Flamingo Pink Mixer Giveaway!

Flamingo Pink Mixer

Happy, Happy Love Day, friends!

I’m excited to tell you that you will be seeing a lot more of me around here in about 3 weeks, as I finish up the all of the photography for my book. Once the photography has been submitted, I look forward to blogging like a crazy woman. I’ve missed you! It’s been a crazy year, working on this book, but I’m so eager to see it all come together–I can’t wait to share it with you (even a sneak peek!).

So to say thank you for being so patient with my absence, and because it’s the pinkest day of the year, I thought I would give away a  Kitchenaid 4.5 Qt Stand Mixer in this amazing Flamingo Pink shade, to one lucky reader!

Flamingo Pink KitchenAid Mixer

While the giveaway details are the same as always, I’m trying out a new system for managing the giveaway, so it should be as smooth as can be to enter. xo

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Good luck, and I hope you’re being adored to smithereens today!


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    • Zarina Evangelista says

      I love making cookies and cupcakes! I have a small mixer but my clientele is growing!This helper is very welcome in my kitchen!

  1. Mary Ann Neville says

    The baked good I make the most often? Chocolate cookies (a tie between chocolate crinkle and chocolate chip)!

  2. ch35c0 says

    I have to say cakes. The last one was my own birthday cake and my niece enjoyed it so much she’s been asking me to make her more…

  3. arlene britt says

    In the last month, I’ve baked mostly whoopie pies. Although, I do love making layer cakes whenever I get the chance.

  4. Elyce says

    Always usually cake, I LOVE cake. Especially your bakery style vanilla cake with whipped vanilla bean and white chocolate frosting with a raspberry coulis in the middle! yum!!!

  5. arlene britt says

    Oh, and Rosie, I don’t just like you on FB, I LOVE you on FB. Welcome back to blogging because I surely have missed you.

  6. sarah says

    I love love love baking! This would be perfect for making some delicious brownies…And cupcakes…ok, it would be perfect for pretty much anything :)

  7. says

    Mmm it’s hard to tell, I don’t think there’s a single thing I make more often… Maybe cookies? I’m so excited to get your book by the way, I bet it’s gonna be so pretty!

  8. says

    I would probably see how different a stand alone mixer is to a hand held mixer for a regular sponge! Currently only have a small hand held whisk so this would be fab x

  9. April says

    I was a big cake girl, but more recently I have started making cupcakes and cake pops, but cakes are still my favorite!

  10. LINDA says

    Swiss meringue buttercream! Your recipe of course. :) Absolutely love the flavor and texture. Couldnt do it without a great mixer.

  11. colleen says

    I make cookies with my boys at least 3 times a week. and may I just say that the kitchen aid is sooo pretty ! I <3 it !

  12. Stephanie Ace says

    I mostly make macarons with my mixer, well actually it’s my mum’s mixer haha, so that’s why I would love to win this Kitchenaid. I am dying over the colour too :)

  13. Goreti says

    I baked a lot of cheesecakes for my daughter since it is her favorite. For hubby, it is cookies, coffee cakes, muffins etc. He likes something sweet in the morning.

  14. Barbra says

    I make lots of cakes for family and friends birthdays. I make my own icing and use for cookie dough. My old one broke I need a new one bad.

  15. Amanda Prisciak says

    I love making cupcakes. They are easy to transport. They are already portioned. You can display 6 or 60 and they will always look good. You can freeze them and take them out as needed. They are cute, compact, and incredibly tasty. Long live the cupcake!

  16. Tiffany says

    I make all sorts of baked goods. From cupcakes to chocolate caramel shortbread squares (my favorite). Im pregnant right now, so I am trying to find other options to fill my sweet tooth and also plan for kid friendly food for when the baby gets old enough.

  17. Barbara says

    Baking has become a new passion of mine so experimenting with cakes! Recent cake I made was carrot cake with left over carrots from my juicer!

