A Blog Birthday + KitchenAid Mixer Giveaway! {Winner Announced!}

The winner of the KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer in what I like to call Sweetapolita Blue (but really Ice) is . . .

#2516 Deidre: “I love your website! My 12 year old uses your recipes for inspiration to make her own treats and is thinking of becoming a baker when she gets older because of it. A new mixer would help her tremendously!!!! It would have to be ice blue because it is an awesome colour! Happy Birthday Sweetapolita”

Congratulations, Deidre! You will also be notified by email.

I’ll see you very soon with another recipe! 

. . . 

Happy Friday to you and Happy Birthday to Sweetapolita!

Well, blog birthday that is. Yes, it’s true–this blog was launched about 460,000 calories (also known as two years) ago! I have a celebratory sweet in the works, but in the meanwhile I want to thank you for your ongoing support and blog love by giving away one KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer in this most delicious Sweetapolita Blue. Okay, it’s not called that exactly, but I couldn’t help but notice that it really is the perfect match to my website & logo. Its given colour is Ice, and it’s as lovely as a dream. ♥

This giveaway is now closed. Winner is posted here on the blog and notified by email. ♥




To enter this blog birthday giveaway, simply answer the following question in the comments section of this post:

If you were a stand mixer, what colour would you be?

Surely there’s a colour that epitomizes your personality: baby pink? black? green apple? red?

  • For an extra entry, come over to Facebook and “like” Sweetapolita, and then come back here and leave a comment telling me you did so. That comment will count as your extra entry.
  • For an additional entry share the Sweetapolita Facebook Giveaway post on your own Facebook page, and then come back here and leave a comment telling me you did so. That comment will count as your extra entry.
  • For an additional entry, share this post on Twitter and include @sweetapolita, and then come back here and leave a comment telling me you did so. That comment will count as your extra entry.


  • One entry per person, plus additional qualified bonus entries (mentioned above). Your comment may take a few moments to appear. 
  • Winners will be announced Friday, September 28th, 2012.

Best of luck to you!

*This giveaway is sponsored by Sweetapolita. 

We’ll see you very soon with a celebratory blog-birthday recipe!


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  1. 1

    I would be green apple for sure!

  2. 44

    I would definetly be lila, since thats my favorite color.

  3. 45

    OMG! This is my absolutely favour colour!!! *_* I love it, and i love your blog

    • 46

      I have this mixer! Or at least very near this color. When I got my mixer years ago, it was “William Sonoma Blue”.

      I didn’t want to enter the giveaway, but did want to tell you Happy Blog Anniversary and Many More. I love your blog!

  4. 47

    I would be olive green!

  5. 48

    I would be this exact color – ice! Reminds me of Martha Stewart Blue (my favorite color of all time)

    I also tweeted this giveaway @littlemissniki

    Sweet giveaway and happy birthday to this beautiful blog Rosie!

  6. 49

    I’m all about this colour, ice!

  7. 50

    I would be green.

  8. 51

    I would be a nice light pink!

  9. 52
    Samantha Cade says:

    I would be metallic silver!

  10. 53
    Samantha Cade says:

    i liked sweetapolita on facebook so heres my extra entry, I would be metallic silver!

  11. 54

    If I was a stand mixer I would be pink :)

  12. 55

    Liked on facebook

  13. 56

    I tweeted the giveaway @ShannenKuz

  14. 57

    I would be a deep purple!

  15. 58

    I like you on Facebook! (Jennifer Farley)

  16. 59

    I liked your Facebook page

  17. 60

    Green apple or red would be me :)

  18. 61

    i would be shiny dark red – my favorite color!

  19. 62

    I “liked” Sweetapolita!

  20. 63

    I would be fuchsia or hot pink! Mos def!

  21. 64

    I’d be fire engine red!

  22. 65

    I would be Pink…baby powder puff pink! Posted the contest on FB and on the cookie cutter group web site!

  23. 66

    Also, I have been a long standing fan for a while now so I’ve already “liked” your page :)

  24. 67

    I’d be a bright fuchsia, very very bright fuchsia.

    Happy birthday sweetapolita!

  25. 68

    I would be an ombre purple!

  26. 70

    I like you on Facebook!

  27. 71

    Not sure of color but I like the red and pink

  28. 72

    I would be a cherry red mixer.

  29. 73
    Dena Hamlin says:

    Chartreuse! Bright, bubbly and sometimes shocking ;) that is moi!

  30. 74

    Shared on my Facebook page! (Savory Simple)

  31. 75

    my color would have to black, its the only color mentioned that would go with my coffee themed kitchen.

  32. 76
    Dena Hamlin says:

    I like you on FB

  33. 77
    Nicola Murray says:

    Pink. Definitely pink. With sparkles. Extra sparkles. FABULOUS, daaaahling~

  34. 78
    Michelle Ladouceur says:

    I would be bosenberry!! thats the color mixer I have been dreaming of.:)

  35. 79

    Pretty in Pink!

  36. 80

    I like sweetapolita on facebook.

  37. 81

    Red. matches everything in my house:)

  38. 82
    Nicola Murray says:

    I like ‘Sweetapolita’ on Facebook! <3

  39. 83

    I would be dark green if possible if not any green as I just love that color all shades :)

  40. 84
  41. 85
    Marlyn Adames says:

    I would be red!

  42. 86

    If I were a stand mixer I would be butter yellow because I love butter and I love the color yellow AND TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!

  43. 87

    I would be a light purple :)

  44. 88

    I would love a red or green mixer!

  45. 89
    Kirstin Unwin says:

    I would be the candy apple red mixer.

  46. 90

    I’d definitely be red. Maybe I should customize one and give it a flame paint job!

  47. 91

    I would be a bright red..the brightest thing in the kitchen. Glad to like you on FB.

  48. 92

    Dark Purple!

  49. 93

    I shared the giveaway! :)

  50. 94

    I would be a hot orange, i love it!!

  51. 95

    A nice sunny yellow!

  52. 96

    I like your page on facebook :)

  53. 97

    I would be a bright lime-ish green. Happy Blogiversary, Rosie!

  54. 98
    Brittany Anderson says:

    I would be rainbow!

  55. 99

    I shared you on my facebook page.. and also shared you to my daughters page.

  56. 100

    I’m a facebook fan.

  57. 101

    Lime green. :)

  58. 102
    Marlyn Adames says:

    I like Sweetapolita on FB.

  59. 103

    and I like you facebook so there is my extra entry.

  60. 104

    Mine would def. Nickel Pearl :) So my mom can be with me as I bake (her name is Pearl :)
    I liked you facebook page + posted it on my wall :)

  61. 105

    Liked your post on facebook!

  62. 106

    liked and shareds too

  63. 107
    Brittany Anderson says:

    I liked Sweetapolita on Facebook!

  64. 108
    Concha Cruz says:

    I would be sexy candy apple Red love it!

  65. 109

    I would be ”Sweetapolita blue” or baby pink! I really loveeee pastel colors!

  66. 111
    Genoveva Gonzalez says:

    I would be a lovely banana yellow!

  67. 112
    Shannon Mandeville says:

    I would be hot pink!

  68. 113

    J’aimerais la couleur [ Turquoise ] C’est un de mes rêves d’avoir un jour cet outil indispensable dans une cuisine ! Un jour qui sait ^^ Peut-être grâce à ce concours :) Bonne chance à tous !

  69. 114

    I would definitely be BLUE!

  70. 115

    I would be baby blue or baby pink! i looooove pastel colours… also i “liked” your facebook page :)

  71. 116

    I just shared your picture, so 1 extra entry for me. Yay!!!!!!

  72. 117
    shannon burchard says:

    I would be sea foam…always my color

  73. 118

    I also shared this sweepstakes on my timeline (Angie Fonseca) One more entry for me!

  74. 119
  75. 120

    I would be baby pink.

  76. 121

    Just tweeted your giveaway @craftyaddict :)

  77. 122

    I would be the color of creamed butter, sugar and eggs…lovely creamy yellow. And no calories !!! LOL

  78. 123

    I’ve already liked you on facebook and today I’ve also shared this give away

    If I would be a Minty Green.. or if it might be a print the one one the background on your blog icy blue with little white dots <3

    Have a nice weekend!

  79. 124
    Brittany Anderson says:

    I shared the giveaway on my Facebook page!

  80. 125

    I wish…i have a baby pink one. So lovely and cute indeed.

  81. 126

    I would definetly be Sweetapolita Blue!!! = D

  82. 127

    Tasty green apple :)

  83. 128

    i also retweeted this giveaway!

  84. 129

    Crimson red for me!

  85. 130
    shannon burchard says:

    I liked on Facebook

  86. 131

    Happy 2 years Rosie! You definitely have one of my favourite blogs around! And I love coming here to see what amazing creations you’ve come up with. Since I’m trying to bake mor (insert laugh) I could use this mixer! Yes, even in sweetapolita blue.

  87. 132

    i would be coral

  88. 133

    I would be Red :) will make the counters so vibrant!

