simply knew in my heart that her macaron recipe and technique would work well.

Lemon Blueberry Macaron Delight Cake via Sweetapolita

I went ahead and made a few batches of the classic macarons: 1 teal, 1 turquoise and 1 egg yellow, and I filled them all with Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream and little dollop of Lemon Curd in the middle (a little zingy gem in the middle). When I decided to create a macaron cake, my first thought was how colourful, textural and tasty it might be to add some actual macarons in the filling layer of the cake (it’s also a fabulous way to use up the shells that aren’t as perfect as the others), and it was! It adds a lovely and unexpected crunch with a little lemony surprise as they burst open upon each bite. I had an epiphany, after the fact, that it would have been even better had I created a blueberry cheesecake-type filling for the blue macarons, and added some of each to the cake, but, that’s just me. (I often have these ideas after I finish the cakes.)

Lemon Blueberry Macaron Delight Cake via Sweetapolita

So I made a lemon-blueberry layer cake, filled it with the Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream with some swirls of Lemon Curd, then nestled a layer of macarons (I ended up just using the shells, but if you’re macarons aren’t too tall, you can try adding the sandwiched macarons inside) into the filling. I tinted the buttercream teal and went ahead and frosted it as I normally do. I thought it would only make sense to finish the cake with some actual macarons, and remembered how fabulous it looked when Steph perched macarons on this cake and this cakecolour me inspired!

Lemon Blueberry Macaron Delight Cake via Sweetapolita

I piped some small swirls where each macaron was to sit, placed them atop the cake, and finished it all off with some small yellow sugar decorations I found at a little shop several months ago–I knew they’d make perfect sense one day, and since they were imported from France they seemed particularly special and perfectly apropos. I love when that happens!

So here we go with the recipes and instructions, and I promise you that it’s worth it.

Lemon Blueberry Macaron Delight Cake          {click to print}

Yield: Two 6-inch round, 2-layer cakes

1 batch Lemon-Blueberry Cake split among four 6″ round cake pans (you can split the recipe in 1/2 for one 6″ round 2-layer cake)

1 batch Lemon Curd (this will fill cake and Macarons)

Double-batch Swiss Meringue Buttercream (this will frost cake and fill Macarons)

2 batches French Macarons, 1 tinted Teal and 1 tinted Egg Yellow and filled with a small dollop of Lemon Curd inside a teaspoon of the buttercream (piping the buttercream around the inner perimeter of the macaron shell works best)

*Note: This combination of cake components works well, because you can use the egg whites for the Swiss Buttercream and the yolks for the Lemon Curd.

French Macaron Recipe

shared with permission from the book, SprinkleBakes: Dessert Recipes to Inspire Your Inner Artist, by Heather Baird


YIELD: 12 sandwich cookies or 24 individual shells

1 cup confectioners’ sugar

3/4 cup almond flour

2 egg whites, at room temperature

Pinch of cream of tartar

1/4 cup superfine sugar

Gel food coloring (optional)

1. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper. Fit a pastry bag with a 3/4-inch plain tip (or use a zip-top plastic bag without a tip and snip the corner after filling).

2. Add the confectioners’ sugar and almond flour to the bowl of a food processor and pulse until well combined.

3. Using a hand-mixer, beat the egg whites at medium speed until frothy. Stop the mixer and add the cream of tartar. Start the mixer again and continue beating at medium speed until soft peaks form. Reduce the speed to low and gradually add the superfine sugar, 1 tablespoon at a time. Increase the speed to high, and beat until stiff peaks form. The finished meringue should have a smooth, shiny appearance.

4. Sift the almond flour mixture over the egg whites and fold together with a rubber spatula until just mixed. At this point you may add a drop or two of food coloring to tint the batter. Continue to fold the mixture until it has loosened considerably and falls in a ribbon from the spatula.

5. Transfer the batter to the pastry bag.

6. Pipe 1 1/2-inch rounds approximately 1 inch apart on the prepared baking sheets. As you pipe, drag the pastry tip to the side of the rounds to avoid forming peaks. The piped rounds will spread slightly.

