Flamingo Pink Mixer Giveaway!

Flamingo Pink Mixer

Happy, Happy Love Day, friends!

I’m excited to tell you that you will be seeing a lot more of me around here in about 3 weeks, as I finish up the all of the photography for my book. Once the photography has been submitted, I look forward to blogging like a crazy woman. I’ve missed you! It’s been a crazy year, working on this book, but I’m so eager to see it all come together–I can’t wait to share it with you (even a sneak peek!).

So to say thank you for being so patient with my absence, and because it’s the pinkest day of the year, I thought I would give away a  Kitchenaid 4.5 Qt Stand Mixer in this amazing Flamingo Pink shade, to one lucky reader!

Flamingo Pink KitchenAid Mixer

While the giveaway details are the same as always, I’m trying out a new system for managing the giveaway, so it should be as smooth as can be to enter. xo

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck, and I hope you’re being adored to smithereens today!

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  1. 1
    chatelaine says:

    I would have normally said cupcakes but the last few things I’ve baked have all been cookies!

  2. 12
    Susan Theriot says:

    I love to make cookies with my mixer!!!

    • 13
      Zarina Evangelista says:

      I love making cookies and cupcakes! I have a small mixer but my clientele is growing!This helper is very welcome in my kitchen!

  3. 14

    Great giveaway! I am in need badly of a new kitchenaid. I use mine to make mostly breakfast foods. Muffins, pancakes and crepes

  4. 15
    Lanae Price says:

    cupcakes <3

  5. 16

    I bake cheesecakes! Loving the color of that mixer!!

  6. 17
    Susan Theriot says:

    I already like Sweetapolita on Facebook,

  7. 18

    Already a Sweetapolita fan!

  8. 19
    Becki Cross says:

    I like baking layer cakes – less layers less yumminess ;)

  9. 20
    Cristiana Campos says:

    I want!!!

  10. 21

    I bake a lot of pies and tarts, but for today I made a beautiful red velvet cheesecake.

  11. 22

    Cookies! Specifically red velvet cookies lately, they are my husband’s FAVE!!!

  12. 23
    Mary Ann Neville says:

    The baked good I make the most often? Chocolate cookies (a tie between chocolate crinkle and chocolate chip)!

  13. 24
    Lynda Hernandez says:

    Lately, I have been making cakes and lots of buttercream.

  14. 25

    I would live this for my cakes! I need this in this fabulous color!!

  15. 26

    I would love to win !!!

  16. 27

    I love to bake lemon brownies <3

  17. 28

    Lots of cookies. My husband is a cookie monster.

  18. 29

    I like (LOVE) Sweetapolita on Facebook!!!

  19. 30
    Kristin Springer says:

    Cupcakes for school parties. I love the color if this mixer!!

  20. 31
    Becki Cross says:

    I don’t have Twitter but I like you on facebook :)

  21. 32

    I make gluten free scones every week for me and my brother! Deeee-lish!!!

  22. 33

    I love baking with food coloring!

  23. 34

    I’m all about cupcakes and cookies! Oh, and flan.

  24. 35


  25. 36

    Birthday cakes!

  26. 37
    Mary Telfer says:

    What an awesome site!! :)

  27. 38

    Cookies of all kinds.

  28. 39
    StacieJayne says:

    I can’t wait for your book to come out! I love your recipes!!’

  29. 40
    marcela Jaque says:

    I’m a breast cancer survivor…and love to bake. ..I would love this pink mixer. ..

  30. 41

    I already like you on Face book!

  31. 42
    McKinzie Baker says:

    I love to bake… period!

  32. 43

    I have to say cakes. The last one was my own birthday cake and my niece enjoyed it so much she’s been asking me to make her more…

  33. 44
    Abbie smith says:

    I am opening a bakery/cake shop in April and I love to bake cupcakes!!! :)

  34. 45

    I bake cupcakes the most

  35. 46
    Angelica K says:

    I love baking breads from scratch! This mixer would make it a breeze ;)

  36. 47
    Michelle Lowes says:

    Definitely sugar cookies…cupcakes are a close second :) Happy Valentines Day!

  37. 48
    Angela BARONE says:

    I love baking cakes!!!

  38. 49

    What a great color! I love it!

  39. 51

    So glad to see you back! I think I make cakes more than anything else but this week I made lots of macarons!

  40. 52
    Jessica Woods says:


  41. 53

    I already like you on facebook

  42. 54

    I Liked Sweetapolita on Faceook

  43. 55
    arlene britt says:

    In the last month, I’ve baked mostly whoopie pies. Although, I do love making layer cakes whenever I get the chance.

  44. 56

    I follow you on Facebook!

  45. 57

    I like to use mine when making cheesecakes!

  46. 58
    Meghan Donovan says:

    I bake cookies all the time!

  47. 59

    Always usually cake, I LOVE cake. Especially your bakery style vanilla cake with whipped vanilla bean and white chocolate frosting with a raspberry coulis in the middle! yum!!!

  48. 60

    I love to bake anything that is cupcakes!

  49. 61

    Ohh! Love it!! Would get tons of use!!

  50. 63
    Abbie smith says:

    This would be just amaaaaazzzinggggg!

  51. 64
    Mackenzie Scaringi says:

    I make fudge brownies! They’re a family favorite!

  52. 65

    I tend to bake cupcakes or tarts most.

  53. 66
    Lynda Hernandez says:

    I am already a Sweetapolita fan on Facebook.

  54. 67
    kathy pilato says:

    I love making icing and dough!

  55. 68


  56. 69

    Cupcakes and cookies

  57. 70

    Cakes! All of my friends and family always request me to make my chocolate cake with heavy whipped cream frosting!

  58. 71

    cakes! lots and lots of cakes!

  59. 72


  60. 73
    Michelle Lowes says:

    I’m already a Sweetapolita fan on facebook :)

  61. 74

    Muffins for my son and cookies for my husband :)

  62. 75
    Beth Cauthon says:

    I bake cakes, but here lately i have been making brownies for the husband.

  63. 76
    arlene britt says:

    Oh, and Rosie, I don’t just like you on FB, I LOVE you on FB. Welcome back to blogging because I surely have missed you.

  64. 77

    I make cupcakes the most

  65. 78
    Marie-Claire says:

    So amazing!!! <3

  66. 80

    I love baking cupcakes!! :)

  67. 81

    I love love love baking! This would be perfect for making some delicious brownies…And cupcakes…ok, it would be perfect for pretty much anything :)

  68. 82

    Cookies, cookies, cookies

  69. 83

    I mostly make cupcakes! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  70. 84

    Cakes, cookies, breads, shortbreads… you name it! :) love baking even at the middle of the night:$

  71. 85

    Mmm it’s hard to tell, I don’t think there’s a single thing I make more often… Maybe cookies? I’m so excited to get your book by the way, I bet it’s gonna be so pretty!

  72. 86
    Jacquline B says:

    Peanut Butter Cookies! Everyone’s favourite!

  73. 88

    My favorite thing to bake is any kind of cake.

  74. 89
    Cecelia Parks says:

    I usually bake cookies.

  75. 90

    I make cakes and pastry most often.

  76. 91
    Flora Shin says:

    I love baking soft sugar cookies with buttercream frosting and sprinkles.

  77. 92

    I make all kinds of cakes with my mixer. already a Sweetapolita fan!

  78. 93

    I would probably see how different a stand alone mixer is to a hand held mixer for a regular sponge! Currently only have a small hand held whisk so this would be fab x

  79. 94

    Cross between red velvet cupcakes and cut out sugar cookies!

  80. 95

    I probably make cupcakes most often.

  81. 96

    I was a big cake girl, but more recently I have started making cupcakes and cake pops, but cakes are still my favorite!

  82. 97
    Cecelia Parks says:

    I like on FB

  83. 98

    cookies! i love trying new recipes, but i have a heart for the classic sugar cookie

  84. 99

    A chocolate cake whose primary ingredients are dark chocolate and meringue

  85. 100
    Trish Petry says:

    Cinnamon rolls on a daily basis, among many other goodies!!

  86. 101

    Cake cake cake!!!!

  87. 102

    I love making cupcakes. They’re amazing to give to people as gifts and bring to parties!

  88. 103

    I ready liked and follow you on Facebook!

  89. 104

    Ooooh. Last thing I made were lemon cookies. Yum!

  90. 106

    I already liked you on FB!

  91. 107

    I have you liked on facebook!

  92. 108
    danielle larkin says:


  93. 109

    I bake cookies the most! They are almost therapeutic!!!

  94. 110
    Nancy D'Amato says:

    Cakes! Cakes, cakes, cakes, cakes. Can’t wait to see you blogging regularly again and to see your book!

  95. 111

    Swiss meringue buttercream! Your recipe of course. :) Absolutely love the flavor and texture. Couldnt do it without a great mixer.

  96. 112

    Banana bread, the huz’s favorite!

  97. 113

    I make cookies with my boys at least 3 times a week. and may I just say that the kitchen aid is sooo pretty ! I <3 it !

  98. 114
    Stephanie Ace says:

    I mostly make macarons with my mixer, well actually it’s my mum’s mixer haha, so that’s why I would love to win this Kitchenaid. I am dying over the colour too :)

  99. 115

    I baked a lot of cheesecakes for my daughter since it is her favorite. For hubby, it is cookies, coffee cakes, muffins etc. He likes something sweet in the morning.

  100. 116

    I already like Sweetapolita on facebook!

  101. 117
    Sandy Headtke says:

    Everyone always wants my triple chocolate brownies. I sneak in some lemon treats for a change.