  89. 134

    I would be a rainbow of lots of colours – purples, blues, greens, yellow, reds, pinks – a colour to match every mood :-)

  90. 135

    I’ve been a FB fan for a little bit, so I already LIKE your page!

  91. 136

    If I were a KitchenAid Mixer I would be fire engine red

  92. 137
    shannon burchard says:

    I shared on Facebook

  93. 138

    Je suis Fan de votre page facebook depuis plus d’un an et je vous adore ! facebook.com/nadia.cecire.chougui

  94. 139

    I would be a light Pink!! <3

  95. 140

    If I was a mixer I would be Basil Green!! I already ‘LIKE’ you on Facebook :)

  96. 141

    I would be Yellow ~ Yellow kitchens are so happy!!

  97. 142

    Liked on Facebook as well… keep up the great work, and have a good weekend!

  98. 143

    and i posted it on twitter too :)

  99. 144

    I’m pretty partial to the Pistachio but the Stainless would match everything… Picking a mixer color is one of the most difficult decisions in life!

  100. 145

    The color mixer you have listed is my favorite, its so pretty. It would make a great addition to my kitchen.My son and I love to bake together and I started a baking business from home :)

  101. 146

    i would be purple:) liked it on fb too.

  102. 147

    Red for sure!

  103. 148

    Liked & shared!

  104. 149

    i would be emerald green.. bc it reminds me of leprechauns and what do leprechauns have- pot of gold- my pot of gold- my delicious baked goods. I already like ya on fb… and now you’re shared :)

  105. 150

    Woop! Happy birthday! I already follow you on Facebook :)

  106. 151
    Sema Gunduz says:

    i would be a green apple mixer :))

  107. 153

    I picture myself as many different colors, but all of them sparkly!

  108. 154

    I would be white. Probably. Though I really really love that ‘Ice’ colour A LOT!! :)

  109. 155

    I’m a Facebook fan!!!

  110. 156

    I Liked and Shared on Facebook! :):)

  111. 157

    Already liked on FB – does that count?!! :)) Hope so!

  112. 158

    I follow on FB!!!

  113. 159

    Yes, I love your blog!! I like Sweetapolita on Facebook… and my favorite color for a mixer would be lavender :))

  114. 160

    Happy birthday to the bloggie blog! I’d be brushed silver for sure.

  115. 161
    Concha Cruz says:

    I like Sweetapolita! on facebook and also shared your link thank you

  116. 162

    If you were a stand mixer, what colour would you be? I probleby be ICE or metallic silver but if i realy may say, it doesn’t metter to me because i love this blog and kitchenaid for sure :-)

  117. 163

    Love the ice color, and I’ve liked you on Facebook for a very long time already!

  118. 164

    I “like” Sweetapolita on FB. :)

  119. 165

    Liked on Facebook!

  120. 166

    Lilac ♥

  121. 167

    Also – I would be a dark blue or red.

  122. 168

    Lime green!

  123. 169

    I tweeted! :)

  124. 170

    Shared your giveaway on my FB page. Thanks tons and have a great weekend!

  125. 171

    I think I would be red!

  126. 172

    If I were a Kitchenaid mixer, I would be the color Periwinkle blue.

  127. 173

    J’ai partagée votre post sur ma page personnelle :) > facebook.com/nadia.cecire.chougui

  128. 174

    I would surely be a pistachio mixer..!

    I am a facebook fun of you a long time ago!

    I aso twitted this giveaway @fraoulitsaaaaa

  129. 175

    I liked your page, too!!

  130. 176

    I’d be this exact color…. I love to bake, it calms me down and this color is very calming and happy

  131. 177

    Shared on FB!!

  132. 178

    I would be Red!!!

  133. 179

    I am already a fan of yours on Facebook! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  134. 180

    Definitely the cinnamon mixer. Bright and flashy yet alluring and mysterious.

    I’ve tweeted the link and shared the Facebook post.

  135. 181


  136. 182

    I shared your giveaway link!! :)

  137. 183

    i like you on fb :)

  138. 184

    Shared on Facebook :)

  139. 185

    I already like (LOVE) your page on Facebook.

  140. 186

    I would probably the the pastel pink mixer.

  141. 187

    I shared this giveaway on Facebook!

  142. 188
    Holly Asbach says:

    Candy Apple Green!!

  143. 189

    I would be a red or pink color. As those colors I associate with love.

  144. 190

    Happy blog birthday! If I were a mixer color, I’d definitely be orange!

  145. 191

    Sweetapolita Blue as “Ice” is nice! Love this color!

  146. 192
    Genoveva Gonzalez says:

    Have liked Sweetapolita on FB for ages!!!

  147. 193

    Shared on Facebook!!

  148. 194

    I would be metallic lime green! I love you blog! Congrats on 2 years!

  149. 195

    If I were a stand mixer I would be Ice!

  150. 196

    I like you on facebook!

  151. 197

    I shared you contest on my page.

  152. 198

    I would be apple green! Bright, cheerful and crisp :) Yum!

  153. 199

    Also shared on Facebook. *Fingers crossed* :-)

  154. 200
    Cierra McMahan says:

    I would be pink or Ice to match the rest of my kitchen!

  155. 201

    I liked you Facebook as well :)

  156. 202

    I shared on Facebook

  157. 203

    Happy Birthblogday! Hmmm… perhaps some kind of sparkly chrome-y light blue… though I’d have to “after-market” it with pin stripes (and possibly flames – ack, maybe not very kitchen friendly!) so that my 4 y.o. boy could “drive” it : )

  158. 204

    “LIKED” you on Facebook! :)

  159. 205

    If I were a kitchenaid mixer, I would want to set on my counter in all my splendor showing off my beautiful shade of Hot Pink.

  160. 206

    Sweetapolita Blue! A perfect match to my old functional woodburning cookstove!

  161. 207

    I would be seafoam green!

  162. 208

    A gooey rich chocolate… it’d always make me hungry in the kitchen so I’d have to make more cakes :-)
    Liked and shared on FB, tweeted too @bakearamauk

  163. 209

    If I was a stand mixer, I would be gun metal gray. Oooh classy. :P

  164. 210
    olga maria minor says:

    i would be RED!!!! :)

  165. 211

    I’d probably be black…like my soul. Just kidding…a retro seafoam green.

  166. 212

    I would want cherry red……..I liked you on FB as well.

  167. 213
    Nicole Angelo says:

    Sweet baby pink for sure!

  168. 214

    I would have to choose the Cobalt Blue. It’s just such a fun color. :-) Happy Blog Birthday!

  169. 215
    Yvonne Callison says:

    Baby pink !!!

  170. 216

    I just liked you on Facebook!

  171. 217

    Red! I would want red!

  172. 218

    Love the “Ice” color :)

  173. 219

    I like Sweetapolita on Facebook!

  174. 220

    AND I’m a “Liker” from a while back!

  175. 221

    I love this color mixer! I think Sweetapolita blue is a great name!

  176. 222

    I would be giraffe print <3 my fav animal :)i

  177. 223

    Green! I’d totally be green!

  178. 224

    RT on Twitter. @angie_supermom 4th and final enrty.

  179. 225

    Shared on Facebook!!

  180. 226

    Have “liked” you 460,000 calories ago, and am wearing most of them!

  181. 227
    Holly Asbach says:

    I tweeted a post of this blog URL.

  182. 228

    I shared & liked on facebook! https://www.facebook.com/ma.reike.9275

    I think I’d be sky blue (or “Ice!”):

    - it’s my favourite colour,

    - it matches everything I own (and matches myself, which I guess is important if I’m going to stand next to it a lot, as I definitely would!),

    - it would even make splotches of cocoa icing look pretty,

    - it stands for the blue-sky thinking I find inspiring about your blog.

    The rainbow cake and the asparagus cake are my favourite things ever. x

  183. 229

    I would be pink!

  184. 230

    I would be a red one!

  185. 231

    such a hard choice but i think i’d say satin copper…

  186. 232

    I liked Sweetapolita on Facebook.

  187. 233

    Twitter Post!

  188. 235
    Holly Asbach says:

    I liked Sweetapolita on Facebook :)

  189. 236

    I would be pistachio!!! I love that color it reminds of the 50s-60s era.
    p.s. I’ve already loved your page/post on fb too! Okay well liked but if there was a love button better believe I would love it all! :)

  190. 237

    PINK! PINK! PINK! <3

  191. 238


  192. 239

    i like you..on facebook:)

  193. 240

    I am already a fan of Sweetapolita in facebook!

  194. 241

    if i were a mixer, i would be lime green :)

  195. 242

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this site! and the colour of the mixer is gorgeous :)

  196. 243

    A creamy-orange: Pantone 1575 to be exact!

  197. 244

    Sweetapolita blue! With little white polka dots.

    Happy blog birthday :) if I get this kitchen aid mixer the very first thing I’d try to bake are macaroons. Never done it before but I think this would give me the push. Love reading your blog. Makes me so happy.

  198. 245
  199. 246

    i shared your post on facebook!

  200. 247

    I love light blue!!! It’ s soooo niceee!!!

  201. 248

    i shared your contest on FB!!

