Sugar Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches {with Video!}

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Sugar Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches by Sweetapolita Hi guys! I hope you're having an awesome spring-soon-to-be-summer. And where there is spring (and-soon-to-be-summer), there should be old-fashioned sugar cookies, ice cream and sprinklage! Recently, I chatted on Facebook live about working with Coral Tv on YouTube to create some fun how-to videos. We launched the first one, during which I made some simple and oh-so-sweet Sugar Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches! The recipe for the sugar cookies, is my favourite by far--chewy, sweet and melt-in-your-mouth with that distinct nostalgic taste of cream of tartar. I opted to use Princess Bakery Emulsion by Lorann, because I can't get enough of that vanilla-y citrus flavour. So here is the little video!

See, so easy to make, and so much fun to prepare and serve! (You can find the recipe below the actual video.) Sweetapolita's Notes: Don't forget to come hang out with me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, guys! See you soon with another recipe!

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