A Blog Birthday + KitchenAid Mixer Giveaway! {Winner Announced!}

The winner of the KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer in what I like to call Sweetapolita Blue (but really Ice) is . . .

#2516 Deidre: “I love your website! My 12 year old uses your recipes for inspiration to make her own treats and is thinking of becoming a baker when she gets older because of it. A new mixer would help her tremendously!!!! It would have to be ice blue because it is an awesome colour! Happy Birthday Sweetapolita”

Congratulations, Deidre! You will also be notified by email.

I’ll see you very soon with another recipe! 

. . . 

Happy Friday to you and Happy Birthday to Sweetapolita!

Well, blog birthday that is. Yes, it’s true–this blog was launched about 460,000 calories (also known as two years) ago! I have a celebratory sweet in the works, but in the meanwhile I want to thank you for your ongoing support and blog love by giving away one KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer in this most delicious Sweetapolita Blue. Okay, it’s not called that exactly, but I couldn’t help but notice that it really is the perfect match to my website & logo. Its given colour is Ice, and it’s as lovely as a dream. ♥

This giveaway is now closed. Winner is posted here on the blog and notified by email. ♥




To enter this blog birthday giveaway, simply answer the following question in the comments section of this post:

If you were a stand mixer, what colour would you be?

Surely there’s a colour that epitomizes your personality: baby pink? black? green apple? red?

  • For an extra entry, come over to Facebook and “like” Sweetapolita, and then come back here and leave a comment telling me you did so. That comment will count as your extra entry.
  • For an additional entry share the Sweetapolita Facebook Giveaway post on your own Facebook page, and then come back here and leave a comment telling me you did so. That comment will count as your extra entry.
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  • One entry per person, plus additional qualified bonus entries (mentioned above). Your comment may take a few moments to appear. 
  • Winners will be announced Friday, September 28th, 2012.

Best of luck to you!

*This giveaway is sponsored by Sweetapolita. 

We’ll see you very soon with a celebratory blog-birthday recipe!


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    • terrillr says

      I have this mixer! Or at least very near this color. When I got my mixer years ago, it was “William Sonoma Blue”.

      I didn’t want to enter the giveaway, but did want to tell you Happy Blog Anniversary and Many More. I love your blog!

  1. Niki says

    I would be this exact color – ice! Reminds me of Martha Stewart Blue (my favorite color of all time)

    I also tweeted this giveaway @littlemissniki

    Sweet giveaway and happy birthday to this beautiful blog Rosie!

  2. Jessica K. says

    If I were a stand mixer I would be butter yellow because I love butter and I love the color yellow AND TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!

  3. Rakefet says

    Mine would def. Nickel Pearl :) So my mom can be with me as I bake (her name is Pearl :)
    I liked you facebook page + posted it on my wall :)

  4. says

    J’aimerais la couleur [ Turquoise ] C’est un de mes rêves d’avoir un jour cet outil indispensable dans une cuisine ! Un jour qui sait ^^ Peut-être grâce à ce concours :) Bonne chance à tous !

  5. says

    I’ve already liked you on facebook and today I’ve also shared this give away

    If I would be a Minty Green.. or if it might be a print the one one the background on your blog icy blue with little white dots <3

    Have a nice weekend!

  6. says

    Happy 2 years Rosie! You definitely have one of my favourite blogs around! And I love coming here to see what amazing creations you’ve come up with. Since I’m trying to bake mor (insert laugh) I could use this mixer! Yes, even in sweetapolita blue.

  7. Erin says

    The color mixer you have listed is my favorite, its so pretty. It would make a great addition to my kitchen.My son and I love to bake together and I started a baking business from home :)

  8. jenn says

    i would be emerald green.. bc it reminds me of leprechauns and what do leprechauns have- pot of gold- my pot of gold- my delicious baked goods. I already like ya on fb… and now you’re shared :)

  9. Yvonne says

    If you were a stand mixer, what colour would you be? I probleby be ICE or metallic silver but if i realy may say, it doesn’t metter to me because i love this blog and kitchenaid for sure :-)

  10. filio says

    I would surely be a pistachio mixer..!