  202. 249

    Liked on facebook

  203. 250

    I shared on my facebook page…

  204. 251

    I’ve liked you for a while now on facebook. Because you’re great!

  205. 252
    Isabel França says:

    I Would be the colour of passion… red!

  206. 253

    And I already “like” your page on facebook :)

  207. 254

    I shared the page on my timeline and I would be ice color for sure!!! It is my color for time!!

  208. 255

    also, i ‘liked’ your FB page a while back. does that count?

  209. 256
    Holly Asbach says:

    I shared the Facebook post! :)

  210. 257

    Glossy, creamy, luscious Chocolate Brown – other color trends may come and go, but chocolate will always go with everything in my kitchen!

  211. 258

    I also ‘liked’ Sweetapolita on Facebook. My second color would be the silver. However, any color Kitchenaid mixer works for me!

  212. 260

    Also, I’d be ruby red.

  213. 261

    I would be green apple! And I already like you on facebook! <3

  214. 262

    I tweeted @icywit

  215. 263

    Shared on Twitter

  216. 264

    I really like purple!:D

  217. 265

    Facebook Share!

  218. 266

    I would be orange because sometimes I like to blend into the background in a bittersweet orange kind of way and sometimes I like to be all in the middle of things like a bright tangerine kind of orange!

  219. 267

    I have already LOVED Sweetapolita and all the warm fuzzies you share. YUMMY!

  220. 269

    I like sweetapolita on facebook!!!:D

  221. 270

    Also, shared on facebook!

  222. 271
    Christine O'Halek says:

    I would be Tiffany blue almost the color of Sweetapolita blue because Tiffany’s “frosts” fingers almost as pretty as some of the cakes I have learned to frost from Sweetapolita over the past year!

  223. 272

    FB page is “liked”!

  224. 273

    FB like!

  225. 274

    I would be Lilac!

  226. 275

    I would be this color as well. It reminds me of vintage kitchen appliances and it’s one of my favorite colors. I love any variation of turquoise/teal/aqua.

  227. 276

    I have shared it on twitter too!!!

  228. 277
    Zoe Pezzack says:

    I would have Ice coz I’m as cold as ice baby yeah!! :) x

  229. 278

    If I were a stand mixer I would definitely be teal. It’s the perfect combination of green and blue, in my opinion, and pairs so well with other great colours (like coral)!

  230. 279

    me gustaria rojo pasión!
    Ya hace tiempo que soy fan en facebook,y he felicitado en Facebook
    Publicado en Facebook y compartido

  231. 280
    Peak District Mummy says:

    I’d be a delicious burnished orange- the colour of the trees round here right now, and the colour of all that lovely, nutty, slow-cooked autumn food like squash and pumpkin. Yum! A very happy birthday to you and thanks for the blog!

  232. 281
    Ingrid Wise says:

    This is by far my favorite color! If I was designing my own I would be this color with little white lily of the valley on it….and be called Lily of the Frozen Valley or something :-) Also, I “like” you on Facebook and shared your post!

  233. 282
    Isabel França says:

    I share the Sweetapolita Facebook Giveaway post on my own Facebook page

  234. 283

    I would be sweetapolita blue for sure! So cute!!! I also like you on Facebook! Thanks for the opportunity and happy birthday!!!

  235. 284

    I tweeted it too!

  236. 285

    I share on facebook!!!:D

  237. 286

    Purple, for the queen of cupcakes!

  238. 287

    If I was a stand mixer I would be green!! :)

    I also tweeted this giveaway (@nalichipu) and I like (love) your facebook page yet, of course I share this post in my facebook wall.

    Thanks. Happy Birthday and many sweet greetings from Spain (Europe).


  239. 288

    Periwinkle! Such a happy and soothing colour!

    ‘liked’ and shared on FB

  240. 289

    So many shades of blue!

  241. 290

    I shared you <3

  242. 291

    FB share!

  243. 292


  244. 293

    I’m already a “liker” :)

  245. 294

    I definitely will be a light blue, its a fresh and happy color.
    Liked the FaceBook Page and shared it on my page.
    I Shared the post on Twitter and included @sweetapolita.

  246. 295

    The Giveaway post is now on my facebook page!

  247. 296

    If I had a choice I would colour mine a hodgepodge of rainbow colours, patterned to look like the car in Austin Powers! My favourite decade is the 60′s/70′s and I love anything that matches! It would look perfect in my groovy coloured kitchen! :)

  248. 297
    Ingrid Wise says:

    This is by far my favorite color! Also, I “like” you on Facebook and shared your post!

  249. 298
    Cheryl Sethaler says:

    I would be a pink raspberry mixer.

  250. 299

    I’d say that I’ve been a grey slate blue for the past few years. If only there was a mixer in that color!

  251. 300

    I’d be a shiny turquoise mixer

  252. 301

    oh…i would be orange! firey and bright, but cheery. shared on FB :)

  253. 302

    Been liking you for a while on FB!

  254. 303

    Happy Birthday Sweetapolita~!

    I would be red, flaming hot!

  255. 304

    I would have to definitely be this ICE color. I have a white/black kitchen and this would be perfect as the splash of color on my counter!

  256. 305
    Cheryl Sethaler says:

    Liked on Facebook.

  257. 306

    I would be chartreuse!

  258. 307

    Mixers always look like they are standing at attention to me. So I’d have to say it would be a dark royal/navy blue with white accents, like a good-looking man in a Navy uniform!

  259. 308

    FB share!!

  260. 309

    I would be green & sparkly!

  261. 310
    Amanda Moulton says:

    I would be aqua sky, such a cheery color!

  262. 311

    Nothing elsa but pink

  263. 312

    I would be a warm orange…like tangerine!

  264. 313

    Retweeted!! @deedeemaz

  265. 314

    ICE of course! :-) (Or Dark Red with trim in Apple Green & Black!) Liked you on Facebook too!

  266. 315

    If I was a Kitchen Aid mixer I would be pink and sparkly!!! HOT pink with glitter!!!

  267. 316

    Liked you loooooooong ago on FB, but just liked today’s post too!

  268. 317

    I love the color of blue that it is. It is a very beautiful color. I am a liker of all pages listed.

  269. 318
    Carie Petrunich says:

    Candy Pink or Sparkly Silver!!!

  270. 319

    Followed on FB

  271. 320


  272. 321

    Just liked your FB page. Wow! YUMMY!

  273. 322

    Shared your blog on facebook!

  274. 323

    I “like” your page on FB!

  275. 324

    I would be white – clean, crisp, appropriate for all occasions, and sometimes I get a little dirty…

  276. 325

    Would have to be fire engine red for my son who is not only a great cook but a fireman :)

  277. 326

    My color would be something on the lines of periwinkle. :-)

  278. 327

    And, shared your post on Facebook!
    Thanks! love your site and your work!

  279. 328
    Kristin Bailey says:

    I would love to have a raspberry one. :)

  280. 329
    Flor Rodriguez says:

    I was a stand mixer I would be pink and sweet!

  281. 330

    Also, just tweeted about your birthday / giveaway. =)


    I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me for this upcoming year!

  282. 331

    Love this color but if given my choice of colors it would be RED.

  283. 332

    I’d probably be a black or dark grey color with some kind of chevron-type pattern. It would be amazing. Thanks for the chance to win!

  284. 333
    Cheryl Sethaler says:

    Shared on Facebook.

  285. 334

    Shared on twitter!

  286. 335

    Baby chick yellow !

  287. 336

    I “liked” on facebook. I LOVE Sweetapolita! I’ve been coming here for all my baking recipes, inspirations and tutorials!
    I have always wanted a sea foamy colored mixer. a calm and simple color!

  288. 337

    I love your blog, I have been a fan for well over a year now

  289. 338

    I would be pink! I’m already a fan of Facebook too!

  290. 339

    Hot Magenta! With the glass mixing bowl :)

  291. 340

    I liked Sweetapolita’s Facebook page!!! <3

  292. 341
    Maria Rearick says:

    I would be aqua sky!

  293. 342

    That minty light blue would be PERFECT!!!

  294. 343

    You’ve been shared!

  295. 344

    I would certainly be a fuchsia stand mixer, but this ice color would be perfect in my kitchen :)
    I already like your FB page, and I just shared your giveaway post on my page, but as I don’t have a Twitter account I can share it on there
    Thanks for this nice giveaway, i keep my fingers crossed now!

  296. 345

    Liked on facebook. I would be black.

  297. 346

    I would be Octarine, the colour or magic because if I won this that is what Id make with it! magical cakes

  298. 347

    I like Sweetapolita on fb

  299. 348
    Melanie Brewer says:

    If I was a kitchen aid mixer I would be red to match my hair.

  300. 349

    Pink Pink Pink! With polks dots! I love your site!

  301. 350
    Maria Rearick says:

    I shared your giveaway on facebook

  302. 351

    Steelers Black and Gold!!

  303. 352

    Just shared you on my FB page…promoted!

  304. 353
    özlem arslan says:

    I would be baby pink!

  305. 354

    Electric pink eeeeek ;)

  306. 355

    Baby blue for sure!

  307. 356

    Also, I “liked” you on facebook a long time ago!