7. Tap the bottom of each sheet on the work surface to release trapped air bubbles.

8. Let stand at room temperature for 15-30 minutes to dry. Preheat the oven to 375°F.

9. Just before putting the pans in the oven, reduce the oven temperature to 325°F. Bake for 10 minutes, rotating the pans halfway through the baking time, until the macaron are puffed and have formed the frill, or foot, around the bottom edge of the cookie. The feet may may deflate slightly after the pan is removed from the oven–this is normal and should be expected.

10. Let the macaron shells cool completely on the baking sheets. Carefully peel them away from the parchment paper.

11. Select two same-size macaron shells to sandwich together with 1 teaspoon filling.


  • If you don’t have time to let your egg whites come to room temperature, you can place them in a microwavable bowl and heat them in microwave for 10 to 15 seconds. Microwaves vary in strength, so be extra careful to not cook the egg whites.
  • Macaron shells can be frozen for up to 3 months. Thaw completely at room temperature before filling.
  • Use insulated baking pans (such as T-Fal Air-Bake) or use an additional cookie sheet under the pan of piped macarons to ensure the shells do not over-bake.

Sweetapolita’s Macaron Notes:

  • For the macarons, you can grind your own almond flour using raw almonds in the food processor until very fine. It’s also a bit more affordable, as almond flour is $$$.
  • To colour my macarons, I added the gel colour into the meringue, before the flour mixture was added, so I could play around with adding more drops without risking over-mixing my batter. Once I was happy with the colour, I went ahead with adding the almond flour mixture.
  • Macarons, as you’ve probably heard, are a bit unpredictable, even for the most experienced macaron-makers, so don’t give up. I’ve made many batches prior to using Heather’s recipe/method and had many failures, but they’re just too darn amazing to not make, so I kept trying. You’ll notice not all of mine are perfect (far from), but I was very happy with how they turned out in the end.
  • You can fill macarons with pretty much anything you can dream of–ready-made or not, such as jams, buttercream, curd, ganache, frosting, Nutella, etc. You really can’t go wrong!
  • Filling macarons is the perfect solution to small amounts of leftover fillings and frosting from cake and cupcakes projects–you can freeze most in small containers, and thaw when needed.
  • I found the filled macarons increased in awesomeness after sitting in an airtight container in refrigerator for at least a day.
  • Because the topic of macarons is pretty extensive (including troubleshooting, technique variations, etc.), I will be doing more macaron-specific posts along the way. For some amazing information fueled by complete macaron passion, check out Mardi’s blog–it’s filled with macaron posts, troubleshooting, etc.!

Assembly of the Lemon-Blueberry Macaron Delight Cake

1. Trim any doming or top crust and side crust from cake layers using a very sharp serrated knife (I use the Mac Bread Knife for all of my cake trimming, splitting, etc.).

2. Use a cake turntable for filling, frosting and decorating, if a possible. Place a small dollop of frosting in the center of a cake plate or 6″ round thin foil-covered cake board, and place the bottom cake layer on top, top side up (face up).

3. Pipe a dam (a rim around the top perimeter of the cake layer) of buttercream around the cake layer using a large round Pastry Tip
fitted inside a Decorating Bag. Then pipe another smaller circle of buttercream a few inches toward the center. Spoon lemon curd into the open spaces and spread evenly with a small offset palette knife, taking care to keep the curd within the dam (otherwise it will ooze out of the sides of the cake). Gently place 5 macaron shells atop the filling. Place the 2nd cake layer, face down, on top.

4. Tint remaining buttercream teal green, and put a generous scoop of teal buttercream on top, spreading evenly with a small offset palette knife and working your way down the sides until you have a thin layer of frosting over the entire cake (crumb-coat). Chill until set, about 30 minutes.

5. Remove from refrigerator and repeat step 4, but this time using a thicker layer of buttercream and creating a smooth finish. (You can watch me do this on video here).

6. For the top of the cake, place an open star decorating tip (I used 1M) in a Decorating Bag filled with about 1 cup of the buttercream, and pipe 8 small swirls, evenly spaced. Top each swirl with macarons in alternating colours (or your choice), and finish with sugar pearls (if desired).

Store finished cake covered in refrigerator (due to the Lemon Curd filling), but serve at room temperature (you can remove from refrigerator a few hours ahead of serving).

