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SPRINKLES Surprise Bag | Sweetapolooza Edition


SPRINKLES Surprise Bag | Sweetapolooza Edition

$40.00 USD $40.00 USD

Get your SWEETAPOLOOZA mega-fix with our LIMITED EDITION large SPRINKLES Surprise Bags, featuring two adorable options to celebrate all things Sweetapolita!

While we can’t tell you what’s in these adorable bags, we can tell you that they are packed with exclusive, one-of-a-kind summery-sweet designs, and offer great value at $40 each for the month of July (Reg Price: $48, Value: $80+)

Each bag contains 2 x 8oz (volume) bottles, 5 x 4oz (volume) bottles, 1 x 2oz (volume) bottle & 1 magnet 


Available in two versions of contents inside: A and B. 

BOTH BAGS CONTAIN MILK, WHEAT, SOY AND GELATIN. May contain trace amounts of egg and/or tree nuts. 

Please note that if you purchase more than one of the same bag you will receive duplicates. Let us sprinkle the love! xo

*The medleys in these bags are the twinkliest of the sprinkliest and may contain metallic dragées that are very hard and as with any hard candy, represent a choking hazard to small children and risk to your teeth. Please consume with caution.

*The metallic dragées contain silver colour classified as edible in Canada, Europe and most other countries, but not yet approved by the FDA (USA). Sprinkle Medleys that contain metallic dragées are considered for decorative purposes only in the USA.

 *The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and, due to the nature of our product, may not be an identical representation of component ratios or colours (appearance of colours will range across devices). Sweetapolita reserves the right to change product images or specifications, if necessary, without notice.