  308. 357

    I would actually be that color! Ice! It reminds me of Tiffany blue which is my favorite!

  309. 358

    Pink! :-)

  310. 359
    Anet Pereda says:

    Happy B-Day!!I would be lime lemon.

  311. 360
    Veronica dela Cruz-Araki says:

    Cobalt blue! My favorite color! :)

  312. 361

    Liked you on FB!

  313. 362
    Flor Rodriguez says:

    I shared via Twitter!

  314. 363

    If I were a stand mixer, what colour would I be?
    RED …. I would be RED!
    To match my spicy hot personality LOL

  315. 364

    My kitchenAid color of choice would either be Ice or Aqua Blue :)

  316. 365

    I would be, without any doubt PINK! Just like the one you posted on Instagram. :)
    I remember the first time I came to your site, (about one year ago, last summer). My first thought was “W-O-A-H! This woman is an artist.” And my second was “I will never be able to do any of these recipes.” But the truth is, thanks to your fantastic writing, the way you explain everything, and the fantastic pictures, I’ve made basically ALL your recipes-and they are the best, EVER.- So, Rosie… :) I wish to your blog much more posts, recipes, great pictures, and calories! Haha!
    Happy blog birthday, Sweetapolita! <3

  317. 366
    Kristin Bailey says:

    I like you on Facebook!

  318. 367

    i would be mint green

  319. 368
    Stacy Barfield says:

    I think I would be red.:)

  320. 369

    I would be red.

  321. 370

    I would be a bright fuscia! Matches the colors for my budding cake business!

  322. 371

    I’m new to Twitter (fairly) and don’t use it as often as FB, but I did tweet you! ;)

  323. 372

    I think the “sweetapolita blue” is my favorite!!! It reminds me of the ’50′s. I want to put on a retro dress and apron and start baking!

  324. 373

    “Shared” on Facebook!!

  325. 374

    “liked” on facebook and shared on twitter. I would be baby pink.

  326. 375

    I would have to be a black just like all the other kitchen appliances that my husband chose for the kitchen. Since he would be the one paying for it ;)) Otherwise, it would be my favourite sky blue or mint colour. Happy Birthday, Sweetapolita & Happy Birthday to my baby girl Lily born today, 21 September. You are both irresistible xox

  327. 376
    Michelle A. says:

    Liked you on Facebook long ago!

  328. 377
    Stacy Barfield says:

    I just shared on FB!

  329. 378

    I’d be teal! :)

  330. 379

    I just liked your facebook page! :)

  331. 380

    Liked on Facebook <3

  332. 381

    I would be Green Apple!!

  333. 382

    What if we already like you on face book? Does that count?

  334. 383

    I like you on fb!

  335. 384
    Flor Rodriguez says:

    And of course I like you on Facebook :)

  336. 385

    Liked you on Facebook!

  337. 386

    I’d be cobalt for sure!

  338. 387

    I would be chrome! I believe that life is what you make it and I like to make mine shiny!

  339. 388
    chelsea simmons says:

    I would be lime green!! i liked on facebook also!

  340. 389

    Quiciera ser violeta odorata!!!! Y quiero esa batidora en mi cocina!!!!

  341. 390

    I’d be a mint colour mixer :)

  342. 391

    I would be “Ice” because its my favorite color. If we could add patterns it would be ice with white polka dots. Polka dots just add a cuteness/fun factor to everything!

    I liked Sweetapolita on FB.

  343. 392

    I would be a bright cheery yellow! That looks so sunny and happy when people see it, they instantly become happy ;)

    Congratulations on another wonderful year of beautiful blogging!

  344. 393

    Sunny yellow!

  345. 394

    I like you on FB. That’s where I saw this posted :-)

  346. 395

    I follow you on facebook

  347. 396

    If I were a stand mixer….. I would probably be a gorgeous teal.

  348. 397

    And does it still count if I’ve already ‘liked’ your facebook page? :)

  349. 398

    So tough…. but probably purple or pastel pink!!! Love your blog & recipes!!!

  350. 399

    Does it count for an extra entry if I have already been a facebook fan of yours for a long time now?

  351. 400

    I would be ice! Liked Sweetapolita on FB and shared the giveaway post!!

  352. 401

    Me gusta en Facebook

  353. 402

    If I was a mixer I’d be a candy apple red mixer because I’m a spicy Mama who likes to show off a little.

  354. 403
    Michelle A. says:

    What epitomizes my personality: red

  355. 404

    I would be purple.

  356. 405

    I like Sweetapolita on Facebook!

  357. 406

    Liked Sweetapolita on Facebook!

  358. 407

    Mint green for me :)

  359. 408

    I’ve liked your Facebook. :)

  360. 409

    I would love to have it in Red because my kitchen layout is red and black

  361. 410

    I would be metallic silver… it stands out a little bit, but is focused on (delicious) business :)

  362. 411

    I would be red because I’m a little fireball, and a beautiful mixer like that deserves to steal the show!

  363. 412

    Liked on Facebook :)

  364. 413

    Liked on facebook!

  365. 414

    Hmmm… I’d be a white or a granite colored mixer, because I blend with the background really well. But I’d love to be a cranberry one because it’s so funky and adventurous yet still sweet!

    You’re right, this one your picked really is a perfect match for your blog :)

  366. 415

    I tweeted. @NewMommiezBlend

  367. 416

    I would definitely be bright yellow with white polka dots!

  368. 417

    shared on facebook!

  369. 418

    Liked on Facebook.

  370. 419

    Guess I would be a rather quiet but nice pale yellow or mint…
    And I am a Facebook fan now!

  371. 420

    Like you on facebook long time ago :) & shared the facebook giveaway!!

  372. 421

    Liked on Facebook too :)

  373. 422

    hi rosie! i would be red! i liked on facebook and shared this as well :D congrats! loving every posts! cheers!

  374. 423

    Sweetapolita.com liked on Facebook :)

  375. 424

    uhm….RED. Probably because I am a little fiery and opinionated ;)

  376. 425

    I think I would be ice! Love that color! Happy Birthday!!

  377. 426

    I Like Sweetapolita on Facebook!

  378. 427

    liked you on facebook long ago! love your blog sistah!

  379. 428

    And I just shared the Facebook giveaway post on my wall!

  380. 429

    I would definitely be Boysenberry, but the Gloss Cinnamon would match my kitchen perfectly. The Ice would make a sweet addition though!!!!

  381. 430
    Sarah-Elizabeth says:

    I would be violet!

  382. 431

    Ya he compartido en facebook el sorteo Suerte a todos!!!

  383. 432

    I would be dark grey. :)

  384. 433

    I would be a sweet gold color!!

  385. 434
    Cindy Behrmann says:

    RED- need I say more!

  386. 435

    AI am a facebook follower!

  387. 436

    I liked Sweetapolita on Facebook!

  388. 437

    Liked you on Facebook awhile ago and shared the post on Facebook and twitter as well :)

  389. 438
    Sarah-Elizabeth says:

    I liked Sweetapolita on FB!

  390. 439

    I’ve already shared it on Facebook. <3

  391. 440
    Christine Campbell says:

    If I were a stand mixer I would be green apple…

  392. 441

    Already an avid fan on facebook!

  393. 442

    I’ve shared on facebook!!!! Pleaseeeeee!!!

  394. 443
    Michelle A. says:

    Shared the Happy Blog Birthday Sweeps on my FB page

  395. 444

    I shared it on Twitter

  396. 445

    I like the ice blue, it’s very close to a Marie Antoinette “let them eat cake” kinda blue.

  397. 446

    Shared on FB

  398. 447

    And I liked your page on Facebook!

  399. 448

    Giveaway post shared on Facebook!

  400. 449
    Christine Campbell says:

    Im already a fan on Facebook… Thanks

  401. 450
    Anet Pereda says:

    Shared on Twitter

  402. 451

    I’d be purple, which is not a kitchenaid color.

  403. 452

    I’d be red or blue. . but I LOVE this color! Wow, amazing! so pretty!

  404. 453

    I would love either this beautiful ICE one, or a bright RED mixer.

  405. 454

    I would be so red as, fire truck, the sexiest red lipstick, an sweet red apple, sexiest lingerie, the tastiest tomato, the prettiest red roses, the colour I’m very intens .. Living life to THE max!! But like the iced turquoise the most!;)

  406. 455

    I shared on Facebook! :-)

  407. 456

    I liked you on facebook.

  408. 457

    I’ve shared the Sweetapolita Facebook Giveaway post on my own Facebook page :)

  409. 458
    Sarah Turek says:

    Were I a mixer, I would be bright orange. I am a tad loud, a little brash, and tend to stand out from the norm, and not always on purpose. I’ve learned to just embrace that, just like I would happily embrace (literally) a beautiful new stand mixer to replace my $6.00 hand mixer.

  410. 459

    I love the ice color!! Happy Birthday! I liked you on fb.

  411. 460

    I am a FB fan!!

    Cindy L-J

  412. 461

    I would be silver!

  413. 462

    Shared this page with my Facebook friends. Happy birthday!