Sweetapolita’s Notes

  • Because Swiss Meringue Buttercream and Lemon Curd both take a little longer to make than some other fillings/frosting, I recommend making both ahead of time, if possible. They freeze well, and the buttercream can be simply brought to room temperature the night before you need it. The curd can basically be used straight from the freezer. If you go ahead and make all of the components in one day, there’s a good chance you will be cursing my name at random throughout the day. But even if you do go this route, it will still be worth it.
  • I also recommend making and filling the macarons about 2 days ahead of time and keep them in the refrigerator in an airtight container–they really do taste better after sitting!
  • You can bake the cake layers the day before you need them, and keep them at room temperature wrapped tightly in plastic wrap.
  • I baked two 6-inch round cakes (1 for photographing and 1 for gifting), but you can divide the cake and filling quantities in half if you want to create a single 6-inch cake (serves 8).

I hope you find as much joy in making, sharing and enjoying macarons (and macaron cakes) as I did. Stay tuned for more macaron love! ♥

Good luck & enjoy!


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  1. Emily says

    This is such a perfectly adorable idea and a beautiful cake. I’m always so amazed with your creative designs and stunning cakes!

  2. Erin says

    Oh. My. Gosh. That is such a beautiful cake! I love the colours- turquoise and lemon yellow are my favourites. And your macarons look flawless. I was in Paris over my spring break and bought some Laduree macarons (very fancy and very expensive, but oh well- you only live once). They looked identical to yours! So fantastic job.

  3. Crowley says

    Just got back from France and have been wanting to make macarons. Will give this recipe a try for sure! I think I need to work up to the advanced level of cake + macarons + decorating skills, though!

  4. says

    Brilliant, there’s nothing better than cake and and macarons. The cake looks AWESOME, the color is a fest to the eye!

    Thanks for sharing. I hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Lacey says

    These are beautiful! My question is: did you make 3 batches of macarons to get all 3 colors or did you somehow split the batter and color? Thanks!

  6. says

    What a beautiful cake you’ve created. You should be so proud of yourself. I too love that color combination and although the Macarons take this cake to the next level I think I’d like it just as well without the topping. Perfectly done. I’ve thought about getting Sprinkles Bakes now I think you’ve convinced me.

  7. says

    wow, that has to be the most amazing cake I have ever seen! Beautiful colours and I can only lust about the fact that it has a layer of macarons IN the cake, wowsers! I’m going to be dreaming and dreaming about this cake! I’ll be counting turquoise and yellow macarons to send me to sleep xxxxx

  8. says

    You did a marvelous job on this cake. It looks perfect in every way! I just got back from a 1 1/2 day trip from Paris and had the most beautiful macarons (my first ever macarons) and I can’t wait to try making them on my own!

  9. Hilda says

    this cake is absolutely incredible. i am obsessed with macarons and now this cake is the ultimate treat. colours are eye catching too. :)

  10. says

    Absolutely stunning cake! I bet your sister in law felt like the luckiest girl in the entire world to receive that colourful masterpiece! I got the Sprinklebakes book recently too and read it cover to cover in one sitting – intoxicating right? Will have to try her macaron recipe soon. X

  11. says

    Oooo, that stunning cake! My heart leapt.
    I’ve been hearing sooo much about glorious macarons, but
    have not seen them in any of our bakeries here.
    I adore the colors of teal & yellow.
    You are indeed a great Artist.

  12. says

    Just stunning Rosie! The cake is so bright and perfect, it makes me smile from ear to ear. Thank you for the shout out, I’m so humbled that you took some inspiration from my cakes. Personally I think your gorgeous creation puts mine to shame, I just love the teal and yellow combination!

  13. Claire Barber says

    Wow! I adore macaroons and this just looks incredible. I love the colours. I’ve only just started reading your blog and I’m not certain my lap top will survive with all the drooling I’m doing!!!

  14. Audrey says

    Beautiful cake Rosie! This may be blasphemy to French bakers, but is it possible to make macarons without almonds? My son has a nut allergy so I need to keep my kitchen nut-free.

  15. says

    Oh, I love the colors too! Not too far off from Swedish colors. It reminds me of a recent Midsommar party we had where the pictures turned out fabulous. I think because yellow and blue make such a great peaceful color combination. I’ve never attempted a macaroon, but this might have to be on my list for next year’s Midsommar bash! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Renee says

    Rosie the colors remind me of the colors of the Caribbean, and a cruise I recently took. Your photographs are just brilliant! You have such a way of making me feel inspired each time I visit your blog. :-)

  17. Rene says

    Can you comment or rate your recipies on how hard they are to do? I want to try this, but it looks out of my league!

