Sweetapolita’s Best-Loved Bakers’ Gifts {Giveaway Winner Announced!}

The winner of Sweetapolita’s Best-Loved Bakers’ Gifts Giveaway is . . .

#318 Elizabeth @ The Collegiate Baker: “My favorite baking tool is definitely my grandmother’s kitchen aid mixer. My mom mentioned that it was stored in the basement one day after I’d been blogging for about six months and I couldn’t believe she hadn’t told me about it before! I don’t know what I would do without it, though. :)”

Congratulations, Elizabeth! You will also be notified by email.

I’ll be back later today with another recipe! 

. . . 

1. icemilk aprons 2. i do dishtowel 3. pom pom flower treat boxes 4. pink stripe cupcake box 5. cupcake measuring cups 6. whisk pendant (sterling or 18k dipped gold)

7. yum yum ice cream serving party pack 8. marshmallow madness cookbook 9. turquoise escali baking scale 10. pure vanilla cookbook 11. lite bites candle forks 12. ms. food face plate 13. fete origin iPhone case

Hello, my friends! Today’s a special day here on this little old blog. We’re talking fabulous gifts for bakers (and lovers of pretty things) and to make matters more exciting, one super-lucky reader will receive ALL of these goodies! Not one, or two, but all. Kind of awesome, right?

See, the thing is I love stuff. I love looking at pretty things, I love buying pretty things and I most definitely love giving pretty things–throughout the year and beyond. With the holidays just around the corner, it has me thinking even more gift-giving thoughts, so I figured I’d compile a bunch of my favourites–things that I currently own and adore.

Sweetapolita Loves: 

1. IceMilk Aprons: Aprons are always a hit with bakers, and I positively adore these. I own the monogrammed Frosty Tin Marshmallows style and have gifted several other styles to family. Embracing style, quality and tradition all with an heirloom theme, each apron is packaged in a preserves jar and comes with an apron story card, 3 blank recipe cards and signature heritage tag. These aprons are a truly special gift.

2. I Do Dishtowel: Lovely kitchen linens are always appreciated, but one adorned with confectionery dots and wedding cake? Yes, please.

3. Pom Pom Flower Treat Boxes: Don’t feel that you always have to gift treat boxes filled with treats (although that never disappoints)–pretty treat packaging itself is such a great way to inspire bakers, and is something some of us have a hard time buying ourselves. Besides, you never know–you just might see that treat-filled box back under the tree with your name on it.

4. Pink Stripe Cupcake Box: Again, I love getting and giving pretty packaging for gifts, inspiring the recipient to bake and create. Boxes like this make home bakers feel as though they’re running the sweetest shoppe in town.

5. Cupcake Measuring Spoons: I probably don’t need to explain why these made the list, but I have these and they make every measure that much sweeter. You can find these and at one of my favourite online shops, I’m With Cupcake. With everything from much-loved stripey paper party straws and balloons to milk bottles and pretty packaging, this shop just shouts happy. Sweetapolita readers receive 20% discount off $10+ orders when you enter the promo code “SWEETAPOLITA.”

6. Whisk Pendant/Charm: Where do I even begin? When my talented friend Sweet Paul discovered and shared these from Frances & Co Pendants awhile back, I bought one right away and haven’t taken it off since. The talented artisan, Frances, creates this irresistible whisk in both sterling silver and 18k gold-dipped options strung on an 18-inch box chain, and it simply makes the perfect baker’s gift. I cherish mine and have had everyone from postmen to passersby notice & compliment it.

♥ ♥ ♥

7. Yum Yum Ice Cream Serving Party Pack: If this adorable polka-dotted and striped ice cream serving ensemble from Sucre Shop doesn’t make your giftee twinkle, I’ll give up cake for a year. What better incentive to throw an ice cream party (and invite you) than the sweetest eco-friendly serving supplies all ready to go? Brooke Pratt, the celebrated artisan behind this array of stylish wooden utensils, creates the cutest party designs on everything from ice cream scoops to forks and can customize colours, images and sayings for any event.

8. Marshmallow Madness!: Dozens of Puffalicious Recipes: I really wasn’t kidding back in this post when I swore by this book. Shauna Sever gives readers the know-how and inspiration to create gourmet homemade marshmallows at home, and I have made them countless times. The recipes are simple, super-fun and delicious. Paired with the puffy pastel marshmallow medley of a cover, this book is total shelf candy.

9. Escali Arti Glass Kitchen Scale: With a rainbow of colours to choose from and state-of-the-art scale design at an affordable price, this scale will take home bakers to the next level and make them smile every time they use it. Throughout this blog I’ve expressed my feelings on how important it is to weigh your baking ingredients for best results, and now we can all do it in colourful style.

10. Pure Vanilla: Irresistible Recipes and Essential Techniques: Okay, the girl is on a roll. Shauna Sever‘s latest book, and likely the book that holds the record for most recipes I’ve ever made from a single book in a week, Pure Vanilla makes a gorgeous gift. With everything from Buttery Baked Vanilla Bean French Toast to Vanilla Lollipops, as well as endless information on vanilla itself, this book is anything but, well, vanilla.

11. Lite Bites Candle Forks: More awesomeness that I found on I’m With Cupcake. Sometimes quirky candles are all you need to make a classic cake a show-stopper, and I think these make the cutest gifts! Fun candles are another thing that bakers just don’t tend to buy themselves, or at least I seem to neglect them at times, and yet they can totally make the cake.

12. Ms. Food Face Plate: We have the boy version of this plate (you might remember this and this), but I’ve just bought this Ms. version for my cakelets for Christmas. Okay, so this isn’t really a baking-themed gift, but it sure makes life that much more fun. Kids, of course, adore this and every meal yields a different work of art, but sometimes big kids (like me) also love playing with their food.

13. Fete Origin iPhone Case: Last but so, so not least, the most gorgeous iPhone case I’ve seen in all of my existence. And it just so happens to be the one I chose for my newly upgraded iPhone a few weeks ago when I literally went through every one of the thousands of options on Society6. Designed by the super-talented Jacqueline Maldonado, this artsy case may not be a literal depiction of confection, but to me it’s the most delicious looking colour-combination and pattern ever (you can even find her incredible artwork on bedding, shower curtains and more). I may not use my iPhone to bake, but it’s always in arms’ reach providing the soundtrack to all of my baking adventures and ready for snapping Instagrams. With its sturdy impact-resistant and flexible hard plastic case, this is an all-around winner.

Speaking of Instagrams, even though these didn’t make the giveaway (would have been logistically tricky), I can’t leave out the awesomeness that is StickyGram–your Instagram photos printed as adorable square magnets. (Use my friend code FRIENDD5QH and get $2.00 off your first sheet!) Probably one of my personal favourite options for gifting. With free worldwide shipping and only $14.99/sheet of 9 magnets ($12.99 when you use my discount code) you honestly can’t go wrong. I ordered a bunch of these, and can’t wait to order more for holiday gifts. Perfect for grandparents, friends and more.

So onto this super-awesome giveaway of all my best-loved goodies!

Here’s what one lucky reader is going to receive:

Giveaway is now closed. 


To enter the Sweetapolita’s Best-Loved Bakers’ Gifts Giveaway, simply answer the question below in the comments section of this post:

What’s your best-loved baking tool/item? 

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  • One entry per person, plus additional qualified bonus entries (mentioned above). Your comment may take a few moments to appear. 
  • Giveaway open to U.S. and Canadian residents only.
  • Winners will be announced Wednesday, November 21st, 2012.

Best of luck & happy gifting!

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  1. 1

    My favourite baking tools are my metal mixing bowls with rubber bottoms from Paderno. Love that they don’t spin around on the counter thanks to the rubber. No mess!

  2. 2

    I’ve also liked you facebook post.

  3. 3

    And retweeted your contest from @write_girl!

  4. 4

    My best loved baking tool is my pink kitchenaid stand mixer. It has taken my baking and frosting creations to a whole new level!

  5. 5

    Now that I’ve discovered Silpat baking mats, I can’t imagine my life without them. My 2nd favorite is a good, flexible metal spatula for removing cookies without damaging edges.

  6. 6

    I went over to Facebook and clicked “like” on the Sweetapolita page. Too bad I couldn’t click “love”. :-)

  7. 7

    My best loved baking tool is my kitchen aid. It’s my work horse.

  8. 8

    I liked you on Facebook.

  9. 9

    I shared the giveaway post on Facebook!

  10. 10

    Oh, Rosie! They are beautiful! I love the whisk pendant.

  11. 12

    my best loved baking tool is my Kitchen Aid mixer. can’t live without it!!

  12. 13

    By far, my Kitchenaid mixer is my favorite baking tool, or my hands!

  13. 14

    Has to be my stand mixer. Being a mom with little ones it’s a lifesaver ;)

  14. 15

    My most loved baking tool is my Kitchen Aid hand mixer! I use it ALL the time.

  15. 16

    I’m already a facebook fan!

  16. 17

    doeit count that i already ‘liked’ your FB page a while ago?

  17. 18

    I like Sweetapolita on Facebook!

  18. 19

    My favorite baking tool (so far) has to be my Kitchenaid spatula. It is sturdy yet flexible and I freak out just a little bit if i can’t locate it, lol.

  19. 20

    I like you on Facebook. That’s where I saw this.

  20. 21

    Love you, your site, your fb site, and have shared the love. <3 <3

  21. 22

    What a generous giveaway! There are some really sweet items on the list. My favorite baking accessory is the orange and white polka dot apron I got from Michael’s for $3! It makes me so happy every time I put it on :)

  22. 23

    I already “Like” Sweetapolita on Facebook!

  23. 24
    Julie Jones says:

    My Kitchen Aid Mixer !

  24. 25

    My favorite tool is my mixer!

  25. 26

    I have shared the contest photo on my facebook page

  26. 27

    OMG everything is soo adorable! I love my stand mixer!

  27. 28

    I am so in love with my new Kitchen Aid mixer! I got it for my birthday over the summer and I can’t stop using it :)

  28. 29

    I am a fan on Facebook!

  29. 30

    I like your page on Facebook

  30. 31

    My favorite baking tool is my set of icing tips. I just adore putting a lovely finishing touch on things!

  31. 32
    Cherie Scordino says:

    My favourite baking tool is my Maytag Gemini oven!! I can use both ovens for baking & it cuts my time in half!!! It’s awesome if you’re baking 2 separate things too because both ovens can be at different temperatures. I don’t know what I did without it!!
    I’ve always “liked” Sweetapolita on Facebook & in general!! Now that should count as an extra entry!! :)

  32. 33

    Thanks for the great gift ideas! My fave baking tool is my kitchenaid mixer – I held off getting one for a long time, and now can’t imagine how I got by without it!

  33. 34

    And….I have shared this post!

  34. 35

    My favourite baking tool would have to be my mum’s Kitchen Aid stand mixer — she taught me to bake with it, and lots of fun times happen around that mixer! Now that I’m studying abroad for the year I really miss having a stand mixer in my kitchen!

  35. 36

    Shared your contest on Facebook!

  36. 37

    I could never live without my Kitchen Aid mixer! I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, and it allows me to keep on baking even when I can’t do much else!

  37. 38

    I love my All-Clad measuring cups and spoons in odd-measure sizes!

  38. 39

    I have ‘liked’ your facebook page for a while, does that count? :)

  39. 40

    I’m a Facebook fan!

  40. 41

    I shared the contest on my Facebook page too!

  41. 42

    My best loved baking tool/item would have to be my cupcake liners. As a “from home” baking entrepreneur, I feel like my cupcake liners bring life to my cupcakes and sets the mood for any occasion I am baking for!