  414. 463

    I would be this ice blue color because it reminds me of “Tiffany Blue” and everything 50′s!

  415. 464
    Vanessa Brown says:

    My color would be Lovely Shade of Aquatoise <3 I've already "LIKED" & I just "SHARED" your Birthday giveaway! Thanks, Sweetapolita <3

  416. 465

    i have LIKED your page on facebook!

  417. 466

    i shared on twitter https://twitter.com/ruthcaher

  418. 467

    I shared the contest on facebook.

  419. 468

    I posted it on twitter <3

  420. 470

    “Liked”, actually I have loved your page for a while :)

  421. 471

    tweeteed by @shannoniolson

  422. 472

    i have SHARED your giveaway on facebook!

  423. 473

    Shared on my Hun… What’s for Dinner page.

  424. 474

    I can’t decide between Ice or baby pink!

  425. 475
    Christine Campbell says:

    I shared on Facebook…

  426. 476

    Shared your giveaway post on Facebook!

  427. 477

    HOT PINK!!!

  428. 478

    shared on my facebook! oh I so want to win!!!

  429. 479

    Liked you on facebook as well. Your page is heavenly!

  430. 480
    Ana Racionero says:

    I would like to be framboise ;)
    Liked you on Facebook and also shared!!

  431. 481

    Shared on facebook!

  432. 482

    I would be fuchsia!!!. Liked on Facebook

  433. 483

    Shared the link for this giveaway, thanks!

  434. 484

    And… I’ve shared it on my Twitter! *yay*

  435. 485
    Elizabeth Morales-Ibanez says:

    I think black represents my personality in the way that I’m very versatile and just go with everything :)

  436. 486

    shared on facebook and twitter!!

  437. 487

    I would be a pretty pretty pink color.

  438. 488

    i would like to be a magenta KA!!! I love all shades of pink, but magenta the most!

  439. 489

    happy birthday! I would be pink but I also love this blue <3 thanks I love ur blog!!

  440. 490

    I would have to be my favorite color: purple. :)

  441. 491
    Raquel Pinto says:

    I would be a red a stand mixer!!!
    I’ve already follw your facebook page(by the name Rakel Salvaterra) and shared this giveaway on my facebook page!

  442. 492
    Heidi Henriksen says:

    I would be shiny, and light pink! Girlie and sweet!

  443. 493

    Perfectly pink!

  444. 494
  445. 495

    If I were a kitchen aid standard mixer I would be crystal or ice blue! Love the “tiffany” box colours!

    I liked on facebook!

    Shared on facebook!

    And tweeted on twitter!

  446. 496

    If I were a mixer I would be red, as that’s the colour of my kitchen and I do like to be coordinated!!

  447. 497

    I tweeted. I’m @kuntrageous.

  448. 498

    I just tweeted about this!

  449. 499

    Tweeted from @hunWFD

  450. 500

    I just liked and shared on facebook.

  451. 501

    I shared it on Twitter :)

  452. 502

    i like u on fb!!!!!

  453. 503

    i’d be ORANGE, it a colour that makes me think a lot about my life, my independence, milan in autumn, my livingroom wall in belgium, my kitchen in lisbon, and those african watching sunsets pregnant with my children… definitely orange!

  454. 504
    Susie Serenevich says:

    I would be candy apple red, of course, or sticky toffee golden brown, or white chocolate, or red velvet red….. so many possiblities!

  455. 505

    Tweeted this giveaway, thanks a bunch!

  456. 506

    Just liked your FB page too :)

  457. 507

    i shared the givaway post on fb!!

  458. 508
    Susie Serenevich says:

    I’ve shared you picture on Facebook

  459. 509

    Definitely the pink!

  460. 510

    Hi! Liked done!! I want my new KA hot pink!!!

  461. 511
    Elizabeth Morales-Ibanez says:

    I already (love) like sweetpolita on Facebook :D

  462. 512

    I liked you on Facebook! :)

  463. 513

    I would be the newish metallic raspberry. So pretty!

  464. 514
    Amber Harris says:

    Is there any other color than purple :)

  465. 515

    I already “like” you on Facebook!

  466. 516

    been a fan for months now so i already liked your fb:)posted and tweeted it!Definitely baby pink,love love pink!!!And i love you Sweetapolita.Happy Birthday;)

  467. 517
    Theresa Sea says:

    I would be something cheerful, like yellow or aqua!

  468. 518

    I would be a mint one :)

  469. 519

    I liked and share in facebook..and prefer baby pink:) thank u

  470. 520

    Oh wow…I would love that baby blue one! I’ve never had a stand mixer…never been able to afford one, so this would be so amazing. I also “liked” your face book page and shared this contest on my page. Can you tell I really like this :))))

  471. 521

    Just shared on my facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/PartyInStyle

  472. 522
    Susie Serenevich says:

    I liked your picture on Facebook

  473. 523

    I would be hot pink, because it’s a very girly color, but because it’s so bright it’s also daring. It fits my different personalities perfectly!

  474. 524

    If i were a stand mixer I’d be LAVENDER! (do they exist?? haha)

  475. 526

    I would be the special edition Wonder Woman mixer because I have fought myself from the brink of death, have Fibromylagia, kidney disease, I am a mother of 4 and a business owner! My kids think I am a super hero! :)

  476. 527

    I would be a red one…. but this ice is too cute.

  477. 528

    Magenta, a.k.a. Raspberry Ice!

  478. 529
    leilani Burns says:

    Celtic knotwork!

  479. 530

    I’m a Facebook fan!!!

  480. 531
    Krystine R. says:

    If I were a stand mixer, I would be pistachio green! Pistachios are addictive, and so is baking! Perhaps it’s also a reflection of how nutty I am ;-) Hmmm!

  481. 532

    I would say hunter green, classic but can still be fun!

  482. 533

    ICE is the color I’ve had my heart set on for months!!! It goes with my dream kitchen color scheme that I’ll have hopefully one day very soon!!!

  483. 534

    I would be chrome with flames….flames make it go faster ;)

  484. 535
    Nichollette says:

    If I were a mixer I’d be electric pink!

  485. 536

    I would be purple, it reminds me of my beautiful daughter Kherrington :-) I could never have a bad day with her in my life <3

  486. 537

    I shared and already like on FB

  487. 538
    Deborah Fix says:

    I would be a nice dark emerald green! Happy blog birthday :)

  488. 539

    I have followed you for awhile and liked you on facebook!! I LOVE the red.

  489. 540

    I would be black with bright pink flames :-)

  490. 541

    I also shared your competition on my facebook page. Hopefully more people will enter to win!

  491. 542

    Oooh, I would be that frosty turquoise color. That color exactly.

  492. 543
    Samantha Klause says:

    Ice for sure!! Very vintage :)))))

  493. 544

    Graphite gray!

  494. 545
    Krystine R. says:

    P.S. I liked Sweetapolita on FB a while ago and that is how I learned about this sweepstakes!

  495. 546

    Finally, tweeted about it!! https://twitter.com/Party_In_Style

    Thanks Rosie!

  496. 547
    Nichollette says:

    I liked Sweetapolita on facebook =)

  497. 548

    I would definitely be green apple. Happy Birthday, Sweetapolita!!

  498. 549

    I’ve shared this giveaway on FB :)

  499. 550

    If I were a stand I’d be red.

  500. 551

    I liked you on Facebook!

  501. 552

    I “liked” Sweetapolita on Facebook a while ago! :-)

  502. 553

    Princess Purple of course.

  503. 554

    I’d definitely be a black mixer because black’s classy :]

  504. 555
    leilani Burns says:

    I liked you on facebook a long time ago!

  505. 556

    I liked you on Facebook!

  506. 557

    I like you on facebook

  507. 558

    I would be Red to match my love for all things Americana :)

  508. 559

    And because I really want to win the mixer I also shared it on my twitter. :)

  509. 560
    Michelle A. says:

    I tweeted the sweeps!

  510. 561
    Heidi Botha says:

    Purple for me

  511. 562

    I posted your giveaway on my wall!

  512. 563

    I like Sweetapolita on FB!

  513. 564
    Krystine R. says:

    P.S.S I shared the Sweetapolita Facebook Giveaway post on FB!

  514. 565
    Deborah Fix says:

    I also Liked you on facebook…..and have for quite some time!

  515. 566

    I also shared it on FB!

  516. 567
    Heidi Henriksen says:

    I shared this on my Facebook profile too!! http://www.facebook.com/hbhenriksen

  517. 568

    I would be pale lilac!

  518. 569
    Rebeca Fernandez says:

    I would be red!!!!

    I liked you facebook ^^

  519. 570

    I also liked on Facebook!

  520. 571

    I “LOVE” you on Facebook! ;o)

  521. 572
    Heidi Botha says:

    Liked Sweetapolita’s facebook page

  522. 573

    I shared on Facebook

  523. 574

    I would be a Red one… I shared YoU on facebook on my profile and on my page… XO XO from Italy

  524. 575

    Also, I shared on Twitter!

  525. 576

    I love the Ice Blue. It’ matches my kitchen exactly!

  526. 577
    Anne Marie Cafferkey says:

    Deep red.deep red.

