Swiss Meringue Buttercream Demystified

Swiss Meringue Buttercream via Sweetapolita

Well, this is my first impromptu post or, well, as impromptu as I can get around here! I was planning another cake post, which is coming soon, but this week I’ve received so many emails and comments asking about the ever-intimidating Swiss Meringue Buttercream (let’s call it SMB), that I thought it may help to run through how to make this glorious not-too-sweet and satiny-smooth delight. Warning: this is a very wordy post, and it’s seriously lacking fun and pretty photos. There’s no photo-styling going on and in some cases not great lighting, but I just really feel that if everyone is comfortable with making SMB, then you will get so much more out of my cake recipes, because I use it so often. So, if you’re up for it, let’s talk SMB!

I remember sitting down for one of my very first courses at Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts, and learning about how this was the ultimate buttercream for wedding cakes, birthday cakes, fancy cupcakes, and pretty much any cake at all. Up until that point, I, like many, loved sugary frosting made with powdered sugar, butter, etc., because it’s really all I knew. I will admit that there is definitely a place in my heart for super-sweet frostings, because, well, that’s just me–a devoted sugar junkie, but once I got a taste for “the good stuff,” well, I rarely opt for the other on a cake. Cupcakes, well, I think that is where sugary frosting rocks it like no other.

SMB is gorgeous on cupcakes, but for  me, there’s nothing like a super-sweet cupcake fix. It was explained to my class that if we planned on making wedding or event cakes, we need to embrace SMB, since it’s most-often used under fondant as well as on its own for fancy cakes. There really is no comparison. The key, though, is enjoying SMB at room temperature. As soon as it starts to chill in the refrigerator, it solidifies, much like pure butter, and biting into that consistency just doesn’t have the same appeal as tasting fluffy, satiny icing. You also really taste all of the flavours in both the cake and the fillings/frostings when they are at room temperature.

In the world of meringue buttercream, there are really 3 main types: Swiss, Italian, and French. What is Swiss Meringue Buttercream exactly? Essentially, SMB is a meringue-based buttercream (what gave it away?) in which copious amounts of butter are whipped into a sugary whisked meringue base, followed by pretty much any flavour, chocolate, puree, extract, etc. It’s a super-stable, resilient, and delightful buttercream that I simply cannot get enough of. The variations are endless: vanilla bean, raspberry, mocha, caramel . . . endless! I should mention that Swiss Meringue Buttercream and Italian Meringue Buttercream are almost identical, but the difference lies in the method: SMB is created by heating  and whisking white sugar and egg whites over a bain marie (simmering water on the stove) to about 140 degrees F, before whipping the meringue. Italian Meringue Buttercream is created by adding a heated sugar-syrup into an already whipped meringue base, followed by the addition of butter and flavours.

There is also French Meringue Buttercream, albeit less popular from what I can tell, which is created by whipping the egg whites while adding a steady flow of white sugar, until it thickens, followed by adding the butter and flavourings. I personally prefer the SMB because it’s what I was taught, but I also  find comfort in knowing that the egg whites are actually heated prior to adding the butter, but it’s completely personal preference in method. Also, like pretty much any technique in baking, there are many ways to create SMB, but this happens to be the way I do it. So here we go–let’s make some!

Swiss Meringue Buttercream via Sweetapolita

Because we are first making the meringue portion of the buttercream, we want to ensure everything is grease-free, otherwise the meringue won’t do it’s “meringuey” job the way it needs to. Even a trace of grease can cause the meringue to flop. So, let’s take a paper towel with some lemon juice or vinegar and wipe our equipment clean. I also have white rubber spatulas that are devoted to meringue only–royal icing, meringue, etc.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream via Sweetapolita

Now that everything is meringue friendly, let’s set up a bain marie (a fancy term for a pot of simmering water on the stove). You don’t want  the water to come close to the bottom of the bowl you’re going to place on top, nor do you want the water to be at a rolling boil (let’s not cook those egg whites), so even just an inch or so of water will do.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream via Sweetapolita

Then I take the butter from the refrigerator and cut it up into cubes and leave on the counter while I complete the rest of the steps.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream via Sweetapolita

Now we measure/weigh (I prefer to weigh) our granulated sugar. Using a measuring cup, or other bowl, place it on the scale, tare it so it so the scale starts back at zero, and add the sugar until you have the correct amount (I was making a bigger batch in the these photos, so disregard the 800 g).

Swiss Meringue Buttercream via Sweetapolita

Clip on your candy thermometer and add your egg whites. Whisk gently, but constantly, until it reaches 140° F. A quick note about egg whites: I wanted to talk about the issue of using fresh egg whites versus 100% egg whites in the carton for meringue. To be honest, I got used to using the cartons of 100% egg whites during what seemed to be the longest stretch of being pregnant–I loved knowing that they were pasteurized and completely safe. I also love that I can make large batches of meringue without wasting yolks (although there are many fabulous uses for yolks only, but it’s just easier for me to not go through all of those eggs), and simply weigh the total of egg whites needed on my kitchen scale and get whisking.

The thing is, some bakers swear that the liquid egg whites don’t whip up quite as stable and thick as fresh egg whites do, and I’ve heard that due to the fact that during the process of being pasteurized, the egg whites are heated to a point that, yes, makes them safer to eat, but prevents them from foaming and whipping up into a stable meringue. I have to tell you that I’ve always used Naturegg brand 100% liquid egg whites, and they’ve worked very well for me. Today, though, I was curious about this, so I whisked up a batch of meringue using fresh egg whites. I definitely noticed a difference, but it was slight. I think, personally, I would opt for real egg whites for baking meringue, and liquid egg whites for buttercreams.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream via Sweetapolita

Once your egg whites and sugar have reached 140°F, take the bowl off of the stove and back to the mixer, where you will use the whisk attachment to whip up the meringue. I start on about medium-low (3 on the KitchenAid) for the first moment or so, and then increase to medium-high (7 on the KitchenAid). This photo was taken about 2 minutes into beating the egg whites. It typically takes about 10 minutes for the meringue to become thick, glossy, and cool.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream via Sweetapolita

Here it is a few moments later. You can see it’s fluffing up nicely, and becoming nice and glossy.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream via Sweetapolita

At this point, a few moments later, it’s looking nice and thick, but the outside of the bowl is still hot to the touch, so we know it’s not quite ready yet. If we threw the butter in there now, it would basically melt. Let’s keep whipping it up . . .

Swiss Meringue Buttercream via Sweetapolita

So now the bowl is neutral to the touch and the meringue looks thick and glossy. Just a note that at this point, you have a meringue! You can eat it, as I tend to do, just as it is, or you can pipe it and bake it, or top it onto a lemon pie, or do just about anything with it. This is Swiss Meringue, just minus the “buttercream” part. Trust me, it’s gorgeous and sweet just the way it is. I love this stuff, and I could eat it all, but, since we likely have a naked cake waiting to be prettied, we better add the butter.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream via Sweetapolita

Switching over the flat beater of our mixer now and decreasing the mixer speed to low speed, we’re going to add cubes of butter, one at a time, until each one is incorporated. This is a few cubes in, so you can see that the meringue has started to deflate, but once we add all of that butter, it will fluff up.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream via Sweetapolita

Here it is a few moments later, after more butter was added. You can see that it’s actually looking a bit soupy–see, my butter was a bit too soft by the time I stopped to take photos, which is actually great news, because I can show you what it looks like when that happens, and what we can do to fix that.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream via Sweetapolita

So, at this point, I’ve added all of the butter, but, again, because the butter was too soft, it seems too loose. So, I placed the bowl into the refrigerator for about 15 minutes, and then beat the buttercream for a few moments more on low speed. It thickened up, but was still a bit loose, so I added a few extra cubes of butter and mixed for a moment or two.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream via Sweetapolita

So, it’s getting much thicker, but doesn’t it look almost scrambled-egg like? Under any other circumstances in the kitchen, that would seem scary and disheartening, well, unless of course you’re actually making scrambled eggs, but like I said SMB is very forgiving. Just keep on whipping this up in the mixer on low speed, and it should just magically thicken up and come together. Let’s have a moment of silence for all of those batches of SMB that were thrown in the garbage at this stage, because they were deemed hopeless.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream via Sweetapolita

And there you have it! Actually, we almost had it here, but I whipped it for another few moments, added the vanilla and salt, and it ended up as satiny and shiny as it should be–I’m sorry that I must have been distracted! Either way, at this point, it’s ready for colouring, additional flavouring, and decorating! Here’s an example of cake I did where fluffy and satiny SMB is the star (you can read more about this cake here):

Ruffle Cake via Sweetapolita

Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Yield: ~ 10 cups of buttercream


  • 10 large, fresh egg whites (300 g)
  • 2-1/2 cups (500 g) sugar
  • 3 cups (680 g) unsalted butter, cut into cubes and cool, but not cold
  • 1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon (20 ml) pure vanilla extract
  • pinch of salt


  1. Wipe the bowl of an electric mixer with paper towel and lemon juice, to remove any trace of grease. Add egg whites and sugar, and simmer over a pot of water (not boiling), whisking constantly but gently, until temperature reaches 140°F, or if you don't have a candy thermometer, until the sugar has completely dissolved and the egg whites are hot.
  2. With whisk attachment of mixer, begin to whip until the meringue is thick, glossy, and the bottom of the bowl feels neutral to the touch (this can take up to 10 minutes or so). *Don't begin adding butter until the bottom of the bowl feels neutral, and not warm.
  3. Switch over to paddle attachment and, with mixer on low speed, add butter cubes, one at a time, until incorporated, and mix until it has reached a silky smooth texture (if curdles, keep mixing and it will come back to smooth). *If mixture is too runny, refrigerate for about 15 minutes and continue mixing with paddle attachment until it comes together. Add vanilla and salt, continuing to beat on low speed until well combined.
  4. Add additional flavours, purees, as desired.


*Keep in airtight container in refrigerator for up to one week, leaving out at room temperature when needed, rewhipping in mixer for 5 minutes.

**Can freeze for up to 6-8 weeks. To thaw, place on counter overnight, and rewhip for 5 minutes with paddle attachment in an electric mixer.

***If buttercream still doesn't have its satiny finish after rewhipping, microwave 1/3 of the buttercream for approximately 10 seconds and add to remaining buttercream in mixer bowl, beating for a few moments to incorporate.

Sweetapolita’s Notes on a few Variations:

  • Chocolate Buttercream:  Add 300 g (1 1/2 cups before melting) melted bittersweet high quality chocolate (the best you can get–I use Callebaut) for every 5 cups of vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream and beat until incorporated.
  • Strawberry Buttercream (or any other berry version):  Add fruit puree to taste (approximately 1/2 cup for 5 cups of SMB).
  • Vanilla Bean Buttercream: Add 1 tablespoon of vanilla bean paste OR 1 vanilla bean, scraped for every 5 cups of SMB, and beat until incorporated.
  • Lemon Buttercream: Eliminate vanilla extract and add 1 teaspoon of pure lemon extract  for every 5 cups of SMB, or to taste, and beat until incorporated.
  • You can also add liqueurs and other flavourings, as well as any food gel colours to achieve any desired colour.

Have a wonderful Friday, and I’ll be back in the next day or so with my next baked good post.

Good luck & enjoy!


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  1. says

    Mmmmm…SMBC is a staple around my kitchen! I use it almost exclusively for my cakes & cupcakes! Its really hard to go back to the grainy standard AMBC (not that I would ever turn down a cupcake or piece of cupcake regardless of the icing)…
    Its also more fun to make…instead of risking an icing sugar bomb in the kitchen..or is that just me?!

    Thanks Rosie- great post!

  2. says

    I have to admit that up until now I’ve been intimidated by SMG, but this post is so clear and helpful that I need to try on my own ASAP! I did notice that the carton egg whites I’ve used in the past didn’t whip as well for meringue cookies so I’ll either look for the brand you recommended or use real whites. Thanks for posting this!

  3. says

    OMG…. I have thrown batches of SMB at the stage of your last photo….in pure desperation…..only to find out now that I was a couple of minutes away from perfection!!!! I thought I was doing it wrong by using the bottled egg whites…… Thank you Rosie for this cool tutorial!!!… and for the recipe in grams!!!….Have a great week-end. Bea

  4. says

    Not too *wordy* at all! I could *listen* to you talk all day. Gail at One Tough Cookie introduced me to SMB this past year and I just love it. Your tutorial is wonderful. I never tire of looking at that pink ruffled cake and those cookies in the picture are just too pretty. Thanks for ending the post with photos of the girls….SMB may not be too sweet but your little babies certainly are! Have a greet weekend Rosie!

  5. says

    I did a post similar to this a while back with Italian Meringue Buttercream. I use it all the time (SMB sometimes too) and LOVE it. I use it exclusively to frost the wedding cakes I do and people are always blown away by it since it’s so different from classic buttercream. Thanks for helping get the word out on how wonderful it is! I loved your photos and seeing the slight differences from your technique and mine.

    Your cakes are always so show-stoppingly beautiful!

  6. says

    Thanks so much for the fantastic tutorial. I learned a lot and loved the quantity your recipe yields. I absolutely love the photos of your little cuties in their yellow wellies, too.

  7. says

    Sounds delicious and doesn’t seem as complicated as I though it could be… I’m still trying and experimenting with baking and cakes… I’m still in knidergarden, but I’ll keep my mind in this so I can try it soon.
    Thanks for the excellent tutorial!

  8. claire says

    Hi -ive had no trouble with SMB, but have found Martha Stewart’s recipe waaaaay too buttery for me and all who tasted it -is all the butter necessary or can it be successfully decreased? Excellent, excellent tutorial though: it explains everything I did clearly and sets the process out so well that it’s steadied my confidence levels: now I feel I know what I’m doing :) Plus it was a joy to read. Thanks!

    • terrillr says

      I had my first try at SMB last weekend, and we found it too buttery also. However, I loved everything else about it and will definitely give it another try with a little less butter.

      Rosie, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your excellent tutortials (this and others). I made the chocolate cake (the one with the coffee and buttermilk) and it was to die for! From someone that typically uses box mixes, it was wonderful to have a “homemade” cake for a change. I’m heading out today for Strawberry Cake ingredients for a Mother’s Day cake. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!

        • Jenny says

          Is that 20% less butter reflected in the above recipe or not? Thanks so much for the terrific tutorial! Love your blog! :-)

          • says

            Hi nour,

            I know that it’s been, like, many months since you wrote this, but anyways- SMBC is kind of supposed to be really buttery, I think you can add less butter, but I’m not sure if that will affect the consistency of the buttercream. Many people find meringue buttercreams too buttery, if you are one of them, you may want to select another buttercream besides meringue buttercreams and american buttercreams, such as:

            *French bombe-based buttercream
            *Cooked flour buttercream
            *Italian Meringue (also called 7-minute frosting or marshmallow frosting)

            Hope I helped!


          • Hendrika says

            I have just made this for the first time and I have to agree with the description Rosie gave, it’s silky, velvety, shiny, pearly, you name it! I did find, however, that it does call for some sort of flavouring, I usually don’t even use vanilla extract on my Italian meringue so did the same with this frosting but it did taste too buttery. Added some drops of vanilla extract (sadly I have nothing fancy, just typical store bought) and it did wonders!

  9. says

    French Buttercream is actually made with egg yolks. The fat content in the yolks makes it that much richer and more delicious than French or Italian buttercream, but not as stable. I fill my cakes with French buttercream and ice with Swiss. The best part is that nothing goes to waste: egg yolks in my French and egg whites in my Swiss. Although both are delicous, the French butercream is even yummier. You should try it!

      • says

        Hi Rosie !!! thanks a lot for taking the time to put together such a great tutorial. One couple of questions though: wich would be the recepie for French Meringue with the yolks? and for the bain marie the steam of the water is the one who heats the egg whites? I didn`t know that it didn`t have to touch the water …
        Thanks again !!

  10. says

    thanks for the detailed pictures! I’ve been wondering about the speeds on the kitchenaid because I use it to whip up my swiss meringue and I’m always wondering if it’s done already, so now I’ve something (speed and times!) to compare to :) only question though – i always feel as if my kitchenaid feels really warm after it’s done whipping the egg whites and I tend to fear it overheating when i add in the butter – does yours feel the same?

  11. says

    What a fantastic tutorial Rosie, the step by step pictures are so helpful. I really enjoyed reading it and I’m curious to try making it with the pasteurized eggs whites. I hate having lots of leftover yolks, although that usually gives me a good reason to make ice cream!

  12. says

    I’ve never tasted SMB, or at least not to my knowledge, but it does look very interesting and it looks absolutely gorgeous! I tend to not like homemade buttercreams because they always taste sickly sweet, but I wonder if that’s the case with this. I’ll have to try it next time I make an actual cake.

    • Kelli says

      SMB is NOT the sickly sweet grainy yucky stuff that American Buttercream can be (and I usually love all things American). Seriously. Try SMB once, you’ll never ever ever go back to anything else!

  13. says

    Rosie, you are absolutely correct on both counts over the decision to use fresh egg whites or the carton variety. I have used both and found the slightest of difference with the fresh whites reigning as the victor. Like you, I don’t care to waste the egg yolks, so I’ll save them in the fridge for a day or two and find a use for them. Thank you for bringing out your gorgeous ribbon cake for another glimpse. Your kitchen work and photography captivates and inspires me!

  14. Sweet Sugar Treats says

    Hi Rosie, I have tried this a few times – each time it ended up in the bin. Thank you for these detailed instructions, tonight we had deliciously smooth SMB on a Very Vanilla Butter Sponge for dessert, much to the delight of my young family!

  15. says

    Wow !!! Great post. I just have one question. How long can it stay at room temperature. I usually make fondant cakes and they must stay for 2 or 3 days out of the fridge. I’m afraid of egs whites.


    • daniclark1025 says

      It can sit it for a few days totally safely. You are pasturizing the egg whites when you cook it. When I started using I was nervous to but even the health dept says it’s ok

      • Hala says

        I don’t think it will stay at room temperature for few days. I tried it and it get separated.. perhaps only 2 days in the fridge is ok.
        If you have any trick for this please let me know.. i would love to keep it for more than 2 days.
        Thank you,

  16. Tracy says

    What a great explanation! Thanks so much! One question though, I have a Cuisinart mixer and don’t think I can take my bowl to the double boiler then back to the mixer. Can the heated egg whites and sugar be scraped to a cool mixing bowl after heating?

  17. Lauren says

    When I first saw the ruffle cake I fell in love. I HAD to try that icing. A year or two ago I was at a bridal shower and the cake had the fluffiest buttercream icing and thanks to you finally know how to make it. I’ve made this icing several times and it turns out perfect everytime. It is now my specialty, everyone loves it! Thank-you, thank-you!

  18. Lissa says

    Thank you so much for this! I’m new to your blog and love it already! I’ve always wanted to try SMB as I think the bakery we love must use it. My son has a peanut allergy, so no more bakery cakes for us.

    I have the same question as another poster – is it okay to leave the frosted cake on the counter (if I make it a day ahead), or must it be refrigerated?

    • says

      Hi Lissa,
      Thanks so much for the kind words! Here’s what I wrote to another poster who asked your same question. I hope it helps: “Here’s my take on the SMB and refrigerating, etc: You can definitely freeze the SMB and leave on counter overnight when you’re ready to use it. You’ll definitely want to put it back in the mixer bowl and reblend for a few moments to get it really smooth again. I usually even take about 1/3 of it and microwave it for 10 seconds or so (careful not to melt it!) until it’s warm, and then add it to the rest before mixing. This really brings a nice satiny finish back to it. As for putting in the fridge iced, absolutely. It will harden like butter in the exact way you ice it, and then go right back to shiny and satiny at room temp again. Your only concern with the fridge is losing some of the cake’s freshness–chocolate cake can take it, vanilla not as much. You can leave it out overnight covered well in a cake-keeper as well. The SMB will hold up just fine, but for me it’s just a personal preference that I like the SMB not too warm, but perfectly room temp. Does that make sense?” Good luck!

      • S says

        Hi Rosie, I enjoyed reading your post, but have one Q – as you say, once refrigerated the cream ends up tasting and feeling like butter, so its best at room temperature. However, once you have iced your cake/cupcakes, in warm weather I’d hesitate to leave it out, especially if you make it a day before you need to serve it. So how do you solve that problem? Do you bring the cake out onto the worktop an hour or so before you need to serve it? Have you ever experienced it melting while on the cake? Or does it hold its shape regardless of the temperature in the room?

        Another thing I’d like to point out – I dont have any fancy gadgets, thermometers, bain maries, or kitchenaids…my 16-year old beater only has one whisk as the other broke, and I just use a small pan with the boiling water and place my bowl with the egg white in it on top of the pan….but I have never had any problem rustling up a successful batch of SMB….even when it looks hopeless, i just stick it in the fridge, let it cool down, then start whipping again, and it eventually comes together beautifully; even when the meringue doesnt reach the fluffy shiny stage (yesterday it refused to budge from the white cream stage) i always end up with fab cream, its just a matter of persistence. im saying all this to help your readers understand that SMB is not the monopoly of those who can afford all the gadgets, anyone can make it. i use fresh whites always, and test with my fingers to check that the sugar has melted, and then start whipping. its a very forgiving cream.

  19. Bianca says

    How does this recipe go with being halved? My cakes are never very big and pasteurised eggwhites aren’t available in Australia so I would have to use fresh eggs- and 16 sure seems a lot.

  20. Tara says

    I have been using swiss buttercream for cakes/cupcakes for a while now, but I have issues with the coloring. Seems like I need SO much food coloring…and then, if you’re piping with it and your hands get too warm, the frosting melts a bit and the color changes and gets streaky… Do you know what I’m talking about?

    • says

      Hi Tara!
      To be honest, I haven’t noticed issues with colouring, so far, but I can imagine exactly what you’re talking about. What colours are you using? If you’re using Wilton colours, well, in the past I’ve noticed they are questionable at times, and I can imagine that they may do that. I swear by gel colours by Sugarflair and AmeriColor, and with SMB they’ve never let me down. They’re also so intense that you need minimal colour to achieve nice depth, I find. I hope this helps!

