A Birthday + Pink Mixer Giveaway! {Winner Announced}

And the winner of the Pink KitchenAid 5 QT Mixer Giveaway is . . .

#3309 Jenny Holiday: “If I were a cake…. The Pink Champagne Cake at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, CA!! The pink curls on top remind me of a hairdo I had for my cousin’s wedding! :)”

Congratulations, Jenny! You will also be notified by email.

I will be back soon with another sweet recipe to share!

. . .


It’s my birthday!

I’m one of those people who love to make a big deal out of birthdays (even my own), so I couldn’t let today happen without celebrating with you in some way. That’s why I’m giving one of you an it’s-my-birthday gift — this super awesome, pink KitchenAid Komen Foundation Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer! It’s my favourite colour of the KitchenAid collection, and the one I use every day. Needless to say, it brings me infinite joy!

Giveaway is now closed. 


To enter this giveaway, simply answer the following question in the comments section of this post:

If you were a cake, what kind would you be?

Surely there’s a cake that epitomizes your personality: vanilla birthday cake? opera cake? carrot cake? upside down pineapple cake?

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  • One entry per person, plus additional qualified bonus entries (mentioned above). Your comment may take a few moments to appear. 
  • Winners will be announced Tuesday, July 30th, 2013.

Best of luck to you and Happy Birthday to me!

*This giveaway is sponsored by Sweetapolita. 

I’ll see you very soon with another recipe!


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    • says

      I would be a coffee cake with chocolate ganache and mocha custard filling like the one i just made for my own bday last week! Happy Birthday, Rosie!

  1. Susan Moulden says

    If I were a cake I would be a Lemon Meringue Cake. Soft lemon layers of cake with Lemon curd between the layers and covered in toasted meringue. So great for a summer picnic.

  2. says

    I think I would be a Red Velvet Cake. There’s something about a red velvet cake that always makes me feel good inside, and makes me smile. I love to make people smile, and this pink mixer would REALLY make me SMILE :)

  3. Vanessa Rudd says

    I am not sure if it’s considered a cake, maybe lots of little cakes, but I would say a croquembouche!!

  4. says

    As a cake i would be a black forest cake all inocent chocolate cake on the outside and full of flavour and extra surprises the more you look and explore ( not to mention yummo with cherry liquer )

    • Laura says

      If I were a cake, I’d be your diner cake from last weeks post…chocolate chips on the inside and those to die for roasted peanuts on the outside…

  5. fiilio says

    “if I were cake I would be a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting…”

    -> I “like” Sweetapolita on Facebook
    -> I shared the giveaway on Facebook
    -> I twitted this post on Twitter

  6. says

    If I were a cake, I would be orange almond. The cake we had at our wedding was out of this world!! I couldn’t wait for our 1 year anniversary so we could eat the top. Sad thing though, no yummy goodness since. Happy Birthday to you. ♥

  7. Luz Ventura says

    My Birthday cake would be a chocolate cake infussed with coffee flavoring, filled & covered in a coffee whipped cream!!! Yummers!!! Have a wonderful Birthday!!!

  8. Katie Pascoe says

    mmmm….it would have to be bitter chocolate on chocolate with lots of raspberries and blackberries. i think it would need four layers, with two filled with vanilla buttercream, and the middle one filled with raspberry buttercream and smooshed raspberries and blackberries. the cake would be iced with chocolate buttercream raspberries, blackberries and dark chocolate chards. maybe i’ve thought about this a little too much. I’ve had to cut out all dairy from my diet as i’m still breastfeeding my 10month old boy and he’s dairy intolerant, so i’m dreaming of a buttercream feast one day soon. I hope you have a yummy birthday!

  9. Maria in NJ says

    Happy Birthday Rosie!!! many, many more… thank your for a chance to win this great birthday prize! hahahaa if I was a cake I would be an Italian Cream Cake!!

  10. says

    It’s going to be my birthday on saturday. I would like a chocolate volcanco cake with lava and dinosaurs and dry ice. Or Superheroes (Batman, Superman, Ironman and Thor) cake pops.

