Best-Loved Bakers’ Gifts 2013 + a Giveaway! {Winner Announced}

The winner of the Best-Loved Bakers’ Gifts 2013 Giveaway is . . .

#2778 Melissa Davison: “ERMEHGERD! That is the exact color of mixer I have been pining for for ages! My kitchen is all vintage pastels so this would be perfect! Anyway, I’m not a holiday celebrator for religious reasons, but I will say that whenever that time of year comes around, I get to craving some serious pie! Every week for months, I’ve been making a few and passing them around to family and friends. I think this week will be German Chocolate Pie!”

Congratulations, Melissa ! You will also be notified by email.

I’ll be back soon with another recipe!

. . .

Sweetapolita's Best-Loved Bakers' Gifts 2013

1. Candy Shop Apron 2. Mixer Tees 3. Frosted Donut Ornaments 4. Pistachio KitchenAid Artisan Mixer 5. Modern Love Cake Topper  6. Handmade Cake Sign 7. At the Patisserie Print


 8. The Secret Lives of Baked Goods 9. Cupcake Soaps 10. Mosser Jadeite Cake Stand 11. Merry Pinkmas Polish 12. Bakers’ Twine 13. Baked With Love Tags   14. Fox Run Retro Kitchen Timer

Yay for pretty baking stuff!

Happy December, everyone! First I just want to tell you that I’m so close to my book manuscript due date, which can only mean one thing: frequent blogging again. And of course it means I’ll be even closer to sharing my actual book with you. It’s been quite a journey, to say the least. I wish I could tell you all about the recipes you’ll find inside, but alas we’ll keep that a secret. Let’s just say it will be my heart and soul . . . in print. And a lot of butter and sugar! So what I’m trying to say is thank you so much for being patient. I know my presence has been sporadic, but I’m here. xo

So from presence to presents, let’s get back to these holiday gifts. With the holidays, well, here (eek!), I want to share some of my favourite baker gift ideas with you and, yep, you guessed it: one lucky reader is going to WIN one of everything! 

Let’s talk a little bit more about all of this prettiness . . .

Sweetapolita Loves: 

1. Candy Shop Aprons: As you probably guessed, I have a thing for aprons, but I think every baker does. But I think it’s one of those things that people have a hard time buying themselves, yet they’re so useful. I’m always scrambling for a nice, clean ready-to-mess apron among my kitchen linens, and the pretty ones always get chosen first. I adore this pink polka-dotted Marilyn Strawberry Shortcake Apron from Flirty Aprons. If pink’s not your thing, it also comes in mint green, black and more. So pretty.

2. Handmade Mixer Tees: I just came across these a few weeks ago, and I think they are the cutest. These Mixer Tees from Caustic Threads on Etsy are hand printed, and come in everything from baby onesies to adult tees, and you can choose your own colours. Love these.

3. Frosted Donut Ornaments: I’m pretty certain I don’t need to explain why these are awesome, but aren’t they? Our Christmas tree is adorned with plenty a baked-good ornament, and it brings me great happiness every time I look at them. You can find these charming Frosted Donut Ornaments, along with countless other sweet-themed ornaments (think chocolate cream pie, banana splits and blueberry pie, to name a few), on Trendy Tree. If sugar’s not your thing, how about a shimmery pickle, t-bone steak, or watermelon-wedge ornament? They’ve got ’em.

4. Pastel KitchenAid Mixer: Okay, so we all love them, but they do make for an ambitiously generous gift. But what about giving a gift card towards your baker-recipient’s favourite mixer? My current obsession is this minty Pistachio Green shade, but KitchenAid’s Artisan Mixer collection offers almost any colour you can dream of. (Of all of the shops that sell them, online or otherwise, I find Target has the best price.)

5. Modern Love Cake Topper: Love is right! I’m in utter love with this entire dessert topper collection–a collaboration between the fabulous Sweet & Saucy Shop and the talented Little Cat Design Co. Choose between wood or any of the gorgeous acrylic colour options, for a completely custom topper. (I’ll take one in every shade, please.) These are so lovely!