    I am a facebook fun of you a long time ago!

    I aso twitted this giveaway @fraoulitsaaaaa

  11. Luke says

    Definitely the cinnamon mixer. Bright and flashy yet alluring and mysterious.

    I’ve tweeted the link and shared the Facebook post.

  12. Pippa says

    Happy Birthblogday! Hmmm… perhaps some kind of sparkly chrome-y light blue… though I’d have to “after-market” it with pin stripes (and possibly flames – ack, maybe not very kitchen friendly!) so that my 4 y.o. boy could “drive” it : )

  13. says

    A gooey rich chocolate… it’d always make me hungry in the kitchen so I’d have to make more cakes :-)
    Liked and shared on FB, tweeted too @bakearamauk

  14. says

    I shared & liked on facebook! https://www.facebook.com/ma.reike.9275

    I think I’d be sky blue (or “Ice!”):

    – it’s my favourite colour,

    – it matches everything I own (and matches myself, which I guess is important if I’m going to stand next to it a lot, as I definitely would!),

    – it would even make splotches of cocoa icing look pretty,

    – it stands for the blue-sky thinking I find inspiring about your blog.

    The rainbow cake and the asparagus cake are my favourite things ever. x

  15. Angelina says

    I would be pistachio!!! I love that color it reminds of the 50s-60s era.
    p.s. I’ve already loved your page/post on fb too! Okay well liked but if there was a love button better believe I would love it all! :)

  16. Angel Li says

    Sweetapolita blue! With little white polka dots.

    Happy blog birthday :) if I get this kitchen aid mixer the very first thing I’d try to bake are macaroons. Never done it before but I think this would give me the push. Love reading your blog. Makes me so happy.

  17. Laurie1031 says

    I also ‘liked’ Sweetapolita on Facebook. My second color would be the silver. However, any color Kitchenaid mixer works for me!

  18. says

    I would be orange because sometimes I like to blend into the background in a bittersweet orange kind of way and sometimes I like to be all in the middle of things like a bright tangerine kind of orange!

  19. Christine O'Halek says

    I would be Tiffany blue almost the color of Sweetapolita blue because Tiffany’s “frosts” fingers almost as pretty as some of the cakes I have learned to frost from Sweetapolita over the past year!

  20. Aubrey says

    I would be this color as well. It reminds me of vintage kitchen appliances and it’s one of my favorite colors. I love any variation of turquoise/teal/aqua.

  21. says

    If I were a stand mixer I would definitely be teal. It’s the perfect combination of green and blue, in my opinion, and pairs so well with other great colours (like coral)!

  22. Rosa says

    me gustaria rojo pasión!
    Ya hace tiempo que soy fan en facebook,y he felicitado en Facebook
    Publicado en Facebook y compartido

  23. Peak District Mummy says

    I’d be a delicious burnished orange- the colour of the trees round here right now, and the colour of all that lovely, nutty, slow-cooked autumn food like squash and pumpkin. Yum! A very happy birthday to you and thanks for the blog!

  24. Ingrid Wise says

    This is by far my favorite color! If I was designing my own I would be this color with little white lily of the valley on it….and be called Lily of the Frozen Valley or something :-) Also, I “like” you on Facebook and shared your post!

  25. Ali Nedved says

    I would be sweetapolita blue for sure! So cute!!! I also like you on Facebook! Thanks for the opportunity and happy birthday!!!

  26. says

    If I was a stand mixer I would be green!! :)

    I also tweeted this giveaway (@nalichipu) and I like (love) your facebook page yet, of course I share this post in my facebook wall.

    Thanks. Happy Birthday and many sweet greetings from Spain (Europe).


  27. Sarah says

    If I had a choice I would colour mine a hodgepodge of rainbow colours, patterned to look like the car in Austin Powers! My favourite decade is the 60’s/70’s and I love anything that matches! It would look perfect in my groovy coloured kitchen! :)

  28. Rory W says

    I’d probably be a black or dark grey color with some kind of chevron-type pattern. It would be amazing. Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. Debora says

    I “liked” on facebook. I LOVE Sweetapolita! I’ve been coming here for all my baking recipes, inspirations and tutorials!
    I have always wanted a sea foamy colored mixer. a calm and simple color!