  42. 43

    My favorite baking tool (this week) is my Silpat, which I finally gave into and am LOVING. Thanks for the fun post!

  43. 44
  44. 45

    Hi Rosie! My spatula, I can bake up anything if I have that!

  45. 46

    My rubber spatula :)

  46. 47

    I have liked Sweetapolita on Facebook.

  47. 48

    I shared the giveaway post on Facebook.

  48. 49
    Michelle Rauer says:

    My favourite item is my small, but growing, selection of aprons. I feel like Mrs Cleaver when I put one on and it inspires me to cook and bake.

  49. 50

    My numero uno baking bestie is by kitchen aid stand mixer! We have been through alot together; failures and feats alike. I also would have an honorable mention – my fat daddio cake pans! The heat distribution is amazing! And they are such a breeze to clean up.

  50. 51

    I tweeted this page on Twitter (and also started following you!)

  51. 52

    My favorite baking tool is my turntable. I always feel more professional when I’m using it to ice and decorate cakes.

  52. 53

    I just tweeted you!

  53. 54

    I also have ‘liked’ Sweetapolita on facebook.

  54. 55
    Stephanie H says:

    My favourite tool has got to be my kitchenaid, because now I can easily make SMB! For non-powered options, I’d have to go with my frosting turntable. Goodness – I do hope I win this contest! If not, I am definitely picking up that turquoise scale because it is gorgeous!

  55. 56
    Jennifer R says:

    Hi Rosie! Cannot live without my Kitchenaid. Not an original answer but those who know cannot live without :)! Thank you!

  56. 57

    I have also already ‘liked’ you on facebook :)

  57. 58

    Retweeted!! Such a lovely giveaway…I’m totally getting those stickygrams, too!

  58. 59
    Stephanie H says:

    P.S. I already like you on FB, does that count? :-)

  59. 60

    My favorite baking tool is my KitchenAid Mixer. I first used one in high school in the 80s. My Foods teacher was a HUGE fan of all they can do and she was right. When my husband and I assembled our bridal registry back in 1999 a KitchenAid mixer. I was very lucky. My sister, knowing it was the thing that I had most hoped to receive, surprised me with it at my bridal shower. I have used it constantly since. I’ve only recently had to replace the paddle attachment. I would not bake nearly as much if I did not have this tool.

  60. 61

    My favorite item is probably my Kitchen Aid mixer, but parchment paper is probably something I should at least mention because of its usefulness (especially with cookie baking!).

  61. 62
    Stephanie H says:

    I also shared the post!

  62. 63

    My favorite baking tool is my chicken rubber spatula. Its the best spatula I have and my mom gave it to me for Christmas and it always reminds me of all the my lovely chickens in the back yard. <3

  63. 64

    Already a fan on FB and also shared the post!

  64. 65

    My grandmothers old 8″ aluminum cake pans. These things are beat to s#*t and havent sat flat in years but I reach for them every time I make a cake. Somehow it always comes out flawlessly..I suspect a little divine intervention is a play ;) (under your advisement I have even purchased some of the super cool Fat Daddio pans…still havent broken them in yet!)

  65. 66

    I like you on Facebook : )

  66. 67

    I shared your giveaway on my fb timeline! Thanks for this opportunity!!

  67. 68
    Jennifer R says:

    I have liked you on Facebook! If there were a ‘love’ button, I would have ‘loved’ you! Thanks!

  68. 69

    What awesome goodies!! I LOVE the necklace!! My current fave baking tool would have to be my cookie scoops. Simple, I know, but I love them and use them all the time- only sometimes for cookies though. ;)Now, maybe if I ever get a KitchenAid mixer….

  69. 70

    My favorite baking tool is my KitchenAid Professional stand mixer. It makes my life so much easier.

  70. 71

    Oh, I also “Like” you on Facebook! Twice actually, once on my personal page and once on my baking blog page. :)

  71. 72

    I (Small Town Cookie) like Sweetapolita on FB.

  72. 73

    I like Sweetapolita on Facebook!

  73. 74

    Already a fan on facebook

  74. 75

    I shared your post on facebook

  75. 76

    I also shared the link! :)

  76. 77

    I shared the FB Giveaway post on my page.

  77. 78

    Just shared on twitter! :)

  78. 79

    I re-tweeted on twitter!

  79. 80

    facebook like like like : )

  80. 81

    My favorite tool is my mat for rolling fondant or pies. Can’t do without anymore…

  81. 82

    It’s a tough call between my KitchenAid from my boyfriends mother or my black, white, and red polka dot apron from my boyfriend :) such a cute giveaway!

  82. 83

    I shared the link on twitter!

  83. 84

    Parchment paper has been revolutionary for me – I absolutely love to bake, but hate to clean-up :)

  84. 85

    Baking is my therapy, and my Kitchen Aid mixer makes whipping up cakes, cookies and frostings much more enjoyable! My favorite frosting is 7 Minute Frosting (or marshmallow frosting), so all I have to do is add the ingredients to the bowl, set the speed and the Kitchen Aid does all the work. Perfect, glossy and smooth every time :) Someday I will have to get the pasta making attachment.

  85. 86

    My favorite baking tool is my Kitchen Aid mixer.

  86. 87

    Already LIKE you on Facebook.

  87. 88

    PS. I’ve been a fan of your page on Facebook for a while now :)

  88. 89

    Already like Sweetapolita on Facebook!

  89. 90

    My kitchen scale makes life fantastically easier, more accurate, and cleaner!

  90. 91

    I shared your giveaway on my facebook page

  91. 92

    Shared giveaway on Facebook.

  92. 93

    Liked on FB

  93. 94

    Shared on Facebook, too!

  94. 95

    Shared on FB!

  95. 96

    Favorite tool in the kitchen… My kitchen aid stand mixer that we got for our wedding 18 years ago!

  96. 97

    This is going to sound odd, but my favorite baking tool is a collection of old, ragged strips of tea towels that I wrap around cake pans to help the sides of the cake cook at the same rate as the center. They are singed, threadbare, and wrinkled, but I swear by them and have used them for years.

  97. 98


  98. 99
    Amanda Moulton says:

    My most recent favorite baking tool is a pancake pen that my sister got me, it makes filling a cupcake pan a breeze and fun shaped pancakes are one of my kids’ favorite treats on a weekend morning!

  99. 100

    Favorite baking tool, my Kitchen Aid mixer. I’ve names in Jacques and have a stick on mustache for him.

  100. 101

    Tweeted @mrschef05!

  101. 102

    I’ve been a fan on Facebook for a while!

  102. 103
    Amanda Moulton says:

    I liked your Facebook page a while back, not sure if that counts for an extra entry. :)

  103. 104

    Liked on FB :-)

  104. 105

    My Kitchen Aid is my sidekick in the kitchen. 95% of my baking is done with it. Love it.

  105. 106

    I also shared it on twitter

  106. 107

    I shared the giveaway on Facebook.

  107. 108

    My favourite and most used piece of baking equipment is my wooden spoon! I have so many happy memories of baking with my grandmother as a child, she would always let me lick the last bit of cake batter off the spoon after she was finished, and now I sometimes do this with my children.

  108. 109
    Amanda Moulton says:

    I also shared the giveaway post on my Facebook.

  109. 110

    I tweeted the giveaway. :)

  110. 111

    While my best baking item/tool should be my Kitchen Aid mixer – it isn’t – It is my recipe collection that were hand written by my mother in law while she teaching me her love of baking. She passed away 5yrs ago and I hope to re-create her legacy with my daughter :) Love your recipes and your blog, Rosie!

  111. 112

    my fave baking tool is my decorating pen, which makes it easy to decorate cookies and cakes. I also love my fat daddio’s pastry tip set.

  112. 113

    Great Giveaway!! You are liked on FB daily ;-)

  113. 114

    I also liked Sweetapolita on facebook!

  114. 115

    My favorite thing to use while baking is my kitchen aid mixer with the paddle attachment. Definately the most used for sure too!

  115. 116

    I’ve “liked” your facebook post!

  116. 117

    Nothing beats baking with my Red Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. It makes me want to bake all day long.

  117. 118
    sharon mcshane says:

    I love my Kitchen-Aid stand mixer. When I got it I was afraid I wouldn’t use it enough but I surely due. It has made me a better baker. I also love my Lily Wallace Cookbook. My mother got it as a wedding gift so it’s over 50 years old. It a real “go to” for that basic recipe.

  118. 119

    My stand mixer is my absolute favorite baking tool. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

  119. 120

    I already like you on facebook.

  120. 121

    I “liked” your facebook post!

  121. 122
    Stacie Jayne says:

    My favorite baking tool is my mixer!

  122. 123

    I posted your facebook post on my profile

  123. 124

    I shared your post.

  124. 125
    Stacie Jayne says:

    I like you on Facebook!

  125. 126

    shared post on twitter!

  126. 127

    My favourite baking tool is my microplane grater for zesting citrus fruit! So easy and so rewarding (especially if you love lemon everything!) :)

  127. 128

    Most definitely my Kitchen Aid mixer. There are so many things it does to make life so much easier for me. Thanks for the awesome giveaway, you ROCK!

  128. 129

    My favorite baking tool happens to be my measuring cups! I have a ton of them because I have to measure everything and I do not want to have to stop and wash something in the middle of baking. “Mise en place” is essential in my kitchen!

  129. 130

    My best-loved baking tool/item is my measuring sifter. It has saved me many times when I wonder…was that the 2nd cup or the 3rd

  130. 131

    I “liked” you on Facebook!

  131. 132

    I also shared this post on Facebook.

  132. 133

    I have also liked you on facebook

  133. 134

    My favorite kitchen item is my mixer!! I could not bake without it… at least as quickly :)

  134. 135

    I already like sweetapolita on Facebook. Thanks again for being so awesome!~

  135. 136

    My best loved baking item is…my collection of stone bakeware! I hope that counts as one? Baking is a dream with them. Bread is so even and consistent, cookies brown beautifully, and even pies just seem prettier in a stone!

  136. 137

    I like Sweetapolita on Facebook

  137. 138

    My favorite baking tool is the Cookie Press handed down to me from my Mother when I was first started out living on my own. I grew up baking cookies with her any opportunity we could get. I LOVE it, not only do I feel I have more precision with the cookie but it is a very special tool that makes me smile. I grew up learning to bake cookies with it and now my son watches me use it and I am creating beautiful baking memories with him! Especially at Christmas….it is Christmas when the cookie press is out!!!

  138. 139

    Without a doubt my favorite baking tool is my KitchenAid Mixer. Makes baking anything a breeze!

  139. 140

    I like you on facebook!

  140. 141

    My favorite baking tool is my the spatula!! I dont know what i could possiblyh do without it. :) I hope i win!!!

  141. 142

    My favorite is my KA, couldn’t imagine baking without it!

  142. 143

    I hit like!!! I loveeeeeeeeee ur stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. 144
    Theresa Sea says:

    I would be lost without my stand mixer.

  144. 145
    Theresa Sea says:

    I like you on facebook!

  145. 146

    Shared your delicious giveaway on Facebook!~ Again, thank you for being awesome~

  146. 147

    Gotta be my kitchenaid. I love that mixer so darn much!

  147. 148

    Already liked you on Facebook!

  148. 150

    My fav is my stand mixer. With 4 kids in the house its nice to have my hands free!

  149. 152

    My favorite baking tool has to be either my favorite whisk or my cookie scooper. I love them both!

  150. 153

    My favorite baking tool is….my silicone rolling mat! it makes rolling sugar cookies SO much easier! And I love this giveaway! I have had my eye on that whisk pendent for some time!

  151. 154

    I liked Sweetapolita on facebook

  152. 155
    Emily Barrett says:

    I would be lost without my pistachio green kitchen aid stand mixer. It’s beautiful and functional!