  527. 578

    Most definitely I would be buttercream yellow, or blue or pale pink. Too hard to pick!

  528. 579

    I would be bluish grey chevron with a little shimmer… if that is even possible:) if not then a bluish grey with a little shimmer.

  529. 580
    leilani Burns says:

    AND I shared your contest! I share lots of your stuff! LOVE THE SWEETAPOLITA!

  530. 581

    Oh, I think I’d be a passionate purple. Love that color!
    I follow you on Facebook, and have shared your post on my FB page. Woo Hoo!

  531. 582

    Liked your page on facebook:)

  532. 583
    Stacy Wiebe says:

    Red :)

  533. 584

    For me, it would be purple!! I just love this color!!
    I am a fan of your page on Facebook!
    Céline for Souvenirs Intemporels, France

  534. 585

    I have followed your blog and on facebook. I LOVE the red!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  535. 586

    if i were a mixer i’d be the most amazing lime green on one side and a sparkling pink on the other.

  536. 587

    I’d be a dark forest green!

  537. 588

    If I were a stand mixer (or anything, really), I would be the color of THIS one! It’s my favorite color for things! Even bedroom walls! :)

  538. 589
    Sherry Bonds says:

    Since I am madly in love with this mixer and have been for a while I would def be “Ice” if I were a mixer. It’s so dreamy!!

  539. 590
    Alba Aguilera says:

    I would like to be a blue kitchen aid! (and if it’s not, purple :) )

    I like your facebook page sweetapolita ;)

  540. 591

    I think I would be a pink and orange combo mixer :-)

  541. 592

    I have(ages before) liked your Facebook page. Congratulations on completing two years! I really wish to win this. My hands hurt so bad after whisking egg whites everyday for my swiss meringue frosting. :(

  542. 593

    I’ve ALREADY “liked” you on Facebook, but just want to make sure you know that! ;)

  543. 594

    I’d be hot pink!!

  544. 595

    I would be apple green.

  545. 596

    I liked the Facebook page! :)

  546. 597

    I tweeted it!

  547. 598

    pale plum! ;-)

  548. 599

    I am a fan on Facebook!

  549. 600

    I’d say baby pink – I’m an unabashed girl-girl.

  550. 601

    I would definitely be “pear” a its not quite modern, not quite vintage.

  551. 602

    I’d be pastel pink!

  552. 603

    I would be red…everyone would notice me!

  553. 604

    I shared the FB post on my profile. Hope I win!

  554. 605

    Shared link on Facebook :-)

  555. 606

    I would be the Ice color. It’s such a pretty almost Tiffany blue. I really enjoyed your blog and all of your fabulous recipes! Keep it up the good work :)

  556. 607

    I “liked” you a long time ago…I love this blog.

  557. 608

    I also shared your post on twitter

  558. 609

    I liked your facebook a few weeks back before the drawing, does that count for an additional option?

  559. 610

    I would be green apple to match with my website!

  560. 611


  561. 612

    I would be hot pink. Because there can never be too much of it. Never. Ever.
    P.S: I hope my boyfriend doesn’t read this.

  562. 613
    Sherry Bonds says:

    This is my second entry…cause I really want to win this dreamy mixer. I liked this post on FB. Thanks for contest!

  563. 614

    I ‘liked’ your facebook page!

  564. 615

    I would be a lavender mixer!

  565. 616
    Nichollette says:

    Shared the giveaway on my facebook =)

  566. 617

    and I shared it on my facebook wall too!

  567. 618

    …and I’ve just shared your post via twitter! :)

  568. 619

    I would be green apple or this one – ice. Probably green because that’s always been “my color,” even as a little bitty girl!

  569. 620


  570. 621
    Heidi mortensen says:

    Creamy white is so delicious!

  571. 622

    Liked on Facebook. Love your site! I’ve used many of your recipes. Thank you for all your info.

  572. 623

    Oh and I’ve already liked the Facebook page. That’s actually how I found out about this contest!

  573. 624

    I would most definitely be ice… It is just the perfect color for everything!

  574. 625

    Just shared your post via my Facebook page as well!

  575. 626
    Amber Harris says:

    I also shared on Facebook :)

  576. 627

    I would definitely be green apple. Sassy yet sweet!

  577. 628
    Patricia B. says:

    The color that epitomizes my personality best is turquoise or coral. I like your facebook page and I shared the post =] Thanks so much for creating this blog, your cakes are beautiful!

  578. 629
    Sherry Bonds says:

    I just shared the post on my FB page :-) I’m going to hold my breath till the drawing…lol

  579. 630

    Happy bday blog! I would be black! =)

  580. 631

    Retweeted on Twitter:) via @phnurse

  581. 632

    I would be the Pistachio one! What a beautiful colour! And it would go great with my red hair :)

  582. 633
    Kathy Needham says:

    blue or red. I liked on facebook

  583. 634

    Hi! If I was a stand mixer, I would be baby blue!

  584. 635

    If I were a stand mixer, I would be ocean blue. This would bring my favorite moments at the beach to the kitchen without the sand.

    I previously liked your facebook pages, shared your contest on Sweet Dog Organics’ facebook page and sent out a tweet on SweetDog3.

  585. 636

    I liked your Facebook page a while ago! (still count??)

  586. 637

    I just retweeted this on Twitter!

  587. 638

    Following on FB -

  588. 639

    I would be a deep, royal purple!

  589. 640

    My colors are always changing, but I have noticed a trend for the apple green as of late! Love your blog so much!

  590. 641

    I ‘like’ Sweetapolita on Facebook. <3

  591. 642

    I would definitely be a candle apple red mixer!

  592. 643

    I’m tweeting about you!

  593. 644

    I would be glittery purple!

  594. 645
    Sherry Baird says:

    I would love a lime green one, if I could have a customize one made, it would be one with lime green and pink and orange polka dots

  595. 646

    Liked on facebook!

  596. 647

    I already like your page and I love seeing all of your amazing creations!

  597. 648
    Sherry Baird says:

    I am already a fan of your facebook page

  598. 649

    I would be Ice, like mine. I’ve already got it and I adore it!

  599. 650

    I shared You also on Twitter ‘cauz when I write on my facebook page cake I Love it goes directly on twitter :)

    happy birthday again :)

  600. 651

    I’ve shared your post on Facebook with all my friends. But I need to be the one who wins, not them! Love your blog!

    I just made a cake this morning the same color as that mixer (using your Swiss meringue buttercream recipe and the fabulous ruffle technique!).

  601. 652

    Shared on my FB site.

  602. 653
    Sherry Baird says:

    I am already a fan of your face book page

  603. 654

    I would be Pistachio green. I love the pastels, but this Ice color is amazing!

  604. 655

    I’m a red one!

  605. 656

    Love the Ice.

  606. 657

    Already LIKE your page on Facebook.

  607. 658

    If I were a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer, I would be aqua sky. Calming, durable, and always stirring the pot ;-)

    I liked and shared your post on facebook ..

    Happy Birthday Blog day!


  608. 659

    I shared the contest link! And knowing my friends you should get a LOT more entries and traffic! :)

  609. 660

    I would be the color pewter!

  610. 661
    Camila Marchlewski says:

    I’d like to be purple :) but if need choose between your options I’d like to be black :) ♥blog :) x

  611. 662

    “Liked” on Facebook!

  612. 663
    Sherry Baird says:

    I shared your give away on my face book page

  613. 664

    I’m allready a FB follower

  614. 665
    Paige Thomson says:

    I would be purple because it is my absolute favorite colour! I think it represents my personality as both calm and dramatic!!

    I also like this on Facebook, tweeted and shared the link on twitter and facebook!

    I love all your recipes and so many have turned out fabulous!! I am known as the cupcake Queen on my University campus!

  615. 666

    I “like” Sweetapolita

  616. 667
    Celeste Fogleman says:

    I’d be red…to go with my sassy retro red kitchen! (liked you fb already, and tweeting on twitter right now!)

  617. 668

    I would be a turquoise mixer.

  618. 669

    i would absolutely be a shimmery metallic… gold or silver! gotta be BRIGHT AND SHINY!

  619. 670

    I love the candy apple red color!

  620. 671
  621. 672

    I Shared the post on my FB page :)

  622. 673

    I follow you on twitter and tweeted too! https://twitter.com/jessrwarfield/status/249159549343387648

  623. 674
    Stephanie Goodwin says:

    So many colors to choose from!!!! Ummmm…….I would say if I were a Kitchen Aid mixer I would be turquoise pink!!! It’s a new color I just made up! Really though I think I would be turquoise with a bit of a hot pink swirl. Awesome give away, thanks so much for doing it!!!!

    I liked your Facebook page!!

    I shared the contest on my Facebook page!!!

    Good luck everyone!!!

  624. 675

    I like sweetapolita on FB.

  625. 676

    Hey! My name is Lidia and I’m from Barcelona… If I were a KitchenAid, I would be pink pastel :)

  626. 677

    I would be Raspberry Ice

    I’ve followed all the steps for having the three extra entries


  627. 678

    If I were a mixer my color would be a metallic hot pink. Because I am tough as nails when I need to be but deep down I’m girly in every way possible.