  30. Soizic says

    I would certainly be a fuchsia stand mixer, but this ice color would be perfect in my kitchen :)
    I already like your FB page, and I just shared your giveaway post on my page, but as I don’t have a Twitter account I can share it on there
    Thanks for this nice giveaway, i keep my fingers crossed now!

  31. says

    I would be, without any doubt PINK! Just like the one you posted on Instagram. :)
    I remember the first time I came to your site, (about one year ago, last summer). My first thought was “W-O-A-H! This woman is an artist.” And my second was “I will never be able to do any of these recipes.” But the truth is, thanks to your fantastic writing, the way you explain everything, and the fantastic pictures, I’ve made basically ALL your recipes-and they are the best, EVER.- So, Rosie… :) I wish to your blog much more posts, recipes, great pictures, and calories! Haha!
    Happy blog birthday, Sweetapolita! <3

  32. Helena says

    I would have to be a black just like all the other kitchen appliances that my husband chose for the kitchen. Since he would be the one paying for it ;)) Otherwise, it would be my favourite sky blue or mint colour. Happy Birthday, Sweetapolita & Happy Birthday to my baby girl Lily born today, 21 September. You are both irresistible xox

  33. Lisa R. says

    I would be “Ice” because its my favorite color. If we could add patterns it would be ice with white polka dots. Polka dots just add a cuteness/fun factor to everything!

    I liked Sweetapolita on FB.

  34. Samantha says

    I would be a bright cheery yellow! That looks so sunny and happy when people see it, they instantly become happy ;)

    Congratulations on another wonderful year of beautiful blogging!

  35. says

    Hmmm… I’d be a white or a granite colored mixer, because I blend with the background really well. But I’d love to be a cranberry one because it’s so funky and adventurous yet still sweet!

    You’re right, this one your picked really is a perfect match for your blog :)

  36. Beth says

    I would definitely be Boysenberry, but the Gloss Cinnamon would match my kitchen perfectly. The Ice would make a sweet addition though!!!!

  37. Marleen says

    I would be so red as, fire truck, the sexiest red lipstick, an sweet red apple, sexiest lingerie, the tastiest tomato, the prettiest red roses, the colour I’m very intens .. Living life to THE max!! But like the iced turquoise the most!;)

  38. Sarah Turek says

    Were I a mixer, I would be bright orange. I am a tad loud, a little brash, and tend to stand out from the norm, and not always on purpose. I’ve learned to just embrace that, just like I would happily embrace (literally) a beautiful new stand mixer to replace my $6.00 hand mixer.

  39. Vanessa Brown says

    My color would be Lovely Shade of Aquatoise <3 I've already "LIKED" & I just "SHARED" your Birthday giveaway! Thanks, Sweetapolita <3

  40. Elizabeth Morales-Ibanez says

    I think black represents my personality in the way that I’m very versatile and just go with everything :)

  41. Raquel Pinto says

    I would be a red a stand mixer!!!
    I’ve already follw your facebook page(by the name Rakel Salvaterra) and shared this giveaway on my facebook page!

  42. Rachael M says

    If I were a kitchen aid standard mixer I would be crystal or ice blue! Love the “tiffany” box colours!

    I liked on facebook!

    Shared on facebook!

    And tweeted on twitter!

  43. says

    i’d be ORANGE, it a colour that makes me think a lot about my life, my independence, milan in autumn, my livingroom wall in belgium, my kitchen in lisbon, and those african watching sunsets pregnant with my children… definitely orange!

  44. Susie Serenevich says

    I would be candy apple red, of course, or sticky toffee golden brown, or white chocolate, or red velvet red….. so many possiblities!

  45. wheng says

    been a fan for months now so i already liked your fb:)posted and tweeted it!Definitely baby pink,love love pink!!!And i love you Sweetapolita.Happy Birthday;)

  46. Melissa says

    Oh wow…I would love that baby blue one! I’ve never had a stand mixer…never been able to afford one, so this would be so amazing. I also “liked” your face book page and shared this contest on my page. Can you tell I really like this :))))

  47. Sarah says

    I would be hot pink, because it’s a very girly color, but because it’s so bright it’s also daring. It fits my different personalities perfectly!

