Rainbow Doodle Birthday Cake

Rainbow Doodle Cake via Sweetapolita

I hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with feasting, family, and friends. I know we certainly did! We celebrated Easter as well as our little Reese’s 4th birthday. On Saturday we went to “The County,” where Grant grew up, to visit his dad (Grandpa), step-mom Kathy (Grammy), and family at the farm. It’s such a neat situation, because it’s the house Grant grew up in, which is on the same property as his grandfather’s (Poppy) farmhouse, so when we go with the kids, there’s so much for them to see and do. With Easter and Reese’s birthday falling on the same weekend this year (a rare occurrence), we decided it would be fun to celebrate in The County on Saturday. When Reese and I were talking about birthday cake ideas, we thought it would be the perfect time to make the brilliant Rainbow Cake.

When Reese first saw the Rainbow Cake on Whisk Kid’s blog, she fell in love with it, and rightfully so–this cake is a kid’s dream come true with its 6 vibrant rainbow-coloured layers and tons of buttercream! Kaitlin’s blog is filled with scrumptious cakes and treats, photos, and helpful baking hints, and if you haven’t yet, you really must check it out! As a cake girl myself, I have to tell you that I think her rainbow cake invention was likely the most genius layer cake design in the history of cake. She’s pretty amazing herself–a 20 year old sophomore at Michigan State University who happens to be a super-bright, passionate and talented baker/blogger, and more. If you don’t believe me, ask Martha Stewart who had Kaitlin herself on the show to demonstrate the making of the Rainbow Cake!

Rainbow Doodle Cake via Sweetapolita

I told Kaitlin that I think the fact that she left her buttercream Rainbow Cake white on the outside was complete brilliance and perfectly executed. I was tempted to do that as well, but I thought it would be so fun to let Reese design the outside of her own cake, so I covered the buttercream Rainbow Cake with some white fondant, chilled it overnight, and then handed her a pack of AmeriColor Food Colour Markers (below)–again, a dream come true for an artsy and infinitely creative kid like her. I ordered these pens awhile back, and promised her that someday soon she could colour on her own cake. She was so excited that she even sketched out some ideas on paper with regular markers, so that she was ready and prepared (this is so my child). First thing she did was write her first name, then her full name, then a number 4. Then she thought about it, and just did whatever she wanted until the cake was filled with doodles. My personal favourite is the rainbow and the big yellow sun. Wouldn’t it be cute to make matching sugar cookies covered in white fondant, and let the kids decorate their own cookies at a birthday party? Or even writing guests’ names on fancy cookies as place cards. So much fun!

Rainbow Doodle Cake via Sweetapolita

What I absolutely love about this cake is the element of surprise and the wow-factor, when the first piece is cut and served. There was literally some audible gasps at the table when they saw the rainbow inside, and the kid inside of me couldn’t be more in love with rainbow layers (was a tween in the 80s, what can I say). The cake is made by dividing and colouring vanilla cake batter using gel colours (I used the recipe below, but any vanilla butter cake would work well) and baking in separate pans for 15 minutes each. The process was really a fun change for me and Reese helped colour all of the bowls of batter. This piece with “Alyea” on it makes me smile; I suppose that’s one way to claim your piece! I think I may start doing that around here. The cake itself was so delicious, and I just adore Lemon Swiss Meringue Buttercream, so that was the perfect addition to the vanilla cake and vanilla fondant. So decadent with all of that gorgeous buttercream!

Here’s our little birthday girl full of love, laughter, and life . . .

Just sitting around being cute and, well, four. It’s hard to believe that she’s four, actually. Sounds cliche, but it’s so true. When she was a baby, I used to sing “Turn Around” to her on a regular basis after hearing Grant’s stepmom sing it to her–every single time I sang that to her I would be crying before even the end of verse 1:

Where are you going my little one, little one
Where are you going my baby, my own
Turn around and you’re two
Turn around and you’re four
Turn around and you’re a young girl
Going out of the door

Okay, it seems that even writing about it makes me cry, but that’s exactly what happened: I turned around she was two, and then I turned around and she was four. Here’s my favourite photo of her when she was two:


My favourite of Reese’s modeling gigs–definitely a particularly proud mommy moment (sorry if that’s a total mommy brag)! Well, on second thought, I won’t complain that she’s four, because as the next verse of that song reminds me, I’ll turn around and she’ll be having “babes of her own.” I’ll take four and enjoy every minute of it.


An unexpected birthday highlight at the farm was driving Grandpa’s tractor for the first time. Apparently, she’s quite the driver!

After those tractor-driving lessons from Grandpa, she was ready to drive cousin Lucas’ Jeep, and did she ever.

Then it was time to hitch a ride with cousin Piper; now if only the closest Starbucks wasn’t 30 miles away . . .

Have a wonderful week! We were lucky enough to have another fun birthday dinner for Reese with Grant’s mom (Nanny) and sister, Mary, here at our house last night, and we’re about to have yet another tonight, since it’s her actual birthday today . . . a birthday Mardi Gras of sorts!

Here’s the recipe for the Rainbow Cake followed by my how-to for the Doodle Cake version:

Rainbow Doodle Birthday Cake         {click here for printable recipe}

Rainbow Cake via Whisk Kid

White Cake (but not really)

2 sticks (226 g) butter, room temp
2 1/3 c (466 g) sugar
5 egg whites, room temp
2 teaspoons vanilla
3 c (375 g) all-purpose flour
4 tsp baking powder
½ tsp salt
1 1/2 c (355 g) milk, warmed for 30 sec in microwave to bring to room temp
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple GEL food coloring. Liquid will not be vibrant enough!

Preheat the oven to 350F degrees. Oil and line how ever many 9” cake pans you have (I have three and I just reused them).

Sift together the flour, baking powder and salt. Set aside.

Cream the sugar and butter, then add the egg whites (I cracked them all into one bowl) and add them a little at a time. Add the vanilla and mix until fully incorporated. Then, alternating between wet and dry, add the milk and flour mixture in two parts.

Divide the batter amongst 6 bowls (I did it by weight. Weigh your mixing bowl before you begin adding ingredients and then subtract the weight of the bowl from the final measurement after the batter is completed. Divide that number by six and add that weight of batter to each bowl), and then whisk a fair amount of the appropriate food color into each bowl. Keep in mind that the color of the unbaked batter will be the color of the baked batter. Pour into the pans and bake for 15 minutes each.

When you remove them from the oven, let them rest on the cooling rack, in the pan, for ten minutes. Then flip, cover, and stash them in the fridge to cool quickly.

Lemony Swiss Meringue Buttercream

To fill and crumb coat:
9 egg whites
1 ¾ c (350 g) sugar
4 sticks (454 g) of butter, room temp
2 tsp lemon extract

To frost:
5 egg whites
1 c (200 g) sugar
2 sticks (227 g) butter, room temp
1 tsp lemon extract

Cook the egg whites and sugar in a small saucepan over medium heat, whisking constantly, until the sugar is completely dissolved (test by rubbing some between your fingers. If it’s completely smooth, it’s done). Pour into another bowl (a stand mixer is preferable) and whip on high speed until room temp. Then, on a medium-slow speed, add the butter, waiting until each piece is completely incorporated before adding the next. After all the butter has been added, turn the mixer back to high speed and whip until it has come together, about five minutes. Add the extract, beat briefly and then use.

If the buttercream seems soupy after all of the butter is added and does not come together after whipping, refrigerate for 5 to 7 minutes and continue whipping until it becomes fluffy and workable.

Stack the layers in your preferred order and fill and frost as you would any other cake.