6. Handmade “Cake” Sign: Over the past many months, I’ve been collecting cakey props for my book photos, and I think this might be my favourite of all (and I mean ALL, #runningoutofspace #andmoney). You can order it in one of many colour choices, and either use it as a dessert table decoration, hang it on your wall or . . . tuck it into bed with you at night. No matter what you do with it, it’s so cute. I got the turquoise one here, but I also ordered a different one from here. You can find several versions of these on Etsy. (Supporting handmade just feels good, and those folks on Etsy make such great stuff!)

7. Patisserie Print: Why not give the gift of dessert-themed art? Etsy boasts many talented artists, so options are a plenty, but my heart belongs to A Fanciful Twist. Vanessa Valencia brings her sense of whimsy and magic to every piece she does (and she clearly has a thing for sweets). This print, “At the Patisserie” hangs in my bedroom, and it is still my favourite.

♥ ♥ ♥

8. Baking Books: For some reason, the more baking books we get, there’s always room for another–especially when it’s as charming and delightful as Jessie Oleson Moore’s latest book, The Secret Lives of Baked Goods. Sure, the web is a bountiful land of online recipes and such, but there’s nothing like holding a beautiful baking book in your hands, turning the crisp pages, taking it all in and feeling instantly inspired. I’m convinced pretty baking books will always be a best-loved gift for a baking enthusiast. Always.

9. Cakey Soaps: Lusciously scented and beyond adorable, dessert-themed soaps make for a wonderful bakers’ holiday gift idea, stocking stuffer or hostess gift. I found these little cuties on Etsy (yep, Etsy rocks), and they are irresistible.

10. Jadeite Cake Pedestal: What is it with us bakers and vintagey cake stuff? Jadeite is so charming and nostalgic that it makes for the perfect little cake stand. Mosser Glass is known for their gorgeously crafted pedestals, and I’m rather addicted to them. Although they come in pink, blue, white, yellow and more, the Jadeite Cake Stand is a must-have. So darn sweet.

11. Merry Pinkmas Nail Polish: Need I say more? I love K.B. Shimmer polishes. So many sprinkles and sparkles! Pair that with cute-as-heck names and gorgeous shades, these make for a unique and rather awesome gift. My current obsession is the holiday pink shade: Merry Pinkmas.

12. Holiday Baker’s Twine: With so many amazing colour options of baker’s twine out there, it makes for a wonderful gift. What baker doesn’t love twirling and whirling colourful twine around cake boxes and such? It’s functional and beyond charming. It also makes for a perfect little add-on to any gift, or of course an ideal stocking stuffer. Right now I’m loving this white & minty green shade.

13. Baking Gift Tags: See that’s the thing with giving to bakers–they’re always giving too. There’s nothing better than a homemade batch of holiday treats packaged with a pretty little tag. These make for handy (and pretty-as-can-be) little gifts, so bakers can share their goodies in style all year long. I fell for these Baked With Love Tags. Give’em or use ’em yourself–either way they’re a must-have. (And they’d be perfect with the minty baker’s twine!)

14.  Retro Magnetic Kitchen Timer: Every baker needs a timer (or plenty), and this one is everything a timer should be: useful, pretty and magnetic. I have this in Retro Kitchen Timer, but it also come in an array of colours. This would make for a handy and handsome hostess gift, stocking stuffer or more.

So wait! Before you run off to holiday shop, here’s what one lucky reader is going to receive:

*All prizes with the exception of the Modern Love Topper are courtesy Sweetapolita. Modern Love Topper courtesy Sweet & Saucy. 


To enter this giveaway, simply answer the following question in the comments section of this post:

What is your favourite holiday treat? I’d love to know!

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  • Winners will be announced Thursday, December 12th, 2013.

Best of luck & happy gifting!

Good luck & enjoy!


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  1. Colleen says

    My favorite holiday treat are the Hershey Kiss Snowball cookies that my mom has made every year. They are a pain but we force her to make them….even though my brother and I are over 30 years old!

  2. Kara C. says

    My absolute favorite holiday treat is my 95 year old Great Grandma’s homemade Reese’s. I look forward to them every year and try to hide as many as I can away from family!!! Merry Christmas!