  18. says

    Such a stunning cake! I love the middle layer, it looks so colourful with the teal macaroons. I still haven’t iced anything with swiss meringe buttercream and I always find it too buttery – i knwo everyone loves it so I am sure i am doing soething wrong. Great cake!

  19. says

    I’m wondering how the lemon cake would work without the blueberries. Are there any adjustments you would make to the recipe? I ask because I had such success with your vanilla cake (which is rare at my altitude) and want to make a lemon cake, so yours seems the best bet to try.

  20. says

    Your macs are perfect and your cake is beautiful! Your sister-in-law must have been so impressed. Great idea to use up the imperfect shells in the cake itself. Brilliant actually.

  21. Mary says

    Ahhhhh, how lucky was I to be the recipient of this tasty treat (in my favourite colours to boot!)!!! Thoroughly impressed by my amazing sister-in-law AGAIN! I am so happy that you introduced me to the taste sensation of the macaron. Unbelievable! (And thank you for leaving the gift box full of these little devils…breakfast, lunch AND dinner…YUM!).

  22. Rene says

    Just finished making this masterpiece! I cheated and used lemon curd made at my local cake decorating shop, as well as a macaron mix (just add water). I did make the cake and buttercream from scratch though!! My only dilema was the buttercream. At first it was too runny, so i put it in the fridge for a bit. Then when i was beating it, it separated, so i kept going for 20 or so minutes. It just seemed to not be improving at all. I tried to take part of it out, microwave for 10 sec and combine but no luck. Also my gel colouring would not take. I decided to assemble everything with the separated icing (my family is very forgiving!!). I did use inexpensive butter, maybe that was the reason?
    For the macarons on top, after filling them and puting together, i cut each pair in half so i had half circles on top of my cake (we ate too many the day before and only had 4 pairs left for the top!!). This also made balancing them on top easy with my failed buttercream as they had a wide base.
    We shall taste it tomorrow, well not me, Im gluten and lactose intolerant, but my family will!

  23. Sandra says

    Hello Rosie,
    I was so amazed buy your recipe for Lemon-Blueberry Macaron Delight Cake, that I want to make it for tomorrow. We celebrate the 60th anniversary of our little village. And I thought this cake could be absolutely eyecatcher. But look at my macarons. They came like broken from the oven. And after one hour of drying before baking, they still felt sticky. Also the color isn´t like yours. I put so much of the gel food coloring from Wilton. Lemon yellow and teal. Can you please tell me what went wrong???? I´m devastated!!!!!! Please help me! Sorry for my bad grammar . English is not my first language.

    • says

      Hi Sandra,
      I’m sorry to hear you’re having macaron trouble–I know how heartbreaking that is! Although I’m not a macaron expert, I recommend drying them (as per Heather’s recipe) no more than 30 minutes before baking. I dried mine for 15 minutes for the first tray and 30 for the second tray (as the first tray baked). For the colour I used the AmeriColor Teal which is likely a little more concentrated than the Wilton, but to be honest I’ve never had luck with Wilton colours. I wonder if by using so much of it, it threw your batter off. Just to be clear, I used the AmeriColor “teal” for the blue macarons and “egg yellow” for the yellow macarons (not both for one batch). In your photo, it also appears that you they may have stayed in the oven too long, as the edges are brown. You can try stacking two trays when baking the macarons, to ensure that they don’t over bake on the outside. I hope this helps in some way, Sandra! Please let me know how it goes if you try again.

      • Flor Rodriguez says

        Hi Rosie,

        Sometimes it takes me longer than 30 minutes to dry my shells if it’s a humid day. Sandra may not have dried it enough, or maybe mixed it a little too much (her shells are a little wobbly). It also may be the high temperature and the time she left it in the oven. I’m sure they tasted yummy though.

        I do agree that Americolor aside from powdered food coloring is the best. I use very little and with Wilton I used to have to use more to dye frostings.

        Keep trying Sandra! They take practice but are oh so worth it!

