Retro Stars Mixer Giveaway! {Winner Announced}

And the winner of the Retro Stars KitchenAid 5QT Mixer is . . .

#1822 Jody: “I’d love to visit the late 40′s, after the war, when things were prosperous and the fashion and cars were amazing.”

Congratulations, Jody! You will also be notified by email.

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KitchenAid Mixer Giveaway via Sweetapolita

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Hello, hello!

So today wasn’t going to be a mixer-giving-away-blog-post kind of day, but yesterday I googled “decals for stand mixers” (this is the type of random thought that hits me in the middle of doing something completely unrelated), and I came across this most awesome photo and Retro Stars decal design on Etsy. And while there are many mixer decal styles out there, this one speaks to me.

I think it’s my connection to the 1960s–a side effect which likely comes from watching countless Betwitched reruns with my 60s-born older sister while I was growing up. It’s not so much the “hippie life,” that appeals to me, but rather the strange fluffy pop culture of the era like, say, Valley of the Dolls and Nancy Sinatra (I’m not certain I should be necessarily be proud of this affinity). Well actually, it’s sort of a cross between the 1950s and the 1960s I’m drawn to–you know, baking a layer cake with an aqua Mixmaster in a pink kitchen listening to this and wearing this. I mean . . . come on.

And as for the 1960s, any era from which the Easy-Bake Oven came, is one I can wrap my heart around.

So in honour of my love for, well, all of that, I’m giving one very lucky reader a KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer (in Aqua Sky or any colour you’d prefer), along with these Retro Stars Decals! The decals take the mixer to a whole new level of cuteness (and can be removed at any time with no trace that they were ever there). So fun.


To enter this giveaway, simply answer the following question in the comments section of this post:

If you could live in any era, which one would you choose? Is your heart in the 1960s à la Mad Men and Bewitched? The Roaring 20s? Or perhaps you secretly wish you were living on Little House on the Prairie in the 1800s? I’d love to know!

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  • Winners will be announced Tuesday, October 8th, 2013.

Best of luck to you!

*This giveaway is sponsored by Sweetapolita & GoodMommyLLC.

I’ll see you very soon with another recipe!


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    • says

      I would love to live in the 1940’s! I love the clothes, the cars, the hair, the music. It makes me so happy. I try to kind of live live a vintage girl and buy clothes from vintage shops etc. That style and that kind of music just makes me so happy.
      This mixer would go lovely in my kitchen for me to make cakes! You and Linda Lomelino are probably my biggest inspirations when it comes to baking, and I know she looks like a vintage type of girl too!

      I have liked you on Facebook, I have favourited and shared your tweet on twitter about the give away I have shared the post on facebook also.

      Jessica Lauren Barton. x

    • basketpam says

      When I first read that you would go back to the 70s my first thought was, “ARE YOU NUTS!” I wouldn’t relive those years for any amount of money as they were my middle school and high school years. But then I read your reason why and completely understand. I have a feeling that if you could have your mom back you’d live through almost any era in history. Don’t worry, you’ll be with her again one day. We know in my family. My mom had a stroke, a pretty severe one from which she made a miracleous recovery from in 2002. During that event she “flatlined” briefly and when that happened she went through the white light, her parents were there waiting for her. (Grandma even said, “Well my lands! There’s Joyce!” In a way that’s so funny because that’s EXACTLY what Grandma would have said. At that time my mom didn’t have any other siblings that had died but since then she has lost one brother. I don’t know if he would have been there or not had her stroke have happened afterwards. But then….she heard a voice saying she had to go back and for a good year or more she was VERY angry that she had been sent back. She said the beauty, joy, happiness…everything is so wonderful we don’t have words on earth here to describe it all. Have a great fall day!

      • Em says

        Basketpam, thanks for sharing that. My mom recently passed away and I miss her so much.

        As for this giveaway, I love old things. I have a 50’s house–“atomic ranch”. Hopefully will be moving to a hundred year old place soon, but I will bring my mixer. Thanks for the link to Etsy! Fun to look around there.

    • Remy says

      I would also love to live in the 60’s. My mom always tells me all these stories about how nice it was and how there was so much freedom. I also love the crazy styles.

  1. kellie Gregorzek says

    I would still like to live in the 80’s music was great,and it was a great time to live and have fun

  2. Lucia Kortze says

    I wish I were living in the era of Little House on the Prairie because I LOVE candles and I would have loved to live by candlelight.