  11. says

    I wish you a happy birthday! Hope you have lots of delicious cake, ’cause as we all know “Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake.” :) If I were a cake, I think I’d be an Apple Strudel with vanilla sauce. :-D

    PS: I “liked” your page on Facebook and I shared the giveaway on my own page(“Relax – have some cake”)

  12. erika says

    Chocolate cake, with nutella mousse, hazelnuts and rum to moist the cake, so my favorite ferrero rocher cake ;)

  13. June Kelly says

    German Chocolate with Coconut Pecan frosting. 1st off I’m German. Love the taste of the Caribbean in the Coconut ( we live there on our sailboat in the winter) the chocolate…who doesn’t love that rich sweet taste. And Nuts…That’s me a bit nutty, EVERYTHING tastes better with nuts in my opinion!

  14. Tammy says

    A fluffy vanilla confetti cake mixed with Wonka Nerds Candy Pieces with a chocolate centre. Covered with Pink vanilla icing and decorated with more Wonka Nerds Candy Pieces.

    I would be the cake i mentioned above for the below reasons:
    – Vanilla because it’s the most common one out there, simple yet perfect in it’s own way.
    – Mixed with the candy pieces to form a confetti cake because as simple as I may seem on the outside, I have my own unique traits on the inside that brings out the best in me. And that is what makes the people around me love me.
    – Pink Vanilla Icing because my favourite colour is pink =)
    – Covered with more candy pieces because I always believe that we should always live life as colourful and as happy as possible, and those candy pieces are not only colourful, the taste awesome and it makes me happy when I feel awesome.

  15. Beth says

    I would be an Armenian Nutmeg cake – ordinary looking but lots of flavours hidden inside! Plus just a wee bit German :-)

  16. says

    Happy B-Day! What a nice giveaway. A never won anything but I like to participate and share with others, who knows if someone already won due to my share. Makes me happy to believe so.

    As for the cake, I would probably be a mx of Concorde cake for “speed” and crunchiness with a little bit of red velvet for a silky and smooth “landing”.
    Many thanks and hope you have a pinky day!

  17. Kathy Esguerra says

    I would be Black Forest Cake or Super Rich Chocolate Cake… :) btw, is this worldwide? thanks

  18. Katie Pascoe says

    PS i’ve also shared on Facebook. my best friend who lives on the other side of the world from me also shares your birthday! a great day to be born!

  19. Caroline Parkin says

    I’d be a cupcake – one that has more buttercream than cake! With an additional sweet surprise in the middle that isn’t noticed until you take a bite!

    Happy birthday Rosie! X

  20. Jenny Little says

    If I were a cake, I would be a Sponge cake .. absorbing the world around me and everything in it, with the added sweetness of Vanilla Frosting and coloured sprinkles to brighten the day.

  21. Norma Pothof says

    I would be a red velvet cake, with creamcheese filling. And chocolate ganache topping.
    Because i can be a lot naughty, a little bit nice, but always sweet!!!!

  22. Heather says

    I would be a Homemade German Choclate cake with coconut frosting on the top of each layer. Then i would have chocolat gaunach drizzled all over the sides. ;)

  23. Suzanne Elizabeth says

    I would be a layered moist chocolate devils food cake filled and frosted with mocha buttercream then finished with a dark chocolate kahlua ganache.

  24. Liz Dionne says

    Chocolate cake with peanut butter ganache filling is my favourite cake! Liked page & shared on twitter @cdn_girl1980! Love your work & hope you enjoyed your birthday!

  25. Charlie Kuhns says

    hahaha If I were a cake what kind would I be? Well to be honest if there was a sour patch kid cake that would totally be me only because I am a massive prankster but after all is said and done I am just a sweet as sugar and then I when you least expect it I will strike again. But if it has to be a real cake I would be a Lemon cake with vanilla frosting and crushed lemon heads sprinkled all around me! I know this isn’t what was asked for being there are two cakes but hey you have to make it entertaining somewhere in here!


  26. Jenna waite says

    Traditional Victoria sponge, light and moist sponge with vanilla cream and
    Homemade raspberry jam yum yum !