Sweetapolita’s Notes & Doodle Cake How-To:

1. For tips & tricks on making Swiss Meringue Buttercream, both Kaitlin & I have posts about this, so lots of info!

Swiss Meringue Buttercream Demystified and How to Make Swiss Meringue Buttercream

  • You may find my previous post 50 Tips for Baking Better Cakes helpful with this cake (and hopefully others).
  • I was worried at first that I somehow made the layers too thin, but they were perfect, so don’t panic when they seem almost pancake-like! Once you pile 6 of those layers and all of that buttercream, the cake is a perfect height. Mine was about 4.5″ high. Use a 9-inch,  1/4″ thick cake board when building the cake.
  • To make the doodle cake, cover the buttercream cake in white fondant and refrigerate overnight. You will need approximately 2 lbs, 3 oz of fondant for a 9″ round 5″ high cake. Remove cake from refrigerator and let child (or anyone!) colour all over cake using AmeriColor Food Colour Markers (below). Place cake back in refrigerator every 15 minutes or so, if it begins to soften before child is finished (otherwise you will get dents in the cake). It’s also fun to have everyone at a birthday party sign the cake, write a message, draw a picture, etc!
  • You can store finished cake in refrigerator, but serve at room temperature or buttercream won’t be soft enough and the flavours won’t come through as intended. I typically take this type of fondant-covered cake out of refrigerator about 6 hours before serving. Just a note the cake will dent very easily when ready to serve,  so avoid touching the cake itself.
  • As another kids craft cake alternative, you may like Paintable Chocolate Peanut Butter & Jelly Cakes.

You can find the AmeriColor Food Colour Markers here:

*A note about the rainbow cake colours: I used AmeriColor electric gel colours to get such vibrant hues in the cake while adding minimal colouring. Here are the colours I used and links to find them:

Electric Purple AmeriColor Gel Colour – Electric Purple – 4 oz
Electric Blue AmeriColor Gel Colour – Electric Blue – 4 oz
Electric Green AmeriColor Gel Colour – Electric Green – oz
Electric Yellow AmeriColor Gel Colour – Electric Yellow – 4 oz
Electric Orange AmeriColor Gel Colour – Electric Orange – 4 oz
Super Red AmeriColor Gel Colour – Super Red – 4 oz

Good luck & enjoy!


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    • Vasia says

      What a wonderfull colors and disinds…thank for the inspiration!!!keep up and we will follow you because you are amazing,you and your ideas who make us give happiness to ours beloved with those super recipes to share with them…!i have to admitt that I think the most times I enjoy it more than everyone else…!!!thanx again!!!

    • victoria says

      I came across this post on pinterest. Im pretty new to it and have no idea how I got here but boy, am I glad I did. Thank you for this walk through this cake is awesome and pretty and the big kid in me is desperate to try this!!! Iv bookmarked it for my daughters 3rd birthday :-) xxx

    • Aruna Singh says

      Love the doodle cake idea. Thank you for that. I am not sure if i would get the food color markers here……

  1. Sheila says

    Awesome cake! I plan on making the rainbow cake with fondant also for my son’s graduation cake. I am going to ask his friends and family to “sign” the cake.

  2. Virginia says

    Hi, just wanted to tell you, I made your Hawaiian Carrot Cake for Easter…didn’t make a cake, made cupcakes…the recipe yielded 27 cupcakes and I baked them for 20 minutes…
    OMG!!! The best carrot cake EVER!!!! They were luscious!!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing the recipe.

  3. kimi says

    Thanks for posting the recipe! The cake is awesome!:) Happy Birthday to cute little Reese! :) Does it taste good too? I love the vanilla cake recipe that you post and I was thinking to add colors to it. But if this one tastes good then I will try the recipe. Just don’t want to waste butter…. so expensive… Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!:)

  4. says

    Happy Birthday to Beautiful Reese! You made her a wonderful cake and leaving her to personalize it with her own drawings is just a perfectly fabulous idea. She is quite the budding little artist! Yes, her sun and rainbow is sweet, she is very good at putting detail into her drawings. Love that her present has the bow wrapped around it and that her cake drawing has four candles and the icing decoration. Looks like the birthday girl and her family enjoyed a wonderful day in the country!

  5. says

    this is so adorable! i too have been a big fan of the awe-inspiring rainbow layer cake for quite some time, but i think letting little ones doodle on the outside of it is the cutest thing ever. i can only imagine that it was a blast for your little lady to color her own special cake!

  6. says

    AH! It’s all so darn cute! I love your photos and I’m so glad to hear that it was a hit. The drawings on the cake are even cuter than I ever thought they could be.

    You’re so sweet. Thank you for the mention!

  7. says

    What a GREAT idea! My kids are always wanting to help decorate the cakes, and it’s really, really hard to say no when it’s something I must do on my own. I LOVE this! Reese’s drawings are almost too perfect! The rainbow cake inside is striking! Happy, happy 4th Birthday, Reese!

  8. says

    She is gorgeous! What fun. I love the look on their faces when we make something for our babies. Not that they all look like this, but no matter what they are, they love them! Thanks for sharing this precious moment with us, Rosie. YOu made me smile!

  9. says

    What a beautiful daughter you have! That cake is so much fun, she must have loved it! It is absolutely adorable! Don’t blink, your daughter will be a teenager soon ;-)

  10. says

    Happy Birthday sweet little Reese! What a lucky little girl you are to have such a talented mama! What a scrumdillicious birthday! Wishing you all a year full of joy & wonder!

  11. says

    That’s simply the best rainbow cake I’ve seen EVER! I love how you gave Reese the freedom to design her own cake (every kid’s dream), it’s so beautiful! She’s absolutely gorgeous! The photo with her and her grandpa is precious.

  12. Liz Forshaw says

    Happy 4th Birthday, Reesie!! Great job on the cake, lovely girl!!

    Best wishes for a happy, healthy and year,

    With lots of love from Liz, John and Jonty xxxx

  13. says

    Love love love the rainbow cake and the doodled icing – what a perfect cake for a sweet girl’s party!

    I totally remember that Today’s Parent cover – it was the month my son was born. What a gorgeous photo of your daughter.

    I just discovered your blog – looking forward to reading more…..I always love finding other great Canadian blogs!

  14. Shannon says

    What a fun cake and a fun idea to have your daughter decorate the cake herself! I actually have the magazine copy with your cute daughter on the cover! What a terrific site you have! Lots of great ideas.

  15. says

    Happy 4th birthday, little girl! I’m so jealous of this cake even though I’m already 32 :-)

    Children are grwoing up so fast. I understand what you mean. But you’ve had (and you will still have) a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing with us.


  16. weed says

    As you seem to have realized, the best thing about kids is to enjoy them at this very moment. I hated when people would tell me “wait until she’s…talking, crawling, walking. terrible twos, an adolescemt, etc.” I’d respond with “I’m enjoying this age right now. She’ll be who she is when she get’s there, and I’ll enjoy that too.” And you know what? 19 years later, I’m still enjoying her, in all her achievements, disappointments, and challenges.

    Oh, yes. Cool cake.

  17. Vada says

    Hi Rosie,

    I’m a new reader/admirer of yours. I dabble in cake decorating from time to time and love your work! They truly are beautiful just like your little girls. This cake truly is amazing and I can only think of how much fun Reese had when you let her decorate her own cake. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree I see, she’s got quite an artistic talent.

    On another note, I was wondering where you buy your children’s clothes. I love the top little Reese has on with the red flower. I’ve seen your children wear some unique looking clothes throughout some of your posts!

    Please keep posting your beautiful work to keep the rest of us inspired!

  18. Jennifer says

    Love the colors! I made a similar one for Easter with pastels and it was a big hit!

    It is true, you blink and they are grown. I have decided that time speeds up after you have kids. My two just turned 7 and 1 and are 6 years and 6 days apart. :) They grow up way too fast!

  19. says

    Aww.. Reese is such a cutie and the cake…OMG beautiful! I remember seeing it on Whisk Kid’s blog too and it has been on my mind to try. But I doubt my attempt would be as good as yours or hers! And, I think it was brilliant to let Reese decorate the cake. Its such a perfect kid’s birthday cake!

  20. says

    i just found your blog and i absolutely love it! you show how to do things that i struggle with that most baking blogs don’t actually talk about. thank you so much! i’m so excited to try your recipes!

  21. says

    What an adorable little girl you have, Rosie! It’s so true.. the time goes by far too fast…Just reading the lyrics to the song you sing to her made me tear up.

    Gorgeous cake as usual! I love that she decorated it herself.

  22. Mary says

    well now, let me wipe the tears away…love your post Rosie and I will tell you AGAIN that the cakes (all of them!) were absolutely amazing! so sad I forgot to take leftovers of the rainbow beauty! I showed all of my kiddies at school and they were in awe. Thank you for the beautiful weekend and I hope Reese enjoyed herself as much as I did. Happy Birthday to my pretty little lady of a niece…xo

  23. says

    OMGggoodness! I mean, I love the whole rainbow cake idea. Love! But, Reese’s drawings over the fondant? That just sent me over the edge with glee! And, draw-it-yourself cookies? Genius! I think *I* want this cake for my birthday this year!