  3. says

    My favorite person in the universe is my aunt kiki, she’s going to be 92 in March and i’d love to live in the 20’s and visit all the amazing places she talks about. She grew up in Brooklyn and i live in Queens NY now, so although places aren’t the same as they were back then, i’d love to go check them out and experience what she experienced! 5 cent subway rides! 2 cent hot dog, popcorn, and soda at the movies! good golly!

    I also follow you on Facebook which is how i heard about this amazing giveaway!!!

  4. Torry says

    I would love to live in the 1950’s.
    Circle skirts, or pencil skirts. Rock and Roll, swing dancing, very Grease style.

  5. Yvonne says

    I’d love to live in the retro 50-60’s era. I love music and the beginning of rock roots would have been a wonderful time to live. Although I was born in that era, I’d love to experience it as an adult.

  6. Jessie says


    I have had an obsession with the 1800’s since I was a kid! I used to watch little house on the prairie and pretend that I was Laura Ingles. I think if I had to choose though, I would choose the 60-70s. It was a time of epic culture and history. Although, today is pretty fantastic too! ha ha

    I have been liking your page for a while now and love ALL of your posts!
    Keep up the great work and if you’d like, please check out my page at

    Much love from London, Ontario, Canada!


  7. lulu says

    Liked, loved & shared! I’m at 60’s retro kind of girl and I really need a mixer like this. It’s adorable!

  8. says

    When I was younger, I always wanted to live in the 60/70’s as I so desperately wanted to be a long hair hippie – now that I am a mum, corny as it may sound, I am LOVING living in the 21st century as I get to know and see my kids grow and become the most amazing people!! They amaze me every day!!

    Love your blog Rosie!! xx

  9. Marnely Rodriguez-Murray says

    I think the 1800’s would be an awesome place to live – milking cows, churning my own butters….what’s not to love?!

  10. Laura RM says

    I’d be happy living like the Pride and Prejudice girls o crazy dancing like in the Great Gatsby movie :D

  11. Elizabeth Whyatt says

    i would have loved to been in the era of the roaring twenties…when i was a little girl i used to go to my aunts to visit and swoon over her lovely gowns she had from this era!

  12. Sara Rosenberger says

    I would have to say the 90’s. Could still listen to great music from years past, I was a little older and mom was still with us.

  13. Melissa says

    I think the 1920’s – the golden age of silent cinema and flappers, Charleston and speakeasys. I think I’d enjoy the radio shows of that era too, making cookies, cakes and taffy, listening to those shows as the highlight of the week! Aah! Such simple pleasures!

  14. Rachel Chandler says

    I would love a retro mixer. And it would b a good birthday gift for me as my birthday is this month.

  15. Jennifer says

    I would love to be in the late 50s / early 60s. I was born in the 80s but the mid century speaks to me. Im obsessed with anything and everything mid century. I always joke I was born in the wrong era. I love the mixer decals, my mixer bit the dust,,,it was really old,,,and I’d love to win one for me and my little one is very much into baking

  16. Cherie Scordino says

    I’m an 80’s girl!!! I love to go out to hear the retro songs of a Hamilton band, the Mcflys. Then I feel like I’m there lol

  17. Amy Costello says

    I would love to live in the Rock ‘n Roll 50s, because I love the fashion. The 50s fascinate me and seem so fabulous!

  18. Christina Hureaux says

    I’d love to go to the 1920s!! Love the clothes, the hairstyles, the hats, the cars!! And love that mixer!!

  19. Mina says

    I already liked you on facebook. I would love to live in the ’80’s again. The music itself is a good reason, but I loved the big hair, the shoulder pads, chunky jewelry and NO cell phones or computers! *sigh* Good times.

  20. Alison says

    What a beautiful mixer – love it so much! The Twenties has always been my favourite; waiting for Downton Abby to get there.

  21. Patsy says

    If I could take my husband and my kids with me, I think it would be the 40’s. The music and the clothes… =)

  22. says

    I’m an 80’s baby and love everything 80’s! The music, crazy hair styles and clothes. Cakes from the 80s are hilarious to look at now but they were so trendy back then, all that buttercream, pillars and stiff royal icing roses LOL Gotta love it!

  23. Petya Stoyanova says

    Hi, I would like to be at 80s – my happy chlidhood :)When my mom did a special sweets for me :)
    I already like you on facebook!
    I shared your giveaway on Facebook!

  24. says

    I would have wanted to live in the 1920s. I want to try out”flapper”fashion. I love the style so much. Also, women first started to vote during this decade. Girl power was just recognized!

