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Emergency Doses of Happy Kit


Emergency Doses of Happy Kit

$24.00 USD $24.00 USD $24.00 USD $22.00 USD $22.00 USD

At last, you can enjoy our adorable Emergency Doses of Happy in this adorable rainbow kit filled with 7 x our 1oz tubes filled with the perfect dose of sprinkles! Offered in 4 different versions, enjoy for yourself, add atop gifts, or coordinate with a party theme and give guests a sweet little party favour. 

Keep them in your pocket, purse or pantry for when you need to sprinkle some sweetness at home or on the go! Sprinkle your restaurant dessert, your soft serve cone or even your street-cart hot dog--we won't judge. #whatdoyoudose

Currently available in 5 options (if you would like to see a certain Sprinkle Medley added, please let us know, as we will be adding additional versions!): 

Birthday Party




Neon Lights

*Each Rainbow Tube comes packed with 7 x 1oz (~20g of sprinkles in each) tubes of 1 Sprinkle Medley.