  27. Naomi says

    triplel lemon and blueberry cake: bright and sunshiny on the outside, full of delucious goodness on the inside. simply irresistible. one bite and you’re hooked.
    liked previously on Facebook.
    love your posts. happy birthday

  28. Katie says

    I am a neat freak so I would be white cake, very clean and pure. I would have white whipped cream frosting and a few berries.

  29. says

    My favorite cake is the one my mom makes me for my birthday. It’s chocolate filled with dulce de leche and in one layer strawberry slices and in the other peach slices. Although I love to make cakes, I love y mom to make me my birthday one

  30. Naomi says

    I would be a vanilla funfetti layer cake with frill piped icing on the sides but a smooth as glass sweetapolita style top to show off some elegantly placed sprinkles :) girly but bright and smiley! :)

  31. Beth Chesser says

    Happy Birthday! If I were a cake I would be a chocolate torte with an amaretti biscuit base, maybe some alcohol in there too ;-)

  32. Gina says

    I ll be 50 on 9-23-
    cake I would make is a
    Pink cotten candy cake…every thing PINK, cake, frosting and glitter with some white and Pink pearl sprinkles…… glitter and glam…

  33. Gwen says

    I would be a chocolate mayo cake with chocolate icing. It is the only chocolate cake I will eat. It is all about family (the recipe has bee passed down for generations) and that’s me. Happy Birthday to you!

  34. Kristen Sprague says

    Liked and Shared on FB. and if I was a cake I would be a white chocolate cake with Raspberry frosting.

  35. Lisa Cotton says

    Tiramisu cake!

    I’ve also “Liked” Sweetapolita’s FB page, as well as shared it on my FB wall :)

  36. Jovita says

    Because it’s summer and because i am in love with lavender, i choose one your, most delightful Lavander & Lemon cake! Thank you! Your work inspires me so much and makes even a dull day so beautiful! I liked your facebook page.

  37. Lih Fern says

    If I were a cake, I’d be a decadent dark chocolate cake with chocolate-orange buttercream frosting! :)

  38. Jenna says

    Ooohhhh it’s a tough choice, I think I’d be a vanilla cake (moist of course) but layers of different colours. A white icing made of cream cheese and lets not forget a fondant flower. If that wasn’t enough some edible glitter because for me it’s all about bedazzling the cake. Yep I think that’s me.

  39. Sabine Hofmann says

    Happy birthday, dear Sweetapolita! At your birthday party I´d be a Pavlova with vanilla or cream icecream and raspberries! Yes, a lot of raspberies! They are so summery! And perfect with the baiser nd the icecream. So have a nice party – light as the baiser, cool as the icecream with a lot of friends, as much as raspberrieson the cake!

  40. Sadia says

    Hey! Happy Birthday!

    I was wondering whether this give-away is applicable for other countries around the world. Sending some love from Bangladesh! :D

  41. says

    If I were a cake, I’d be a layered Rainbow Cake! With cream cheese frosting and full of bright colours and optimism!

  42. Sabine Hofmann says

    I liked Sweetapolita at facebook some time ago, that´s why I found this post. More, I regularly like Sweetapolita´s posts at facebook.

  43. Lisa Neiman says

    First of all, Happy Birthday!!!
    I would be vanilla cake because it is so versatile and can be jazzed up with just about any other flavor or just delicious on its on!!!

  44. says

    I would be a Guinness Chocolate Stout Cake with a Jameson’s Irish Whiskey Ganache Filling and a Bailey’s Buttercream! P.S. Happy Birthday! Love your recipes!

  45. Farah says

    Happy Birthday!!!! I wish you all the best!!!! I would be a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and toasted coconut with a drizzle of dark chocolate on top! I made this and called it “love cake”


  46. Teresa says

    Happy Birthday! If I were a cake it would be a Vanilla cake with Vanilla Buttercream frosting. So simple but so satisfying.

  47. Jeanine says

    I have been a “liker” on facebook, that is where I found out about the giveaway. Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you!

  48. Dea Tayco-Delima says

    Been a fan of your facebook page for a looong time. Thank you for being an inspiration. You’re one of a few bloggers I looked up to :) Happy Birthday! :)

    If I were a cake, I’d probably be a vanilla cake with pink frosting with lots of sprinkles :))

  49. Cynthia Lopez says

    I’d be a chocolate cake with strawberries filling with chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache!