  25. Ellie says

    I would love to have been a pioneer! I think it would have been amazing to see the American west from the seat of a wagon. I could do without the dysentery, small pox, yellow fever, etc., but I still think it would be an amazing adventure!!!

  26. Stacey Clark says

    I am already a liker on your Facebook page and I have shared your post.
    Great comp!
    If I could live in any Era, it would be the 80’s! Power Ballads, the breakfast club and boys holding boom boxes blasting out your fave tune outside your bedroom window.
    Neon Tights and Hightop sneakers. What’s not to love about the 80’s?

  27. Amy McGaughey says

    If I could live any Era, it would be the forties, when Americans were most proud of their military, when my father returned from the war as a Marine, when pin up girls were their sexiest women of their time, and when charm was a girls best quality.

  28. Amy Costello says

    I’ve shared your giveaway via facebook! Hope I win, dying for an electric mixer, never mind this beaut one!

  29. Dena E. says

    60s… my mom and I watched a lot of bewitched and I dream of jeanie when I was little. And I still love those shows… the theme songs are my mom’s ringtone

  30. Jennifer says

    I just shared your post as well on Facebook, I do not have twitter. Thank you for the chance! Fingers crossed :)

  31. inge Maric says

    The roaring 20! I love that age, I married in that style. Even had forbidden booze, a roulette table and some cancan dancers on the bar!!

  32. Anna Buckner says

    I’d say the 1920’s. It seemed like a happy fun time. You know – minus govt shutdowns. Lol liked and shared on fb

  33. Deb Burrows says

    Would love to live in the 90s again. Great music & still naive to the world.
    Shared on FB & Twitter :)
    Good luck everyone! Xx

  34. Blanca Amelia Felix says

    I would like to live at Little House on the Prairie in the 1800s! certainly a good time to share!

  35. Claudia Puerta says

    And I just retweeted your post on Twitter, although I don’t know if I included @sweetapolita (I’m new to Twitter and I’m still not too good with it) :s

    • Izdihar says

      My post disappeared!
      I was born in the 80s but if I can live in a different era it would be the Shakespearean era! I loved learning about his work. The love, comedy, and tragedies all expressed in poetry and theatre was entertaining to the people of that era and also entertaining to us now!

  36. Jen Wilson says

    My heart in the Downton Abbey era…of course I would want to be part of the family:)

    * I “liked” your pic on FB

    * I also shared the giveaway on FB

  37. Claire says

    I would love to live in the 60s, go to a Beatles gig and scream like crazy! Shared on Facebook and liked your page too! Thanks.

  38. Carlos Mireles Jr says


  39. says

    Oh this question is lately on my mind… I wish I could be born in the 70ys.. somewhere near New Orleans… Love the music and everything…

    Great mixer… tnx

  40. Maryanne Ward says

    the era I would chose is the “now” better to know now what u could have back then, I feel I get the best of all worlds and all era’s my 40th birthday I did gangster 1920’s murder mystery, but later in the night we played 70 80 90 and todays music ! we can always close our eyes and be taken back to were ever we want to go, but living in todays world I have all that I need. :)

  41. Liz D says

    The 1950-60s I love the music & the clothing! Sock hop anyone?
    Liked on FB, shared on FB & re-tweeted. Loved seeing you at CBSS this year!

  42. Becca P says

    The 1950s! The era of being able to comfortably live on one income, and eat butter, lard, good pork, red meat…. without being the odd one.

  43. Andrea L says

    I would have loved to have been a Vanderbuilt, Newport circa ;) 1895. Just for a moment to have insight into the lavish parties and lifestyle.

  44. Sarah says

    I’d defiantly have to choose the 80’s….a little rewind of shoulder pads, big hair, The Breakfast Club, Top Gun, Madonna!!! So much fun!

    Also, “liked” Sweetapolita on FB! :)

  45. Marija says

    For me, the best of times would have to be the roaring 20’s due to the glamor and sophistication of women, oh, and let’s not forget the most amazing clothes and elegant dresses. I liked your Facebook page long time ago and I follow it every single day. I WOULD LOVE THIS MIXER ESPECIALLY BECAUSE I AM A BEGINNER COOK/PASTRY CHEF AND I COULD REALLY USE ONE. Thanks!

  46. Andrea says

    I would love to have experienced the 1800’s when life was expected to be simple. When times of generosity and respect where taught.

  47. Brittany says

    Im am already a fan on facebook, but if I could go back in time I would go to the 60’s. I am only in my early 20s, but I study history, and the 60’s seems like a very fun time to experience.