  102. 118

    and i like -a lot!- sweetapolita on facebook!

  103. 119

    I make lots of cakes for family and friends birthdays. I make my own icing and use for cookie dough. My old one broke I need a new one bad.

  104. 120

    Facebook fan!

  105. 121

    I ‘like’ you on Facebook!

  106. 122
    Amanda Prisciak says:

    I love making cupcakes. They are easy to transport. They are already portioned. You can display 6 or 60 and they will always look good. You can freeze them and take them out as needed. They are cute, compact, and incredibly tasty. Long live the cupcake!

  107. 123

    Oh, this is so pretty!! My old mixer is on it’s last leg. Thank you for the giveaway :-)

  108. 124

    I make a lot of cakes!

  109. 125
    Laura Samuel says:

    Would go perfect in my new kitchen! :D

  110. 126

    Already a fan on FB

  111. 127

    I make all sorts of baked goods. From cupcakes to chocolate caramel shortbread squares (my favorite). Im pregnant right now, so I am trying to find other options to fill my sweet tooth and also plan for kid friendly food for when the baby gets old enough.

  112. 128

    Already a fan on facebook

  113. 129
    Jacquline B says:

    I like your page on Facebook!

  114. 130

    I already like you on facebook!

  115. 131

    I love making macarons. This mixer would make whipping them up so much easier!

  116. 132
    Blair Watson says:

    Cookies, for sure!! Especially something chocolate-y!

  117. 133

    I love cakes and my hubby likes cookies

  118. 134

    Baking has become a new passion of mine so experimenting with cakes! Recent cake I made was carrot cake with left over carrots from my juicer!

  119. 135

    Scones. My kitchen is all about scones.

  120. 136
    Sandy Headtke says:

    I have been following you on facebook and look forward to seeing more from you.

  121. 137

    I make a lot of cupcakes

  122. 138

    I make cupcakes at least a few times a week. I could really use another mixer to help!

  123. 139

    I have been dreaming of Kitchenaid mixers for YEARS now but have never had the money to get one!

  124. 140

    Already a Sweetapolita fan on FB!!

  125. 141

    I already am a Facebook Fan :)

  126. 142

    I’m a fan on Facebook.. been a fan for a long time

  127. 143
    Francine McIntyre says:

    I would loooovvvvvveeeee this!!!!

  128. 144

    I’m a Facebook fan too!

  129. 145

    Butter Mochi cake

  130. 146

    bread!!! cookies!!! cakes!!! everything lol :)

  131. 147

    I love baking and your blog

  132. 148

    Lately I’ve been making a lot of Lemon Sugar cookies.

  133. 149

    I have already liked your Fb page :)

  134. 150

    Cheesecakes of all kinds.

  135. 151

    I like to make macarons

  136. 152

    Baking cakes is my sweet therapy. I’m
    A fan

  137. 153
    Margo DAngelo says:

    I make cookies the most.

  138. 154
    Annette Cook says:

    Carrot cake is what I am always asked to make.

  139. 155
    Dora Lilia says:

    love baking cupcakes & sugar cookies

  140. 156
    Maria in NJ ~Dolcelicious Bake Shoppe says:

    Rosie!! yes you have been missed, nice to see ya back! And good luck with the book! Thank you for a chance to win…m

  141. 157

    I love to bake cakes, cupcakes and cookies for the kids!

  142. 159

    Decorated sugar cookies!! Made roughly 8,000 last year :D

  143. 160
    Stephanie Ace says:

    I have liked you on Facebook :)

  144. 161
    Mallory Orton says:

    I make a lot of pies; pecan and apple mostly and cakes!!

  145. 162

    I bake an uncomfortable amount of cupcakes :)

  146. 163
    Kristina Boroff says:

    I would be making some fresh bread with it.

  147. 164

    Cookies! But I made eclairs today :D

  148. 165

    I like you on Facebook

  149. 166
    Carla E. Lawrence says:

    Lately, I haven’t been baking so much because I don’t have a beautiful colored Kitchen Aid Mixer or any great mixer like a Kitche Aid, but I’ve been wanting one for several years now, so I pray that I win this contest so I can get to baking! Thanks for the awesome giveaway…

  150. 167
    Laura Brown says:

    Birthday cakes and homemade bread! Sweet!

  151. 168

    I so would love a kitchenaid mixer last weekend made Swiss Buttercream with a hand mixer and it took an hour win this would be such a blessing and an amazing birthday present since tomorrow is my birthday! Thank you for this opportunity!

  152. 169
    Christy Spurlock says:

    Pecan Pie Muffins

  153. 170
    jackie duke says:

    Birthday cakes

  154. 171

    I usually bake cookies, especially vegan chocolate chip ones.

  155. 172
    Mallory Orton says:

    I was already a fan on Facebook

  156. 173
    Mindy taylor says:

    Love the color. My girls would love to have this as well.

  157. 175
    Stacy Lockhart says:

    Love these mixers.

  158. 176
    danyelle paraska says:

    Brownies or cookies

  159. 177
    suhey Garcia says:

    Love the color of the mixer. Love to make cupcakes and cookies.

  160. 178
    Khandra Henderson says:

    i bake cakes the most

  161. 179

    Already a facebook fan. Love making your cupcskes.My family loves to eat them.

  162. 180

    Cookies and My mixer just broke last night. :(

  163. 181

    I often make tiramisu with choc sponge cake! :)

  164. 182
    Christy Spurlock says:

    I like Sweetapolita on Facebook

  165. 183

    Cookies! :D

  166. 184

    I already like Sweetapolita on Facebook

  167. 185
    Khandra Henderson says:

    i like sweetopia on facebook

  168. 186
    Amanda Baxter says:

    Definitely cakes!

  169. 187

    I’m a facebook fan!

  170. 188
    Vitoria de Almeida says:

    I have been wanting this mixer so badly. Unfortunatly it doesn’t exist here in brazil, and importing would be really expensive D:
    Lately I’m all about making cookies! They are so fun to make!
    Happy valentine’s day!

  171. 189

    Macarons!!!! I love making them, but never have enough tools ;)

  172. 190

    I’m a facebook fan already!

  173. 191

    Facebook fan!

  174. 192

    I make a lot of quick breads & rolls. This would be wonderful to have. The colour is beautiful.

  175. 193
    Christina Long says:

    I’ve been on a big cookie kick lately! :)

  176. 194
    Kim McCallie says:

    Pound cake!

  177. 195

    Cookies, cookies, cookies!!!

  178. 196


  179. 197

    Oooooh, flamingo pink would look so awesome on my counter – and we all know how important aesthetics are when it comes to edible creations ;) Right now I only have a few hand mixers that I use for all of my baking projects, but a stand mixer would sure come in handy when whipping up some creamy buttercream…which, coincidentally, I’ll be doing later this evening!

  180. 199
    Jeannette Kight says:


  181. 200

    Vanille cupcakes with strawberry SMB. Simple yet elegant :-)

  182. 201

    At home I bake cakes and cookies because that’s what I love but at work I bake muffins everyday!

  183. 202

    I like you on facebook!

  184. 203

    I use my for cupcakes and french macarons. Love the color!

  185. 204

    Cakes and cupcakes

  186. 205

    Definitely cookies! I own an Italian gelato shop and bake fresh cookies to make ice cream sandwiches! :))

  187. 206

    I would love this mixer. I love baking but for the time being i dont have ANY mixer at all.

  188. 207

    I make a lot of cookies and cakes with my mixer.

  189. 208

    Brownies!! :D

  190. 209


  191. 210

    I make brownies and chocolate chip cookies all the time!!!!!!

  192. 211
    Cindy Williams Leonard says:

    Oatmeal cookies! They’re my all time favorite comfort food…I love to dip them in a warm cuppa tea!

  193. 212
    Christina Long says:

    I’m a Facebook fan!

  194. 213
    Kim McCallie says:

    I’m a Facebook fan!

  195. 214
    Zareen Moin says:

    I love baking cakes, scones/biscuits, cookies and pies. But i mostly bake cakes! Love your blog!

  196. 215

    My family loves muffins so we always have carrot orange muffins on hand. Yum!

  197. 216

    I like sweetapolita on facebook :)

  198. 217
    Amanda Rae Smith says:

    Liked on Facebook and I love baking chocolate chip cookies!

  199. 218
    Vanessa Becker says:

    I bake Cakes/Cupcakes the most.

  200. 219

    Cake! Lots and lots of CAKE.

  201. 220
    Cindy Williams Leonard says:

    I already ‘like’ you on Facebook!

  202. 221
    Theresa Sea says:


  203. 222

    I like to bake something different everything time. I like to learn new things and experiment a lot because I want to improve myself as much as possible in baking. But something standard that I always bake is different kinds of bread and yeast buns and different cakes.

  204. 223

    I love to bake! My husband says I’m crazy but at least I’m not the only one ;)

  205. 224
    Theresa Sea says:

    I’m a facebook fan!

  206. 225

    I mostly make cupcakes.

  207. 226

    I bake cupcakes/small cakes the most:)

  208. 227


  209. 228

    My most baked good is Chocolate Cake with Ganache topping :)
    I’m already a fan on FB.

  210. 229

    Already a Facebook fan :)

  211. 230
    Tara Cunningham says:

    I bake cakes the most! I love decorating them and spending the time to make them special!

  212. 231

    I am already a sweetapolita fan on facebook

  213. 232

    I’m a Facebook fan

  214. 233

    I love baking! I tend to bake cupcakes, cakes, and cookies the most, but I love to try new recipes!