  153. 156

    Shared on facebook!

  154. 157

    Absolutely love my bowl scraper! So satisfying to get every last bit of batter.

  155. 158
    Emily Barrett says:

    I shared your post on Facebook too.

  156. 159

    I shared the link on my facebook page

  157. 160

    My kitchen aide mixer of course. ;)

  158. 161
    Josee St-Pierre says:

    I can’t live without my Kitchen Aid! It’s front and center on my counter, always ready for duty…

  159. 162

    My favorite baking tool is my whisk!

  160. 163
    Josee St-Pierre says:

    I Like you on FB as well….

  161. 164

    My favorite baking tool is my Kitchen Aid mixer

  162. 165

    Definitely my KitchenAid stand mixer!

  163. 166

    I like Sweetapolita on Facebook

  164. 167

    I also shared on Twitter

  165. 168
    Molly Lauber says:

    My favorite baking tool is my kitchenaid mixer!

  166. 169

    My favorite tool is by far my digital scale. Makes baking a breeze!

  167. 170

    Liked Sweetapolita on FaceBook

  168. 171
    Molly Lauber says:

    I liked your Facebook page

  169. 172
    Molly Lauber says:

    I shared your Facebook giveaway post.

  170. 173

    “Liked” Sweetapolita on Facebook!

  171. 174

    My best-loved kitchen tool is my kitchen aid mixer. I use it all the time and I love it!!!

  172. 175

    I already “like” sweetapolita on Facebook!

  173. 176
    Cherlyn Griggs says:

    My favourite baking tool has to be my KitchenAid mixer.

  174. 177

    My favorite kitchen tools are the ones that are inherited from family- a vintage bowl set with flowers, an old ice cream scoop, a marble rolling pin. I love that they’re vintage, have family meaning, and they often work better than some newer kitchen tool!

  175. 178

    My best loved tool is the Kitchen-aid. It never lets me down.

  176. 179

    I like you on Facebook.

  177. 180

    I shared on Facebook.

  178. 181
    Oanh Nguyen says:

    My favorite baking tool are my hands! I’ve already liked your FB, so I can’t do that again, but I’ve shared your blog! (Natalie Oanh Le)

  179. 182

    My favorite baking tools are my small offset spatula for frosting cakes and my kitchen aid mixer!

  180. 183

    liked the fb page

  181. 184

    My Kitchen Aid mixer

  182. 185
  183. 186

    Best baking tool–my cookie cutters!!! They get my daughter excited about baking with me and some of my favorite creations come from when she is in the kitchen helping me!

  184. 187

    Just liked you on Facebook, too :)

  185. 188

    Im in Australia so this isn’t an entry just thought I’d join in the conversation :)

    I have this fabulous tin set that I store all my cookie cutters in and they are super cute.
    They have pastel rainbow colours on them – 2 with polka dots and 1 with stripes and they rind me of cupcake sprinkles- they are sooo lovely to look at!

  186. 189
    Rocio Hoerz says:

    My super favorite kitchen tool is my Kitchen Aide mixer. I love finding new things to do with it!

  187. 190
    Rocio Hoerz says:

    I shared your contest/post on Facebook!

  188. 191
    Rocio Hoerz says:

    I liked your page!

  189. 192
    Rocio Hoerz says:

    I sent a sweet tweet on Twitter! https://twitter.com/RAHoerz

  190. 193

    My favorite baking tool is a rolling pin I inherited from my great-grandmother (who inherited it from her mother in Italy) although I only get to use it on holidays, and it works like crap, its my favorite because it reminds me of my roots! :) Also, my cakelet niece is another one of my favorites. She’s only three, I’ve been training that little bugger to bake since she was born!

  191. 194

    My favorite baking tool is my icecream scoop! I have a mini one for cookies, and a bigger one for muffins/cupcakes. They always turn out the same size, and that is awesome!

  192. 195

    I shared your page, and I have already liked it :)

  193. 196
    Ariel Nash says:

    My favorite baking tool so far is the set of measuring spoons my sister got me for my birthday. They have little owl designs on them and are absolutely adorable!

  194. 197
    Ariel Nash says:

    I “like” your facebook page!

  195. 198
    Christa Ricketts says:

    I love my glass bowls in all sizes. I use them everyday to cook and serve food.
    And I liked you on Facebook!

  196. 199

    I also shared your giveaway! Thanks for the fun gift suggestions!

  197. 200

    I would have to say that my favorite baking tool is my Mother.. she is full of creative recipies and decorating ideas. Every sunday we bake and come up with some fantastic crazy cupcake ideas. This past sunday was Skittles cupcakes.. a HUGE hit! The best thing is the quality time I get with her learning generations of family recipies, tricks and tips!

  198. 202

    Parchment paper – it’s a game changer!

  199. 203

    My favorite baking tool is my mixer!

  200. 204
    Maria Smith says:

    What’s your best-loved baking tool/item?

    My favorite cooking tool would have to be my piping bags and my stand mixer! Making cakes and then making them beautiful makes the artist part of me grin. I also fancy my little pinch-o-salt bowls. No particular reason aside from them being tiny and cute.

  201. 205

    I like your Facebook page

  202. 206

    I love my Kitchenaide too…but I wish there was an extra bowl. November 21 is my birthday…hint hint hint…lol. I’ve shared your Facebook page too. Good luck everyone!

  203. 207

    I tweeted your giveaway. @ShannenKuz

  204. 208
    Melissa Morton says:

    My favorite kitchen tool is my hands. As much as I love the mixer sometimes things just come out better when I do it by hand!

  205. 209
    Jess Priest says:

    Oh Darn! I’m in the UK. Anyway just thought Id say how much I love your page.I did the chocolate cake recipe with ombred vanilla frosting for my daughters 5th birthday and it turned out very very well indeed! Love all the hints and tips you give out. My kitchen essential is my folder of recipes that have turned out well. Have been a liker for a while now and just shared your page…..congratulations to whoever wins all those lovely items. X

  206. 210

    I am in LOVE with my Kitchen-Aid mixer!!!

  207. 211

    My favourite kitchen tool is my non-stick Wilton spatula. Its yellow and amazing. LOVE IT. But MY ULTIMATE Fav tool is my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer in Tangerine. Her name is Lola and we make a mean Pecan Pie ;)

  208. 212

    I shared you giveaway on facebook.

  209. 213

    I also retweeted your post from @KimikoSaso

  210. 214

    I love my off-set spatula. I… don’t know what I would do without it.

  211. 215

    My best-loved baking tool/item is my KitchenAid Stand Mixer that my parents got me when I graduated from university.

  212. 216

    Hi! My favorite kitchen tool is my 100% aluminum cupcake tins, they bake perfect cupcakes everytime!

  213. 217

    I’ve also liked Sweetapolita on Facebook!

  214. 218

    Rosie, this is a truly amazing collection of favourite things! My favourite baking tool is my stand mixer. It is not a Kitchen Aid (which I always, ALWAYS wanted), but it is a Hamilton Beach. The reason that I have a Hamilton Beach mixer, and not a Kitchen Aid, is that my incredibly practical husband wanted to surprise me with my very first mixer, and proceeded to go online and do his research. After much comparing and reading, he was convinced that the Hamilton Beach stand mixer was more bang for the buck. He then hid it in my baking cupboard, knowing that I would be beginning my Christmas baking, and would find it there as an early Christmas present. I have used my mixer EVERY week since getting it. I love it, but would not be against upgrading to a turquoise Kitchen Aid at any time. ;)

  215. 219

    My KitchenAid mixer because now it makes homemade cakes as easy to make as mixes!

  216. 220

    I already “LIKE” your Facebook page! :)

  217. 221

    I liked Sweetapolita on Facebook.

  218. 222

    Shared on Facebook! :)

  219. 223

    I shared your giveaway on my personnal and businees page on Faceboook! :D

  220. 224

    I also shared the giveaway post on Facebook.

  221. 225
    Gail Lloyd says:

    My all time favorite thing is my KitchenAid Mixer. I have had it for years, and it never fails. Proof that there are still a few well built things left in the world.

  222. 226

    Whoa, this is actually amazing. Well, my favourite baking tool has to be my grandma’s rolling pin that got passed down to me. It’s so old but it still works great! Weighs a ton though! My mother always tells me stories about the food and desserts that my grandma used to make back in Sri Lanka, and even a story about how she used it to chase away a robber! Just lots of good memories and it never fails me. Totally priceless. :)

  223. 227
    Gail Lloyd says:

    I like Sweetapolita on Facebook!!!

  224. 228
    Mellybrown says:

    Wow! How generous!

    Though it usually involves a colossal mess and a lot of extra time, my favorite baking ‘tools’ are the hands of my two little girls. Homegirls get giddy when we break out the butter and sugar.

  225. 229
    Gail Lloyd says:

    I shared the giveaway on my Facebook page!

  226. 230

    I love my hand-mixer and Pyrex mixing bowls. I also love your creativity and artistry. Thanks for sharing it on your blog.

  227. 231

    I could not live without my Kitchen Aid mixer. I don’t know how I could do all the baking I do without it. Thanks for have a great Website!

  228. 232

    I have to say my favorite tool is my chocolate melter. I use it so much when I make candies and I also serve hot dips in it. It’s versatile and I love it so much, hasn’t failed me yet, and I’ve had it for about 10 years.

  229. 233

    I also liked you on facebook!

  230. 234
    Shelley nieves says:

    It’s my egg timer. I would be lost without it.

  231. 235

    My favorite baking tools would be my KitchenAid Mixer (I don’t know how I’d survive without it, although I’m sure my arms would be a lot stronger!) and my Silpat liners.

  232. 236
    Renea west says:

    I couldnt live without my Kitchen aid mixer. It has mixed hundreds of batches of buttercream for cupcakes and cakes. Oh, and I can’t forget to add sprinkles! LOTS AND LOTS of sprinkels.

  233. 237
    Hera Ahmed says:

    My favorite baking tool is actually my hand mixer! Kitchen Aid stand mixers are great and I love mine, but I’ll always choose the hand mixer over it whenever possible! It gets right down to the bottom of the bowl ;)

  234. 238

    I love my KA mixer! I don’t know how I have lived without it for so long lol.

  235. 239
    Renea west says:

    I also “liked” the sweetopolita facebook page.

  236. 240

    My best baking tool has to be my kitchen aid mixer because it does A LOT of work! When your making some kind of dough you don’t have to need knead it with your hands for ten minutes you have your standing mixer! :)

  237. 241

    My favorite kitchen tools are all my cookie cutters that make me so creative, specialy with my 5 year old lunchs thease days.

  238. 242

    I already like you on FB (that’s how I found out about the giveaway!)

  239. 243

    Of course i follow you on Facebook!

  240. 244

    I love to bake and I love LOVE LOVE my trusty 20 year-old KitchenAid. It has turned out many, many birthday cakes, cookies & breads, and almost all my happy memories always start with my stand mixer. Then again, one needs the oven as well to bake all those goodies. If I have to choose one….my oven but I love my stand mixer!

  241. 245

    I shared your giveaway post on my FB page

  242. 246

    I love my baking whisk! And my 2 yr old son loves loves to bake with me and whisking is his favorite thing to do. =D

    I liked and shared you on facebook!=D

  243. 247

    I shared the giveaway post on Facebook!

  244. 248

    I liked your facebook page and I shared the contest on my personal FB page. Thanks for the entries!! : )

  245. 249
    Renea west says:

    I shared your post on my facebook page!!! I hope I win! :)

  246. 250
    Christina Z says:

    I love my wooden rolling pin I have had for ten years! I use it every year (and many other days of the year, of course!) when my whole family gets together to bake Christmas cookies. Also, it was the rolling pin I used to become the experienced baker I am today!