  48. Anita Grant says

    1960’s Life was better then. I lived on the farm, and did not had to buy food at the store, we grow our own and had all our meat. my mother made cakes every sunday.

  49. says

    I think I want to live in a retro future, Jetson-style. (Does that count, since it’s fiction?) I love the 50s look, but I also love my modern conveniences. I think the Jetsons would be about perfect. (Also, I want my very own Rosie.)

  50. Suzanne H says

    I would definitely like to live in the 50′. I feel like I am a 50’s housewife stuck in the body of a 2000’s woman!

  51. Dena E. says

    I have also shared the giveaway on my facebook! So would love this mixer. Your websitw is great! Leep it up!

  52. Raimee Piedmonte says

    Hi!!! LOVE this mixer!!! So cute!!! I would have loved the early 1900s with beautiful dresses, big old houses, farms and great values! ;) thank you for the giveaway!!

  53. Andrea says

    Shared this on Facebook because my mixer just died on me, and I need one to make all of these delicious cupcakes on Sweetapolita for the holiday season!

  54. says

    It would have to be 1950, love the fashion back then.
    I have been a fan on your page for quite a while now and would love to have that fab mixer I my kitchen! :-)

  55. M Daniela Cirillo says

    In the 1960s à la Mad Men and Bewitche!
    Already “like” Sweetapolita on Facebook.
    ShareD the Sweetapolita Facebook Giveaway post on my own Facebook page.
    Shared this post on Twitter and include @sweetapolita

  56. Phoebe Heslop says

    I like the facebook page : )

    I would love to have lived in the 60’s because i always think that it would have been just like hairspray the movie, people dancing in the street and randomly bursting out into song every 2 seconds and people were care free so i think i would fit right in! : ) The clothes were soo cool and funky, every looked great and very fashionable.. especially seeing as a girl could never ever have too many clothes! hehee : ) ♥

  57. says

    I have always been fascinated by the grandeur of the 1800’s. I was the greatest fan of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice and the way arranged marriages took place in that era! I feel like we are missing that charm and elegance in today’s day and age. When I was a little girl, I used to re enact Lizzy’s character and get transported into the ballroom in the Bennets’ Drawing Room! Oh how I wish I could actually be transported in their parties via a time machine. But until that happens, I can be happy with a retro Kichenaid Artisan! I would be very privileged if I won this mixer.
    I have LIKED your page on facebook and shared your post too.
    Kindest Regards

  58. Nichole Stiglich says

    It would be the 60’s for me. Everyone always seemed so put together, no wearing your pjs to the store. And women seemed to take pride in being housewives, not apologetic.

  59. Jenn E says

    shared you on fb, liked on fb, shared on Twitter…. That mixer is pure happy! I secretly wanna live during the Little House on the Prairie era!

  60. mitsaki says

    i would like to live back to 60’s.. i would like to meet my grandpa who was also a pastry chef.. like i’m now.. :) (i liked and shared on facebook)

  61. Liz N. says

    I would live in ’50s. The simplicity of that life, family values, work ethic, fashion are all things that I wish we could revert to.

  62. Johanna says

    I was born in the 80s but I should have been a teenager or older in the 80s. I don’t know what happened but the clothes, hair, movies, music, and dance moves just speak to me ;)

  63. Mo says

    Well, my take on the living in another era thing is that I did not come from wealthy people so would have been a serf or a peasant. I think I’ll stay right here and watch the rest on tv ;-)

  64. says

    Iwould wanted to live in the ’50s. Life was simple, people talk to each other face to face, they met together to spend wonderful moments together, the food was healthier, cars were beautiful, and James Dean were alive, and the fashion was wonderful. Although my heart belongs to the music of the 80’s, a true retro ’50s is my soul..

    And so out of competition, the mixer is wonderful and extremely practical (I have in my house also KitchenAid only in red) would look great in a cupcake shop that I hope to open in a few weeks, in my home town in Poland,

    Best Regards!! :)

  65. Katie says

    I think I’m sticking with the present day… even with our challenges, I wouldn’t want to go back to an era without the civil rights, women’s rights, etc. that we have today. I hope the future will be even better!

  66. Laura says

    I am sure my kids remember sitting through endless reruns of Little house on the prairie and I always thought that I belonged in that era. I don’t think my body could handle all that hard work now, so my second choice has always been the 50’s. More family time and sitting together to enjoy home cooked meals. A beautiful mixer for all those amazing cake creations would be divine!