  215. 234
    Sweet addict says:

    I love making cupcakes and cookies for my kiddos!
    My daughter (age 2) loves to help!

  216. 235

    I’m already a fan on Facebook!

  217. 236

    Chocolate cake!

  218. 237

    I love making scones!

  219. 238

    I am mostly making things that will bake in small loaf pans or in small batches since my apartment lacks a full sized oven. Banana bread is always a favorite!

  220. 239

    I also like you on Facebook :)

  221. 240
    Fran Badalamenti Heupel says:

    I love to bake cookies for school and my family

  222. 241

    Love the color! The item I make most is decorated cookies for others.

  223. 242

    I’m already a fan on FB!

  224. 243

    Cakes and cookies! Love trying out your recipes!

  225. 244

    Already like you!

  226. 245

    I have been been a fan on Facebook for a long time! I can’t wait for the book!

  227. 246
    sharon zambito says:

    I am a fan on Facebook and follow your blog!

  228. 247

    Swiss Meringue Buttercream. 4eva!

  229. 248
    Rachel Cartucci says:

    I make a lot of cookies.

  230. 249
    Lori Rowland says:


  231. 250

    I have been really into baking cookies right now. So much fun!

  232. 251

    A longtime FB fan!

  233. 252

    I have followed you on FB for a long time! Thanks !

  234. 253
    Annette Herbst says:


  235. 254

    This would look lovely in my kitchen! :)

  236. 255
    Lori Rowland says:

    I’m already a fan on facebook

  237. 256

    I already like you on Facebook!

  238. 257

    Longtime FB Fan

  239. 258

    Definetly Cake!!! Of all kinds and flavors, I love it :D <3

  240. 259

    Cookies, all the time! I love to try new recipes

  241. 260
    Kirsten best says:

    I am a fan on fb and want this mixer so badly! I love cooking and this is my dream mixer

  242. 261

    We love making cookies around here!

  243. 262

    Mostly cookies…this mixer is adorns!!!! Great color!!

  244. 263

    I have been your FB fan for a long time now : )

  245. 264
    Shannon Tyler says:

    Love your site. Hope I win.

  246. 265

    Cookies, every Friday for my grandparents :-)

  247. 266
    Ellen Whitehouse says:

    I really like making layer cakes but lately I’ve been on a cookie kick!

  248. 267

    I saw this on Sweetopolita’s facebook! Liked!

  249. 268

    Oops – forgot to add – I cake cupcakes most often…with buttercream!

  250. 269
    Nicola Yortt says:

    I would love a cake mixer so I wouldn’t have to hand beat my cakes & cup cakes

  251. 270

    I hate auto-correct…adorbs!

  252. 271
    Lucía Kmaid says:

    I need that mixer stat! It’s sooo pink!

  253. 272
    Kayla Anne says:

    Love the color!! <3

  254. 273
    Annette Herbst says:

    Already a fan

  255. 274

    I love baking more and more :)

  256. 275

    I make plain sandwich bread at least weekly and usually cupcakes too :)

  257. 276
    Catharine Mendez says:

    Yay! So excited that we’ll be seeing more of your yummy/pretty sweets! Can’t wait!

  258. 277

    I’m already a fan on facebook!

  259. 278
    pam ehrhardr says:

    I make mostly cakes, but I occasionally make cupcakes. I just made your red velvet cake today!!! I can’t wait to try it after dinner! Mmmmmm!

  260. 279

    I love to bake sweet treats of all kinds. It’s my dream to own a pink KitchenAid mixer someday!

  261. 280
    Angela Berryman says:

    I bake cookies the most! Also, I’m a fan on Facebook:)

  262. 281

    Baking cookies for my little girl

  263. 282

    Whoopie Pies

  264. 283

    I love baking chocolate chip cookies!

  265. 284
    Jessica Kama says:

    I would love to win this! I love baking, and my son loves to help as well!

  266. 285

    I’m a fan on Facebook.

  267. 286
    Andrea Schramm says:

    Cookies. It’s almost always cookies.

  268. 287

    This just reminded me it’s been a while since I baked something special! I need to make more cakes so I can say, “Cakes!”

  269. 288

    Not only would I love this but it’ll be such a blessing to bake better cakes and cupcakes with son who absolutely love baking with me.. And it’s pink my favorite color.

  270. 289

    I bake anything and everything! I wake up in the morning and something new has popped into my head so I head to the store for the ingredients I don’t have and bake away. One day might be red velvet cookies, the next might be marshmallows! My husband has thought of buying me two mixers and more bowls do as much as I bake

  271. 290
    Melissa Manks says:

    Would have to be cupcakes… Chocolate or Diet Coke.

  272. 291

    I love to bake cookies with my boys and create a fun cake for their birthdays.

  273. 292

    It makes me smile… Such a beautiful color !!!

  274. 294

    I bake a lot of macarons.

  275. 295

    I follow you on fb!

  276. 296

    i have liked you on FB and shared.

  277. 297

    Cupcakes & birthday cakes! Love the pink mixer!!! x x

  278. 298

    FB fan here, too!

  279. 299
    Lisa Still says:


  280. 300

    I make cookies the most but cakes come in a close second :)

  281. 301

    Mostly cooKies…

  282. 302

    Cakes and swiss meringue buttercream frosting. Love how you broke it down and the pictures.

  283. 303

    Cookies :)

  284. 304
    Barbara Poirrier says:

    I make cookies during the week and on the weekend . . I make cookies! A pink mixer would be a cheerful addition to my kitchen!

  285. 305
    Jennifer Richard says:

    Mostly cookies, but I also love to bake cheesecakes.

  286. 306

    My favorite thing to bake is chocolate chip cookies! I love trying new and slightly different recipes and finding out which I like best

  287. 307
    Wendi Lightfoot says:

    Angel food cake is my favorite thing to make

  288. 308

    I’m a baker by profession, so that’s a tough question. But, at home, I am most often baking birthday cakes for friends and family.

  289. 309

    I make cupcakes, with various types of buttercream frostings for the pot luck dinners I go to

  290. 310
    Crlsweetie says:

    Most definitely cookies

  291. 311

    Triple chocolate bundt cake – it’s the bomb!

  292. 312

    Like Sweetopia.

  293. 313

    Oh, and I’m already a fan.

  294. 314
    Lisa Still says:

    I already follow you on Facebook. :)

  295. 315
    Janet Martin says:

    Lately been doing lots of cakes and cupcakes. At the holidays I
    do awesome amounts of sour dough rolls.
    The kitchen aid would really be a help with b
    Both baking projects

  296. 316
    Dulce Graziano says:

    I’m huge fan!!! With this mixer I would bake lots of cupcakes!

  297. 317

    I LOVE baking cookies but can’t afford a beautiful stand mixer and recently almost burned out the motor on my hand mixer with some delicious chocolate chip cookies. Yikes!

  298. 319

    I use my mixer you so many things now the options seem endless. From sweet to savory, my favorite thing would have to be anything chocolate that comes from my mixer. Not only for the delicious baked aftermath, but also for the ever tempting licking of the bowl. Eggs or not there us no stopping that spatula from going in my mouth.

  299. 320

    I like you on Fb,commented and shared it on my page

  300. 321

    I make cupcakes the most!

  301. 322

    I love baking cupcakes, but when I’m feeling adventurous, Madeline cookies! :D

  302. 323

    Probably I bake victoria sponge more than other things, but it was brownies for valentines day.

  303. 324

    I am a FB fan !

  304. 325
    pam ehrhardt says:

    I’m already a fan on Facebook!!

  305. 326

    I’m a FB fan x

  306. 327

    I already love Sweetapolita on facebook too!

  307. 328

    Cake. Your fabulous raspberry red velvet supreme!

  308. 329

    Boy do I need this.

  309. 330

    Favourite thing to bake is cupcakes! <3

  310. 331

    I love baking layer cakes ^.^

  311. 332

    I would use this for oh so many things! Meringues, marshmallows and all those yummy fluffy desserts that take a lot of whipping.

  312. 333
    Lisa Thompson says:

    Love this color and it would make baking so much more enjoyable!

  313. 334

    …and I’m already a fan on Facebook!

  314. 335


  315. 336
    kittentoes says:

    Cookies. I have to have cookies.

  316. 337
    Linda Delcastilho says:

    I bake cookies. When I had access to a Kitchenaid mixer I baked no knead bread, but can’t afford one.

  317. 338
    Lynnette W. says:

    How adorable!!! Not sure what would be my first thing to make with this, but I’m sure it would be yummy!!!

  318. 339

    I make shortbread most often… working as a busy teacher, it can be hard to find time for complicated bakes (and I never remember to buy eggs…) but after school I often need a shortbread hit!

  319. 340
    Kara Andretta says:

    I swear I’m gonna win one of these gorgeous mixers one of these days… :)

  320. 341
    Lisa Thompson says:

    I most often bake cakes. And this would make life alot easier.

  321. 342

    Normally I would say cake, BUT lately Ive come across so many chocolate chip cookie recipes claiming to be “the best”, so I put them to the test! Haha :)

  322. 343

    I’m always baking cakes and cookies.

  323. 344

    i love cheesecake !!!Its an all time fav :D

  324. 345
    kittentoes says:

    Already a Facebook fan.

  325. 346
    Hannah Koller says:

    Cheesecakes!!! This would be a dream!

  326. 347

    OMG, what a darling color!! I just moved into my first apartment and this would be a great addition.
    Red Velvet cupcakes would be wonderful made in this sweet little mixer!!