    • Marisol says

      Tara, I have problems with the color to, and is crazy, I put to much color and it doesn’t mach the color that I want, I used americolors. I need help.

  21. says

    Like others above, I have questions about putting the SMB in the refrigerator: I’ve read that you can freeze the SMB and that all you need to do is leave it out ahead of time to thaw and then beat until it’s back to the right consistency. But what about icing the cake ahead of time? Does the cake need to go into the fridge after being iced, or would that ruin the icing? Or could I ice the cake the night before and leave out it overnight?

    Thanks for the great walk-through; I agree that it’s not wordy at all – very useful and demystifying. :)

    • says

      Hi Mary! Here’s my take on the SMB and refrigerating, etc: You can definitely freeze the SMB and leave on counter overnight when you’re ready to use it. You’ll definitely want to put it back in the mixer bowl and reblend for a few moments to get it really smooth again. I usually even take about 1/3 of it and microwave it for 10 seconds or so (careful not to melt it!) until it’s warm, and then add it to the rest before mixing. This really brings a nice satiny finish back to it. As for putting in the fridge iced, absolutely. It will harden like butter in the exact way you ice it, and then go right back to shiny and satiny at room temp again. Your only concern with the fridge is losing some of the cake’s freshness–chocolate cake can take it, vanilla not as much. You can leave it out overnight covered well in a cake-keeper as well. The SMB will hold up just fine, but for me it’s just a personal preference that I like the SMB not too warm, but perfectly room temp. Does that make sense? Hope that helps!

  22. Lauren says

    To those asking about leaving it out of the fridge: When I’ve used it before I’ve always left the iced cake(s) out on the counter. Like she stated in the lesson above, when it gets cold it gets hard, just like butter. I’ve left it out for several days and have not noticed any change in the icing, texture or flavor. And everyone who has eaten it is still kicking. :)

  23. says

    Thanks for the tutorial. I love smbc, but one question about your recipe…will the entire recipe fit into a mixer? I have a 4.5 qt KA. Thanks in advance and I love your blog.

  24. Katerina says

    excellent step by step tutorial for the SMBC! Thnx! I love SMBC and I can say that up until the point where I add the flavouring I am pretty successful. But when it comes to colouring I find it very difficult to achieve a smooth colour like yours. I use gel paste colouring adding it with a toothpick and still the result is not satisfactory. Any ideas what it is that I am doing wrong?? it looks like the colour curdles in the SMBC(I know it sounds wierd but this is the problem I have, and as you can tell the end result doesn’t look good cause of the wrong colouring). Should I add the gel paste while in the mixer bowl and mix it with the paddle? And if so how will I get different colours of SMBC from the same batch?? Oh, plz, any advice would be highly appreciated!

    • says

      Hi Katerina!
      What brand of gel colours are you using? Brands such as Sugarflair and AmeriColor work best. I have never had trouble colouring SMB, so I suspect it’s your colour itself. A stable SMB can really take almost anything, and, in my experience, the stage at which you colour it doesn’t affect the result. I’ve mixed it in the mixer if I’m doing a big batch of the same colour (such as the Ruffle Cake), and I’ve also mixed many different colours into separate bowls of SMB from the same batch afterwards. Let me know what colours you’re using?

      • Katerina says

        Thnx for your reply!
        I am using wilton’s gel paste colours. It’s impossible to find AmeriColor and Sugarflair here in Greece. And some companies don’t deliver to Greece when ordering online. So you think it’s the brand of my gel paste colours???

        • says

          I hate that to say that without knowing for sure, but I would guess it is. When I used to use Wilton colours, they would do all sorts of things afterwards as far as streaking, separating, etc. If there’s any chance you could find someone to ship to Greece, I would definitely stock up and go for it–they are amazing! Good luck!

    • JotheBaker says

      Hi Katerina,
      I live in Greece and buy my Sugarflair and Americolor from, or! There are many sellers who ship to Greece. Also sell to Greece. Hope that helps

  25. says

    I made the SMB and it came out perfect but I went to take it out of the fridge the next day and it was to stiff to do anything with and my mixer would not work in it. So I let is sit out on the counter and tried to remix it and it got really lumpy and kind of melted it looked like. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

    • says

      Hi Sydney,
      When you go to use refrigerated SMB, you need to leave at room temperature for several hours first, so that it’s nice and soft before remixing it. As for the lumps and melted look, I’m really not sure that I know what you mean, but there’s typically always a way to rework SMB. Keep beating and see what happens. If it’s overall too soft, put it back in the fridge for about 15 minutes or so, or until a bit more firm, then remix. I like to take 1/3 of the SMB and microwave for about 10 seconds then adding it to the rest, then rewhip with mixer for several minutes. Good luck!

    • Julie says

      Mind did this as well and I am sitting at a greasy lumpy soggy bowl… I made some more but might try resurrecting it , seems to have lost all its puff.. I tried mixing it from the fridge too early I suspect

  26. Kevin says

    Thanks for the post – nice website!

    One comment about the egg whites in SMB: Do you know what goes great with cake? Icre cream! Which just happens to use a whole bunch of egg yolks. Problem solved!

  27. says

    I love swiss meringue buttercream and have used it many times. I love how smooth and velvety it is! I have never experimented with different types because i wasn’t sure how that would work annd I hadnt found any recipes for chocolate for example. So thank you for those details. Do you think you could make a cream cheese version? Would it work do you think?

    Also, I know people mentioned it above but I was curious about refrigeration as far as spoilage. Do you have to worry about the icing spoiling since it is comprised of so many egg whites? I read somewhere it was ok for 2 days at room temp but I have always been too scared to test it and always refrigerate. What do you think?

    THANKS for all your recipes and advice your blog is beautiful!!!

  28. says

    Ive been up since 7am making this frosting for my daughters Birthdaycake. As of right now it looks like your last picture and Im about to give up. Its been in the fridge for 15mins and I added 2 extra cubes of butter. Hopefully it will come around and turn out smooth and shiny just like you say :)

      • Emily says

        Rosie – will you share whatever advice you gave Madeleine? I’m having the same problem! My frosting looks like greasy scrambled eggs. I’m worried that I didn’t beat the egg whites for long enough before adding the butter. I already tried putting it in the fridge for a bit, adding extra butter, and still greasy scrambled eggs. Is it salvageable?

        • says

          Hi Emily! Okay, no worries. Believe it or not, SMB really isn’t that finicky, and as long as you had meringue before you added the butter, it should be just fine. If it’s scrambled-egg like, your butter may have been too cold, but that’s okay. Keep whipping for a few moments and see what happens. The only instance you need to really add more butter is if it’s really soupy and still not thick enough after chilling (if the butter was too warm, or the it was added when the meringue was still warm, you will need to chill for at least 20 minutes or more). I hope this helps! Was your meringue shiny and neutral in temperature when you added the butter?

          • Emily says

            Phew, it worked! Thank you so much for the quick reply and encouragement. I have to admit, I didn’t believe you at first when you said to just be patient and keep whipping it, haha. It was runny, so I added more butter, and kept whipping, and now it’s smooth and glossy. Today I’m doing a practice cake for the wedding cake I’ll be making in exactly 2 weeks for my sister’s wedding! Pistachio rose cake, with apricot filling and almond SMB frosting. :) I worked on the cake toppers yesterday — little bride and groom duckies made out of fabric. Loving the weekend craft projects!

  29. says

    I’ve been wanting to try making SMB for so long but had heard so many horror stories. I’ve tried this today and it’s turned out beautifully.
    My OH hates sweet sugary buttercream but has given this a huge thumbs up today!
    Thank you so much for posting. Will be trying your Neapolitan cake next as my kids saw it and think it’s to quote ‘awesome’

  30. Monique says

    I have tried your SMB and it’s awsome, great, fantastic, no words to describe the pleasure sensation the minute I tasted. When I was a kid, my father used to buy birthday cake at a little pastry shop in Montreal, that is 45 years ago and your buttercream is just identical to that of the pastry shop (which no longer exist). I have made it for easter dinner and both my sister and I look at each other in memories of those cakes we shared when we were kids. I made coffee SMB (half your recipe) by adding 3 tbs of instant coffee in 1/4 cup of warm water to dissolve it and added it to the batter it was amazing.

    Thanks again and for sure I’ll be back on your blog.

  31. Yael says

    I just made a lemon curd-filled 3 layer vanilla cake frosted with ruffled yellow SMB…. what a hit!! So much lighter and fluffier and easier to eat than normal buttercream, and I LOVE that it doesn’t require powdered sugar!! So easy to make, even without a candy thermometer. Thanks for the awesome tutorial and the guts to make it!!! my new favorite frosting!!

  32. says

    Thank you thank you for putting this post together! I definitely needed your help on this one–maybe now my second try won’t be so disastrous! You’re a gem–thanks again :)

  33. says

    hi sweetapolita! i just found your blog today & it is so wonderful! your cakes are absolutely amazing!

    anyways, thank you sooo so much for this post about SMB. i tried it for the first time last week & failed miserably… my butter was too soft & it was way too hot outside (with no a/c…blech). i just couldn’t get it to come together, even after refrigerating. i know that your tutorial will help me with my next attempt!!! :) i was curious about adding in fruit purees or other flavorings… does the extra liquid mess with the consistency? how do you remedy that?

    thanks again! can’t wait to see what other beauties you come up with :)

  34. Tracy says

    Well I made a huge batch of our SMB last night and have to say it is now my absolute FAVORITE buttercream!! Yummy!! My husband and I could have snacked on it all night long. I’m making my very first wedding cake next weekend and want to use this recipe. The wedding is in the morning (9:30) outside. It will most likely be in the 75 degree range. The cake will be under a large tent so out of the direct sunlight. Do you think the SMB will hold up in those conditions? Thanks!

  35. Angela says

    Hi Rosie,

    Is it safe to let a cake filled with Swiss Meringue Buttercream sit out overnight, covered in fondant for a birthday party for children the next day? Are the pasteurized egg whites safer if letting it sit out, than regular egg whites? I’m worried about leaving a fondant covered cake out at room temp overnight, but have heard that if I refrigerate fondant it turns rock hard and is ruined even when it is brought back to room temperature. What do you recommend?

    • says

      Angela, you can definitely keep the cake out overnight, but personally I always keep my fondant-covered cakes in the fridge when I’m not working on them, or the night before. As long as you take it out about 6 hours ahead of serving time, or more. It’s definitely not ruined, and the fondant, the cake, and the swiss buttercream always come right back to room temp beautifully (in my experience). As for the egg whites, because you’re heating them to such a high temp during in the SMB process, the buttercream is just fine to be at room temp. It’s very resilient! I personally like to keep the cakes with SMB out for no more than a day, though. Again, just be sure to always serve it at room temperature, otherwise the SMB is hard with a butter-like texture. Good luck!

  36. says

    I just made a 1/4 batch of SMB as an “audition” for a cake I have to make next week. I have one question: do I have to put it on cake? Can I just, you know, like, roll around in it and never eat anything else?

    It’s fabulous. But you already knew that, right? I am so using this next week.

  37. says

    Hi Rosie,

    I love, love, love your website and consider you a saviour. I have been searching for answers to colour SMB for SO long. No one I talk to in Australia seems to know how to answer my question. Fingers crossed you do! I’ve gotten to the stage where I know which colours work best with my SMB however I can never get it to a nice bright white when I’m trying to whiten it. Can you recommend anything? White gel paste never seems to work for me and I never use Wilton. I’ve heard using the teeny tiniest amount of blue liquid colour (and I mean a pin head amount of liquid colour) will usually offset the yellow of the butter however it’s never worked for me. Any tips?


    • says

      Thanks so much, Shelley! You know, I find that, sadly, trying to whiten SMB doesn’t work using whitener. I do, though, agree with what you heard about the tiniest bit of colour to offset the yellow, but when I do that it’s using violet. It seems to neutralize the warmth of the ivory SMB, but it doesn’t really work to use it as white. I find it works well when you’re trying to get a clean colour, such as baby blue, and you don’t want it to turn teal or seafoam when you add the blue to the warm-toned SMB! When I use the violet then add the baby blue, the colour is much cleaner and cooler and “bluer”. Does that make sense? Hope that helps!

  38. Wendy says

    I noticed in one of your comments above that you are using 20% less butter than before. Is the new amount of butter what you list in the original recipe, or do I have to subtract the 20% from that amount?

    Love your blog! Dying for excuses to try all of your cakes! Thank you!

    • says

      Thanks, Wendy! Just a note that this recipe is the original recipe, that I’ve used for years–it’s amazing. I just recently started playing around with less buttery versions, with, like you mentioned, 20% less butter, which is also amazing and just less buttery (it’s personal preference, as they’re both very stable). You can deduct 20% of the butter from this recipe, if you’d like to try it that way. Good luck!

      • Tina says

        I’ve just done a recipe with 6 eggs but 1 pound butter, so guess it’s the less buttery version. It didn’t get soupy or scrambled egg like. Lovely. I added a bit more sugar to go with the eggs.

  39. Kate D. says

    I had never made SMBC before, but I used your instructions this week to make a strawberry-flavored icing for my sister’s birthday cake. It was a huge hit! My sister actually thanked me for not making an overpoweringly sweet icing; it went perfect with the dark chocolate cake I made. This is the best icing I’ve ever had and I’ll make it again and again! Thank you!

  40. Christina says

    I found you via Annie’s Eats and am so excited about your blog!! I am going to make this ruffled cake for my daughter’s birthday tomorrow and have been going back and forth as to which frosting to use. I think it may be this one but I heard that Swiss Meringue isn’t good for kids to eat because of the egg whites. What are your thoughts on this? My other option was to used a regular buttercream but I wasn’t sure if it would hold up to the decorating. Also cakes are usually the center piece to my tables,with the egg whites in this is there special cautions that should be used. I will have the cakes inside. You make some beautiful cakes, and your pictures are awesome!!

    • Kelli says

      Cooking the eggs to 160 degrees (some food experts say 150 degrees) essentially pasteurizes them, they are safe.

      SMB will hold up fine at regular room temperatures and only breaks down in direct sunlight/high heat.

  41. Christy says


    I am going to try this later this week. I wanted to know for cost reasons and I am in Texas where butter melts FAST, can I use Criso or High Ratio instead of the butter and butter flavor and still get the same result?


  42. Waimihi says

    Thanks for the BESTEST explanation on the entire internet… i used an electric hand mixer and it took almost an hour of mixing and chilling and mixing again so much so that i googled SMB and found your blog! Thank goodness or else it would’ve been batch #2 out the window! Cheers!

  43. Bobbie says

    WONDERFUL!!! But how on earth do you not eat the whole bowl? For some unknown reason, I’ve given up gluten, dairy, and processed sugar, and I still felt compelled to make SMB this afternoon. Although I did sneak a small taste that somehow ended up on my finger, it was a greater pleasure to watch my young son get his first taste of sugar. He hates everything, but he was all smiles with just a smidgen of this stuff.

    I did mess up a bit though….. it never occurred to me that my Kitchen Aid is smaller than yours. I figured that out about the time my mixer was nearly filled to the brim with meringue. One look at 2 1/2 pounds of butter yet to go and I knew it would never fit. I finished it in 2 batches and seems to have come out delicious. I’ll stick with the smaller recipe from now on… live and learn, right?

    Found your blog on Foodgawker. I usually only click over if it’s something that looks really good, and I’ve never added a food blog to my Google reader. That is, until I figured out that I was pretty much clicking over to ever one of your posts on Foodgawker. Love your cakes and love the relative simplicity of your recipes (or maybe you just make it look easy). Thank you!

    • Kathryn says

      Ah! I know this was posted such a long time ago, but I’m right in the middle of making the full 16 egg white batch in my 4.5 KA (im currently whipping up the meringue) and it’s almost to the top! Did you just dump half the meringue into another bowl and whip in the butter to each batch? Does the meringue hold up while it waits? I’m not sure what to do? Does the frosting get much more volume to it when you add the butter? Love the site and all your explanations are so helpful. Thanks!

  44. Astrid says

    Thanks for the best tutorial ever! Do you also have any great tips on how to get rid of air bubbles in frosting to get it perfectly smooth? Do I whip more, whip less, let sit…????

  45. Angela says

    Thank you so very much for breaking this down so well! I’ve never been able to master this kind of buttercream before but your tutorial and recipe are absolutely foolproof. It is such a hit, I’ve even been ask to make buttercream housecalls with my mixer for friend’s baking projects. Love your blog!

  46. Reme says

    Hello :D thanx for sharing this with us :) im gonna try it ASAP!!!
    But… What if I dont wanna use 15 eggs?? I think it too much !!

  47. Emily says

    Thank you SO MUCH for this tutorial! I am somewhat new to baking, just bought my first KitchenAid mixer, and attempted to make a small batch of SMB today using your instructions and photos. It came out perfect and the only issue I had was it getting soupy and having to refrigerate for 15 minutes. Definitely plan on making this many, many more times!! THANK YOU!! :)

  48. Denise says

    I just made your SMBC for the very first time this morning, and it turned out perfectly and tastes incredible! I will be making seven dozen cupcakes this weekend for two birthday parties, and some of them will be topped with this! Your tutorial was very helpful, so thank you for that!

  49. Terry says

    Thank you SO much for covering SMB so thoroughly! I made it once and threw it out when it looked just like the scrambled eggs picture– I am now going to make it again–now I know where I went wrong!

  50. says

    I’m re-reading your blot because its hard to wait between posts. I was so interested in the icing the first time I forgot to notice the cookies. I am enchanted*in love*infatuated*curious*dying for a tutorial on the cookies. Those were one of the very first things that made me come and stay here.

  51. Sheila says

    Stumbled upon your blog last night…cant remember how long I stayed up reading and looking at your beautiful cakes and kids! I love it! You are an inspiration. I have spent many hours this morning again, reading. I have been intimidated by these meringue buttercreams, always just used the ones with powdered sugar. Not anymore! Tried your recipe of SMB, first attempt not so good. Second attempt, oh my gosh! Cant wait to exp. with flavors. Just made vanilla today. I have only spent a small amount of time here, and appreciate you already, all your time and effort you put into this blog. Thank you, I’m looking forward to trying more recipes!

  52. Chrissy says

    YUM YUM YUM YUM YUMMMMMM I almost had a panic attack when it looked like porridge but I just covered the KA mixer and walked away and came back to perfection! your post makes it seem like the stages happen in seconds lol but I had faith and I’m GLAD I did I made it with vanilla bean and BOY was t a crowd pleaser!!!!! no more AMBC for me!! THX SOOOOOOOOO MUCH

  53. Katie says

    Thanks so much for the tutorial. I’ve only made swiss meringue once before. I took it out of the fridge for a few hours and the mixture was actually was too cold and turned into a lumpy mess. After some quick research on the internet, I used my kitchen torch to warm the outside of the bowl. This worked like a charm and the buttercream finally came together.
    My question is: how far in advance do you recommend taking it out of the refrigerator? I see that you recommend overnight from the freezer but what about from the fridge?

  54. Katie says

    Sorry, two more questions. When do you recommend adding in the variations? Also, will this hold up well piped onto a cupcake? I’m considering using it for some cupcake bridal shower favors. Thanks again.

  55. says

    Thank you SO much for this, and for the website in general which has become a regular haunt for me since I discovered it. A question though: I made a white chocolate version of this last night as a practice run for a wedding cake I’m making for friends next month, and I used slightly less butter than listed here (I think it was after reading your asparagus cake recipe where you mentioned using slightly less?). The process of making it went beautifully and very unstressfully, mostly thanks to the reassurance here! But the results were a little tiny bit soft. Does cutting back the butter make the icing much less firm? Even though the SMB was in the fridge until about 15 minutes before I piped it, it still seemed to be getting a little gooey by the time I got around the cake (I was trying this technique, because it looked easy and I haven’t piped anything bigger than a cupcake before: Should I just up the butter next time to avoid this? Or for a design like that, would buttercream be better? Any advice appreciated!

  56. Tamar says

    I’ve been using Martha Stewart’s Cupcake book for 2 years now, and her SMBC is in it. But it’s your blog that gave me the courage – and insparation – to try it! I don’t have a candy thermometer but it turned out perfectly. I also used less butter – simply because I forgot to buy more – and it was amazing. I could see how it would taste too butter-y if I had used more butter (I used 400 grams, and I think your recipe calls for closer to 450). I also attempted to pipe buttercream roses with my frosting, and it was absolute perfection. My cake recieved many compliments – both on looks and taste (I used your Traditional Devil’s Food). Thank you!

  57. says

    10.sticks.of.butter. I think ‘copious’ is an understatement. I’m not complaining, I will use each stick with excited anticipation of the glorious buttercream. I’ve told you before, and I don’t think I can tell you enough, I LOVE your blog!!!! It’s totally given me inspiration to tackle layer cakes, and just cakes in general!

  58. English Kate says

    Thank you so much for this blog – I came on the internet in an attempt to rescue my very runny swiss meringue buttercream, followed your advice and hey presto I now have gorgeous strawberry flavoured buttercream. Thanks

  59. says

    Yes!! I’m so excited I managed to make this for the first time! I added manuka honey and peanut butter for a banana cupcake frosting. Thank you so much for making this so easy!

  60. says

    As well as many other people here, I almost threw mine out just when it reached that curdled stage! Thank goodness for google and thank goodness for your walk-through! I also appreciate the variations that you included! I made this for the first time today, and my crumb coat is hardening as we speak :-) Thank you so much!

  61. Ashleigh says

    Hi! You are a life-saver …thank you for this recipe and all the details, tricks and secrets that go along with it. I made vanilla cupcakes for a garden wedding reception yesterday and used this yummy SMB to go on top. After practicing all week, it was finally go time. I had made the frosting the night before, brought it to room temp and started whipping and whipping. Panic set in as the beautiful frosting now looked like cottage cheese. I started scouring your site for any help or secrets to fixing this 5qt bowl of wedding frosting. I found it!!! The microwave trick worked, I put a 1/3 in a bowl and microwaved for 10 seconds. And then did another 10 seconds. Added it back in and just like magic or Devine intervention, it worked! Ha. I was estatic! Thanks so much! Such a great frosting to work with. Love it!