  24. says

    On Fridays, I share my favorite food finds in a series called Food Fetish Friday – and I love this post so I’m featuring it as part of today’s roundup (with a link-back and attribution). I hope you have no objections and I’m happy to be following along with your creations…

  25. says

    Wow! This is a really intricately designed cake. Very, very pretty. I love the hues. Perfect for my sister’s baby shower. The couple decided to keep the gender of the baby secret, so the shades of this really pretty cake is very safe and appropriate. I know I would have to try this a few times before I can make it as pretty as what you have in the picture, but I am wearing my game face on. This cake will be really worth all the effort. I am bookmarking the page and will definitely try this soonest. I have like a month to practice.
    Thanks to your readers too, the links are so useful as i try to perfect my macaron skills. I am sure my sister will be really touched when I bring this cake over, knowing that I will be an aunt again is great news!

    I do have another wonderful news to share with you, I hope you don’t mind? We are moving to a new domain http://www.yumgoggle.com, (previously myfudo.com) this has been a project we have been working on for almost a year now. We just launched our new gallery submission site, and we are just thrilled. Unique and interesting bloggers like you will make the Yumgoggle gallery more fun and exciting.

    We’d love you to join the latest virtual shindig that is all about food photography, food in general, recipes, and culinary trends.
    We’d be proud to have your work as part of our growing collection to continue to have a larger reach and further inspire all fellow food lovers out there! Please sign up and check us out (it’s free) http://www.yumgoggle.com/gallery
    We look forward to seeing your wonderful pictures, as always.

    p.s. We are hosting a Kitchen Aid Mixer Giveaway to celebrate our new Yumgoggle site, coming soon in our launch post, we hope you’ll participate =)

  26. says

    I just recently started viewing your blog, and I am amazed! I have used a couple of your recipes already and loved the outcome of all of them. This color scheme looks so delicious, as does the cake and macarons. You are so talented in cake decorating! I have learned several very important things from you just from the several visits I’ve made, and your advice is something that I will definitely take to heart. I aspire to be a cake decorator and baker as well (cupcakes are more to my liking, but small cakes are great too!) and your wonderful ideas and inspirational colors have motivated me to experiment further with my passion. Thanks for the wonderful recipes, tips, and ideas! You are amazing :)

  27. diana says

    hi rosie. loooove the blog!, though i wanted to ask if you could write a couple of photography and food styling posts because i just can´t get over how stunning your pictures are, i´m sure they do justice to your delicious baked goods, sadly my pictures don´t do the same for mine, so i could really use some help on the photography side…pleeeeeaaase im begging you!!

  28. Monica says

    I’ve been wondering the same thing as Audrey. One of my friends has a nut allergy, so I’d feel bad making these to share with everyone and then have to tell her she can’t.

    Is there anyway to make macaroons without nut flours?

  29. sania says

    I have tried the Lemon buttermilk cupcakes, I love it to bits. Can I actually swop this lemon blueberry with lemon buttermilk instead. I wonder if it would be too soft for a cake?

  30. Dawn says

    I have a physical NEED for this cake. Ok, maybe a guttural need. I love macs, and this cake is gorgeous – like being in a pastry dream. I can’t even breathe. I just found your blog today and went through the entire thing. And now my work day is over :) Thanks for posting. I will have to convince someone braver and more experienced than I am to attempt this!

  31. Anni says

    I tried this, one Thursday night. And Rosie, you were right – at some point I did curse your name:) The swiss buttercream failed (I suspect there was something amis with the egg white as they never firmed up – tasted delish though – but had to throw the whole lot out), the macaroons never even got started… but the lemon curd was a citrusy dream (granted I am blessed to own a Thermomix and so did the “hands-free” version!), the cake was just pure magic! Amazing, moist, buttery, cream-cheesy, blueberry, lemony goodness!
    In the end I used plain old vanilla butter icing which worked well with the lemon curd filling. Brilliant! Definitely try this at home! I’m going to give it another whirl soon and see if I can get all the components together.
    Love your blog Rosie!
    Anni, from Cape Town, SA

  32. says

    you smartie pants!! macaron crunch in cake layers – ! the colour combo of turquoise and yellow is gorgeous too… lemon and blueberry is also one of my fave flavour combinations, reminds me of a cream muffin my mom used to make when we were kids with a lemony sugar topping… xoxo

  33. says

    It’s almost too beautiful to eat! (almost)

    I’m new to your blog and find it to be so delightful. I made one of your recipes the other day and can’t wait to show you. I’ll be posting it soon so that I can share.