  327. 348
    Kara Andretta says:

    Macarons. (I didn’t answer the question above :) )

  328. 349

    I am also a fan on FB

  329. 350

    LOVE your blog! Your cookie recipe is my “go to” recipe :)

  330. 351
    Linda Delcastilho says:

    I baked no knead bread when I had access to a Kitchenaid stand mixer, but can’t afford one now. I bake cookies now.

  331. 352

    I make peppermint brownies every week for my hubby!

  332. 353

    I already like Sweetapolita on Facebook!

  333. 354

    I love to make hot milk cakes!! They would taste awfully great from such a fab mixer!.,

  334. 355

    Yes I’m a fbook fan!!

  335. 356

    FB fan!

  336. 357
    Jennifer wardrip says:

    I’m so excited to get this chance thank you lobe the pink

    • 358
      Jennifer wardrip says:

      OK love* lol and it sent to soon I would make tons of pizza dough in this we eat lots of homemade pizza

  337. 359
    lynnette W. says:

    I am already a fan on Facebook!!!

  338. 360
    Ashley Wheeler says:

    I would love to bake some amazing cupcakes (in style!) with that mixer! It’s my favorite color!

  339. 361

    Already a fan on Facebook

  340. 362
    Jennifer wardrip says:

    Im a facebook fan

  341. 363

    Following on FB

  342. 364

    I can’t wait for your new book to come out!

  343. 365

    Liked on Facebook.

  344. 366

    I love to bake cakes & cupcakes!!

  345. 367

    I am a fan of Sweetapolita on FB!

  346. 368

    I definitely make a lot of pie and cupcakes. Still trying to prefect my strawberry lattice pie filling though!

  347. 369

    My favorite baked good is chocolate chip cookies (really any cookies!).

  348. 370

    Valentine cookies

  349. 371

    I bake cupcake and cakes most often.

  350. 372

    It’s a toss up here between double chocolate cookies and vanilla cupcakes…

  351. 373

    I already like Sweetapolita on FB.

  352. 374
    Yoselin Melgar says:

    Cupcakes, fondant, nutella buttercream! !!

  353. 375

    I make chocolate chip cookies -of all sorts- about once a week!

  354. 376
    Carrie Price says:

    Would Luv to win the mixer for baking cupcakes

  355. 377

    I already like Sweetapolita!

  356. 378
    Lady Sally says:

    I think it would probably be the chocolate lava cake. so easy to make and so good !

  357. 379

    Cakes and frostings and cookies and sometimes bread and rolls. Mostly Cakes.

  358. 380

    I follow you on FB.

  359. 381

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I’d love to win!

  360. 382
    Rosa Laborde says:

    I most often bake banana bread with mini chocolate chips.

  361. 383


  362. 384

    I’m a fan on FB!

  363. 385

    I love baking everything, but I probably make peanut butter brownies the most. :)

  364. 386

    I’ve missed seeing the beautiful creations you make with your beautiful family! Looking forward to you coming back!

    I make muffins and cookies the most. Though I also like to make banana bread Yum!

  365. 387
    Yoselin Melgar says:

    Im a fan on fb :)

  366. 388

    Well, I tend to make a combination of cakes and pies! And I’m trying to perfect my buttercream icing :)

  367. 389

    Already a Facebook fan :)

  368. 390

    I bake choco cupcakes for my students as an incentive! Can’t wait to get your book!

  369. 391


  370. 392

    cookies and cupcakes!

  371. 393

    I bake everything! Most often I guess would be birthday cakes but I like to make a good variety of stuff. :)

  372. 394

    Chocolate chip cookies are my go to! A classic which I’ll never grow tired of!

  373. 395
    Camille Bianca says:

    Happy Love Day!!! :)

  374. 396

    I make cinnamon rolls all the time! And I already like you on Facebook :)

  375. 397

    It’s a toss up between cookies and cakes… I probably make more cookies than cakes though! That mixer is HOT! LOVE IT!

  376. 398

    Cookies! Though lately it’s been cupcakes..

  377. 399

    I’m a fan on fb!

  378. 400

    I use the mixer mostly for cookies, cakes and frosting with my kids, but also use it for dinner dishes like mixing meatloaf, mashed potatoes, cheese mixture for macaroni & cheese, lasagna filling, etc. I couldn’t live without my mixer!

  379. 401

    Chocolate cupcakes!

  380. 402
    Camille Bianca says:

    I already LIKE (but really love) you on Facebook!!!

  381. 403

    Mostly some sort of cake.

  382. 404
    Nydia López says:

    Cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, cookies, i love bake! :)

  383. 405

    Cakes! A lot of layer cupcakes recently by cupcakes too!

  384. 406

    Already a fb fan :)

  385. 407

    I bake a lot. Mostly cakes and cookies. I am a Facebook fan.

  386. 408
    Bobbie Riddles says:

    I love baking cakes!

  387. 409

    I make bread most often, actually. After that, cupcakes!

  388. 410
    Dea Delima says:

    I always bake cookies and bar! :)

  389. 412

    cakes, cupcakes & frostings!! ❤️

  390. 413
    Lorena Llivichuzca says:

    What an awesome color! Love it!

  391. 414

    I already ‘like’ Sweetapolita on Facebook.

  392. 415

    I absolutely adore the colour! And it matches my logo ;). Imagine the fabulous cakes I could whip up with such a fabulous machine!

  393. 416

    I love baking everything, but the main thing I love putting into my oven are cupcakes.

  394. 417

    Chocolate chip oatmeal muffins- my mother’s recipe!

  395. 419
    Dea Delima says:

    I’m a fan of Sweetapolita for a long time now ;)

  396. 420
    Amanda Betts says:

    Mostly banana bread and cupcakes!

  397. 421

    Love the color

  398. 422

    Such a generous giveaway! Happy Valentine’s day!

  399. 423

    I love love love baking cupcakes !!! Cz they’re easy to make and lots of fun to decorate:) and I also love sweetapolita.. :) fab blog and superb pictures!!

  400. 424

    Cheesecake and bread! Yum

  401. 425

    Most often? Probably cookies. Most likely chocolate/white chocolate/butterscotch chip cookies. But it’s a close tie with cakes and cupcakes. We do a lot of baking at our house.

  402. 426

    I’ve been a fan on Facebook for a long time. I always love your posts.

  403. 427

    Also, I have been a fan of yours on facebook for a while now. :)

  404. 428

    I can bake cookies or other goodies for my parents Senior apartment complex! Love the color! Wishing me & everyone Goid Luck!

  405. 429

    Love the color.

  406. 430

    Already a fan on FB

  407. 431

    I do already like Sweetapolita on facebook. Thank you for everything.

  408. 432

    Cookies! Any kind of cookies….oh, and cakes…..buckeyes, yes buckeyes…..

  409. 433

    Brownies and whoopie pies!

  410. 434

    I love making muffins.

  411. 435

    My favorite thing to bake is a good layer cake!

  412. 436

    Ginger molasses cookies, with some crystallized ginger to spice things up! A favorite among my roommates and family, and always makes me friends at work. And yes, I am a facebook fan!

  413. 437

    I am already a fan on Facebook.

  414. 438
    jessica m. says:


  415. 439
    Natasha Boothman says:

    I like to bake cake the most.

  416. 440

    I love to make chocolate chip cookies!!

  417. 441

    I’ve never had a stand mixer. So I make my cupcakes the old fashioned way. I really need a mixer to get my buttercream prefect :)

  418. 442
    Natasha Boothman says:

    Liked on Facebook

  419. 443

    Biscuits, definitely biscuits.

  420. 444

    I’m also a fan on Facebook.

  421. 445

    Cookies, cupcakes and cakes!!

  422. 446
    Rebecca Darrieutort says:

    Hi Rosie !!
    I’ve been loving to bake cookies ! Just last week I made peanut butter cookies with some chocolate cubes. It was really delicious !!
    I love and like you on everything and of course Facebook !!

  423. 447

    Banana Bread!

  424. 448

    The thing I make most often is bread!

  425. 449

    Cupcakes by far.

  426. 450

    I make a lot of muffins

  427. 451

    Looking forward to it. You’ve been missed!

  428. 452
    Laura lovelace says:

    Not sure how to ente to win, but I hope commenting is it! Would love to win this!

  429. 453

    Tickled PINK you have another wonderful giveaway! <3

  430. 454

    I mostly bake custom cakes for special events.

  431. 455

    It’s a tie between cheesecake and cookies.

  432. 456

    I love to bake cookies!

  433. 457

    Most often baked good I make would probably be birthday cakes!

  434. 458

    My go-to sweets are brownies and cupcakes, chocolate all the way!

  435. 459
    candace warner says:

    Would love to win this mixer. I make muffins.

  436. 460
    Michelle H says:

    Cookies! I make a ton of cookies and cakes.

  437. 461

    I bake a lot – 3-4 times a week – I always have a sweet quick bread on hand for breakfast and nibbling with tea.

  438. 462
    Elizabeth Meza says:

    so pink.

    i make a lot of vegan chocolate cake

  439. 463

    I make cupcakes the most often!

  440. 464
    Michelle H says:

    I like you on facebook!

  441. 465

    Im an FB fan.

  442. 466
    Elizabeth Meza says:

    i’m a facebook fan!

  443. 467

    cakes! and I usually find the best recipes here! :)

  444. 468
    Courtney Pytyck says:

    I love to bake cupcakes with my mixer!!

  445. 469

    Cakes. All the cakes for all the birthdays.

  446. 470
    Kandy Craig says:

    I love to make cakes.

  447. 471

    Cake and frosting, especially royal icing. Arm gets tired with the hand mixer!