  67. Cheryl brown says

    I would love to have been born in the 1920’s. I love the music and the fashion from that era.
    I already “like” sweetapolita on Facebook. And I shared this giveaway!

  68. Deborah Licciardi says

    I did grow up in the 60’s and loved it. I am an avid fan of Mad Men, all retro shows, especially cartoons, three stooges, and moveis too! I will be following your site here now that i found it – i love it!

  69. Michelle Adler says

    The 1960’s for me. Women’s lib, Civil Rights movement, feminist art movement, Woodstock. Would have loved to have been a part of that history.

  70. Maya says

    I’d love to live in the 1800’s (except for the lack of showers, planes, medicines and all of that ;P)

    I already like your Facebook page, and I have shared the post about this giveaway. Mine is:

    By the way, I really like your blog and your recipes! Thanks for sharing them!

  71. Jeanine says

    I’d live in the 50’s. Just love love love the clothing, but I’d stick with the 2013 progress of women. I shared on twitter, shared on facebook and already am a fan on facebook. The mixer if lovely and you are fabulous for sharing with the bakers of the world. Love your site. XO

  72. Helen Couch says

    Liked and share! This would be great if I won this, just start a cake decorating class and I could use this mixer.

  73. Jessica says

    I would just like to go back to the 80’s or 90’s. Women were starting to get more and more independent – and owning their own businesses and the like…any further back and I’d have to be at home with little chance of starting my own business!!

  74. says

    I’d love to live back in the 50’s. Things were so much simpler then and life wasn’t such a struggle like it can be now.

    I’m a Fan on FB, that’s how I saw the giveaway :)

  75. Sharilee says

    Love the 50’s era!!!! Rock around the clock, sock hops, drive in movie’s, poodle skirts!

    Like you on Facebook already!

    Shared you on my Facebook page! :)

    Love the retro mixer!!!!!

  76. Amber Lyn says

    Oooo! The roaring 20’s, for sure! The garb, the dancing, the music….SWOON! Plus, it was delightfully naughty to have a glass of wine.

  77. Pam says

    the ’80s…no computers or cell phones…gas was affordable…music was fantastic :) life was fun and totally bitchin’

  78. says

    It’s really hard to choose so many with amazing fashion and music but I’d have to say the 20’s all through to the 50’s :-D would love the music, fashion style, and the dancing in all!!

  79. geneva says

    Well, according to Woody Allen’s wonderful movie, Midnight in Paris, someone is going to be asked this question fifty years from now and possibly think that “the 2010′s” is the best era. We are never quite satisfied in the era we live in but the beauty of it is to look back to find solace and inspiration from other eras, and to wonder what the future eras will unfold!

    But If I HAD TO PICK, I would say the roaring 20s! Especially if Leonardo was really Mr. Gatsby ;)

  80. says

    I would like to live in the 1930s in Paris with Anais Nin or Gertrude Stein and their gang– tossing back whiskey sours as I wait for the stew to finish (I wouldn’t be able to afford much else on my starving artist budget).

    p.s. I like you on Facebook already, does that count? ;)


  81. Tamia says

    I would love to experience what life in the Virgin Islands was like in the early 1900’s. I’ve always heard family reflect on times when one could go to the market and not lock there door and upon return things would be just as they left them. I wish I could experience the days when a dance could be held and no one would get hurt, when learning local recipes was a thing that every young woman wanted to perfect. I know that no era in time was perfect but, being a 911 dispatcher opens me to such cruelty and hatred that I’ve taken up baking as a hobby to get my mind off of it all. I just wish I could take up exercising too.

  82. Jessica B says

    Definitely the 50’s!! I’ve been a lover of all things 50’s since I was a little girl. If not the 50’s, definiely the 20’s. Everyone was gorgeous in the 20’s!!

  83. Rebecca D. says

    What a good question, I never did think about it !
    I would choose 0 AD during the life of Jesus-Christ.
    I would have loved to meet him !!
    Of course, they used their own hands to mix oil and flour to make bread no Kitchenaid back then !!

  84. Lubs says

    I would probably pick the 16th century.
    Because of Leonardo da Vinci,Michelangelo, Raphael, Shakespeare.
    Epic era.

  85. Marnay says

    I love the 1950s! I am a classic fashionista and there is nothing better than the Audrey Hepburn look. I love the gloves, the shoes, the hats, the accessories… !!!