    And, Reese is just as (if not more) cute as the cake itself! She’s adorable! :)

  24. says

    I know this is meant to be a kids cake, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to make it for my birthday party. Minus the doodles, but I love the rainbowness of it all, makes it impossible to pass up!

  25. says

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. This is absolutely stunning and by far the happiest, put-a-big-ole-smile-on-your-face cake I’ve ever seen! Thanks for sharing another fantastic bit of inspiration!

  26. Dani Nicole says

    I absolutely adore this cake idea! This is such a fun and happy cake, who wouldn’t love it! I am thinking about doing a rainbow party for daughter’s birthday in January (yea, I know…I get started early ;)) and this would be a perfect cake! <3

  27. Heather says

    My daughter just saw this cake and said I want that cake for my birthday….any ideas on how do divide the batter other than weighing it…I don’t have a kitchen scale..Thanks!!!!

    • says

      Heather, to be honest, you need a scale! If you think you’ll be baking on a regular basis, it’s completely worth it–I weigh all of my cake layers and ingredients. It’s really the most accurate way to bake. If you aren’t interested in getting one, you will have to estimate 1/6 of the batter for each pan. I would say it was about 1/2″ of batter per pan (I’m just going my memory so don’t hold me to that), or even a tad less. Good luck!

  28. Clare says

    Now I have seen the whole “rainbow in a cake” idea before, but this takes it to a new level. As I am fairly new to baking, i was wondering, how long does it usually take for you to bake and decorate a single cake?


    P.S. where’d you get the food markers?

    • says

      Thanks, Clare! There’s a link on the post to the Gourmer Food Decorater Pens from Amazon. They’re also available at many cake decorating suppliers. As for timing, it just completely depends on the cake itself–it’s really a drastic range; sorry I couldn’t be more specific. Good luck!

  29. says

    Love the fondant layer with all the cute things the lill one draw on it :) great idea.
    I made a rainbow cake as well, but with different flavours in the layers, so I didnt need so much food colouring. Check it out if you like, http://andromedaskitchen.blogspot.com/2010/06/birthday-h-ho-jibbi-jei-og-jibbi-jei-er.html. I will merge those two recepies soon, I like the white frosting touch of it and the fondant layering :D

    The suprise when you cut them is worth it, I also like the chess board cakes due to the “wow” affect :D

  30. says


    I just wanted to stop by and say I really like your cakes. I’d just discovered your blog and your cakes have captured the style of ones I aspire to make. I love the colours, the lighting you use, and of course the recipes themselves! You daughter is adorable and it’s so lovely that you mention her so much, she’s a very lucky daughter :)

    Great blog, I look forward to spending time looking through your posts!


  31. Jackie says

    Wow, I just have to say you are an inspiration! I have really only started exploring the cake world more seriously last year and I must say I’m proud to see how much growing I’ve done. Like some others here, I have only recently stumbled upon your blog (thanks to my sis-in-law who also loves cakes). I have tried 3 of your cakes and they were wonderful! Although my husband is always wondering where the eggs are disappearing to! LOL. I made the rainbow cake on Saturday for my twins’ 2nd birthday and the element of surprise was totally worth the time it took to create it. Thank you and I look forward to more cakes from you!! :-)

  32. linda says

    what a fabulous cake…fun, whimsical & just beautiful!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

    your daughter looks like she a great time…thanks for sharing!

  33. Kitty says

    Rosie, I’m pretty sure everything you touch turns to gold. How do you get all these ideas ? Either way, keep em coming. Everyday I check your blog to see if you have a new post and am so delighted when there is one. I hope to one day become at least half the cake artist that you are. And Happy belated Birthday to little Reese !

  34. says

    What a BEAUTIFUL and FUN cake! Wish my teenagers were still little.
    I am so glad I found your site through Bakingme and can’t wait to check out the rest of your recipes!
    Love your pictures and your daughters are absolutely precious.
    May you have a blessed Mother’s Day!

  35. says

    Yum – I made this last night for my MIL’s 50th and it turned out perfectly! I used a cream cheese frosting from my favourite red velvet cake recipe and it was truly drool worthy.

    Thanks so much for the recipe!

  36. Leanne M says

    Love this cake – with the flour used in the cake is it just plain flour or self raising flour (I am in Australia so not sure if you have different types of flour)?
    Love that your little girl decorated the cake with her own drawings – brilliant idea

    • says

      Leanne, you could make this cake up to 2 days ahead, since once it’s covered in fondant and filled with so much buttercream, it stays quite fresh. You can refrigerate and then set out on the counter the night before you need it. Hope this helps!

      • Leanne Murdoch says

        Thanks Rosie. I have read that you use Satin Ice fondant and I have been able to get some in Australia (I didn’t think I would be able to as we can’t get a lot of the products that you use). I have never covered a cake in fondant before and was wondering roughly how much fondant is needed to cover the rainbow cake? The container we get have 2 lbs in them. If you could give me an idea that would be fantastic and I think I might have a practice of covering a cake with some fondant. I am so excited about making this cake for my daughter’s 4th birthday.
        Thanks so much for your amazing site.


        P.S. – I love your girls names – I had both of those names on my list

        • says

          Thanks so much, Leanne, for all of your sweet words! To cover a 9″ round cake that is 5″ high, you will want just over 2 lbs (sorry!) of fondant. For a 9″ round cake that is 4″ high, you need 1 lb, 14 oz, so I think it ended up being about 2 lbs 3 oz, or so. I’ll add that to the post for anyone else who wants to know–good thinking and good luck! Happy Birthday to your daughter!

          • Leanne Murdoch says

            Thanks for getting back to me again Rosie. I have just bought 4 lbs of the satin ice so I will have more than enough and I will have enough left over to make some little cupcake toppers for my littlest girl who is turning one soon. It is also great that you have put the amounts in grams on your latest recipes – it would be easier if we all used the same measuring system :).
            Thanks again


  37. says

    BEAUTIFUL- your daughter and cake! I would be a proud mommy too, so you gotta show your proudness, it’s not bragging! As for the cake. Rosie, you are so creative! I love this doodle cake.

  38. says

    I’m so in love with this cake…and pretty much everything you do :)
    I am making the Whisk Kid’s rainbow cake for a friend’s daughter’s birthday. But I’ve decided to use the “doodle cake” idea for Father’s Day. My almost 5 year old is so thrilled at the thought of being able to draw on the cake for daddy. Thanks so much for your wonderful inspiration! Love your work and creativity!

    Maria @ Love & Sugar Kisses :)

  39. Corinne from Toronto says

    I just came across your Rainbow Doodle Birthday Cake on Pinterest. And I have been on your blog most of this morning. What beautiful cakes and photography. And you are Canadian. I am always so happy to come across Canadian bloggers. You are so talented! And you have a beautiful daughter. And I am a buttercream snob growing up in Malaysia where buttercream is the norm not frosting. I am going to make this cake for my son’s 6th birthday. I think he will get such a kick doodling on his cake. It is absolutely brilliant.

  40. says

    Absolutely adorable! I must get these food pens as well, thanks for sharing the link for where they can be purchased. I’ve already thought of how I can use this in my cooking classes. Thank you!!!

  41. says

    Love love love love it!

    Going to make this when Miss 5 has her next birthday – she loved it too.

    Thanks for the link to the pens – have had these on my mind for a while now :-)

    Just wondering what pattern you used for the birthday girls GORGEOUS top? Style is just fab and the fabric is one of my absolute faves!

    Ness | BlueberryKids

  42. says

    oh my – what a gorgeous little lady. :) and what an AWESOME cake! so creative and clever on both of your parts. i just saved this to my cookmarked.com account for safe keeping. :) Happy Birthday little one!