  448. 472

    Mostly cake and cookies, but I just pulled blueberry muffins out of the oven.

  449. 473
    Joanna Dzul says:

    I been making lots of cookies and cupcakes. :)

  450. 474

    I love to make cakes..!!

  451. 475

    Cookies, bar none [pardon the pun], but really, no bars, just cookies :)

  452. 476

    I already liked Sweetapolita on facebook! That’s how I found out about the giveaway :)

  453. 477


  454. 478

    I love sweetapolita! I get so many great ideas from you!

  455. 479

    I bake a lot of cupcakes, cakes, and cookiesbut I also enjoh baking breads, muffins, and pretzels.

  456. 480
    Jayne Hoque says:

    Hi Rosie, love the color! Miss you and your cakes!

  457. 481
    Hailey Kitt says:

    I definitely make chocolate chip the most often for sure!

  458. 482

    Muffins and bread.

  459. 483

    I bake bread the most as home made breakfast!

  460. 484

    Bread. I bake bread pretty often. And my kids love quick breads and muffins. It would be awesome to own a mixer!

  461. 485

    I love to make things for my family and friends, cupcakes are my favorite! My daughter is just starting out and I would love to win this for her!

  462. 486

    I love to bake cakes and cookies…anything chocolate chip and dulce de leche yumm <3
    homever lately I have been making carrot cake from scratch frequently (wonderful three layer moist carrot cake with pineapple, golden raisins and pecans+ dulce de leche filling+ fluffy vanilla bean cream cheese frosting+ finished with candied pecans on the sides. I get many request for this one from family and friends on their birthdays.
    Another is "Mostachon" cake. A light, sweet and salty meringue cake. (Meringue cake with butter crackers and pecans incorporated+ cream whipped frosting with cream cheese+ topped with fresh fruit usually strawberry, pineapple or mango)
    Lots of mixing and whipping for both of these, but the end results is priceless.
    …especially to see how these are enjoyed by my loved ones.
    I Initially started looking into blogs and baking after coming across yours a couple of years ago….glad i did, you have been a great inspiration, thank you!

  463. 487

    I’m a fan on fb

  464. 488

    I bake once a week chocolate cupcakes without frosting, well it’s not the typical american or english cupcakes… I bake spanish cupcakes, so sweet and soft for one week. I love it!

  465. 489
    Michelle Thayer says:


  466. 490

    I make banana and zucchini breads the most often.

  467. 491
    Kathy Torchia says:

    Cookies definitely Chocolate Chip Cookies. That’s why my email is kathyscookies :) Love love love the color of this mixer!

  468. 492

    I mostly make pies. My family loves lemon meringue pie. So when I made your lemon meringue cake it was a huge hit.

  469. 493

    I love making cookies and mashed potatoes!

  470. 494
    Michelle Thayer says:

    I follow on Facebook.

  471. 495
    krista goncalves says:

    Love this, its the best mixture this would help all my orders alone very well…

    Krista :) Happy Valentine’s day!

  472. 496

    I would use it yo make cupcakes and icings

  473. 497
    Janice Wilhelm says:

    Thanks for this great contest!

  474. 498

    Gooey rich brownies are my go to baked treat

  475. 499

    Cupcakes, by a land-slide.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  476. 500

    I make a lot of cakes and homemade icings. This would make life so much easier!

  477. 501

    cupcakes for sure :)

  478. 502
    Breana Overly says:

    I love kitchen aid! I make scones and cookies most often, and I love making bread and cinnamon rolls when I have extra time between my studies:)

  479. 503

    I’ve been baking a ton of cookies lately! Cookie boxes are all the rage these days!

  480. 504
    Breana Overly says:

    I liked on Facebook about a year ago! Love your blog!

  481. 505

    I’m so excited for the cookbook!!

  482. 507

    Love to make cheese cake

  483. 508
    Bonnie King says:

    I make cookies most often. Sometimes dinner rolls.

  484. 509

    Oh how great that would look in my new kitchen! My 9 year old kitchen aid died and have been borrowing my moms 20+ year old kitchen aid. Would love to stop borrowing! ;)

  485. 510

    I made about 6 dozen cookies for my family

  486. 511

    I follow on facebook!

  487. 512

    I bake cakes, cakes and more cakes!

  488. 513

    I make a lot of cakes and cupcakes :)

  489. 514

    Wools forgot to mention… I make tons of cupcakes and cakes for colleagues and kids birthday parties!

  490. 515

    I realy love you web site, and I love pink things :). I usually prepare a cookies beacause my little familly love this…Hope I win the pink Kitechenaid :)

  491. 516
    sandy evola says:

    Cakes and cakes and cakes and cakes!!!!

  492. 517

    Victoria sandwich

  493. 518

    I absolutely love all your recipes. I enjoy them all the time. Thanks.

  494. 519

    I use my mixers to make cookies.

  495. 520

    It seems to have become an every other week ritual of mine to bake some stress relieving bavarian sugar cookies. Oh. My. Favorites.

  496. 521
    Khristine Rapadas says:

    I love it’s color!! *twinkling eyes* i want to make cAke pops with this mixer!

  497. 522


  498. 523

    I’m craving a pumpkin cheesecake. Time to fire up a new Kitchen Aid mixer!

  499. 524

    I have just started my own little at home party business. Something I can do while the kids are running around. So I have been baking a variety of things lately but by far my most requested are the in right now Push Pops. But boy is it hard doing all this cooking with just a hand mixer!

  500. 525

    Gluten-free banana bread for hubby :)

  501. 526

    I’ve Liked you on Facebook for quite some time now.

  502. 527

    I love that color stand mixer. I certainly hope I win it!

  503. 528

    brownie cupcakes mmmm

  504. 529

    I’ve been baking macarons the most (lately). So challenging!

  505. 530

    I already like you on FB

  506. 531

    Love you blog!

  507. 532

    i love making frosting in my mixer the most, it makes it so much easier!

  508. 533

    Love it!

  509. 534

    Already a FB fan!

  510. 535

    I make lots of layered cakes!

  511. 536
    Corine Deshaies says:

    Muffins and cupcakes :)

  512. 537

    These days I’m baking a lot of cookies!

  513. 538

    my good ‘ole stand by chocolate chip cookies

  514. 539

    It’s probably cupcakes and banana nut bread. What a pretty colored mixer. :)

  515. 541
    Jasmine Ancheta says:

    Cake pops are my faves to bake :)

  516. 542
    Sonia Vargas says:


  517. 543

    I’m a facebook fan

  518. 544

    I Probably make the most Chocolate chip cookies, or bread.

  519. 545

    Already a Facebook fan.

  520. 546


  521. 547

    I bake cupcakes way more often that I probably should!

  522. 548

    I make cookies several times a week!

  523. 549
    Peggy Findley says:

    I love making lots of treats…I most recently made homemade marshmallows! As for baked goods, I love to make cookies for my little girls.

  524. 550

    I already like you on Facebook!

  525. 551

    I already follow Sweetapolita on Facebook!

  526. 552

    I like you on Facebook!

  527. 553

    I’d love a Kitchen Aid :)

  528. 554
    Saira Jabeen says:

    Awsome ;)

  529. 555

    I’ve been a fan of Sweetapolita’s for a while now. I love her tutorials!

  530. 556

    Homemade granola bars!

  531. 557
    Peggy Findley says:

    I’m already a Facebook fan!

  532. 558

    I make cakepops!!, the most delicious, yummiest, and prettiest cakepops!

  533. 559

    Cakes, cakes and cake! And then some chocolate cakes!

  534. 560

    I think I bake more cakes than anything.

  535. 561

    I’ll make my first cake!! Really want to make it work with this pretty ❤️

  536. 562

    I love baking brownies!

  537. 563
    Sarah Hopkins says:

    Chocolate chip cookies

  538. 564

    Lately it’s been cake, cake and more cake!!!

  539. 565

    I’m a fan on Facebook

  540. 566

    I bake cookies the most!

  541. 567


  542. 568

    I love to bake cakes and cupcakes With my mixer!

  543. 569

    I make cookies and bread the most

  544. 570

    I like Sweetapolita on facebook!

  545. 571

    I can never get enough cinammon rolls!

  546. 572

    Probably my vegan oatmeal raisin cookies

  547. 573

    Love your site! How did I not see it before?

  548. 574

    I love this mixer, can you post to Australia??

  549. 575

    I already like you on Facebook

  550. 576

    Already a facebook fan!

  551. 577
    Katarina Johansson says:

    The only electrical appliances I have is a toaster and a handmixer. I bake quite a bit so this would be perfect. What a lovely giweaway! Thank you! Happy Valentine’s Day! :)

  552. 578

    Cookies with my 3 youngest grandchildren!

  553. 579

    I go through phases. I mostly enjoy baking cupcakes but cookies last longer, so cookies are my go to.

  554. 580

    By far any kind of cookie. I don’t know why but I just love making cookies. Right now my favorite cookie is all organic oatmeal chocolate chip f make from scratch.

  555. 581

    French macarons! :)

  556. 582
    Leslie Nevarez says:

    Macaroons!!!! All the flavors !!!

  557. 583

    Cookies! I love the mixer color – perfect for my Valentine’s Day Anniversary! 33 years…and counting

  558. 584

    Already liked you on facebook! :)

  559. 585

    Brownies for my sweetheart

  560. 586

    Brownies, cheesecake and cakes!

  561. 587

    Already liked you on facebook!

  562. 588

    I’m a Facebook fan!!!