  18. Maria in NJ ~Dolcelicious Bake Shoppe says

    Rosie!! yes you have been missed, nice to see ya back! And good luck with the book! Thank you for a chance to win…m

  19. Carla E. Lawrence says

    Lately, I haven’t been baking so much because I don’t have a beautiful colored Kitchen Aid Mixer or any great mixer like a Kitche Aid, but I’ve been wanting one for several years now, so I pray that I win this contest so I can get to baking! Thanks for the awesome giveaway…

  20. says

    I so would love a kitchenaid mixer last weekend made Swiss Buttercream with a hand mixer and it took an hour win this would be such a blessing and an amazing birthday present since tomorrow is my birthday! Thank you for this opportunity!

  21. Vitoria de Almeida says

    I have been wanting this mixer so badly. Unfortunatly it doesn’t exist here in brazil, and importing would be really expensive D:
    Lately I’m all about making cookies! They are so fun to make!
    Happy valentine’s day!

  22. Trixie says

    Oooooh, flamingo pink would look so awesome on my counter – and we all know how important aesthetics are when it comes to edible creations ;) Right now I only have a few hand mixers that I use for all of my baking projects, but a stand mixer would sure come in handy when whipping up some creamy buttercream…which, coincidentally, I’ll be doing later this evening!

  23. Cindy Williams Leonard says

    Oatmeal cookies! They’re my all time favorite comfort food…I love to dip them in a warm cuppa tea!

  24. says

    I like to bake something different everything time. I like to learn new things and experiment a lot because I want to improve myself as much as possible in baking. But something standard that I always bake is different kinds of bread and yeast buns and different cakes.

  25. Malory says

    I am mostly making things that will bake in small loaf pans or in small batches since my apartment lacks a full sized oven. Banana bread is always a favorite!

  26. pam ehrhardr says

    I make mostly cakes, but I occasionally make cupcakes. I just made your red velvet cake today!!! I can’t wait to try it after dinner! Mmmmmm!

  27. Nakida says

    Not only would I love this but it’ll be such a blessing to bake better cakes and cupcakes with son who absolutely love baking with me.. And it’s pink my favorite color.

  28. Christine says

    I bake anything and everything! I wake up in the morning and something new has popped into my head so I head to the store for the ingredients I don’t have and bake away. One day might be red velvet cookies, the next might be marshmallows! My husband has thought of buying me two mixers and more bowls do as much as I bake

  29. Barbara Poirrier says

    I make cookies during the week and on the weekend . . I make cookies! A pink mixer would be a cheerful addition to my kitchen!

  30. Jackie says

    My favorite thing to bake is chocolate chip cookies! I love trying new and slightly different recipes and finding out which I like best

  31. Timmy says

    I’m a baker by profession, so that’s a tough question. But, at home, I am most often baking birthday cakes for friends and family.

  32. Janet Martin says

    Lately been doing lots of cakes and cupcakes. At the holidays I
    do awesome amounts of sour dough rolls.
    The kitchen aid would really be a help with b
    Both baking projects

  33. Monica says

    I LOVE baking cookies but can’t afford a beautiful stand mixer and recently almost burned out the motor on my hand mixer with some delicious chocolate chip cookies. Yikes!

  34. Cassie says

    I use my mixer you so many things now the options seem endless. From sweet to savory, my favorite thing would have to be anything chocolate that comes from my mixer. Not only for the delicious baked aftermath, but also for the ever tempting licking of the bowl. Eggs or not there us no stopping that spatula from going in my mouth.

  35. Krissy says

    I would use this for oh so many things! Meringues, marshmallows and all those yummy fluffy desserts that take a lot of whipping.

  36. says

    I make shortbread most often… working as a busy teacher, it can be hard to find time for complicated bakes (and I never remember to buy eggs…) but after school I often need a shortbread hit!

  37. Donna says

    Normally I would say cake, BUT lately Ive come across so many chocolate chip cookie recipes claiming to be “the best”, so I put them to the test! Haha :)

  38. Natalie W says

    OMG, what a darling color!! I just moved into my first apartment and this would be a great addition.
    Red Velvet cupcakes would be wonderful made in this sweet little mixer!!