  43. Cortnie Bigelow says

    You are my HERO!!! This cake is TO DIE FOR CUTE!!!! I made my little girl a rainbow cake for her 2nd birthday last year and I loved it, she loved it, her daddy, and her 2 older brothers loved it!!! I made hers with a whipped cream “frosting” and put fresh fruits all over the top, but GUUUURL I want your cake for my daughter!!! HAHA!! I think “we” and by “we” I mean I REALLY wish “YOU” could help me make her 3rd birthday cake JUST LIKE THIS ONE!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

  44. Stephanie Long says

    I just found your site & it is amazing! I love this cake & am going to make it for my twins’ birthday but I had a quick question. Do you make the buttercream as two separate batches or just one all together?

  45. Aggie says

    My dear, my boyfriend’s nephew is 4 in 2 weeks! I am challenging myself with this cake!! wish me luck!! :) it looks amazing! love from Wales!!

  46. Mary Sanavia says

    Hi! I just found your blog today and I want to bake every cake in it!!! (oooops). I was just wondering what brand of food coloring did you use for this cake and how much did you use. Did it affect the taste of the cake? I’ve always wanted to make this cake, but I’m a little concerned about the taste of the coloring.

    Thank you so much for your time and keep tempting us with those delicious pictures!!

    • says

      Thanks Mary! I’ve been asked this question several times about the colours used in the cake, so I’ve added links at the bottom of the post to what I used and where I bought them. It requires such a little amount, because of the intensity of the gel colours I used. Good luck!

  47. says

    Oh! I LOVE this!!! Just printed out the recipe. I’ve seen the rainbow cake on a bunch of different blogs, but the doodle part is…well, the icing on the cake (ha!). Now I’m off to find the full lyrics to that song, which made me cry just reading it. Not sure if I’ll make it through singing it to my girls at night, but I’ll give it a try, because it’s so beautiful. Wonderful post. Happy 4th to your little girl!!!

  48. Pike says

    I’m vegan, and bake A LOT. I kind of pride myself on being able to ‘veganize’ anything, but I tried to do this cake yesterday for my sweetie’s birthday, and the colors just did not turn out right.

    The Red, orange and yellow did okay, but the green through purple was pretty sad. However, I decided to try to salvage the whole thing by just dying the individual layers of frosting in between and then still doing the outside in pretty, plain white (with some edible gold glitter stars sprinkled on the top).

    I think it’s going to be okay after all! Just a suggestion if others are having the same issue re: the color baking out. Just make a white cake and do the frosting in layers of color instead! It’s also a lot easier and still has the same “wow” factor.

  49. amy says

    I have never baked a cake from scratch before but was looking for inspiration for my cutie patootie’s first birthday. I came across your blog and this post and knew it was the perfect cake for her. I read your 50 tips and researched how to make marshmallow fondant from scratch. Armed with my hubby & some faith, we made this cake and it came out absolutely great! It tasted good (a tad sweet but then I don’t have a sweet tooth) and looked absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much for this great idea, my nieces had a blast drawing on the cake and it made the day even more special. Can’t wait to try your other recipes. Btw, do you have any tips on how to frost a cake prettily?

  50. Renee says

    Hi…I absolutely LOVE your site! I am attempting this cake today – I live in Australia. I’m just a little confused – Recipe calls for “4 sticks of butter” which then says 532 grams of butter? But I thought 1 stick of butter was equal to 113g? so 113g x 4 should be 452 grams?! Or am i missing something?? Then below you have 2 sticks of butter (226g) so shouldn’t 4 sticks be 2 x 226grams?! I’m confused!! If someone could let me know that would be fab! :)

    • says

      Hi Renee! Thanks for the sweet words about my site! The 532 grams for 4 sticks is just a typo, so I will change that. For the buttercream it is 4 sticks (1 lb, 2 cups, 454 grams). Good luck!

  51. Shalee says

    CUTEST cake ever! Rainbow Cake is always a show stopper, imo, but this is just brilliant!!! Cutest cake ever, and thanks so much for sharing. Found your blog today, and am bookmarking. Thank you :)

  52. says

    Thank you for sharing your amazing cake and story, your little one is such a cutie. My daughter is turning 11 this August… last year at primary school, (we’re in NZ). So this is the perfect idea for that last “kids” party, (before we hit the tweens). I love how the surprise is on the inside, and what a wonderful idea to have your little one decorate the outside! Thanks again, I can’t wait to give it a go!

  53. Juny says

    Hi Rosie,

    Thank you so much for your recipes. I tried your swiss meringue buttercream recipe and your rick & dark choc cake. They’re so lovely and yummy :) I applied the doodling cake ideas for my daughter’s 4th birthday (which was held at her childcare centre) it was fantastic. Her friends get to sign n draw around the cake as their game at the party. The kids enjoyed it very much. Thank you soooo muchhh for sharing.
    Love your site!!!


  54. Heidi says

    You have just given me my daughter’s 3rd birthday cake! Whilst I can happily wait until she turns three (as I don’t want her to grow up any faster than she is), I am really looking forard to making this cake with her for her! Thanks and thanks for all the great tips within the receipe.

  55. Jessica says

    I made this cake for a work birthday party … what a hit! I used just a plain vanilla buttercream on it, sugar reduced a smidge. I love that the cake is dense. I also made a red, white, and blue version for the Fourth of July. Looked great! Thanks for the great recipe!

  56. Ashley harrington says

    I made The Cake this week. It turned out beautifully but I thought the layers were a little tough. Maybe because they were so thin? Any tips for baking them? Thanks!

  57. Loren says

    Hey Rosie,
    I have been devouring your blog. I was just wondering could you doodle on royal icing or would it not be solid enough? I am making cupcakes for a birthday party and have the markers for guests to draw on. Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Loren! I feel that royal icing is still too fragile, even when hardened, to use the markers. I find that the hardened fondant is really the best way to go. If you do give it a go, please let me know how it goes for you? Hope this helps!

  58. Jessica says

    I am new to cake making, but with four daughters it has become my new hobby! My daughters 3 yr old birthday is today and I went all out and made her this rainbow cake and the pink birthday cake with sprinkles (made mine lavender since it’s her favorite color). To my surprise BOTH turned out great and look just like the pictures! Thanks for your great ideas and simple instructions!

  59. Carissa says

    Hi! Your cake is gorgeous. I showed it to my daughter and she immediately wanted one for her 4th birthday. Quick question, when you refrigerate it overnight do you cover it first? thanks!

  60. tabitha says

    Love this cake! Fun times! Will make this next year when my daughter turns 3. She loves to draw so it will be fantastic! Thanks!:)

  61. Lisa says

    Hi, this cake is absolutely adorable! I am new to cake making and I want to make this cake for my son’s birthday in a few weeks, but he doesn’t like lemon. I was wondering if you could use a vanilla butter cream instead of the lemon, and if you can which do you recommend? Thanks so much!

  62. says

    Hi Rosie! I just came across this the other day, and I am in LOVE! My 20th birthday was Friday, so I’m making the cake for the party for tomorrow. Unfortunately, I don’t have the markers… but I’m still so excited for everyone to see the cake! I hope it turns out, I’m new to cake baking :) Thanks again!

  63. Olivia says

    I think this is so beautiful. I love baking and I really want to try a rainbow cake one day. I have a question though, I made a cake one time and covered it in fondant and the fondant tasted awful. I had to eat around it. Is that what you guys had to do too or did you find a better tasting one? Fondant makes cakes look so pretty but to me, if it’s going to taste awful, it’s not worth it. If yours tasted good I would love to learn where you got or if you made it or what. Thanks!

  64. Daniela says

    Dear Rosie,

    I discovered your website just a couple of days ago, looking for the rainbow cake recipe that I would like make for the fourth birthday of my niece.

    On tastespotting.com I saw the picture of a rainbow cake made on the basis of your “Fluffy Vanilla Cake”.

    Then I saw that there are many white cakes and even THE rainbow cake on your website.

    What is the difference between Snow White Vanilla Birthday Cake, Rainbow Doodle Birthday Cake, The Whiteout Cake, Pink Vanilla Birthday Cake, Fluffy Vanilla Cake, Classic Vanilla Butter Cake? Is the difference just in the frosting?

    I’m Italian, then comparing all the recipes and quantities is a hard job for me … but if you could give me an advise on wich one should I use as a basic recipe (to have the dough to be colored) I’d be very grateful.

    Congratulations for your website and for your cakes.

    I think I won’t stop to follow you.

