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Rainbow Crunchy Sprinkle Bundle


Rainbow Crunchy Sprinkle Bundle

$32.00 USD

Lets get this celebration started - it's time for the VALUE-PACKED RAINBOW CRUNCHY SPRINKLE BUNDLE!

This summery sweet bag contains 5 bright bottles of our best-selling classic, single-colour crunchy sprinkles. This makes the perfect gift for pals, loves, family or anyone who needs some sprinkle love (maybe even you?). Use them individually, or get creative and mix them up to make your own rainbow-inspired sprinkle!

This bag contains a 3.2oz NET WT bottle of each of the following classic crunchy sprinkles: 

Bright Pink Crunchy Sprinkles

Bright Yellow Crunchy Sprinkles

Bright Blue Crunchy Sprinkles

Purple Crunchy Sprinkles

Orange Crunchy Sprinkles

SUPER VALUE! Total value is $40 - (that's 5 bottles for the price of 4, yay!)