  563. 589

    probably cupcakes, though lately i make more and more tarts and pies :)

  564. 590

    Cookies are my go to!

  565. 591

    I bake cake!

  566. 592
    Sharon Solly says:

    My Kitchenaid mixer is about 25 years old and still going well but is showing her age. I have used mine in a professional capacity in a catering business as well as baked everything and anything for my family.I could really use a new one..and the PINK one ROCKS ! :)

  567. 593

    Love following on face book!

  568. 594

    I already like you on facebook.

  569. 595

    I love de color and I love bake cakes, cupcakes and cookies

  570. 596

    I like sweetapolita on facebook!

  571. 597

    I like your page on facebook

  572. 598

    Hmm..all i think now??Cupcakes and chocolate,mixed up together:x

  573. 599

    Wonderful recipes. Thanks so much for a great blog.

  574. 601

    Cookies, Cookies, and Cookies.

  575. 602

    I could really use this mixer. I currently use a manual one, my daughter :-)
    Banana bread is my fave recipe. I enjoy trying out different recipes of banana bread to find the perfect one!

  576. 603

    Oooh that looks fantastic :)

  577. 604

    You’re going to make us chose one thing? That’s too hard. I make every kind of goodie under the sun! Favorite to make would be cinnamon rolls or pastries, favorite to eat would be my chocolate hazelnut cheesecake.

  578. 605

    I already like you on facebook.

  579. 606

    I make baked oatmeal with apples and peanut butter

  580. 607

    I love to bake cakes and cupcakes for my kids and friends

  581. 608

    I’m a cookie girl! Latest ones were hazelnut linzer cookies! So yummy!

  582. 609

    I bake a lot of brownies and cupcakes!

  583. 610
    Pauline Lenz says:

    Cakes!! Love to do storybook cakes, to tell something special about the person who will receive it!

  584. 611

    I bought my Kitchen aid to make my cousins Wedding cake in 1979. It’s prepared so may wedding, birthday, cheesecakes and assorted other goodies over all these years. It’s getting kind of tired. Had to be repaired once. What a great purchse it’s been over all these years. But OMG this one is just too HOT.

  585. 612

    I love it! I could use to make cookies and cakes and breads and ……….

  586. 613
    Pauline Lenz says:

    Love you on facebook!

  587. 614

    The baked good I tend to make most often are classic chocolate chip cookies… super delicious!!

  588. 615

    Oh, I really need a new one, as mine pooped-out last summer. And pink? Be still my heart!

  589. 616

    (and I’m a facebook fan)

  590. 617

    I would make pie crusts, cookies, cakes!! All things sweet and delicious :)

  591. 618

    I most often bake cakes, and use your recipes the most! They always turn out fantastic!!!

  592. 619

    Cookies all the time, cookies lol

  593. 620

    I liked your facebook page

  594. 621

    And I liked Sweetapolita on facebook as soon as I could!!! And refer my friends to your page often.

  595. 622

    I’m a Facebook fan too!!!

  596. 623

    its so pretty!

  597. 624

    I’m your Facebook fan! I love baking cupcakes and cookies!

  598. 625

    I would love to use this to make my homemade cheese straws and cookies! Plus, the pink is awesome!

  599. 626

    I love baking cookies, especially ANZAC’s and chocolate chip :)

  600. 627

    We love flamingos. We even named a cupcake after it. Definitely make more of these cupcakes.

  601. 628

    I love making banana bread for my loving husband :)

  602. 629

    Love to make brownies, cupcakes, cheesecakes, cookies. Anything sweet!

  603. 630
    Dennis raping says:

    Moist chocolate cake…think positive, i know i will win!

  604. 631

    Chocolate chip cookies!

  605. 632

    I LOVE HOT PINK! And I LOVE TO BAKE! – Especially beautifully frosted cupcakes because I am an artist and I love to create. I can spend hours on end decorating cookies/cupcakes/cakes and never once get bored!

  606. 633

    I make a lot of cookies!

  607. 634

    upside down apple cake!!

  608. 635

    I am already a FB fan.

  609. 636
    Lori Stein says:

    Color me PINK – love to make cheesecakes with my mixer!

  610. 637

    Lately, my most baked items are choc macadamia brownies and a berry & lemon layer cake. They are foolproof!

  611. 638

    I had been wondering why I hadn’t seen posts from your blog for a while… I was new to it so I thought that was the frequency at which you updated. I am so excited to hear you will be posting more often and that you will have a book out soon! I will definitely be adding it to my wish list. Hope you plan on selling on Amazon! :D

  612. 639

    Also, I’ve already been a fan of yours on Facebook for a while! I love sharing your recipes. :)

  613. 640

    Cake…with frosting,without…in any shape and size…the only things that matter to me it’s a good cake!! :D

  614. 641


  615. 642

    I’m a fan on Facebook!

  616. 643

    i bake a lot of cake, cupcakes and cookies

  617. 644
    LaFleece Williams says:

    Sweetapolita has reawakened my passion for baking. Today I made the raspberry red velvet cake only minus the raspberries because there’re hard to get here (I’m from SVG in the Caribbean :))

  618. 645
    Natalie stefkovic says:

    Love trying something new every time I get my cooks country magazine.

  619. 646

    The last thing I made in my old mixer was mashed potatoes with cream cheese cheddar cheese to top my vegetarian shepherd’s pie. But I usually make cakes, frosting, meringue, and cookies with it.
    I absolutely LOVE this color!!!!!

  620. 647

    I had to ask my boyfriend… because I wasn’t sure. Turns out he isn’t sure either! It’s a toss up between cupcakes and cookies though!

  621. 648

    since i was diagnosed ceoliac, I’ve been obsessed with making the perfect GF cupcakes. My chocolate fudge ones are pretty good now! :D

  622. 649

    i am also a loving, dedicated fan on facebook

  623. 650

    Love a pink KitchenAid! It’d go fab in my kitchen (and help out my new business a lot)!

  624. 651

    I love to make HUGE batches of cookies in a mixer. Some to bake and eat, the rest for snacks later.

  625. 652

    I’m a fan on faceboob too!

  626. 653

    *facebook lol

  627. 654
    Marcela Sandoval says:

    The last thing I baked was sangria cupcakes… Yummie!

  628. 655

    Such a color! I’m a fan of all your work!

  629. 656
    Natalie stefkovic says:

    Facebook fan

  630. 657

    I am a huge sweetapolita fan!! :) (on and off of facebook!)

  631. 658


  632. 659

    Love following you on Facebook.. Keeps me posted on new blog posts & contests. Thank you!

  633. 660

    Brownies are always being made in my house. Family favourite.

  634. 661

    I make cookies most often-the smitten kitchen oatmeal raisin is my newest addiction :) That mixer is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

  635. 662
    Marcela Sandoval says:

    I am a fan of Sweetapolita on fb

  636. 663
    Heather McNicholas says:

    I love to bake cookies with my kids!

  637. 664

    I am a fan on Facebook.

  638. 665
    MacKenzie Ross says:

    I bake a lot of cookies!

  639. 666
    Barbi Post says:

    Can’t wait to get your book.

  640. 667

    I love the gorgeous cake photos you tempt us with on fb! Can’t wait for the new book!

  641. 668
    Heather McNicholas says:

    I already like you on facebook!

  642. 669

    I love baking cupcakes and cheesecakes!

  643. 670
    Kristin Gerard says:

    I make banana bread a lot but I also like to make cookies and cupcakes!

  644. 671
    Vickey White says:

    Every holiday I bake rolled out sugar cookies! I baked 3 batches today so I can decorate them tomorrow with my great niece she turned 3 and loves the frosting.
    I use a hand mixer and have always wanted a Kitchenaid Mixer!!

  645. 672
    Angelina Wu says:

    Rosie. My heart stopped and then jumped a beat when I saw that you had another post up! I have been literally checking your blog every. Single. DAY. And was always kinda disappointed when I saw you didn’t post anything, but I don’t blame you! I make my chocolate chiffon cake the most, that’s what my friends love! xo

  646. 673

    Lately it has been cookies and cake.

  647. 674
    Lauren Lucadano says:

    I absolutely love to bake scones! I am 16 and am always baking for friends and family and a new mixer would be amazing! It would make baking in larger quantities a lot easier! I am also a fan on Facebook:)

  648. 675

    Chocolate chip cookies are a staple in my house

  649. 676
    Kim Kihega says:

    I make cupcakes most often, they are my fave!

  650. 677

    I love to bake cookies and cakes. I recently moved to Colorado from Florida, so I’m still working out how to make the correct adjustments to cake batter to make it come out right. That gorgeous mixer is the exact same shade as the dress I wore to work today! I looooove that color so very very much. Happy Love day!!!!!!

  651. 678
    Mandy ogden says:

    I tend to make cupcakes the most, but prefer cakes and decorating ;-)

  652. 679

    I love to make cakes and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies I’ve tried French macaroons but haven been successful yet

  653. 680
    Angelina Wu says:

    Liked you on Facebook since the day I first saw your blog!

  654. 681

    I make a lot of cakes and muffins!

  655. 682


  656. 684
    Mandy ogden says:

    And I liked you on Facebook ages ago…I can not live without your recipe and instructions for swiss meringue buttercream, totally changed my life of frostings ;-)

  657. 685

    I bake chocolate chip cookies the most!

  658. 687
    Serena Locatelli says:

    All my yummy desserts I make for my costume dessert tables <3

  659. 688

    Pie dough

  660. 689

    I make cookies most often.

  661. 690

    I like you on FB!

  662. 691
    Faith Personett says:

    I bake cakes & make buttercream icing. Love this pretty pink KitchenAid!