  247. 251

    I shared your post on twitter (@averyswtlife)

  248. 252

    My Best Loved baking tool/item, is definitly my mixer.

  249. 253
  250. 254

    Do you have to ask? My KITCHENAID MIXER!!! I use it all the time and I LOVE it!!

  251. 255
    María poggi says:

    My favorite baking tool is my mixer….

  252. 256
    María poggi says:

    I already like the Page on Facebook!!!

  253. 257

    I have also liked you on facebook :)

  254. 258

    I LIKE you on Facebook!!

  255. 259

    I’ve SHARED the Giveaway post on Facebook!!

  256. 260

    My most loved baking tool is my red Kitchenaid stand mixer. <3

  257. 261

    My favorite baking tool is my kitchen aid mixer.

  258. 262

    My favorite kitchen tool is y Kitchenaid Mixer, my mother bought it for me as a wedding present in 2009 and its been mxing up a storm ever since. This is a very cool giveaway with so many awesome prizes!! By the way I just made your Lemon Blueberry Macaron Delight Cake for my mother in laws birthday!!

  259. 263

    My favorite tool has to be my Kitchen Aid mixer!

  260. 264

    Im a fan on favcebook

  261. 265

    I Like you on facebook!

  262. 266

    Favourite baking tool has to be my mixer-could do it all without it. But I have to say I live my square brownie pan from Pampered Chef too!

  263. 267

    Just shared the giveaway on facebook, so excited about this giveaway

  264. 268

    Oh, I already “love” you on FB

  265. 269

    Tweeted @hockeymumof3 @sweetapolita

  266. 270

    my favourite tool has to be my kitchaid mixer that I bought when I got married. It and I are inseparable. I could not create half of the wonderful things that I have created without it. Not to mention I LOVE how it looks on my kitchen counter (I have the red one)

  267. 271

    My kitchenaid mixer!:) I cried tears of joy the year I recieved as x-mas gift from my mom. bless her!

  268. 272

    My digital scale!

  269. 273

    My favorite thing in my kitchen is my KitchenAid mixer. It was given to me by my grandma for my wedding and I think of her every time I use it.

  270. 274

    My fave is my metal mixing bowls. They are just the right sizes for what I need

  271. 275

    I’m a fan on facebook!

  272. 276

    I shared on facebook!

  273. 277

    I absolutely love my KitchenAid stand mixer. I could never go back to pre-mixer times.

  274. 278

    What a lovely giveaway! My favorite baking tool is my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I have blocked all memories of baking without it ;)

  275. 279

    I love my Kitchenaid mixer and my little metal cake tester with a cupcake on top! I love all pretty things to bake with….makes it so much more fun!

  276. 280

    I shared the contest on facebook, too!

  277. 281

    I “like” Sweetapolita on facebook!!! :-D

  278. 282

    I shared the contest on my page

  279. 283

    Favorite item would be my mixer. Liked on Facebook as well.

  280. 284

    Hi Rosie,

    My favorite baking tool at the moment is my new pastry blender !
    It’s just makes the best blends with flour and butter for my crumbles !

    I Like Sweetapolita on facebook
    I shared the post on facebook
    I shared the post on twitter

    Thank you ! Hope I win !!

  281. 285
    Sara Lawson says:

    I love these giant metal measuring spoons that my mom gave me ages ago. They are 1/2, 1/4 And 1/8 and are oval shaped and are perfect for dipping into my flour and sugar jars. I’d die without them! And I already like you on facebook and follow you on Twitter :-)

  282. 286

    My favorite baking gadget is my Candy Apple Red KitchenAid. I still love it after all these years.

    I also love my vintage yellow-ware bowl that I bought at a garage sale 20 years ago.

    I have already “Liked” you on FB
    I shared your contest link on FB

  283. 287

    Wow what an awesome opportunity! Thank you for the chance :) My best loved kitchen tool would have to be my Kitchen Aid Stand mixer. It makes everything so much easier.

  284. 288

    My porcelain nesting measuring cups from Terrain always make me smile. Love everything in this giveaway!

  285. 289

    liked on fb

  286. 290

    My white pro kitchen aid mixer – a gift from my aunt after she realized she didn’t really like to cook or bake. Now they come in awesome colors, but since it was free I’ll continue to treasure mine 24+ years and counting.

  287. 291

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your website, Rosie!! Just a glance at the colors make me happy. :-)

    I have only been baking for a year, but I have gone cake-crazy! So many tools are essential, but my favorite “helpers” (wouldn’t want to call them tools) are my taste testers, aka my hubby and 2 girls. They are my bigger cheerleaders, but they also give honest feedback. They are the best! Can I pick another essential? My collection of cookbooks and my notebook. Have been studying them (work harder than at school) and taking lots of notes. Still learning! Hopefully to add to my favorite list very very soon – Costco has the KitchenAid stand mixer on sale – it’s on my Christmas list!

  288. 292

    I have “liked” sweetapolita on FB a long time back. I just “liked” your most recent post.

  289. 293

    I shared your post on fb just now. :-)

  290. 294

    My favorite are my nesting pyrex bowls! They are the best! :-)

  291. 295

    It’s not an item, but it’s my favorite baker partner, my five year old son, Rudy!

  292. 296

    Liked you on facebook!

  293. 297

    Shared the post on facebook!

  294. 298

    thank you so much first and i liked you on facebook and your stuff is just adorable!!! and my kitchen aid mixer is my life of the kitchen! its amazing thank you again

  295. 299

    liked you on facebook!

  296. 300

    My favorite baking tools are my assortment of disher scoops. I use them for portioning all types of dough, batter, ice cream, etc.

  297. 301

    I love this rainbow whisk! It makes me happy every time I use it. http://www.simplygoodstuff.com/silicone_whisk.html?gclid=CJTHoMfJz7MCFSXZQgodHWYApg

  298. 302

    PS: I like you on FB.

  299. 303

    My favorite baking tool?!? I would say a mixer if I had one. So I’m going with my cookie cutters. They just make all those yummy cookies cute too!

  300. 304

    And I liked you on Facebook!

  301. 305

    My best-loved baking tool is my spatula! Love it for getting every last drop out of the bowl!

  302. 306

    Already “Like” Sweetapolita on FB and shared the contest.

  303. 307

    I shared it on my FB.

  304. 308

    Definitely has to be my stand mixer! I love that darn thing. :-)

  305. 309

    I already “Like” you on FB.

  306. 310

    I tweeted your giveaway! :)

  307. 311

    My favorite baking tool is my Cuisinart stand mixer! I don’t know what I’d do without it! :)

  308. 312

    I “Liked” you on Facebook!

  309. 313

    I love all of those things; it would be so nice to win!

  310. 314

    I have already liked Sweetapolita on facebook!

  311. 315

    I shared the contest info on Facebook!

  312. 316

    Definitely my Kitchen Aid mixer!

  313. 317

    I also “liked” you on FB!

  314. 318

    My favorite baking tool is definitely my grandmother’s kitchen aid mixer. My mom mentioned that it was stored in the basement one day after I’d been blogging for about six months and I couldn’t believe she hadn’t told me about it before! I don’t know what I would do without it, though. :)

  315. 319

    Best loved tool…rubber scraper. A close second would be a great knife. An equally close third would probably be a flat whisk.

  316. 320

    I shared the post on my FB page!

  317. 321

    I could not live without my kitchen aid mixer.

  318. 322

    like (love) you on facebook

  319. 323

    I think my fav kitchen tool is my Christmas Penguin spatula… although I use it all year because of my penguin obsession…

  320. 324

    I love my cake stand! It makes frosting my creations “a piece of cake”

  321. 325

    My chef’s knife and food processor are tied for first!

  322. 326

    I like you on FB

  323. 327

    I enjoy you on FB (from my fan page – Happy Food Healthy Life)

  324. 328

    I like Sweetapolita on Facebook

  325. 329

    I think I most love my KitchenAid mixer.

  326. 330

    I shared on FB!

  327. 331

    I shared this on my Facebook page!

  328. 332

    My best loved kitchen tool is definitely my kitchen aid food processor…in seconds I can make homemade nut butters, pestos, and whipped sweet potatoes…all with one bowl. AHMAZING!

  329. 333

    I liked your Facebook page a few months ago. I don’t know if that still counts. haha :)

  330. 334

    I also shared this information on my twitter! :)

  331. 335

    I like Sweetapolita on FB.

  332. 336

    I tweeted about the giveaway

  333. 337

    My most loved baking item is a tough choice. I love my Kitchen Aid stand mixer, but I might just love my “research books” more. ;)

  334. 338

    I love my ‘Black Beauty’ kitchen aid mixer. I had a special cabinet built into my new kitchen just for it.

  335. 339

    I also shared your post on Facebook!

  336. 340

    I liked you on FB. But LOVE the blog.

  337. 341

    I follow you FB!

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    I posted the giveaway on FB :)

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    i tweeted the giveaway :)

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    I liked Sweetapolita on Facebook!

  341. 345

    I reposted your giveaway. Good luck me :)

  342. 346

    Rosie, your site is so inspirational and joy-filled. I was already excited to see you had updated your blog, but a giveaway on top of it all?! How euphoric!

    My favorite baking tool would have to be parchment paper. For a roll of paper, it’s quite a workhorse around the kitchen! I wouldn’t be able to make dozens upon dozens of cookies at Christmas or multiple layers of cakes (that don’t break upon removal) without it.

  343. 347

    Liked you on facebook!

  344. 348

    Shared the giveaway post.

  345. 349

    Hi Rosie!
    My fav tool is def my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. ;)

  346. 350

    My kitchenaid mixer and my angled spatula—I could not live without them!

  347. 351

    I love my dough whisk!

  348. 352

    I just shared this on my FB timelime.

  349. 353

    I like you on FB

  350. 354

    My favorite tool is a good baking pan!

  351. 355

    I liked you on Facebook.

  352. 356
    Stephanie Pye says:

    My KitchenAid stand mixer! My now husband surprised me with it just a week before he proposed to me. He succesfully distracted me from proposal related activity and also proved (once again) just how well he knows me! I feel like I can tackle most anything with my trusty (and beautiful) mixer!

  353. 357

    My kitchen aid mixer is my best and most used kitchen tool – I use it even when I don’t have to just because I like it so much!!!

  354. 358

    I shared this giveaway on my Facebook.

  355. 359

    I love my new rolling pin! I need to make more pie now.

  356. 360
    Paula C. Jarrett says:

    I love my one piece set of measuring spoons! It’s sounds kind of weird but it has four different measuring spoons on one piece and it designed in the shape of a cross so none of the four spoons ever touch the others. It’s quick, convenient and keeps it all neat without having to mess around with them clanking against one another! I tell everyone about how great they are!

  357. 361
    Paula C. Jarrett says:

    I have already “liked” you on Facebook since the first time I came across your site!! I hope that this can still count as an extra entry??!! ;-)

  358. 362
    Paula C. Jarrett says:

    I have posted your wonderful “Giveaway” on my Facebook timeline for all my amazing friends to take advantage of entering as well!! 8D

  359. 363

    My most favorite baking tools are, dare i say it…my hands.

  360. 364
    Paula C. Jarrett says:

    I have also “Tweeted” about your great Giveaway too!! 8D

    • 365
      Paula C. Jarrett says:

      I’m not very good with Twitter, but I did also include “@Sweetapolita” with the Tweet!! I just hope I did it all correctly!! ;-)

  361. 366

    I have been liking you on FB! :)

  362. 367

    I also shared this giveaway on FB.