  86. Lynne says

    I was born in the early 60’s but would love to go back and experience them as a young adult. Then again the 40’s and 50’s might be a cool time to go back to as well, but only for a short time – my life is incredibly blessed right now :)

  87. Lisa T says

    No time like the present!! Pioneer days would be my second choice…..such a simple way of life, but very hard work for everyone.

  88. Tracey Setze says

    1800’s … I love the simplicity of it. Lots of hard work, but people weren’t so obsessed with gadgets. You had what you needed and not much else.

  89. Kathleen says

    I’d live in the Victorian era. Big poufy dresses, crinolines, cameos, feathered hats and tufting everywhere. <3!

  90. Momma Rita says

    I ~LoVe~ the ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’ era, especially the clothing! I must tell you that I ~LoVe~ my Kitchen Aid stand mixer which I received at my bridal shower 30 years ago! i use it at least once every day and it is still going strong but it has seen better days!! A beautiful aqua Kitchen Aid stand mixer would look ~LoVeLy~ in my retro kitchen!!!

  91. JustinaR says

    I think if I had to choose, it would be the 60-70s because of free life style, great music and and nice fashion!!!

    I liked and shared your page on Facebook.

    Best regards from Vilnius, Lithuania!

  92. Karyn says

    I would love to go back to the 60’s and 70’s to raise my children in a time where you ride your bike everywhere and play outside until dark.

  93. Stephanie says

    My fave book is The Great Gatsby, and the movie is amazing, so I’m going with that era, Roooaaaar!

    I always like your FB page and also shared the post on there and tweeted! I have wanted a nice mixer forever!

  94. Dalia says

    I’d like to be around in the early 1900’s in England because I’m utterly obsessed with Downton Abbey lately and it would have been interesting to experience that kind of lifestyle. It was a revolutionary era for women’s rights as well!

  95. Jane S. says

    The 1980s! My mom was my baking inspiration and without her I probably would not have picked up the art with as much passion as I have. She taught me apple pie crusts from scratch and the art of graham cracker crushing for her cherry cheesecake. She’s been gone now for almost 16 years and every now and then I think about the way she first made me sugar cookies – she cut the giant angels freehand so I could have dinner-plate sized angel sugar cookies – NOW THAT’S A MOM!! I miss her so :(

    I liked your page.
    I shared your post.

  96. Sarah says

    Do future eras count? Because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to live any time in the past as a woman. I wouldn’t mind visiting any era, though, for a short time. The ’40s would be my first choice, probably.

  97. says

    I know this sounds bizarre but I would love to live in 1965-1975. I think my past life has something to do with it. I don’t know if that counts as an era but for some reason I feel like i’ve lived up until the mid sixties and then missed out on the height of the sixties. Bizarre right? I feel a very strong connection to the sixties and really feel like I miss it sometimes and that i was meant to experience at least another 10 years of it. Well, there you go!

  98. Lorena says

    As I don’t have many choices in my country, I’d love to live the King Arthur’s legend. Just because I’m still searching the Holy Grail.

  99. Vanessa Becker says

    An era I would love to live in would be the 40s/50s, in the swing dancing era. Pretty dresses and red lipstick.

  100. Priscilla Llanora says

    Would love to live again in the 80’s music was great and not much technology!! Everything is soo simple where kids play in the streets!

  101. Margaret Goff says

    Good Question. I had to think about it a while. I think maybe the 50’s. The great cars, and the do wop music. Although, I would love to live in the 60’s and be able to buy my car (69 Camaro Convertible) brand new.

    I have already liked you on Facebook. Have Shared the post with this giveaway and have Tweeted the link as well. Hope it is ok to put the extra entries in the same comment. I didn’t want to take up so much room with multiple comments.

  102. says

    Cool mixer and cool question. Well, I’d kinda like to live the Laura Ingalls Wilder days, until I think about how I’d have to slaughter my own chickens and skin and cook what Pa brought home from hunting. So, I’ll go with my other favorite time period – the World War II era. Have always felt drawn to the 1940’s – the fashions, the formality, the patriotism.

  103. Krista Schaaf says

    I love the 40’s! It looks like it was such a fun era! Entertaining, parties and everyone dressed up! Woman in beautiful dresses, and men wearing suits! I love the mixer, and the retro colors! Amazing! Thanks for your great ideas!
    **shared on facebook

  104. Tanya S says

    I think I would choose the 1950’s. It was all about good food and family, no one worried about the fat content and salt and carbs and cholesterol, etc. They just baked and cooked for taste and love of food.