  3. athina says

    my favourite is a traditional greek sweet called melomakarona it’s like a cinnamon orange cookie with honey and nuts

  4. says

    My favorite holiday treat is my mom’s home made rice pudding! I love! love! love! it and she always makes a double batch so that we can eat it for breakfast the next day lol ;) Happy Holidays!!

  5. says

    My favorite holiday treat is cinnamonbuns poured with some frosting mmmm.
    I liked your facebook a long time ago so that’s the first extra entry, the second extra entry is that I’ve shared your post on my facebook. I don’t have twitter so that’s not going to be the last extra.

    Wishing you all the best in december.

    Curly Creative

  6. says

    My favorite is a peppermint cookie bark I make each year. My boys absolutely love it and its a must in our home. A yummy crunchy chocolate cookie base with melted Guittard chocolate on top and topped with crushed candy canes :)

  7. says

    Hmmmmm it use to be eggnog pie, heck, anything eggnog!! BUT this year I am pregnant, and sick, and can barely keep anything down, which has REALLY stiffled my love for food! BUT one thing I seem to be ok with is Pumpkin Cheesecake, go figure lol, So THAT is my new fav! I SO want to win this!!!!

  8. says

    My mom’s sugar cookies! I had them every single year as a child and I make them now, as an adult. Yes, I even eat the dough. My mom finally got smart after years of me and my brother stealing the dough to eat that she finally decided to make two batches – one to bake, one to eat. I follow those same guidelines ;)

  9. Anna Sofou says

    my favorite holiday treat is a greek one. we call it “memomakarono”
    liked your facebook page, shared the giveaway to my page, shared on tweeter too.

  10. Katie says

    My favourite holiday treat is honey cookies! My grandparents make them every Christmas and I just can’t get enough!!

  11. Shouk says

    My favorite holiday treat is peanut butter blossom cookies! There’s just something so festive about peeling all those red, green, and silver Hershey kisses and adding them to the center of gooey peanut butter cookies. Sometimes the Hershey kiss doesn’t quite make it to the cookie though!;)

  12. Stephanie-Oh says

    I love the look on my 3 grandchildren’s faces when I unwrap the trays of Christmas cookies that I bake every year!

  13. Gabrièle Dennie-Filion says

    My Favorited holiday treats are definitely maple butter tarts! My grandmother, who taught me everything I know about baking, used to make the best ones. Making them reminds me of all the wonderful Christmases I spent in her home and is my way of honoring her.

  14. Brenda T says

    Peanut Butter Fudge and my mother makes the best! Already ‘Liked’ on Facebook and shared the giveaway on my Facebook page. Thank you!

  15. Hailey Kitt says

    My favourite holiday treat is definitely anything with chocolate! Chocolate truffles, cake, cocoa, I love all of it :)

  16. Jeannie says

    Can a whole day of homemade Christmas cookies be considered one treat? My family (parents, Aunts and Uncles, cousins, the children…oh my) all get together and bake tons of different cookies, fudge, and snacks for our Christmas party. I would like to consider them my favorite Christmas treat since I eat them all at the same time. :)

  17. Danielle says

    Peppermint Hot Chocolate! I look forward to being bundled up in the cold and getting my first hot chocolate of the season.

  18. Kelly says

    It is a tie between hermits – the flat pan kind with no raisins, or white fruitcake. The white fruitcake is so much better than traditional fruitcake. Oh wait…I might want to change all of that for my Grandmother’s peanut butter fudge!

  19. Chelsey says

    My favourite holiday treat….we used to make all sorts of cookies during the holidays when I was growing up. The entire kitchen was COVERED! My two favorite to make were chocolate chip gingerbread men and what we called russian bon bons (apparently they’re actually called wedding cookies). There’s nothing that feels more like the holidays than baking, especially baking cookies!

  20. says

    My favourite holiday treat are almond cinnamon macaroons. I make them every year and they are a big hit in my family. Your give-away is fantastic, I’m crossing my fingers and toes and really hope to win! :-)

    Merry Christmas from Austria

  21. Laura says

    I love sugar cookies at Christmas, but I also love coming home to my parents’ house and eating the kipfels and cream wafers my mom makes.