  39. Linda Delcastilho says

    I baked no knead bread when I had access to a Kitchenaid stand mixer, but can’t afford one now. I bake cookies now.

  40. Dana says

    I’ve missed seeing the beautiful creations you make with your beautiful family! Looking forward to you coming back!

    I make muffins and cookies the most. Though I also like to make banana bread Yum!

  41. Aimee N. says

    It’s a toss up between cookies and cakes… I probably make more cookies than cakes though! That mixer is HOT! LOVE IT!

  42. Lisa M. says

    I use the mixer mostly for cookies, cakes and frosting with my kids, but also use it for dinner dishes like mixing meatloaf, mashed potatoes, cheese mixture for macaroni & cheese, lasagna filling, etc. I couldn’t live without my mixer!

  43. Vaishnavi says

    I love love love baking cupcakes !!! Cz they’re easy to make and lots of fun to decorate:) and I also love sweetapolita.. :) fab blog and superb pictures!!

  44. says

    Most often? Probably cookies. Most likely chocolate/white chocolate/butterscotch chip cookies. But it’s a close tie with cakes and cupcakes. We do a lot of baking at our house.

  45. Dale says

    Ginger molasses cookies, with some crystallized ginger to spice things up! A favorite among my roommates and family, and always makes me friends at work. And yes, I am a facebook fan!

  46. Crystal says

    I’ve never had a stand mixer. So I make my cupcakes the old fashioned way. I really need a mixer to get my buttercream prefect :)

  47. Rebecca Darrieutort says

    Hi Rosie !!
    I’ve been loving to bake cookies ! Just last week I made peanut butter cookies with some chocolate cubes. It was really delicious !!
    I love and like you on everything and of course Facebook !!

  48. Kelly A says

    I love to make things for my family and friends, cupcakes are my favorite! My daughter is just starting out and I would love to win this for her!

  49. Aidyn says

    I love to bake cakes and cookies…anything chocolate chip and dulce de leche yumm <3
    homever lately I have been making carrot cake from scratch frequently (wonderful three layer moist carrot cake with pineapple, golden raisins and pecans+ dulce de leche filling+ fluffy vanilla bean cream cheese frosting+ finished with candied pecans on the sides. I get many request for this one from family and friends on their birthdays.
    Another is "Mostachon" cake. A light, sweet and salty meringue cake. (Meringue cake with butter crackers and pecans incorporated+ cream whipped frosting with cream cheese+ topped with fresh fruit usually strawberry, pineapple or mango)
    Lots of mixing and whipping for both of these, but the end results is priceless.
    …especially to see how these are enjoyed by my loved ones.
    I Initially started looking into blogs and baking after coming across yours a couple of years ago….glad i did, you have been a great inspiration, thank you!

  50. Amanda says

    I bake once a week chocolate cupcakes without frosting, well it’s not the typical american or english cupcakes… I bake spanish cupcakes, so sweet and soft for one week. I love it!

  51. Kathy Torchia says

    Cookies definitely Chocolate Chip Cookies. That’s why my email is kathyscookies :) Love love love the color of this mixer!

  52. krista goncalves says

    Love this, its the best mixture this would help all my orders alone very well…

    Krista :) Happy Valentine’s day!

  53. Breana Overly says

    I love kitchen aid! I make scones and cookies most often, and I love making bread and cinnamon rolls when I have extra time between my studies:)

  54. Erin M says

    Oh how great that would look in my new kitchen! My 9 year old kitchen aid died and have been borrowing my moms 20+ year old kitchen aid. Would love to stop borrowing! ;)

  55. says

    I realy love you web site, and I love pink things :). I usually prepare a cookies beacause my little familly love this…Hope I win the pink Kitechenaid :)

  56. Anna says

    It seems to have become an every other week ritual of mine to bake some stress relieving bavarian sugar cookies. Oh. My. Favorites.

  57. Amy says

    I have just started my own little at home party business. Something I can do while the kids are running around. So I have been baking a variety of things lately but by far my most requested are the in right now Push Pops. But boy is it hard doing all this cooking with just a hand mixer!