    • says

      Thanks, Daniela! I know that this must be confusing about the vanilla cakes, so I’m in the midst of writing a blog post to clarify it all. i hope it helps! If you’re making a rainbow cake, I recommend the actual cake recipe included in that post. The fluffy vanilla cake recipe is the lightest cake in texture, but the remaining cakes are all very similar butter cakes that taste great and are fairly easy to make. I hope this helps!

  65. says

    i’m sorry if this has already been asked (i read through the comments and did not see it answered), but what kind of flour do you use? cake flour or all-purpose??? thanks!

  66. Khas says

    Hi Rosie!! I’m a fan of your website.. And I totally love the idea of this cake.. Totally awesome.. The colours and the idea to let your daughter draw on it.. But when I read through the recipe.. I was wondering.. Does your fondant “sweat” or becomes sticky due to condensation when you take it out of the fridge??

    • says

      Thanks, Khas! Actually, if you turn the temp of your fridge up a bit (warmer), the fondant isn’t as “shocked” when it’s at room temp, and it’s not an issue. That being said, I didn’t do that with Reese’s cake and it was just fine. You just don’t want the room to be humid, or it will. Cool and dry is best. Hope this helps!

  67. Terri Banin says

    First, I have to say your daughter is gorgeous, no wonder she’s a model! Second, I came across your blog searching for ideas for my daughter’s eco-friendly rainbow 1st birthday party…your blog is amazing! Thank you for all of the fantastic ideas! I want to use fondant, but have never done so before…is it pretty easy to work with? I am a beginner and would die if I messed up my daughter’s first birthday cake!

    I will be blogging about my daughter’s party as well (10/1/11) and would love for you to stop by and visit my blog http://www.EcoCrazyMom.com. If you’d like you may add your link to my Blog Directory under the “bloggers” tab. I just started my blog in August ’11 and am trying to meet other bloggers to network with. I’d love to keep in touch, and if you are ever looking for someone to write a guest post feel free to shoot me an email.


  68. says

    thank you so much for sharing this fantastic idea. I totally copied it for my daughter’s birthday cake. I was planning on a rainbow cake but couldn’t come up with a decoration idea. I came across this post a week before the party and I knew straight away this was what I wanted. I had my older daughter (she’s 5) draw on it as a surprise. You can see the result here
    thanks again.

  69. says

    Rosie, i have just made this for my sister’s birthday last weekend. and i’m so thankful for your cake tips and this beautiful post that will never go out of style. my frosting was a horrible failure, but it was all beautiful! :) God bless!

  70. Sue says

    I love this cake! I am making it for a surprise for both my 12 year and husband’s birthday. I wanted to have friends and family autograph but am concerned about refrigerating it so that it will be hard enough to write on vs having a problem with sweating. Did you have any problem with sweating, such as the colors running?

    Also, I have made the cakes in advance and am freezing them. They each have a small crown in the center but because they are so thin I cannot really even them out to make a ‘flat’ cake. Is this something you think I will be able to fix with the buttercream by applying more on the side than in the center?

  71. Shonya says

    I love your version with the doodles over top! dare I say it’s looks even better than Whisk Kids (I love her stuff too!!) This is the cake for my little girls next (3rd) birthday. Amazing job you’ve done!

  72. Megan says

    Wow! Awesome cake!

    My daughter has requested a ‘Rainbow’ theme for her 4th birthday and this is just perfect! :D

  73. Karen Volk says

    Your story singing “Turn Around” brings back memories so I best try this cake for my grandaughters! I ran across “Turn Around” at my piano when my grandaughter was diagnosed with cancer at 8 months old, I played this song and sang along and cried and prayed as she underwnt chemo for several months, it was bittersweet, for many months. Miracle my little Layla came through like a trooper and even joined dance! So now at 8 years old she is perfect in every way! The Turnaround” Song, my favorite!

    • says

      What a tearfully touching comment, Karen. Layla sounds like a kindred spirit with a love for life. I’m so glad my post could ignite some fond memories for you–that song brings tears to my eyes every time I sing it. xo

  74. Sara S. says

    I want to make this rainbow cake for my friend’s 22nd birthday. What do you use to line your cake pan? What kind of cake pan do you use, e.g. spring-form or standard?

  75. Zoe says

    My mum made me this cake for my 21st birthday this weekend, I saw it about 6 months ago and fell in love! She had to take the whole day off work as she was so worried about it, but your recipe was a dream to follow she said. I just had a white fondant with 21 in edible glitter. Sublime, thank you so much for sharing :)

  76. says

    Ok, now after the Sunrise sunset song add “Just the Way You Are” and “Que Sera Sera” and you are now officially unable to even speak past the lump in your throat….
    ::soft grin:: Love you and your site. Wishing you and yours a Beautiful New Years.

  77. says

    Ok, now after the “Sunrise Sunset” song add “Just the Way You Are” and “Que Sera Sera” and you are now officially unable to even speak past the lump in your throat….
    ::soft grin:: Love you and your site. Wishing you and yours a Beautiful New Years.

  78. Sharla says

    I LOVE this cake! I will hopefully be making it for my daughters 4th birthday on the 12th! My only question is would it be ok to use wilson’s food color GELS for the cake batter? I dont plan on coloring the SMB and i noticed in comments about the SMB the americolor brand and such that you used were best for no bleeding and streaking..but will the same happen with the cake batter? (bleeding or running of color) i dont have the money to get all the colors online and shipped to me before thursday, that gets expensive! but i do have wilton color gels :) Thanks in advance for any advice and what a beautiful cake!

    • says

      Hi Sharla,
      So sorry I somehow missed your comment and wasn’t able to reply in time! Did it work out for your daughter’s cake? I’d love to hear your experience with it! To answer your question, I haven’t tried to use Wilton for the cake batter, but I imagine it may work a little better than in the buttercream. Hope it went well! Happy Birthday to your little one!

  79. Nikki Edmondson says

    I am also planning on making this beautiful cake for this weekend – also with Wilton gels, as ameicolor is almost impossible to get here! Was just wondering how far in advance I can make the cake? Thanks

  80. Erin B says

    So cool Rosie! I would really like to bake this cake for my friend’s birthday, but my baking experience covers killer brownies and not much else… Would lemon juice be an okay substitute for the essence?

  81. Aimee says

    Hello from Melbourne, Australia. I love all your cakes & somehow came across this one – i had already a design in mind for my sons 2nd birthday but didn’t know what sort of cake to bake. I used the rainbow cake for the top tier & everyone was amazed when I cut the cake – I must say I was a bit speechless too! I am now going to do the ruffle cake for my grandmothers birthday on the weekend. Thanks for the great idea – am not much of a designer so shall leave that up to you!!

  82. HB says

    Gorgeous blog! Absolutely love this! Showed this to my daughter & she would not stop smiling!!!!! Definitely making this for her 6th bday party:). Your daughter’s doodling could have easily been my daughter’s! Love!
    I tried a rainbow cake last year & failed. I think too little batter in some of the pans & didn’t like the Pam on such a thin layer! Ick!
    This yr I’d like to try it in a 9×13 & will definitely practice first so I can get it right!
    I’ve never made fondant but heard of Satin Ice being good.
    Which flavor do you buy & where do u buy it? Online?
    Also, any Idea where that flower candle came from??? She’s having a flower party so I NEED that candle:))

  83. says

    This is giving me inspiration for my daughters bday cake. Thanks! She is 10 and an artist so I am going to have her and her 2 girlfriends decorate it at her sleep over.

  84. Annette says

    I AM IN LOVE with this cake and going to have someone make it for me for my birthday in May, dead serious!!! Then I am going to make an entire theme based on it, rainbows…the colors…confetti…thank you for inspiring us daily 9wish you were close by to make this fo me)!

  85. says

    This is so gorgeous! I know that if I was a 4-year old girl I would be the coolest kid around with a cake like that! I’m pretty sure all kids love to be part of the decorating process (I know I did when I was young) and I think sometimes you have to compromise between a perfectly decorated cake and the childs enjoyment at decorating it, but this one is just magnificent on all levels! No compromise!

  86. says

    I am totally making this for my daughter’s birthday in April! One question – everything I’ve ever heard says that fondant tastes AWFUL. This would be for her main cake… so any suggestions? I want her to be able to color it but I want it to taste good too.