  62. says

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge, it was very helpfull. I started my SMB after another recipe (I acctually adapted it :)) and it was too runny. After I read your post I added more butter and it turned out great. Love the ruffles, I’ll make that soon :)

  63. says

    Today is my first attempt at making SMB….and it is amazing! Thank you so much for your fantastic instructions…I definitely would have tossed the SMB when it was runny had I not read your post. I don’t think I’ll ever make American Buttercream again!!

  64. says

    Hello Rosie!
    I bake cupcakes over here in Brasil. I don’t like the way the regular buttercream (without the egg whites) taste but I can’t find a recipe that holds its shape if I need to bake my cupcakes in one day afternoon and deliver it the next morning, besides this regular and way toooo buttery regular buttercream! EEEEWWWW!

    Whenever I used any recipe with eggs, the next mornin my frosting was all melted and weird, like aerated and falling down. Do you know how long this frosting holds it shape outside de refrigerator? I need a frosting that holds its shape cause many times my customer ask me to deliver the cupcakes one day before the day they are actualy going to eat it.

    Thanks a lot!!!

    • says

      Hi Emmanuella! This frosting seems to do very well in keeping it’s shape, as the butter stabilizes it nicely. Because, though, it’s so buttery, I find it’s best to refrigerate it, or the cakes/cupcakes it’s on, after a day or so. I have, though, had it out of the refrigerator in room temperature (not hot) for up to 2 days and it was still fine. I hope this helps!

  65. Viyan says

    Hi Rosie :) How many cups of SMB would you estimate would be enough to fill and cover 3 tiers of cakes of 3 inch height and each tier torted in half?

  66. Gloria says

    I am sooo happy I found this blog. I am making this SMB to frost cupcakes for my daughter’s bridal shower tomorrow. The recipe I had was very vague, no detailed directions such as mixer speed. It was fine until I added the butter then it was a little soupy. Was ready to toss it when I decided to see what I could find on the net. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You saved the day. It’s not on the cupcakes yet but it looks and tastes great.

  67. Tina says

    I’ve just made a batch of this SMB according to your 5 egg recipe. However I had to use powdered egg white as it’s not easy to find carton egg whites here and I didn’t know what to do with the yolk, I really can’t be bothered to cook custard etc when I have a cake to deal with. Just wanted to let you know it turn out so well, I didn’t even get to the “scrambled egg” state. I did have to use the equivalent of 6 eggs because the sachets are 2 eggs each so I added bit extra sugar. Thank you so much for showing us how to do this. It was intimidating to begin with as I didn’t have a proper bain marie nor a thermometer, but using a pot and bowl and going by look and feel worked just fine!! It’s completely demystified for me, I’m going to try to use it each time instead of just plain buttercream!
    PS As I type this, I have a princess cake crumb coated on the kitchen counter, just taking a break before I do the fancy icing!

  68. Frank says

    Hi! Thank you for all the wisdom! I made a chocolate SMB yesterday, refrigerated it, and took it out this afternoon to use. It looked perfectly smooth yesterday, but now it looks like some of the chocolate has “separated” from the frosting, giving it a “broken” appearance – it’s not coming back together super smooth. It tastes good so I think I’m going to go ahead and use it, but do you have any thoughts on what happened and suggestions for what I should try next time? Thanks!

  69. Jora says

    I use smbc for a wedding cake that I did this weekend, it was a woderful ivory when I removed it from the frig but when I got to the wedding it was a pale yellow. Is this a normal thing for smbc?? Thanks

  70. Monique Laura says

    I made this last week for the first time. It is divine. Love it. Only comment is that I think I want to make it a bit sweeter as the original recipe is a bit buttery for me. It held up great. I did put it in the fridge a day before making the cakes so I had to rewhip. At first, I wondered if it would come back together since it looked curdled but I just kept on mixing and voila it came back together beautifully. It’s awesome.

  71. says

    I just love your cakes, all your ideas, photos and your blog! Great info! I was wondering after you make a large batch and freeze it, can I add flavorings to the thaw SMB or should I split it up and add them before I freeze it?

    • says

      Thanks, Georgette! You know, SMB is so resilient–I’ve flavoured mine in separate batches, then froze, and I’ve also thawed then flavoured. It’s seemingly always stable and delicious. If you’re adding fresh puree, I may recommend flavouring at the last minute, if possible, but I’ve done it both ways. As for adding fresh berries to buttercream, in that instance I would always add fresh at the last moment. I hope this helps!

  72. marlowprincess says

    Hey Rosie,

    Thanks for demystifying SMBC! Call it beginner’s luck, but I made it for the first time ever and it turned out perfectly. Love your blog – keep up the great work!

  73. Rachael Lyons says

    Just followed this recipe and have produced the MOST amazing caramel SMB ever! Used Nestle Dulce de Leche and the result is just wow! Thank you soo much!

  74. Ellen says

    I am so glad I found this site! Thank you for clarifying the liquid egg whites vs. fresh. That was my question when planning to make the Inside-Out Neapolitan Cake. Thanks for the tutorial for amatuer bakers!

    • Ellen says

      This a fantastic buttercream!!!!!! Mine came out PERFECTLY! With all of the warning about the butter being too warm, I made sure mine was just right, .and the results were excellent. I may never make another icing again, except for maybe chocolate ganache. ;)

  75. Dannielle says

    Thank you so much for your recipe, step by step guide and pictures. It very nearly killed my mixer (or at least I thought it did) but the end result was beautiful. Silky and such a satiny smooth finish,though a bit buttery as others have said, I don’t think I’ll ever use a traditional buttercream again.

    But I do have a quick question. Does the buttercream always curdle or is that just because of the temperature of the butter being too cold/hot for the meringue? The reason I ask this is because my buttercream never achieved the curdled/scrambled egg look that I was expecting. I watched my mixer for a good 15-20 mins after the final addition of the butter but it never happened. All that happened was the beautiful, smooth end result.

    I would be happy to see your take on IMBC though as that one has me stumped.

    Again, although it was a bit buttery, I plan to cut back on the butter and make this again and again and again.

    Thank you. :)

    • says

      Thanks, Dannielle! You know what, the buttercream shouldn’t actually curdle, as that’s a common, but fixable, issue when the butter added is too cold or added too quickly. Sounds like you rocked it from start to finish! Just a note that once you add that final cube of butter, you should only have to mix for a few moments after you add your flavourings, so that should help your mixer for next time. The IMBC tastes almost exactly the same, in my opinion, but is made by adding a sugar syrup into cold meringue and then the butter. I much prefer this method, and I like knowing the egg whites are heated. You can definitely cut back on the butter, but just be careful, because the less butter, the less stable the buttercream becomes at room temp. It’s a fine line, but you’ll find the balance that works for you. Hope this helps!

  76. Danielle says

    I followed your recipe today, and of course, just as you said- the mixture was a bit too warm and I was internally panicking. I popped the bowl in the fridge, remixed, and VOILA! Perfect SMBC! Thank you soooo much. My son’s 1st Birthday Cake(s) will be divine!

  77. Amy B says

    Thanks to you, my SMBC was rescued from ruin! The butter was indeed too soft, but I followed your instructions for fixing and all is well. Thank you, thank you!

  78. says

    This is a very helpful post, and thank you so much for taking the effort to share.
    You mentioned that it’s great for fondant… but it’s so silky and creamy, I found it a tad bit tricky cos of the soft consistency of the SMB. What’s your experience with this? Did you chill the frosted cake first before applying the fondant? If you did it this way, was the texture of the SMB still just as nice when the cake’s finally eaten?

    Hope to hear your thoughts and experience.
    Thanks :)

    • says

      Thanks, Nel! I hope I can help in some way. The SMB should be satiny and soft, but stable and sturdy. It should be thick, but creamy. Once the cake is coated in a crumb coat and then a very smooth final layer of SMB, the cake should be chilled until the butter is very hard–the colder, the better. The SMB will harden just a pound of butter does when you keep in the fridge, but the cake should be served at room temperature, at which point the SMB softens just enough to be back to a satiny and delicious texture. I hope this helps!

  79. dessertdiva says

    I made the desserts for my future daughter-in-laws bridal shower. I needed a frosting that didn’t need refrigeration and this was the perfect fit. I added pureed pineapple to the mixture and frosted pina colada cupcakes. Everyone loved them.
    I’d never madeSMBC before & the directions were really good. I came up with a hint though, which may help others. After whipping the meringue & just before I beat in the butter, I wrapped a kitchen towel filled with ice around the bottom of the mixing bowl. It helped cool the meringue and the butter blended perfectly. The SMBC whipped up beautifully & wasn’t too soft!
    I’m going to try a chocolate SMBC next time!!!

  80. Latika Laul says

    Thanks for the wonderful explanation of how to make SMB. I tried it for the first time today.
    The second batch came close I think but then I didn’t know how long was too long to keep beating at the end hoping it will come together?
    It wasn’t soupy but the there were pieces of butter still visible and it wasn’t silky like your photos.
    Appreciate your advise.

  81. says

    Oh my GOSH you just saved my #ss. Seriously, my buttercream last week, that I defrosted was so chunky and was releasing water, got thrown out because I thought I had done something seriously wrong that may poison people!!! Today I was trying to defrost cream cheese buttercream and the same thing happened and I almost gave up – then I googled “my defrosted buttercream releasing liquid” and found this – and almost didn’t read it because it’s the recipe I use as well…..and then I saw the “take a third of it and microwave” – I was skeptical because it MELTED in the microwave, but when I mixed it in it came together in two seconds. Thank you SO much! If you want to see my buttercream disaster from last week, please feel free to check out this link:

    Have a good one and I LOVE YOU! I’m now following you :)

  82. says

    Oh my GOSH you just saved my #ss. Seriously, my buttercream last week, that I defrosted was so chunky and was releasing water, got thrown out because I thought I had done something seriously wrong that may poison people!!! Today I was trying to defrost cream cheese buttercream and the same thing happened and I almost gave up – then I googled “my defrosted buttercream releasing liquid” and found this – and almost didn’t read it because it’s the recipe I use as well…..and then I saw the “take a third of it and microwave” – I was skeptical because it MELTED in the microwave, but when I mixed it in it came together in two seconds. Thank you SO much! If you want to see my buttercream disaster from last week, please feel free to check out this link:

    Have a good one and I LOVE YOU! I’m now following you <3 :)

  83. khey says

    why my swiss merengue butter cream frosting becomes watery?when i put the butter it becomes watery i panic then i mixmimx,imix nothings changed they dont work,,can u help me?

    • says

      Hi Khey,
      I really can’t figure out why your buttercream would become watery when you add the butter, truthfully. Is your meringue very thick and cool when you add the butter? Is your butter at room temperature? I will help if I can!

  84. Phiip Guy says

    Hi I have just made my first batch of smb which turned out ok I would like to know if it can be frozen? how long will it last in the fridge and how do you get it back to a workable consistancy.

    Many thanks Phil

    • says

      Hi Phil,
      Yep, the SMB freezes really well. If you put it in an airtight container, it can be frozen for about 2 months, or refrigerated for about a week. When you’re ready to use it, put it straight from freezer/fridge to the counter/room temp overnight, or 8 hours or so. If you take about 1/3 (only 1/3, not all of it) of it and microwave it for about 8-10 seconds, until warm but not melted, then add it to the remaining room temp buttercream and whip for a moment or two. It comes back together really well. I hope this helps!

  85. sophie says


    I know that when you use fresh egg whites, adding salt before heating up, will break the egg whites apart. I always use pasteurized ones like you do so. But I see you add a pinch of salt with the vanilla at the end… why is this?
    I never use salt in the SMB as I thaught it wasn’t needed anymore because the egg whites are not fresh ones but pasteurized…

    Thanks for your reply,


  86. Marian says

    Thanks Rosie, Tried the SMB last night and it was great. Nice and buttery – next time, I will try and cut down on the butter. Hope it holds up.

  87. says

    Thank you so much for showing how to make this frosting step-by-step and explaining the differences of the various buttercreams. This has helped me so much! Question: If I wanted it to be chocolate flavored, would I add cocoa powder or melted chocolate?

  88. louise says

    I made the SMB yesterday as frosting on olive oil cupcakes.

    I followed your directions exactly, I reached the stage of the last pic, but I couldn’t bring it to be like the ruffles picture. I added cold butter cubes, but then they did not melt right, so it left visible bits.
    I tried putting it in the fridge for 30 – 40 min, I whipped it again and it just managed to be piped, but it didn’t hold its shape very well, it seemed “melted”. There is no way that I could use it for a cake , like the one you show or even for the matching cookies. What did I do wrong?
    Also, does it harden at some point or do I need a totally different frosting for such a result?

    On the other hand, the taste was OH MY GOD!!!!
    We loved the combination of the flavours of the cake and the buttercream!!!

    thank you!

  89. katrina says

    I had to prepare myself before making this buttercream but your post really helped me a lot. It was a breeze to make and really almost fool-proof I think! Thanks so much for posting this.:) I have a question though, I plan to make this for a big order of cupcakes. How much would you say this recipe would yield? I mean how many cupcakes can this recipe frost? HELP!:)

  90. Zoe says

    I only have a hand held electric eggbeater and a stick mixer with a whisk attachment.. Do you think I will still be able to make this?

    And wow, you can buy egg whites in a carton? There’s so much stuff we can’t buy in NZ.

  91. Naomi says

    Just a quick note…I tried this recipe yesterday and ran into some problems but it was solved!

    After I added in the butter, I noticed that the butter frosting turned into huge clumps (not hard but not frosting soft either) and there was a large amount of liquid sitting at the bottom of. I added in a few more cube and all that happened was the liquid was splashing out of my kitchen aid bowl…lol

    I took the huge butter clump out with some liquid over a bain marie to get it to room temp…had to then run it through a food processor in batches with the liquid and stick in back into the kitchen aid with the paddle and voila! I got my buttercream.

    I’m making my second batch now but there is 1 thing to consider especially for the colder months (like now).

    Your butter has to be room temp (at LEAST 72 degrees) – It cannot be firm-ish/cold straight out of the fridge or else the above will happen to you.

    Happy baking!

    • Melissa says

      I ran into this same fail today! Lots of liquid, butter wouldn’t incorporate. I was about to give up!! I heated over a bain marie and saw it coming together. I also used a hand mixer at this point and whipped it. I may have heated it a bit too much as it’s very soft so i’m trying the fridge for a few moments to see if it helps. Thanks for posting the glories and the failures so we all can learn. Don’t give up with this stuff, it can be salvaged! First time I made it no probems. I’m glad I had this failure so I coud learn how to fix it.

  92. Sibel says

    I love your tutorial. It worked so well for me in the past. This time I tried to add color (Ameri…) and added a tsp vanilla paste but even before that the icing curdled! Please help meeee!! I made 2 seperate batches same result. Second one I added the butter slower, no luck :( lol

    I don’t know what I did wrong? I left it in the refrigerator for 10-15 min and tried whipping it again for 15 min on high speed but with no success. It looked a bit icky and curdled. I wanted to salvage it because I ran out off eggs and still used some in between layers since it tasted just as good as a smooth one :) It was very very watery… What do you think happened?

    Also, can I just use the white icing before we add the butter? It tastes so light and fluffy. Can I ice a cake with this and cover it with fondant?
    Thank you!

  93. Yvette says

    This tutorial is just the best…I a baker, not a decorator and really never ventured beyond sweet butter frostings (which I love) but I always wondered about the “real” buttercream. I was ready to give it try from my Martha Stewart baking book and decided to blog surf a bit and found this. AWESOME, I haven’t had any problems with the “curdling” as the butter is added, but some day, I’m sure I will and I’ll be ready.


  94. says

    When using SMC under fondant, do you chill the cake with the SMC on it before you cover it with fondant, or do you just go straight ahead and cover with fondant? help please?!

  95. Jeffrey Doyle says

    As crazy as it may seem, just wanted to tell people that this recipe can actually be done by hand in case you don’t own a stand mixer (like I sadly don’t!) Just be prepared to have very tired arms and shoulders and a good couple hours gone. As a poor college student with few tools but a love of baking, this recipe is SOOO worth the exhaustion.

  96. saphyra says

    i can’t make SMP :( there! it’s my third try!! I followed all the advices…. as soon i start adding butter, it becames too runny. too, too runy. i put it in the freezer, i but the butter in the freezer, nothinh seems to work…

  97. Julia says

    Dear Rosie
    You helped me a lot with this step by step recepie, especialy at the point of “scrambled-egg” look of my Italian meringue buttercream. It was my first experience with this type of buttercream. I did great with the meringue part of it, but when I started adding the butter it all turned to a mess. I was so dissapointed and almost threw it away. My lovely boyfriend found the solution in this blog. Your tips helped me to save my very first buttercream and I wanted to thank you for that :)
    I want to add that the recepie I used included cream of tartar. It was the first time I ever used this ingredient. I also found out that the side effect of it is a sour lemony flavour that it gives to a cream, wich was unpleasant to me. So I just felt like sharing this information.
    Anyways, thanks again and good luck!

  98. Sofia says


    I would like to make this SMB in the exact color that you have here and decorate my daughter’s birthday cake for her shabby chic party. I read that you prefer Americolor and Surgarflair gels for that matter but what color do you use exactly? Should I buy pink or red (I think it would dissolve in the white cream and then turn into pink, or not?). Thank you in advance for your reply.

    • says

      Hi Sofia,
      I often use a very small amount of the Deep Pink or Electric Pink–since the frosting has an ivory tint to it naturally, the addition of pink will still turn a bit of a peachy colour as a result. You can definitely use a very small amount of red to achieve a classic pink colour. I hope this helps, and Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  99. Kendra says

    When you make your 15cups recipe what size mixing bowl do you use I need about the same amount so I was wondering if I could make the 15cups of frosting in my kitchenaid or if I had to make it in batches? Thanks for your help!!

    • says

      Hi Kendra! My 5QT KitchenAid mixer bowl holds the 15 cups perfectly, so I always make batches of 3. It will seem at first that it won’t fit, but once you start adding the butter, the meringue will deflate quite a bit as it takes in the butter. If you don’t wish you to the 15 cups, I would definitely double the recipes for the 10 cups, just to save time. I hope that helps!

  100. Renee says

    I would like to try this but want to cut it back to just 1 8″ round cake. How do I cut back the ingredients? Thanks.

  101. Eileen says

    OH MY GOD! I thought making frosting was impossible because my hometown is constantly humid and so hot that general buttercreams with the icing/confectioner’s sugar and butter and milk melt really really quickly and their shape isn’t great and the texture is gritty and thick and too sweet. But this…THIS meringue buttercream recipe has made me a convert! Smooth, not too sweet and pipes like a dream onto cakes! Thank you so much! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <#

  102. Amanda says

    I need a lot of SMBC in the next few days, in different colors. I’d like to make batches ahead and try freezing them- do you dye them before freezing or add the coloring when re-whipping? Thank you so much- your site is a fantastic resource and fun to follow!

    • says

      Hi Amanda,
      I’m sorry I wasn’t able to reply to your comment earlier, but to address your SMBC question, I typically add the colour afterwards, once its thawed, to keep them as brilliant or true as possible. I hope this helps! And thank you so much for the kind words!

  103. Ashley says

    This explanation is extremely helpful! One question though – what size mixing bowl do you use with your stand mixer? I’d hate to start and find out I don’t have enough room!

  104. Marina says

    Hi rosie,
    I have made single batches of your delicious SMB about 4 times before and I have never had a problem.Last night however I made a double batch of SMB and it was a complete disaster. I had to whip it for an additional 25 minutes (after refrigerating!!) to get it to look semi normal.My biggest problem was that most of the buttercream came together but there was a good half a cup of liquid at the bottom!!! Eventually it got incorporated but when I tried to ice the cake, it slid right off! It also appeared as the oil was seeping out through the pores of the SMB . Can you help me?

  105. says

    Hi Rosie,
    Excellent post yet again, i have been wanting to try this for a long time, i live in middle east and temperature sometimes rise to 40 degrees and above , i think i will definitely needs refrigeration, have to check though if its not melting away, i have a question though, have you come across silk meringue buttercream and mousseline buttercream from cake bible, any thoughts expereince on that and how they comapre too this, i find alll three amazing, not sure which one to try. Also i have to find egg whites here, do you this the egg white powder mixed with water will work here? Sorry for so many questions but any help would be appreciated.

    • Devine says

      Hi Nadia,
      maybe I can help your questions about using egg white powder for SMB, I was taking a huge risk last week substituting fresh egg whites witht he powder kind… and IT WORKEDDD….. i mixed the powder witht he water as directed and followed the instructions from Rosie, and VOILA! SMB with perfection….. hope it helpss….

  106. safna says

    Hi rosie,
    I absolutely love your blog.your cakes and goodies are so beautiful,i could spend hours on your site.I tried out your salted caramel chocolate tart,it is divine!!its in my fridge at the moment and im trying hard to resist it!!i would love to try the choc cake with the strawberry swiss meringue buttercream,but iv always been afraid of making SMBC.I live in botswana where it is extremely hot now in summer,do u think it will hold up in the heat at room temperature?and i dont own a stand mixer,will a hand held mixer be ok for making SMBC?

  107. Safna says

    Hi Rosie,
    i love your awesome website!you make the most beautiful cakes n goodies i can spend the whole day browsing your blog.I made your salted caramel choc tart n it is divine!!its in my fridge right now,n im trying hopelessly to resist eating it by myself!i’d love to make your choc cake with the strawberry swiss meringue buttercream,but iv always been afraid of making SMBC.i live in botswana n its v hot now in summer,do u think the SMBC will hold up at room temperature?n i dont own a stand mixer,can i make the SMBC with my hand held mixer?thanx a lot,

  108. Payal says

    I finally got a stand mixer, and couldn’t wait to try the SMB — everything seemed to go ok….it ended up with a smooth silky appearance and perfect texture, but I find that it has an aftertaste of eggs…is this normal or is it a sign that the egg whites might have cooked a bit in the intial step?

  109. Laci says

    I am making about 24 cupcakes, and 2 Wilton giant cupcake cakes (I think each giant cupcake serves about 12). I need to know how much frosting I will need to make. I am new to baking so I am not sure how many cupcakes I can frost with 8 cups.