  628. 679

    I already “like” your page because it’s so awseome!!!! If I were a stand mixer…i would be PINK!!!! Happy B-Day to your blog!!!!

  629. 680

    I like Sweetapolita on facebook!

  630. 681

    I share this on my facebook profile.. :D

  631. 682

    I would be a creamy white just like my favorite things- buttercream frosting, marshmallow cream filling and white wedding cakes!!

  632. 683

    If I were a super cool Kitchen Aid stand mixer, I’d be apple green.

  633. 684

    And finally, I share this on my twitter! Thks!

  634. 685

    Shared on Twitter @mrschef05.

  635. 686

    I would be blush pink!

  636. 687
    Dawn Hobble says:

    Zebra striped! Love the jungle theme!

  637. 688

    I “liked” you on facebook. Between a new mixer and yummy eats in my FB feed, this could lead to some weight gain!

  638. 689
    Emily Sinclair says:

    green apple for sure!

  639. 690

    The color “Ocean” that Le Creuset has for some of their products. It’s a lovely blue color.

  640. 691
    Karina Cronk says:

    I like” Sweetapolita on FB as Ana Karina

  641. 692

    Shared giveaway from Sweetapolita Facebook page.

  642. 693

    I would be pink!

  643. 694

    I shared on twitter:-)

  644. 695

    If I were a kitchen aid i would love to be the color white..yes it is plain BUT it matches with every other appliance in my kitchen!! :)

  645. 696

    I also like you on Facebook!

  646. 697

    I liked Sweetapolita on Facebook!

  647. 698

    Just liked you on Facebook as well!

  648. 699
    Karina Cronk says:

    I would be red

  649. 700

    If I were a mixer I would be a shiny raspberry pink!

  650. 701


  651. 702

    I would be a light mustard yellow. warm like the sunshine, bright and happy to put a smile on your face.

  652. 703

    i would love to have a black one. but your icy blue seems perfect too!
    i like you on facebook. an i will also share your give away :)

  653. 704

    I would be red!!!

  654. 705

    I’d be sea green!

  655. 706

    I would be pink… super girly like me!

  656. 707

    I liked your Facebook page, a long time ago! ;) xo (Actually, I LOVE it! Thank you for your inspiration. God Bless you!)

  657. 708

    I liked your facebook page.

  658. 709
    Karen white says:

    Orange. It’s so bright and cheery and who’s not bright and cheery when they are baking.

  659. 710

    I think green would be the perfect color for a Kitchenaid stand mixer!

  660. 711

    Blue Ombre. I’m complex. ;)

  661. 712

    I also shared on Facebook!!

  662. 713

    Id be lilac. My favorite color! (not sure if they even make them in that color heh heh) Congrats on the blogiversary, cant believe its been a year already, I remember your giveaway last yr. Thanks for all the delicious recipes and stunning eye candy!

  663. 714

    My color would be Candy Apple Red.

  664. 715

    Like your Facebook page!

  665. 716

    Note, I am already a fan on facebook and love seeing the amazing creations on my home feed!

  666. 717

    I would be silver!

  667. 718

    I would be turquoise!

  668. 719

    I also like you on facebook!

  669. 720
    elizabeth rongo says:

    I love sweetapolita on Facebook

  670. 721

    Happy Blog Birthday! I would be silver with red and orange flames :)

  671. 722
    Karen white says:

    I like you on Facebook

  672. 723

    I would be white! Liked on fb as well, thanks.

  673. 724
    Karina Cronk says:

    I shared on my FB wall:

  674. 725

    Shared on Twitter! Happy Blog Anniversary Rosie!

  675. 726

    Shared on Facebook

  676. 727

    I tweeted about your giveaway!

  677. 728

    I’d be green or orange.

  678. 729

    I have shared your post, much to my reluctance as I don’t want more competition ;);)

  679. 730

    And I’ve already liked your Facebook page.

  680. 731

    I would be turquoise with red polka dots! woohoo!

  681. 732

    I would totally be gold glitter.

  682. 733

    I would be green apple…bright and happy!!

  683. 734

    I would want to be Candy Apple Red – it just screams “Oh I’m here, I’m here – Come bake with me!” on my kitchen counter!

  684. 735

    I “liked” your giveaway on Facebook!

  685. 736

    I’m shared your post (@anzorino) making special note that your blog has the best cakes! :)

  686. 737

    I retweeted the Twitter post!

  687. 738

    I like you on FB!

  688. 739

    If you were a stand mixer, what colour would you be?

    I would be…ombre purple! It is too hard to pick just one shade of purple.

  689. 740
    Rita Stincer says:

    I would be a Red/Orange/Yellow swirl Kitchenaid Mixer.

  690. 741

    If I were a stand mixer, I believe I would be purple. Most of the time I’m rather chill and cool, but I do get worked up about certain things. I think purple is like that. …because that makes TOTAL sense. Also, I just like purple.

  691. 742
    elizabeth rongo says:

    My dream color would be yellow with multi polka dots. :)

  692. 743
    Rita Stincer says:

    I “liked” you on Facebook!!!!

  693. 744

    I liked Sweetapolita on Facebook.

  694. 745

    I cannot decide!!! I love all colors!!! Green, Blue, Yellow… the main thing is to have a kitchenaid for baking great things! :) So have a look at my facebook account https://www.facebook.com/toertchenundandereleckereien and see that I like and shared your giveaway-promotion. Hope I’ll have a chance to win! I’m excited… woooooo :)

  695. 746

    I LOVE Sweetapolita on Facebook! :)

  696. 747
    Rita Stincer says:

    I “shared” your giveaway on my Facebook Page!!!

  697. 748

    I would be teal! I enjoy your posts on facebook already!

  698. 749

    I would be PINK!!!

  699. 750
    Michell Wagner says:

    I would be Red!!!

  700. 751
    Rita Stincer says:

    I tweeted your on my twitter!!!

  701. 752

    I liked you on Facebook! also, I’m new to your website, and it’s SO cute!! glad someone else tweeted about this giveaway and led me to your blog!

  702. 753

    Shared on Facebook!♥

  703. 754

    Tweeted @sweetapolita

  704. 755

    Love this color! Or pink!

  705. 756

    I have also shared the giveaway post on my facebook page.
    Thank you!!!

  706. 757

    Shared your facebook post on my facebook!

  707. 758

    And I shared your post with all my Friends on Facebook! Best blog for sweets and treats!

  708. 759

    I like Turquoise, but Sweetapolita blue is darn close enough!

  709. 760

    Green! I love green…green makes me happy :)

  710. 761

    Glittery Hot Barbie Pink… extra glittery

  711. 762
    Leanne Maksylewich says:

    Best colour would be the new fuschia!

  712. 763

    shared on twitter! @saunadoo

    Thanks :)

  713. 764

    I would probably be pistachio. Is that too nutty? (har har).

    I love this colour, BTW. It’s always been a toss up between ice, bayleaf, and pistachio for me.

  714. 765
    Theresa Sea says:

    I like you on facebook

  715. 766

    shared on FB

  716. 767

    I love their cobalt blue color. Fun and timeless.

  717. 768

    I have already *liked* you on Facebook … love reading your posts.

  718. 769

    Does it count if I liked your FB page a looong time ago? B/c I did!

  719. 770

    Apple Green is one of my favorite colors so I think that would be my color! Would love love to win this mixer.

  720. 771

    I am already a fan of your Facebook page.

  721. 772

    Just shared on FB (although I am secretly hoping none of my friends enter so that I can win it myself :-) )

  722. 773

    I love your site! I have used many of your recipes with great success! I have 1) liked your page on Facebook, 2) Shared your page (and the recipes I have used) 3) left a comment here.

    I don’t know if it exists, but my ideal mixer color would be a deep, royal purple. The boysenberry is the closest. Ice would work pretty well too :)

  723. 774

    Already “like” you FB

  724. 775

    sweetapolita blue

  725. 776

    I would be a rich coral color with gold hardware! i can’t get enough of them together!

  726. 777

    I love the cobalt blue color. Or the classic chrome!

  727. 778
    Mariah in Louisiana says:

    I would be a yellow mixer!

  728. 779
    Erin Richards says:

    If I were to turn into a stand mixer at this moment I would be camo coloured… the original camo of black, olive green and tan! Definitely reflective of a hard core cooking appliance and of my year here in Afghanistan (where I am reminded everyday of how much I miss cooking!).

  729. 780

    Sweetapolita is already liked on Facebook!

  730. 781
    Rosalía Lanchazo says:

    Liked your post on facebook!

  731. 782
    Mariah in Louisiana says:

    I shared the contest on facebook.

  732. 783

    My ideal color for my future kitchen aid is either turquoise or red! Turquoise is my fav color and also my birthstone! Red because I just like that color in a kitchen!

  733. 784
    Miriam Simon says:

    I would be Sweetapolita Blue of Course!! ;) or a nice light green ♥

  734. 785

    I would be a Granny Smith Apple Green mixer.

  735. 786
    Mariah in Louisiana says:

    I like Sweetapolita on facebook.