    • says

      Hi Amanda,
      I have to say that I love, love Satin Ice fondant both for its taste and function. It covers like a dream, and I personally could eat it straight from the bucket! It’s definitely a personal preference thing, but I find most people who try it, love it. You can find it on my amazon shop, if you want to check it out below. Best of luck, and Happy Birthday to your daughter! My little one is also celebrating in April. Have a wonderful weekend! http://astore.amazon.com/sweetapolit00-20

  87. Bei says

    Really love the cake!! In April we are having the 1st birthday party of my little girl. I do really love this cake, but I’ve been told you can’t use fondant and then put it on the fridge. When you say that you chilled it, you mean in the fridge? Maybe I am just lost in translation :)
    Thank you so much!!

  88. Joyce says

    Hi Rosie, I actually made this cake for my daughter’s birthday. It was a huge hit! But i want to ask you, for how long ahead can you make this cake? Thank you

  89. sam says

    this is great! the recipe looks perfect, i want to try it out in cupcake form, do you have any idea how many cupcakes this would yield?

  90. Rose says

    I am making a cake for my daughter but she wanted the ice cream chocolate shell covering it. They make a white shell; do you think the makers would work on it? This is a great idea and I think everyone will want this autographed cake this year. Thanks so much!!

  91. Jenny Smyth says

    This is such a wonderful site and your Reese is gorgeous! :) I made this cake for my birthday on Tuesday, and it all worked out perfectly. Thank you for making a complicated cake so easy! Got a lot of compliments… xx

  92. Ro says

    Hi Rosie!

    I’m not planning on using any fondant to finish off the rainbow cake, is there any way you would suggest icing it?!

    Love your blog!!

    Thanks :) R

    • says

      Thanks, Ro! When I don’t cover it with fondant, I love to frost it with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream and top it with rainbow sprinkles–kind of a hint of what’s to come inside! xo

  93. says

    Wow, rainbow cakes are always delightful to look at, but this one is especially cute with those rainbow doodles on top :) I love the pictures too, the rainbow reflection on the fork looks great.

  94. says

    wow. I love the clours of the cake. Thank you for sharing the recipe and how to make it with us. I think some of my family and friends would love to have tha kind of cake.


  95. says

    wow. I love the colours of the cake. Thank you for sharing the recipe and how to make it with us. I think some of my family and friends would love to have tha kind of cake.


  96. says

    I was just looking through your cake recipe archive to find something to make for my little niece’s first birthday in a couple of weeks. I can totally feel the proud mommy moment. Your little darling is such a sweetheart. Those eyes will mesmerize so many boys in the years to come!

  97. raza says

    This is my girl friend birth day i wish her she is so beauttiful his name is amna afer 6month she will my wife pleas prey for me

  98. Suki says

    Would like to ask…. How come the measurement of the sugar n flour is diff from the cup n grams? 21/3 cups (466g) sugar n 3 cups (375g) flour?

  99. Nurul says

    I really want to try this recipe but coloring is kind of daunting.everytime I use food coloring the color always comes out wrong.what food coloring do you use ? Any advice or techniques to help ?
    Love your recipes and thanks !

  100. Vanitha says

    Hi there. I tried your cake and it was absolutely gorgeous. Thanks so much for the advise.
    Managed to get the americolor electric colors as well. The only difference is I did not
    use fondant icing.just iced with buttercream. My kids were wowed at the first cut.
    Thank you so much. Planning to try the nutella cupcakes next. Looks delicious.
    You have a lovely family and a wonderful blog.

    Vanitha, Malaysia

  101. says

    That cake is absolutely stunning! I just love the idea of letting her colour her own cake. I’m definitely going to keep it in mind. Just had to share to Pinterest. Well done lovely :)

  102. Kym M says

    She is a darling girl – you have reason to brag! What a gorgeous idea for your daughter’s cake – love that it is so unique and truly a work of art from both of you.
    Are you okay with me pinning this and any other lovely ideas I find on your blog on Pinterest?

  103. Rebecca says

    Hi Rosie
    I love your inspiring blog and in particular this cake! It’s my daughter Taliah’s 4th birthday party on the weekend and I’m going to give your rainbow cake my best attempt. Can you tell me how many people you would expect this size cake to serve? Not sure if I should increase it or not. We have 23 guests.
    Thanks for your help.

  104. sue says

    hey rosie! lovely blog u have! n the girls are adorable! your pictures of them are heart melted.
    by the way i am planning to bake the rainbow cake but got a bit confused with the buttercream recipe.
    there are 2 parts of it. do i mix them together?

    Thanks rosie! hope to hear from you soon!

    Lemony Swiss Meringue Buttercream

    To fill and crumb coat:
    9 egg whites
    1 ¾ c (350 g) sugar
    4 sticks (454 g) of butter, room temp
    2 tsp lemon extract

    To frost:
    5 egg whites
    1 c (200 g) sugar
    2 sticks (227 g) butter, room temp
    1 tsp lemon extract

    • says

      Thanks, Sue! To answer your question, the “to fill and crumb coat” recipe is listed separately than the “to frost” recipe (the to fill and crumb coat yields more than the final frost). You can actually make it all at once and just set aside the frosting portion. Does that make sense?

  105. trisha says

    i am in love with this rainbow cake but dont exactly have time to make cake from scratch will the rainbow effect work if i use a boxed white cake or vanilla mix? my daughter turns 4 in a few weeks and she would absolutely love this

  106. amanda says

    hi there. i tried using a white velvet for this but it was a little dense for my taste. can u recommend a oil base base or a sponge for that matter? THANK YOU SO MUCH

  107. says

    Hi Rosie,I have a quick question for you I hope you can help! Ive made the rainbow cake exactly as you described and Im just about to assemble it,my worry is that the cake layers are rather ‘sticky’ to the touch is that normal? Im panicing a little that it wont taste right!

    Have to say while Im here that I LOVE your blog!

  108. says

    I love that rainbow doodle cake! My daughter has chosen it for her 10th birthday so I will get all her friends to write messages on it! Thanks so much for sharing!

  109. Karen says

    What a delightful cake, Rosie! My nieces will fall in love with it when I show it to them. Heck, I think I am in love with it and I’m nearly 30! I love your blog.

  110. Somia says

    I just made this cake for my twins 12th birthday on Saturday and it came out beautifully. Thank you ever so much for the detailed directions. I must admit I was sweating it out over the SMB which did start out soupy (put it in the fridge for 15 mins) and went to curdled and then came together finally. I don’t know if it came out as satiny or glossy as yours but it tasted divine! We all absolutely loved the cake and my girls were very appreciative of their mommy making this. Thanks!

  111. Gina says

    I wanted to know if I can turn this into cupcakes? And how much will it make? Please reply back soon I’m thinking of making it today

  112. Kylie says

    Huge fan of this blog and your rainbow cake! Made this in April for my birthday and still is a talking point!! I stuffed up a bit, i only had a buttercake cake mix and normal food dye. Turned out more pastel than vibrant but stll got the right effect. I also only had a smaller cake tin pan so the layers after 6 ended up looking like a huge tower. But that doesnt matter made people turn their heads in the restaurant ;).

  113. says

    you got very good cakes you got on your website and nice photographs . and you can put new cakes on your website because nobody don,t do that. and you
    baked very nice cakes and i love love your nice nice cakes.

  114. Michaela says

    Am I the only one who didn’t have the SMB turn out right? I’ve made the Caramel SMB for your site many times and it turns out great, but this batch of SMB was way to soupy at the end. The ratio of eggs to butter was no where near what it was in the Caramel one. I ended up calculating out the ratio of butter to eggs in the Caramel SMB recipe and used that to determine how much more butter to add to this recipe. I did it for both the filling/crumb coat, adding more butter to each batch and then it came together beautifully!