  363. 368

    I love my Kitchen aid. I don’t know what I would do without!

  364. 369

    And, I also mentioned and shared on twitter.

  365. 370
    Zaynub Ibrahim says:

    My favorite baking tools are my frosting tips! without them i couldnt make my cupcakes look pretty! :)

  366. 371
    Zaynub Ibrahim says:

    I already liked your facebook page a long time ago :)

  367. 372
    Aimee Warner says:

    My mini tart pans. I just got them and have used them several times!!! My roommates are very happy about it.

  368. 373

    SPRINKLES!!!!!! But, of course.

  369. 374
    Aimee Warner says:

    Liked you on Facebook!!!

  370. 375
    Aimee Warner says:

    Shared your giveaway on Facebook!!!

  371. 376
    Aimee Warner says:

    Shared your post on twitter!!!

  372. 377

    My favorite baking tool is my mini tart pan. I can make the cutest little appetizers and desserts with it!

  373. 378

    I like you on facebook

  374. 379

    I shared this post on facebook

  375. 380

    I shared this post on twitter

  376. 381

    Oh my!!! Just discovered your blog and I love it!!! :) my favorite are the cupcake measuring cups! :)

  377. 382

    Liked you on Facebook :)

  378. 383

    Like and shared post on FB … of to post on twitter

  379. 384

    My favorite baking tool is my mixing bowls. I don’t have a favorite bowl because I love them all. And yes, I collect them. I can’t help myself.

  380. 385

    My favourite baking tool is my silicon spatula.

  381. 387

    I like you on facebbook.

  382. 388

    I shared your giveaway on facebook.

  383. 389

    I like you on Facebook!!

  384. 390

    Okay re-tweeted post on twitter now as well

  385. 391

    i couldn’t live without my spatulas. ;)

  386. 392

    like you on fb

  387. 393

    my favourite tool is a rasp! I can quickly zest or grate anything and throw it in any batter or icing. LOVE IT.

  388. 394

    i tweeted

  389. 395

    I also like you on Facebook

  390. 396

    Oooooh! Awesome giveaway!
    My favourite baking tool would be my Silpat baking mat.

  391. 399

    My favorite kitchen tool is my sexy red KitchenAid stand mixer. I’ve only had it for two years and I don’t know how I ever survived the holiday season without it!

  392. 400

    I have to say my KitchenAid stand mixer. I use it every time I bake and it makes everything so much easier and quicker!

  393. 401

    I’m a Facebook fan

  394. 402

    I “liked” you on Facebook. :)

  395. 403
    Victoria Spofford says:

    Hi Rosie!
    My favourite baking tool is definitely my KitchenAid mixer–I love it to bits!

    Thank you for the fab gift-giving inspiration; you have great taste!!

  396. 407

    I love my silicone spatulas. They are in funky colors and make food taste much better than if I use a white one, haha!

    FWIW I liked you on facebook and tweeted about your giveaway!

  397. 408
  398. 409

    well, since (almost) nothing goes in the oven without first passing through the kitchenaid mixer first, i would have to say my mixer…oh, and the oven =o)

  399. 410
    Katrina J. says:


  400. 411
    Katrina J. says:

    I have liked you on facebookie :D

  401. 412

    Without a doubt it’s my piping bag. I can fill with it and top with it! It makes things pretty, even my mashed potatos

  402. 413
    Kate Cerenzia says:

    By far my favorite tool is my Kitchenaid mixer!! I don’t know what I did before I got it!

  403. 414
    Kate Cerenzia says:

    I liked your Facebook post as well ;)

  404. 415

    My best baking tool/item is my kitchen aid stand mixer. don’t know how I would bake without it!

  405. 416

    I like Sweetapolita on Facebook

  406. 417

    shared post on facebook

  407. 418

    My best loved baking tool is definitely my hard working kitchen aid… close second would have to be my muffin tin. (I’m a cupcake girl)

  408. 419

    I “like” you on FB!

  409. 420

    My best loved baking tool has got to be my Kitchen Aid stand mixer! I would be absolutely lost without it. I’m an aspiring 17 year old baker, and the mixer is my grandmother’s that was given to me as a gift. Without it I wouldn’t be able to make half the recipes I find here (: and I wouldn’t have a college essay!!

  410. 421

    I shared the post on twitter

  411. 422

    I have to agree with lots of commenters about the love I have for my KitchenAid stand mixer, but my absolute favorite baking tool is my big red mixing bowl that I picked up for a super bargain at HomeGoods. That bowl has been the cornerstone of prep for countless batches of snickerdoodles, brownies, pumpkin muffins, and chocolate cupcakes. LOVE my big red bowl! :)

  412. 425

    Liked on facebook (:(:

  413. 426

    My favorite baking tools are my porcelain measuring cups from Anthropologie! Love them!

  414. 427

    I have liked your FB page!

  415. 428

    I have shared the FB post as well on my own FB wall. Hope I can win all these amazing items!

  416. 429

    My Kitchen Aid stand mixer is my favorite baking tool. I wanted one for years and got one six years ago. It completely changed baking for me.

  417. 430

    I like your page on Facebook.

  418. 431

    I shared this post on Twitter.

  419. 432

    Definitely love my set of metal bowls!!

  420. 433
    Andriea McGaw says:

    Hello Rosie,I love your recipes and website and frequent it for ideas and inspiration often. My best loved item that I can not bake with out comes with a history:)

    I inherited my late and beloved grandmother’s five cup handle crank flour sifter. This sifted belonged to her mother’s mother. I come from a long line of household bakers and cooks and this very old and very wise crank sifter is my partner in the kitchen. Every time I use it, my savory and sweets come out to perfection. I really do believe I would be lost with out it. Every time I use it I feel like my past generations are guiding me through a recipe. That to me pospers me and warms my heart.Especially, when I hear my grandmother’s guidance ring through. Thanks for reading, Chele.

  421. 434

    This may sound silly,but I like my spoonulas. It is can scrape, stir and transfer. Great to use with melting chocolate, it can take the heat.

  422. 435
    Andriea McGaw says:

    I liked and shared this on facebook :)
    Andreia “chele” McGaw

  423. 436

    Liked on facebook.

  424. 437

    I have a number of loved tools, but the first tool given to me by my hubs once I started baking was my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. It remains my favourite tool to this day. A-freaking-mazing giveaway btw!

  425. 438

    I am already a Facebook fan!

  426. 439

    LOVE my Kitchen Aid mixer!! It even makes great kitchen decor when not in use!

  427. 440


  428. 441

    My favourite tools in the kitchen: clean hands!

  429. 442

    My favorite baking tool is my pink cupcake apron from Anthropologie. I can’t bake without it!

  430. 443

    Also liked Sweetapolita on Facebook. Rosie, you are the best!

  431. 444

    I liked you on facebook!

  432. 445

    At this time of the year, my baking Christmas tree! Ornaments range from rolling pins, whisks, measuring cup and spoons!

  433. 446

    I shared the giveaway post on facebook!

  434. 447

    My favorite baking tool (and wedding present) is my Kitchenaid. The best for baking. Hands down my favorite.

  435. 448

    My digital scale. It guarantees that I will get your superb recipes just right every time!!

  436. 450

    I cannot live without my KitchenAid mixer!

  437. 451

    Its my light blue kitchenaid stand mixer! i use it all the time because i love making gorgeous cupcakes and cake! bought it recently…best thing ever

  438. 452

    I liked you on Facebook!

  439. 453

    Wow a kitchen scale would be amazing. :D But my favorite baking tool is the mini bundt pan set that my mother gave me. I love baking mini sweets for my friends when we hang out.

  440. 454

    I shared on twitter!

  441. 455

    I have liked you on Facebook under Lauren Kanegawa. :)

  442. 456

    Like a lot of others it is without a doubt my Kitchen Aid Mixer!!

  443. 457

    I liked you on Facebook many months ago.

  444. 458

    Shared this in twitter under my handler. :) https://twitter.com/lkanephoto/status/268909232886259712

  445. 459

    I shared your giveaway on Facebook.

  446. 460

    I love my Kitchenaid mixer. It’s the best!!

  447. 461

    I liked your Facebook page long ago

  448. 462

    My favorite kitchen item is, of course, my red kitchen aid mixer! I can’t believe I ever used a hand held mixer.

  449. 463

    Shared publicly on my Facebook wall as well. Thank you for the amazing chance and a whole bunch of suggestions for great baking items (especially the kitchen scale..I’ve been debating which ones to buy for awhile).

  450. 464

    I like Sweetapolita on facebook!

  451. 465

    I can’t do without my rubber topped spatula from Le Creuset. I use it all the time, it’s versatility in baking makes simple tasks easy like folding cream or makes simple scraping of a bowl enjoyable!

  452. 466

    I liked Sweetapolita on FB!

  453. 467

    I shared your giveaway on FB!

  454. 468

    I shared your link on facebook

  455. 469

    I also tweeted the link to this page

  456. 470

    My favourite kitchen tool is deffinitly my kitchen aid. I liked you on facebook about a year ago, I can’t like you again. Boo. Your blog is the best! Thanks Rosie!

  457. 471
    Melanie Buchanan says:

    First let me say that I absolutely love your blog! The La La Lavender Icing blows my mind!
    I absolutely LOVE my new stand mixer. I’m honestly not sure how I ever made cakes and buttercream without it!

  458. 472
    Melanie Buchanan says:

    I also already liked Sweetapolita on Facebook and I shared the link on my Facebook page.

  459. 473

    I have to agree, the KitchenAid Mixer is indispensable!

  460. 474

    By far my favorite baking item is my KitchenAid…I would be heartbroken without it!

  461. 475

    I’m a Facebook fan.

  462. 476

    I “like” Sweetapolita! *Love actually! hehe

  463. 477

    Contest has been shared! Thanks again for having such an awesome contest!

  464. 478

    Oh my goodness, I love all of your favorite things (and your blog)! Those cupcake measuring cups are beyond adorable. You are such a baking inspiration, and I happen to be making a combination of your recipes tonight – the vanilla buttermilk cake and the chocolate cloud frosting!

  465. 479

    Definitely my Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer. I have made so many yummy things with it that would not have been possible with regular handbeaters.

  466. 480

    I already liked Sweetapolita on Facebook.

    (I missed the question – my favorite kitchen tool is absolutely my KitchenAid stand mixer. I still expect to hear angels sing every time I pull the cover off! ;-)

  467. 481

    I shared the giveaway on Facebook.

  468. 482

    I shared the giveaway on FB. and I am already a fan of your FB page. Yea for giveaways!

  469. 483

    Aaaaand now I just tweeted about the giveaway from @nickonchuks. Oooooh! Keeping my fingers crossed this time!

  470. 484

    My favorite baking tool is probably my silicone spatulas.
    I liked you on FB and shared on Twitter.
    Love the blog btw! :)

  471. 485

    my favorite baking tool is our stand mixer. it makes me feel like i’m on food network when i bake! :)

  472. 486

    liked you on fb!

  473. 487

    My favourite baking tool is the one I don’t have anymore: my kitchen aid mixer.

  474. 488

    I think my favorite tool is my turquoise silicon spatulas, because of the color.

  475. 489

    My favorite baking tool would have to be my spatulas,they might not be silicon or a fancy brand but they get the job done :)

  476. 490

    I liked your page on FB! Love it!!!

  477. 491

    the watermelon scoop! perfect for everything from scooping watermelon to little tiny balls of fun

  478. 492

    I do love my spoonula. It makes scraping down bowls ever so easy and it’s got a pretty black flower pattern thing. Small and simple, but the little things are the best things.

  479. 493

    Favorite kitchen gadget? I love my KitchenAid mixer. I always wanted one, and my best friend gave one to me for a wedding present. I fell in LOVE! I have no idea how I managed before. On holidays it travels with me, I’m that spoiled!