  105. gerri lang says

    I would love to back to the 80’s. Met and married my best friend and gave birth to 3 amazing chuldren. And I was thin then too!!! Would do it all again.

  106. Stephanie says

    I honestly could decide. Id like to live in the 1800 because life seemed so simple. And families stayed together. The 1920s because it would be crazy cool to see how technology has changed and The 60s because i have always loved there style and music.

  107. Shuchita says

    I would love to be part of the 70s retro era .. Can only visualize I dream of jeannie and the colorful sets :)

  108. Amy says

    I would like to have lived in the 40’s. Seems to have been a time when women were actually valued while waiting for their men to come home from the war. Love conquers all.

  109. Pam Choudoir says

    Oh, I love the 50’s. Memories of the cocktail parties my parents used to have. Pimento cheese stuffed celery :)

  110. Tracey Setze says

    I just liked you on FB…I found you thru the Baked Ny guys Fb page. Someone on their page was talking great things about you :) Thought you should know!

  111. Kathy says

    I think most people would be surprised to hear I’d love to live in the era of Downton Abbey (upstairs of course!). The splendor and opulence and dresses! I’d probably be bored to tears but I’d sure enjoy my tea and crumpets. ;)

  112. lesley says

    i would pick the 50s….i love the cars, the style, the POODLE SKIRTS and SADDLE SHOE, the guys, the music….awesome (Grease)

  113. says

    If I could live in any era, I want to live in the British Regency, during the days of Jane Austen. I want to attend balls, and go to tea with people, and card parties, and I want to be courted, and I want to be swept off my feet by MY Mr. Darcy. I’ve adored the Regency period for as long as I can remember (since I was a very little girl). Thanks for making this a worldwide giveaway!


  114. Cherlyn Griggs says

    Honestly, I’m quite happy living in this era. With so much technology and finding so many wonderful new cake creations and recipes on the internet to find and make, I love it. I love to turn on the music on my ipad to my favourite songs and bake, bake, bake.

  115. Ricky says

    Hi!!! I’ve liked, shared, tweeted and follow your FB and Twitter pages~

    I would love to go back to the Renaissance era and witness the spectacular
    birth and changes of music, art, science, literature and meet some of
    the most renowned people of history: Michelangelo, Galileo and, let’s not
    forget Leonardo da Vinci!!!

  116. Lucy says

    Now! I have finally met the man of my dreams, am starting my own small cake company and thinking about having babies – Life if pretty good :)

  117. billie willsey says

    I already liked you on face book before this. Also, I would like
    the 60’s, my Gram, mom, dad and brother were all still here with me..
    I miss all of them

  118. Roopa Kamesh says

    I think it would have to be the 40s for me. My country got its independence then and it would have been such an adrenaline rush to be among people with all those hopes and dreams. And of course…I probably would be baking treats for all the people to keep their spirit going :)

    My daughter just turned 14 months and it would be grand to finally get a mixer and have her share this baking journey with me!

    I have also liked your fb page.

  119. Shmitza says

    I love 1950s style with a modern twist! And would LOVE to make cakes with a retro style KitchenAid Mixer!

    Btw I love you site, sooo inspirational!

  120. says

    Ok so I had already liked your page, where I saw the post concerning the giveaway ( I’m Pauw’ Lyn on Facebook ). I shared your post, on facebook AND twitter ( )
    I would have loved living in any “pin up” period, when women where so gorgeous, so feminine ! I love to dress like one, red lips, sometimes a bandana like ROsie the Riveter, or sometimes more classy with a beautiful black dress…
    But I was born in the 90s, I grew up with all these crazy musics and I still love them :)

    – I hope one post is enough for all the entries, i didn’t want to flood the comments with 4 different comments !

  121. Maribel Campos says

    I secretly wish I was living in the 1800s on Little House on the Prairie. I love the wooden house, stove to bake fresh bread daily, eating freshly harvested everything and the simplicity of life. The main thing I love is that everything evolved in the home, where the heart really is.

  122. Trixie says

    I was originally going to say the first decade of the current century – because I’m a live-in-the-moment kinda chick, but I really think I’d like to visit the 50’s – maybe befriend my mom and see what she was like back in her youth…and swoon over Elvis :)

  123. says

    already liked your page time ago, in Fb, Twitter and shared this giveaway :)
    i love the life i have, now, this mixer is the only thing that´s missing, hope it will be mine…
    regards from Spain :)

  124. Katie says

    I’d say 20’s for the style, but I’d have to go with 30’s instead – before then the KitchenAid stand mixers were ugly ;)

  125. mary stella says

    Ive liked your page and shared on my fbpage.i would wish i were living on Little House on the Prairie in the 1800s.