  115. Tanya White says

    Hi there
    I found this recipe via a pin on Pinterest a while ago and I just wanted to make it straight away!! I thought it would be a fantastic cake for my son’s upcoming birthday (10th) but I wasn’t sure he would think it boyish enough, and then I came up with the idea of a surprise party with the cake signed by all of his friends and then the big reveal as we cut it! I can’t wait – I think I am more excited about making the cake than the actual party LOL Thank you for this wonderful post, I have been looking up rainbow food ever since and there is a lot out there! I do have one small question for you (if you have the time…) why are there no egg yolks in your cake? Is it so the colours stay pure? I have never made a cake without yolks before and I’m nervous about using this recipe for the first time on such a big project. I do have a fantastic vanilla buttercake (cupcake) recipe that I was planning on using if the yolks are no big deal… thanks again.
    Tanya (from Australia)

  116. says

    Hi Rosie,

    This is a great idea for my daughter’s upcoming bday cake. Will let her ‘bake’ her own cake & draw her own art :-)

    Eliza (Malaysia)

  117. says

    Gorgeous cake. I’m wondering if you’ve ever stored the layers for a few days before assembling. I’m flummoxed as to what to do. Will the cake stick to the plastic wrap? Ordinarily I wouldn’t worry but the layers are so thin. Any advice you can offer would be much appreciated.

  118. Jessica says

    I love love love your website. Beautiful cakes & your children are gorgeous too!

    I’ve been looking for a cake stand just like the one you have in this post. Do you happen to have the brand & where you bought it from?

  119. says

    The cake worked beautifully for my daughter’s birthday. Thanks for the wonderful idea.
    Per my earlier post, and for anyone else who wants to make this over the course of a week: I did end up making the layers several days in advance, I wrapped them in greased plastic wrap, then in foil and then in plastic again. They were still perfectly moist, and intact, when we assembled and ate the cake 6 days later.
    You can see photos here: http://www.thesteadytable.com/about-a-cake/

  120. Diani says

    Just made this cake for my son’s birthday, It’s a hit! Boy am I glad I came across your website, this cake is beautiful and delicious! My party cake from now on. And your directions were simple, I also used your cake tips, and the outcome: A Success! Thank you so much! I look forward to trying more recipes from your blog.

  121. says

    What? Edible cake markers??? .. where were these when I was a kid :) I LOVE this post, thanks for the recipe + visual inspiration showing the cake (looks FUN and ooooh so pretty!!). Have a beautiful day!

  122. Fred says

    This has been around for YEARS!! I am almost 60 and it was my favorite cake when I was young. It was made then and still is by Alessi Bakery in Tampa, Florida. I don’t want to take accolades from anyone but when I read she ‘invented’ it, I had to speak up. It’s delicious and fun! Also a similar great choice is a rainbow swirl cake. Put batter in separate cups, color each a different color and pour into pan in different spots but DON’T MIX OR SWIRL . It’s a surprise when cut into and can be made for holidays using those colors (Valentines day, St Patrick’s day, 4th of July, etc.) Have fun! Great site, by the way!!

  123. Sara says

    I am interested in doubling this recipe for a larger (rectangular) cake. Do you see any problems doing it that way, or should I just do two separate batches?

  124. says

    Hi Rosie!
    I plan on doing this marvelous idea of a cake for a friend who is moving to another city. Me and all her friends will write nice words of support for her instead of doodles. I hope she will like it!

    But I have a question about refrigerating the fondant. I’ve been told that fondant cannot be refrigerated since it will absorb the humidity of the freezer – also the cake inside will start to release some of its humidity when you take it out of the cold. And fondant cannot stand water.
    But you tell us to refrigerate the cake overnight. It is ok for the fondant? I don’t want any trouble in this task, this is a very important cake.

    Thanks in advance! :)

    • says

      Hi Juliana,
      You can (and in most cases have to) definitely refrigerate a fondant-covered cake. Chilling it overnight for this project is ideal, since it will ensure the buttercream under the cake is very hard and chilled, making the colouring process easier. When putting it in the fridge, you can gently cover with plastic or a container that is large enough, if possible, but it’s not really necessary. The fondant will start to get sticky and moist a short while after it’s been pulled from the fridge, but then it evaporates and the fondant returns back to its normal state, provided your home isn’t extremely humid (a fan helps if you’re in a hurry!). With the colouring using the markers, I found it helped to pop the cake back in the fridge every so often while she was working on it, because the buttercream under the fondant does start to soften after awhile. I hope this helps!

      • says

        Oh Rosie, thanks for the reply!
        I’m gonna make this next thursday and hope it comes out as pretty as yours. My friend deserves it. I’ll take pictures for my blog and report back to you about my progress! It is actually quite humid here this time, because it’s rain season, but I’ll have my fan on max all the time to help with it.

        Thank you! You are the best! :)

      • says

        Juliana reporting back: the cake was easy-peasy and super tasty, I filled it with white chocolate brigadeiro (if you are not familiar with it: http://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/brigadeiro–brazilian-chocolate-truffles/a8e58baf-35d3-4500-ae1d-828fcfe92aa0) and frosted it with white chocolate swiss meringue buttercream.
        My only problem was covering the entire thing with fondant. My cake was very tall, like 4″ tall (I used a 8″ round cake pan, so that’s why), and I’m guessing this made it harder to smooth the fondant and get perfect edges on the bottoms just like yours. Mine was very sloppy, because everytime I tried to push it carefully, the fondant started to break apart. I ended up just tucking everything underneath. :( Well, practice might make it perfect someday!
        As for the fondant and the humidity, it did got very sticky as soon as I placed it on top of the cake, but it dried out with my fan’s help, just like you said!
        In any case, the cake was a success. Everyone loved it and my friend couldn’t be happier! Thanks for the recipe and the tips, Rosie! :)

  125. Debra says

    I made this Cake for my Daughters 7 th Birthday Party, I did it just plain white, and it was so funny seeing the looks on the kids faces when I cut into it and they saw all those amazing bright colours!

    Kids normally eat the icing and leave the cake, but this cake they ate the lot!

    Was tricky making the Butter Cream in 35 degree heat (Australia) but kept putting it in the fridge to cool down and it worked.

    I will definitely be trying so bake some more of your wonderful eye catching treats!


  126. Catriona says

    I just want to say thank-you for sharing this fabulous cake decorating idea! I made a birthday cake for my sister-in-law for a special birthday, but instead of getting my nephew to decorate it (which was the original plan) we took it on a tour of the county getting all friends and family who couldn’t be at the birthday celebrations to sign it and decorate plaques for the side – it worked so well and was really well received!

  127. says

    This is such an original way to decorate the cake. It could even be something all the guests at the party can take part in and it makes the kids really feel like they helped contribute to something important to them. I love it!!! For more help planning your child’s party go to funtiqueparties.com.

  128. Laura King says

    Hi, this cake is amazing! I’d really like to make it for my friend’s birthday but I don’t understand why the frosting recipe is split into two – I know someone else asked you this and you said, the fill and crumb yields more but you can make it all at once and set aside the frosting portion, but it still isn’t clear to me what you mean. Do I thus add the ingredients together so instead of 9 egg whites for fill and crumb and 5 egg whites for frosting, it would just be 14 egg whites? Is the fill and crumb just the bit that goes between the layers? Or does it go between the layers and all over and then the whole thing gets covered a second time with the frosting recipe? I’m really confused! Thanks for any help!
    : )

  129. Natalie says

    I am planning on making this cake for my daughter’s 5th birthday this week. I was wondering if I could substitute a sweeter frosting recipe for the Swiss meringue buttercream? Personally, I enjoy both types of frosting, but am not sure if the same is true of my guests. My daughter is so excited to color her cake! Thanks so much for this cute idea!

  130. Wendy says

    Hello Rosie, What a lovely recipe. I made it for my son’s 7th birthday this Sunday. I was really proude of my work thanks to your easy to follow recipe…
    My son was very suprised when i cut the cake, but he didn’t like the merinque buttercream (too much lemon taste) Well it didn’t bother us…. It was lovely.
    He very much enjoyed coloring the cake on the outside, that was half the fun.
    I am going to follow your site. You have lots of good ideas!!

  131. Kaylie says

    Hey rosie, i made this and it was divine! I’ve had complete success with all your recipes and i thought people shld know! You have really great and foolproof recipes. My rainbow cake turned out wonderful and i cannot be happier! The touch of lemon in the buttercream offsets the buttery taste in the smbc, which i sometimes find too overwhelming. Thanks for this recipe!