  110. Paul says

    Thank you so much for this article! I lost 2 batches from the horrible recipe in Williams Sonoma for Coffee MB which was the Italian style just because I didn’t go long enough and let it come back. I followed your recipe divided by 4 and their concentration for coffee flavoring (1tsp water to 4 tsp instant espresso powder). Perfect!

  111. Lamia Labib says

    Hi Rosie, I want to substitute the egg whites with meringue powder so what is the amount of meringue powder needed & do the ingredients or the steps change?? Kindly reply ASAP. Thanks a million..

  112. says

    I hate the over sweet and gritty confectioner sugar buttercream but have always been intimidated by meringue based buttercreams. Your wonderful step by step pictures have given me the confidence to try it .Thanks a ton. However, I do not have a candy thermometer. Can I use my digital meat thermometer instead ?

  113. Sadia Malik says

    I came here after seeing Peggy recommend this blog and beacause I’ve always wanted to try SMBC but the butter content made me worry a lot:) tired it the very next day i read ur recipe and it tasted amazing! my 3 year old daughter stood by my side while i decorated the cake and licked the bowls and just wouldn’t go away:P she LOVED it! The colours dint come out as planned though one coz im a beginner and hence too short on supplies..later i read another post of yours where u’ve said maericolor or like r better than wilton so now i mite be doing some online shopping as to my knowledge they aint available in Dubai! thanx again for the awesome posts…also the whole look of the page, the colors u use for ur cakes and otherwise, ur kids, the pictures and avove all urself…its all so cute and lovely!

  114. Callie says

    I am surprised because I’ve always considered myself quite the baker (self-taught) and I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this frosting before (and I have tried TONS of frostings!). I can’t wait to make it and wow all of my family and friends with it! I think this will be my new staple. Thanks for the tutorial!

  115. katrina says

    Hi again! I am about to make cupcakes for a children’s party and I was wondering if I can use the Swiss Meringue only as frosting. It works just like marshmallow or boiled frosting right? It won’t fall flat or anything? HELP! Hope to hear from you soon!

  116. Mercedes St. Joh says

    I just made my first batch of Swiss Meringue Buttercream. I jumped right in and made the triple batch. I have always made the Italian version, but this is my new favorite. Same ingredients, but better texture. I flavored 1/3 with fresh raspberries. Thank you for sharing this wonderful and easy to follow tutorial.

  117. Kathleen says

    I can’t wait to make this wonderful buttercream. I made the french style one time and found it too complicated but the swiss version sounds easy-peesy. I need to make it espresso flavored. How do i do this?

  118. christina.vd says

    Hi Rosie. Just wanted to say thanks for the great tutorial. I tried making my first batch of SMBC (using your recipe) this afternoon. It was a total disaster… at first. My butter must have been too cold but I wasn’t sure so I kept any more until I had a buttery spread. No matter how long I whipped it (must have been at least 15-20 minutes), it would not form a nice cream. Although tempted to throw it away, I kept your words in mind and did what any right-minded Canadian would do… I threw the whole bowl and beaters into the fridge and went skating on the Rideau canal for a few hours. When I came back, I warmed up the buttery mess to room temperature and whipped up some more meringue. I added what looked like a proper amount of butter mixture to the new meringue… et voila, perfect SMBC. And since I did all that skating, I think I’m entitled to an extra large helping of dessert, right?

  119. Natalia says

    How big is your bowl? I have a 5qt and i don’t think i can fit all this SMBC… Can i leave it at room temperature once is done if i’m gonna use it in the afternoon? Thanks a lot.

  120. Angela says

    Hi Rosie, I’d also like to thank you for ”demystifying” SMB for us !! I’ve made it a few times (new to cake baking/decorating) and love it ! I do have a question which I’m hoping you could answer for me. How does it hold up in warm weather ? Do you think it will start melting pretty easy? Was just wondering if I can use this during the summer months. Thanks again !! Take care !!

  121. says

    Great post!! I used to make italian meringue buttercream when I first started baking but now I prefer the swiss meringue better as I find it easier.. Love your lenghty post n explanations..

  122. Jacintha says

    O my, I love your blog!! I’m not sure if I can get the liquid egg whites here in the Netherlands, so can you tell me if powdered eggwhites or meringuepowder will work?

    I’m scared to death by using raw egg whites. People say just be carefull with small kids,the elderly and pregnant women but what if you have one present at a party? “Hi, thank you for coming to my party, are you pregnant? Are you sure? Wanna take a pregnancy test just to be on the safe side and to assure me you qualify to taste my new kick *** butter cream?” lol

    I have a almost 2 year old son that can’t have cake? I don’t think so. I know I have to conquer this fear and I will…someday.

  123. Reay says

    I’m so glad you told me to keep whisking if it curdles; I definitely would have given up otherwise. Thank you so much for this recipe, I use it regularly now!

  124. Callie says

    I made my first-ever batch of SMB yesterday and it was a success! My husband, who isn’t a fan of sweets, deemed it delicious and said he never wants another kind of frosting again. The texture was so light and fluffy! It seems like it would be intimidating because of all of the steps, but it’s actually really easy. I halved the recipe because I didn’t have all of the ingredients for a larger batch and I just didn’t need all of that frosting. I’m going to use this as filling for whoopie pies and it’s so versatile that I can make it any flavor! Thanks for this wonderful recipe!

  125. says

    Hi, I have made SMB before and it came out great. I however threw away a batch this am and I am trying to make another batch now. I had beautiful meringue both times but what is happening is the butter in not mixing in.. It looks like milk with pea sized butter swirling around in it. any thought would be appreciated.
    Thank You Kristi

  126. katie callahan says

    Thank you for offering a solution to failed buttercream. I am a pretty savvy baker but every now and again, for whatever reason, something goes wrong with this seemingly “touchy” frosting even after following directions and technique. You just saved me from going back to the open-all-night supermarket for more ingredients!! And, yes, I HAVE several times thrown the whole batch out when this has happened!

  127. Elissa says

    Just a quick question – my buttercream got to the dreaded soupy stage, and no amount of refrigeration seemed to be helping. I added a bit more butter, and still no dice. After almost throwing in the towel (3 trips to the fridge, about a stick of extra butter, yikes!), I switched from the paddle to the whisk attachment, and it came together. My question is this – it now seems too thick, almost like sweet whipped butter. Would it be crazy to do a small batch of meringue, and add this to it instead of the butter, to try to lighten it up? Or are there other ways to lighten up a really thick buttercream? Help!

  128. Jamie says

    WOW! Always been intimidated by the thought of making SMB but your blog rocked the instructions!! Thank you so much! Oh…..and it’s delicious!

  129. Tina says

    Yummy! I made this recipe for my Sister in Law’s birthday. She loved it! :) My question is always how to store decorated cakes. I often make the cakes the day of something to prevent anything from going wrong but I so wish I could make the cake the night before. I’m always pooped:) I always worry about the temperature the cake is in. I live in a humid climate and try to keep the cakes in a cool dark place but I worry the entire time the icing will melt. Any tips on storing the decorated cakes? Thanks. I can’t wait to try your cakes next:)

  130. Katie says

    I would LOVE to try SMB, I’ve never eaten it nor have I made it =( I was wondering if the cake/cupcakes would have to be refrigerated if I use SMB? How long does it last on a cake at room temp? Thanks so much!!!!

  131. Kristina says

    I just made this after finding you on pintrest… AMAZING! I don’t really like traditional homemade buttercream because it’s so sweet and heavy, I usually put whipped cream or something like that on my cakes, but this is just buttery fluffy goodness!

  132. Vivian Louise says

    I just used this recipe on a wedding cake. Everyone loved it! Thank you for the clear instructions. Yummah!

  133. Penny says

    This post really made my day… i was enviously looking at cupcakes on facebook wondering how the icing was made smooth, shiny and most of all stable… then the tag says it’s swiss meringue buttercream… i searched and i clicked on this post…and Voila!

    thank you so much!!! i’m gonna make some today….

  134. Kt says

    Thanks for your tutorial! SMB is VERY forgiving! I somehow in first birthday party stress mode managed to ruffle ice a whole cake with the SMB slightly split. I will never know how I didn’t notice. It was 11pm so I put the cake in the fridge and went to bed. In the morning I took off all the ruffles (the filling and crumb coat was fine) and then whisked them for about 15mins. Perfectly fine SMB again! AMAZING!!! I would have stated again if it wasn’t for yor post.

  135. Sarah says

    I have made this buttercream multiple times with great success, however had a major flop yesterday when i tried to make a double batch to frost a cake for a bridal shower. I tried to make cream cheese buttercream by substituting a portion of the butter with cream cheese. I whipped and whipped until i thought I might break my kitchen aid but it never came together! It is sitting in a tupperware in my fridge because I couldn’t bear to throw it away! Any thoughts?

  136. Jacqui says

    Hi, came across your site looking for a vanilla cake recipe – have also now tried the SMB with success! Thank you for the tutorial, I don’t think I would have attempted it without it! Wonderful recipes, keep up the good work.

  137. yinky says

    hi, thank you sooooooo much for this recipe. however, i wonder if i can use a paddle attachment to mix the cream from begining to the end becuase my mixer has no whisk attachment. thank youonce again for making the SMB so easy to make

  138. HollySuttonUK says

    I’ve just made SMBC for the first time as in the UK everyone uses the standard butter and icing sugar. I have my 30th coming up and my youngest son’s second birthday so I wanted a big batch that I could make in advice to freeze and retrieve in batches. I’m thrilled with the results and thanks to the photos I didn’t throw it away when I thought it ad gone wrong. I can’t wait to see wat people think of it.

    Holly xx

  139. Siobhan says

    A million thanks! I’ve done about 15 practice cakes in preparation for my first wedding cake. This was an invaluable tutorial!

  140. Sarah says

    OMG… ok so i neverrrrrrrr post on these things… but ive been looking at your blog for a few days now, and ive been very intrigued by some of your recipes… and ive been dying to try making the SMB. Ive been making cakes for a couple of years, not so many cupcakes, mainly big celebration cakes, and ive been stuck using good old buttercream… and although it does the job… its just kinda.. um..ok.
    So… i’m actually making some sporty themed cupcakes this week for Sport Relief day at my sons school. Figured now is as good a time as any to try the SMB. Ive just finished making it.
    Blown away!!!!!!!!! i love it so so so much! it came out perfectly first time. Ive put some vanilla bean paste in it… its like the yummiest creamiest smoothest room temperature vanilla ice cream ive ever had!
    I am a total convert, and i cant thank you enough!

  141. says

    I just two seconds ago finished making this frosting for the first time ever. your tutorial deserves a standing ovation!
    The frosting has the MOST GORGEOUS texture EVER! However, I find it a bit dullsville when it comes to flavor. I know you say here we can add flavorings and such…does that mean real stuff…like fresh fruit puree and maybe some lemon curd, or flavored liquor? Or were you talking strickly flavor extracts? I dont want to mess too much with the integrity of the texture of this frosting…any extra tips would be super duper appreciated!

    • says

      Hi Dominique,
      So glad you love the buttercream! As for flavour I love it bumped with vanilla bean when I want classic vanilla, but as for other flavours, you can pretty much add anything you fancy, as long as it’s not too liquidy. For example, you can add a few tablespoons-1/4 cup of pure fruit puree (or more depending on the size of your batch), citrus curd, peanut butter, nutella, liqueur, melted chocolate, caramel, etc. You can even make it with brown sugar in place of the white sugar and leave that as is, or add things like cinnamon and spices. You almost can’t go wrong! Hope that helps. :)

  142. says

    Wow. I am a convert. Thank you so much for the thorough directions especially the parts where it gets soupy and then by some amazing miracle turns out perfectly. That is seriously the best buttercream! Well, lets be honest, it is also the best meringue! Why haven’t I tried this before? I made it for to ginormous baby bootie cakes for a baby shower and got RAVE reviews. Thanks!!!

  143. says

    Found this recipe and your blog yesterday. I have always heard of other BC’s but never tried them until yesterday. May I just say …

    YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE! seriously.

    The best stuff I have ever had. Thanks so much for the recipe and tips. I will be blogging about this and linking back to you in the coming week. Thanks again …for the serious game changer!!!


  144. Ivana says

    Hi Rosie. THe SMBC looks amazing!! My question is how much of melted chocolate can i add to the recipe and will that make it soggy as i need to make piped roses on a cupcake. I would really apreciate it if you could let me know. Thanks in advance

  145. says

    Thank you so much for this! I tried numerous times to make this and it never thickened up but I see now that I wasn’t using enough butter. The tutorial is excellent.

  146. Anna Bartnicka says

    Ok, here it is, it was the second time for me making SMB, and the first using your recipe. This is IT, period.
    I think, as they say, “the kitchen gods” must have been looking over me because I myself was just speechless, I honestly cannot say it curdled on me, I was watching it and nothing happened, everything went so smoothly from beginning to end, just perfect, stress free :D)
    I halved the recipe, and made half of it with baileys and the other half kid friendly for my munchkins by adding Nutella, absolute heaven, thank you:)

  147. Kitty Wong says

    Hi Rosie,

    I love all your lovely photos and tutorials and it was very genenous of you to share your recipes and inspirations with us! Thank you soo much!!! Here come my problem~

    I absolutely love your SMBC, it always come out perfectly the day I use it.

    BUT This is been happening lately when I use it the next day (defrosted from fridge)

    I always put the leftover buttercream in the fridge and use it the next day but when I take it out about 2 hrs before I re-whip (still cold). It always turn out a buttery mess, no matter how long I paddle it, it’s runny and chunky I’ve already throw out a couple batches. What I don’t understand is it was perfectly silky and smooth when I use the same day but it always happen to turn into a runny chunky mess.

    ~~PLEASE HELP!~~ I would hate to throw them out everytime =(


    • says

      Hi Kitty,
      Hmm, that does sound like a dilemma. I hope I can be of some help! That has never happened to me (I had other issues when I first started making it, but just not that particular one), but the one thing that jumps out at me in your description of your process, was that you re-whip it while it’s still cold. Honestly, I would take it out several hours earlier and let it come totally to room temp before you rewhip. What I like to do is take about 1/3 of it and microwave it for about 10 seconds (careful not to melt it!), so that it’s just barely warm, and then add that to the rest and mix away for a few moments. It comes together beautifully. I hope this helps! Will you let me know if that solves the issue, so that I can share with others? Thanks and best of luck!

      • Kitty Wong says

        Hi Rosie,

        I have another batch in the fridge and I’ll let you know how your method works~ Will definitely update you =) Thank you soooo much!! “Cross my fingers”

        • Kitty Wong says

          Hi Rosie,

          I totally forgot to update you until now!! IT TOTALLY WORKED!!!! Instead of not melting 1/3 of it in the microwave..I accidentally melted it but i still pour in with the rest of the cold buttercream. AND magically, from being curdle into smooth shiny buttercream!!! But now my only concern are the pocket holes..I can’t seem to get rid of the bubbles, maybe mixing it slower in the mixer might help? Thank you so much, so now I don’t have to throw away the buttercream!!! =)


  148. Nicolene says

    I just made this for some cupcakes for a bridal shower. I have never made it before and I’m not a big fan of frosting, but I wanted to try something new. I LOVE it! I finally figured out how the cupcakeries make such decadent frostings!

    But my “cake mix” and “canned frosting” husband SPIT it out! I wanted to cry! I know I will get the same resistance from his whole family… Does anyone else find that there are A LOT people who are so used to boxed cake mix and American buttercream that cake from scratch is “too dense” and SMBC is “too rich”?

  149. Amy says

    Hi Rosie. I only discovered your blog this week and on browsing the recipe index today my eyes were drawn straight to this post as I have not yet ventured into the (possibly a little scary?) world of ‘SMB’, a new acronym to me. Your great tutorial, and positive comments from other ‘SMB virgins’ after trying it out, has inspired me to take the plunge and give it a go. Before I do, I would be grateful if you would answer a few questions I have about the mixer bowl. I recently became the (very proud!) owner of a Kitchen Aid mixer but it has a thick glass mixing bowl which I think may be too thick and heavy to place over the pan of simmering water. Is this the case? If so, is it OK to use a metal bowl first and then, when at the right temperature, transfer to the mixer bowl, or would the pouring action and the shock of change in temperatures affect the meringue? Should I purchase a metal KA mixing bowl? If so, is one that slots into the base OK? I ask this as I notice in your photo that yours is suspended, but my KA doesn’t have the ‘arms’ that yours appears to have? Finally, when whisking over the pan of simmering water, can this be donewith an electric hand whisk or must it be done with a metal balloon whisk by hand? Thank you for the blog, and the inspiratio, and thank you in advance for answering my questions.

  150. Sonya says

    I made this a couple of days ago and I LOVED the taste and I loved that it wasn’t as sweet as american buttercream. But I haven’t used it yet! It seems so delicate and like it will melt so easily…I put it directly into the freezer! I live in Arizona and we have been in the 80s and will soon be in the 90s…somtimes it gets close to 100 degrees. Will it hold up okay under fondant? I’m afraid it will end up being an oozing mess and seep out under the fondant. Do you know how it would work to mix half american buttercream and half SMBC? I realize it will affect the flavor but I figure it would cut the sweetness of the american buttercream and maybe hold up better. I am just terrified that it’s too delicate for our temps! :)

  151. Alyssa says

    Thanks so much for this awesome tutorial and recipe! I made your SMB this weekend for my easter cake -without your pictures I probably would have given up when it went lumpy, but I just followed your instructions and in the end it was perfect!

  152. Anna Bartnicka says

    Hi Rosie!
    So I made this again for Easter, this time the full recipe, and again it went ssooo smoothly, no curdling, no soupy look :)
    The only thing, my poor kitchenaid sounded like it might give up on me , lol:)))))

  153. Bakerk8 says

    So I made this SMB recipe for my 2 year old’s birthday cake and I followed your directions to the T. I wanted to make the strawberry version, but without the seeds, so I thew fresh strawberries in the food processor and then run them through a sieve. Your recipe calls for 1/2 cup of puree per 5 cups of frosting and I made the full 15 cup recipe. It was going swimmingly until I added the 1 1/2 cups of strawberry puree. Now I have strawberry soup. I keep whipping and nothing is changing. I’ve added half a stick of extra butter and still nothing. It’s also seriously deflated. Super, super bummed and I’m not sure what I should do from here. This is my first attempt at SMB, so I can’t tell what it needs to get it back to fluffy and smooth. Thanks!

    • says

      Aww, I’m so sorry to hear that. Those are the measurements that I use, but perhaps it was added too quickly? It’s always best to add any flavourings bit by bit to be sure they incorporate nicely and to meet your personal preference for taste. I hope you’ll give SMB another go!

  154. Tracy says

    Hi, Love your website everything looks so YUMMY. Going to attempt this for my sons first birthday cake crossing my fingers i can make it as i dont like normal buttercream and it never holds up properly. FINGERS TOES ARMS LEGS everything is crossed wish me luck :)

  155. Anita Hains says

    Wow – I just love this website and the simple, easy-to-follow recipes! I’ve made SMB for the last 4 cakes I’ve made now and I am TOTALLY sold on it – it’s amazing! Everyone comments on how subtle and delicious the cakes are, not overly sweet – perfect! Thanks for posting, this is a regular stop for me when I need some inspiration!

  156. Jolena says

    I am not a baker by any means – I have little patience and don’t like to measure. But I have been on the hunt for quality buttercream – I am not a fan on typical American buttercream (at least not the few times I’ve tried to make it!). This was worth it’s weight in gold – simply irresistible texture and so easy to make. THANK YOU!!!

  157. says

    Hi Rosie. Thanks so much for this super detailed tutorial (glad there was so much writing ;-)). You explain everything so well (and entertaining, I might add). I feel now quite confident to embark on my second attempt of SMBC after my first was a total fail…
    Just one question: since I’m originally from Germany I havn’t (yet) migrated to a kitchen aid mixer. My Mum’s old Bosch Standmixer, which I use, has only a wisk and a spirally doughhook attachmant. In the step when you are moving on to the paddle, would you recommend, I stay with the wisk or change to the spirally doughhooks?
    Thanks so much

  158. Amanda Houge says

    Hi! I just made this and it turned out kinda runny and a funny consistency. THis is my very first time making it so I was just trying to figure out what I did wrong so I can try again!

  159. Janet says

    I finally was able to make this decadent topping, after several batches that went straight into the trash…I kept scrambling my eggs..:( This morning I finally got it perfect, I made chocolate and I could eat it by the spoonfuls straight out of the bowl, forget the cake! The weird thing is…. I’ve had this before and never knew it. I always thought this topping was made from whipping cream…so smooth and creamy; it has always been my favorite frosting, and to my surprise it is Swiss Buttercream! I am not only thrilled with my results this morning (only because of this post did I achieve it!) but I am thrilled that now I too can make my favorite frosting from this day fourth because I now know what the heck it really is! Thank you for all your wonderful posts, I am learning so much from you.

  160. Holly Johnston says

    Love this recipe! I am no longer afraid of Swiss Meringue Buttercream! I have a question. Have you ever used regular butter instead of unsalted? I want to use regular… but will this affect the “success” of the frosting?
    THANKS! :)

  161. Laura says

    I just made the meringue buttercream for the first time and my butter was also too soft so it broke down, was kind of soupy. I am not putting it in the fridge for a bit to take steps to recover it. So far the taste is amazing. I’m concerened how this frosting would hold up in warm weather. Do you have any thoughts on how to make it most stable?

    Thanks for your wonderful blog!! :)

  162. Amythest says

    I have a serious issue here, so if anyone could help me I’d be so appreciative. I’ve been googling for about an hour and I can’t find any way to fix my strange little problem!

    So, my buttercream turned out beautifully. Yay! But as I’m piping it, I notice that my tip keep getting clogged by these tiny, semi transparent bits. They’re so small they usually get caught in one of the “points” of my star tip, which is very frustrating because it ruins the icing of the cupcake I’m working on and I have to take the tip off and blow it out with hot water.

    Anyone know what these clear little bits are? They are usually a round shape and pretty hard, and I have no idea what they are or how they got in my icing.

    • Jennifer says

      I made SMB for the first time last night and it turned out great – but I had those same little clear clumps. I honestly don’t think it was sugar because I tasted one and it is tasteless. Plus, I whisked constantly and I feel that any sugar clumps would have been broken up and dissolved.