  663. 692
    Jessica L. says:

    Definitely cupcakes!

  664. 693
    Kari Johnson says:

    Chocolate chip cookies

  665. 694
    Jessica L. says:

    I am a Facebook fan

  666. 695
    Kari Johnson says:

    Already a fan on facebook

  667. 696
    Shirley Bisschoff says:

    French Vanilla Cupcakes… love them. Do you post to New Zealand?

  668. 697
    Tamsie Duffin says:

    I make cupcakes most often x

  669. 698

    cookies, most definitely. my dad was trying to convince me to make more today!

  670. 699

    I love to bake shortbread cookies and chocolate cookies!

  671. 700


  672. 701

    Liked on Facebook

  673. 702

    I love baking chocolate cakes!!!

  674. 703

    I make cupcakes the most.

  675. 704

    I am a fan on facebook.

  676. 705

    I make cakes most often. ..off to make one now! :-)

  677. 706

    Mainly cupcakes but the odd Macaron & tart.

  678. 707

    Scratch brownies. Delish.

  679. 708

    I always make birthday cakes, plain cakes and chiffon cake. Thank u!

  680. 711
    I enjoy making cakes says:

    I enjoy making cakes :)

  681. 712
    felice hernandez says:


  682. 713
    Baked by Beth says:


  683. 714
    Karina Jones says:

    I make Chocolate Mud Cake the most :)

  684. 716


  685. 718

    I need one to make so many pastries :) and this color is to die for

  686. 719

    Considering its V Day, I’ve been baking all things ❤️ heart shape. Have a tray of decorated heart shape cookies here for my family to enjoy.

  687. 720

    Am a huge fan of sweetapolita and i liked in facebook :)

  688. 721
    Katie Fischer says:

    CAke or any form of it!

  689. 722

    I love to bake anything that I haven’t tried baking before. But what I actually bake the most is this white chocolate oatmeal cookie my mom loves.

  690. 723
    Lisa Woodard says:

    Banana bread, every week for my hubbie who takes it to work for his breakfast :)

  691. 724

    Love the color!

  692. 725

    I would love a new mixer. Mine has been on the fritz and I am afraid it is at the end of its long years! I love making my grandmothers chocolate decadence and have recently been making more layer cakes :)

  693. 726
    Chelsea Ren says:

    Great giveaway! Wishing for a pink mixer for the longest time but it is too expensive. My daughter and I love baking cupcakes, macaroon, chocolate chip cookies. Many thanks

  694. 727

    Crinkle cookies!! And soon to be macarons!

  695. 728

    cakes, cakes, and more cakes! they make everyone happy.:))

  696. 729

    Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies- basic but been making for years!

  697. 730

    Bake a lot of cupcakes and cakes.

  698. 731

    Mexican hot chocolate cupcakes

  699. 732

    Would love to win this! Been wanting one for a few years! Awesome giveaway:)

  700. 733

    I bake cupcakes a lot…followed by oatmeal cookies. :)

    Oh, how I would love this mixer!

  701. 734


  702. 735
    Samantha Vu says:

    Chocolate cake!!

  703. 736

    I make mostly wedding cakes and the occasional birthday cake.

  704. 737

    I am definitely a fan of Sweetapolita already on Facebook. I look forward to your book and your return to blogging! :)

  705. 738

    I’m already a Facebook fan. I use my mixer cupcakes, cookies, cakes, anything with sugar!!

  706. 739

    Homemade cinnamon rolls:)

  707. 740
    Samantha Vu says:

    I just liked sweetapolita on facebook.

  708. 741
    Candy Cain Severson says:

    Homemade cakes

  709. 742

    I am always baking cakes!

  710. 743

    Usually fudge brownies, they’re my coworkers’ favorite!

  711. 744

    I “like” on Facebook:)

  712. 745

    Cupcakes and cakes! New to your blog and all I have to say is, you make me want to be a better baker! So inspirational!

  713. 746

    I usually bake cupcakes or celebration cakes.

  714. 747

    I make lots of brownies. The missionaries love them!

  715. 748

    druken cherry caek

  716. 749

    I mostly use my (roommate’s) Kitchenaid to make cookies! I make plenty of other things too, but cookies are my mindless, easy, stress-brain thing to bake. I’m probably moving in the next couple of months, so getting a mixer of my own would be awesome.

  717. 750

    Lots of macaroons to be made

  718. 751

    I already liked sweetapolita on Facebook

  719. 752

    thanks love the mixer

  720. 753

    I love baking cake n puff pastry

  721. 754
    Debbie Donaldson says:

    I bake brownies, and I love the color of the K.A. Mixer!

  722. 755

    A loaf – banana, pumpkin. Or perhaps gingerbread – or brownies! Do I have to pick just one?
    I have a really sad, old food processor so I would greatly benefit from a fancy mixer! :)

  723. 756

    I love making cupcakes & frosting. Swiss meringue butter cream, of course!

  724. 757

    Cinnamon Rolls

  725. 758

    I make cookies a lot but I love making and decorating cakes!

  726. 759

    I’m also a fan on Facebook. =)

  727. 760

    i would say i bake alot of everything!
    but if i had to pick one it’s mostly cakes!

  728. 761
    Kimberly Tassone says:

    Love the pink KitchenAid Mixer!

  729. 762

    I bake cakes the most

  730. 763

    i’m also a fan on facebook :)

  731. 764

    Been a fan on Facebook for a long time- :)

  732. 765

    OMG! I really want to win this! :) I have a lot of reasons why I should. First, I need a new mixer since my old plastic mixer is not working quite as well anymore. :( And I have just resigned from my job to actually concentrate on baking. This would be really helpful in making my small home baking business flourish. :) I usually bake cookies. :) Well apart from the big help this Kitchenaid mixer would bring me, I really the love the color of this. Easy to tell. Cause it’s my favorite. :) Please pick me. I would be more than happy to use this in my kitchen every time I bake. :) Thank you, Sweetapolita! You guys are awesome. :)

  733. 766

    I just made a dark chocolate toasted marshmallow cake with raspberry buttercream and chocolate ganache. This cake was “over the top”. Would have been even better made with a beautiful pink mixer!

  734. 767

    Cakes,cupcakes, brownies,and cookies.

  735. 768

    I make cookies when I can!

  736. 769

    I follow you on Facebook.

  737. 770


  738. 771
    Verónica Acosta de Hernandez says:

    Definitely Cheesecake, after that, i think is spoge cake ;)

  739. 772
    Cheryl Newton says:

    Cookies or brownies – something portable for my boys’ Scout meetings.

  740. 773
    Kara Johnson says:

    I love making my chocolate cake with creamy chocolate frosting filled with a whipped chocolate ganache. I won 1st place at a local chocolate festival!!!

  741. 774

    Cheesecake and cookies.

  742. 775

    Cake pops! Like today, I’ve had a giant cupcake fail…. So cake pops it is

  743. 776

    I follow you on facebook!

  744. 777
    Verónica Acosta de Hernandez says:

    I already like you on facebook!

  745. 778

    I’ve been hosting a lot of friends staying at my home, so my go to baked goods have been little bites of cookies , scones ans biscuits! I’m already a fan on Facebook as well.

  746. 779

    Sugar Cookies and cupcakes!

  747. 780

    I can’t wait for your book to come out

  748. 781
    Fishgirl182 says:

    Probably chocolate chip cookies. They’re a classic.

  749. 782

    I am following you on facebook.

  750. 783
    Sharon Grice says:

    I make cakes the most but love to make cookies also :)

  751. 784

    Recently I’ve been baking lots of cakes and it’s so much fun!

  752. 785

    Vanilla cupcakes :)

  753. 786
    Karine D.G. says:

    Love this color ^-^ Happy Valentine Day to you and your family :)

  754. 788

    It’s a draw between cakes and cookies.

  755. 789

    I make chocolate chip cookies about once a week!

  756. 790
    Toni Stevenson says:

    I’m baking cakes more now than ever before. I was baking bars and pies, now its all about cakes.

  757. 791

    Cakes from your blog.

  758. 792
    Sarah Wamuhiu says:

    I love baking cookies especially oatmeal cookies!

  759. 793

    I love to bake! Cookies, cupcakes ,cakes,Cakepops and love to be inspired so many talented bakers!

  760. 794

    It’s my favorite color. How lovely~~~
    I would love to bake a strawberry cake
    that goes well with the mixer.

  761. 795
    Traci Taylor says:

    Cakes, cookies, and cupcakes.

  762. 796

    I bake cookies mostly, but this week I made 2 birthday cakes (both of your recipes – one vanilla cake, the other the chocolate ruffle cake) and your chocolate sugar cookies for valentine treats :) lots of birthdays this week:)

  763. 797

    I love making red velvet cupcakes

  764. 798

    Sugar cookies and royal icing:-)

  765. 799

    Cakes!!! And always use your recipes! Love them! Today is my birthday! Would love to win!!! :)
    Love your stuff! Keep the blog posts coming!!!

  766. 800

    Gluten free, casein free Cinnamon rolls, gluten free vegan brownies— a gfcf cake or two, or four..

  767. 801

    Cupcakes are my favorite to share with my co-workers….they think I’m the “Miss Betty Crocker” of work.

  768. 802
    Jocelyn Wang says:

    I love love love making cookies of all kind, my friends call me the cookie queen lol

  769. 803
    Jocelyn Wang says:

    I absolutely love love love making cookies of all kinds and experimenting with different flavors. My friends call me the cookie queen lol.

  770. 804

    I make bread most often.