  126. says

    living on Little House on the Prairie in the 1800s!!! dad told me life was so different back then, everything changed and i would love to know the different,, especially the change in baking =P GOD BLESS!!

  127. Rhonda Frieden says

    I would love to go back to the 50’s with Elvis, Johnny Cash, poodle skirts, and men in jeans and leather jackets!

  128. Bobbi says

    I think I would most like to live in the 50s, if I were to live in another era. There was a lot of growth and prosperity during those years, as well as rebuilding from a great tragic war.

  129. Laura says

    1940’s/1950’s. The clothes and music! Think “the notebook”!!!

    I already liked on Facebook and shared!

    Thank you!

  130. Tziona says

    I love the architecture of the 1500 – 1800s. I know it is a long time span, but they just don’t make manor houses and castles like they used to :)

  131. Vee says

    I would like to live in the 50’s, their style was so flawless. I remember seeing pictures of my great grandmother going to the grocery store, looking like a model. Classic

  132. says

    i would love to be at the 1800s, my dad told me everything was so different back than, everything changed in such short time,, and i would love to know the difference, especially the change in the art of baking!!! GOD BLESS!! =D

  133. Lindi C. says

    I’ve liked you on Facebook for a long time! :) Darling mixer!! It would be put to use right away in my house. <3

  134. Heidi Parizeau says

    Late 1940s and 50s… Kinda if the Hollywood era but moms able to stay home with the kids! I love the mixer :) I am a fan and I shared!

  135. Francesca says

    I would go back and live in the 60’s! Miniskirts, gogo boots, Nancy Sinatra , Beetlemania, Hippies and Woodstock!
    Wouldn’t say no to the 80s either though.. love 80s rock music ;)

  136. Ashley Horn says

    I think I’ve actually like to live one generation into the future. I think we’re going to become very conscientious and I want to know what humanity is going to do next.

  137. says

    I would definitely be a 1950’s house wife baking everything with maraschino cherries, wearing frilly aprons and making martinis for my hubby when he got home from work :)

  138. janet griffiths says

    I would have loved to been around in the 50s much better way of life ive shared your giveaway and liked you page fingers crossed x

  139. Sarita Smith says

    I would love to live in the 1800’s Little House on the Prairie time. I love how people in a community were like a family. They all seemed to help people out when they needed it.

  140. says

    Oooh I love Bewitched, I used to watch at my Grandma’s, and she always had huge cakes for us as well :-)

    I’d like to go back to a simpler time, less technology, less choice, less plastic-y junk! The 50’s sounds like post-war perfection

  141. Amber Moody Crisswell says

    I would pick the 50’s & 60’s, I love the vintage housewife look, the cars were awesome, the music was great and the world seemed like a happier place.

  142. Amanda says

    For me it’d probably be the 60’s my favourite movie is Almost Famous and I always thought that the feeling of that era seemed incredible with all the changes that went along with it.

  143. Rheanna Van Gerwen says

    I want to live in the 50’s!!! I love the big heavy dresses with high heels and a cocktail for your husband! I love it! I am a mondern mom and a modern wife but I would love to do a little role play of a 50’s style housewife!!!

  144. Maris Tali says

    I think the era we live in now is awesome, so that’s when I’d want to live :). Technological advances being made right now are mind-blowing, wouldn’t want to miss any of it.

  145. Patty Bardeen says

    Shared it on Facebook!!!

    Would love to live in the 50’s….just love that way of life! Might be buying a house that has a 1955 original General Electric Kitchen….this mixer would match PERFECTLY!!!

    So excited to find this site!

  146. Jessica says

    I would live in the Victorian Era – I have always loved their fashion and I love the thought of exploring homes from that time period.

  147. Bridgette Fultz says

    I’d love to live in the 50’s because of the style, but I don’t think I would enjoy the inequality. I would love to live in the 90’s at a different age to see it from a different eye! Thanks for the giveaway!

  148. Julia Brasileiro says

    Hey! I would love to live in the early 60’s for the beautiful dresses! And amazing Graphic Design and Illustration work!

    PS: I already like you on fb and shared on twitter!

  149. Brenda Martinez says

    I would love to live in the 1970’s because everything was so colorful. i already liked your page on Facebook and I liked the picture on Facebook too! Thank you