  736. 787

    I just liked you on FB for my extra entry!

  737. 788

    I like you on Facebook!

  738. 789
    Jayne Hoque says:

    Rosie, liked on FB! My daughter, Sophia, would love this mixer as that shade of blue is her favorite color. If I won, I would put aside for her until she’s old enough to use it – she’s only 8 lol!

  739. 790

    Shared on Facebook!

  740. 791
    Caroline J in MA says:

    Neon Pink!!!

  741. 792

    My color is baby pink definitely. Congrats 4 the anniversary of sweetapolitas blog :D

  742. 793

    Tweeted <3!!

  743. 794

    …and tweeted!

  744. 795
    Caroline J in MA says:

    I already ‘like’ your page and have for a loooong time as well! LOVE LOVE LOVE your updates!!


    P.S. – thank you for the opportunity!

  745. 796

    Congrats on two years! Thank you for a wonderful two years of inspiration you keep my creativity flowing.

    A KitchenAid Mixer is more than just its color, it’s about seeing beyond the color and what it stands for in a baker’s eyes. A KitchenAid Mixers is the start to that scrumptious brownie you sink your teeth in, or that beautifully decorated cupcake that stands alone on a tiny ceramic plate. A KitchenAid Mixer is the beginning of a great inspiration, the start to a cupcake, cake, brownies, cookies, frosting and so many more delicious treats. More than what the KitchenAid Mixer holds is the fact that it is the second hand to a baker. It helps in the most important beginning stages of a beautiful creation. The way it whips around and swirls the batter as you can smell the sweet smell of a creation in the process. It saves a bakers hands from the time consuming whipping of batter in a bowl. It allows a baker to move on to the most important parts of his or her creation… the sharing of a delectable treat. A KitchenAid Mixer is a beautiful piece of equipment regardless of color and it stands proud on the counter top of a baker’s kitchen just waiting patiently to be used on the next creation. It stands as a symbol of dedication to the kitchen to an inspiration to the baker. If I were a KitchenAid Mixer, I would be more than just a color I would be a right-hand to my baker, a tool to save my baker’s hands for decorating and sharing, and I would stand as an inspiration for so many wonderful recipes to come.

  746. 797

    If I could be a stand mixer, I would be blue!

  747. 798
    Sabrina Bhuyan says:

    I would be a fuschia colored one. With some glitter thrown in there somewhere!

  748. 799
  749. 800

    Shared on Twitter!

  750. 801

    I also liked your facebook page long time ago, so i guess it counts too

  751. 802

    I also shared you on facebook!

  752. 803

    I would be aquamarine blue, my favourite. Happy blog blirthday Rosie, your blog is THE best!!

  753. 804

    Pink :)

  754. 805
    Kim Ashmore says:

    “Liked” on FB

  755. 806
    Caroline J in MA says:


  756. 807

    I would be ice or red ^^

  757. 808
    Erin Richards says:

    Liked Sweetapolita on Facebook!

  758. 809

    I also posted on facebook! <3 happy two years Rosie!

  759. 810

    If I were a stand mixer, I’d be Pumpkin Orange. Because I am seriously craving some pumpkin right now. Must be fall! :)

  760. 811

    Teal with white polka dots.

  761. 812

    Aqua sky Kitchen aid <3

  762. 813

    I share your giveaway on my wall, double puntuation :)

  763. 814
    Nancy Morrison says:

    If I were a stand mixer, I would be pink, the color of amazing swiss meringue buttercream I LOVE to make, thanks to your tutorial. It would be great if I won, since my birthday is September 26! Happy Birthday me.

    Happy blogiversary to you, Rosie!

  764. 815

    I shared on Facebook!

  765. 816

    I would be so red! :)

  766. 817

    Liked on Facebook as well!

  767. 818
    Nancy Morrison says:

    I shared you on my Facebook page!

  768. 819

    I’d be a fire engine red mixer. It’s the manliest color :-).

  769. 820

    i shared you on Facebook.

  770. 821
    Nancy Morrison says:

    I liked you on Facebook!

  771. 822

    I would be yellow! :)

  772. 823

    Happy Birthday ;) I would be red.

  773. 824

    :D I already like your page on Facebook a while ago! And I love it!

  774. 825

    I have already liked your Facebook!
    I like the blue in the picture, love vintage look!!

  775. 826

    I liked you on Facebook.

  776. 827

    I would be a pumpkin orange!

  777. 828

    ‘liked’ you on facebook :)

  778. 829

    Just tweeted! :)

  779. 830
    Caroline J in MA says:

    Tweeted about it! Twitter name is CarolineBJordan

    Again, thank you for the opportunity!

    (my birthday is tomorrow, this would make a SWEEEEEET gift! :p )

  780. 831

    I LOVE the color of the mixer on your post. I will take that one :)

  781. 832
    Kristin Tryon says:

    I would be Pear Green or Black with White polka dots!

  782. 833

    This color “Ice” would be my choice! So pretty!

  783. 834

    I like you on facbook

  784. 835

    I would be ice for sure! My house is full of varying shades of turquoise (as is my biz branding) – I’m obsessed, so this colour would be perfect. I just clicked like on your FB page. p.s. Now I have “Ice Ice Baby” in my head, faaantastic.

  785. 836
    Kristin Tryon says:

    I also Shared on Facebook!

  786. 837

    I would be cobalt blue for sure!

  787. 838
    Becky Hosman says:

    If I were a stand mixer I’d be cream with pink polka dots <3

  788. 839

    I like Sweetapolita on fb

  789. 840

    If I were a Kitchen-Aid mixer, I would be a purple-plum color! Happy Birthday, Sweetapolita! Thanks for all your beautiful posts!

  790. 841

    I shared the post on twitter too. good luck everyone

  791. 842

    I tweeted! <3

  792. 843
    Becky Hosman says:

    I also shared the contest on my FB page (I had already liked your page…long ago).

  793. 844

    I would love the Raspberry colored one!

  794. 845

    I would be red, of course!

  795. 846

    Happy Birthday! I would be shiny black onyx :)

  796. 847

    I like you on Facebook!

  797. 848

    I would be either a pale pink or a yello!

  798. 849

    Liked on FaceBook!

  799. 850

    I shared the giveaway post on FB!

  800. 851

    Happy birthday!!:D I would definetely be turqouise!

  801. 853
    Sabrina Bhuyan says:

    I already like you on Facebook :)

  802. 854

    I shared the giveaway on twitter :)

  803. 855

    I just shared on Facebook!

  804. 856
    Anna Kathryn says:

    I would be lavender!

  805. 857

    Im a Facebook Fan now! :D

  806. 858
  807. 859

    I shared your giveaway post on facebook!

  808. 860

    I’d be red, because everyone knows the red ones go faster!!

  809. 861

    I would be either cotton candy pink or this awesome “sweetapolita” blue.

  810. 862

    HOT PINK for sure:))

  811. 863

    I would be lime green. Bright and ready to be used!

  812. 864

    I would be yellow!

  813. 865

    I would be raspberry :)

  814. 866

    I would be baby blue with white polka dots! (or mint green with polka dots ;)

  815. 867

    I liked you on fb :)

  816. 868

    I would be like a Flamingo Rose! Ooo yyeeaahhh…..

  817. 869

    I would be either Raspberry Ice or Tangerine. Two bad they don’t make a two-tone mixer! LOL! This is so exciting…..

    Rosie, I liked and shared on Facebook.

    Happy Blog Birthday once again,

  818. 870

    Website posted to facebook, already liked

  819. 871

    I liked your facebook page along time ago!

  820. 872
    Eulàlia Civit says:

    Red, red, reeeeed is my colour!! Following your Facebook page and Twitted your post in Twitter. Fingers cross!!

  821. 873
    Angela Lenahan says:

    ✿Sunny yellow on the top half and rainbow on the bottom, as I love cheerful, fun, creative yellow and also, I really love a “mix” of colors. It’s fun when I create something and find that pot or “mixing bowl” full of something yummy at the end of the rainbow.✿:)

  822. 874

    I just tweeted on my twitter!!!

  823. 875

    “liked” on Facebook :)

  824. 876

    I would definetly go with the baby pink. My daughter’s favorite color is pink and she loves to sit and watch me make my icings and cakes. :)

  825. 877

    I’ve shared your post on fb!

  826. 878

    I would be the yellow kitchenaid. Yellow makes me happy, and makes everyone happy.

  827. 879

    I would be Raspberry Ice! There is no mistaking this sassy raspberry-pink mixer. It makes a statement in any kitchen weather it clashes or coordinates just right. It makes the baker FEEL sassy and thus bake SASSIER! It is a conversation piece, and one to be admired by all :)

  828. 880

    Today I would be tangerine. Ask me again tomorrow and I’ll probably say something else! :)

  829. 881

    I would be raspberry ice! A little bit sweet, a little bit tart, and delicious with chocolate! Because who doesn’t love chocolate?! Tweeted, and liked on Facebook!

  830. 882

    Oh, I would be a mix of watery blue and green. You throw in some white in there and you have …my favorites. What fun would that be?

  831. 883