      When I separated the egg whites from the yolk, most of the whites came through that clearish yellow, but there were some bits of WHITE that came through as well. I didn’t know what it was, but since it wasn’t yolk I just left it. Then, when I was baking the whites and sugar, I noticed thicker pieces floating around that I thought would end up dissolving.

      I’m not a professional baker, but I think it’s a part of the egg that maybe should have been taken out of the whites before cooking. I’m making another batch tonight (I’m making three cakes for a baby shower I’m hosting this weekend) and I’m going to try removing any of that white substance that comes through when I separate the eggs and see if that solves the problem.

      As far as the batch I made last night, I scraped through it once it was done and removed as many as I could find. Time consuming, but having those little clumps in there is a hassle, as you experienced!

  163. Bettty says

    LOOOOVE IT!!!! thousands and thousands of thanks!!!!

    i do have a questions: i want to do the chocolate version, when do I add the melted chocolate??? I have some SMBC left can I added now???

    thanks again.

    offf topic: your kids are absolutly lovely!

  164. Andrea says

    Thank you for the excellent step by step instructions! I made this Swiss meringue buttercream last night for my Daughter’s birthday and it turned out beautifully!
    And my is it delish! I could have eaten it by the spoonful out of the bowl!

    Your daughters are such beauties!

  165. Nicolette says

    Thank you so much for the tidbit on getting past the “scrambled eggs” stage, it saved my batch of buttercream.

  166. Becky says

    Great recipe! Just made it for the first time and it’s turned out beautifully. Quick question though, the blog and recipe say to heat the whites and sugar mixture to 140 degrees but the printable recipe says 160 degrees. Which is best? I followed the printed recipe and it’s worked ok but did smell very eggy and thought this may have been the extra 20 degrees.

  167. Julia says

    Thank you for this fantastic recipe!! Mine did the same thing yours did, it got a little thin and separated looking, but after 15 in the fridge, and a little whipping it was perfect! I used a little Baileys for flavor to go with my Guinness chocolate cupcakes! Delicious! :)

  168. says

    I’ve tried 3 times to make this now and I keep getting it wrong! I had a reasonably smooth one yesterday but I left it in the fridge overnight and it separated.. all the egg whites were sitting at the bottom (ick) and the previous 2 also separated; like when you over whip cream and the fat separates from the water? I tried the extra butter extra whipping tip but no luck I’m afraid. I was trying to make a much smaller quantity though. If my ratios were a bit off would that stop it from working? Thanks for any help, I aspire to cake decadence 2% as fabulous as yours…

  169. Julia Estrada says

    Rosie, you never fail to please me. I’ve made SMBs before, but this is by far the best one. I often find that they are too buttery and don’t have enough sweetness but this one is perfect. I halved the recipe, and ended up dividing it seven different ways, adding different flavorings to each to frost 24 cupcakes (12 of your chocolate birthday recipe and 12 of the super-duper vanilla minus the funfetti. Don’t worry, there were still sprinkles, and some toasted coconut, and some homemade caramel, and lemon curd, and…well I’ll stop there!! In case people are wondering, half a batch of this is enough to very generously frost 24 cupcakes, in my experience. I ended up with enough left over to probably frost 3 or 4 more if I had to.

  170. baokim says

    First of all, I must say your Chocolate Ruffle cake is AWESOME, I have made this cake several times to rave reviews from my friends, so THANK YOU from all of us homebakers out there:) Of course I made YOUR Swiss Meringue Buttercream for the cake, but I just wanted to try the French Buttercream (Made of egg yolks) to experiment, and found that the French Buttercream was a bit looser and doesn’t hold its shape as well as the Swiss Buttercream. I was wondering if it would be okay to mix in some of the Swiss Buttercream together with the French Buttercream to make the French Buttercream a bit sturdier??? I really dont want to throw away the French Buttercream, it would be such a waste, PLEASE give me your advice. Thank you for your help:)

  171. Coza says

    This is my first time making the smb. I found it very easy to make and the texture, fluffiness turned out perfect. My only problem is that I think I put to much butter (I was distracted by my four kids, all under 4, who wanted to help). So I’m pretty sure I miscalculated the butter because my smb leaves an oily feeling on my tougue. It’s still edible but I was just wondering if there’s anyway to fix my icing? Could I make a small batch of meringue and add it to what I’ve got?

  172. says

    Dear Rosie, thanks for this fabulous recipe. I just have a question, does swiss meringue buttercream ALWAYS curdle while making it? Cause I just kept mixing and mixing, and it never curdled, it just stayed nice and soft and smooth. I froze part of the buttercream, and now I’m worried that when I defrost it and mix again it will start to curdle later, or worse, when it’s already on the cake.

  173. Melanie Shelton says

    Thank you for this. I was intimidated by the sugar syrup of Italian buttercream, and concerned about curdling. The in-progress photos really help.

  174. Kelly says

    Thanks for the recipe and careful instructions. Just made SMB for the first time to cover a first communion cake – it work perfectly and everyone loved it.

  175. says

    Hi, I tried making the swiss meringue buttercream but in a much smaller quantity just in case I ruined it…It was runny and I did what you suggested, and put it into the fridge for 15 mins..It was still runny, so I added more butter (I actualy used margarine as we dont eat butter in this house)I then put it back into the fridge for half an hour (nothing) do you think it was because I used margarine instead of butter?? I was so dissapointed but don’t want to have another go in case the same thing happens again..HELP


  176. Connie says

    Hi! Thank you for your tutorial on Swiss Meringue Buttercream. For the longest time I was afraid to make this because I was concerned that it wouldn’t turn out and a huge waste of ingredients. Your clear instructions and photos made it easy, and this is the most delicious frosting ever! No more sugary-paste frosting for me :-)

  177. Letesha says

    I have a question regarding heating the egg whites. I don’t have an electric mixer with bowl only an electric egg beater so I put my egg whites and sugar into a large glass bowl and put it over the pot of simmering water as instructed, my bowl was quite deep so I had to stop take my bowl off the pot and put my thermometer in to take the reading because leaving it sitting on the side of the bowl the bottom of the thermometer wouldn’t reach the ingredients. So i whisked away and before It reached 160F (only seemed to get to 147F and my mixture had turned very very thick white and glossy, and it was starting to cook on the wall of the bowl (i.e turn to pavlova) the water was not boiling but gently simmering, it must have taken 30min to get to this temp. I thought that I would stop before ruining it and transferred it to another bowl and carried on. It appears to have turned out perfect (although I am scared that it will flop and turn out awful from sitting in the fridge overnight) but my question really is, have I over mixed it while heating it up and hence because it has so much air in it the thermometer hasn’t been able to read the temperature correctly? what should it look like when it reaches 160F? AND is it normal to get that crust on the wall of the bowl. Thanks so much your blog is AMAZING.

  178. says

    Hi, Rosie!
    Thanks so much for the recipe. photos and advice. I had a go of the SMBC for the first time today and it turned out very well. I was getting a bit antsy waiting for the bowl to cool down enough so that I could add the butter already. But I distracted myself with reading more of your blog, until it was time to add the butter (btw – I did put the cubes of butter back in the fridge when they started to soften. I reckon this was why i didn’t get any curdling).
    I can’t wait to use it (still deciding on what cake to bake)!
    Thanks again!

  179. Ashley says

    I made this recipe today for the first time and it turned out perfectly. I also created the ruffle cake which was super easy. Thanks for a fool-proof tutorial.

  180. Candice says

    Wow this is amazing! I am so glad to have found your site and this was just what I needed!!!! Thank you!

  181. Joanie says

    Thank you so much for this recipe. I tried to follow your directions as closely as I could and the buttercream is absolutely perfect. We’ll have to see how it holds up outside for a 7-year old birthday party. We’ll try to keep it on ice for a little bit and then let it soften up before we eat it.

    Thanks again!

  182. Sonia says

    Hi have been seeing many cakes with SMB used that I decided to Google it & found your extremely helpful Blog. I am not keen to use so many egg white as I would not end up using the yolks & I can’t seem to find the substitutes you were talking about in the supermarket in Australia. I am considering using a Pavlova premix. It consists of powered egg whites/sugar/glucose syrup/starch/gelatine/milk protein. The mixture is beaten up with caster sugar & water but isn’t cooked until placed in oven to turn into pavlova. My concern is that the mixture would not be getting cooked at all & is this safe?

  183. Nicole Bell says

    Wondering if you can put small decor around a smbc covered cake? I have only fully covered a cake with this great recipe and it works wonderfully!!!! I’m just afraid that when brought to room temp that the fondant decor will slide…any help would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. thank u thank u thank u for this awesom tutorial

  184. Toni St. Angelo says

    This looks awesome and I am dying to try it this week. Up until now i have only made the Wilton butter cream (which i actually like lol) but when i make that I always use salted butter, I just think it tastes my question is this..Have you ever tried this SMB with salted butter? Is that something that might appeal to me since I like the other kind that way? Or just stick to the unsalted with a pinch of salt.

    Thank you:)

  185. Fatimah says

    Hi Rosie!
    I can’t even begin to thank you for this recipe!! It’s the dream frosting I’ve been looking for!! I love the details and the pictures..I tried it for the first time yesterday for some Canada Day cupcakes and it was a hit!!
    You can check out how it turned out here:

    Thank you once again!!! :)

  186. Sarah says

    Hi not sure if you can help me but I’ve stuffed my smbc up and Im afraid it’s beyond repair! I made a huge batch – 15 eggs whites, 800 gr sugar and 1 kg butter. because it was so much my mixer couldn’t accommodate it all after it had reached 140 degrees so I split it into two batches at this stage. I proceeded to made the first batch which came out great but the 2nd batch would not proceed to the glossy stage during the cool down stage. I ignored that and added the remaining half of the butter anyway and still it’s a lumpy runny mess. I’ve put it In the fridge in an attempt to ‘thicken’ it up but I don’t have faith in this theory. I believe this happened because I didn’t clean the bowl or paddle before proceeding to whip the second warmed batch. Any ideas? Also I forgot to change back to the whisk as it was getting late so maybe this also affected it? Please help I would hate to throw this out after spending all that time in the kitchen! Thankyou!

  187. says

    Hello! OK, so I love smb and I love this recipe. I have an issue. I tripled the batch last night (I’ve quadrupled before and had no issues), and it came out more soupy. It usually curdles like scrambled eggs :/ Was my butter too soft? My meringue not cool enough? The meringue was thick and when I’ve made it before, adding the butter only adds to the thickness, so I think it just wasn’t cool enough or my butter was too soft.

    Is this salvageable? I would hate to have to toss it :( I stuck it in the fridge cuz I was just too distraught to look at it thinking I would have to toss it. It’s thickened up, obviously because it’s been refrigerated. I’m afraid when I go to mix it up again it’s just going to be the same consistency. Should I add more butter?? Crisco??? Would really love some help with this one!!

    Thank you!

  188. Michelle says

    Hi Rosie !
    I was just wondering if you have ever made cream cheese SMB?
    and if you have… has it held up in a stacked cake, and possibly under fondant?
    thanks for all of your great recipes

  189. Chris says

    Hi Rosie!

    Thanks for the SMB recipe. I couldn’t wait to try it out after I got my mixer earlier this week. I tried it today and everything was going fine until i was adding the butter. After I had added it all, it looked ‘scrambled egg like’ but I kept mixing it as you said it is very forgiving. But at the bottom of the bowl there was a small amount of milky liquid. In the end i had to melt/warm half of the mixture in the microwave and kept beating the mix and melting it again and beating it. It is RIDICULOUS how forgiving SMB is! It turned out all good in the end! I added some coffee essence but as I was piping the SMB, there were lots of ‘bubbles’ and ‘breaks’. Can you offer any solutions?

    It would be awesome if you got back to me. Thanks again!


  190. says

    I am super excited to see this post! I was going to make a strawberry SMB and I wasn’t sure about freezing/etc. Your pictures are also super helpful!

  191. usha says

    I live in chennai, India, and i have to bake a birthday cake for my niece by tomorrow… i had been hunting for a recipe for a god buttercream, and finally i found you! I followed instructions, but its a little hot and humid here and i was really worried. Also – i have only a small hand mixer, so i was not sure if it would whip enough.
    But u know what? i whipped and whipped and finally, it magically, suddenly churned into smooth satiny buttercream that almost looked like butter! Thats is right isnt it? i love the taste, and i’ve put in the refrigerator, all set to ice the cake tomorrow! I’m only worried that it will be too soft, and i wont be able to give the cake a very finished look… fingers crossed! and THANK YOU for the info and tips!

  192. slim akthar says

    thank u so much for the detailed posted recipe , i would be trying for the Hari Raya festive week by another 2 wks time , thanks again

  193. Marwa says

    HI,Ijust want to told you that i love your blog and i will start doing your recipes very soon, i just want to ask you about the cocoa powder that you use is dutch prosess and your using it with baking soda and i read an article that said cant use dutch prosess cocoa with baking soda do you have any information about that?

  194. Rose says

    Hi Rosie!

    I want to make a cake covered in rose swirls and bouquets of rose swirl cupcakes for my daughter’s first birthday in October. Does SMB crust? Do you think it would hold up for the cupcake bouquets? The cupcakes are actually placed on toothpicks on a styrofoam ball that sits in a flowerpot for display.
    Also I live in the Midwest, Illinois, where temps can be hot and very humid. Although hopefully by October it will be cooler here. Thank you!
    Rose LaTempt

  195. Marnie says

    Hi Rosie,
    Thank you for this tutorial on SMB. I have made it a few times. love how it tastes. My question is about keeping the icing workable. I am trying to do a lot of piping work and the SMB melts as I pipe so i do not get the good look. Any suggestions on how to keep the SMB workable or another type of icing to use? We have soy allergies, so butter is the base of all our icing recipes.

  196. June Kelly says

    Hi Rosie, What a great tutorial. I have been making Meringue Butter Cream for a few years now. I got it from The Epicurius website. It is my go to for fancy cakes. But I have had trouble with the Martha Stewart version. Just didn’t work when I added Strawberry flavor( reduced real strawberries). Im gonna try your version of SMBC with the fruit flavors and hope it comes together. Thanks again. This is the first time on your website and it is now in my favorites. June Kelly

  197. Zay says

    Hi Rosie. I have always been anxious to try SMB as it just seems so daunting but after reading your step by step guide I gave it a go and the results were Fabulous. The fact that you kept on saying its ‘always salvageable’ kept my confidence in check and I have to say its a flawless tutorial. The only one thing is I would prefer it a little sweeter…….. I would very much appreciate if you could advise on how best to do this ? add extra sugar in the syrup stage ? add icing sugar at the end ?

    Thank you & keep up the good work, Ive learnt loads from your site alone :)

  198. Nancy in NJ says

    This is the best tutorial I’ve ever seen on SMB, actually it’s the only tutorial, but every time I make SMB I take the time to review it. The reason for my comment though is regarding the fear many commenters have about leaving egg whites, or anything made with them, out of the refrigerator. Several years ago I took a French macaron class in NYC at the Institute of Culinary Education and the instructor told us that for macarons “old” egg whites work the best. She told us that in restaurants and bakeries there’s normally a large container left out on the counter that holds egg whites. The bakers are constantly adding to it and taking away from it as they do their baking and never once is it refrigerated. Every winter I now make many batches of macarons and since taking the class I separate my eggs several days in advance and leave them out on the counter to age and I’ve have never once had any problems whatsoever with spoilage. Like you Rosie, I don’t see any need to worry about it.

  199. Gloria says

    I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful receipe. I just made a batch of this and it turned out amazing! I will always use this frosting from now on! You’re great and keep up the great work!

  200. Karita says

    Im going to be trying this recipe this week. Just curious to know how many cupcakes this batch will cover doing the plain swirl/high hat? I need to do 150 cupcakes for an event.

  201. Denise B. says

    Thank you so much for your very informative website! I made SMBC for the first time and I am absolutely thrilled that I started using it. Truly…nothing else compares. After searching the web, without success, I happened upon your blog and you answered my question precisely. Thank you so much.

    P.S. – Your babies are adorable!

  202. Karina says

    Hi! Have you ever made SMB with meringue powder??

    Also, how long will it keep in the freezer? Do you have to re-whip after thawing?

    Thank you!!

  203. Naomi says

    In doing some research on Swiss Meringue Buttercream recipes, I found this recipe and I’m so excited to try it out for the first time on my daughter’s birthday cake. The one thing I’m kind of intimidated over is that I don’t have a Kitchen Aid mixer with the different types of attachments like you mention using. I just have a inexpensive Sunbeam hand mixer with tradition beaters. I can’t afford a Kitchen Aid at this time. Will I still get the same results on this buttercream recipe just using the equipment I have?

    • Fanta says

      Naomi, you don’t have to worry about what kind of mixer you have I have always done it using a hand mixer and it comes out right. Just follow Rosie’s unstructions. While frosting,just stir SMB with a spatula to smoothen it out a little bit.

  204. Linzi turner says

    Hi Rosie, really hope you can help me with a little problem I seem to be having with smbc. I recently bought some meri white in the hopes of saving a bit of money on eggs. Once I have a firm peaked meringue base and start to add the butter, it starts to look exactly as it would if using egg whites, however I cannot get it to whip into buttercream. I’ve tried chilling it and rewhipping, adding more butter….I have basically given up after trying 4 separate batches and all 4 having the same result. I have wasted so many ingredients so far and was hoping you could tell me if using meri white is just a no no. Please could you let me know if I am doing something wrong, or if it is just impossible to make with this particular brand of egg white substitute?

    Many thanks ( big fan by the way :)

    Linzi xx

  205. Linzi turner says

    Hi Rosie, really hope you can help me with a little problem I seem to be having with smbc. I recently bought some meri white in the hopes of saving a bit of money on eggs. Once I have a firm peaked meringue base and start to add the butter, it starts to look exactly as it would if using egg whites, however I cannot get it to whip into buttercream. I’ve tried chilling it and rewhipping, adding more butter….I have basically given up after trying 4 separate batches and all 4 having the same result. I have wasted so many ingredients so far and was hoping you could tell me if using meri white is just a no no. Please could you let me know if I am doing something wrong, or if it is just impossible to make with this particular brand of egg white substitute?

    Many thanks ( big fan by the way :)

    Linzi xx

  206. Darlene says

    Just google, fixing swiss buttercream and landed her :). Thanks for just saving a really large bowl of soupy buttercream from the trach compactor.

  207. Silvana Bond says

    Hi Rosie,
    Firstly I wanted to thank you for posting this great tutorial – I usually make fondant cakes, but for my birthday this week I want to try using Butter cream. I came upon your recipe and it sounds delicious, so I want to try it, but I was wondering if I can use your SMB recipe to decorate a cake and pipe roses and other flowers with it, or is it not stiff enough? Have you every piped flowers with it, and if so, is it that different to piping with classic butter cream (butter,vegetable shortening, powdered sugar and cream)?
    If you can help me with any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated

    Silvana xx

    p.s Your girls are adorable:)

  208. says

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful buttercream tutorial here. I thought i would fail at my first trial because i have had never make buttercream before. My first attempted successful, love the smooth and light texture. click here

  209. Laura says

    I just tried making this buttercream for the first time, and I just had to come here and let you know that I absolutely love it! I don’t always like the sugary buttercreams, and this one is just so smooth and delicious!! I made a small batch today, but I know I’m going to make a full batch soon and freeze it. Thank you so much for the terrific tutorial Rosie!!

  210. suzan says

    Hello, ive got an electric mixer like yours, but its a different brand and doesnt come with the paddle attatchment. Can i simply keep using the whisking motion?

  211. Fanta says

    Rosie you are talented I must say. I made this frosting for an anniversary cake this weekend. It is the best frosting ever. Thanks for all yout tips and tutorials. You recipes never fail. Thanks a bunch. by the way I love you website.

  212. Stephanie says

    Thanks to your post (and pictures), I made my first batch of SMBC today! It came out so delicious. I used carton egg whites and I didn’t have any issue with the fluffiness.

  213. Linda from Holland says

    Hello Rosie, love the recipe and tryed the chocolate version and came out great! I was wondering if I can substitute the same amound of chocolate for white chocolate? I would also love a good tutorial on a great cream cheese buttercream that doesn’t fail. The ones I tryed are often to soft and don’t kep their shape on the cupcakes. I learned so much from browsing your blog !

    • says

      Hello Linda! For a white chocolate version, I like to lessen the quantity of chocolate used, since the white is so sweet. I would recommend starting at 100 g for every 5 cups (or 200 g for this full recipe) and adding more if you desire. I hope this helps!

      • Devine says

        Hi Rosie, do you mind sharing with us too on the cream cheese SMB? should i just add cream cheese on the SMB to make the cheesy version?? thank you… LUVVV LUVV your blog…. it was a life saver… :)

  214. Kim says

    LOVE this post, Thank you!!!! Just a quick question, as we can only get the frozen egg whites here is Australia, will they still work? I am sorry if this has been asked in previous comments. Loving that ruffle cake! Definately one on my to-do list! Kids are pretty cute too :-)

  215. Judy says

    I’d never made frosting of any sort before, but I tried this tutorial and everything went PERFECTLY! Wonderful directions, thanks so much!

  216. says

    Thank You! I’ve tried this a number of times and always gave up when it got curdled (I laughed out loud when you wrote about the moment of silence)! This worked great!

  217. Andrea says

    I’m a little confused about the amount of ingredients. The list of ingredients says 2.5 cups of sugar and 10 egg whites, but the more detailed post with photos says 4 cups of sugar and 15 egg whites. It doesn’t say how much butter, vanilla, or salt to add, so I don’t know if that’s different too. Could you please clarify before I try to make this? Thanks so much for your fantastic post.

    • says

      Hi Andrea,
      Sorry about the confusion. When I first did this post I had a triple batch listed, which includes 4 cups of sugar and 15 egg whites. The recipe card below is for a double batch, which I recently changed to make it easier for those who didn’t want to make such a huge amount. So the quantities listed in the recipe itself are what you need. I’ve gone ahead and removed those details from the body of the blog post. Thanks for letting me know!