  48. says

    I would be the special edition Wonder Woman mixer because I have fought myself from the brink of death, have Fibromylagia, kidney disease, I am a mother of 4 and a business owner! My kids think I am a super hero! :)

  49. Krystine R. says

    If I were a stand mixer, I would be pistachio green! Pistachios are addictive, and so is baking! Perhaps it’s also a reflection of how nutty I am ;-) Hmmm!

  50. Vanessa says

    I would be purple, it reminds me of my beautiful daughter Kherrington :-) I could never have a bad day with her in my life <3

  51. Katie F. says

    I would be bluish grey chevron with a little shimmer… if that is even possible:) if not then a bluish grey with a little shimmer.

  52. Lisa R says

    Oh, I think I’d be a passionate purple. Love that color!
    I follow you on Facebook, and have shared your post on my FB page. Woo Hoo!

  53. Michelle says

    If I were a stand mixer (or anything, really), I would be the color of THIS one! It’s my favorite color for things! Even bedroom walls! :)

  54. Sherry Bonds says

    Since I am madly in love with this mixer and have been for a while I would def be “Ice” if I were a mixer. It’s so dreamy!!

  55. Priyanka says

    I have(ages before) liked your Facebook page. Congratulations on completing two years! I really wish to win this. My hands hurt so bad after whisking egg whites everyday for my swiss meringue frosting. :(

  56. Katie says

    I would be the Ice color. It’s such a pretty almost Tiffany blue. I really enjoyed your blog and all of your fabulous recipes! Keep it up the good work :)

  57. Priyanka says

    I would be hot pink. Because there can never be too much of it. Never. Ever.
    P.S: I hope my boyfriend doesn’t read this.

  58. Patricia B. says

    The color that epitomizes my personality best is turquoise or coral. I like your facebook page and I shared the post =] Thanks so much for creating this blog, your cakes are beautiful!

  59. says

    If I were a stand mixer, I would be ocean blue. This would bring my favorite moments at the beach to the kitchen without the sand.

    I previously liked your facebook pages, shared your contest on Sweet Dog Organics’ facebook page and sent out a tweet on SweetDog3.

  60. Sherry Baird says

    I would love a lime green one, if I could have a customize one made, it would be one with lime green and pink and orange polka dots

  61. says

    I’ve shared your post on Facebook with all my friends. But I need to be the one who wins, not them! Love your blog!

    I just made a cake this morning the same color as that mixer (using your Swiss meringue buttercream recipe and the fabulous ruffle technique!).

  62. Elaine E says

    If I were a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer, I would be aqua sky. Calming, durable, and always stirring the pot ;-)

    I liked and shared your post on facebook ..

    Happy Birthday Blog day!


  63. Paige Thomson says

    I would be purple because it is my absolute favorite colour! I think it represents my personality as both calm and dramatic!!

    I also like this on Facebook, tweeted and shared the link on twitter and facebook!

    I love all your recipes and so many have turned out fabulous!! I am known as the cupcake Queen on my University campus!

  64. Stephanie Goodwin says

    So many colors to choose from!!!! Ummmm…….I would say if I were a Kitchen Aid mixer I would be turquoise pink!!! It’s a new color I just made up! Really though I think I would be turquoise with a bit of a hot pink swirl. Awesome give away, thanks so much for doing it!!!!

    I liked your Facebook page!!

    I shared the contest on my Facebook page!!!

    Good luck everyone!!!

  65. irene says

    If I were a mixer my color would be a metallic hot pink. Because I am tough as nails when I need to be but deep down I’m girly in every way possible.

  66. Melissa says

    I already “like” your page because it’s so awseome!!!! If I were a stand mixer…i would be PINK!!!! Happy B-Day to your blog!!!!

  67. Gail says

    I would be a creamy white just like my favorite things- buttercream frosting, marshmallow cream filling and white wedding cakes!!