  22. Jenn says

    Every Canadian girl loves butter tarts! That is hands down my favourite Christmas treat. (super runny with currants, not raisins and with sweet pastry dough!)

  23. says

    My favorite holiday treat is a nice batch of Buckeyes; chocolate-covered peanutbutter fudge balls. It is a sad, sad day when all the tupperware turns up empty….And time to make more!

  24. says

    Not sure if it’s my favourite because of the taste or because of tradition, but my mum’s gingerbread is a sure sign of the holidays that I wouldn’t ever forget! Thanks for the great giveaway, happy holidays, and good look with the rest of your manuscript — can’t wait to see the finished product! :)

  25. Hilaryanne L. says

    My favorite Christmas treat is peanut butter balls. Mmmmmm, chocolate and peanut butter. They are so irresistible!

  26. Megan Cowling says

    I really love the jadeite cakestand. It always reminds me of lemon drops and Nanna’s and things that good, sweet and comforting in this world. Xo

  27. says

    You were already posted to Facebook but I just shared you! Thank you for all your amazing recipies and beautiful photos! My favorite holiday thing to eat is the Danish Kringle made here in Seattle. I love almond anything!!

  28. Mary says

    Almond crescents would have to be my favourite holiday treat. I make them every Christmas and my family just gobbles them up!

  29. Nancy says

    Chocolate Ginger cookies! Mmmmmm….fresh ginger, and ground ginger, cocoa powder and big chocolate chunks! Only at Christmas-time.

  30. Zohar Ancona says

    I’m Jewish so my favorite holiday treat is our version of doughnuts (without the hole, instead there’s filling)-my specific favorite is Nutella filled doughnut with chocolate frosting and strawberries on top!

  31. Martha says

    The holiday treat that tops my list (a long long list), is cranberry pear pie with almond topping. I only make it around the holidays to keep it extra special.

    PS. Liked (wait, scratch that, LOVED) your facebook page!

  32. Rebecca says

    Every Christmas morning since I was little my mom makes us cinnamon buns for breakfast. And now that I don’t wake up at my parent’s house on Christmas she always saves me one for when I arrive in the afternoon.

  33. Tziona says

    I love my cake decorating hobby. My new favorite holiday desserts are any new cakes I decorate with new techniques I have learned and tried.

  34. Candi Glenn says

    We always bake cream cheese cookies for the holidays. It’s a family favorite. So much so, we shipped 1200 to my cousin’s unit in Afghanistan. It’s more special to us now than ever before.

  35. Larena Smith Ticker says

    Favorite dessert is a beautifully decorated with love, Christmas Cake!! I am thinking of making an igloo cake this year and going to use ice cream cones as Christmas trees, maybe I will makes one gum paste penguins. I might make a Christmas wreath cake, out of cupcakes. I don’t have a beautiful cake stand. Thanks fir the chance to win and good luck everyone!! Happy ?Holidays!!

  36. Brandi Johnstone says

    my favourite Christmas treat is Hungarian Poppyseed Rolls – they just remind me of my Grandma.
    and just to let you know, Jadeite is my all time fave, and my kitchen is slowly becoming a Pistachio dream, this prize would just amplify the beauty.

  37. Jolene says

    Butter tarts! Grew up in BC and now live in the US, always brings me back, and even now that I have to make them gluten free, they are still super tasty! Also a fan on Facebook :) merry Christmas!!

  38. Molly Sullivan says

    I looooove many Christmas treats, but I have to go with the classic: sugar cookies, with a simple almond icing. Favorite sugar cookie recipe: YOURS!

  39. says

    It has to be Christmas pudding……stir up Sunday is such a great tradition and it is magical on Christmas day to put the lights out flame the ups and make a wish xx

  40. Julia Sallo says

    My favorite holiday treats are my mom’s sherry brownies: a brownie base with a layer of sherry cream filling covered in chocolate ganache!

    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity: I would definitely share the goodies with my baker mom and younger sister.