  58. Peggy Findley says

    I love making lots of treats…I most recently made homemade marshmallows! As for baked goods, I love to make cookies for my little girls.

  59. Katarina Johansson says

    The only electrical appliances I have is a toaster and a handmixer. I bake quite a bit so this would be perfect. What a lovely giweaway! Thank you! Happy Valentine’s Day! :)

  60. Lauren says

    By far any kind of cookie. I don’t know why but I just love making cookies. Right now my favorite cookie is all organic oatmeal chocolate chip f make from scratch.

  61. Sharon Solly says

    My Kitchenaid mixer is about 25 years old and still going well but is showing her age. I have used mine in a professional capacity in a catering business as well as baked everything and anything for my family.I could really use a new one..and the PINK one ROCKS ! :)

  62. Carole says

    I could really use this mixer. I currently use a manual one, my daughter :-)
    Banana bread is my fave recipe. I enjoy trying out different recipes of banana bread to find the perfect one!

  63. Stephanie says

    You’re going to make us chose one thing? That’s too hard. I make every kind of goodie under the sun! Favorite to make would be cinnamon rolls or pastries, favorite to eat would be my chocolate hazelnut cheesecake.

  64. Beth says

    I bought my Kitchen aid to make my cousins Wedding cake in 1979. It’s prepared so may wedding, birthday, cheesecakes and assorted other goodies over all these years. It’s getting kind of tired. Had to be repaired once. What a great purchse it’s been over all these years. But OMG this one is just too HOT.

  65. says

    I LOVE HOT PINK! And I LOVE TO BAKE! – Especially beautifully frosted cupcakes because I am an artist and I love to create. I can spend hours on end decorating cookies/cupcakes/cakes and never once get bored!

  66. Sherry D says

    I had been wondering why I hadn’t seen posts from your blog for a while… I was new to it so I thought that was the frequency at which you updated. I am so excited to hear you will be posting more often and that you will have a book out soon! I will definitely be adding it to my wish list. Hope you plan on selling on Amazon! :D

  67. LaFleece Williams says

    Sweetapolita has reawakened my passion for baking. Today I made the raspberry red velvet cake only minus the raspberries because there’re hard to get here (I’m from SVG in the Caribbean :))

  68. Michelle says

    The last thing I made in my old mixer was mashed potatoes with cream cheese cheddar cheese to top my vegetarian shepherd’s pie. But I usually make cakes, frosting, meringue, and cookies with it.
    I absolutely LOVE this color!!!!!

  69. Sacha says

    I had to ask my boyfriend… because I wasn’t sure. Turns out he isn’t sure either! It’s a toss up between cupcakes and cookies though!

  70. Dana says

    I make cookies most often-the smitten kitchen oatmeal raisin is my newest addiction :) That mixer is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

  71. Vickey White says

    Every holiday I bake rolled out sugar cookies! I baked 3 batches today so I can decorate them tomorrow with my great niece she turned 3 and loves the frosting.
    I use a hand mixer and have always wanted a Kitchenaid Mixer!!

  72. Angelina Wu says

    Rosie. My heart stopped and then jumped a beat when I saw that you had another post up! I have been literally checking your blog every. Single. DAY. And was always kinda disappointed when I saw you didn’t post anything, but I don’t blame you! I make my chocolate chiffon cake the most, that’s what my friends love! xo

  73. Lauren Lucadano says

    I absolutely love to bake scones! I am 16 and am always baking for friends and family and a new mixer would be amazing! It would make baking in larger quantities a lot easier! I am also a fan on Facebook:)

  74. Chelsey W says

    I love to bake cookies and cakes. I recently moved to Colorado from Florida, so I’m still working out how to make the correct adjustments to cake batter to make it come out right. That gorgeous mixer is the exact same shade as the dress I wore to work today! I looooove that color so very very much. Happy Love day!!!!!!

  75. Mandy ogden says

    And I liked you on Facebook ages ago…I can not live without your recipe and instructions for swiss meringue buttercream, totally changed my life of frostings ;-)