Lemon Meringue Milkshakes & Mini Swirl Meringues

If you hear a muffled cry for help or cake, it’s likely me from under the endless boxes and stacks of stuff I’ve been getting ready to move in a few weeks. This is the first time we’ve ever moved a full house-load of things, and after 5 years of collecting cake tools, baking supplies, cake pedestals, food props, little girls’ toys, and more (oh, so much more), I may not make it out unscathed. And the thing is, when you’re in the thick of a move and the peak of the hot summer months, creating fancy cakes isn’t as likely as I would have hoped, but that doesn’t mean delightful desserts aren’t possible and, if anything, they’re more necessary than ever.

I recently received this irresistible book, Milkshake Bar by Hanna Miles, and it hit me–milkshakes are where I need to be right now, and vice versa. This book is filled with so much chilly inspiration (think creamy, jelly-filled Doughnut Floats served with a skewer of mini doughnuts; sweet and sponge-candy-topped Honeycomb Shakes; and refreshing, bright and bubbly Raspberry Ripple Floats) that can come to be in just moments–a concept that is much-welcomed in my world right now.

After first flip through the book, I was immediately drawn to the creamy & sunshiney awesomeness that is the Lemon Meringue Milkshake. It seems that my dessert-choices have been colour-driven lately, and bright yellow has my heart these days. And, as you probably remember, I have a real thing for lemony desserts (such as these and this), and since I always have Lemon Curd in my freezer, this recipe was super-simple to make.

What’s funny is that I made these meringues the day before with the intention to blog something totally different (which I will still do), so when I saw the recipe for the Lemon Meringue Milkshake called for a mini meringue topper, I knew it was all meant to be. To make life easier, you could certainly buy some mini meringues to top yours with, but if you do have the time to make these, they are incredible on their own and really satisfy the need for a little hit of sugar–2 for the shakes and 43 for you to innocently sneak, one-by-one, from the airtight container in which they happily sit. Makes good sense, right?

Made with whole milk, ice cream, lemon curd and lemon yogurt, this milkshake is a chilly creamy, dreamy, lemon confection that is sure to hit the sweet spot. ♥ And okay, okay–I did intentionally coordinate Nevie’s jumper with the milkshake, but I simply couldn’t resist!

Here’s the recipe:

Lemon Meringue Milkshakes          {click to print}





shared with permission, as written in the book Milkshake Bar by Hanna Miles

Lemon Meringue

3 tablespoons lemon curd

300 ml/1-1/4 cups lemon yogurt

3 scoops lemon or vanilla ice cream

300 ml/1-1/4 cups milk, chilled

2 mini meringues

2 soda glasses, chilled

2 straws

a squeezy bottle of piping bag with a small round nozzle tip


Put two tablespoons of the lemon curd in a squeezy bottle or piping bag and pipe a lemon spiral onto the inside of each glass.

Put the yogurt, ice cream, milk and remaining tablespoon of lemon curd in a blender and whizz until smooth.

Pour into the prepared glasses and top each with a meringue. Serve immediately with straws and a spoon to eat the meringue.

Sweetapolita’s Notes

  • I typically have this Lemon Curd in my freezer at all times, because it’s such an easy way to add sunshine to any dessert, frosting, ice cream or even drink. You don’t need to thaw it, just pull what you need and it quickly softens back up.
  • You could certainly simplify the process by using store-bought lemon curd and prepared mini meringues (if you’re lucky enough to find those in the shops near you).
  • After pouring the milkshakes and topping with the meringue, they actually kept really nicely while I photographed Neve with hers, so if you’re preparing for a group at a luncheon or party, they should present nicely, even after you prepare an entire tray of them.
  • For my mini meringues, I used the Swiss Meringue method (heating the sugar and egg whites to 140°F, then whipping until reaches stiff peaks), but you could prepare the meringues any way you’re used to or prefer. You could simplify this process by creating pure white meringues, rather than the swirl variety.
Here’s the recipe for the meringues, and although this would be a lot of work for serving a couple of milkshakes, these are crispy, melt-in-your-mouth confections that you can serve by the platter-full and they would be gobbled up in seconds. They also make delightful cupcake toppers and cake decorations. I’ve also been told that they taste particularly Keep them at room-temperature in an airtight container.