  41. DebbieKat says

    Hmm. Tough question! I never used to be a huge gingerbread cookie fan, but lately they have really grown on me. So, chocolate gingerbread cookies! :-)

  42. ErinElizabeth says

    My favorite treat is a toss up between cream caramels and my grandma’s Melting Moments cookies. Sadly Grandma isn’t around to make the cookies any more any mine haven’t ever turned out quite like hers, but I’m getting closer every year.

  43. Amber Lyn says

    My favorite holiday treat? My grandma’s dark chocolate fudge! No one else has been able to make it quite like she did but I’m sure going to give it (another) try!

  44. Amber A. says

    I would have to say my mom’s sugar cookies! They are so yummy and it’s just not Christmas without them! Thanks for an amazing giveaway!!

  45. says

    My favorite treats are thumbprint cookies and different flavored candy canes. We decorated the tree with ornaments and candy canes growing up and my siblings and I would steal the ones from the back of the tree so no one would notice.

    I have already liked the sweetapolita Facebook page and shared the giveaway post.

  46. Melissa Briggs says

    It has to be penuche, a kind of nut fudge that I have made since I was a little girl. These days I serve it in pretty dishes, but back then, I had trouble not eating it before it set!

  47. Jennifer says

    Favorite Christmas treat? Hmmm … tough, but it would have to contain either mint or peanut butter. I’m a sucker for those peanut butter cookies with the chocolate kiss on top. And as for mint? Well, I’ll just say I had a candy cane in my coffee yesterday, and it made me happy. I love mint.

  48. Lorena says

    Most of all I love Poppy Seeds COZONAC, which is a Romanian delight, a sort of sweet bread with layers of slightly nutty-flavored poppy seeds, honey and rum, a twist of unmistakable flavors. It was my grandma’s recipe, my mom’s and now I’ve proudly assumed the family tradition.

  49. Patricia says

    My favorite holiday treat is the italian Struffoli, crunchy and soft, with lots of honey… I wait for xmas all year long so I can have them <3

  50. Julie says

    My favorite holiday treat is my mom’s peanut butter cookies. I’m going to have my 9 year old niece during her holiday break from school. We are going to be baking a lot of my mom’s cookies. I can’t wait to bake with her and share stories of me baking with her grandma. We’ll make new Christmas memories. :)

  51. Mimie says

    i’ve like “Sweetapolita” on Facebook..

    i’ve shared “Sweetapolita Facebook Giveaway” on Facebook..

    i’ve shared this post on Twitter and include @sweetapolita..

    i’ve been making Coconut Cookies for every holiday treat and its my mom’s favourite!


  52. Erin says

    My favorite holiday treat is simply getting to spend time with my family! it may not be sugary or buttery, but it’s still pretty sweet(:

  53. Vishnu says

    My favorite holiday treat is Baklava. Thin crispy layers with a nutty center and drenched in honey. Great warm or cold. I liked sweetapolita in FB too..

  54. Ashleigh Butler says

    I love making Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies for the holidays! The red and white from the dough and powdered sugar is perfect for Christmas time! :)

  55. Sabrina Nizzero says

    I’ve been making chocolate mint macarons the past couple of years. They are now my fave cookies to make,and eat! They add a touch of elegance to a dessert platter : )

  56. Katie f says

    My fave holiday treat is gingerbread or dark chocolate sugar cookies and decorate them with royal frosting. I mostly choose snowflake cutouts and then pipe intricate designs on them. I finish them off with sanding sugar, nonpareils, edible shimmer and the like. So yummy and look awesome! I have been making them for a few years now and they have become my fave:)

  57. LisaW says

    My favorite holiday treat is no doubt EGGNOG!!!!!! Oh my gosh the smooth milky creamy texture along with the sweetness and hint of clove/rum taste makes this treat totally chuggable. I am going to make some right now!!!!

  58. Eliza Aldrich says

    I’ve been following you on FB for a while and already liked your page – that seems stalker-ish but you did ask ;).

