Filled Pastel Meringue Nests & Feathers
  • 1 batch Pastel Meringue Nests
  • 1 batch Vanilla Bean Swiss Meringue Buttercream
  • Vanilla Fondant about size of tennis ball
  • Tylose powder
  • Confectioners' sugar or cornstarch for rolling fondant
  • Bright White soft gel paste optional
You will also need:
  • A small rolling pin
  • small sharp knife
  • silicon feather mold small
To make the fondant feathers:
  1. Press fondant until flattened and sprinkle with tylose powder, kneading in to incorporate.
  2. Roll small piece of fondant (placing extra fondant in small sealed bag) on a confectioners'-sugar-dusted surface until about 1/16 (I use the pink guides on the small Wilton rolling pin). Place one half of the feather mold onto the fondant and cut around the outline of the mold, about 1/2" bigger than the mold. Line up the other half of the mold, sandwiching the fondant in between by gently pressing straight down. Remove the top mold, and carefully remove the fondant feather, placing back on dusted surface. Use sharp paring knife or craft blade to trim excess fondant and to create some tiny slices along the edges for a realistic look. Let dry on crumpled paper towel, shaping them slightly to dry the way you want them (slightly curved, etc).
  3. Once dry, you can carefully paint them with a small paint brush and bright white gel color paste, if desired. Let dry completely. Dried feathers are fragile, so treat with care.
To assemble the meringue nests:
  1. Fit a pastry bag with a large plain round tip and fill bag 2/3 full with buttercream. Fill each meringue nest until buttercream comes just above top of nest and top with fondant feather.