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Spring + Easter Surprise Bags


Spring + Easter Surprise Bags

$10.00 USD $12.00 USD

Get your sprinkly-cuteness mega-fix with our LIMITED EDITION Spring + Easter Surprise Bags, featuring two adorable sprinkle designs/contents: BE HOPPY and PEEP, PEEP!

While we can’t tell you what’s in these adorable bags, we can tell you that they are packed with exclusive, one-of-a-kind spring + Easter designs, and offer great value!

Each bag contains 2 x 4oz (volume) bottles + 3 x 2oz (volume) bottles.


VALUE: $40

Available in two versions: 

BE HOPPY (contains some fancy and twinkly Sprinkle Medleys containing metallic dragées). CONTAINS: MILK, SOY, WHEAT.

Some of the medleys in BAG A contain dragées, which include silver colouring declared as edible across the globe, however must contain the disclaimer in the USA "for decorative purposes only." 

PEEP, PEEP! (these Sprinkle Medleys do not contain any metallic dragées, and are ideal for kids, decorating cookies, ice cream and more!). CONTAINS: MILK, SOY. GLUTEN-FREE

Please note that if you purchase more than one of the same bag you will receive duplicates. Let us spring-kle the love! xo