    One thing i noticed though was that in this recipe, 5 egg whites needed 227g of butter. I used your vanilla bean smbc recipe (googled and got the printable) which had 5 egg whites as well, but needed a pound of butter! Which is well double the amount needed in this recipe. Although i think 227g would not have been enough because at that stage the smbc was still too soupy. Whereas in the smbc demystified, 5 egg whites needed about 340g of butter. Why does the amount of butter vary? Thank you!

  132. Jamie says

    I made this for my daughter’s birthday party. It was a huge hit. Thank you!

    I did not make a round cake. I made a rectangle one because it was for a large party. It still turned out perfect.

  133. Christina says

    My boyfriends son and I decorated a cake like this. He’s 8 and didn’t understand when I said draw softly . Our cake was full of holes from the markers :/ it was still cute because he made it but just a heads up..

  134. says

    Hi Rosia,

    What a stunning cake. I hope you don’t mind but I featured your beautifull and fun cake on my blog (http://www.jetjesenjobjes.nl/blog) referring to you of course.

    I hade 1 little question. On the 30th of April a new King will be crowned in the Netherlands and of course everyone is preparing for this. Wouldn’t be fun to creat a cake for that occassion. I understand if you don’t have the time for it but it would be so great, to feature you in the Netherlands.

    Just let me know what you think of it.
    Kind regards,

  135. Kate says

    Hi Rosie , I’m a budding baker and I had a go at this today,wasn’t sure it would turn out quite as good as yours but wow!! It worked!! The layers did seem a bit dense at first but once assembled And frosted it was great ..I’m so so pleased with the results thanks again for the fab inspiring recipes :-)

  136. B says

    I am SO hoping to pull this off this week for my little one’s birthday.

    Just a little confused… I was really hoping to have a few people sign it at the party, but you said it needs to sit out for a few hours to bring it back to room temp. If I bring it back to room temp for the party, then it will be too soft for them to sign it, right?


  137. Andrea says

    So excited. Am in the process of making this cake (minus the fondant decoration) for a friend’s birthday. Have finally invested in a turntable (boy, does that make life easier!) and an angled pallet knife. Made 7 layers as I didn’t have a 9″ tin and used an 8″ tin instead. Nearly lost my orange cake when the cat decided she was going to jump out of the window! Managed to salvage it, even if there was a little break in it. Have made the swiss meringue buttercream icing with no problems whatsoever and have wondered why I have never made this icing before. So much nicer and lighter than normal butter icing. Anyway, said cake is in the fridge with the first layer of icing then on to finish it off in about 15 minutes. Can’t wait to slice it, hopefully will taste as good as it will hopefully look. Thanks for all the great instruction.

  138. Sara says

    I used this recipe to make a rainbow giant cupcake for a birthday party this coming weekend. As I am always impatient, I tried to bring my butter to room temperature in the microwave and ended up melting a bit of it – whoops! I went ahead with it anyway, which gave the batter a bit of a strange curdled look. It baked up ok though, a bit denser and it tastes more like pancakes or muffins than fluffy white cake!

    I’m not saying that’s not delicious… but I have learned my lesson! :)

  139. Beth says

    Would I be able to make this cake with carton egg whites? If yes how much weight wise is 5 egg whites? I’m on a budget at the moment and have egg whites in my fridge so would rather use them if I could. Thanks

  140. Annie says

    Hi Rosie!
    I’m not sure if you answered these questions before, but I’m planning to make a 6″ rainbow cake can you help me figure out how much ingredients I need in order to make a whole 6″ rainbow cake, buttercream to fill and frosted the cake, and how much fondant. Thank you for your time! I would really love to make your cake for this weekend.


  141. Janhavi says

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful idea. I would be using your idea for my 5 yr old artist’s birthday party. I’m so sure my daughter will be thrilled with this idea

  142. Judy Underwood says

    Your daughter is all kinds of adorable. And what a great cake. Thanks for re-posting as I am a recent follower.

  143. kathrynwitte says

    LOVE this for grandsons’ future birthdays. Quite frustrated that pinning it isn’t easier- at least from an iPad.

  144. Megs says

    Hi! I plan on trying to replicate the cake (right now!) – daughter doodles and all and I am worried that there will be condensation issues if I refrigerate it before my daughter doodles. How do you deal with condensation as it warms back up during doodling? I love love love your site! Can’t wait for the book!

  145. Lauren says

    I made this for my daughter’s 2nd birthday this weekend and omgosh! It turned out perfect!! I was a little worried about the buttercream but just followed the recipe and it was so easy and delicious!! Pretty sure our friends and family will be taking about this cake for a very long time ;)

  146. Claire says

    I absolutely love this rainbow cake and I am going to try it this saturday..Just a quick question…what do you mean by “Then, alternating between wet and dry, add the milk and flour mixture in two parts.”?

  147. Claire says

    Wow…your cake is just perfect! I will be trying this cake next weekend, but before could you please explain what you mean by this “Then, alternating between wet and dry, add the milk and flour mixture in two parts.”? Thanks !

  148. Rebecca says

    I love your website and use it often! You have inspired me to do more with fondant and I am learning fast, but I have one big question for you: I tend to get a nice finish when covering a cake with white fondant, but I used blue Satin Ice to cover a birthday cake over the weekend and the cake developed quite a few little “pores” over the surface. I rubbed the surface very lightly with vegetable shortening, which did help mask it a little but a shiny finish is not always desirable. Do you know what causes this and how to fix it? If you ever had time to do a fondant tutorial, I, for one, would be delighted!! Thanks for all of your inspiration and tips.

  149. Lisa says

    This cake is adorable and perfect for Maya’s 8th birthday this sunday! I will be attempting it tomorrow and I do have a question for you…

    Would you recommend using your SWB frosting if I want a frosting that’s a little less sweet?

    Also, I am curious, which fondant recipe did you use? I am thinking to attempt to let Maya decorate her cake too! What an awesome idea! :-)

    I absolutely love your website btw, and the pictures are just divine!

    Thank you,

  150. Lisa says

    I made the cake and it was surprisingly easy for so much impact! The cake layers hold up perfectly, they were easy to handle too. It was all quite delicious, particularly the swiss meringue buttercream! I will never make a butter and confectioners sugar frosting again!
    I did frost it with ‘swiss meringue’ (did not add the butter to frosting recipe for outside of cake) and it was a beautiful cake of white soft meringue!

    Thank you

  151. Gillian says

    Hi there,
    I realize I’m commenting on an old post but I’m going to attempt this cake for my daughter’s 6th birthday and have two quick questions: how many kids do you think this would serve? Also, I’m going to try the fondant so does that mean I just do the crumb coat? or do I still need to frost and then do fondant? thanks!

    • says

      Hi Gillian! This cake has 10-12 servings, but possibly a few more since it’s for children (the slices are very rich). For covering the cake with fondant, I have a short video you can watch for guidance:

      Hope that helps, and happiest of birthdays to your little girl (my youngest cakelet is turning 6 soon too!). xo

      • Gillian says

        Thank you for replying! The cake was a hit! Perhaps my first try at fondant should not have been the night before the party without any of the proper tools, and perhaps I should have chilled the cake longer before applying the fondant…BUT…it still turned out really cute and was very tasty. I wish I could post a picture! Anyway, thanks so much! My little Violet loved it!

  152. Lesley Wormald says

    I love your book and made the Rainbow and Sprinkles cake for my Granddaughter’s 6th birthday at her request. My brief was a rainbow cake covered in sprinkles!! It had to match the colours of Rainbow Dash! The Americolor gel colours worked beautifully. You were right, it only required a couple of squeezes from the bottle to achieve a brilliant colour. The cake cut like a dream. It was moist and delicious and I would certainly make it again. I only had 3 eight inch pans so weighed out about 250g per pan and coloured each. (the total batter weight came to just over 1500g) The remainder of the batter held beautifully until the first 3 cakes were cooked. Every piece was eaten and it tasted delicious.

  153. Megan G says

    Love this cake! And love all your recipes! I’ve made several from your website and am planning on this one for my baby’s first birthday–I’m planning WAY ahead but her birthday is on St. Patrick’s day so I feel like this is made for her! I’m wondering though, could I use 6″ pans instead and how much longer would you bake it for? Maybe you haven’t done this before but I figured I’d ask anyway. Thank you!


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