  218. Suz Roelandt says

    Rosie,inspired by you and your fabulous blog, I attempted and was successful making not only my own wedding cake (three layer, each layer a different flavour…) but also about 100 cupcakes, all iced with your Swiss buttercream! I had SO many compliments just had to share my success with you! Thank you so much for your lovely blog!

  219. Shola says

    Thanks for sharing this tutorial!! It was very helpful. I tried it and it was lovely. I am going to stick to this frosting. Just a quick question, will it be firm enough to make roses?
    P.S. Your cake pictures makes me crave for cakes….. they are fab!!

  220. anm says

    Thanks for your post about SMB — especially how to troubleshoot when things go awry! Just noticed that you recommend whisking the egg whites at 140°F in the text and 160°F in the recipe itself. Is the temperature important, or is the intent to break down the albumen and dissolve the sugar?

  221. says

    Hi Rosie! I tried your SMB recipe and I was so happy it turned out well for the first time I made it! I was quite pleased with the results. I used it to frost my son’s Adventure time birthday cake. I have a question though. I have so much left over of the frosting (which has been tinted in so many colors) but it has gone soupy. Do I add cream of tartar to make it fluffy again or should I just let it go through the mixer? I have so many of them that I don’t want to waste any. Hope you can reply to this post asap. TY!

  222. kaylie says

    Rosie, thanks for the detailed recipe! I whipped up a batch today, and it was wonderful. It was buttery, not too sweet and so smooth. None of that grainy American buttercream nonsense, which I hate so much. Though I wish I’d put in a little more vanilla to fix that buttery taste. But all in all, the extra steps were worth it! Mine didn’t curdle at all, and it made for such wonderful frosting.

  223. Kay says

    First of all…when it comes to anything cake YOU take the cake! I love this SMBC! I was crushed when I realized I couldn’t use meringues because of our cottage law but when I saw you had no problems I decided to try it. I’ve seen countless posts of things that work/dont’ work so I decided to try for myself. I used Egg Beaters 100% Whites and AllWhites. These are pretty standard in most grocers. The Egg Beaters was a flop but the AllWhites whipped up pretty well in comparison to real egg whites. Thank you for an AWESOME SMBC!

  224. Kristy says

    I have made this recipe many times and every once in a while it will give me problems. I made one and a half times the recipe tonight and although I made sure my butter did not get too soft, I still had the worst time trying to get it to combine. I had to stick it in the fridge twice and added a stick of butter but it still would not thicken. I finally put the whisk attachment back on and mixed it on 8 for about 10 minutes. It finally came together and got curdled looking. At this point, I put the paddle back on and whipped it on low for another 10 minutes. It is now perfect! Just wanted to share since I was on the verge of throwing it out and going to bed even though I have made it so many times before!

  225. Victoria says

    Yum, it looks Delicious! I am going to be making a two tiered rectangular stacked cake; I am wondering if this icing is good to work with as I want to decorate the cake with fondant pieces & mini gingerbread men

  226. says

    Hi!! I have no problems with SMBC now (with lots of prayer, tears, and your site!)….however, I am having HUGE problems with incorporating cream cheese. I made a huge batch last night and it was very much a cream cheese icing (heavy but not stiff enough to retain a shape while piping)….so today I decided to whip up some more SMBC and gradually add it into the large batch (double your batch) and the entire batch broke. It’s super tasty, but the liquids are separating and I’m afraid that I can’t deliver cupcakes in this condition : (

    Do you have any troubleshooting tips in this area??? I did use the 1/3 less fat cream cheese, and I used significantly more butter than cream cheese…so maybe this was the problem? Please help!

  227. Laura says

    Just wondering what kind of colouring you used to make the cake pink? Is it just Wiltons gel type colouring? Thanks!!

  228. fathiya says

    I have made SMB many times and every now and then it would dissapoint me and I wouldnt know why. Last week I had baked this Red Velvet Cheese cake and my SMB failed miserably I was lost I had no idea what to do coz I had no more butter or time to do anything else so I googled ” How to correct a SMB” and I found from some blog that I cant remember at this point; the lady said to take a little portion of the SMB and put it in the microwave for 15 seconds and then put it back in the mixer for couple of minutes….I did just that and yes it worked so well.

  229. Heather says

    Just wondering if this recipe is possible without a stand mixer? My poor-student-self is dying to make some great, not too sweet icing and this one makes me all baking-excited! Thanks so much! (Love your website, by the way! :) )

  230. Linda says

    I love your blog and your cakes….they are just fabulous. How is it best to store cakes and cupcakes iced with the swiss buttercream if fully decorated the day prior to eating? Is it best in the fridge or kept out at room temperature? I know when buttercream kept in the fridge hardens and tastes like a stick of butter.

  231. Kalpana Pradeep says

    Hi Rosie,
    I have been reading and learning from your blog for quite some time now and find it very useful. Thanks for sharing so many tips at every stage. I am a home baker from Bangalore, India. I have been working only with whipped cream. I want to try SMB but i have a doubt. Does the egg white get cooked completely while heating with sugar? My apprehension is the egg whites staying raw in this form of butter cream. Request you to please clarify this for me. Also wish if you could visit my FB profile and check out the pictures of some of the cakes I have done till now under the brand name “Butter & Love”.
    Thanks and rgds.,

  232. Meagen says

    I just did a test run of this icing and am in love with this. The taste and texture is what I have been searching for in a buttercream. This will be my go to icing from now on when i want to make cakes and cupcakes.

    I halfed the recipe and it worked perfectly. My butter was still a bit too cold and I could’t get it to mix so I did what you suggested, only I reheated a bit over a double boiler because I don’t own a microwave and it worked perfectly. Thanks so much!

  233. Caitlin says

    This is a great posting! I’ve made SMB a handful of times now, always with raw eggs, and had really been curious as to how it would turn out with pasteurized egg whites so I was so excited to see that you use Naturegg liquid egg whites.

    One question – I’ve struggled with getting it up to 160 without my kitchen starting to smell like eggs, and I’ve worried that they’re starting to cook and the buttercream itself would have an eggy flavour. Is it necessary to get it that high if you’re using pasteurized egg whites? Basically, is there a reason to get the temperature that high other than to make the egg whites safe?

    By the way, while I’m posting, I have to say I love your blog and some of your recipes have become my birthday/holiday/Sunday afternoon staples. So, thank-you!

  234. steph says

    Hi! I only have a hand mixer with me. It doesn’t have a paddle attachment. I have some problem though, almost everyone said it will volume up again. Mine doesn’t. It shrinks, like 1/4 left. and i always end up with a pipe-able frosting but it doesn’t peak nicely. Is it because i lack a paddle attachment?

    Thanks Rosie!
    I hope you could help me out! :)

  235. Devine says

    Hi Rosie,
    Firstly, I want to you thankkk you thank you thank you for the wonderful thorough tutorial. I have a question on the variety of flavors that we can use with SMB, I want to make a cream cheese SMB, I am not sure if it’s possible. I have searched online but i am just concerned on the texture and its strength against humidity. Please advice…. Thank youuuu

  236. Michaela Doss says


    I have made this SMB several times with success and love the texture. I pulled up your website again and noticed you had changed the ingredient amounts…I believe the old recipe listed 450g egg whites, 800g sugar…and I can’t remember the rest. I was hoping to make a larger batch and wasn’t sure if the old ingredient measurements were listed anywhere? Thank you, love your blog.

  237. Christy says

    Hi, Rosie! I have a question about the 20% butter reduction. In comment 22, you say the recipe reflects the 20% butter reduction and in comment 82, you suggest reducing the butter by 20%. I’m looking for a less buttery SMBC and would like to try yours, but am curious if I need to reduce the butter quantity or leave it as is.

    Have you ever put fondant decorations over this frosting? I need to do that with a cake (I’m not covering the cake in fondant first, though) but I’ve never put fondant decorations over a non-crusting BC before.


  238. Leah says

    After dealing with complaints from my boyfriend that AmBC is too sweet (he is German), I decided to attempt SMB with my hand mixer ….. Thanks to your tutorial and me having some girl-balls, it turned out amazing! I’m not quite sure how it made it on his cake! This will be my go-to for future cakes! Vielen Dank!!!

  239. Sharon says

    Yet another thank you for your incredibly detailed instructions for this Swiss MB, following them meant it couldn’t go wrong, even though I had more than one potential disaster opportunity. I used some egg whites that I had frozen over Christmas, I didn’t know how many eggs were in each tub, but you gave egg white by weight and that solved that query. I didn’t need lots so scaled the amounts down. What happened next should have sent the lot in the bin. The water in the pan was too hot and the phone rang, when I took a look there was cooked egg white stuck to the side of the bowl and floating on the surface. Some bad language was the first thing, the 2nd thing I did was put the lot through a strainer. No harm done, each step of your instructions was replicated until the cooling of the bowl, which did happen to start with but then the bowl started getting warmer, I think I had the speed on too high and it was generating heat, so I used some cold butter first then the room temperature butter. Would you believe it, it was a success and tastes beautiful. Thank you again.

  240. Sam says

    So I made SMBC once…loved it! Next time, was not so good (not silky and fluffy and nice…more buttery taste and thicker and harder…)! I used the recipe above once, and one from another place on your website another time…I just made another batch with this recipe and same thing happened (the more buttery, not nearly as yummy or easy to spread)….made one more to see what the *** I did wrong, and I used less butter and it may have been slightly warmer than the time before…totally different experience. I love this stuff, but I am sure glad I figured out the ratio that works for me!! Do you think it could have been some other factor that messed up my icing??? Like maybe it was just too cold? Thanks!!!

  241. Alicia Ward says

    I discovered SMB recently and after same failed attempts at whpping the whites(LEMON, became my friend)I love it. I have 2 questions,
    1. apart form substituting shortening for butter, how can I get the icing wedding white? (I attempted to make blue SMB and got green)
    2. While I like SMB for icing, I don’t find it the best for decorating, (piping is OK but not flowers), can it thickened for that purpose?
    Looking forward to a reply

  242. Mary says

    I have made SMB many times and it has always turned out perfect, I’ve never had an issue, but last night I threw out 3 separate batches because it was too soupy!!! I tried beating it longer, but it just made it worse. Never thought to try and chill it and beat again! I will be trying this again today. Wish I would have seen this last night!!

    Thanks for all the details in your post!!

    • Kaylie says

      Mary, i had the exact same problem! I nvr had any problems with smbc ever! But i made it tonight and it was so soupy. Refrigerated it for 25mins and rewhipped it. Added a couple tbsps of butter and it just wasnt turning out. It was still too soupy and my mixer was getting hot from all the beating. I ended up throwing out the whole batch because I was so frustrated. Not sure if i added the butter too quickly? Everything was fine but it didnt even go through the curdled stage like it usually would. This is frustrating and i have two cake orders up this weekend :(

  243. Deborah says

    First let me say that I love your website with all your great advice & recipes, many of which are my regular GO TO’s. Thank you! Thank you! Second, after drooling over your lovely pics of SMB & thoroughly reading your instructions, I finally got the nerve to actually dive in and give it a go. I’ve made exactly two batches and would really appreciate your comments/advice. For first batch I used liquid egg whites in the carton, not the brand you prefer (couldn’t find them), heated/whisked per your directions and transferred to my KitchenAid stand mixer. It took 45 minutes of brisk whisking to achieve soft peaks but never did achieve stiff peaks. I then added the butter, etc. Results were just o.k. even after beating for another 45 mins. My fault as a newbie, I’m sure. Though not visually all that appealing, it tasted pretty good. Now, here is the part for which I’d really like your opinion – for my BD, hubby bought me a new larger capacity KA stand mixer than my old one, it has a glass bowl (which I’m not loving very much); anyway, for my 2nd SMB attempt, I used fresh in-shell whites, placed the bowl from the mixer over pan/water, etc. It took almost 1 hour to achieve 158 F. I think the new KA glass mixer bowl’s rubber gasket on bottom must have insulated the bowl in some way. Good grief by this time the whites were already very thick/creamy & bowl was super hot; however, I never could get the temp up to 160 F. I thought to myself that I had really screwed this up big time..still I mushed on (I was NOT giving up)and placed the bowl in mixer. It took exactly 1 minute of whisking and instant marshmallow fluff occurred. I’m talking instantly! It was so thick & sticky I almost dumped it as it did not look like meringue at all…I’m talking thick and so sticky it would rival Kraft Jet Puffed Fluff & Elmers Glue. But, being as it was 3 am, I wasn’t giving up (no matter what) so I added the butter, even though the bowl was still warm. I thought what the heck, right? But once all the butter was added, which I almost dumped in at one time as I figured the batch would be a waste any way; however, in less than 1 minute, I had perfect frosting, I was shocked!! It took my cherry preserves perfectly and results were a lovely pink, smooth & yummy frosting that piped beautifully on to your chocolate cupcake recipe (always my GO To) and the SMB tasted out of this world. My question: On a normal basis, is the consistency at that temp and then whipped supposed to be a Fluff Marshmallow look & feel before you add the butter and why do you suppose it took sooooo long to achieve right temp? Thanks again so very much for your wonderful website.

  244. Shaunna says

    Love this! So informative! I may have missed it BUT, how long can this stay out of the fridge for? Say you want it between layers of a cake you plan to ganache and then fondant? Would it be safe after say a few days? Thanks

  245. Sophie says

    I have learnt that in order to stabalise the SMB just out of the fridge or freezer, a squeeze of lemon juice and a tablespoon of icing sugar allows you to wisk straight from fridge or once defrosted, from freezer.

  246. EmmaJ says

    I just made this tonight and I wanted to note that it took me over 20 mins to get it from the scrambled eggs to the smooth SMB. I also switched to my paddle with rubber scraper edges and after that the transformation happened rather quickly. Super yummy stuff though! Thanks for the excellent tutorial.

  247. Ruby says

    Just made a test batch and halved it. It turned out perfect!! One question: how do I make it. Sweeter? It’s for a child’s Barbie cake. Thanks so much for the tutorial. Your writing ave me the confidence to try it.

  248. says

    Hi Rosie!!!
    I know you heard it before, but your work is AMAZING!!! You are an artist as much as a wonderful baker. The asparagus cake just left me without words.
    I’m taking the Wilton class for cake decorating, but I find their buttercream way too sweet for me. I wonder if it’s just me and my family. Reading your SMB recipe it seems to have less sugar in it, SO i’d like to give it a try. I trust you so I’m sure it will be ok.
    One question: when you whisk the egg whites with the sugar, the bowl doesn’t touch the water, right? So it’s like they get hot from steam? Is that correct? I want to make sure I won’t do any mistakes.
    Thanks for your help and again big claps for your website. It’s wonderful.

  249. sadaf azhar says

    hi everyone !!am a great fun of u rosie , i have learnt so much from u n this is actually my first time that am asking any question on any blog !
    Dear i made SMB today, i used the extact method only i used little less butter but my SMB came out just perfect , but the next day when i started adding the colour (i used Americolor n Wilton gel color ) i had to add more color to have intense red color but my SMB become too runny n even after beating n refrigerating it didnt get its texture back !! plz let me know why it happened ?
    1- bcz i used slightly less butter?
    2- i heated up the egg whites to 150 but my meringue was perfect ..!
    need some help !

  250. gemma says

    So I attempted to make the butter cream frosting. Mine thickened as you said after whipping on low at the end but I couldn’t get rid of that grainy texture. My second problem was that the frosting really started melting quite quickly when I was doing the cake. How do you get all those ruffles to look so perfect without the SMB melting? Any advice you have would be very much appreciated x

    • says

      I just had that happened to me but don’t know why. So strange. I’ve made this recipe a bunch of times and today it’s grainy like there’s fine sand in it. I’m going to start over but it’s really unfortunate. I wish I knew why it did this.

  251. says

    Hi. First of all thank you for this wonderful tutorial! I’ve been making your SMB recipe for over a year now and love it. I noticed tho, that the recipe has changed from what it was…and I was wondering why? I loved the old recipe and I still use it since I made it so often I memorized it, but I was curious as to why it changed?

    • says

      Thanks, Crystal! In terms of the new recipe, it’s actually the old recipe but with the yield scaled down. It was a such a big batch that some readers weren’t wanting to make that much, so I’ve simply adjusted the quantity. The rations and recipe are the same, though. I hope this helps!

      • says

        Thanks for responding! That’s what I was hoping. I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a fatal flaw in the other recipe that would bite me one day, lol. I actually prefer the larger quantities since I usually use it all up (having more than one cake a weekend). As you said in your blog, it also freezes and refrigerates well. Having some in the freezer has saved me time on more than one occasion and I rarely throw any away. Maybe I’ll try the scaled down version on a “light” weekend. Thanks again!

  252. Tammi says

    THANK YOU !!! I am a self-taught baker. I am now, thanks to you – an accomplished Swiss Meringue Butter Cream maker — thank God you posted the scrambled egg pics…It got me thru, I really didn’t think it would come back! Awesome tutorial and the batter for your Vanilla Sugar cupcakes tasted awesome too – can’t wait to have them TOGETHER!!!

  253. Sierra says

    I just made your recipe tonight for the first time! It was DELICIOUS!!!!! I am just starting a business decorating cakes professionally while being self taught and learning as I go- mostly from amazing blogs like yours. I am so excited to try out different flavoring options. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! :)

  254. Bobbie Riddles says

    Can you add cream cheese to this recipe and make Swiss Meringue Cream Cheese Buttercream? Thanks!!!

  255. Rozana Angelo says

    Hi Rosie !!! I absolutely love your site .. So much inspiration ! You are an extremely talented women. I wanted to tell you that I’ve been using this recipe and love the taste ! I just run into some problems with the butter part sometimes . For instance today, I took out my cubed butter two hours before I started putting it into the meringue . It’s very lumpy. Is there a way I can fix the chunks? If you could please get back to me soon, I would appreciate it ! Thanks so much! ( I use Wegmans unsalted butter by the way)

  256. says

    Hi Rosie!

    You have an awesome blog and super adorable kids!
    I have tried your SMBC with Barry Callebaut’s Dark chocolate and it was hit! Thank you!
    However, I tried the same recipe but reduced butter with Barry Callebaut’s white chocolate, it was really runny and couldn’t hold it’s shape at room temperature. The white chocolate itself is rather soft at room temperature. Is it because white chocolate itself is soft that’s why it can’t hold it’s shape like dark chocolate?

  257. Laura Jimenez says

    Thanks for that tutorial. I made it tonight and it turned out great. I’ve always failed at meringue frostings. Wow, thanks.

  258. says

    Hi Rosie and thanks for this step by step explication! I definetly makes me want to make some for my daughter’s birthday party on Saturday. I was just wondering; I use a kitchen robot with a plastic bowl for making meringue (I hope to buy a Kitchen Aid soon…) and I don’t think I can put that on the bainmarie. So, if I put the whites to cook on the heat in a metal bowl and transfer them into the plastic bowl of the robot once they are ready, would it still work in your opinion? Or, I’d better continue whipping it all by hand (I’ll have huge forearms afterwards….). Thanks so much Cristina

  259. Lola says

    Hi Rosie,

    Thanks for all your posts and blogs – been trying your cakes and they come out amazing. The strawberry is my new favourite – just need to get the colouring and texture right.

    I have however noticed that with almost every recipie of the Swiss Meringue Buttercream, you give a different quantity of butter. Why is this please? Is there a particular reason – as I get a different texture with each different measurement or do you do this as it complements the cake?

    Many thanks

  260. Amanda-Jane says

    Hi there. I’m just starting in the cake industry and I was wondering a couple of things

    If I make the whole cake and then cut it in half using a moist chocolate cake and the MBC. Can I cut it in half and freeze the other half for a week later. Also. How many cups if icing would I need for just the outside of an 8” cake? About 15cms high? Love your website. Can’t get enough.

  261. says

    I tried to make this, but when it was too liquidy I put it in the fridge for 15 minutes. Nothing. Still runny. I put it in the fridge overnight too! Nothing. Still runny. So I had to toss it. Do you have any idea what happened, Rosie? ?:/

  262. Marissa says

    Is italian or Swiss meringue more stable? Are you familiar with German buttercream, and would you do a post on it?

  263. Christelle says

    I have to say I love this!
    Never tried SMB before, never seen, never tasted and tried it yesterday and it turned out so so beautiful! silky and smooth and delicious!
    I was a bit worried because I live in the Caribbean and its hot and humid out here all the time but this buttercream held beautifully in this warm weather. This has now become my go to recipe!
    Thank you!

  264. ysabell says

    I have a question, Im actually making a cake for a little girl who turning two and the party is going to be outside. The mother requested me to us SMB instead of fondant. I’m afraid of doing this is because I live in florida, and what I am hearing from other bakers is that this icing is not good for hot weathers. What should I do to keep it from melting?

  265. kaylie says

    Ok, I have made this many times and have never encountered any problems with my buttercream transitioning from soupy to curdled to silky. Then one day… BAM! It was soupy all the way and even though I refrigerated it and rewhipped it again, it never came together. Woe is me.

    So the second time I attempted this (with great fear), it turned soupy again by the time I’ve added half the butter in. But this time, I wasn’t taking any chances so I refrigerated it for about half hour or so until it is slightly firm, then added the rest of my butter in by tablespoons. Lo and behold, by the second or third addition, my buttercream curdled! I’ve never been happier to see curdled frosting. And then of course, it came together. Maybe the key for some of us is to refrigerate the buttercream midway, before it’s too late!

  266. Gwen says

    Hi Rosie, I am making this layered strawberry cake and everything looked great with the frosting until I added the strawberry puree and the vanilla. Now I see little clumps of butter and it’s kind of runny. I put it in the fridge for about 10 min and now I am mixing and mixing with no change. It looks hopeless!!! Help!

  267. Hannah-Rose says

    Well, I just made an entire batch by hand…we can safely say that is something I am never doing again. Otherwise, it was gorgeous, but in a year’s time I hope somebody reminds me to borrow my grandmother’s mixer.

  268. says

    Hi, thanks for this fantastic post and tutorial. I found it so reassuring especially during the butter adding stages. I’ll be back to use it again and again. I mentioned it on my blog too and linked back to you!