    I love making Mexican Wedding Cakes around the holiday time. I think they’re also called Russian Tea Cakes. Even when I over-bake them by mistake, because I’m testing the previous batches, I just coat them in extra powdered sugar and they’re perfect! My mother always made these growing up and it’s nice to continue the tradition. We sometimes end up mailing each other goodies bags of the same cookie :)

  59. Erica says

    My favorite holiday treat is hot chocolate on a stick! I love making these treats. They make fantastic gifts and you can even customize them in flavors. Homemade marshmallows are the best!

  60. Lucia says

    My favorite holiday treat is probably turrón blando. It’s a traditional Spanish treat made with almond paste and it’s amaaazing.

  61. Kristin Springer says

    At Christmastime I always find myself making those pretzels dipped in almond bark and covered in all sorts of different sprinkles……I like giving those to friends because they are delicious and easy to make a whole bunch. I just love your website and can’t wait for your book to come out! Thank you!

  62. Tasha Walker says

    I looooove gingerbread! It’s just about the only time of year I ever get to make it and I spend ages making cute little gingerbread houses! :D

  63. Jenn Duff says

    My favorite holiday treat is coconut sandwich cookies (2 coconut cookies with vanilla buttercream sandwiched in the middle, and the edges of the filling rolled in more coconut!) Although, I made your Winter Delight Cake yesterday, that may just be my new favorite, it was AMAZING! At 8 months pregnant, I might have to make another one to eat all by myself!

  64. Emily Mistrzak says

    My favorite holiday treats that we make in our family are haystacks. Chow mein noodles, butterscotch chips, peanut butter, and cashews melted together make for one awesome treat!

  65. Celestine says

    My new Christmas favorite treat are Nanaimo bars. I never had them until I met my then Canadian boyfriend, now my Canadian husband:-)

  66. says

    I live in the Netherlands and I celebrate Christmas with cookies, candy canes, red velvet cake decorate in Christmas style and hot coco
    I shared yout post on facebook, my fb page and twitter.

  67. Pam toor says

    I liked ur page long time ago! What I like the most for holiday treat is a warm gingerbread cookie with some vanilla ice cream …

  68. Becki Willis says

    My favorite treat is homemade almond roca and I only make during December so that I will only enjoy the calories during one month. Always a huge it for giving away to.

    I’ve like the Facebook page too. :)

  69. Petya Stoyanova says

    I adore coffee at Christmas morning with special Christmas gingerbread cookies.
    I already liked you at Facebook and shared it.

  70. Deb McGuire says

    So many goodies, so hard to pick one… but certainly one favorite is Austrian Rasberry Shortbread (a Smitten Kitchen recipe).

  71. Katie Kotlarz says

    I love teddy bear bread- we make it every year for Christmas morning, and compete over whose bear will get the most interesting lumps during the rising/baking stages…

  72. says

    My favorite Christmas treat are coconut haystacks! My aunt makes homemade candies at Christmas and you can never go wrong with coconut and chocolate :) (I am already a facebook fan)

  73. Jayne Hoque says

    I’ve developed a taste for fruitcake….not the typical manufactured one but a simple homemade one made with lots of fruits and nuts. Merry Christmas, Rosie!

  74. Isabelle Muhlbauer says

    Growing up in Brazil was a little different during the holidays. I grew up in the northeastern coast of Brazil so my holidays were always a bit more…tropical than snowy New York . Even though snow and gingerbread cookies have won over my heart, passion fruit mousse is THE dessert at my house during Christmas. I do bake a variety of other more traditional “American” desserts, but my moms passion fruit mousse really hits home.

  75. Elizabeth says

    I’ve been a FB fan for a while now :) My favorite Chrismtas treat are snowball cookies (with walnuts). They are just so delicious and sugary! My new favorite are red velvet cake balls, which I will be making this weekend. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone!!

  76. Elizabeth Nichols says

    Sweetapolita! Thank you for posting the giveaway, this is definitely something that I am excited for! I really have enjoyed this website and I am happy to share it with others on Facebook!

  77. says

    I really, really love any kind of ginger/molasses cookies, the chewier the better. They remind me of being a little girl! I also have a super soft spot for peppermint mocha beverages… :)

  78. Jenny says

    cookies, cookies, cookies but especially the ones I grew up with – frosted sugar cookies, gingerbread, chocolate crinkle, & molasses. yum!