    I have like your FB page and shared your link!

  50. Nuria Martinez Sagrista says

    Hi! If I were a cake, of course I’ll be a dark chocolate cake!!! :)

    I like your Facebook page and I’ve shared your photo!!


  51. says

    First off … HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :)
    Second … I believe I would be a rich chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and covered in chocolate chips! :) I’m definitely a chocoholic :):)

  52. Jeanine says

    I have a”retweeted” your giveaway on twitter. For your birthday may you recieve many many new followers on facebook, twitter and your blog! Happy Birthday, enjoy the cake!

  53. Tina Klassen says

    Chocolate cake, but lets not forget the yummy chocolate ganache filling with chocolate frosting and bits of chocolate grated all over the top.

  54. Michelle Bowers says

    I would be a Peanut Butter Cup Cake (rich, fudgy chocolate layers with Peanut butter frosting and chopped Reese’s to top it off)!

  55. Hannah H. says

    Even though I don’t actually like the flavor, I think I would be funfetti cake. I’m crazy, loud, love fun, and love kids.

  56. jessica johnstone says

    I would be a super tall vanilla cake filled with light pink buttercream FULLY covered in hundreds and thousands.

  57. says

    If be a a rainbow cake because I’m sweet and have lots of different layers to my personality and love wearing bright colours! And they taste super yummy! Very important in cake ! X

  58. Heidi says

    Happy birthday! and thank you. I have liked and shared your goodness. My new favorite cake to make is butter pecan with cream cheese frosting topped with pecans. Yum

  59. Tina Klassen says

    I have like and shared you page of Facebook. Happy Birthday to US!! It’s my birthday today too!!

  60. Angela Walker says

    Chocolate Cake with homemade frosting. Because it doesn’t have to be fancy to make me happy.

  61. charlotte cooper says

    Hi Ive liked on Facebook and shared the give away. I would be a chocolate and salted caramel Topsy Turvy cake.

  62. lorna latorre says

    If I could be a cake, I would choose to be a Pumpkin spice cake, with cream chesse frosting, soo good!

    Feliz Cumpleaños!

  63. stacie lemaster says

    If I were to be a cake I would be a vanilla bean cupcake with careml icing, because AMAZING things come in small packages!!! I also liked your page on fb and shared this giveaway on my own page! THANKS

  64. Diane says

    Happy Birthday to you!! I would be a simple chocolate cake with a layer of light, sweet ribbon of raspberry and chocolate butter cream icing. Must accompany with a fresh cup of coffee or large glass of ice cold milk :) Oh My!

  65. Brandi says

    I would be a strawberry cake with lemon icing … pink is my FAVORITE color with yellow being a close second. And since I just turned 41 last week, I think I so TOTALLY need this in my kitchen!!! The most beautiful color ever … <3

  66. Diana says

    I would be a thick, rich chocolate cake with fluffy whipped milk chocolate frosting. And, since I love it so much, probably some marshmallow cream frosting in there somewhere.

  67. Michelle says

    Yellow cake with chocolate frosting. But it has to be a good combination…the chocolate has to stand up to the yellow cake without over powering it…and the cake can’t be too crumbly.

  68. Tiffany-Anne Ross says

    Hello, Happy Birthday my dear.
    If i was a Cake I would have to be a Strawberry and Hazelnut Dacquoise, So delicious and delightful yet slightly complicated to create. Sweet strawberries like my strawberry blonde hair and nutty hazelnuts to represent my nutty quirky tendencies :-)

  69. Rebecca says

    I recently celebrated my birthday and chose to make the lavender strawberry buttercream cake. It was a real success and so, I just totally see myself as berry-fruity-smelling good lavender gal !! Thanks again for all the wonderful recipes and for sharing all !!

    • Rebecca D. says

      I asked my family what kind of cake I could be, and my aunt answered the same cake, I just loved how she noted,
      The Lavender-Strawberry Buttercream cake : elegant, neat, well decorated, with some lavender flowers for an orignal touch and scent !