Mini Swirl Meringues





Yield: ~45 1-inch round mini meringue swirls


3 egg whites (approximately 90 grams/3 ounces)

3/4 cup (150 grams/5 ounces) sugar

A drop of Americolor Electric Yellow  (or colour/shade of your choice)

One Decorating Bag, 14-Inch or 18-inch

Pastry tip #1A 

Small paintbrush


1. Preheat oven to 200°F. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper and set aside. Wipe the bowl of an electric mixer with paper towel and lemon juice, to remove any trace of grease.

2. Add egg whites and sugar to the mixer bowl and fit onto the top of a medium saucepan filled with about 1-inch of simmering (not boiling) water. (Be sure the bottom of your bowl is not touching the water.) Whisk constantly but gently, until temperature reaches 140°F, or if you don’t have a candy thermometer, until the sugar has completely dissolved and the egg whites are hot.

3. Dry the underside of the mixer bowl and transfer to your stand mixer. Whip using the whisk attachment until the meringue is thick and glossy and has reached the stiff peak stage.

4. While the meringue is whipping in the mixer, fit your decorating bag with a plain round pastry tip. Fold over a cuff at the top of the pastry bag and paint 3, equally-spaced, thin lines of yellow gel colour using your fine paint brush (you can use any paint brush, but it should only be one you designate for food) from the pastry tip up toward the cuff.

5. Fill the bag with your meringue (no more than 2/3 full) and pipe small swirls onto your lined baking sheets, spacing them about 1-inch apart.

6. Bake at 200°F for 60 minutes, rotating the trays after 30 minutes. Lower the oven to 175°F and bake until dry, about 40 minutes more.

I’ll see you soon with some birthday-themed blogging!

Good luck & enjoy!


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  1. Allie says

    Little girl and milkshake in matching outfits – very cute!! :)

    I feel your pain on the moving thing. We moved two years ago in a very hot September and had lived in the same house for about 6-7 years. We were unable to believe how many boxes we needed and how much packing there was to do. We kept asking each other “Where did all this stuff come from??” We decided we did not want to move again. And also that we wanted to do some kind of annual declutter thing. LOL

  2. Wendy Woo says

    I love your blog, but I dont envy you moving one little bit!! The meringues look amazing. I noticed you said you used the Swiss Meringue method. Ive never done meringues that way…….I havent got a thermometer which doesnt help!! I will have a go tho.

    Keep up the good blogs and health and happiness in your new home.

    Good luck from the UK XX

  3. says

    Forget about the sweets for a moment and let’s talk about your model!! I want that dress and nail polish, stat! She is adorable. Love the lighting and colours in these shots! The sweets of course are always wonderful.

  4. says

    Everything about this post is adorable. Teh color coordinating dress, the mirengues, the milkshake, the milkshake book! Everything!

    I’m not a milkshake drinker. I’d much rather have a little bowl of ice cream (so I can feel good about going for seconds ;) ) than a milkshake, but by golly you are making me want this milkshake!!!!!

  5. Gerri says

    I am so making these meringues!!!! The photo of your daughter with the shake is fantastic, your use of color and lighting is spot on.
    Love lemon curd, never thought of freezing it….duh. Thanks Rosie!

  6. says

    Ahhh! Thank you for adding further sunshine into my day – I find your posts truly inspirational if not a little daunting, what with your magical juggling act of sparkly sweet treats combined with sticky finger littlies (I’ve a 17 month old little girl who likes nothing more than digging the worms out of the vegie patch and confidently turning it into 14 new worms!). I do have a wee question – how long can you keep meringues for in airtight containers??? I like to make in batches but am concerned how long I can get away with… Cheers (with Mama’s “special Ribena juice” of course!)

  7. says

    This has to be one of the cutest posts I’ve seen anywhere, in a long time!! Absolutely adorable! And that cookbook sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing such an elegant and refreshing summer treat! So nice to see something different!

  8. says

    How creative! This is so fun and inspiring :) Such a great summer treat! Your pictures are absolutely amazing–I find that a lot of the time, what really lets people in on your world is the photography you post, and your photo-taking skills just impress me to no end! Thanks for sharing! :D xx

  9. says

    I’ve already told my boyfriend that we can never move again. Just the thought of it stresses me out! I have also recently decided that my life is very much lacking in the milkshake department, I must remedy that soon with this milkshake (also freezing lemon curd? Genius!)