  771. 805

    I especially LOVE to bake so…cookies, cakes, banana bread and so much more! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  772. 806

    My daughter and I make cakes. We love the color pink. This mixer would make a gteat addition to our kitchen.

  773. 807
    Caroline Evans says:


  774. 808
    Jocelyn Wang says:

    I already liked the Sweetapolita fb page!

  775. 809
    Caroline Evans says:

    I already like you on FB!

  776. 810

    I’m already a fan on Facebook!

  777. 811

    I absolutely LOVE making chocolate brownies with white choc chips drizzled with raspberry sauce <3 YUM, I'm salivating right now!

  778. 812
    Jill Ferguson says:

    Zucchini bread.

  779. 813

    Lately I’ve been making lots of bread in my mixer!

  780. 814

    I bake cupcakes the most so I can practice my icing decorating skills.

  781. 815

    I’m already a fan on Facebook.

  782. 816

    Brownies and cookies

  783. 817

    I’m already a fan on facebook.

  784. 818

    I make all kinds of baked goods all the time, but the cookie monsters live in my house, so cookies are the most often baked goods here!

  785. 819

    At our house we bake bread the most. Banana, pumpkin, we love them all!!

  786. 820


  787. 821

    I used to make a loaf of bread every week, but of late the thing I BAKE most of all tends to be cookies.

  788. 822

    I really love baking cupcakes and muffins. Yummm!!!! Cakes too sometimes.

  789. 823

    Muffins and cookies!! Many different kinds of each

  790. 824
    alena svetelska says:

    i do cakes and cookies mostly

  791. 825
    Mallory Hoopes says:

    cupcakes, cupcakes and more cupcakes! And some cookies! And a cheesecake or two… and some banana bread… the list could go on forever!

  792. 826

    I already like Sweetapolita on Facebook.

  793. 827

    I love to make cookies, brownies, and even bread in my mixer. Thanks so much for the beautiful mixer!

  794. 828
    Rachael Webb says:

    What I love to make with my mixer are those treats and sweets that make people happy. I love to make something the person wasn’t expecting to get something to show them they’re special and loved especially if it’s they’re favorite thing they didn’t think you remembered. Not only does it make them smile but it always makes me smile as well knowing something I made in my humble kitchen and tiny mixer could make someone so happy. That’s what I bake with my mixer.

  795. 829

    Cookies!! But I really want to try making macarons :)

  796. 830
    Mallory Hoopes says:

    already a fan on Facebook!

  797. 831

    Probably muffins. Because I always have overripe bananas. :)

  798. 832
    Manuela Vasilache says:

    Kept myself away from creams as my mixer is a hand one and also not a great one. Usually I make cookies, muffins, cakes and breads. Would love to have uch helper in my kitchen. Love your blog, stories and pictures. Hope I win this time ♥

  799. 833
    Nicole Kapp says:

    I make chocolate chip cookies the most!

  800. 834

    Just about anything.. but I think I love cookies the best! Something about getting them just right is so great!

  801. 835
    Nicole Kapp says:

    I already like you on Facebook!

  802. 836
    wendi watson says:

    i like you on faebook

  803. 837
    wendi watson says:

    i want to make meringue wight he mixer

  804. 838

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m all about the cakes, but recently I’ve been trying some bread too.

  805. 839

    Liked on Facebook :)

  806. 840
    Petya Stoyanova says:

    I usually bake a cake

  807. 841

    I like making brownies.

  808. 842

    I “like” your Facebook page.

  809. 843

    I’m already a fan on Facebook

  810. 844
    Katie Fischer says:

    i already like ya on fb!

  811. 845

    I love to bake cakes! Crazy cakes, cake pops, small cakes, rainbow cakes, tall cakes, small cakes! Well, I guess I love to design and dress them…the baking is kind of hum drum!

  812. 846

    I probably bake cookies the most, but I’m a baking floozie – I let my heart lead me. So glad to hear you’ll be back with us soon!

  813. 848

    Love Love LOVE that color! Would make some beautiful cakes with that one!

  814. 849
    Didi Radeva says:

    I very want this giveaway – its my dream.I I love the cake and cupcakes! I love the colour – flamingo!

  815. 850

    I love – love – love your scrumptious site!

  816. 851
    Didi Radeva says:

    I ama fan Facebook!

  817. 852

    I love to make cupcakes the most

  818. 853

    Lately I’ve been baking a lot of cupcakes and SMBC but cookie dough was my main mixer use. My mixer was the first gift my husband bought for me before we were married 22 years ago and it’s still working. It’s starting to sound tired so a new mixer has been on my wish list for a while.

  819. 854

    I like sweetapolita on Facebook

  820. 855

    I’m a fan on FB and follow your blog.

  821. 856

    I also follow you on Pinterest.

  822. 857

    Cupcakes – my true love ;) – in all flavours and colours ;)

  823. 858

    liking you on fb ;)

  824. 859

    Muffins are a big favorite at our house :)

  825. 860

    i love to make brownies and blondies!

  826. 861

    I like you on Facebook.

  827. 862
    T. Simpson says:

    Cookies and cakes!

  828. 863
    Kimberly A. says:

    Love making gluten free breads!

  829. 864

    I love baking cakes,cookies,pastries etc

  830. 865
    Linda Hendrix says:

    Cookies and Cakes! :)

  831. 866

    I usually make red velvet cake as my specialty. But I bake a lot of other things too!

  832. 867
    sourta ferta says:

    carrot cake

  833. 868

    :) I love it! It’s so pink!!

  834. 869

    I make lots and lots of cookies!

  835. 870

    I like you on FB

  836. 871
    Katie Newton says:

    Love the pink!! I’d be making bread and noodles. I’m already a fan! Thanks for posting the giveaway!

  837. 872

    I love baking cookies and cupcakes! And I like you on FB! :D:D

  838. 873

    I love making any kind of red velvet cake / cheesecake / truffles / icing!!

  839. 874

    I bake chocolate cupcakes most often. I do mix up the frosting though.

  840. 875
    Lydia james says:

    Lots and lots of cupcakes!

  841. 876

    A Kitchenaid mixer has been on my wishlist for so long haha. I definitely need one, since the one I own is almost as old as I am (19 years!) and is soon going to die on me.
    I’d definitely making lots of Cakes, Cupcakes and Swiss Meringue Buttercream. I love it all!

  842. 877

    I love to make tiramisu cakes

  843. 878
    Marina Connor says:

    I love to bake cakes with my mixer

  844. 879
    Erin Rutherford says:

    I bake a lot… but most often I bake goodies to take into my co-workers. They work hard for me and love my raspberry white chocolate scones.

  845. 880

    decorated sugar cookies!

  846. 881


  847. 882
    Erin Rutherford says:

    I’m a fan on facebook!

  848. 883

    already a FB fan :)

  849. 884

    I make more yeast breads than anything. All kinds and cinnimon rolls. And cookies?

  850. 885

    I like you (on facebook). Be my Valentine?? :)

  851. 886

    Cake and bread are tied.

  852. 887

    I already like Sweetapolita on Facebook.

  853. 888

    Shared on Facebook !

  854. 889

    Blueberry Cheesecake!!

  855. 890
    Cristina Menes Soro says:

    I cook cupcakes mostly but I love to cook in the mixer any cake I do too.

  856. 891

    I like you on Facebook

  857. 892

    Omg! The colour is just amazing! I’d love it to make a Pavlova!!

  858. 893

    Cakes, cupcakes, and pies!

  859. 894
    Louise Connell says:

    Cupcakes for special occasions and banana bread at home.

  860. 895

    Lately I’ve been all about cakes!!

  861. 896

    I bake cakes the most!

  862. 897
    Ellen Arthur says:

    Choc chip cookies!!

  863. 898

    I’m a fan of Sweetapolita, have been for ages. I bake cakes the most. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  864. 899
    Leny Volemanová says:

    I bake chocolate cake a lot because my honey is addicted to chocolate!))

  865. 900

    I love to make Angel Food Cake, Brownie, cupcakes!!!
    Thank you for your giveaway!!! And good luck with your book!

  866. 901

    I mostly bake cakes. Love the way it makes my house smell :)

  867. 902
    Sandra Page says:

    mmm I make cake!

  868. 903

    Great giveaway! I like the colour a lot. Good luck with your new book.

  869. 904


  870. 905

    Cakes or cookies

  871. 906

    I would probably use it when making Christmas cookies… since that’s the time of the year when I always seen to need a second mixer!

    And I follow you EVERYWHERE!

  872. 907

    Looooove kitchenaid…. I usually make cakes…

  873. 908

    Love baking cakes!!

  874. 909
    debbie durrant says:

    I like to bake cakes, the bigger the better :-)

  875. 910

    Homemade rolls.
    Yes I follow on facebook!

  876. 911
    Danielle Robinson says:

    I’m a facebook fan.
    I love baking cupcakes and cakes, the colour would my my floral kitchen amazingly :-)

  877. 912
    Kenelma McCrae says:

    I love to bake anything with a batter :D Cakes first then cupcakes, biscuits, anything sweet ;)
    I like you on Facebook and I’ve shared the giveaway x
    Good luck xx

  878. 913

    I make buttermilk cakes and buttercream most often in my mixer. First runner up would be another tie with sugar cookies and royal icing, and second runner up is cinnamon swirl bread!

  879. 914

    I would bake even more cupcakes. Plus I’d like to bake some cookies as well.
    So excited! Awesome giveaway!!

  880. 915

    Kitchenaid is the best! Lately a made since bread till cakes! I love to cook!!!!!