  70. Bobby says

    Happy Birthday!!!
    Shared on FB and RT as well.
    So I think I’d be a red velvet cake!!
    Think I might go and make one now!!!

  71. Erin says

    If I were a cake? Oh boy that’s a loaded question. I would definitely be a moist dark chocolate cake, with a whipped vanilla filling and blackberry compote, then smothered in a chocolate hazelnut frosting. Oh shoot… now I’m hungry

  72. Fruzsi says

    If I were a cake, I would be a 2 layer yoghurt cake with some summer fruit like peach or strawberry. And some butter cream on the side!

  73. Veronica Nguyen says

    Vanilla cake Drizzled with salted Carmel sauce toped with vanilla ice cream on the side!

  74. Suzie Carrasco says

    I would be a Coke cake. Sweet, chocolaty, a little nutty, with marshmallows roasted right into it! Mmmmm!

  75. says

    I love any kind of cake, but the two that come to mind are chocolate with whipped ganache and raspberry, or a really good fruitcake with nuts. Don’t know what that says about me ;)

  76. kathy beall says

    would love to win pink mixer always had the hand held kind and if I were a cake I would have to be a swiss chocolate angel food cake

  77. Yvette Sanchez says

    I would be a rich and creamy red velvet cake with cream cheese icing and raspberries on top. Why, because it combines some of my favorite things, chocolate , the color red and cheese! Besides I’m a Philly chick so Philadelphia brand cream cheese is a staple!

  78. Shae says

    I would be a chocolate almond coconut cake with vanilla coconut buttercream frosting. Think Almond joy. :)

  79. Robyn says

    I would be a banana split cake, fashioned after a cupcake I tried about a year ago. Banana flavor cake, cream filling and topped with chocolate and a cherry on top. Yum!

    Happy Birthday!

    I also already like your page on FB. :)

  80. Elizabeth Rodriguez says

    I would be a carrot cake with pineapple and coconut. Thanks for the opportunity I will shared right now :)

  81. Julia Estrada says

    I would absolutely be a white cake with peach filling and lavender frosting! Liked on Facebook, and post shared, too.

  82. says

    Happy Birthday Rosie!
    If I were a cake I would be my Mango Tres Leches Cake. I love Spanish culture, language, and especially the food. My sister even tells me I speak Spanish in my sleep.

  83. Dawn K says

    I would be a strawberry cake with pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles for FUN! My favorite color is pink as well. I liked and shared your post on Facebook.

  84. Colleen says

    Chocolate chocolate chip with vanilla butter cream!
    Happy Birthday!
    I already like you on FB. Love your posts.

  85. Shawn Silva says

    If I were a cake I’d be a carrot cake (I’m a redhead!) with sprinkles on top even though they don’t go on a carrot cake. I just LOVE sprinkles! :)

  86. Dawn L. says

    I would be your chocolate chip buttermilk cake with the peanut butter mousse filling (which I made last week and it was to die for!)…a bit sweet, a bit tangy with a surprise filling. LOL

  87. Alicia says

    Happy Birthday!! Luv to be a decadent Red Velvet cake with tangy cream cheese frosting. Liked & shared this.

  88. Khushie says

    I would love to be a strawberry shortcake :)
    Layers of Sponge dipped in between sugar and whipped cream !!!
    Droolworthy !

  89. Marsha Young says

    If I was a cake I would be a Neapolitan layered cake, with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry icing!

  90. Lauren Oldhouser says

    Happy birthday to you!! I would have to be our wedding cake! It was my favorite part of our wedding… Resembled my dress… Ivory a flower lace pattern…my favorite layer was vanilla with strawberry filling, the icing a mix between cream cheese and buttercreme… I can still taste it!<3

  91. Jess says

    I would be a yellow cake with chocolate icing! That was always my grandfather’s favorite cake, and even though he’s been gone eight years, we still gather as a family and celebrate his birthday every January 6th with his favorite cake.