  480. 494
    tracythestar says:

    my favorite kitchen tool is my french rolling pin…

  481. 495

    Love your taste in things, especially the Apron…very cute.

  482. 496

    like Sweetapolita on FB

  483. 497

    My microplane is my favorite baking tool! i also liked your facebook page, shared the giveaway on facebook & tweeted about the giveaway!

  484. 498

    My favorite baking tool is my beloved baking rack. So many shelves to fill witl so many sheet pans of so many baked goods! She makes my space issues disappear.

  485. 499

    Definitely my Kitchenaide stand mixer! It always gets the job done!

  486. 500

    My favorite and most used tool is my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer with the special mixer attachment that scrapes the sides of the bowl for you, you never have to stop and scape down the bowl!…The Best!

    I liked you on Facebook as well.

  487. 501

    My favorite baking items would have to be some old slightly beaten looking cake tins loaned to me by my mother, she taught me everything I know about baking and I love being able to use something that she has made beautiful things in before <3

  488. 502

    I have liked your page on FB!

  489. 503

    Shared giveaway on Fb x

  490. 504


  491. 505
    Karen Lawson says:

    My Favorite baking tool is your website,,I reference it when I want to make something special!

  492. 506

    My favorite baking tool could easily be my iPad since I use it in the kitchen to view your recipes. My favorite tool out of my baking box would be my fancy little tapis ( French for sifter). A rubber spatula is a humble and trusty kitchen tool also.

    Thanks again for being such an inspiration. Your giveaway is way better than any of Oprah’s favorite things :).

  493. 507

    My favourite kitchen tool is the rack used for cooling down the cakes. Its really good because I never have to wash it because the cakes never last long enough to make it there! hahhaha nom nom! :D

  494. 508
    Dianna Hostettler says:

    My best loved cooking tool is one that I no longer have, though at the time I never thought I would miss it. It was a small blue teacup that I used as my measuring cup during a year-long college exchange in Germany. Finding only metric measurers in stores, I turned to the origin of the measurement “cup” and raided our cabinets. This small teacup was what I thought was closest in volume to a standard American cup. Was I right? I have no clue, but that cup did allow me to introduce my new international friends to my favorite american treats like banana bread, pancakes, and even cakes and pies.

  495. 509

    Wow, the cutest stuff ever!!! My most loved baking items are not pretty but it’s my 11 x 17 jellroll pans!!

  496. 510

    So sad this isn’t open internationally :( I LOVE all of these things!! I must go purchase them myself ;)

  497. 511

    My best-loved baking item is a set of old measuring spoons handed down from my mom! I have a new set and I would rather wash these ones in the middle of baking than use the new ones.

  498. 512

    My apron, because no matter what, I always make a mess!

  499. 513
    Dianna Hostettler says:

    I just liked your facebook page.

  500. 514
    Dianna Hostettler says:

    I also shared your facebook post

  501. 515

    my baby handmixer is my best friend! i love beinging about to have an understudy for my kitchenaid so I can have three things going on all the time :)

  502. 516

    like on facebook of course

  503. 517

    shared on facebook too

  504. 518
    Nancy Morrison says:

    Myfavorite baking tool is my perfectly calibrated oven. :-)

  505. 519
    Nancy Morrison says:

    I liked you on Facebook

  506. 520

    My KA mixer is right at the top, as are my half sheet pans and silpat.

  507. 521

    I like Sweetapolita on Facebook.

  508. 522

    My cuisinart mixer!!

  509. 523

    I like you on facebook!

  510. 524

    I shared you on Facebook.

  511. 525

    Hi Sweetapolita!

    I love your blog and I also love my mixer. Its not a KitchenAid (though I would love to have one!) or a Kenwood but when I first got into the baking craze I remember bringing the mixer home for the first time and opening it! Unpacking the wire whisk and the beaters and the splash guard (though I had no idea what is was) and reading the manual. I was so happy and so excited for the baking adventures that would follow. I have made many recipes from you blog and all turned out perfect.


  512. 526

    My rubber spatula! I use it for almost everything and love it!

  513. 527

    I think my fav would have to be my pastry cutter – it has delivered lots of love through great pie crusts. :)

  514. 528

    It might have to be a spatula. I love my mixer and other fancy tools, but before I had that, I had a nice spoonula spatula from my parents that I still love. It has helped make many a good batter!

  515. 529

    I have also liked you on facebook :) (as Fudging Ahead)

  516. 530

    Can I enter if i promise PROMISE to pay for postage????
    It’s such a great give away!

  517. 531

    y not worldwide…….. am frm maldivessss n jus started bakinggg… this giveaway is perrrrrfect!! cant i enter if i pay postage plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!

  518. 532


    My mom’s Pyrex/Fire King measuring cups from when mom taught me to bake with when I was little and still use today. Also my aunt’s handed-down jadeite mixing bowl with handle/spout. All come from and add love to everything I bake. Lastly, my vintage rubbermaid spoonula. It’s a pre-heat resistance model so it’s good and bendy. Don’t know what I’ll do when it dies. Sorry, couldn’t pick just one!

  519. 533

    My favorite baking items are my jadeite nesting mixing bowls. When the biggest one fell off my counter and shattered, I cried!

  520. 534

    I like you. :)

  521. 535
    Marie-Maude Laurence says:

    What’s your best-loved baking tool/item?
    That’s a tough one! I bake mainly muffins/cupcakes, and I love my silicon moulds. I have different shapes, and have just purchased Christmas tree, star and gingerbread man shapes for the holiday season! Can’t wait to try them. My children love cookie cutters as I have so many and they get to choose what they want.

  522. 536

    I would have to say, my whisk…
    Mine is the one that came with my hand mixer, so it doesn’t actually have a handle, just a metal stick (so it can be pushed up into the body of the mixer)…
    It’s perfect though…just the right size. I use it all the time.

  523. 537

    I love good stirring spoons. thanks!

  524. 538

    It’s gotta be a three-way tie between my stand mixer, my Silpat mats, and my 1.5 tablespoon cookie scoop. (My OCD side loves taking a tray of perfectly round and equal-sized cookies out of the oven!)

  525. 539

    I also just liked your Facebook page!

  526. 540

    My most loved tool? Definitely the kitchenaid mixer.

  527. 541

    great giveaway, rosie! i would be lost without my pastry cutter. :)

  528. 542

    Just posted giveaway on Facebook.

  529. 543

    My favourite baking tool is my spoonula. So handy for baking and it never wears out.

  530. 544

    My best loved baking tool strangely is Pintrest. I love trying new recipes and I get so many great ideas from Pintrest, my family thinks I’m so much better at baking than I am because of it!

  531. 545

    Oh, and I’m already a FB fan. Do I still get an extra entry?

  532. 546
    Rachel Lafrance says:

    I love Lucy, that’s what I named my kitchenaid mixer. That and my spoonula.

  533. 547
    Rachel Lafrance says:

    Liked on Facebook.

  534. 548
    Rachel Lafrance says:

    Shared on Facebook.

  535. 549

    My favorite baking tool is a toss-up between my KitchenAid and the Internet. Couldn’t live without either one.

  536. 550

    My Bosch is my favourite.

  537. 551

    My favorite baking tool is my Microplane zester for adding great flavors to everything I bake – zesting lemons, limes, nutmeg. . . . . . .

  538. 552

    Its tough to decide between my digital scale and my silpats. I’ve had the silpats longer so maybe I would go with them. But IDK… there is always parchment paper!

  539. 553

    Thanks for the great giveaway Rosie :) My best loved baking tool would have to be my KitchenAid mixer. I can’t live without it!

  540. 554
    Heather Hicks says:

    My favorite baking tool is definitely my KitchenAid stand mixer. It can do so much!

  541. 555

    its got to be the kitchen aid – so versatile!

  542. 556

    My kitchenaid mixer is why I bake! :)

  543. 557

    My mini-muffin tin and cute liners!

  544. 558

    My Kitchen Aid Mixer and weigh scales.
    WOW! Who wouldn’t want all theses beauties.
    Thx Rosie.

  545. 559

    I like you on Facebook!

  546. 560

    I tweeted!

  547. 561

    Does chocolate count? Because that’s my favorite!

  548. 562

    My well-loved spatula!

  549. 563

    I like you on facebook!

  550. 564

    It’s gotta be my kitchen aid mixer, especially when it’s whipping up a batch of SM buttercream!

  551. 565

    I have two super thin flexible spatulas that I love.

  552. 566

    i liked you on facebook! :)

  553. 567

    My Kitchen Aid mixer by far! Though silpat baking mats are wonderful things, too.

  554. 568

    I like Sweetapolita on facebook!!!

  555. 569

    My kitchenaid is the best, especially now that it’s holiday time.

  556. 570

    my favorite baking tool is my apron! my best friend got it personalized in madrid!

  557. 571

    Facebook has been “liked”

  558. 572

    I tweeted about this giveaway!!!

  559. 573

    My favorite baking tools are my aprons – all made by my Mom!

  560. 574

    Definitely my kitchen aid!

  561. 575

    Liked you on Facebook …

  562. 576

    My best loved baking tool is my kitchen scale. Can’t live without it! My other must-have is of course my Kitchen Aid mixer. Great contest, Rosie–thanks!

  563. 577

    Just liked the post on Facebook!

  564. 578

    I love my cookie scoop

  565. 579

    I like you on Facebook

  566. 580

    Just shared the post on Facebook!

  567. 581

    I shared the giveaway on my Facebook page

  568. 582

    I tweeted about the giveaway

  569. 583

    My true best loved baking tool is a sentimental one- a yellow glazed ceramic bowl that belonged to my Grammy. She was my biggest fan and #1 taste tester, and when I use her bowl, I feel like she is back in the kitchen with me. That aside, I’m very attached to my kitchen aid stand mixer as well as my kitchen scale, which absolutely changed my baking forever! Love it!

    Thank you for sharing a collection of your favorites, Rosie- just getting a peak makes me feel like a winner… imagine how happy I’d be if these items were actually my holiday presents this season! A girl can dream :)

  570. 584

    My favorite baking tool is my metal scooper. I get a perfect size cookie every time.

  571. 585

    Just shared the post on Twitter!

  572. 586
    Haley Southey says:

    My best-loved baking tool is my muffin pan! I use it all of the time! From tiny egg muffins to delicious cupcakes to raspberry muffins!

  573. 587

    I love my spatula! If it broke so would my heart. Great giveaway!

  574. 588
    Haley Southey says:

    I liked Sweetapolita on Facebook!

  575. 589

    I like you on Facebook.

  576. 590

    Just tweeted about the content (@JoyDSaunders)… yay for bonus entries! Thanks again Rosie! Happy Holidays!

  577. 591
    michele s. says:

    my favorite baking tool is my spatula! thx :)

  578. 592

    My best-loved baking tool is my (pink!) KitchenAid mixer. ( ;

  579. 593
    Haley Southey says:

    I shared the giveaway on Facebook! (:

  580. 594

    I just stumbled on your Facebook page, which I liked, you have some great things here and I’m excited to try them!

  581. 595

    In all honestly I love so many of my baking items and find them all indisposable, but I feel like I became a real baker when I started piping my cupcakes with those huge cupcake tips. They made the most beautiful end result which boosted my confidence to try more things.

  582. 596

    I love my vintage apron! I am sort of an apronaholic ;) they just make me feel so fancy!

  583. 597

    My favorite baking tool is my mixer!

  584. 598

    Hands down-Kitchenaid mixer

  585. 599

    My favorite baking tool is my rolling pin. It was my grandmother’s and I’m sure that’s why everything turns out so delicious.