  34. Amina says

    I recently took 2 classes on macarons and I am so inspired to make a cake with macarons as edible garnish. Beautiful cake/macarons. :)

  35. says

    I’m such a @foodie and definitely someone with a sweet-tooth so thank you for sharing this recipe! I will definitely be attempting to recreate this over the holiday weekend.

  36. Ruth says

    I was wondering if you have any tips for baking at high altittudes. When I make the macarons they turn out hollow and there is no soft cookie part. Any ideas will help. Also, when I add food coloring it totally deflates my eggs whites. I use gel food coloring and not even as much as a drop.

  37. Gina says

    Which cake would you recommend for me to make.. this cake or your autumn delight cake? I can’t decide on my friends bday cake! She loves both sweetpotato and lemons!!

  38. nicole says

    I made this cake for my friend’s birthday. I reversed the colors. i wish i could post you a picture. So fantastic cake and awesome love it gives!!

  39. Lyerin says

    I m Italian and I have just discovered your beautiful blog! I was searching for recipe for macarones (I ve tried sso many times….) and I would like to try this one but I have some problems to pass from cups and spoons to g… Could you help me please?
    Thank you very much!
    Best wishes! :)

  40. Maan says

    Hi Rosie,

    I’m doing the components per night and so far doing great with the lemon curd and SMB. Just a question for tinting the SMB, I’m using Americolor as per instructions but I can’t seem to get the same deep color you have on your cake. Mine looks like a faded shade of light seafoam and I’m worried that I might overdo it if I keep on adding more color to it. How much would you suggest putting in the frosting?

    Thank you!

  41. Melissa says

    Mmmm I love lemon!! This cake would be perfect for a spring party or Easter gathering! I love all of the colors you use in your cakes, especially the pastel ones. They’re so pretty!

  42. says

    Beautiful cake! So adorable! I have a question: Do you know how to change the recipe for the french macaroons you’re using to make them chocolate macaroons? Could you just add melted chocolate? I really want to try them, and yours look fabulous, and I absolutely adore chocolate macaroons! xD



  43. Leah says

    Wow! This cake looks incredible! I can’t even get over how stunning it is! I def want to try making these macarons.

  44. says

    I’m Spanish and follow your wonderfull Blog… Incredible cake!!! Really lovely, colorfull and pretty… Thanks for all your creations!!!

  45. denise L says

    I just baked the meringue cookies and they are AMAZING!!!. I hope the rest of my cake comes out right. Oh yeah, I learned the hard way (@1:00 AM in the morning) that you can not use the egg whites in the milk like carton to make meringue. They will not ….ummm…meringue!!!! I’ll keep u posted on my cake. Im gonna try to add sugar coated lemon peels to the top too. Pray for me: that GOD will send me a rich husband so I can stay home and bake ur recipes all day! Love this

  46. Chantal Pelletier says

    This cake is absolutely amazing! I used your recipe for a summer wedding cake I made for my best friend. The taste was to die for moist cake and the lemon curd filling was so refreshing. Yummmmo!! My decorating skills are definitely not like yours. I will be making this cake again and the filling would be soo yummy in some lemon tarts :) I actually had to make a second batch of it because people were eating it with a spoon . Thank you so much,


  47. says

    This is the first comment i’m leaving on a baking site and i feel like it would be a sin not to. This is the second time I’m making this cake and I cannot stress how amazing it is. It scores on so many levels – taste, flavour, texture and that amazing visual WOW factor. Thanks so much for the level of detail you put into your recipes. I’m always amazed at how much information some pro bakers leave out of the recipes they sell. This was really a step by step recipe that led to great results. I’ll post a photo on my instagram page with full credit to you. You’re awesome!

  48. says

    The free wordpress offers you web hosting but reduces the number of options and services available. I find this a stunning omission, leaving the software useful only to those bloggers that often publish 100% of their own content and those that might be familiar with the i – Phone.

  49. Francisca says

    Hi Rosie! I just. Wanted to thank you for the recipient and inspiration… Another amazing project! Thank you very much!!?

  50. merlinda says

    I love everything that you make and im amazed by your talent. Beautiful site and amazing recipes. It’s a joy to visit and look at everything that you made. Ive made the macarons and besides browning a little on top they turn out really nice.thank you so much for all your recipes


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