  92. penny says

    I would be a fresh cream red velvet cupcake with a cherry on top.
    liked and shared and tweeted lovely x

  93. kirsten says

    If I were a cake, I would be a cherry-vanilla delight cake!!!
    (I’ve made that recipe quite a few times & am in LOVE with it)
    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderfully sweet day! :)

  94. Lois Edwards says

    Happy Birthday!! Have a great one. I would be a German chocolate cake. I already LIKE you on FB. And I shared this on FB

  95. says

    if I were cake I would be a french macaron with lemon and chocolate ganache …”
    I already “liked” Sweetapolita on your Facebook

  96. Breana Overly says

    I’d like to say I’d be chocolate, but I think I actually would be a vanilla bean cake with a fruity filling!

  97. Paula says

    Vanilla bean with vanilla bean frosting…..mmm! Second choice….red velvet with vanilla bean cream cheese frosting.

  98. suhey says

    I already liked and shared the giveaway on fb. Thanks Sweetapolita for the opportunity hope i’ll win this pink mixer.

  99. Angela Griesser says

    I would be the best cake I could be – Martha “What’s Her Last Name”‘s Genoise Layer Cake with Rum Syrup and Whipped Cream Frosting (includes a layer of pastry cream!) for its divine flavor, but I’d look like the cake you proudly feature on your site that has the frosting that turns from lavender to blue, and I’d add some lavender and pale blue pearls of varying sizes on top. Gorgeous!!

  100. Umra says

    Happy Birthday Sweetapolita!

    If I was a cake I would be a Chocolate Rum Cake with Vanilla filling, decorated with Strawberry Butttercream Flowers and White Chocolate Petals all around!

  101. Rebecca Morgan says

    If I were a cake id be a rainbow layer cake, suprising, cute and most importantly FUN FUN FUN! which is what it should be all about! Happy Birthday to you too and you should make a fuss! xxxx

  102. toola says

    I would be a banana nut, pb frosting with a dark choc ganache cake (everything amazing in one little slice)

    I’ve already liked your fb page!! Xx

  103. Nureeni says

    Happy Birthday Rosie! Its so hard to pick because I love ruffled pink girly cakes and I generally am a fairly girly person, but I would have to say that I would be the cake that I’m planning on making for my birthday in a few months, A dark chocolate cake filled with a deep salted caramel swiss meringue buttercream and frosted with a fudgey chocolate frosting. Maybe topped with some toffee shards or some salted caramel macrons.

    I already like you on facebook and I’ve shared this post!

  104. PJ Sardo says

    I’m a 7/23 baby too !!
    One of my current favorite cakes is a Rubies Torte, chocolate, chocolate, raspberry, & more chocolate!!

  105. Aida says

    A chocolate shortcake! instead of strawberry!

    …and I ‘liked’ you on FB!

    …and i ‘shared’ the giveaway page!

    ….and this is so exciting!!! :)

  106. Shona Parker says

    Happy B-Day!!!

    I would be a Chocolate Cake with a little Cayenne and Cinnamon topped with a light fluffy whipped cream frosting!!! Yummm-E!!

  107. Addison says

    Happy Birthday!! If I was a cake, I’d be a the Hershey’s marble cheesecake ’cause it’s completely irresistible and makes people so, so happy. :)

  108. says

    I would be a rainbow cake. My family tree branches across many nations and cultures, as does most ours. We should embrace our many colors. :-)

  109. Gay Havers says

    Victoria sponge cake, they remind me of my grandad he made the best ones ever, and now my 11year old daughter makes them just like he did perfect :o)

  110. Maureen says

    Any cake at all, I’m your gal and I have the hips to prove it! Coconut is a current favourite flavour as well as white, chocolate, lemon, carrot, you get the idea….

  111. patricia says

    Ah! We share the same birthday! How cool that it’s with my favorite blogger! Anywho, if I were a cake I’d be a strawberry cake with vanilla icing. It would make my day (who am I kidding,my life) if I would win this since I never seem to win anything haha.

  112. Daphne Whitney says

    If I were a cake, I would be vanilla funfetti birthday cake with a pink buttery buttercream frosting. I would be yummy and full of different pretty colors because I am full of energy and happy! I always order birthday cake mix when I go get ice cream, so this flavor is so me. I love eating a cupcake or cake with good flavorful buttercream frosting. I would be PERFECT for birthdays so Happy Birthday Sweetapolita!