  586. 600

    I just liked you on Facebook.

  587. 601

    My best loved baking tool in my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. :)

  588. 602

    I liked you on Facebook! :)

  589. 603

    I followed you on Twitter! :)

  590. 605

    Lately, I cannot live without my half-sheet sized parchment paper! It’s so convenient, no trying to rip or cut it to the right size. I use it for everything!

  591. 606

    My favourite baking tool is my Kitchenaid mixer. Or maybe my matryoshka measuring cups and spoons.

  592. 607

    I tweeted about this amazing giveaway! :)


  593. 608

    My favorite baking tool is my offset spatula – it has so many uses!

  594. 609

    I shared on Facebook! :)

  595. 610

    my favorite tool is my kitchen aid, I would never make anything if I didn’t have it.

  596. 611

    My rubber spatula. I don’t know how I lived before it. I have a favorite red one with a clear handle. I use it for baking anything and everything, and even use it while cooking.

  597. 612

    My whisk is my fave!

  598. 613

    My Kitchen Aid mixer. I don’t know how I baked anything before I got it.

  599. 614

    I love my kitchenaid mixer!

  600. 615

    It’s gotta be my KitchenAid mixer, but a close second is all my spatulas. I have way more than necessary.

  601. 616

    I’ve ‘liked’ Sweetapolita on FB!

  602. 617

    I’ve also shared the FB post on my timeline :)

  603. 618

    My big red mixing bowl. It always makes me feel like I’m making something special and fun.

  604. 619

    I love my Kitchen Aid stand mixer!!

  605. 620

    I love my Silpat’s!!

  606. 621

    I guess the obvious answer is my KitchenAid Mixer…but I also really love fancy cupcake papers! I pick up packages of interesting/beautiful/quirky and holiday themed cupcake papers whenever I see them.

  607. 622

    My crock pot! With being a full time student and taking care of our house hold making a hot dinner every night is almost impossible due to late classes. So a couple of times a week I break out the crock pot for a tasty supper. I have also figured our how to roast chickens and make bread in it!

  608. 623
    Jayne Hoque says:

    Hi Rosie, My favorite tool would have to be my Kitchenaid. It was given to me as a wedding gift almost 15 years ago and it’s still going strong. Making all of your fabulous recipes would not have been possible without it!

  609. 624

    I love my stainless steel mixing bowl-its not fancy but I’ve had it forever.

  610. 625

    My favorite baking tools are my piping tip! They make me feel like an artist, which I loveee! :)

  611. 626

    My favorite baking tools are my piping tips! They make me feel like an artist, which I loveee! :)

  612. 627

    I liked sweetapolita on facebook!

  613. 628

    My stand mixer! I honestly don’t know what I did before that came into my life.

  614. 629

    I shared the post about the giveaway on my facebook page!

  615. 630

    One of the best baking tools is definately a rubber or off-set spatula. Invaluable!

  616. 631

    I tweeted the post about the giveaway!

  617. 632

    My KitchenAid mixer! I couldn’t live without it!

  618. 633

    I like you on FB (under Skylar Smith)

  619. 634

    Shared this giveaway on FB too! (under Skylar Smith)

  620. 635

    And, I tweeted about the giveaway (@hazeleyedkar)

  621. 636

    I would have to say my plaid (pink!) spatula just for the girly touch to it!

  622. 637

    I love my kitchenaid mixer. It has definitely made baking a lot more fun (and faster)! I also love icing tips to make pretty cupcakes. I haven’t tried making fancy cakes yet, but you inspire me. :)

  623. 638

    liked you on facebook as well :)

  624. 639

    My favorite kitchen tool is my kitchen aid mixer. I love it!

  625. 640

    I’ve just bought myself proper piping tips and I’m having so much fun! I haven’t quite mastered royal icing yet but I’m enjoying the challenges of it, and one day I’m going to make SUCH good cookies. One day.

  626. 641

    My best loved baking tool is my Kitchenaid stand mixer!

  627. 642

    My favourite tool is probably my bench scraper. Along with my small off-set spatula. How could I choose just one? :-)

  628. 643

    I liked your Facebook page. But I really love it. No button for that though.

  629. 644

    And of course I shared the contest on Facebook. I hope I’m the lucky winner or maybe one of my friends…

  630. 645

    I have to say, my best-loved baking tool is my pastry cutter. I have such strong associations with my mother and grandmother using theirs to make perfect biscuits, scones, and pie crusts—every time I use mine I want to call them up! It’s the perfect vintage-style kitchen tool, since there is no better modern version. I adore my kitchen-aid, as many have said, but there is something about that little steel half-moon that just does it for me.

  631. 646

    I love my kitchenaid mixer!

  632. 647

    My Bosch!

  633. 648

    I love my Kitchenaid mixer!

  634. 649

    It’s true, the Kitchenaid stand mixer is the best tool by far!

  635. 650

    I like you on FB!

  636. 651
    Ummekulsoom G says:

    KitchenAid Mixer!

  637. 652
    Ummekulsoom G says:

    Liked your Facebook page

  638. 653

    My kitchen aid mixer – it’s getting old, but it keeps going, never had any problems with it.

  639. 654
    Katie Rose says:

    What a great giveaway!

    My best-loved kitchen tool would probably be my Barefoot Contessa spatula. It is just so pretty (and still looks brand new after 4 years of use, probably because I baby it so much) that I can’t help grabbing it for nearly every task! Using pretty stuff makes baking just that much more fun :)

  640. 655

    My favorite things are all of my cupcake supplies! I have quite the collection started of papers and sprinkles.

  641. 656

    My tool has got to be my KitchenAid mixer! Thanks for doing this givewaway :)

  642. 657

    My absolutely most loved baking tool is a set of palette knives that were my grandma’s. She was the person who taught me how to bake as a child and I cherish those memories immensely. She has her initials carved into each of the knives and when I use them it makes me feel her presence and transports my time as a kid ;)

  643. 658

    I liked you on facebook!

  644. 659

    My favorite tool is definitely my kitchenaid mixer

  645. 660

    My favorite baking tool is my Kitchen aid mixer that my mom gave me for Christmas one year.

  646. 661

    My favourite baking tool would have to be my silpats.

  647. 662

    I am a fan on Facebook!

  648. 663

    My non-skid mixing bowls are right up there at the top, but I have to go with the old standby – my Kitchenaid mixer! Even if it is making weird noises on the lower two mixing speeds…

  649. 664

    My favorite baking tool = a toss up between my Blendtec blender or my husband’s wooden spoons. We travel a lot so my blender is my mixer, processer, juicer, milk maker plus more! :) My spoons were hand me downs from my husband’s single days and I love em’!

  650. 665

    I actually just posted my favorites on my blog, but if I had to pick one it would be my kitchenaide mixer.

  651. 666
    Vanessa Donovan says:

    I liked you on Facebook. You have some many pretty things! It made my day!
    I love my “Cooking Diva” appron. It’s black with bright pink lettering and a pink bottom. It has some black and white material mixed into it. I feel goddess like when I wear it when backing. It makes me happy to wear such a girlie and cute thing!

  652. 667

    The tools I use the most are a balloon whisk and a heat-resistant spatula, but my favorite is probably a piping bag/tip.

  653. 668

    My best loved baking tool… is my favourite Jessie Steele apron and oven mitt! It’s a beautiful apron with cupcakes on it… as soon as I put it on, I’m in the baking state of mind (and don’t have to worry about batter spilling all over me!) I also liked Sweetapolita on Facebook.

  654. 669

    My favorite baking tool is my cookie press. Make lots of yummy cookies, easily.

  655. 670

    My favourite tool would be my heatproof mixing bowl.

  656. 671

    My kitchen scale makes measuring and clean up so easy!

  657. 672

    Liked you on facebook.

  658. 673

    Shared on Facebook.

  659. 674

    tweeted about the give-away!

  660. 675

    Follow you @sweetpolita on twitter and twitted you.

  661. 676

    And I just tweeted about your contest from @krankmills

  662. 677

    I tweeted about the giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win!

  663. 678
    Karissa Ferguson says:

    I love my kitchenaid mixer! I got it last year for Christmas from my mom and it help me multi task like a champ! I am so crossing my fingers on this giveaway :) I’m loving your favorite things!

  664. 679

    My favorite baking tool is my wooden spoon! It’s a classic.

  665. 680
    Karissa Ferguson says:

    I already like you on facebook!

  666. 681

    I just liked you on facebook! Can’t wait to see your posts. They make me hungry.

  667. 682

    I absolutely love my apron from anthropologie, it makes me feel like a better baker when I’m wearing it.;)

  668. 683

    My all time favorite tool is my cookie scoop!! Wonderful for cookies and lots of other things!!

  669. 684

    My kitchen aid mixer. I never imagined how much I would use it.

  670. 685

    I liked your facebook page

  671. 686

    Although I am tempted to say my KA mixer – I have to go with my favorite Crate & Barrel spatulas. Perfect tool for everything, and they really bring back the simplicity of baking by hand.
    Awesome giveaway, Rosie! You are the sweetest!

  672. 687

    I like you on Facebook!

  673. 688

    Shared on Facebook!

  674. 689

    Oooh my favorite tool by far is my stand mixer, I’ve even given him a name, Gerard.

  675. 690

    I also tweeted the giveaway!

  676. 691

    I love my kitchenaid stand mixer!

  677. 692

    I liked your page on Facebook.

  678. 693

    and just tweeted your page @cassieopea920

  679. 694
    Laura George says:

    I love love LOVE my spatulas!! I have seem to accumulate a rather large, and probably unnecessary, amount of them :o)

  680. 695
    Laura George says:

    Liked on FB!

  681. 696

    I think it is a toss up between my candy apple red KitchenAid Mixer and my Silpat mats. My baking adventures have really risen to a whole new level!

  682. 697

    I liked you on Facebook!

  683. 698

    My convection oven! I love how evenly my things bake!

  684. 699
    Ida Dickenson says:

    My favorite baking tool/ item are my brightly colored measuring spoons that my mom gave me a couple of Christmas’s ago. I don’t have to look at them to figure out what’s 1tsp or 1/2 tsp, I know them by their colors!

  685. 700

    My favorite baking item is my rubber spatula from Williams-Sonoma. It is a life saver!

  686. 701

    I also like your FB page. :)

  687. 702

    Amazing giveaway! My favourite baking tool is my kitchenaid stand mixer, but that’s not a unique answer, so I’m going to tell you about my second favourite tool, which is my little white silicone spatula! Many people have vast collections of spatulas in all sizes and shapes and colours, but I have only one, and he (yes, it’s a he) is all I need. He’s made out of one solid piece of silicone, so I never have to worry about the handle breaking off, even when dealing with a particularly stubborn batch of cookie dough. I heart you, spatula!

  688. 703

    Couldn’t do anything without my stand mixer. It is my best friend.

  689. 704

    I liked you on FB!

  690. 705

    I tweeted the giveaway!

  691. 706

    My best loved baking tool is a set of three white nesting bowls my sister gave me 17 years ago. They are super heavy, I have no idea what they’re made out of. But they are indestructible. I’ve dropped them all several times and not a single chip (although maybe bruised toes). I use them every time I bake and can’t imagine kitchen life without them.

  692. 707

    Hooray for my KitchenAid! Not only is it a workhorse, its sunny yellow color makes me happy every time I look at it!

  693. 708

    Can’t pick between my two Kitchen Aid Mixers or my collection of Le Creuset silicone spatulas.

  694. 709

    My best-loved baking item is probably my cupcake-print apron. It’s cute and keeps me from getting covered in batter.

  695. 710

    Oh, and I liked you on FB!