  79. Dana says

    I can’t even decide what my favorite treat is! Buckeye balls? White chocolate candy cane bark? Probably just the fact that platters of sweets and overindulging are not frowned upon!

  80. says

    My favorite holiday treat is absolutely positively ANYTHING and EVERYTHING gingerbread! Cake, cupcakes, marshmallows, caramels – as long as it’s gingerbread-y I will be in love.

  81. Elizabeth Nichols says

    My FAVORITE holiday treat? This is tricky…it would definitely have to be Sugar Cookies. I know they are not most exciting treat but I love that Sugar Cookies can be transformed into such a great holiday tradition! With cookie cutters, icing, dye, extract, and sprinkles the possibilities are endless!

  82. Jackie says

    I shared your link! I would definitely be homemade cinnamon rolls! The kind with pie pastry though, me and my grandma made them every year! I still make them to this day!

  83. Barbara M says

    I liked the fb page quite awhile ago =)

    Favorite holiday treat? hmmm…that is a tough one! I would have to say it is the delicious ‘Deadly Brownies’ that my hubby makes! Soooo wonderful!

  84. Jenny E says

    My absolute favorite holiday treats are my Mom’s peppermint pinwheel cookies! They are melt-in-your-mouth delicious!

  85. Anna Katie says

    Mine are my mom’s traditional austrian vanilla crescent cookies. Whenever my mom makes them the entire house smells like vanilla and Christmas.. and I feel like I’m 8 years old again, waiting for Father Christmas in front of the chimney with a plate of these and a glass of milk next to me. Ah, the memories. :)

  86. Thuy N says

    Liked and shared on Facebook! My favorite treats for the holidays are gingerbread or eggnog flavored things! Yum!

  87. says

    Nothing beats a good old fashioned chocolate chip cookie at Christmas! Ever since I was old enough to lick the spoon at Christmas I’ve been making choc chip cookies for Father Christmas on Christmas eve.

  88. Laura B says

    My absolute favourite Christmas treat is the classic Newfoundland snowball – rolled oats, cocoa, coconut, butter and vanilla = gooey, delicious perfection. They freeze well and travel well. What more could you ask for?

  89. Lydia S says

    Asking which dessert I do not like would be a shorter list! Haha! I love it ALL! I do love a a really good capriotada also known as Mexican bread pudding with a good rum sauce! Delicious! I have LIKED you on Facebook (forever!) and I shared this post of your giveaway on Twitter! Awesome gifts!!!

  90. Michael says

    Favorite holiday? That’s easy. Thanksgiving! Not only for the culinary indulgence, but for the family get together. No politics, no religion, just family, friends, and food!

  91. Beth Quick says

    I love M&M cookies. We bake them for friends and leave them for Santa!!! Red & Green M&M’s make anything good!!

  92. Ingrid says

    My grandmother always made me “snowball” cookies every Christmas. My mom makes them now and soon the task will be handed down to me. P.S. I already ‘like’ you on Facebook :-)

  93. Amanda Canovi says

    My husband’s Christmas waffles! He makes chocolate chip waffles, topped with whipped cream and crushed candy canes :)

  94. Teresa says

    My fav holiday treat is a deep fried Danish cookie called Klijner. My mom makes it just like my grandmother used to.

  95. Angela Berryman says

    My favorite holiday treat is magic cookie bars! I like you already on Facebook and I shared this giveaway!! Merry Christmas!

  96. Danielle says

    My favorite holiday treat are chocolate crinkle cookies with mint chocolate chips. So tasty and always remind me of Christmas.

  97. CassM says

    Oh wow, if there was one giveaway to ever win …..
    So lovely, all of it.

    My favourite Christmas baking treat is my Toblerone shortbread cookies … I’m thinking it’s the best cookie ever. Oh my.

  98. Karen Green says

    My favorite treat during the holidays is my mom’s peanut butter fudge. I look forward to it all year long! :)

  99. Carolyn Warlow says

    For me it has got to be a chocolate yule log – we tend to all want the end piece in our family (better icing:cake ratio!). Merry Christmas to you!x