  10. says

    I love how ur daughter’d dress is so co ordinated with the milk shake…
    I’m not sure about the lemon yogurt…but so tempting!

  11. Ann Mallory says

    The lemon is enticing…and makes me want to run to my kitchen to whip up a delicious and cooling lemon concoction…and what a nice idea to include the recipes…The matching outfit and nail colour is the cherry on top! Thank you for making the world a much sweeter place. Ann

  12. says

    fo real!? these are just off the charts. simply amazing, Rosie, although that doesn’t surprise me any more. And lovely snaps. Yellow bliss.

  13. terrillr says

    Absolutely adorable! Your doodle-bug is precious. I’m with you on the move thing, I’m helping my sons pack up their apartment this week. July in Texas is not for moving! I can’t wait to try this when things are less busy.

  14. says

    Could those photos of your daughter in her adorable little top with that wonderful dessert be any more perfect! I think not. Best wishes with the move Rosie :)

  15. says

    These pictures are adorable and that shake must be what angels drink – seriously, that is so beautiful and I feel like I could just reach out and grab it. I’m featuring this post in today’s Food Fetish Friday (with a link-back and attribution). I hope you have no objections and thanks for creating such amazing food…

  16. says

    Wow!! What an amazing post! I especially love the colour coded dress, nails and drink combo. What a beautiful picture. I want this in my belly pretty much as soon as possible!!

  17. says

    Wow! Looks tasty! Now I want a root beer float… I love that the dessert just happened to match the shirt your daughter decided to wear that day! *wink wink*
    Your pictures are always fabulous, hopefully my pics next time will look as good as yours. (never gonna happen) But, I hope to create things like you do!
    Best wishes!

  18. says

    Hi Dear,

    I am Madhu (Paricash) from Delhi, Capital of India. I am so much impressed with your blog. Even youa re so beautiful. I saw your blgo and told my husband that see how beautiful you are. How can he say NO. heheheh. Dear i have twin kids daugher-Pari,Son- Cash) so my blog is paricash Kitchen.I am very much concerned about them and i really see same mother in you. You are such a nice mother and wife. I really admire you and want to make cakes like you. I am glad to follow you.
    Visit my newly born blog- paricashkitchen.blogspot.in

    It will motivate me if you will follow and leave a comment on it.

  19. Joanne says

    Hi! I’ve just met your page and everything you do is beautiful. And you know what? “Polita” means “beautiful” in my language (basque)!!

  20. Liza Thomas says

    Hi, I am from India, and I have never baked anything in my entire life… But I am totally addicted to your blog. I discovered it just a few days back after seeing a picture of your asparagus cake on another site and getting curious about how that effect was achieved – and have been hooked since then. Your photography is just marvellous! I have been staring at many of the photos for minutes on end! There is so much depth and happiness in each picture. Of course some credit goes to your two gorgeous models as well! And you also have such a wonderful way with words. I mostly just skip over the recipe part, but really enjoy the rest of the post (including the notes at the end – just to get a feel of how the wonderful delight was created). Thank you for sharing all this beauty!

  21. says

    Rosie! I’ve been following your blog for about a year now and all of your recipes are amazing!!! I adore your creativity and the way your cakes looks so perfect!
    I have a question though…Who eats all of your cakes? I love to bake cakes but somehow I always need to find an occasion to bake one since I live with my brother(who is health conscious and not that much into sweets) his wife and their 3 year old and 10 month old daughters.
    Now I love my cake and so does my sister-in-law and the three year old(she could eat cake all day every day :D) but three people can only eat that much cake without getting really fat haha :D
    So I was wondering, do you ever end up throwing out the rest, or do you give it away?
    Thanks again for your blog, you really inspire me every single time I see a new post of yours!

  22. says

    Hi, Rosie! I was wondering where you got your Tiffany blue apron that I saw on your video tutorial. Thanks! Love all your cakes and goodies so much!!

  23. says

    The Milkshake Bar sounds like the best cookbook ever written. I think I might love milkshakes more than actual ice cream. Trying this lemon one soon for sure….

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