  696. 711

    Best loved item would be my Silpat. So helpful for baking!

  697. 712

    And I liked you on FB. :)

  698. 713

    My kenwood mixer, I love it!

  699. 714

    Liked on facebook too

  700. 715

    I love my Kitchenaid stand mixer! It’s a pretty red color that brightens up my kitchen, plus I use it all the time!! I’ve got the grater/slicer attachment and the ice cream freezer bowl to go with it. LOVE IT!!! Thanks for offering these goodies to us!!

  701. 716
    Heather Lee says:

    My best loved kitchen tool has got to be my Kitchen Aid Mixer, not sure what I would do without it. I love all that you do and I have made many of your cakes, to rave reviews. :)

  702. 717
    Heather Lee says:

    I liked you on Facebook. :)

  703. 718

    My favorite kitchen gadget is my KitchenAid Stand Mixer. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It’s a beast in the best way possible!

    Liked your Facebook page, shared the give away and tweeted.

    Did all in one post so as not to clutter the comments.

  704. 719

    I love my mixing bowls, if I had room I would buy every single one I find – ok, call me obsessed. My favorite baking tool from my childhood would be my grandma’s meat grinder, it had a cookie “press” attachment and she made the best Christmas cookies :)

  705. 720

    I just liked you on Facebook :)

  706. 721

    Just shared your FB post :)

  707. 722

    My KitchenAid, hands down.

  708. 723

    I liked you on FB. I don’t know why I haven’t done that before! I’ve been following your blog for some time.

  709. 724

    My best loved kitchen tool is my light pink Kitchenaid mixer. I wanted one for so long! It is so much better than using a hand mixer!

  710. 725

    My most loved baking tool has got to be my small offset spatula hands down. It is the perfect tool for frosting beautiful cakes and cupcakes. Thanks for making me smile with all your beautiful treats!

  711. 726

    I love my new baking sheets! No more cheap warping sheets :)

  712. 727

    I like you on Facebook!

  713. 728

    Shared the FB post. :)

  714. 729

    I am a facebook fan.

  715. 730

    I tweeted about your giveaway!

  716. 731

    Hands down my fav, most useful item is my kitchen aid mixed. Love that thing!

  717. 732

    I already like you on Facebook!

  718. 733

    I shared the giveaway post on Facebook!

  719. 734

    I shared the link on twitter!

  720. 735

    What’s your best-loved baking tool/item? That would have to be my Kitchenaid handmixer. I love that thing!

  721. 736

    My favorite kitchen item is my oven! And my mixer.. :)

  722. 737

    And, I’ve shared you on FB!

  723. 738

    I love my KitchenAid paddle mixer scraper attachment.

  724. 739

    I also like you on Facebook!

  725. 740

    This may sound cliche, but I LOVE my KitchenAid stand mixer! It’s the most beautiful shade of teal and is really the star of my kitchen. Life has become so much better with it.

  726. 741

    I have also liked you on Facebook; I can’t believe I hadn’t already done that!

  727. 742

    I recently upgraded to a silicone cake pan and I seriously haven’t looked back. All the parchment paper and buttering in the world does not compare to the ease of getting my cakes out of the silicone pan. I curse a lot less often in the kitchen nowadays!

  728. 743

    My Kitchenaid mixer!

  729. 744

    I love my silpat!

  730. 745

    My favorite kitchen tool is definitely my Kitchen Aid mixer, I don’t know what I would do without it!

  731. 746

    I liked you on FB.

  732. 747

    I like you on Facebook :-)

  733. 748

    My best-loved tool is the flour sifter I inherited from my husband’s grandmother. I love thinking about all the things she made with it.

  734. 749


  735. 750
  736. 751

    My favourite baking tool is my Kenwood mixer, which was given from my grandmother to my mother and now I have inherited it! It carries a lot of history, has baked many sweet goods and hopefully it will create many more in the future!!

  737. 752

    I have also liked your Facebook page! :P

  738. 753

    I shared on facebook, too!

  739. 754

    My favorite baking tool is currently my immersion blender. It’s so handy in making winter soups!


  740. 755

    I already like Sweetapolita on Facebook!


  741. 756

    I just shared on my Facebook!!


  742. 757

    My best-loved baking tool is my KitchenAid mixer.

  743. 758

    My best-loved baking tool is my KitchenAid mixer in red :)

  744. 759

    I ‘like’ you on facebook

  745. 760

    Definitely my kitchenaid mixer. I can’t imagine baking without it!

  746. 761

    My most loved baking tool is an old silicone spatula I got as a moving-out-on-my-own gift almost 10 years ago. I does everything!!

  747. 762
    Tina Martinez says:

    My favorite tool is my Lovely Kitchenaid mixer! I don’t know what I would do without it!

  748. 763
    Tina Martinez says:

    I liked you on FB

  749. 764
    Tina Martinez says:

    I shared the giveaway on FB too!

  750. 765

    My favorite baking tool lately is my offset spatula. I can’t believe how much easier it is to frost cakes with one.

  751. 766

    omfreakin’g! I love all your picks, Rosie! If I don’t win, this list gets sent to hubby! ;) ..my favourite baking tool besides my kitchen aid mixer are my spatulas. I have a slight obsession with collecting them, and I have a whole drawer full dedicated to them, ..and just starting on drawer two!

  752. 767

    I love my KitchenAid mixer with all my heart. So worth the investment!

  753. 768

    ..and I’ve liked, erm more like loved you on facebook for well over a year now!

  754. 769

    It’s hard to pick one favorite baking tool, but I guess I’d pick my food processor. I’m super proud of it because I picked it up for ten dollars, perfect condition, at a yard sale… and it does so many things for me! From cutting cold butter into pate sucree or scone dough, to grinding up dry cake to make crumbs, I love it!

  755. 770
    amanda evert says:

    my favorite item is my mixer

  756. 771

    My best loved baking tool is my Kitchen Aid stand mixer!

  757. 772

    I LIKE you on Facebook

  758. 773

    My best loved baking tool is my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer!

  759. 774

    I like Sweetapolita on Facebook.

  760. 775

    I like you on facebook!

  761. 776

    I shared you on facebook!

  762. 777


  763. 778

    I love my KitchenAid stand mixer….followed by my bench scraper.

  764. 779
    Vishanna Jaimungal says:

    I like my spatula…

  765. 780

    I like you on FB

  766. 781

    I shared the giveaway on my Facebook page.

  767. 782

    I shared your post on my Facebook page

  768. 783

    Oh. My. Goodness. Allllll the goodies! Im so excited!! LOL!
    My favorite kitchen tool changes with my mood I think… one week it will my kitchen aid, and I will be mixing and whipping like crazy and the next it will be my grandmothers rolling pin that just feels right in my hands… lately its been the vintage biscuit/donut cutter my hubby bought me! I had always used a cookie cutter or the rim of a glass before!

  769. 784

    Also Im a new facebook fan!

  770. 785

    And I shared you on my page! :)

  771. 786

    I tweeted about the giveaway.

  772. 787

    ..I mentioned the giveaway on my facebook page!

  773. 788

    i LOVE my mom’s 15 year old electric mixer… it helps me out with everything and hasn’t broken once!

  774. 789

    ..and I re-tweeted on twitter! ..and now I am going to wish really hard that I win! Have a fab day..

  775. 790

    Tweeting you as we speak!

  776. 791

    My best loved baking tool is my mixer. It was my mom’s and it’s a 30+ year old chrome Phillips beauty. It reminds me of Saturday mornings spent with her in the kitchen.

  777. 792

    Well my most useful is just a plain white spatula, but my favorite is a chicken-shaped cooking timer!

  778. 793

    And I just tweeted! (@eatrunread)

  779. 794

    Facebook Liked! YAY!

  780. 795

    I love my apron the most!

  781. 796

    I also liked you on facebook!

  782. 797
    Lior Shapira says:

    My favorite baking took is my Kitchenaid mixer, also a facebook fan!

  783. 798

    Woo-hoo! My favorite equipment is my stand mixer, I can’t imagine making meringue buttercreams and marshmallows without it!

  784. 799

    My favorite baking tool is parchment paper. I’ve only started to use it recently and I can believe I was missing out for so many years.

  785. 800

    My favourite baking tool has to be my grandmother’s bundt pan for sentimental reasons. It’s beat up and dented in one spot when it fell to the ground but I remember the many chocolate marble cakes that came out of it fondly.

  786. 801

    I have already like your page on Facebook :)

  787. 802

    I have a very special hammered metal set of measuring spoons that a dear friend gave me for my birthday several years ago. I feel fancy when I use them (which is often) and I think of her. She’s a fantastic cook (she leaves the baking to me), but I think I would have to share some of this booty if I win!

  788. 803

    My favorite and essential baking tool/equipment is my kitchen-aid. It has helped me with many baking creations.

  789. 804

    I have to say my kitchen aid.

  790. 805

    My favourite baking item are my books…they are one of the most useful things when it comes to finding the perfect recipe for each occasion.
    And if it has to be a thing that you actually use for baking, it’d be my cutters, they just make everything more fun and I can use them for baking cookies and making fondant shapes

  791. 806

    My kitchen aid mixer. And pan spray with the flour right in it is a close second!

  792. 807

    I “like” you on Facebook.

  793. 808
    Callie Hagood says:

    I absolutely would be lost without my Kitchen Aid mixer! My mom and step dad gave me a Classic white one for Christmas a few years ago and it has only fueled my love of all things baking! I use it for SMB (a WONDERFUL discovery, thanks Rosie!), cookies, cakes, pies and one of my favorites: ice cream! I love the Ice Cream Maker attachment. I even used it to make my homemade laundry soap! Someday I hope to save up and buy a larger one in a pretty color.

  794. 809
    Callie Hagood says:

    I liked you on Facebook!

  795. 810

    Liked your facebook page

  796. 811
    Callie Hagood says:

    I Shared you on Facebook!

  797. 812


  798. 813

    And shared on facebook

  799. 814

    My Kitchen Aid surpasses any other baking tool.

  800. 815

    My best-loved baking tool/item is my KitchenAid stand mixer. I would be lost without it and would never have been able to make cream cheese frosting of piping consistency without it!

  801. 816

    My mixing bowls :)

  802. 817
    Callie Hagood says:

    I tweeted! Good luck picking a winner!

  803. 818

    My favorite kitchen tool is my hand held grater….it is great for most things.

  804. 819

    My mixer is my all time favorite kitchen tool.

  805. 820

    My Empire Red Kitchen Aid mixer is my best baking tool!

  806. 821

    I liked your facebook page

  807. 822

    I shared on facebook

  808. 823
    Michele Joyce says:

    I liked your fb page!

  809. 824
    Michele Joyce says:

    I love love love my digital candy thermometer. And I can’t live without parchment paper these days.

  810. 825

    Liked you on Facebook…cute blog!

  811. 826

    Would have to say Kitchen Aid :-)
    Happy Holidays!

  812. 827

    My best loved kitchen tool is my kitchenaide stand mixer.I would be lost without it!

  813. 828

    Definitely have to say my kitchenaid mixer :)

  814. 829

    Love my food processor! :)

  815. 830
    Shawna Wilson says:

    My favorite baking tool is definitely my cookie scoops. It is the absolute ONLY way I don’t get batter all over my pans while making cupcakes.
    Super cute giveaway! Im going to have to order those cupcake boxes for my kids teachers and make some cute cakes for holiday gifts!
    Thank you for all of your inspirations!

  816. 831

    a good whisk!

  817. 832
    Shawna Wilson says:

    I liked you on facebook!

  818. 833
    Veronica Greve says:

    I liked you on Facebook!

  819. 834

    Spatula! I hate when batter goes to waste!