  269. Kathleen says

    I made your recipe several times, and every time it came out perfectly! However, the last two times I’ve tried making SMBC, it hasn’t fluffed back up after adding the butter. I tried refrigerating it, adding a couple extra cubes of butter, and waiting to just let the frosting do its thing, but it hasn’t worked like it used to. The most recent attempt did finally come together, but the end product wasn’t as shiny and smooth as it should be, but rather a little bit runny and greasy (not sure if it’s from the extra butter that I added)

    I’ve noticed a few other recipes advise beating the SMBC on medium to medium/high speeds while adding the butter- could this be a solution? I didn’t want to stray from your advice and end up overbeating it. I appreciate any advice you can offer, thanks in advance!

  270. says

    Oh my Sweetapolita! Where have you been all of my baking life? Tonight i kicked my fear of making smb rightt in the butt. Boy am i glad! U have saved me from the perils of that now aweful buttercream!! Which i will not ever use again. I made a coffe cake and decided to try a coffee flavoured smb. Ieven if i say so myself…….it tastes divine. Thank you for sharing your recipe. I will forever be indebted to you!

  271. alexandra says

    hi, i just made a batch and for some reason it came out really thick and mat…i did use a previously frozen egg white carton but i have done it before and never had that problem. the taste is fine just the look is not.
    any idea why?

    • says

      Alexandra, it sounds as though it’s just still cold. Try taking 1/3 of it an microwaving it for 10 seconds, and then adding it back in and mixing it for a minute. The colder it is, the more matte it appears. I recommend giving that a try!

  272. cheyenne says

    PLEASE HELP!! I have made this before with perfection [and almost ate the whole batch!] but this time I tried to dbl the batch but my KA could was about to overflow before the meringue stage so I seperated the batch into 2 mixers—added the butter [the original bowl was kinda warm still] but didn’t poof so I put in fridge after endless whipping [one with a paddle and one with beaters]–took back out and continued beating w/ beaters [could not use paddles bcause wouldn’t fit n KA] and it finally turned cottage cheese then creamy..ok, I didn’t even have to use a spatula to scrape it out of the bowl, I just slid out with no trace in the bowl..I was scared and knew something was wrong! Fridged it anyway but when i took it out to room temp, it got runny and seperated. What happened!! HELP!!

  273. Sasha says

    i made swiss meringue buttercream for a cake i made for my grandmother’s birthday last weekend, and i’m not sure if i liked it. at first, i thought it was because i somehow made it wrong, but upon having just done a little research, all the pictures look like what i made. but the taste description sounds different. everyone seems to describe it as perfect in taste. one woman even said that it was nice because it didn’t taste like you just put butter and sugar together. but that’s almost exactly what it tasted like to me. i can’t find a single recipe for it that uses any less than two cups of butter. is there something–i dunno–less dense and fatty that’s still good for piping? i looked into italian meringue buttercream, but the recipe looks exactly the same to me.

  274. says

    I use SMB all the time, the issue I have is that because of the butter it has a pale yellow which affects other colors like red in particular. Also if you want white white what do you do?

  275. Craftybanana says

    After having trouble with regular buttercream recipes being way to sweet, yours was recommended to me by someone on Cakecentral. Your pictures are clear and your instructions are very easy to read/understand. I will be making this soon! :D

  276. Keena says

    Hi, after seeing so many amazing cakes on your website, I was really looking forward to doing SMB to frost some cake of my own, but I got stuck at the swiss meringue!
    For some reason, I just don’t get a stiff meringue…can’t understand what I did wrong, I weighed the egg whites and sugar (tried with fresh eggs as well as with liquid egg white). The meringue get kind of fluffy but stays too liquid (definitely never gets to the pipeable consistency). I thought I didn’t beat it long enough, and went on and on, but at some point it just became even more liquid! How can this be?

  277. Sandra says

    Someone said Martha Stewart’s recipe has too much butter compared to this. In fact it has a lower proportion of butter to this so don’t know what she is talking about. If you proportion this similarly to MS recipe, this one would take 1 and a half cups butter to MS’s one cup.

  278. Anneka says

    Hi Rosie,

    Thanks for the tutorial – I love your site!! I was wondering if it would work to heat the sugar and egg whites in a double boiler rather than the mixing bowl and then pour this into my Kitchen Aid? I’m abit nervous about resting the whole bowl over a saucepan!

  279. Debbie says

    Huge fan of your site and my go to place for recipes and advice for baking and frosting! Thank you so much and i just made the Vanilla Bean SMB and it was so delicious!

  280. Ashley says

    I made this last night and it is life changing! I’ll admit that I was a little skeptical and not quite sure of what to expect. Thank you for sharing this and providing great step by step instructions and photos!

  281. christine says

    HELP!!! i use almost 1/2 dozen eggs but still fail at the meringue part. I did extra wash on all the equipment to make sure there is no greasy trace and also wipe with vinegar but still cannot get the egg white meringue. Wonder am i whisk too hard at the bain marie part? Pls HELP!!!

  282. says

    Planning to make your ruffle cake tomorrow and was wondering will the above recipe which yields 10 cups of buttercream be enough to cover a 2 (8 inch cakes). Please help!

  283. says

    Hi Rosie,
    I tried your smb today. After the egg whites were stiff, the bowl was still very hot to the touch. I kept whipping it but still even after 1/2 hou the bowl was hot. Finally, I added the butter. It’s has become so runny. So then I put it back in the fridge and still it was runny.Added a few cubes of butter to it. I was wondering do I have to just throw all this away or is there any way of rescuing it.

    Please help!

  284. Callizta says

    Thanks to your great tutorial my first batch of SMBC turned out great :-) (though I added less butter and Wilton Gel color). Fantastic recipe, everyone told me how good it tasted.

  285. Michelle says

    Wow, just wow! First time I’ve had an urge to reply to a blog, this icing is amazing. I’ve been terrified to try SMBC but completely aced it with the help, even my fiance loves its and he’s not a huge cake person. I can’t wait to start trying it with flavourings other than vanilla! Mmmmmm

  286. Ann says

    I love this recipe. I live in a dry heat area where temps can get as hot as 112 degrees. I was wondering if I could sub some of the butter for a little High ratio shortening and how much should I add? Now I don’t plan on leaving my cake outside. lol


  287. Angela says

    I have to say thank you so much for this tutorial. My boyfriend had always detested frosting…in fact, it’s the reason we’re together…I ate the frosting off of his cupcake the day we met :)
    I had been wanting to find a recipe he would love, because I was normally making an American buttercream, and it was far too sweet for him.
    He is IN LOVE with this.
    First time in 6 years I’ve gotten the man to eat frosting.
    This turned out beautifully on my first try and I’ve made several cakes with it since. Everyone’s in love.

  288. Barb says

    Hi Rosie,
    Absolutely loved this buttercream frosting. I prefer frostings that don’t taste like sugar and yours fits the bill.

    Curious if I can substitute 1/2 of the butter with high-ratio shortening to lessen the butter content? It’s a little much for everyday kind of cake making for family and friends.

    I do not like using conf. sugar at all so I won’t frost cakes with it. Would love to have a happy medium and hope the substitution is an option.


  289. Jen says

    I used this on a small cake I had to make for a wedding this weekend. I think it turned out, but I was disappointed in it – it is not white, so I am not sure how it can be THE frosting for wedding cakes as it’s actually the colour of butter – yellowish. I also found that it seemed greasy – way more so than when I do a “normal” buttercream with the icing sugar, butter and whipping cream. I was more sad about the texture than the colour as I can always colour it for other kinds of cake. Any thoughts about the greasiness? Is that normal?

    • Jen says

      ok – I just found your other post with additional notes on the SMB. Sorry – it’s possible I just don’t like this kind of icing (lol). I am still a little concerned about how this can be the go-to icing for wedding cakes when it isn’t even white. Do you have to colour it white? Is that even possible (lol)?

      • Cathy says

        I was told by my local cake shop that you actually can – they have a product that will do it. Sorry I didnt ask further, as I was looking for that antique pink look. Try asking at your lical cake decorating shop.

      • Jessica_Knits says

        Jude, this icing is only greasy if it is too warm. It is imperative that it is room temperature in order for it to be soft enough to spread. However, many kitchens, especially after baking, are too warm to be considered “room temperature”. You just need to put it in the fridge (I usually make this in the winter so I just cover it and set it on my deck to cool until it is closer to room temp). Also, a lot of the decoration videos I watched said that you need a crumb coat on a cake for the ruffles to stick to, so I would think that may be true for cupcakes as well if you are planning on adding a frosting mountain. I wouldn’t give up. It sounds like you were very close to succeeding. Good luck!

  290. Dawn says

    Thank you for adding weight measurements as well as volume to your recipes! As a UK reader i’m programmed to follow recipes in grammes/ml etc and although i do own cups, i find it rather confusing still!
    So thank you!

  291. Jennifer Lynne says

    I just made a wedding cake for the first time, with Italian Meringue Buttercream. It is fabulous!!! Since it’s basically the same as SMBC, I’m sure they’re both amazing. I LOVED the texture of this frosting more than anything. I found it extremely useful because I could “dirty ice” my tiers, then simply refrigerate them for a few hours, then go back and remove the excess with a straight edge. It made my cake look flawless. Then I stored it in the refrigerator until wedding morning, and pulled it out in time for it to return almost to room-temp by slicing time. I got more compliments from people, so saying how the cake looked fake, because it was just too smooth and perfect, and others saying they loved the frosting because it wasn’t too sweet and had such a good texture and flavor. They said every wedding cake they’d ever tried was always nasty, so this was a shock. I haven’t eaten much wedding cake myself, the last being a store-bought fondant covered thing, and I have to say it was pretty gross. So I am ELATED to find this recipe! I don’t see myself ever using another frosting recipe as long as I live. I can retire that Wilton powdered sugar and butter buttercream. I have used it bc of a lack of better alternative. But I don’t like it bc you just can’t get the sweet out of tastes like straight powdered sugar no matter what. So happy to never need that again!

  292. Christy says

    Hi there! Your site has been very helpful to me in the past. I am looking for a frosting recipe for a hot July wedding, and this one may work. Do you have a suggestion for how to infuse lavender into this frosting? My idea is to infuse the sugar before using, but would the heating of the sugar ruin the lavender flavor? Any ideas? Thank you!

  293. Karla says

    Help please! I made this recipe twice except I used salted butter (all I had) and it was amazing right after, but after a few days I found it had slowly changed and tasted bland and very greasy/oily. I hope you can help. I have not been refrigerating the decorated cake and maybe I should be. Those are the only things I can think of. Thanks

  294. Ruby says

    I have a problem with this frosting. It is so runny :( I don’t know how to fix it. It is for my father’s birthday :'( I am lost please help me

  295. Rosemary says

    I am excited to try this recipe. I am experimenting with the intention of making my daughters wedding cake. From all of the comments it sounds like it will be less overpoweringly sweet than the regular butter cream I have tried so far. My question as a rookie is; Can I bake and frost and finish the cake and then freeze it to be thawed in time for the wedding. I am trying to avoid last minute pressures. Are there any tricks of the trade if I do this?

  296. Teresa says

    I need to make a cake in advance and freeze it for someone. AM I ABLE TO FREEZE A CAKE ICED WITH A SWISS BUTTERCREAM? or will it begin to separate and look gross when it comes to room temp to be served? Can someone please answer this question??!?!?! IM IN DESPERATE NEED OF AN ANSWER!!!!

  297. Amanda H says

    so I am a Cream Cheese Girl by heart. its my favorite frosting and is a huge hit on everything i have made. sometimes though i need a frosting that will not shift and stabilizes better. so i am going to try this with the lower ratio of butter. my question is as a die hard cream cheese frosting fan. will this be just as amazing?

    • Michelle says

      You can make cream cheese SMB!! I haven’t tried it yet, I’m going to this weekend though. Taken from another source:

      Cream Cheese SMBC (heretofor CCSMBC)

      10 oz. finished SMBC
      8 oz. (1 package) Cream Cheese (can be cold)

      Put your cream cheese in a bowl and whip it on HIGH to make it smooth and creamy. Pass thru it with a spatula just to make sure there are no pesky lumps. Keep whipping. Once it’s nice and smooth, add your finished SMBC in batches, mixing on high (1/2 or you can do 1/3 if you are making a bunch). This is where people have gone wrong in the past. Notice I said add the SMBC to the cream cheese, NOT the other way around. Very important. Until you have made this a few times, you will need to watch it because if you add too much SMBC it will start looking glossy and curdled. If this happens, add more cream cheese (but make sure you follow the “whip it until it’s smooth” step, if you toss in a lump of unwhipped cream cheese in it will never break down and emulsify.)

  298. Jeannie says

    Thank you. It came out perfectly. Made with my 9 year old dtr tonight for no reason other than to experimant with it. 1st time making. I am used to making a cooked baker’s icing type frosting for spreading on cakes, so really the “work” was no different. Stopped after 3 sticks due to another similar recipe and it tasted really awesome, but i was concerned about “not following” your recipe. So, I stuck the other stick in and now its even better. I suppose it looks stiffer maybe better to ribbon with. Although I still wonder how the ribbons form; it seems not quite as stiff as i am used to. I am used to using the Wilton meringue powder recipe for piping on my cakes. Can’t wait to try it, but i have no cake now….just yummy frosting!! Thanks

  299. edelin says

    hi!i’ve tried your SMB a couple of times tastes really only problem is that it doesnt hold the shape long.and it gets too soft. (i decorated my cake like your ruffle pink cake). actually all my buttercream seems too soft.even normal all butter buttercream. please can u give me any tips?i need to do a cake for engagement party and am afraid my buttercream wont hold its shape long during the ceremony..thank you

  300. Jude Nasri says

    I made the frosting yesterday. I think I added too much butter. It was so greasy and buttery it wouldn’t stick to the cupcakes. It kept sliding off. =( I will not give up, I will try again….

  301. Mary says

    Hello, Rosie. Thank you so much for the time you took to write this article, and help so many people out. I’m thinking of trying this for the first time. My problem is, the cake I’m making is suppose to be an all white cake. Do you think the color of this would be okay for a white frosted cake, or is it too yellow? It’s hard to tell from pictures, and the thought of not using that gross Wilton buttercream recipe is very appealing to me. So, I’d really like to use this recipe.

  302. Judy says

    Just made SBC for the first time. Thanks for the great tutorial. I made it chocolate by adding Giardelli chocolate and I just want to eat the whole bowl, forget the cake! (I’m sure my cardiologist wouldn’t be pleased.) Thanks again.

  303. Cathy says

    I want to thank you SO much for your recipe, photos, wonderfully written instructions and encouragement to attempt this and persist with it. Twice now – a trial run and the main event – ive made this butter cream. Perfect perfect perfect each time. Held up in warm (25º) & relatively humid conditions (Australian coastal location). Made an antique pink, ombre rose cake for my niece’s first birthday. I don’t bake … a few cakes in my life, that’s all. No one could believe I made it – everyone thought my sister had spent a heap and had it made by a professional cake maker. Roses piped perfectly. Leftovers got piped onto cupcakes … they looked like picture book cupcakes – glossy, lush and held their form. I even stored the icing in an open pantry within the bowl (cling wrap covered) overnight and didnt have to do anything but incorporate colours the next morning, fill bags and start piping.

    Anyone wondering whether to attempt this … do it. It will win hearts, I promise.

  304. sim says

    Hi Rosie! I totally love you!! (i mean that in the most non creepy way possible!!) I’m a dentist who LOVES baking and everything i know, I’ve learnt by hit and trial… Well, i stumbled across your blog (i don’t remember how)and found this step by step for making SMB. I’d been itching to make this so today when i got back from work i couldn’t stop myself. All i can say is WOW!!! I cannot thank you enough for this post! You’ve actually made my world a sweeter place to be in!!! Again, thanks a ton!!!

  305. Sandra says

    I would like to use SMB to decorate cupcakes for my granddaughter’s 1st birthday party. Could someone give me the conversion of 1 egg white to Meringue powder? I need to make at least 100 cupcakes, so I need it to be a easy as possible. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial!

  306. Amelia says

    Hi Rosie,

    Thankyou for this beautiful recipe it is just marvelous! I am thinking of using a SMB as the icing for my wedding cake (yes I have decided to make my own!!! not sure what I’ve gotten myself into). We will be getting married in the height of Australian summer – which equals heat and humidity -and to make matters even more challenging we are having and outdoor wedding. We will have access to a cool room on the day and i wanted to know your thoughts on leaving the iced cake in the coolroom and then taking it out about 3 hours before it is needed to come to room temperature.
    Will this ruin the consistency of the icing? How can i stop the cake from turning into a sloppy mess?
    Thanks so much.


  307. Tani says

    Hi, just wanted to share my joyous feelings. Yes on my second try today , i nailed the SBC. First time was a blunder, so this time i was basically praying that it works…………..and yes it perfectly worked. Thanks so much, i am a beginner in baking but so far whatever i baked, turned pretty damn good and peaople are raving about it.I have to thank you cause i am a great follower of your recipes, now feeling more confident i have to try all of your recipes……….

  308. Katherine says

    Just wanted to thank you for this beautiful recipe. I’ve never really liked buttercream, and when a friend had made cupcakes using this recipe it was DELICIOUS. I just had to try it out for myself and it came out perfectly! I’m so happy to have tasted this “fluffy goodness” (as my brother-in-law raved about my attempt). You have completely changed my view on buttercream. Thank you!

  309. Vyonne says

    Hi Rosie, I make my partner cupcakes to take to work everyday, so I freeze them individually. Would you recommend this frosting for that? I know you say it does not taste the same if not eaten fresh, the cakes could be defrosted for hours before he eats them, but I love the idea of this frosting. We use metric here is Australia and I don’t want to make that much, so could I also halve or quarter that mix for say 12 cupcakes?

  310. Gerri says

    Hi Rosie, I know this blog post has been up here quite awhile and I am late to the party but for the last year I have been eyeing it and kept wimping out. Finally did it tonight and thanks to your tutorial it turned out great!! Couldn’t resist tasting it right away and I literally said “OMG”….Rosie this stuff is wonderful!!
    Going to use it for my grand daughter’s 1st birthday cake.

  311. says

    Hi there,
    I was just searching some info on French buttercream as have been havign problems with it being just too runny.I have noticed that you made a little mistake,, you mentioned French buttercream is made by whipping egg whites, where it should be egg yolks. Your page is awesome as always!
    Love coming back here :D

  312. Elva says

    Help! I made this recipe with a hand mixer(halved the recipe). I did everything mentioned but my meringue never formed a stiff peak! I mixed for a good 20 minutes there was no sign of coming together. The mixture was white, glossy but very thick and dense. I wonder if it was because I over heated the eggwhites cause I don’t have a thermometer so I just did the finger tip test and heated it for 7 minutes. It was a white and syrupy mixture when I took it off the heat. After mixing in vain I just gave up and added the butter. I need to know how screwed up my icing is cause I plan on making the coconut cake on your blog and serve it to my whole family tomorrow. The icing I have now is shiny but very dense and buttery tasting( almost too buttery) Is smbc suppose to be smooth and airy in texture? Can I do anything to revive it at this point? What did I do wrong? I’m afraid of trying out the cake recipe now cause my confidence is shaken. Please help :(
    Btw I tried another coconut cake recipe using reverse creaming method and it was a disaster! The cakes came out rubbery and barely raised 1 inch. What’s happening to me!

  313. Jenny says

    I have read every comment, but have found no direct answer to several questions addressing the problem of the yellow-tone(butter color) of the icing. I would like to know the name of the product to use to make a WHITE Wedding Cake Icing that one person mentioned. Have you ever tried Crisco and not butter flavoring with butter extract? Or, is this a terrible solution? Is it even possible to achieve a pure white color? Or, since this question was never addressed does this mean there is no remedy for this problem. Please advise. THANK YOU!

  314. coleen says

    i just found this post! thanks! i was wondering if i made this big batch, and refrigerate it, can i take it out later and while whipping it add the coloring?

  315. Carol says

    I would like key lime flavor and would use key lime concentrate and lime zest. Do you know if this would work or how much concentrate to use so the SMB would not become watery? Thanks.

  316. Melanie says

    Hello. I noticed that this recipe yields 10 cups of frosting. I am making a large wedding cake for my friend this week and was wondering how much frosting you think I will need. I’m doing a 14in, 10in, 8in and 6in. However, I will not be filling the cakes with the buttercream except for the 6in I will be. I was thinking maybe 1.5 of this recipe? What do you think? Thank you so much for your help!


  317. Rama says

    Hi Rosie,

    I tried your SMBC and it came out perfect. Could you please tell how much should I need for a 11 x 15(half sheet cake)?

    Thank you so much.

  318. Rama says


    I have tried this SMBC and it was so good. I am going to make 2 big cakes this weekend. Could you please let me know how much SMBC is needed for a half sheet cake?

    Thanks in advance.

  319. tanni says

    hello rosie, very wonderful recipe. but one problem, i dont have stand mixer what can i do to creat this frosting?FYI, i hv an electric beater.

  320. Beth says

    You’ve put so much effort into excellent directions and awesome and beautiful photos. I don’t mean to be rude, but is there a typo in your directions? You say to heat the sugar and egg whites until they reach 160 degrees. Egg whites cook/coagulate at that temp and they will not beat into meringue if they get too hot because they cook before beating.
    Getting them to 140 kills bacteria if that is the concern.

  321. says

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  322. Kate says

    Hi! I’ve made this yesterday, and even after refrigerating and adding butter, it still too runny! I’m using the whisk, should I change it to the paddle one? It did not hold up, when I try to frost the cupcake it just slipped. I put it in the refrigerator again today. Help! Should I add more butter?

  323. Heather says

    Hi! I’m one of these “late to the party” posters, but I wanted to say that I’ve used this recipe the 4 times I’ve made SMBC, and the first three were super easy and easy to follow. This fourth time, I ran out of time at the flat, post adding butter stage, and threw it in the fridge for a couple of hours. When I tried to whip it up after it wasn’t working AT ALL! So I went back in to see the tips at the bottom. THANK YOU!! I heated up 1/3 of the icing in the microwave and it magically came together. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I actually thought I was going to have to turf that batch. You should get a nickel for every batch you’ve saved.

  324. Donna says

    Rosie, Like Heather I’m a late comer to your post! But what a revelation, given the method, I never would have attempted to make it without your pictures and all the advice/ comments on this thread. I’m sitting here with a chocolate cake and icing and am seventh heaven. Thank you! my children may come home to crumbs

  325. Nawal says

    Hi Rosie!

    I absolutely love, love, love, LOVE your blog (and this whole website for that matter!) I am an aspiring cake decorator, and I’ve always found your recipes to be perfect. I had one quick question; I wanted to try doing a super smooth buttercream look (without the fondant) and all the websites say that the icing should be one that “crusts”. Does this recipe deliver? Also, I was hoping to make a cream cheese SMB, and in the past I’ve just added cream cheese until it tasted right; do you have any other suggestions? Please let me know! Thank you so very much!

  326. Sarah says

    Made this tonight and it came out perfect! I added 300g of 85% chocolate and it was perfectly decadent and not too sweet!

    I wish I could post a picture of my chocolatey ruffles!!

  327. Rachel says

    Thank you so much for this post! Every time I make meringue I still have a moment of panic as I wait for my egg whites to fluff, wondering if I somehow greased them up. This is the first time I tried SMB and because of your greatly detailed post all of the guess work and panic was taken out of it. I’m going to start using this recipe a lot more often now!

  328. says

    I’ve made Swiss meringue buttercream before, but it had been a few years. Made some strawberry smbc this weekend and your tips were super helpful. I live in the tropics and the mixture just wasn’t whipping up. After 15 minutes in the fridge it whipped up beautifully and sat at room temp. without melting. THANK YOU!

  329. Dana says

    Thank you so much for this recipe. I just happened to stumble into your BEAUTIFUL WEBSITE. I enjoy going thru all the great works you’ve done and was very much inspired by your artistry and ideas. I will try and do some of your works of art.


  330. Konstantina says

    Thank you sooooooo much for the perfect photos! Now i am sure i am doing everything correctly!! What is your opinion for adding half margarin half butter? Some of my friends said they didnt like the fresh butter taste!! Dont agree with them, but i thought i should ask!!! Thanks again! Greetings from Athens Greece!

  331. Jessica_Knits says

    Thank you very much for this post. After many, many, many issues this week I finally succeeded in making my daughter her 1st birthday ruffled cake. It is gorgeous and the flavor is amazing. I went with my go-to chocolate cake recipe and used your excellent instructions for the frosting (plus a couple cake decorating videos from youtube). Thank you!!! It was worth the many day wait. :-)

  332. Shandra says

    This recipe looks amazing! I am looking to use it for a fondant covered cake. My plan is to prepare the cake and refrigerate it, then cover it in fondant and serve it at room temperature. I have never worked with SMBC and fondant, do you think it would cause the cake to go sliding everywhere? Whether its for this recipe or the next I can’t wait to try it! Thank you :)

  333. Linda says

    OH SHOOT! WISH I WOULD HAVE SEEN THIS EARLIER. I just made SMBC with fresh eggs that I got from a friend. There was a bit of stuff on the shell so I put them in a bowl of water. Unfortunately, I didn’t wash them more than that. The recipe that I used said to only heat egg whites and sugar to 120 and as soon as sugar was melted I removed from the double boiler. Do you think the butter cream is not save to eat? I would hate for others to get salmonella.

  334. Maysoon says

    How long does it take for the bowl’s temprature to cool down? I’ve been whiskng for more than 40 minutes and the bowl is still hot. And the meringue size is decreasing the more I whisk it. Please help. Thanks.

  335. Kayla says

    First time for me to make the SMB and I have to admit I was terrified it wouldn’t come out correctly. It did, and very beautifully I might add, however…it was so NOT sweet at all. Creamy smooth yes, taste…eh, not so much. I did try to add a little powdered sugar but it just got absorbed into The Big Butter taste. I want to like this, my cake looks amazing, but I feel like I’m biting into a stick of butter. This is going out in the morning anyway, hope the folks I baked it for like it better than me. Sorry if I sound sour, it’s almost 1:30 a.m. Do love your site, but lesson learned – test drive first, sell second.

  336. says

    Since SMB is very stable after whipping (before adding butter) does it matter how much butter is added? Will it be just as stable if, say, I use half the amount of butter?


  337. Rachel says

    Please help! Mine came out lovely. I refrigerated it and took it out, tried to re whip and it’s a big melted mess! I put it back in the fridge and am waiting for it to congeal and try again. However, once it melts is it lost?

  338. michelle says

    hi there, I too have been too scared to attempt this but have a wedding cake coming up so thought I better check it out.
    my only worry is that my kitchen mixer has a plastic bowl not metal.
    have you any suggestion of what I should do cos im presuming metal is best.

  339. Anita says

    The “perfect” SMB I have found yet!!!! Thanks so much for posting this recipe…I live in the tropics and had yet to come across a SMB or IMB for that matter that would stand up to the heat and humidity until I found yours!!! I am endlessly grateful!

  340. says

    Hi Rosie!

    I know this post is nearly three years old, but your SMB has been on my list of things to try for ages! I got a stand mixer for Christmas so all I needed was an excuse to bake a cake or cupcakes, and one arose tonight!

    I want to thank you for all your pictures and tips because they really helped me to know that I was on the right track (or not). My meringue (my first!) came out gorgeous, but as soon as I hit the butter-adding steps, I thought the whole thing had fallen apart. My “buttercream” was a soupy, butter-chunky mess that refused to come together. I tried adding a bit more butter, sticking the whole thing in the fridge for varying lengths of time, whipping at different speeds, double-checking the recipe (I halved it because I so didn’t need 10 whole cups of frosting lying about), and did the “microwave a third of it and then dump it back in” thing.

    I was seriously about to give up — I even tweeted about how dismayed I was — but I dumped in a half stick more cold butter from the fridge and left the thing alone to mix on a higher speed while I moped in the living room. When I walked casually by the mixer again about seven or eight minutes later, I looked in and FROSTING HAD HAPPENED! Seriously, I couldn’t believe it. I stood there staring at the mixer for a solid minute, watching it push the frosting around. Admittedly, it’s a bit greasy from the extra butter, but at that point, I so didn’t care. It looks gorgeous on my cupcakes!

    Thanks again!

  341. Taelor says

    Hello! Just wanted to say I love this recipe. It’s not overly buttery which is a problem I have with most SMBC recipes, and it’s not too sweet which is an issue I usually have with American Buttercreams. Thank you this was delish!

  342. Tauri says

    Hope this still gets checked! I love your blog! And I love SMBC!!! I’ve had troubles coloring mine tough…maybe you have some suggestions? I’ve always used Americolor gel colors but the color just doesn’t seem to take. Help please?!? Also, how do you get your SMBC so smooth, without the air bubbles?
    Thanks so much!

  343. Amanda says

    Have to say I was super intimidated by this recipe but your clear instructions got me through to the other side and now I don’t think I’ll go back to standard buttercream. Thanks!

  344. FeliD says

    Hi there, first I gotta thank you for how great you explain how to make yummy buttercreme!!!!! But I would have one question, do you think that you can replace the sugar with Splenda? My mother and father in law have diabetis and my husband is a helicopter pilot, which means he has to watch his weight, so I try to replace sugar with Splenda as much as possible! But I wasn’t brave enough yet to try to make the smb with Splenda? Did you ever try that?

  345. Rebecca says

    I tried your SMBC yesterday for the first time yesterday, and it was a big hit. So much so that I’m making more right now as I’m typing this. Any hints on getting a smoother finish if I’m spreading with a flat knife and not piping?

  346. Chermel says

    For a 12 inch cake, how much SMB would approximately be needed to do decorate the cake with ruffles?
    Does anyone know?

  347. crystal says

    Hi there!! Just so im clear, you added the sugar to the raw egg whites and “cooked” them together, correct?

  348. wandab says

    First let me start out by saying thanks for posting such a great ateo by step tutorial. I am a lover of ABC & usually make it with a little less sugar. I finally got up the nerve to try SMBC & I had no problems, it turned out great however it was not sweet enough for me nor anyone in my family. Everyone seems to rave about SMBC so I was looking forward to being wowed away but that did not happen. Can I make this sweeter somehow to satisfy our sweet tooth otherwise I will not try making it again. Thanks

  349. Pamela says

    Amazing cake! Your instructions and tips were really helpful! I made one faux pas with the first batch of icing: I used salted butter! But I decided I would not throw it all away (maybe it was frugality, or just the need to fix it after all that work!). So, I made a simple sugar syrup, chilled it and whipped some in. I used the “salted icing” in the inside layers and then I made a new batch and used it for the crumb coat and then the ruffles. You could barely tell the difference once inside the cake and with the sweetness of the chocolate it worked well. I don’t recommend doing this on purpose, but you don’t have to throw it away when you make a mistake! This was truly a decadent, delicious cake that everyone loved. It was my first time making Swiss Meringue buttercream and won’t be the last :) thanks.

  350. Jennifer says

    Hi Rosie:) I made your Vanilla bean latte cake yesterday, the only thing i did different was to ice the entire thing with the rosette affect, it was lovely, and also tasted amazing!!! I have a question, the icing was a lovely color yesterday when i made the cake…just like in your photo, today its turning an odd shade of green. Do you know why this could be? Thank you for your amazing creations, you are my number one inspiration:) Jennifer

  351. Sadie says

    Thank you for this wonderful post! I have been trying to make my IMBC from a different tutorial and it didn’t have any tips on what to do if it didn’t turn out right and how to fix it. I have already thrown away three different attempts! A moment of silence for my pocket book indeed. I am very excited to go home and try again with your tips!

  352. Maria Elena says

    This is the best post. I have made this recipe three times now and it has come out beautifully and it tastes like the best icing I have ever had. Just follow the instructions.

  353. Tia says

    Wow, that was a lot of work! The icing I made turned out delicious but unfortunately, I could not get it back to glossy and shiny and smooth even after about an hour of whipping that butter. I finally did the trick where you microwave a small bit of it and whip that in to smooth things out, and it finally advanced out of the scrambled egg looking stage at that point, but never got as pretty as this. I flavored mine with honey and it tasted great, so that’s good, I guess. Any tips on how to do better next time?

  354. Jennifer says

    While I absolutely LOVE SMBC unfortunately it does not crust so if you are the kind of person who struggles with getting a flawless iced cake and you want to make it look like fondant using a paper towel this recipe will not work.

  355. says

    Hi there, trying this in the weekend – terrified but determined!

    I just wondered – I dont have a thermometer to tell the exact temperature of the egg whites, is there any other sign that can help me take them off at the right point ? Thanks again.

    • says

      Hi Bee! You can freeze a cake frosted with SMB. What I recommend is chilling the cake until it is firm, and then wrapping very well in plastic wrap and freezing. When you want to thaw, place the cake in the refrigerator overnight (or for about 6 hours), and then onto the counter to come to room temperature. (If you thaw straight from freezer, the cake will end up with too much sticky moisture inside.) Hope this helps! xo

  356. KellyAnn says

    not as good as my other swiss buttercream, but i ‘fixed” it by throwing it some sweetex at the end to emosify it better. no need for your 15 minutes in the refrigerator trick. everything is better now.

  357. cupcakekiller702 says

    All I can say is……every time I lick the spoon or spatula, I gain about 10 pounds. I used some “Cream Cheese” emulsion flavor,r along with the vanilla. This is whipped cream kind of good. It turned out fabulicious.

  358. Tegan says

    I only have a normal hand mixer that doesn’t have the whisk or paddle attachment just the standard type beaters. Does that matter? Or will it mix up the same?
    Thanks :-)

  359. AudreyLorraine says

    I read somewhere that SMB holds up well in a hot climate. Is this true? I’m trying to find an icing that wont melt all over the place.

  360. Nadra says

    Hi Rosie! if I were to change the amount of the sugar added, will it change the texture or what will happen?

    I followed every step and thank God i pulled through! thank you for this post!

  361. vida says

    I am making a strawberry shortcake this weekend for a baptism. They have requested that it be covered in fondant but whipped cream would not hold up well. I was told that SMBC is a great replacement so I tried this recipe this past weekend. However, I found it tasted too much like butter. Is it possible to make this SMBC using less butter?

  362. Nadra says

    Hi Rosie, I made these last weekend and it turned out great! thank you for your tutorial to guide me along! I was wondering if I were to add maybe 1/2 cup lesser of sugar, will it change the texture or consistency?

  363. Antonietta says

    I know this is an old post but I could use some advise. I am making a 2 layer chocolate sheet cake and filling it with fresh strawberries. I normally always use butter cream or fresh whipped cream. Do you think Swiss buttercream is a better option for a sheet cake as well as piping and decorating it? I really appreciate your advise. I love your posts and your recipies! They are very insightful!

  364. Kristie Lopez says

    Hi Rosie!

    While I love the recipe, unfortunately I couldn’t get it to work for me :( I live in a humid climate and I could never get the egg whites and dissolved sugar to whip into a meringue. It would come out somewhat thick and glossy but never would stand up. Do you have any tips on how to adjust the recipe to get the meringue to get past the second stage so that I could even get through the rest of the recipe.


  365. Patty says

    This is the most amazing buttercream I have ever had. I also don’t like the gritty powdered sugar buttercreams, so this is a must for any baker. All my friends and colleagues think I’m professional when I bake cupcakes for them. I’m starting to get orders to do parties. Your tutorial for the SMB was perfect and I just love working with it and creating new flavors. Thanks again.

  366. says

    I feel like I could have asked you this question before, but I can’t find my notes on it anywhere! How do I go about adding cream cheese to this recipe? Replace half of the butter with cream cheese? Or is it something that needs to be added after the full amount of butter has been added?

  367. Barbara says

    I’ve used your recipe before and find that it’s easy to follow Although a little buttery for me. I was wondering if you can use high ratio shortening to cut the buttery taste. I have a cake to do soon and am applying cake lace and need it to be firm/stable in texture. Is there an adaptation of your recipe to achieve this. Please help!

  368. says

    I made a small batch of the Swiss Meringue Buttercream about 3 weeks ago and it came out perfect. I wanted to make this for some cupcakes for a baby shower my wife and daughter were hosting. But this time it never came together. Since then I’ve tried it 2 more times and the same results. Each time it remained soupy even after I put it in the fridge for 15 minutes. I’m stumped as t why it’s not working out for me. Would humidity have any affect upon it? It just remains curdled looking. Any tips about what I may be doing wrong would be appreciated.

  369. Kevin Reña says

    Hi! I’m from Philippines and its pretty hot here. I was just wondering if it can withstand hot weather? Thanks!

  370. Leanne says

    I made this a couple of nights ago for the first time and it turned out perfectly and I’m now converted … lovely and soft, great for piping and not too sweet! Thank you for the easy to follow tutorial.

  371. says

    Hey Rosie!

    I just made your SMB for the second time. Today I put in some peanutbutter, and it’s honestly the best buttercream I have ever eaten. Seriously.
    Thank you so much for all the details, it worked perfectly for me twice!
    I made a batch from 3 egg whites, it’s enough to make 12 delicious cupcakes. I also put in a little less sugar the second time, 40 grams per egg white instead of 50g. But the 50g were fine along with some dark chocolate :)
    I’m from Germany, I’m not used to the typical American buttercream with all the sugar in it, but this is a perfect substitute.

    Thank you again, I always thought meringue buttercream was too difficult for me. But you taught me! :)

  372. Wendy says

    Hi Rosie. I need to make lots of this to do a three tier cake. Just wondering what’s the biggest amount the kitchenaid can do? Just made a small trial batch and love it btw! First attempt ever at SMB and it’s perfect. Awesome tutorial! Thank you!

  373. Paula says

    Rosie, you are absolutely the best!! This is an AWESOME post!! You gave me the courage to attempt SMB, and you also empowered me with the necessary knowledge of what to do incase of certain things going wrong!! Thankfully I did not throw out my batch when it was looking horrible and ruined, but instead I just continued to let my mixer do the work, and sure enough it slowly started to become fluffy and smooth!! My boyfriend said whatever it was that I just created was the BEST icing he had ever had!! lol I have always been a baker at heart, since the tender age of 4 when my nanny started baking with me!! I now tell all my friends and family about your website, as it has amazing recipes, and tutorials like no other I’ve seen before!! Thank you so much for sharing and caring enough to do so!! :-)

  374. Rachel says

    I made your SBC for the 1st time. Thanks, the tutorial was awesome and it turned out perfect. The only problem I had was it took much longer than 10 minutes to cool, after beating for about 20 minutes, it still was too warm. So I turned off the Kitchen Aid and let it sit for about 10 more minutes. It deflated a bit as I added the butter, but it never looked curdled. You’ve added another SBC convert.

  375. says

    Hello! This is a recipe I use all the time and I am very happy with it! I usually add melted chocolate, orange, lemon, caramel syrup… It is amazing every time.
    One thing I have never added though… Cream cheese. I want to make a SMB with white chocolate and add some cream cheese, so that the taste is fresher and not very sweet. Is it possible? Will it affect the result? How much should I use?

  376. Rachel says

    I love this swiss meringue buttercream recipe but I always use meringue powder as I worry about not pasturising the eggs properly and I don’t waste egg yolks! I think it still comes out lovely but how long would the buttercream keep made with meringue powder rather than egg whites? Can it stay at room temperature under a fondant covered cake?

  377. Katrina McCullough says

    This recipe is slightly different than the one I received when I attended a Bonnie Gordon class. Your recipe has more sugar and egg white relative to the butter. The recipe I received was 150g egg white, 200g sugar, 454 (1 lb) butter. Did you adjust the recipe from Bonnie Gordon at all?

  378. Sujitha says

    Hey I love ur blog and have tried most of ur cakes….and im a fan of SMB…..lately once I finish whipping a batch and ice it on a cake it looks more or less like ricotta cheese… u know what I mean… too much of air bubbles……have any idea why is dat?…’s not smooth and satiny anymore but has air “holes”……and since I love this buttercream I thought I shud ask u why so… me….Pls!

  379. Deirdre Singh says

    I had the scariest experience where this literally looked like I’d have to chuck it…watery and curd like.I did the chilling and what not (this is not the first time I have made SMB)Anyway long story short..I added some more butter to it and it all worked out fine in the end.Whew!! what an experience!!

  380. Susann says

    I’m not sure if this will be seen, but, if you overheat/ over cook your egg whites and sugar mixture and you get that slightly more eggy smell, like scrambled eggs and the whites are in the side of the heating bowl, must you pitch it? Or can you continue to add butter and vanilla to mask the “eggy” flavor? Thank you!!!

  381. Kristin says

    Hi! Thank you for giving me the confidence to dive right in and make my first batch of SMBC.

    Like Susann, I also am aware of a slightly egg-y smell. I cooked to exactly 160 and the entire recipe came together flawlessly; however, I’m aware of a very very slight egg-y smell and flavor. Mine is in the refrig as I don’t need it for a few days but I’m wondering if upon warming and re-whipping, there is anything I could do to mask that….a little more salt? Or, hate to consider a tiny bit powdered sugar, but it looks so perfect and the silky texture is just divine that I want the flavor to be perfect too. Any thoughts??

    • Kristin says

      So, after being kept in the refrig for the past week, I just took out the SMBC to frost my frozen layers, and wanted to give a quick UPDATE:

      Egg-y smell/taste: After a few days in the refrig, the egg-y smell/taste is GONE. Zero trace of it, much to my delight!

      Re-Whipping: Just as has been reported, I kept it out on the counter for a few hours before re-whipping with the paddle attachment. It started out lovely, then immediately curdled. Without panicking, I took about 1/4-1/3rd out, put it in a small dish, melted it completely in the microwave and readied it to the curdled SMBC in the mixer and…VOILA, beautiful silky perfect frosting appeared!

      Just wanted to share that in case others have those “Oh No!” moments – don’t panic, trust Rosie’s instructions, and you’ll have lovely amazing SMBC!

  382. A says

    Used this again today (on top of a packet mix cake!!). Thank you so much for having the weight of egg whites there, so convenient!

  383. Jeanie says

    i don’t have one of those fancy mixers :( so i was wondering can this icing be made with the traditional stand mixer?

    **i don’t have the paddle attachment**

  384. Dory says

    I don’t bake. Period. However, I decided to make a cake for my daughter’s birthday and wanted to cover it with buttercream frosting. I came across this recipe. Decided to follow this one due to the fact that it’s all properly weighed out. Fool proof right? Well, to my delight, it is indeed foolproof!!! I made 2 batches in one day (with a hand held electric mixer that only has 2 beaters as the third one went bust) and they both turned out beautifully!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it. Thank you!!!

  385. Deanna says

    I’ve been whipping the whites and sugar for going on 30 minutes now and the bowl is still warm! How did you get it to cool in just 10?

    • Deanna says

      Update: I ended up putting the bowl in the freezer for a few minutes so that it no longer felt warm to the touch. It came together perfectly after that. I’ll save myself 45 minutes next time and take it to the freezer sooner!

  386. Leah C says

    So I don’t think I’ve ever eaten this before, but I wanted to try it out today. I think the problem I had was that I tried to use carton egg whites. I must’ve whipped them for 10 minutes before giving up and hoping that they were close enough to a meringue. After I added the butter and everything, it came out smooth but a much smaller amount than I had anticipated based on the recipe. Also, my mom (who I was making the cake for) tasted it and immediately said it tasted weird, too much like eggs. So what I’m wondering is, did it go wrong because the egg whites weren’t whipped up enough? (Because it was an emergency I had to rescue the frosting by adding a bunch of powdered sugar, essentially turning it into more of an ordinary buttercream. But I would still love to give it a try sometime, probably with normal egg whites!)

  387. Katrina says

    Hello, I’m keen to try the Swiss buttercream icing this weekend. Have you ever added cream cheese.? I’ll be icing a 12″ carrot cake, regular cream cheese icing is too sweet, I thought this would be a better option. Thanks!

  388. Astrid says

    I have a question about the Swiss meringue buttercream.
    I have heard from a good baking website that i can keep this buttercream out of the fride for up to 4 days? I was wondering if this is true.. or do i need to put it in the fridge? and for how long can i keep this good out of the fridge?

    greetings from Holland

  389. melissa says

    hahah I love your comment about lets take a moments silence for all the BC thrown in the garbage deemed hopeless. I almost did that yesterday when making it and as you said it somehow magically came together!